Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 13
Unannounced Visits

I STARED AT Amanda for a moment and was about to say yes when I shook my head… “Maybe tomorrow night?” I told her. “I started doing some research and want to wait until I’m sure… I really really really want to… and that kind of scares me?”

She squeezed me in a hug and sighed, “No worries, you’re probably right… Daddy was pretty much thinking we shouldn’t either…”

“Believe me I want to… I know the university will let us access medical journals, and I just want to read up some more. One of the girls tonight seemed to think after just a month I would lose all control – permanently. I want to find whatever research I can first.”

She nodded as she laid me down on the changing table and changed my diaper again. “At least I have your sister to help me…”

I nodded as she lifted me up and tucked me into my little bed, “Stacy please don’t think I love you any less with Bella here,” she kissed me on the forehead, “Try and get some sleep, you didn’t get much the last couple nights!”

I sighed and said, “Night Mommy,” and rolled over onto my side.

It took me longer to get to sleep that night than I could remember since I came to the dimension. The diaper was especially distracting for some reason that night. It felt hot and I was sweaty for some reason. After a while of sitting there I realized that I needed to go pee, and let the padding soak it in. I had so many ideas going on in my head of what do with the nanobots that were still active in my body. I fully planned to use their programming to my advantage in every way I could. They were an incredible tool that I was surprised every Amazon hadn’t injected themselves with yet. I figured I could go in and give myself some other attributes to make myself stronger. More importantly if I could figure out what made breast milk addictive and tear down control, I could hopefully combat that so that Amanda and I could let ourselves enjoy that bond again. Tomorrow was a new day, and I hoped I could find some time on my own to work again. Finally, after at least an hour I managed to get my brain to turn off until morning.


THE NEXT MORNING came early as Amanda scooped me from bed and plopped my sleepy form on the changing table. “Come on Princess, time to wake up!” she said as she undid the tabs of my diaper and wiped me with a cold wipe that did spring my eyes open.

“Cold!” I whined.

“Well you’re awake now at least. Did you know you wet your diaper last night?”

I nodded, “Couldn’t go to sleep, ended up going in it before I did.”

She sighed a bit in relief, “Glad to hear that… I was a little worried,” she admitted.

I smiled weakly at her and she plopped a pacifier in my mouth.

“Okay my dad said he wants you dressed like a normal little today so you can blend in and look like he’s just babysitting you for me…”

I groaned.

She lived down to my expectations right then by pulling out a pink romper that looked like it thought it was a dress. The top of it was smocked like a fancy dress, but it ended like a romper with a baggy bottom that tried to look like shorts. I noticed it was missing snaps in the crotch and only had buttons in the back. I groaned knowing that every time I needed a diaper change, I’d have to be completely undressed… I was sure that if I wore it no one would believe I wasn’t a pretty baby girl - or at least a very well taken care of little!

“Cute isn’t it!” she told me, “I can’t get this in Bella’s size unfortunately,” she added.

“Lucky her…” I said dryly.

“It should make you look like an innocent baby staying with your grandpa for the day. But, with it being a romper, you should be able to still mostly move around.”


“He did ask that I have you in the thickest diapers that you normally wear.”


“I don’t ask my dad those things…” she admitted. “I’m guessing if he’s training you, he’s going to worry about the real world?”

I thought for a second and nodded, knowing that the princess diapers did impede my motion some. “I guess that makes sense… I sure hope none of my friends see me…” I grumbled.

She laughed as she put the other side tape down on my diaper securely. “Why don’t you stand up so that we can get you into this…”

“You know this is like the worst outfit to change a baby out of,” I told her as I stood up inside the leg holes and she helped me pull my arms through the sleeves before buttoning the back. “Why didn’t they at least put snaps in the crotch?” I asked.

She shook her head, “I don’t actually know, you’re right. Hopefully you don’t have to poop right now…”

I groaned knowing I would probably need to do so before we left. She carried me downstairs and presented me with a bowl of oatmeal and a spoon. I looked and could see Bella looked to have been fed earlier because she was snoozing in the playpen. I started to reach for the spoon but she stopped me so she could add a bib and she picked up the spoon, “Do you mind?” She asked.

A part of me went, ‘I’m a big girl, I don’t need…’ The other part that had been insanely jealous of all of the attention to Bella.

That part took control and nodded my head.

Amanda smiled and quickly began putting the train in my mouth over and over again until I was done with the bowl. She gave me my cup of coffee, and set a bottle of juice next to it, while she went about doing dishes in the sink. I focused on the coffee first and enjoyed every drop while wondering what I was in for today. All too soon I felt a rumbling in my bowels and asked, “Umm… Mommy may I use the potty?”

She sighed and wiped her soapy hands off before coming to get me out of the highchair. She was about halfway through undoing the little buttons at the back of the romper when I couldn’t hold it much longer. I think it was clear from my face and she said, “Stacy just let it go, I’ll get you right out of it.”

I whimpered but another cramp meant I wouldn’t make it until she was able to get me out of the romper. With no other option I pushed the mess into my diaper. It was runnier than normal and I felt it on my legs. Amanda wrinkled her nose as it she could clearly see that some had leaked out the diaper onto the romper. “Eew,” I complained.

She sighed but patted my back and carried me back upstairs. “I knew you weren’t a fan of the romper, but did you have to get poopy all over it?”

I felt tears in my eyes, but she laughed and kissed my head, “It’s okay sweetheart, let’s get you out of that and into something else.”

“Just get the poop off of me,” I whined.

She finished what she had started doing with the buttons and slipped it out from underneath me before going to work on my leg with a wipe before she even opened up the diaper. Inside she found a disgusting mess and asked, “You didn’t eat anything strange yesterday, did you?”

I shook my head, “I don’t think so… I guess I had some food at the party last night, but they said they made it themselves so it was safe?”

“Hmm… I wonder if they have a mole or something inside their sorority. Could be a high paying job to help sell out the others... Next time you see them ask if they had any problems?”

“They’ll probably just blame me,” I told her. “Several of them were really suspicious of me since I’ve been adopted already.”

Once I was rediapered she said, “Well this romper is out, but I bought a dress with the exact same design, let’s go with it!” I groaned when I saw the nearly identical top but with a skirt. She had a pair of pantaloon style panties that she pulled over the top of the diaper first and then had me sit up to put the dress over the top. It didn’t cover much past my waist, so the panties were fully exposed. A pair of frilly socks went on my feet next, but no shoes.

“Shoes?” I asked her.

“You wouldn’t be allowed to wear them in my dad’s studio anyway,” she said. “And since right now, you look like a nice innocent baby you really don’t need them.”

I sighed and nodded, “I guess…”

She tickled my side for a moment before finding a pacifier to put in my mouth and carrying me downstairs. “Fred?” She called.

He came from downstairs, “Yes Mandy?”

“I’m taking Stacy to my dad’s now; I’ll be back in a while. I just changed and fed Bella not long ago, so she’ll probably nap until I get back.”

“Okay, see you both later,” He told us with a smile.

Amanda grabbed one of two pink diaper bags that were sitting side by side that had my name on it now. “When did we get new diaper bags?” I asked after pulling my pacifier out.

“My mom bought them for us yesterday. Seemed to think it would be a bit easier to keep track of if we needed to take you to different places since you definitely wear different sized diapers!” She pushed the pacifier back in my mouth, “Now hush and be a good baby.”

I sighed and wondered about the weird back and forth my poor brain had to go through sometimes! It didn’t take long before we reached a part of town with a number of strip malls and restaurants. I couldn’t see much out of my seat, but she soon pulled over into a parking lot and opened up my door. She pulled my pacifier out of my mouth and placed it into my diaper bag, before she gathered the bag and me up, and walked towards a glass door that she knocked on.

I just managed to read the sign that said, ‘Colonel Joe’s Self-Defense Training Studio’ before it opened. Grandpa had let her into the large studio that looked nicer than anything I’d seen back home. Practice dummies, punching bags, different weapons, mats, and everything someone might need for practicing martial arts seemed to be there. It even looked like there might be a robotic opponent sitting silently asleep in a corner… A sign above the entrance listed a surprising number of styles that were taught in the studio. “Hi Mandy,” he said as he hugged her after relocking the door.

“Hi Daddy,” she said.

“Hi Grandpa,” I said to him too.

“Well, we have a few hours before I have a class coming in. Mandy I’ll take Stacy to our house for lunch, is there anything I should know about?”

“Her diapers are in her bag. I just changed her into one of her thick princess diapers earlier like you asked. When they get wet, they’re supposed to keep her from walking, but she’s learned to adjust pretty well. Generally she’s still is able to toddle around without it knocking her down. She usually stays in her regular Pampers though, so there’s some of those in there too if you want her to wear something thinner.”

“Any bottles?”

“There’s a couple bottles of juice in there if she gets thirsty,” she told him. “What time should I pick her up?”

“We start our elementary class at 4pm, why don’t you come get her at 5pm?”

“Sure, she’ll be okay in there?” she asked worriedly.

“Worst case scenario I put a blanket on the floor and tell her to pretend to be a baby. Somehow, I don’t think that’ll be necessary. Just be warned she’s probably going to be pretty sore tomorrow!” he told her and me with a smile.

She looked down worriedly at me but hugged me, kissed me on the forehead, and said, “I’ll see you later Princess.”

“Bye Mommy,” I told her as she sat me down and went back out the door leaving me with the giant Amazon man who I had no doubt was incredibly skilled and dangerous.

“Okay, first things first… How long has it been since you were in your last classes?”

I thought for a moment, “About five years?”

“Do you remember the last Kata you learned?”

I nodded, “I think so.”

“Demonstrate,” he said while motioning me to the center of the floor.

I respectfully bowed to him and then began running through what I remembered. The diaper I was wearing was still dry, but it definitely changed my sense of balance. Luckily after wearing them for a few weeks it was something I really had mostly adjusted for.

I honestly expected more loss of motion than I’d had after five years of not practicing, but I guessed the nanites doing their thing had helped out. He ran me through a few more exercises to see how powerful I could punch and kick. A punching bag and even some boards were used once he felt like he could trust my control.

“Okay, Stacy really you’re in much better shape than I would have hoped for…” he told me while I stood respectfully looking up at him.

“Thank you, Sensei,” I told him with a bow, “I’m a bit surprised myself, it’s been a long time.”

“That’s not to say there’s not a lot for you to learn!”

I nodded, “Especially given how big you all are… I don’t stand a chance if I make a mistake,” I said honestly.

“No, you don’t,” he agreed.

Just then I noticed that the diaper I was wearing was sagging a bit and wondered how long we’d been practicing. A look up at the clock surprised me that it said it was nearly noon. “We’ve been going that long?” I said motioning to the clock.

He looked up and smiled, “When I have a willing pupil, I don’t notice time pass either. Why don’t we change that wet diaper and we’ll go to my house so your Granny can feed you a good lunch. We’ll come back here and I’ll work with you a bit on some new forms before the class arrives?”

“Sounds good, thank you Sensei Grandpa,” I told him with a bow and then accepted his hug.

“You are definitely in the running to be my favorite granddaughter!” he said with a smile. He carried the diaper bag and me back to a locker room. He laid my changing mat on a bench and quickly changed my diaper, before changing himself in front of me. I squirmed a bit as he pulled the Gi he had been wearing off and switched to a set of warm-up pants and a shirt. He then quickly took me to his car. A pink toddler car seat sat waiting for me. I couldn’t help but guess that it was probably too big for me. It was also setup front facing, but I didn’t say anything as he tightened the harness down as small as it would go around me. As he went to his door I noted I could still easily wriggle free if I wanted to!

We drove the short distance to their house and I was carried inside where Grandma was eagerly waiting. “There she is!” She cooed.

“Hi Granny,” I told her as she kissed me and hugged me.

“Did you remember to change her?” She asked her husband a little accusingly.

“Of course, I may not understand you women folk’s fascination of littles and babies, but I can change a diaper…” he grumbled.

“He did good Granny!” I told her with a smile and a wink and Joe.

He smirked and said, “See, she even says so!”

“Well, I guess we better get lunch going here. I just made macaroni and cheese, does that work for you both?” she asked him mainly.

“That’s fine honey,” he said.

I was sat in the highchair they had purchased for me. I was grateful that this one was a normal baby highchair without the straps for littles! There were several of the other type lined up against a wall for when the other ‘grandkids’ came to visit... I noticed another new one that I guess was for Bella now. ‘They’re going to run out of space for high chairs…’ I noted.

Granny grabbed a bib for me out of my diaper bag, filled one of my bottles, and then gave me a small bowl of what looked like homemade macaroni and cheese. She looked apologetic, “I don’t have any small forks…” as she held a large one that could have been a serving fork back home in her hands.

“Did Mommy leave one in my diaper bag?”

“I didn’t think to look, let me check!” I watched her check a few compartments before standing up and saying, “Yes she did, my daughter apparently makes a very good mommy!”

I smiled at her, “Of course she is – she has a good one too!”

I was able to eat the lunch on my own with my fork, and had some small conversations with both of them as lunch progressed. Just as I was finishing lunch their home phone rang, “Mandy? Are you okay?” I heard, and then heard her say, “Of course…” she held her hand over the phone, “Joe LPS apparently is at their house, they need us to bring Stacy back for a wellbeing check?”

“That was sooner than I expected,” he said with a sigh. “Tell her we’ll be there in about a half-hour.”

“Mandy, your dad says we’ll be there in about a half-hour. The cavalry is coming,” she told her and hung up.

“What’s going on?” I asked scared.

“Sounds like someone decided to play a card to see if they could get you two away through a complaint to Little Protective Services,” Joe said. “I’ll have a friend of mine meet us there. Whatever you do when you get there be cute and compliant with whatever the investigator asks…”

“Can you change me again first?” I asked having just felt an overwhelming need to urinate.

“Granny will take care of that,” she told me coming over, “Joe, make your call!”

Granny came over and unbuckled me from the highchair before taking me upstairs to a nursery I’d only heard about. Definitely designed with littles in mind, the crib, changing table, and other items all had extra straps to hold a ‘naughty’ little. I shuddered more than a little at them, but was glad that Granny didn’t even use a strap on me as she laid me down on the changing table to change my damp diaper. “You want a regular pamper or one of those thicker ones?” she asked me.

“Which do you think LPS is less likely to thing is neglectful?”

“Probably the thicker one,” she said.

“That one then…”

“At least my daughter dressed you about as babyishly as she could today…”

“Yeah… but I don’t have my student ID with me…?” I said nervously.

“Yes, you do, it’s in your diaper bag…” she said digging around for a second and handed me the lanyard with it on. “Why don’t you try and put it underneath your dress though so it’s not too obvious?”

“I really need to get one of those bracelets they talked about yesterday…”

She hugged me, “You’ll be fine,” before she carried me downstairs, “Joe are you ready?”

“Yes, let’s get her buckled in and go to her house. Larry said he’s going to meet us there.”

“Good,” she said and followed him with me and my diaper bag out to her car that had a smaller rear-facing car seat in it, “Don’t you need to get back to the studio?”

“Hopefully this won’t take that long, but if it does, Amy can take care of running classes.”

With that I was set down in the seat and buckled in. A pacifier was handed to me with the advice, “Probably best to play baby girl for the next few hours…?” She paused, “At least I think…”

I nodded at her confusion and hoped everything would be okay. ‘The last thing I need is to be removed from Fred and Amanda by LPS…’ I thought to myself.

The trip home was both too long and too short at the same time. As Granny undid my harness, I saw a van that we had parked behind with ‘Little Protective Services’ on the side. I felt my hair stand on end at the sight of that logo, and knew we had to be very careful how we handled their visit. Granny went to the front door and was followed closely by Joe who was carrying my diaper bag. Just before they were going to open the door Amanda opened it and I looked at how nervous her eyes were. She had a good poker face, but I had noticed I could read her eyes easily. Knowing just how vital this afternoon was, I happily squealed, “Mommy!” I reached out to grab her from Granny’s grasp.

“There’s my princess!” Amanda took me from her arms, hugged me, kissed me, and quietly said, “I love you,” as we walked in. I saw a lady and a gentleman sitting on the couch, Fred in a chair next to them, and Bella in the new playpen they had picked up for home.

“This is your other daughter?” The lady asked, “I thought she’s going to college?”

“No classes today, so she was spending the day with us,” Granny told her.

The lady looked me up and down and said, “I’ll need to examine her like I did your other daughter…”

I shuddered as I noticed Bella shudder and sob, and wondered just what this woman was going to be doing to me. Just as she began moving towards me though the doorbell rang. Grandpa Joe didn’t ask for permission and opened it to let in a well-dressed man in a suit. “Thanks for coming Larry,” he said.

“Anytime Joe,” He said. He turned to Amanda and said, “Nice to see you Amanda,” he held his arms out and hugged her gingerly with me in her arms, then held his hand out to Fred, “Fred,” he said.

“Thanks for coming,” Amanda told him.

“So, what’s the problem?” he looked towards the two LPS officers, “I’m Larry Worthington, the Westerfields’ attorney.”

“I’m Diana Ellis and this is Bob Drindel. We’re here because there’s been a complaint against the Westerfields that they are abusing and neglecting their two littles.”

“From whom?” Larry asked. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting a response, but I was glad he asked anyway.

“It was an anonymous report. They simply stated that the girls were malnourished, being allowed to roam freely with no bounds, and that the smallest was let run around with no supervision around the university.”

“Well, those are serious charges, have you seen anything to back them up?”

“We need to examine Stacy there to see if there’s any sign of abuse there…”

“By all means, but I and her mother will be present,” he told her.

She shook her head, “Because she’s been accused of abuse, we can’t have her present. If they wish you to be as a third-party observer on behalf of the family you may.”

I looked at this complete stranger in fear, and the one too, and just hoped I wouldn’t be abused in the process here. Larry held his hands out and said, “It’ll be okay Amanda,” and handed me over to this unknown stranger who she seemed to trust. “Stacy, I know you don’t know me, but I’ll be right there,” under his breath. “Where do you want to examine her?”

“Their nursery will work fine,” she said.

I sighed and hoped this unknown stranger could help keep something more serious from happening to me like seemed to have to Bella. The lady led us upstairs to the nursery and said, “Please set her down on the changing table there,” and she began moving towards me. She examined my hands and arms first, neck, face, legs, and then moved my dress up so she could see my back and chest. “You are a tiny thing, aren’t you?” she cooed.

I shrugged and she pushed me back onto my back and pulled the panties down, followed by my diaper. Larry stood by closely, “Is there any reason for this?”

“Her diaper’s wet, I’m just changing her before we start chatting. I don’t want her to be any more uncomfortable?” She suggested.

“I’ll take care of it actually if you don’t mind…” he said.

“I’m a woman and a mother, I have this quite in hand,” she said.

“Yes, but I’m her lawyer and her parents have not given you permission to do so. Let me change her really quick myself. You can keep looking for non-existent bruising just as easily from the side.”

He kind of gently pushed his way in and then quickly undid the diaper I had on and gently pulled the tapes open. I squirmed a bit with this unknown man doing it. ‘I trust girls more…’ I thought, but he was quick and thorough. “I have three daughters at home, the youngest is two, so I’ve had a lot of practice,” he said to me with a smile as he pulled my dress back down and held me possessively. “Shall we continue the conversation you want, ma’am?”


“The floor?” he suggested, “Littles are always more comfortable on their level, right?”

She looked at him suspiciously but nodded, “Alright,” and he sat me down beside him, opposite of her. If there had been a table between us, we could have been in a legal conference room.

“Your name is?” She asked.

“Stacy Westerfield,” I told her.

“What was it before you were adopted?”

“Stacy Slane,” I told her.

“And you willingly went into the adoption agreement?”

I nodded, “I wished to come study in this dimension and reached an agreement with Mommy and Daddy to adopt me and let me go to school.”

“Why bother?” she asked narrowing her eyes.

“This dimension has cooler toys,” I told her.

She laughed, “Of course it’s about the toys. I guess wood blocks back home aren’t interesting enough?”

“Something like that,” I told her.

“Have your Mommy or Daddy ever hit you?” she paused, “Even a spanking?”

I shook my head, “Mommy and Daddy probably would if I was bad, but I’m a good girl and they’ve never had a reason to spank me.”


“Never,” I told her. “The only time I’ve had a spanking was when this evil machine did it to me at the store…”

“I read about that incident…” she paused, “they’ve really never spanked you?”

“Really,” I said.

“Sounds like they need to consider more discipline…”

“Can we continue the questioning please?” Larry asked.

“Of course,” she said. “We were given reports that you were wandering around on your own on the university campus the past couple of days.”

“I was never alone ma’am. I had a babysitter at all times,” I told her.


“An unadopted little can babysit me, correct?”

“Well…” she stammered.

“Yes, they can,” Larry reminded her. “All of her college friends are unadopted and can watch her without any problem.”

“Yes, you are correct… but who would leave such a tiny little thing with an irre…”

“Next line of questioning,” Larry told her. “You agree it’s legal, let’s move on…”

Her nose flared in irritation, but she continued, “You are aware it’s highly unusual for a little to be in university classes rather than being enrolled in a certified daycare, correct?”

“So?” I responded, “I can do the work.”

“What’s the point though, you can’t work anywhere when you finish?”

“Not your realm of responsibility,” Larry shut her down. “Do you really believe that she’s being neglected?” He motioned around the room, “the girls have a beautiful nursery with gates that lock them safely inside. You can see she’s well dressed, diapered, and well nourished. What are your legitimate legal concerns at this time?”

She glared at him, “As you said, she and her sister seem to be well taken care of. I guess I don’t really have any other than I don’t believe she should be going to the university...”

“Completely legal though, correct?”

“So long as she is supervised in some way at all times… yes, it is.”

“Then lets head downstairs and get you and your partner on your way to someone who actually needs your help?”

I was glad that he was there carrying me, and protecting me, because I was honestly quite certain she was more than willing to spank me just because… She followed his request though and followed us downstairs. Larry handed me back over to Amanda who was nervously waiting. She hugged me tightly, obviously scared of losing us. “So, you’ve observed my clients take great care of their littles. Nothing to concern yourselves, correct?” He asked them.

The lady said, “we reserve the right to do another unannounced inspection…”

“During which time I will be called to observe and make sure my clients rights are not violated, correct?” he said.

“Of course, sir…” the gentleman said, “I don’t really see a need to come back though. If half of our littles were pampered like these two princesses there would be no need for our agency. Come on Diana, this strikes me as one of our jealous calls. It’s probably someone hoping to take these two cuties for themselves. Thank you for your time,” he said and walked out with the lady and Larry following them out.

When they were gone Larry came back inside, “So who did you all piss off so badly?”

“I think there’s a list now?” I looked up at Amanda who didn’t smile.

“Yeah… there does seem to be…” Amanda said.


THE NEXT HOUR we held a long conversation with Larry. We filled him in on what had happened since I had arrived. I had been moved to Fred’s arms, and Bella was in Amanda’s shaking very nervously. I noticed that she wasn’t really saying much about what happened. I learned that in the time before we arrived the lady had done a similar ‘inspection’ on Bella without the help of Larry, and since she’d been all alone with her, I couldn’t imagine her being kind. Eventually she told us that she had been stripped so the lady could examine every inch of her. She had been given a very invasive diaper change that Bella whimpered about, but refused to go into detail about. Fred had to keep Amanda from going and finding the woman to kill her then.

It turns out Larry was the lawyer who had looked over our contract and he told us, “Look we knew that someone would probably make a complaint at some point, but like I said there was no grounds to even really do more than visit once. If they come back let me know and we’ll put an injunction together to block them from coming.”

“Is there any way to find out who put in the ‘tip’?” Fred asked.

He shook his head, “they make things anonymous for a reason. When a little really is being abused, that would be an asset. Is there anything else going on that I should know about?”

Amanda looked at Fred and when he nodded, she said, “Bella here seems to be getting us some attention since another group was after her. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason for the tip?”

“Why are they after her?”

“Information she may have?” Fred replied. “We’re not entirely sure. We adopted her on a flight to Selegnasol to protect her from a stewardess that seemed really sketchy. Since we adopted her, there have been a few attempts to kidnap Stacy or attack us. The Trelini crew maybe involved in it, as well as a group called Venture B & E.”

“Both are trouble…” he said thoughtfully, “I’ve had a couple clients with problems with them before. I’ll put a private investigator on it – maybe they can help us figure out who’s after her…” he looked at me, “For now make sure that you stay good and out of trouble at the university. If you got in trouble for something, they might be able to come back and make a stronger LPS case.”

I nervously nodded, “Yes sir,” I told him.

“Well, if there’s anything else you need let me know, I’m going to go ahead and head back to my office. If they come back call me immediately.”

“Will do Larry,” Fred responded and walked him out the door with me still in his arms.

Grandpa Joe stood up then, “I need to get back to the studio. For today let’s call our morning session enough Stacy, next week we’ll start back up as planned.”

I squirmed so Fred would let me down and went over to hug him. He picked me up and gave me a big squeeze, “You really are adorable, stay out of trouble!” He gave me a kiss on my forehead and transferred me to Granny who had already hugged and kissed Bella goodbye.

“Be a good girl,” she told me and gave me the same squeeze and kiss routine. She sat me down on the ground and I watched them leave.

“Well… so what’s for dinner?” Fred asked.

Amanda smacked him on the arm.



FOR THE NEXT hour Amanda and Fred talked with us before letting me go upstairs and get on my computer in our room. I was sitting on the bed as Bella looked forlornly around at the toys. “Play with me?” She asked sadly.

I sighed, just managing to find the electronic journals available through the university library, but closed my computer and moved to the floor. “What are we playing?” I asked her.


I sighed, “You’re going to have to keep teaching me what I’m doing here…” I told her.

She smiled a bit at that, “Okay,” she said and began teaching me how to play ‘nursery’ she decided. We were taking care of the baby dolls and changing their diapers, pretending to feed them bottles, baby food, and rocking them to sleep. I wasn’t sure how long we’d been playing when I watched her sit up a bit and smelled something. Her diaper sagged under her dress then too.

“Did you just go poop?” I asked her.

She looked around a little bit confused before saying, “I didn’t even realize…” and then began sobbing and wailing.



End Chapter 13

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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