Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 17
Edits and Missteps

THE NEXT MORNING Megan woke me up and carried me downstairs to have a great hot breakfast made by Granny before they took off for church. I was still dressed comfortably in my pajamas for the meal. Afterwards Megan changed a soaked diaper while Granny and Grandpa left for church. She helped me get dressed in one of the more mature outfits that I had afterwards. The skirt was covered in a floral pattern and I wore a cute short-sleeved top, with just a simple bit of lace on the collar. It concealed my diaper and looked okay with the white socks and my new Mary Jane shoes that Grandpa had given me the day before.

“What do you want to do now? Kill time on your computer?” Megan asked me once I was dressed.

“Sure,” I said, “Can I just hang out on the window seat in your room again?”

She nodded, “Sure, especially since it seems like LPS is out of everyone’s hair for now.”

“I hope Claire was being truthful with everything yesterday…” I said in response, “I felt like we can trust her, but what about her bosses?”

Megan nodded, “I know, but I believe Larry will ensure that we’ll be okay.”

She helped me gather my backpack of electronics and got me situated on the bench seat. I laid down on my stomach after plugging in my computer and had my legs kicking in the air aimlessly as I began looking through the nanite file for something else that I’d thought of that morning. “You know you’re flashing me that cute little diapee from underneath that skirt?” She asked me.

I blushed and pulled my skirt back down, “Still not used to these things,” I told her honestly.

“I can’t imagine you ever as a boy,” she told me with a smile. “Definitely going to have to train you to be a lady though!”

I smiled at her and then looked down at the screen to get busy. Last week at the one orientation session, when every little had been in a diaper, I had gone in my diaper without knowing I was going. It was the first time I could say that happened when I wasn’t on Amanda’s milk, and I remembered thinking at the time it was probably a hypnosis thing. In this world that threat terrified me! I wondered if the nanites might have made me more susceptible to that abuse in some way. I started a simple search for hypno within the code and felt my blood turn cold as I saw more than three hundred results!

‘Shit,’ I said internally and began browsing my way through the results. It seemed like they all came from the same function that specifically allowed for a little become more susceptible to hypnosis. The frightening thing was that it was turned on by default, and we had missed it completely!

I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for approval from Amanda on this change, and began going through and creating a patch to upload to my nanites. I went further than just disabling it though, I used the code as a foundation to theoretically make it to where I would be immune from such attacks, just like the Amazons. I checked everything several times before I sent the patch to my nanites and felt a physical jolt like I shocked myself with electricity. It hurt! “Owww!” I complained.

“You okay?” Megan asked with concern having been watching me right then.

I grimaced, but nodded, “I just got a sudden cramp for some reason…” I felt myself let out a fart right then and hoped it wouldn’t smell too bad for her to notice.

She looked at me skeptically before looking at her watch, “Mom and Dad should be back soon, and they’ll have Cassie and Chloe with them. Do you need to use the potty before they get here?”

“I left mine at home, didn’t I?” I thought actually thinking about the fact that I did need to go number two just then.

“I can hold you on top of the regular one?”

I shakily stood and shook my head, “It’s probably easier for me just to go in my diaper…”

She looked at me, “You sure?”

My answer was just to let go into the diaper. I pushed for a long moment before standing up feeling out of breath, “yes.”

“Ewww,” she complained as she carried me to the nursery and laid me down on the changing table, “You can definitely tell that you eat regular food…”

“Sorry,” I told her.

“I told you I would hold you…”

I blushed, “I’m a little scared of falling in to be honest.”

She tickled my side then, “Like I would let my adorable niece be gobbled up by the potty monster!”

I was wiped clean and stood back up on the ground just as we heard the downstairs garage door open and heard Granny announce, “We’re home!”

“Come on, let’s go have lunch and pretend to play nice with my evil sisters for a while…” she said to me.

I looked at her, “So I guess you enjoy these days about as much as I’m going to?”

She nodded, “I’m their liberal and short baby sister… They like putting digs in on me of course, but then I also have to watch what they do to their kids and littles. It’s so depressing…”

I nodded my own agreement and stayed silent as she carried me downstairs. We’d left my electronics safely in her room while her sisters were there to be safe form any tampering. Soon we joined her mom as she pulled a casserole out of the oven. “Lunch will be ready soon. Megan can you help me out over here with the salad?”

I was placed on the ground and all but forgotten for a few minutes. Soon though the front door opened and Cassie came in carrying Neville, while her husband carried Klara and Kristina right behind her. “Mom we’re here,” Cassie called out as she came in and I looked at the giants and their large preschool daughter who towered over me.

“Baby Stacy!” Kristina cried as she saw me and ran towards me. I was more than a little frightened as she hugged me.

“Hi Kristina,” I told her while still gaping at the size of the toddler.

Before I could say anything more she pulled my skirt up to show the world my diaper, “Good girl, all dwy!” she said to me. “Not Klara, her diapees poopy!!!”

I looked up at Klara and noticed she was red and upset as Cassie came in. “I’m going to take Klara upstairs to change her poopy diapee. I guess she’s decided to just be a baby and not be interested in potty training,” she said glaring at me.

“Some kids, like you, take longer to train. I learned the hard way that you can’t always rush them,” Granny said as she came and hugged everyone and kissed Klara. She demonstrated the same greeting to Neville who I knew had to be starved for true affection. “Why don’t we change Neville while we’re at it,” her husband suggested. “He’s rather ripe too…”

“I guess,” she said. “I think he could probably go longer since he likes being poopy.”

I looked at his dejected face, and gave him a sad sympathetic look as they carried him upstairs and left us downstairs. “Granny, can we watch cartoons?” Kristina asked.

“Sure sweetie, take Stacy with you,” she suggested.

She turned the TV straight onto a TV show that I knew for certain wasn’t safe!!! A screen showing two characters that I had seen all over little’s clothing, Naomi and Oliver, showed one the screen!

“This Neville’s favorite, you like too?” she asked as I tried not to look at the screen.

“Not really,” I managed to say nonchalantly while hoping if I did see it my changes would help. Thinking quickly, I asked her, “What’s your favorite? Maybe it’s on?”

She used the remote and said, “This one, Princess Silvy!” She said as she turned to a cartoon that reminded me a bit of Sofia the First from our dimension. She grabbed my arm and insisted that I sit on her larger lap. I’d been sitting there for a few minutes when Cassie came down and said, “Megan, you’ll probably need to change Stacy soon, she’s watching Princess Silvy with Kristina!”

“What?!?!” I heard a shocked set of voices call out.

Grandma and Megan ran out quickly and Megan grabbed me to take me out of the room while Cassie laughed and said, “What’s the big deal? She’s just a little baby anyway? Mandy has her in diapers like a proper baby should be?” Then she paused, “I mean she certainly seemed happy that I can’t get Klara to use the potty like a big girl?”

Megan put her hand to my diaper and seemed surprised to find it dry, “That was one of those hypnotic shows wasn’t it?” I asked as she carried me upstairs. I heard Granny and Cassie arguing a bit as she did so.

“Yes, it is, you were watching it long enough you should have gone… I shouldn’t have been able to pull you away either without you crying and begging to keep watching it,” she said more than a little surprised.

I smiled at her, “I think I may be immune now…”

She looked at me suspiciously, “How?”


“You’ve been editing more again, haven’t you?” She asked me quietly. “Mandy said you shouldn’t be doing that…”

“It was that or be more susceptible to those shows…” I told her.

“We’ll need to talk with Amanda later about this,” she said with a frown. “Are you sure it was safe?”

I shrugged, “I think so. I already had one run-in with someone using hypnotic tricks at one of our little events this week. The fact that I didn’t wet or mess my diaper right now, probably means that it was successful?”

She squeezed me in a hug, “Dad has the picnic table setup outside, why don’t you go out there with me?”

I nodded and hugged her back as best I was able to. We came down seeing the fireworks had gone to a simmer and Granny came over to me, “Are you okay?”

“I think so… I’ll tell you later,” I added. “Have you talked to Mommy today?”

“A couple hours ago… She said that Bella is a lot more alert today, they’re supposed to move her to a regular room this afternoon, and hopefully be able to send her home tomorrow.”

“So soon?” I asked in surprise, “She was basically in a coma?”

“Our medical technology is a lot more advanced,” she reminded me. “Now stay with Megan - do not leave her side!”

I nodded and clung to Megan as she went hugged me tightly on her hip. Grandpa Joe had what looked like gigantic chicken breasts cooking on the grill, along with some sausages. “Need any help Daddy?” Megan asked.

“Not right now. Why don’t you just sit back and relax? Tomorrow you both start classes again and you won’t have much time for rest!” He reminded us.

We smiled at him and Megan sat down with me, turning me in her lap to face her. She played with letting me fall backwards out of her lap and I squealed. She did that a few times before holding me in a hug, “If my sister gets tired of you, I don’t know that I want you as a stinky baby, but you are cute!” She told me.

I smiled at her, “You are definitely better than the other possibilities,” I told her.

“I…” she started to say as Chloe came out with Kendra and Katie one either side of her, and Derrick followed carrying Kacey. They were actually dressed this time in onesies, so something at least covered them, but it looked like they all had leaky diapers showing around the edges. The bottoms of their onesies were darker, and Kacey’s looked like diarrhea had caused some permanent brown stains.

I felt myself want to throw up at that. She brought them over to us and said, “Auntie Megan, can you watch these three for a moment while I go grab some of their toys?”

“Sure, I’d be happy to,” Megan said cordially. I watched as a blanket was laid down on the grass and she put all three onto their stomachs.

“Be back in a moment babies,” she told them.

I gave Megan a look and she hugged me tight. “Hi girls,” Megan said nicely.

The look they gave her was not a warm one.

“Gaba Goo Gim!” Kacey said fairly angrily.

I sighed, “I’m sorry,” I said just loud enough for them to hear. There was definitely a jealous look from Katie that I wasn’t screwed up as bad. Of course, at least she could crawl... Kacey looked forlornly like a worm that couldn’t do anything from her stationary spot on the blanket. You could almost see her arms and legs spasm in an attempt to sit herself up.

Thankfully we didn’t have to sit there with them alone long before Chloe returned bringing a couple of toys for them to play with, including a bar that went over the top of Kacey that she could attempt to bat at some hanging toys. You could tell that she just desperately wanted to do anything to make her feel like she had control. I couldn’t see any hope left in her face, and it was so sad to watch her half-heartedly bat at a dangling toy that it made me want to cry. I chose instead to talk to Megan, “What’s your schedule like tomorrow?”

“I have a philosophy class at eleven, then a history class after lunch,” she said. “Then I have another couple of other classes tomorrow too that go into the evening.” She shifted me a little as obviously my body weight was getting a bit heavy. My skirt moved and flashed the girls my clean diaper, just as Cassie came out carrying Neville to deposit next to the other three littles. Kristina came out holding Klara’s hand. She was now wearing only a shirt and her diaper. She was all smiles though and didn’t seem to have a care in the world following her big sis outside. Granny followed and played a small game of chase with both of them as she came out. I watched as trips inside to get the other dishes were made by Granny, Grandpa, and Cassie to pile on the table.

Cassie looked at Megan, “Why aren’t you helping?”

“I am, I was told to watch Stacy here,” she told her.

“You know she’d be just fine with the other girls on the blanket if she couldn’t walk. Mandy is just being stupid…”

“Enough about my Mommy,” I told her. “If there’s anyone who needs to be told how to treat a little it’s you. The inhumane treatment of making an adult only crawl should be illegal,” I hissed.

Megan grabbed me in a hug, “Umm… Sis, I happen to agree with Stacy here. Add to the fact that her parents are with her sister in the hospital right now, maybe keep your stupid opinions to yourself?”

Before a war between sisters could fully erupt, Grandpa Joe put his hand on Cassie’s shoulder, “Enough sweetheart.”

“But Dad…”

“Enough,” he said simply.

The food on the table meant we began dishing up, and it was like déja vu from the first Sunday I’d been there. Megan helped me with a plate that she placed a small piece of the chicken she had gotten. A piece of her sausage, and some of the green bean casserole that I wrinkled my nose up a little on, also joined on the plate. It was all really tasty! Well… except the green beans! While I made my way through my food, I watched as Cassie fed Neville another concoction of baby food. I was grateful for him that this one at least seemed slightly more edible; simply being a beef stew. Her biological daughters both fed themselves without incident, although she made sure to tie a bib on ‘baby’ Klara. She seemed to be treating her as obnoxiously like a baby as she could.

‘I guess she’s hoping to embarrass her out of babyhood?’ I shook my head, ‘I doubt that ends well…’

Chloe had Kendra and Kacey hanging off her exposed boobs while her husband held a bottle for Katie. ‘At least she’s feeding all of them…’ I thought. ‘I wonder if Grandpa and Granny said something to them…’ There were a few stifled conversations, but not much was going on when the back door opened and Amanda came through.

She looked well past the ragged edge of fatigue and exhaustion, but came straight to me. “Stacy!” She said as she pulled me into her arms and hugged me. Tears streamed down her face and I saw Fred was right behind her.

Something went tight in my gut since they were both there.

“Is Bella…?”

She sobbed, and sobbed then, with her body just convulsing with tears.

Fred joined us in a hug and I just knew that the worst had happened, Bella…

“Bella’s been kidnapped…” Fred said quietly to Grandpa.

“Why didn’t you call me?!?” Grandpa Joe asked instantly.

“There’s nothing anyone can do. They managed to slip some sort of sleeping agent into the room, and when we both came to Bella was gone. The police are reviewing the hospitals video footage, but the cameras show the kidnappers getting away with her.” Fred informed everyone, “We would use her Little Protect watch to track her, but there was a doctor that insisted we remove it for them to have access to put in IVs as needed… Her other tracker isn’t showing up either.”

“My god, who would do such a thing?!?” Chloe erupted. It was an uncharacteristically caring moment on her part.

“What can we do?” Cassie asked, almost looking like she wanted to cry.

“Pray…” Amanda said.

The family actually stopped and did that right then, but it didn’t sit right with me. I wanted to get in there and on my computer and start tracking down the kidnappers. Amanda was a hysterical mess, and it took Granny a good hour to get her talked into taking a nap in her old childhood bedroom. Soon Cassie and Chloe took off with their families, leaving just Amanda’s parents, Amanda, Fred, Megan and myself at home.

While Amanda slept, I had gotten my computer and began hacking the hospital and every other place I could find a trail. Grandpa had come in at some point and just watched silently behind me as I worked. I found the video of the kidnappers taking off with her. They had rolled a canister of something that left some smoke fumes on the outside. They wore some sort of odd masks and went in after a short time. It was apparent that it only took a few seconds to knock Amanda and Fred out, and they were carrying Bella out barely five minutes after their arrival into the hospital.

I took still images of the kidnappers and put them in a file as I followed their progress on the security cameras. They had used a back entrance to come into the hospital and left the same way. The camera view sucked, but I was able to figure out the make and model of the car and began finding some other cameras in businesses along the two routes they could have left by. I struck gold on the second with a good view of the license plate, “Hold on a second Stacy, let me write that down before you leave that screen. Good work by the way,” he said with a pat on my head.

I heard him call his detective friend as I resumed tracking the car. This dimension was further ahead on plate tracking so a quick hack into another file handed me a list of places the plate passed by. The trail stopped in another area of town not far from the airport and I felt my stomach drop. “Grandpa Joe, I think they headed for the airport!”

“Why do you think that?” he asked.

I walked him through it just as Amanda had woken up and came inside the room. She was teary eyed and seemed to be all but broken as she came in and asked, “Where did you say?”

“The airport maybe?” I suggested as Joe called and directed the police that direction.

I drew up dead ends on flight manifests then and everything else before she touched her hand on my shoulder, “You’ve done all you can for now Stacy,” she said.

I shook my head, “There’s got to be more of a trail…”

“Time to let my dad and the police handle the next steps. They’re already going to be questioning him on how he found out so much…”

I sighed but knew she was probably right. Just before I closed the computer though I saw her bra had spots coming through – I knew she had to have been leaking badly. I took a look at the patch file I had compiled already and just clicked ‘Install’ without asking her. I felt a small jolt as the patch hit again, but I didn’t space out. Instead I let her pick me up into her arms and then pulled at her shirt.

“Stacy you can’t…”

“Mommy you need it, and… I won’t be affected by it anymore…”

“What did you do…?” She asked me a little angry, “I told you to let me check over…”

“You need this, and I just installed it. You can check it later, the nanites are active and still really programmable so I know I can alter it more later if I need to. For now… Please? For both of us?”

She sighed, but pulled her shirt down revealing the nursing bra and a nipple dripping with a droplet of milk was exposed to me. My mouth instantly watered from the sight. I didn’t hesitate on latching on and nursed until she burped me and changed sides. After I was done, I was groggy, but noticeably still clean, and no wetter than I had been before.

“Well it looks like you still have control for now…” she said as she patted my back.

“Yeah, but I definitely need to go…” I said and let a stream of urine into my diaper and a little bit of poop.

She bounced me and held me for a while before taking me to the nursery to change my diaper. I stayed in her arms afterwards though as we sat in the living room to wait for any news that might come about Bella.

We waited for a couple hours before a detective came to the house, “Please come in,” Joe told him.

“Thanks Joe,” he said as he came in and we all sat down in the living room.

“Do you have anything new? Have you found her?” Amanda asked.

He shook his head, “We followed the leads that led to the vehicle they took Bella in, but it was abandoned near the airport. As far as we can tell she didn’t get on a plane with anyone, and all of our officers are keeping an eye on other travel points. Roadblocks are set on the outgoing roads, but so far, we haven’t been able to get much more than a name on one of the kidnappers. Joseph Di’santi is a member of the Trelini gang. We have a bulletin out for him as well.”

“So, what now?” Fred asked angrily.

The detective shrugged, “If there’s going to be a legal adoption of Bella, she’ll have to have her chip scanned. Right now, one of our experts thinks they must have her in some sort of faraday cage, because we can’t get a lock on her tracker at all. We’ve got scanners up and running looking for if she passes by any of our many scanners… but at this point we’re just waiting for them to screw up.”

“You’ve got to find her,” Amanda cried as she was holding me.

“We’ll do our best, I promise,” the detective said. “Well I need to get back to the station, I’ll contact you each day even if I don’t have anything new.”

As he walked away to the door, led by Joe, Fred embraced us both in a hug that Megan and their mom joined in on.

“Is it safe for Stacy to go to classes tomorrow?” Megan asked.

“No, it’s not…” Amanda practically cried.

“It’s not safe anywhere,” I told her. “I need to go. You can take me to each class if you want, but hiding isn’t going to help Bella.”

She sniffled and we spent the next couple hours barely eating a dinner of takeout, and then discussing the problems for longer while we waited endlessly for any news on Bella. “Let me see what you uploaded to yourself…” she said. “Both of them…”

I ended up showing her the code and going over everything I had done with my nanites. “I don’t see anything that should be a problem from this, but please be careful. I know you understand all of this probably as well as anyone, but the possibility of unintended consequences is something you need to be very careful of.”

I nodded, “I’m sorry Mommy… I just wanted to nurse again, and I thought it would make you feel better too…”

“I’m actually thinking more about the hypnosis settings… Which I can’t believe we missed.”

I nodded, “I know… I think the settings must have worked, at least earlier I didn’t have the reaction everyone thought I should have.”

“Next weekend I may test you on that, but for now keep avoiding anything that could have that. Our house will hopefully be back to normal tomorrow with even more security. For now, do you have anything you’re missing that you need for classes tomorrow?”

“Let me check my backpack?” I asked as I wriggled off her lap and walked to my backpack. Inside I still had six pampers, wipes, powder, pencils, pens, my stylus, my tablet, and my computer would barely join it all. I still had a spare uniform with my new shoes. “I think I have everything,” I told her.

“Then why don’t we go ahead and get you undressed and make an early night of it?” She asked. I looked at my watch and saw it was only eight, “I haven’t slept much the last couple nights,” she added.

I hugged her and said, “Okay.”

“Do you need a bath tonight?”

I hesitated, “Take one with me?”

I could see the hurt in her eyes, but she gave me a thin smile, “okay.”

The bathtub off the hallway upstairs was soon filled with bubbles and the two of us were settled in the bath with her washing me gently. I looked up every now and then to tears in her eyes, but she did seem to be doing a bit better just by being able to baby me some more. When I was clean and my hair was washed, she cuddled me to her chest and just hugged me silently. “I love you,” she told me, “I’m so scared something will happen to you too.”

“Not going to lie, I’m scared of it too,” I told her, “I’m also scared something will happen to you.”

She held me to her body for a while before saying, “Let’s get dried off before we shrivel up. I’ll blow dry your hair and we’ll get to bed.”

We were both wrapped in towels a moment later and she had me sitting on the edge of the counter as she used a loud blow dryer to go through my hair. I was making faces and plugging my ears as she used it and she smirked weakly at my wimpiness there. When my hair was dry, she carried me to the nursery where she diapered me, put me into my blanket sleeper, and then carried me to the bedroom that had been hers as a kid. Amanda and Fred were sharing the smaller bed in there for the night until we moved back to our house tomorrow. Amanda dressed in a set of silk pajamas and then carried me back to the nursery.

Megan came by then, “I love you both,” she told us and gave us a combined hug.

“Love you too sis,” Amanda said, “Thank you for watching out for Stacy…”

“Of course, she’s family!” she told her. She gave me a peck on the top of my head and left the room.

Amanda pulled her shirt out of the way and said, “Well, since you’re hacking like crazy then I guess there’s no reason not to nurse anymore,” she exposed her breast and I began nursing and fell asleep.


THE NEXT MORNING should have represented a day to be nervous, excited, and otherwise proud to be moving onto college classes, but it was impossible to do so while being worried about Bella. I caught a bit of the news on TV before Grandpa Joe turned it off. It looked like Bella’s kidnapping was the leading local story. From what I could tell there was a lot of outrage that anyone would steal an adopted little from a hospital room with her adopted parents there.

I just hoped the worst hadn’t happened to Bella… sadly in this dimension it wasn’t hard to imagine too many dark scenarios with her current whereabouts. I had barely gotten to know her, but I hated to think that the girl I had just begun to know could be dead… or worse.

Breakfast was an egg, a piece of toast, and a cup of coffee. Granny’s eyebrows rose a little at the coffee, but she hadn’t said anything. I’d eaten quietly from my highchair and sat through the silence that hung around the table. Fred was taking the day with Grandpa Joe to triple check our house’s new security systems. Amanda mentioned a few ideas she had to add, but otherwise was not really actively engaging in the world. They both went with me to Emerson and walked me to my first class about fifteen minutes before it was to start.

Amanda hugged and kissed me, “Good luck Stacy, I’ll be back to pick you up at the end of this class to walk you to your next. I love you,” she said.

“Love you too Mommy,” I told her.

With that goodbye, I walked into the classroom for my first Calculus III class. Looking around the room every seat was built into tiers with long tables covering each of them and desk chairs behind them. None of them were little sized, so I pulled out my collapsible booster and sat down on one of the chairs in the first row.

Other students were coming in, and I saw a mousey looking man working to organize some papers with a tall Amazonian girl and a slightly shorter boy. I guessed they were the professor’s Tas, and just pulled out my tablet to be ready to take notes. Right then another large girl sat down in the seat next to me, “Don’t you just wook so cute sitting there pwetending to be a big girl!”

I looked over at her and sighed, “And don’t you sound like the biggest idiot on the planet. I’m a student that will probably do better in this class than you.”

“Sounds like someone must have a poopy pamper,” she hissed.

“Really? You have a poopy pamper on? You should really change that before class you know. I thought something smelled bad when you sat down…”

A laugh came from next to me as a boy sat down on the other side of me, “She’s witty, I like her,” the tall boy said.

“I don’t, it sounds like someone needs a spanking…” the girl said.

“Yes, it does miss…?” The professor suddenly stood by our table.

“Uh… Gregson,” she said.

“Well Miss Gregson, I happen to know you’re antagonizing a young lady who probably doesn’t need to be dealing with your idiocy today. If you continue, I’ll speak with Dean Sanders and see if we can’t have you classified as a little so we can follow through with the spanking you need. I guarantee you’re going to struggle in this class given you just barely scraped a C last year in Calc two.” He nodded towards me, “She could have skipped this class altogether but made a mature decision to make sure she understood everything well.”

I looked at him and said, “Thank you Doctor Lieberman, I hope to live up to your expectations,” I said politely. I gave the girl next to me a glare, but then looked forward.

“If there are no other concerns?” He asked her. “Well then,” he said seeing that it was time to start class. “I’m Professor Lieberman and this is Calculus three. Hopefully by this time you know where you are, but if you’re in the wrong place now is the time to leave,” he said with a smirk. “Okay then, my TAs this semester are…” he introduced his teaching assistants who handed out paper syllabuses. He mentioned he was a bit old fashioned with that paper copy. “There are three exams for this course, quite frankly I don’t care if you come to the classes where I explain the material or not… Those are all that matter. I don’t get paid for your pass or failure, if you need help, I advise you to meet with me or my TAs as you need to.”

‘Ouch…’ I thought and I could hear some rustling behind me from some students who seemed more than a bit nervous.

“Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get started…”

I was used to high school still where the first class was a get to know you, these are the rules, and time to move to the next class… In this case he began right into teaching multi-variable calculus and my brain got a workout with the Base 60 math right away in the morning. The good thing was that it distracted me from everything else going on. Midway through the class I had to pee and just let it loose into my diaper without any further thought. The class was actually over quickly! I stood up when class was dismissed to instantly see the Amazonian girl next to me looking down at me.

“Well little girl, do you still have dry panties?”

“I don’t wear panties, and no, my diaper is definitely wet, but my mommy will change me. See you Wednesday,” I said as I grabbed my bag and walked to the hallway where I found Amanda waiting.

The girl gaped at me as Amanda grabbed my hand and led me through the busy hallway and out of the building. We had to pass the student union to get to the Jennings building where my next class was, “Need a change?” Amanda asked me.

I nodded and thought for a second, “I need to poop too…”

“When we get to the bathroom go ahead and go and I’ll change you,” she told me.

I sighed, but understood that even the few bathrooms with little potties would still be too much for my small body. I walked alongside her into the Union. Just before the bathroom door I stopped fighting the battle, pausing for a moment to crouch and fill my diaper completely. She waited patiently and walked with me inside as I noticed an Amazonian girl watching me with a hopeful smile on her face. It turned to a frown when she saw Amanda, and she walked off.

I hated the icky feeling of the sticky poop on my butt! The feeling like it was sliding down onto my legs made me want to scream. It was a less composed poop, so I could feel it smear everywhere on my bottom! I made my own frown as Amanda held the door open for me.

Inside the bathroom Amanda picked me up and laid me on a changing table after she put a pad from her purse down. “How did your first class go?” She asked sliding my skirt up.

“Good,” I told her, “I like the professor, he stuck up for me when the girl next to me was giving me a hard time.”

Amanda ripped the tapes loose and made a little bit of a wiggle with her nose, “You stinky!” she said. The smile on her face though said she was just happy to take care of me.

“Sorry,” I told her.

“We’ll have to remember to have you go at home tomorrow morning,” she said, “I should have had that brought over for you yesterday…”

I nodded as she wiped my butt firmly pulling away a brown gooey mess. She was in the middle of another wipe when a little rushed into the bathroom and looked at me with terror in her eyes. I noticed she had panties on, but they were leaving a drippy trail of pee and poop. Amanda noticed too and gave her a sad look.



End Chapter 17

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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