Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 26
Daycare Justice

IN JANUARY THERE were two major events scheduled to happen. First was the beginning of my second semester at Emerson, and all the new classes and students I had to deal with being ‘cute’ around. It was like starting from scratch with some of them scheming to adopt me, or attempting to send me to Dean Sanders with demerits. Thankfully the most serious of those happened in view of Amanda, and it was the big student who ended up with their pants down getting spanked, and then moved into Wenig for some remedial help with their growing case of maturosis. By the end of the second week of classes things mostly settled down on the girls trying to trip me up.

Doctor Nimitz’s trial, which started the week before classes began, was the other big part of January. I was scheduled to testify at the end of the prosecution’s case, and was going to have to miss some classes for it later that afternoon. That was how I found myself walking by myself to Amanda’s office from my last class of the morning on Wednesday, thinking that life had otherwise calmed back down. At least to what was ‘normal’ for that dimension. Now that Venture was officially out of business, and almost all of their employees were arrested, we weren’t looking over our shoulders nearly as much.

I was suddenly startled by a voice next to me, “Well baby girl, how’d you get loose from the daycare?”

I turned just in time to see a tall woman with the university daycare worker uniform on. She scooped me up without warning!

“Please put me down, I’m a university student,” I told her.

“Oh, silly girl, of course you’re a big university student. Why that’s all we take care of in our daycare! Let’s get you back inside the warm building and figure out how you got loose.”

“Seriously, I’m not in the daycare, and my mommy isn’t going to be too happy when I don’t get to her office in a few minutes…”

“Such a big imagination from a wittle girl,” she told me and began walking inside.

I groaned. I had been afraid someday something like this would happen! I was an idiot though and had completely let my guard down! I managed to push the emergency button on the side of my watch just before we went inside. Amanda’s face came on, “What’s wrong?” she asked, but as soon as we stepped through the door, it was jammed and the signal was lost!

I sighed and hoped she’d have enough tracking data to find me before too long.

“Who do you have there?” Another woman asked as she walked up to us.

“I don’t know, I just found her wandering around on her own outside. Not sure how she got out of the daycare.”

“Please just check…” I tried to tell them to check my student ID bracelet. When I said the word ‘check,’ I ended up with one of those damn inflatable pacifiers in my mouth. The bitch pumped it up several times too! I screamed behind it in pain!

The original woman handed me over to the new lady. “What a bad girl!” she said. “Where’d you even steal these clothes from, one of your old friends?”

I sighed and shook my head, “Doesn’t matter, come on let’s get you into a new diaper – this one’s soaked! Then we’ll get you back into a daycare uniform like you belong. Afterwards, if you don’t fight maybe we won’t send you to bed without dinner…” she sighed, “We’ll definitely make sure we get you into another intense session to keep you from running away again though!”

I groaned as I was carried into a massive nursery and could see littles lifelessly playing all around with baby toys. Well actually a few of them seemed quite excited to be there, having accepted things like Bella had now. They looked to be happily crawling around and playing like normal babies with dolls, blocks, toy kitchens, and everything you would see in a daycare. I was sat down on a changing table and the middle strap was placed over my chest.

“We’ll get you fed here soon too, I saw that we hadn’t taken your teeth yet, but I think it’s probably time if you’re going to be running away. I’ll make sure that they work on that tomorrow morning first thing! You won’t need them since you’ll be on a formula or breast milk only diet from now on since you decided to run away.”

By now I was beginning to get scared… I was safe from the hypnosis, but if they physically took my teeth, I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it! Tears began to stream down my face as the other lady quickly stripped me of my uniform. I shook my head as they took my charm bracelet, but felt relieved that at least they couldn’t get the LittleProtect Watch, or the student ID band off of me. “Hey Melanie, this might be a real student… Doesn’t Dean Sanders remove these bands before she sends babies our way?”

“There’s no way! She’s so tiny she had to have been one of our new semester additions…” the other lady responded.

“Well you might take the time to check?”

“Nah, they all end up here anyway. Just finish changing her and plop her into the orientation chamber.”

I struggled a bit at that, scared to death of what an ‘orientation chamber’ might be! The woman carried me away from the changing table only wearing the thick crawler diaper she had put me in. She carried me to the other side of the room, and towards some sort of tub that looked like the bed of a newborn baby in the hospital.

“Don’t you worry about anymore big girl thoughts! This is state of the art technology we have here! It’ll help get those big girl worries right out of your head, and make sure you forget all about being able to walk, or run away from here, or your new mommy again!”

Just as she was about to set me down inside, I heard Amanda’s voice.

“Where the hell is my daughter?!?!?”

“What daughter?” the lady tried to block her but Amanda managed to move past and saw me on the device.

“That one,” Amanda said pointing at me.

“Excuse me ma’am, but there’s no way she can be your daughter…”

Amanda took out her phone and showed her my student ID information, “did you even scan her uniform or wrist band like you’re supposed to?!?!?!?!”

“She was clearly…”

“A university student!” Amanda said and continued over to me. “Get your damn hands off my baby,” she told the woman who had almost closed a lid on top of it.

“But she needed a diaper change…”

“That’s something that I do for her, because I’m her mommy,” Amanda told her fiercely. “What did you do with her uniform and her backpack?”

It was handed over in short order and after she had me changed back in my uniform. When she was done, she made them scan my bracelet and verified we were telling the truth. My charm bracelet was also returned. She was giving me a hug as Dean Sanders joined us in the office of the daycare. “What happened here?” She asked.

“This little girl was wandering on her own and it was obvious to me she had escaped from the daycare,” the one lady said unrelentingly. “This woman is claiming guardianship, but if she’s really adopted then she shouldn’t be at college anyway! It would be illegal for her to be unattended!”

Dean Sanders looked at me and laughed, “You do get into some jams, don’t you?” I gave her a confused look as she looked back at the woman, “All students are to be scanned upon entry, correct?”

“But she could have stolen that…”

“That type of wristband has to be attached at the student union with proof of their identity provided at the time. It’s impossible to remove without cutting off the littles hand – she would probably know more about that than anyone though since she was kidnapped a few months ago. Also, if there’s any dispute over a little’s status, my office is to be contacted immediately, correct?”

“Yes, ma’am,” the lady said nervously looking down like a scolded school girl.

“Well, obviously you aren’t mature enough for this job, so we’ll find someone else to take it.” She looked at another woman there, “Please escort Ms. Keen to the office upstairs and perform the exit interview.”

Something about that had a sinister note to it, because I watched the lady look terrified then, “That’s okay Ma’am, I’m not worried about back pay, I’ll just be leaving now…”

A robotic arm appeared and grabbed onto her arms above her elbows, “No, you won’t,” Dean Sanders said. “Go with her,” she told the lady as the arm dragged the woman through the facility quickly. “Sorry about this Amanda… let’s not have Stacy wandering around on her own anymore? It seems like she is a trouble magnet,” she added before turning to leave.

“Can we please get out of here now?” I asked Amanda quietly.

As were leaving, I almost screamed when I saw Laura, who had been sent to the daycare the second day back from the break. She was dressed in the daycares pink dress uniform that proudly displayed a thick diaper that was discolored with urine and poop. She waved at me, but the nearly toothless grin and drool landing on the bib tied to her neck made me sick. I turned my head to hide my face in Amanda’s shoulder. I couldn’t stand to see my friend like that!

Amanda had noticed her too and said, “I’m sorry,” to me as we left.

“It was just a matter of time,” I told her. “We all knew it.”

In the fall the nest that had been my ‘home’ for when I needed to be with littles during orientation had all gotten into trouble over supposedly poisoning Madison, the nest mother. All of them professed their innocence, but in the end all of them had been given enough demerits to be only one mistake away from losing their status as university students. As a result, most of them had seen the writing on the wall and volunteered for the safer adoption service - they hoped that their future treatment wouldn’t be as bad at least. Laura however was stubborn, didn’t poison anyone, and refused to give in on principle. She’d had a poopy diaper in her first class of the new semester. I had been sitting next to her when the professor checked her… well… and that had been that!

I won’t lie, I cried that day, and I cried more then as Amanda carried me to her office. We didn’t have long though for her to cuddle me, nurse me, and change me again before she needed to take me to the courthouse.

All of us had hoped that Doctor Nimitz would plead his case out instead of going to trial, but instead he proclaimed that he was innocent and it was now my turn to testify. There had been an epic battle by the prosecution just for me to be able to testify. His attorneys tried to keep my testimony out by claiming that I was too young to be a reliable witness since I was an adopted little, and therefore a minor. I had been afraid it would work, but the judge had shut that one down pretty quickly with the argument that I was successfully attending Emerson with a perfect GPA.

Their second tactic was to claim that all of his associates who would have been able to defend him from my ‘false’ testimony had been killed, and that meant he couldn’t defend himself. That judge though seemed unhappy about him kidnapping and abusing adopted littles, so my testimony was allowed. The prosecution had instructed Amanda that a thick diaper and my university uniform was the best plan for my attire.

With all of that in mind I was still frazzled from the near miss from the daycare, when I realized we were only an hour out from my court appearance. “Mommy?” I said as she carried me to the car.

“What Princess?”

“What if that wasn’t a random attack on me just now?”

“What do you mean?”

“What if you hadn’t been able to find me before I was due to testify?”

She groaned, “I didn’t even think about it – I was so pissed off that you had been grabbed again. We’ll let the prosecution know about it,” she told me. “I don’t think that woman is going to be a problem again though, my guess is she’s probably getting used to her new diapers as we speak…”

I nodded and accepted a bottle of juice from her as she finished strapping me into my car seat. I nursed it to the point of being empty just as we arrived at the courthouse. Grandpa Joe and Fred were both waiting in the parking garage for us when Amanda pulled in, and the four of us entered together. The DA had a staff member waiting outside the courtroom and said, “Well… I’m… uh... glad you made it,” with a bit of surprise.

My eyes narrowed and I memorized his name to do a background check when we got home. The tone of his voice and the surprise in his face was sending up red flags and alarm bells. A bailiff outside the courtroom checked me off on his list and soon enough I was called to the stand. Amanda escorted me to the front of the gallery where she was able to have a seat to the side behind the prosecutor with Fred and Grandpa.

“Ms. Stacy Westerfield?” The judge asked me.

“Yes, Your Honor,” I told him.

“Bailiff, please swear her in…” he said.

“Like that matters?!?” Nimitz said.

“Order!” The judge shouted, “Counsel, if you can’t control your client, we’ll move him to the prison and allow him to attend only via remote a remote appearance so that I can mute him.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” the lawyer said to the judge, before turning to him and saying, “Shut up!”

I was sworn in and the prosecutor began asking questions. He started with some background questions about me for the jury. Almost immediately he asked me questions to put my dimensional visa out in the open. He followed that up by getting my story that I had agreed to an adoption to go to school, and that the Nimitz’s had actually been my other final candidates. We then went over every detail about Bella that could be asked. The prosecutor asked everything about how we met her, came to adopt her, the poisoning, and finally her kidnapping. At that point the judge looked at his watch, “I believe a recess until tomorrow is in order. Can you be back here in the morning Ms. Westerfield?”

“I’m supposed to have a class tomorrow morning, your honor,” I answered respectfully.

“I’m still getting over that bit of information that you are a university student Ms. Westerfield, but I respect your studies. When do you finish classes tomorrow?”

“I’m done about one?”

“The court will be in recess until two tomorrow,” he said and banged the gavel.

He stood and left while I joined my Amanda and Fred. We hurried from the courtroom to head home for the night, “Doctor Westerfield?”

We turned to see the DA following us out of the building, “Yes?” Amanda asked as she faced him.

“Would you be okay if I came by your house in a bit to talk with you, I think there are some things we need to discuss before tomorrow.”

“It’ll have to be quick; Stacy still has some homework to do, and I need to get her to bed at a reasonable hour?”

“Of course,” he said, “I’ll be there in an hour?”

Grandpa Joe narrowed his eyes, “We’ll all be there,” he said. He clapped an arm around Amanda and led us to the car. We soon left in three cars to go to our house where Granny had stayed behind to babysit Bella.

It was a much longer drive to get to our new house, but I really did like it better! We were in the door about a half-hour later and could smell a delicious dinner being prepared by Granny, who had clearly made herself at home in the kitchen! I noticed Bella was in her walker pushing herself by her legs around the floor. It seemed to be helping her to regain her walking skills, as she could now walk across the living room unassisted about half the time she tried. It pained me to see her fall on her butt and face so much as she relearned a skill she’d had since she was a baby! She was determined to regain her strength though, and never gave up!

We had just enough time to eat a plate of the spaghetti Granny had made before the DA showed up at the front gate to the house. Amanda guardedly let his car in the electronic gate and then met him at the front door. “Good evening,” he said to all of us. “Could we maybe chat in your living room?”

“Sure,” Amanda said, “give my mom and I a moment to get my girls cleaned up,” she added.

Granny grabbed me then and took me to my room that had its own changing table. “What do you think he wants?” Granny asked.

I shook my head, “I don’t know... unless he figured out that he has a mole?”

“Maybe…” she said. By this point I’d had my diapers changed by so many people that I just tuned out the process. She pulled my skirt up and then worked on getting the diaper loose, wiped me, pulled away the old diaper and replaced it, added some powder as she normally did, then pulled the new diaper closed. Granny was an expert at changing diapers, and every touch and motion she made was gentle and loving. Well, at least until she tickled me when she was done.

“Why do you have to tickle me?” I couldn’t help but giggle.

“Because you looked too serious and I prefer that pretty smile on your face,” she said.

I tried to frown at her but she just re-engaged her fingers to tickle me, “Stop it or you’ll have to change me all over again,” I complained.

She grabbed me in a tight hug and brought me back to the living room just before Amanda came in with Bella. They left the dishes on the table for now as the DA sat down in a folding chair across from us that Fred had provided. I was handed to Fred who was sitting on the couch next to Amanda and Bella, Granny told them, “I’ll go deal with the dishes…” Grandpa Joe sat in his favorite recliner at our house at the head of the discussion.

“What can we do for you Mister Finch?” Fred asked him.

He sighed, “It’s more that I wanted to warn you that I don’t think you’ve seen the end of this group. They really don’t want Stacy testifying…”

“I know, I’m pretty sure they tried to stop me earlier,” I told him.

“What?!?” He asked, “What do you mean?”

“I didn’t think it was related actually at the time, but earlier I was walking back to Mommy’s office from my class. On my way I got snatched up by a daycare worker who insisted I had to have escaped from the university’s daycare. Luckily, I was able to get an emergency warning signal out to Mommy, which put my location in its records, but I could have ended up missing court all together today.”

“Do you know the name of the lady who grabbed you?”

Amanda gave him the name, “She won’t be a problem anymore though… I’m pretty sure she’s been shrunk to the size of a little by now, Dean Sanders was not happy about the whole thing.”

“Sir you have a problem though too…” I told him. At this point I had nothing to lose by trusting him, “You had a staff member meet us outside the courtroom earlier, correct? Ben Longfield?”

“Ben?” He asked.

I nodded, “He was really surprised to see us earlier… like he thought I would have been taken care of. I’m pretty sure he’s involved.”

I watched the face of the DA get red and you could tell he was not a happy person, “That son of a bitch!” He looked contrite a moment later, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you more, but you just put together the last missing piece of the puzzle for me.”

“So, what do we do tomorrow?” Amanda asked.

“Well make sure Stacy doesn’t go anywhere without one of you present. They clearly are hoping to avoid her testimony altogether… I also wanted to see if Bella might be available and up to testifying since I’ve just become aware that she can talk again?”

I looked at Bella who looked a bit queasy, but said, “Is that necessary? I’m not sure I could face him…”

“Is my testimony not enough?” I asked him.

“It’s his word against yours… and given you’re a little his counts more.” He paused, “Most Amazons believe littles are immature and are prone to lying like children.”

“What about the recording I made of my escape?” I asked.

“What recording?!?” I heard multiple voices say simultaneously.

I sighed, “As soon as I retrieved my backpack, I started my tablet recording video. It doesn’t have any usable video, but the audio of my escape and his confession… is that enough to keep Bella from having to testify?”

“Why in Hell didn’t you tell me about this before?” He asked.

“Well… mainly because there’s going to have to be some deal making for it. Grandpa, would you please get your attorney down here?”

The bell for the gate rang right then, “That should be him,” he said with a smile.

He let him inside the house a few minutes later and we resumed, “Why haven’t you told me about this?”

“Because I need a deal first…” I told him. I had a whispered conversation with our attorney who we had already told the full story to before, but caught him up on this latest turn of events.

“Okay Mister Finch, here’s the deal: Total immunity both local and federal for any crimes that may have been committed by my client to facilitate her escape. This includes her parents and grandparents as well,” he added.

The DA’s eyes widened, “Why the hell would she need that, she just got lucky and had help from that holographic AI, right?”

“Deal or not?” our attorney asked.

He looked like someone had kicked a puppy, but said “Deal…” A quick written copy of the deal was electronically produced on our lawyers’ tablet and everyone signed off on it. He had to make a call to get the federal level deal approved, but within about a half-hour later it was legal and I was safe. I spent some time working on homework on my laptop while we waited, since I hadn’t had a chance thanks to everything going on that day.

“Okay, here’s the signed order,” he said. Everyone received a copy of it and our attorney signed off that it was legal. “What the hell happened?”

“I didn’t have help from Tessa until the end. I am the one who killed those people, I’m the one who shot and de-aged the others, and I’m the one who managed to bring an end to everything.”

You could have knocked the DA over with a feather then, “How the hell…?” He paused and frowned, “Agent Cranton… he helped you clean up, didn’t he?”

I nodded, “He proceeded through the investigation as if I was a member of the Hellcats,” I told him.

“Are you?”

I shrugged, “Even if I was, I couldn’t tell you.” I wasn’t, but there had been some mysterious contacts coming in recently that seemed to be vetting me for that. Either way I wasn’t lying from the few contacts I’d had with the recruiters.

He shook his head, “Can I hear this recording?”

“Mommy, can I get you, Daddy, and Bella to go somewhere else? Grandpa and these men can stay?”

“Why don’t you want us here?” Amanda asked.

I tilted my head down, “I’m not proud of this.”

She put her finger under my chin, “But I am, you saved yourself and your sister here. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe Bella should go though, Fred?” She asked him.

“No,” Bella said in the most forceful voice I’d ever heard her make.

I looked at her in shock. She was the most easy-going member of our family even before losing her faculties. “I don’t want to trigger…” I said.

She reached over and grabbed my hand, “I want to know what you actually did to save me.”

I sighed, “Hand me my backpack,” I told Amanda. It was sitting to her right and I pulled up an app that allowed me to reach a hidden partition I had stored the video in on my tablet. I played a version that stopped after I was rescued. We all sat for the next forty minutes listening to my escape. I felt Amanda grip onto me multiple times tighter as she realized just how bad the situation was. The DA looked at me like I had grown tentacles, and Bella… she just frowned. When we reached the confession the DA’s face changed to a grin of wonder.

Bella shed more tears then and I was glad Amanda grabbed her and brought her to join me on her lap. She wrapped us in her loving arms as I dealt with the final problem with Tessa, and finally the SWAT team members arrived to help.

“Holy shit, that was unbelievable…” the DA said. “If I play this in court there’s no way that they can refute it.”

“Unfortunately, it does reveal that Stacy broke more than a few laws,” our attorney stated.

“Which she has immunity for, as well as her parents,” he reminded us. “I have to give this to the defense so they can’t say I didn’t disclose. I’m going to hope they’ll make a deal when they hear it. I’m going to have to meet with them and the judge in the morning… Plan on being in court a bit before the time he set earlier. You’ll e-mail me that file?”

I looked at the attorney and said, “I’ll e-mail it to him, and he’ll give it to you?”

“Fair enough,” he said.

When he was gone, I found myself being hugged to death on all sides. “I can’t believe you did all of that,” Bella said.

“I’m sorry about your parents Bella,” I told her.

“I always knew something like that had to have happened. I think I’d rather not know who they’re with now…”

I felt bad for her, but Amanda said, “You told us all of that, but hearing it was something else. I should be spanking you for your language though!”

“Hopefully I don’t end up with a university demerit for that…” I said.

“You won’t, Dean Sanders agreed that anything you did while escaping was to be given immunity back when you escaped.” Our attorney told me, “I’ll be there tomorrow with you as well. Please watch your back before tomorrow Stacy, I don’t trust them to not try again.”

I sighed, “I need to get my homework done now,” I griped.

“You need a dry diapee first,” Amanda told me. I was changed and allowed to get back to homework while Bella was bathed and sent to bed. Her body still demanded the earlier bedtimes that were apparently normal for littles. The naps she had during the day would help her a bit, but she seemed to always need to be in bed early to avoid being a crab the next day.

Fortunately, I was still able to get my homework done that night for my classes the next day. I had kept Tuesdays and Thursdays as light days for coursework this semester, and art was fulfilling an elective I needed. The course was about computer-based art and graphics. It seemed right up my alley, and was one of the few places our size difference in the class didn’t really matter. I’d just finished my first piece for this semester and would print it in the morning at Amanda’s office before we went in. I had just saved it, and backed it up in a few places to make sure I could get to it, when Amanda came in and sat down cross legged on the floor next to my desk.

“You about done?” She asked.

“With tomorrow’s at least… I’d wanted to get stuff for Friday done too, but that sure didn’t happen…”

She motioned for me to come over and I obliged her, letting myself be wrapped up in her arms. “You know, you told us what you did… but hearing it was a completely different experience. I don’t think I really let myself believe that you had to fight that hard to get away.”

I nodded, “I guess now you know why I keep getting the nightmares?”

She squeezed me tightly, “I already had an idea of that.” They had started to slow down in frequency, but it was a near nightly occurrence for me to wake up it seemed the first few weeks. I’d slept a lot in her arms in the rocking chair, though it had gotten better when we managed to heal Bella. I had no doubts that hearing the audio today was going to make it another bad night.

“I love you more than you can know Stacy. I’m so glad that you came here, and I’m so glad that you escaped the fate Nimitz wanted to put you through,” she added.

We cuddled for a good long while before she said, “Bath time.” She had been doing less for me the past few months, but that night she did everything as far as undressing me, carrying me, washing me, and finally nursing me to sleep. I felt more loved than I could ever explain to anyone.


AMANDA HAD JUST picked me up from our weekly brainwashing session, otherwise known as the littles seminar, when her phone rang. She dug it out of her purse and said, “Hello?”

I could just hear the other person speaking, hearing them announce that it was Finch, the DA. “Listen, we still want you to show up to court, but after receiving a copy of the audio recording the defense agreed to a plea bargain. The judge also sealed the recording from being released to the public based on Stacy’s status as a minor.”

‘A minor?’ I griped again, but remembered I was legally since I was adopted, and in this case, it was probably a good thing.

“So, Stacy isn’t going to have to testify today?” she looked at me with a smile on my face.

“She shouldn’t?” he paused, “I want her to be here just in case it’s a ruse.”

“We’ll be there, we’re on our way now,” Amanda said.

“So, it’s over?” I asked her.

“Maybe, let’s wait and see…”

We were shown into the gallery of the courtroom when we arrived and the court was called to order soon after that. “You wish to change your plea Doctor Nimitz?” The judge asked.

“Yes, your honor, I wish to plead guilty.”

“No one has coerced you in any way? This is a choice of your own volition? You do understand that the court will immediately proceed to sentencing without completing this trial?”

“Yes, your honor,” he said.

“Very well, the court accepts your guilty plea. I understand that you and the DA have worked out a sentencing deal?”

“Yes, your honor,” Finch said, “We submit that Doctor Nimitz should serve a sentence of no less than fifteen years, and no more than twenty-five years in a maximum-security facility.”

“Your client agrees to this?” The judge asked.

“Yes, your Honor,” he said.

I watched as the judge looked at the papers that had been handed to him, and then out into the gallery to me. “Ms. Westerfield?” He asked, “Would you please come to the stand.”

I looked at Amanda and Fred in confusion but made my way forward nervously. I looked up at him, “Yes your honor?”

“I believe you have more of a right than most to have a say on this agreement, do you think it’s fair?”

I looked at him leaning across the bench down at me and shook my head, “No your Honor, this man regularly sexually abused women, removed their ability to think and communicate their needs or say ‘no’ about being impregnated, and removed their ability to do anything other than serve him or others like him. I do understand that this society believes littles should ‘know our place’ and be the good babies that our size makes us seem to be. The problem with that, is that men like Doctor Nimitz aren’t driven by noble intentions of helping poor littles survive in the big world, instead they’re driven by greed. There’s a good number of Amazons out there who truly love their littles and take care of their every need... It’s smothering, but at least it’s done in a loving manner. I see too many ‘parents’ though that are all about humiliating and treating their littles as pets and objects to be abused for some reason. If he did what he did to real babies our size… would he be only serving that sentence? I doubt it.”

“What would you propose?” He asked me.

I shrugged, “I’ll be honest, I could have killed him if I wanted to. I don’t think anyone would have faulted me! Instead I let him live, but now the question of what to do with him is left to the justice system to determine what is right. Personally… well I know the shrinking technology exists. Making him become a little, a girl at that, and adopting him out? That seems to be almost more just than anything else. Perhaps performing most of the surgeries to him that he did to the others?”

“An eye for an eye, huh?” The judge asked.

“Your Honor, you’re not seriously going to entertain not abiding by the plea agreement?” Nimitz’s attorney asked.

“Yes I am. The defendant will rise,” he ordered. “Your crimes were heinous, abusive, and immoral to a level that the court cannot adequately dispense justice. The pictures of your lab alone make my stomach turn! You have plead guilty with an agreement with the prosecution… However, I am in agreement with this young lady that the agreement doesn’t go far enough to punish your heinous crimes. You are hereby sentenced to be medically shrunk to four-feet in height and given a gender correction treatment. Your teeth will be removed and your body restricted from walking.”

“YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!!!!!” Doctor Nimitz wailed.

“ORDER!” The judge shouted. “Additionally, your speech centers will be altered to that of an eighteen-month-old. You’ll be able to let your new parents know that you need a change, you’re hungry, you want your stuffed bear, and that’s about it.” He paused, “Take her away, court is adjourned.”

I watched as he was hauled off and I stood awkwardly where I’d been asked to. “Ms. Westerfield?” The judge asked as he descended the stairs from his bench and knelt down in front of me.

“Yes, your honor?”

“I’d like to shake your hand if I might, I’m truly impressed by you.” I reached my hand out and accepted his large hand enveloping mine, “If you ever need anything let me know. I hope this matter will be behind you now.”

I smiled at him and said, “Me too!” before rejoining Amanda and Fred, finding safety and warmth in Amanda’s arms.



End Chapter 26

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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