Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 6

RIGHT THEN I just wanted to cry for my mommy! Instead I reminded myself I was a big college student and forced myself to just grimace. A big college student in the biggest damn diaper ever invented!

I heard lots of giggling but one girl, Natasha, took pity on me, “Piggyback ride?” she asked me with a smile.

I nodded, “I think that would help…”

She helped me stand up, then knelt in front of me to let me climb onto her shoulders. The sad thing was that I knew this was the littlest Nest of littles and she was easily able to handle me on her back! “Better?” She asked.

“Other than my pride?” I whispered to her.

She giggled and grabbed onto her loop, “We’re ready to go Miss Madison!”

“Hmm… if you get tired Tasha let me know and I’ll take over for you.”

“Thanks Miss Madison, but Stacy has to be the lightest little ever! She actually makes me feel big! I got this!”

There were some giggles, and I watched as Laura looked at us further down the line rolled her eyes, but no one said anything else as Madison pulled our little caterpillar rope along. Thankfully for us it was only about two blocks to the football stadium on the other side of the big residential halls. “Right this way,” Madison said as we entered a gated area and were led onto the enormous football field.

Some mass chaos ensued for the next several minutes while they organized the class of mostly Amazons, and the smaller number of littles, into a huge capital ‘E’ on the field. Of course, all of the littles were directed to go to the front in order to be seen. Natasha took a break from holding me and me down towards the middle. “Thanks,” I told her and gave her a hug.

“Don’t mention it shrimp,” she said to me with a smile as she returned my hug.

Most students seemed to be ignoring the photographer’s directions making things take longer than they should have. After a few minutes I saw Amanda show up along the front rails of the stadium seats, and I was relieved to know I would have a way out that wasn’t going to involve making some poor friend carry me! Just as the photographer said, “Now on the count of three, everyone say ‘Griffins,’” my bladder demanded immediate attention. Knowing it was useless to resist I let the urine run into the overgrown pillow that was the diaper. The results were almost instantaneous, and caused a photo I knew had to be comical as I fell down onto my butt just as the flash went off. There was no way I could stand as the padding expanded even further! It was beyond anything I could imagine!

I just groaned and smiled for the next two pictures while looking up to the camera from my padded seat on the ground.

“That’s it, ladies and gentlemen! Casino night starts at 8pm, hope to see all of you there! Well, all of you except the littles who need their sleepy time!” a loudmouth Amazon yelled. I decided he must be one of the orientation leaders as he shouted through a megaphone.

“Asshole,” I heard from somewhere nearby. Almost immediately I heard a loud smack, and a little began screaming from a spanking.

I tried to struggle back to my feet but quickly realized that effort was pointless. As I sighed and tried to figure out what I was going to do to get to Amanda, I was relieved to look up and see she was already almost there. Before she got to me Madison said, “Time to go Stacy.”

“I know, my mommy’s right there,” I pointed at Amanda less than ten steps away.

“Oh, well then, we’ll see you sometime tomorrow maybe?” She asked.

“I don’t know actually. We may have other plans… I’ll try and let you know if I am coming though so I can find out where you are?”

“Okay,” she said with a smile and ended up helping me stand for a second as Amanda walked up. “Sorry, she was all out of her cute diapees and I had to go dig into the storage closet. All I could find in her size were some infant diapers.”

“That’s okay, we were both kind of worried about her running out, but decided to take a chance,” Amanda told her, “I appreciate that you found something dry to change my sweet baby girl into.”

“No problem Professor, good night!” She said as Amanda scooped me up into her arms. I watched her pick up the end of the rope and begin pulling the girls along back towards the dorm. As they walked away, I saw Laura wave at me, then make a weird face. Right then even from a distance as I heard loud farts from multiple girls in the line.

“Hmm…” Amanda distracted me from watching them then as she tickled my side and smiled, “I might have to get some of these to keep you out of trouble!”

“Ugh… there’s already two in my backpack… and Madison put the rest in the changing table…” I groaned. “Don’t let me ever forget to have like a dozen extra diapers every day!”

Amanda laughed a lot and said, “Did you have fun at least?”

I shrugged, “I got to know the others a little better, I guess. We were talking about scores on the CARE exam and Madison didn’t believe me on mine… she ended up scanning my ID and verifying that I’m too smart. Unfortunately, she then noticed that I was the little that was nearly kidnapped today.”

“What did she say about that?”

“Well she was pretty shocked and just kind of blurted it out… I think everyone else was pretty terrified for me sort of too. On the other hand, every little basically expects to get kidnapped at some point… so it’s kind of normal… Madison was actually nice to me after that though.”

“Except the diaper?”

“She probably did enjoy that, but for her I think she was being downright sugary sweet.”

As she came to the end of the fence with everyone else, I saw a security cart waiting for us again, and clung tightly to her as it drove us to her car. The officer watched us get into our car before he drove away. I couldn’t help but notice that Amanda locked the doors as soon as she got in too.

“So… umm… did you hear anything else yet?” I asked.

“About what?” she asked in an odd voice.

“The thing?”

“No, no one has any in-stock so we’re out of luck for a day or two.”

“Oh,” I said.

I guessed that meant the car was, or might be bugged, so I just sat quietly. Just then though I realized I needed to pee again. As I let loose into the padding, I couldn’t feel a single bit of dampness on my skin. There would be no chance of leaks with this monster diaper, since it almost seemed to laugh at all that I put in! As we pulled into the garage, I noticed that Amanda did something quickly with a keypad on the center console. I fidgeted in my seat as I waited for her to come get me.

“Let’s go show your sissy and Daddy just how cute you look in that ridiculous diaper!” Amanda said with a smirk as she picked me up.

She started to set me down on the ground next to the car, and I said, “Umm… Mommy… I literally can’t even stand in this… would you please carry me?”

She laughed, “Only to the kitchen,” she said with a smirk.

“What…?” I complained as she grabbed my backpack and held it in her other hand and walked through the door into the house. True to her word she sat me down on the ground and I lasted a second before I landed on my rear and stared at her departing figure. “You’re mean!” I called after her.

I sat there for a moment before I figured out that I would have to crawl.

I soon discovered that even crawling was difficult then! When I finally covered the distance to the living room, I saw Fred rapidly taking pictures with his camera. Bella just stood next to him in her pajamas giggling at my pain, and Amanda was obviously using her cell phone taking pictures or a video too. At the bottom of the stairs I just sat down and asked, “Would someone please get this pillow off of me?”

When the laughter finally settled Amanda kindly picked me up and carried me upstairs to the nursery and laid me down on the changing table. I let out a huge sigh of relief as she sat me back down on the floor in a thin Pamper after giving me a hug. “Should I leave these in your backpack?” She asked me as she fought for a moment to open the front compartment and giggled at them. “How did they even get these in here?!?”

I had no response so I just glared at her before wordlessly sitting down at my computer. As I started to login she said, “Actually sweetie, can we move you and your laptop down to Mommy’s work room for the moment?”

“Sure… umm… why?” I asked curiously.

“Baby Bella needs to go to bed here in a few minutes, and you can work in there without keeping her up?”

I nodded, “I guess… Just out of curiosity… does she really need to go to bed this early?”

Amanda knelt down and hugged me, “Remember the changes we did to you with the nanites? They really do let you get by with a lot less sleep than her. Remember also that you’re not from this dimension… The 7:30pm bedtime of the dorm is actually really smart as most littles tend to need fourteen hours of sleep a night.”

“But that only leaves half the day to do anything?” I asked in confusion, even knowing that their days were thirty-two hours long that seemed crazy!

“The only other way you can see that time expand is if they take an hour nap in the morning and in the afternoon. I’m going to try and get Bella onto a schedule like that, but we still have to sort out where she’s going, once I start working again…”

I nodded knowing that was going to be tough to figure out without putting her in a crazy daycare. “You need a hand grabbing your power cord?” She asked me as I closed the lid and grabbed the laptop.

I nodded and she grabbed the converter, strip, and power cord and led me down to her workshop. I saw she had that other highchair setup there and I asked, “Why didn’t you just have Bella use this one?”

“I didn’t even think of it,” Amanda said, “but this one would be a bit small for her I’m afraid.”

“The short jokes today are getting old!” I groaned.

She laughed as she plugged everything in and then lifted me into the highchair, put the tray on, and helped me plug it in. “There, comfy?” She asked.

“I could use a bottle…?”

“A bottle? Not a big girl cup?” she raised her eyebrows.


“Okay, let me go get you one,” she told me and I opened up the computer as she left.

I wasted no time in logging in and searching for keyloggers. To my amusement I found someone had in fact installed something – or rather tried. I had setup the system to totally sandbox anything that might try and get in, so it wouldn’t do anything like they wanted. I took a quick moment to activate a dupe program I’d designed for fun back home that made the spyware think I was doing various web surfing activities. Of course, if the person checked they would discover the websites didn’t work in this dimension… but messing with them would be fun! Especially since I was pretty sure in this case it was Amanda!

‘I’m guessing she’s curious…’ I thought, ‘I doubt she’s being malicious with it. It’s just a new toy to her!’

I logged in and opened my e-mail account to look for any new messages. To my surprise I had a lot of e-mails come in since I had last checked! I remembered I hadn’t e-mailed my parents much of an update so I figured that would have to happen tonight since I still had some time before bed. I noticed an e-mail from ‘Dr. Og Wernstrom’ who had proctored the test earlier.

‘Good evening Ms. Westerfield,
I wish to inform you that I have graded your test and I have some concerns. I would like to meet with you, your mother, your advisor, and Dean Sanders tomorrow at 1pm. Dean Sanders and Dr. Butler have already indicated they will be able to attend, please let me know as soon as possible if you are unable to make the meeting,
Dr. Og Wernstrom
Associate Professor
Computer Science
Emerson University’


‘Great…’ I thought, ‘either I completely bombed it, or blew it away and they’re sure I cheated…’

I figured Amanda was probably feeding Bella still, so I decided to wait until she came back in to panic any more about it. Another university wide e-mail informed me that my math placement test would be in different location based on a chart by last name. To my relief the letters ‘Q-Z’ were testing in the lecture hall in the Kilby building, so I’d be just downstairs from Amanda’s office again. The test was set to begin at 10am, so that would be plenty of time to get there and wake up.

I looked through the other e-mails and saw a campus wide alert had gone out about our incident earlier. I clicked it and discovered they had attached my sketch and information to stay on the lookout for anyone suspicious on campus. If spotted we were to call the security extension immediately! I was curious then to see if there was anything on the local news about it, but was kind of disappointed that none of the local sites seemed to be carrying information on it. ‘Must be trying to avoid bad press for the university…’ I decided with a shake of my head.

I clicked through a few other messages that really weren’t important before starting an e-mail response to my moms’ message from the other day.

Hi Mom,
I don’t know if I’ll have time to type up everything that’s happened since last Friday - but I’ll try. I know Amanda is probably coming to give me my bath soon, so sorry if this ends up short! The last two days have definitely not been dull - and neither was the weekend!

I think I mentioned a little bit about it in my last e-mail, but Friday when we were on the plane to the city, Selegansol, a little sat down next to us. For the most part, if my hair is covered, my new appearance lets me blend in as a regular Amazonian infant. Amanda had kept me in a sling and hidden me as one most of the time going through the airport, since that way I don’t draw extra attention. The little just glanced at us, but otherwise kept to herself, when she sat down. About midway through the flight one of the stewardesses gave her a hard time about not drinking the sippy cup she had put in front of her. I watched as she forced her to drink it. I kind of guessed, and rightly, that it was spiked with something! I didn’t want to see her ambushed like that, so I quickly gave her an antidote that Fred has disguised into an easy to hide form for me. Amanda let her know I wasn’t a regular baby then and began talking to her in whispers. She made a quick decision to try and help the girl, and Bella decided to let her help her when she realized her other options were worse.
In the end Bella verbally had to give Amanda permission to adopt her to protect herself. Amanda then made the stewardess give her a diaper that would fit her, before putting her into it in the bathroom. It was supposed to just be a ruse to get her off the plane and safe. Unfortunately, in the airport Bella saw the stewardess and another woman talking with the man that had been her contact for a clothing deal she’d been trying to make. She was completely devastated by that fact! It became apparent that she had been lured with a fake business deal to catch her. We quickly discovered there was a pretty significant group behind it, so we ended up going to an adoption center and making Bella my ‘sister’ officially to protect her.
After all of that we ended up at a hotel that basically is the Disney World of this dimension. Apparently, Looney Tunes got the park here, and Disney’s just movies and toys. We had fun over the weekend going around the park, and I was actually able to get into a tank and go swimming with these massive dolphins! I’ll have to get a picture from Amanda to send you… It was a blast! Sunday, we ended up enjoying their waterpark and I was given permission to swim without the floaties and in the regular pool that most littles never see…
Oh yeah… that’s because we kind of had a couple more run-ins with that group that tried to kidnap Bella. They’re not a good group of people and we had some more excitement with them. The park provided us security though to the airport and we hoped we left our problems there. We did run into them again there, but Amanda was amazing and took care of the problem and security took them away.
On Monday Fred and Amanda’s dad moved Bella out of her apartment, while Amanda got me situated on campus with my student ID, and the first Little orientation event. I also got assigned a ‘Nest’ so that I’m sort of a part of the littles dorm even though I don’t live there. I’ve made a couple other friends that are sort of my size… actually even the shortest of them is still almost two heads taller than me… I wish I knew why I shrank so much!
Today we went and got…


I was typing still when Amanda came in, “Mommy?”

“You about ready for your bath?”

“Actually, before that can we talk and you maybe let me have some copies of some pictures before I send an e-mail to my mom?”

She looked at her watch and shrugged, “Sure, what about?”

“Well first did you see the e-mail from Doctor Wernstrom?”


I minimized my current e-mail and pulled that one up.

“What in the world?” she said squinting at the small font. “It sounds like he thinks you cheated?”

“I know… do you think he thinks you coached me beforehand?”

She shrugged, “It’s possible, but I didn’t do anything more than talk about coding languages with you. You’re just naturally one of the best student coders I’ve seen.”

I blushed, “Thanks…” I timidly asked, “Do you think I’ll be in trouble?”

“Well to manage to cheat on that test would be really tough! You’d have to be an amazing hacker and have gotten access to it in advance,” she glared at me, “which I know you actually are, but they don’t!” I giggled, “And a memory beyond even yours, I think! Also, I’ve never actually had much of a reason to be involved with them other than to suggest the AI problem.”

“That one may be the problem though?” I asked.

“Did you solve it?”

I shrugged, “I think so?”

“Hopefully he brings a printout of your test and I’ll be able to show him some reasons it’s your work. You have a couple quirks I’ve noticed in your code that still leave it functional, but just aren’t standard practices here. Really you’re like a dinosaur with most of your code!”

I stuck my tongue out at her, “I know, that’s why I’m here!”

“Okay, you said you wanted pictures?”

“Me with the dolphin? Maybe one from earlier with our new haircuts so I can show her who I’m talking about with Bella?”

She nodded, “Give me a few minutes and I’ll e-mail you those. It’ll be a bit quicker…”

“Thanks!” I said and went back to my e-mail.


Today we went to get Bella’s and my hair styled in the morning. I’m attaching a picture so you can see my new haircut and what Bella looks like. I really like my hair! I mean I know I still look like I’m in elementary school, but at least it is an improvement over daycare bound? That unfortunately I think describes Bella’s haircut…
Unfortunately, things seem to be continuing with whoever we made mad, so Bella has volunteered to play baby more… I’m not sure how I feel about it – but I am sure it’s nothing Amanda is forcing her into at least… It’s weird that I’ve only been here a few weeks and already feel a bit jealous about someone else moving into my space! Guess being an only child couldn’t last in both dimensions!
This afternoon after a university luncheon (you should see the size of crab legs here!!!!) I took my placement test for computer science. I felt like I did pretty well, and I think that I’m one of the very few who finished the test today. Not sure anyone else did actually… I just barely clicked submit before it ended, so hopefully it was okay. There was an email from the proctor though that wants to meet with Amanda, my advisor, little’s dean, and myself tomorrow. That part sounds odd and I just hope everything is okay. I’m personally guessing he’s going to have some bias that there’s no way a little could have completed the test without cheating… I’m REALLY glad I have Amanda in my court though! I know she’ll make things work out!


“Check your e-mail sweetie,” Amanda said as she patted my head, “then wrap up your e-mail and let’s get you in the bath.”

“Kay Mommy,” I told her. I minimized the window and found her e-mailed pictures.

I hadn’t had a chance to see the pictures of me and Suzy swimming, but Fred had clearly outdone himself and gotten some amazing ones! I immediately decided that one with me holding onto Suzies fin leaping out of the water was my favorite! My face and smile were fully visible, and it would be my new profile picture if I ever did social media stuff in this dimension. I selected that one, one with Amanda and I and our dolphins, one with all of us plus the characters before dinner, and then one that Amanda had taken with both Bella and I that morning with our haircuts. I quickly compressed them a lot more for the trip through the dimensional link, before I attached them to the e-mail.


Amanda just sent me those pictures and I’ve attached them. I think you’ll be aweing a bit. I need to go now; I’ll e-mail you again when I get a chance. Not sure what the next couple days will be like.
Love you!


I clicked send and saw Amanda waiting for me, “Ready?”

I nodded, “Thanks for being patient.”

“I know you had a lot to tell your mom,” she said as she took my closed laptop from me, my cord off the chair, and then released me from the highchair. As she picked me up, she gave me a squeeze, “I love you Princess, I want you to know that. You’ve only been here a short while but I can’t imagine what life will be like without you.”

I smiled at her, “I love you too Mommy,” and returned the hug.

She carried me to the bathroom and I chose to use the diaper for what little urine I had and realized she’d never brought a bottle to me and I was really thirsty. “I’m thirsty…” I told her.

“Oops… I never brought you a bottle,” she said, “I’m so sorry…”

“Any chance you could get me something before the bath? I really am thirsty…”

She stood back up from where she’d been about to set me down and carried me downstairs to the kitchen. From the fridge she pulled out a juice bottle that had already been poured and handed it to me, “Here you go sweetie.” She began walking upstairs while I was drinking out of it still. I was so thirsty I had about three-quarters of it gone before we got back to the bathroom. “You really did need something, I’m so sorry I forgot about you baby,” she told me with a squeeze.

I pulled it out of my mouth, “It’s okay, I know Bella distracted you.”

She hugged me and sighed, “We’re both going to have to get used to me having two girls to care for.”

I nodded and she grabbed the bottle from me and pulled my jumper over my head, top over my head, then pulled the tapes of my diaper open while I stood and she wiped me real quick with a wipe. “Can you take off your socks while I check the water?” She asked me.

I nodded and pulled them off, leaving me completely naked.

“Let’s put this shower cap on your hair today,” she told me, “it’ll make tomorrow a bit easier.”

I nodded and after she placed it on my head, she plunked me into the bath.

“Water okay?” She asked me.

I nodded and let her begin to wash me. She was gentle and thorough as always and asked, “I’m trying to remember, what’s tomorrow’s schedule?”

“It should have just been my math test and a visit with my advisor maybe? He hadn’t sent me an e-mail yet?”

“But now we have the meeting with everyone…”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “Do you think I’m in big trouble?”

She shook her head, “You didn’t cheat. There are cameras running to make sure you weren’t looking around at other students. You turned your phone off, right?”

I nodded, “I didn’t even have it – you had it,” and thought for a second, “I didn’t my watch though?”

She shook her head, “You and I both know it can make video phone calls, but it’s something that would have been obvious to everyone. The video will show you weren’t looking at it either. It’s a protective measure for you as a little so I don’t think they’d have any ability to say anything.”

I nodded, “Hope your right.”

“The worst thing they could say is that I somehow pre-taught you the exam, but like I said – you do weird things with code that are uniquely Stacy. I read the e-mail and responded myself that we would be there. Doctor Butler being there too is a good thing. He knows my code and after ten seconds of looking at yours he’ll know it wasn’t mine.”

“Anyway, it’s just the test tomorrow otherwise? There’s a movie night at 9pm, but of course that’s not for the littles.”

“It’s so unfair that the littles get to miss all of the best parts of college orientation!” Amanda said sadly. “We could have our own movie night tomorrow night if you wanted?”


“Make it a pool party and invite Megan?” She suggested.

“How about your parents too?”

She shook her head, “If I invite them… it can’t just be them - it’s one of our family rules. I can’t only invite one sister along… So, I’d have to invite Cassie and Chloe.”

“Yuck,” I said. “Just Megan then!”

“You can show her your big girl bed then!” She smiled at me.

“Why didn’t you just buy another crib?” I asked.

“I told you earlier… as much as it goes against my instincts, I have to let you grow up some. The original plan was to turn your crib into the toddler bed last week.”

“What happened?” I asked curiously.

She flushed and looked embarrassed, “It was too easy to want to just keep you safe in a crib? Every instinct of my being wants to just keep you as a baby… This weekend reminded me more of the stakes.”

“What about Bella?” I asked.

“Once things cool off again, I’ll ask her if she would be happier in her own big girl bed too.” She shook her head, “I have a feeling though she’ll tell me she’d rather keep the crib though.”

“That’s weird…” I told her. “Is she at least going to be able to play with her sewing stuff at all?”

Amanda shook her head, “Not until things cool down a lot. Once it does maybe we can set her up to do it if your Daddy or I can watch her.”

“I feel so bad for her,” I told her, “But I’m also jealous…”

“I know, I read over your shoulder… I’m sorry.”

“Do I have to be a big girl all of the time at home?”

“For a while I think that’s a good idea Stacy… I’d put you in training panties at home if they made them small enough for you.”

I laughed at her, “Apparently they barely make diapers small enough for me!”

“You know I think Madison kind of did feel bad for you,” she told me.

“Given she didn’t mess with me in any other way I think you’re right…”

“Come on sweetheart, let’s get you out of the tub now before you shrivel up into a raisin.”

“Not that!” I told her as she pulled the plug and wrapped me in a towel. She sat me down on the counter for a moment and handed me a toothbrush to use. As I brushed my teeth, she pulled the shower cap off of my head and pushed my hair behind my ears to keep me from getting toothpaste on it. I spit out the toothpaste and she handed me a cup to rinse out before I spit again.

“Let’s get you dressed for bed then,” she told me with a smile.

She quietly carried me into the nursery which was lit only by a couple nightlights. Bella’s snores surprisingly loud right then. Silently she dressed me in a thick princess diaper and pulled one of my pink nightgowns over my head before carrying me back out into the hallway and downstairs. I had a moment of hoping that maybe she would let me nurse from her, but that was quickly dashed as she picked up a warmed bottle that had to be plain old milk.

I sighed and she squeezed me tight, “I promise I’ll let you nurse Friday night,” knowing the problem, “if you can make it through Saturday without a poopy accident, we’ll do it again Saturday night too.”

“So, we can get back to bedtime?” I asked hopefully.

“I hope so,” she told me with a smile, “but if it does anything with your control over your poopy, we have to stop. Hopefully it won’t be too late for you by the time we realize that.”

That made me think of the littles departing earlier, “I think there will be some poopy littles in the dorms tonight…”

“Why do you say that?”

I sighed, “I’m pretty sure someone spiked the punch at dinner.”

Amanda sighed, “Sounds about right… Well, as long as they have a pull-up or a diaper on tonight, they’re okay.”

“Tomorrow during the test, they won’t be though? That counts as in class?”

“Yes, it does… they won’t be safe there…” she said softly as she carried me to the rocking chair, and gathering me up in a blanket that she had draped on the chair.

I felt calm and relaxed as she sat down and eased me into her arms and laid me back to hold the bottle to my lips. I made no motion to hold it myself and just suckled it gently as she began singing one of her sweet lullabies.


‘WHAT THE HELL is that!’ was my next thought as a loud siren klaxon rang through the air. I sat up in my new bed and saw Bella looking scared in the crib. I heard a car screech away and suddenly Amanda was in the room grabbing me into her arms, followed by Bella.

“It’s okay,” she shushed us as she then hurried to their bedroom and shut that door, locking it behind her.

“What’s going on?” I asked her.

“That’s the intruder alarm.”

Sirens filled the night as she took us into their walk-in closet and sat down. Bella began whimpering and having a full-blown panic attack then, while I just wondered why I hadn’t grabbed my switch. ‘What would a shrunken 9mm even do to an Amazon?’ I wondered darkly. ‘I need to do something else with it in case something like this happens again…’

As Bella cried fairly quietly, Amanda wrapped us into a protective hug and said, “shush, it’s okay…”

As the door to the closet suddenly opened, I smelt something that told me Bella had another reason to cry now. I looked up, afraid of who was coming in…

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End Chapter 6

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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Eire_Land · Oct 24, 2021

Hi, I don’t know how best to say this, but here goes. I absolutely love and admire your work. This piece of work has been one of the best stories featuring abdl I have ever read. The way in which the maternal and paternal love is depicted just melts my heart and makes me crave the same in a way no story has done before. You are an amazing writer and I must admit I check back in every day waiting for more.

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