Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 21

FOR ONCE THERE was supposed to be a quiet weekend for us. I had studying and homework to do, but not much else was planned.

Amanda came into my nursery and leaned down to check my diaper where I was at in front of my computer, “Let’s change that diaper before it leaks?”

I looked down and realized it was indeed much more soaked than I had realized. When I woke up, I had enjoyed a nursing session from her before breakfast, along with a latte bottle… It apparently made its way through! As she carried me to the changing table, I reflected that it wasn’t so much that I lost the feeling over going the past month-and-a-half like I’d done before. It was more that I just got in the habit of going and not caring. ‘Potty training after a few more years of diapers may be difficult,’ I admitted.

She pulled the snaps of the romper she’d dressed me in open and wiped me clean, and taped me into a new diaper quickly. “I need to go get groceries Stacy; do you want to come?”

“Is Daddy staying home?” I asked.

She nodded, “He’s working in his office on some paperwork, so you can stay if you want…”

“I’ll stay here,” I told her.

“You shouldn’t just play on the computer all day you know…” She told me.

I sighed, “I know, but… I don’t like grocery stores here…”

The last time I had been at the grocery store I had seen four separate newly kidnapped littles being paraded to the diaper aisle, three more littles being pushed around in messy diapers while their ‘mommies’ told them that if they were good they’d get changed that night, and five other Amazons took the time to get their jollies on me when they figured out I was a little. That wasn’t including the poor ten- or eleven-year-old Amazon girl who was paraded in just her wet pants to the diaper aisle, spanked, and promptly diapered in front of the entire store on the aisle floor. I felt terrible for her as it looked like several of her classmates had been taking pictures and videos of the whole thing… I still didn’t understand how that wasn’t a case for police or CPS to be involved!

No, I most definitely did not like Amazon grocery stores!

She looked at me but nodded, “That last trip was a little brutal…”

“Thanks for understanding,” I hugged her as she sat me up after snapping my romper back shut.

“You’re welcome,” she said and sat me down on the ground. “I’ll be back in a little while then. Behave!”

“Yes Mommy!” I told her with a smile and watched as she walked downstairs.

Avoiding the grocery store hell also meant I had time to work on my other project. Knowing for certain that Fred was down the hallway meant I could get started, but I just about had a heart attack as I started to stand to move and he appeared.

“Stacy, I need to go mow the lawn, do you need anything?” he asked me while simultaneously holding a bottle of juice out to me.

“I should be good Daddy!” I told him.

“You want to come downstairs with me?”

“No thank you, I have my toys in here,” I smiled at him as I took the bottle. I took a nurse from it as he turned around and made sure the baby gate was latched to my room. As soon as I heard his footsteps past the stairs, I moved to the closet and pulled out my project from yesterday. I placed the parts on the ground and then dug through some of my original backpack’s pockets, finding a small multi-tool that I had almost forgotten I brought. Then I pulled the Switch from my bag and got to work on the weapon inside. I carefully pulled out the small lead slugs from each of the bullets in the clip. I was able to then carefully replace them with my new custom-made projectiles. ‘I just hope if I need them, that these work...’ I thought to myself while fiddling with it.

There were definitely moments where I wasn’t sure a bullet was going to go into the casing, and one collapsed before I got it loaded, but overall, I made progress fairly quickly. I had just finished up filling up the slugs and placed the switch back in my bag when Amanda came home. I opened up a window of my project for her class before she came in. “How’s the homework going?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Okay I guess…”

“Want to go for a swim?” She asked, “We’re supposed to get a cold front in next week and it’ll probably be your last chance to swim in our pool until spring?”

I saved my work and jumped up, “Please!”

Fred joined us in the pool that afternoon after finishing the lawn. Mainly the two of them watched as I counted three-hundred laps swimming back and forth in their pool. When I finished, I was exhausted, but felt relaxed, and turned to float on my back gently by Amanda. She smiled down at me and then suddenly dove for me and initiated a tickle attack. “No…” I squealed after several moments of torture.

“You done swimming fish?”

“I’m a dolphin,” I stuck my tongue out at her.

She poked my nose and then carried me out of the pool then. “Thirsty?”

I nodded and happily accepted the option to nurse from her. As I sucked at her nipple, I couldn’t help but feel loved and comfortable. Since we had resumed my nursing a few weeks ago I hadn’t had many problems from her milk. I did tend to have some looser stools if I nursed too much on one day, five or more times we discovered seemed to be a real problem point, but otherwise I maintained my control. I was glad I was able to just enjoy the very soothing act of nursing from her. I fell asleep nursing her second breast after all of the activity and the milk hit my system.

I woke up from my nap just before dinner and checked my phone for text messages. I saw one from Meg, “Hey Stacy, I’m lonely,” that she’d sent just a few minutes before.

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and responded, “What about hanging out with Laura?”

“Her nest is grounded for some reason,” she replied.

“That stinks,” I said. I really wanted to type sucks, but another little had her texts searched the week before and had multiple demerits awarded for her language… Not to mention the very painful spanking that she had told us all about on the last day she’d been a college student. The poopy diaper in seminar class had finished her demerits…

I thought for a second, “Mommy?” I called.

She appeared a moment later, “Yes Stacy?”

“Do you think we could get Meg to come over for the night?”

“Why wouldn’t Megan be able to come over?” She asked confused.

“Not your sister Megan, my little friend Meg,” I told her.

“Oh…” she said thoughtfully. “Is that the one that is the only one left in her nest?”

I nodded, “The one you helped save that day too…”

She grimaced, “I don’t know if they would let her or not…” a moment later she pulled her phone out and asked, “What’s her nest mothers name?”

I passed that along to her and she made a call on her phone. “Hi, Jackie?” she paused, “This is Amanda Westerfield. How are you doing?”

I listened to the conversation for a few moments before she got to the point, “My daughter Stacy was wondering if one of her friends could come over for a sleepover tonight?”

“Yes, I’ll make sure that both little girls are in bed by their curfew time,” she told me and winked at me. “You’ll call her nest mother and let her know?” she said with a smile, “Thanks!” and hung up.

“Well let’s get you into your uniform really quick and go pick up your friend?” She suggested.

Meg was in disbelief when I told her that we’d be coming for her. She’d just responded with, ‘OMG, THANK YOU!!!!’  We had to go to the dorm to pick her up, but I was glad her room was on a different floor than my nest. Especially if there was a punishment being meted out there…

At her doorway I could see places where names had been removed from the door and all that remained was Meg’s. It was almost a surprise to see her room looked so empty, but definitely a surprise when I realized her nest mother was the one that had been such a witch to Megan when she picked me up. ‘Poor girl…’ I thought to myself. It really was surprising she was still free of any demerits.

“Hi, I’m Professor Westerfield,” Amanda said while holding my hand at the doorway to the nest mother. She was standing there looking at Meg with a small suitcase.

“Hi, Dean Sanders said you were here to take Meg. I’ll enjoy the night off! Thanks for babysitting her for the night!”

“Umm… You’re welcome,” Amanda said curtly. “You ready?” She asked Meg.

“Yes, Professor Westerfield,” she said contritely. I could tell she was nervous right then about going home with an Amazon. It was everything you were not supposed to do after all!

“Thank you for getting me!” She told me with a hug once we were clear of her room.

“You’re welcome,” I told her and returned the hug, “I just hope Laura isn’t mad that I didn’t take her home first…”

“She’s not in any condition to go this weekend…” she told me with a whisper, “I’ll tell you about it when we get to your house.”

“Okay,” I told her.

She walked beside me and Amanda followed us both to the car. Amanda wasted no time in picking me up and putting me in my rear-facing car seat, “That diaper needs changed when we get home,” she told me.

I nodded, “Okay.”

“Come on Meg, I have another car seat on the other side,” she told her and then picked her up to put her into Bella’s car seat. We both teared up for a second when we looked at each other, but Amanda didn’t say anything as she picked her up to buckle her into the car seat.

“Rear facing?” She did ask once the door shut.

“You’re shorter than Bella was, so I guess it’s safer,” I told her in the moment before Amanda had her door open.

She grimaced but looked at me through the mirror and screen that was on the seat above us. “Thank you again for getting me,” Meg told Amanda when she started driving.

“You’re welcome Meg, I think you’re probably a little bit safe now though. If your nest mother loses you, she won’t be able to continue to have her own nest, right?”

I looked over at Meg who was shaking her head, “She would just double up with another nest mother. They take turns each week on certain nights. I think some of them prefer it… But she has a good thing going with just me to take care of and I think she’s inherently lazy. She’ll probably hold out for us being on our own as long as she can.”

I nodded at that, “I know Megan doesn’t like Meg’s nest mother,” I told Amanda. I told her about the incident from a few weeks back and she nodded.

We were home soon though and Amanda said, “Okay girls, diaper changes first, then you two can stay up for a while in your room Stacy or watch a movie downstairs.”

“How about a movie?” I asked Meg.

“Those aren’t safe though…?” she said.

“The ones we have to pick from are,” Amanda assured her, “I won’t expose Stacy to any hypnosis if at all possible,” she added.

“Okay,” she said, “that sounds like fun!”

Amanda picked her up out of her car seat first and sat her on the ground. I heard her give her the backpack she’d brought and the small suitcase before coming over to my side and picking me up too. She didn’t put me down though, instead motioning for Meg to follow us inside. She clambered up the stairs awkwardly behind us with her rolling suitcase and stopped and stared at the sight of the nursery.

“Whoa…” she said.

I looked down at her as Amanda sat me down on the changing table, “Yeah, but it’s pretty, right?” I said truthfully.

“Yes, it is I guess,” she said and stepped into the room.

I blushed as Amanda changed me as Meg looked on, but watched her blush more a second later. “Come on Meg, I said diapers earlier, I know that you’re soaked too,” she told her.

“Umm… okay, thanks,” she said.

“Do you want some of your diapers or one of the ones I have that will fit you?”

“Umm… what do you have? The dorms aren’t that comfortable?”

“I have a regular Pamper, or a thick little’s diaper?”

“The Pamper?” She said as Amanda lifted her bottom up in the air.

“Okay,” she said, “Oh dear… did you change yourself earlier?”

Meg’s whole body blushed but she shook her head, “No, my nest mother did…”

“She didn’t wipe very good; you have a bit of a rash coming on here dear. Do you want me to put some ointment on for you?”

I heard a whimpered, “Please…” from her.

Fortunately for both of us diaper changes were done and Amanda left us alone for a moment after closing the gate. “So, you sleep in the crib?” she asked.

I shook my head, “No, the bed is mine. The crib was originally… but Bella took it when they adopted her.”

“What’s…” she started but shook her head.

“What’s what?” I asked her turning around to look at her staring at the room.

She held her hands out, “What’s it like… being the baby?”

I sighed, “I’m probably the wrong person to ask?” I told her, “Amanda and Fred are amazingly kind compared to what most people would be. I got really lucky with them…”

“But still, you have to have done pretty much everything from what you told me?”

I shrugged, “Well yeah… I guess the demeaning looks when you’re anywhere, the mean treatment from bigs, etc. really isn’t much different than what you probably already get. It’s embarrassing to use your diaper and have it changed in public… but again you’ve already been there?”

She nodded.

“It takes getting used to and at a certain point you have to accept that it’s considered normal for you to be babied, and then just let go of that embarrassment. Bella told me she had pretty much always known at some point she would be adopted…” I shrugged, “I’m not going to lie and say that I don’t appreciate being cuddled and every need taken care of sometimes though?”

She nodded, “You’re right… it’s inevitable unfortunately.”

“What happened to Laura and our nest?” I asked.

She smirked, “Well apparently someone decided it would be a good idea to spike the nest mother’s food with laxatives…”

“And it was one of them?”

She shrugged, “I personally think it might have been my nest mother… She laughed an awful lot about it.” She paused, “Anyway, they were all given suppositories last night, early bedtimes for a month, grounded in their room except class and a quick trip to the dining hall together… it’s pretty bad.”

“That sucks,” I told her.

Amanda came back right then, “Stacy…” she warned me on the language, before she led us downstairs for dinner. She gave Meg the option of just using some books as a booster seat, but she chose instead to use the high chair. She declined the bib and bottle though, taking a sippy cup without a word against it. She seemed surprised to see me eating my own food by myself through dinner. Not long after finishing I was sat down to stand next to her on the floor, and about to go get comfortable in the living room when I felt the need to poop.

I walked to the potty that was sitting there and grimaced that it would be in front of Meg, but pulled the tabs of the pamper loose and sat down to poop. “Good girl,” Amanda said and patted my head as she walked towards the sink. She helped wipe me up before gathering me in her arms to take me upstairs. “Fred, can you clean out her potty?”

“Sure sweetie,” he said.

“Speaking of potty, do you need to Meg?”

She blushed and said, “I already went…”

“Well come on then, let’s get you in a dry diaper, before you two have your slumber party.”

 She nodded and came upstairs with us. Amanda changed me into a princess diaper then and used another on Meg. “What pajamas did you bring?” she asked her. The short set she brought wouldn’t fit over the thicker diaper so she ended up using one of Bella’s footed sleepers on her instead. I was dressed in the matching one and we went downstairs to watch the movie.

“Okay you two, please give me your phones so no one can know you’re still awake,” she told us both with a smile.

I nodded and encouraged Meg to give hers up. Amanda and Fred gave us some space then as the movie started and we lay next to each other on the floor looking at the screen.

“Do you think I’ll get lucky enough to have nice parents like yours?” She asked me suddenly as an alien blew up in the movie.

I shrugged, “I don’t know. Hopefully you can graduate first?”

She nodded, “I hope so.”

We talked about some parts of being adopted for a while, and I made sure she knew it wasn’t all fun and games. I told her about my ‘cousins’ and all of the terrible things that had been done to them. She seemed to think it was partly their fault for not being ‘good’ and ‘accepting’ it. She felt like things always went worse for those that fought it.

When the movie ended, she was already asleep so Amanda carried her upstairs. “Her diaper should last through the morning,” she told me.

To my surprise though upstairs Meg woke up in a bit of a panic, “Put me down! Put me down!!!” she cried.

Amanda did to her surprise and she figured out where she was and turned red.

“I’m sorry, I…”

“Don’t apologize, I understand,” Amanda said. “How about we change that diaper then get you both tucked into bed?”

She nodded and the diaper that had been possible to last was clearly no longer so as I could smell the poop. “I figure you can have Stacy’s bed and she can have the crib tonight,” Amanda told her as she redressed her.

“Actually…” Meg said.

“Actually?” I asked.

“Can I just use the crib, and Stacy sleeps in her own bed?”

I watched Amanda smile, “Sure,” she told her and put her in the crib and pulled a blanket over her. “Good night,” she told her.

I wasn’t changed right then as I think she knew I would be wetter soon. Amanda sat down in the rocking chair and whispered, “Do you want to do this tonight? We can wait?”

I nodded and whispered back, “If nothing else she’s wondering about it…” I told her while noting the eyes watching us through the bars of the crib.

As soon as she presented me with a breast, I stopped caring that a friend was in the room – all that mattered was sucking on the nipple and feeling it leak milk into my mouth with every suck. I must have been tired because I barely remembered being burped and switched.


MEG SEEMED DIFFERENT after everything the next morning. She shook her head at my latte bottle, but more than anything I felt like she was probably envious of my family. If it wasn’t for Bella’s kidnapping, I might have suggested Amanda and Fred think about adopting her - but there was no way with as raw as everyone’s emotions were to even think about it. Just having another girl sitting in Bella’s highchair sent my own emotions for a rollercoaster ride. We dropped her off at the university just before noon so she could eat at the dining hall, and then we went to our traditional Sunday meal at Amanda’s parents.

There you could feel the palatable loss strongly in the bonds of the family. As much as I hated Chloe and Cassie, they at least had the good sense to not mess with me the past couple of weekends. Their horror over their sisters little being kidnapped was genuine; apparently the fear of it happening to them was strong! I still had to watch though in horror the things they did to their littles each time. At least the baby food Neville was getting hadn’t been pushed to such extremes again. He was mostly getting spaghetti or beef stew baby food jars when I saw him each time. Amanda had mentioned that her mom had spoken with Cassie and urged her to stop becoming a monster…

Before I knew it, Monday was there and Amanda walked me to my Calculus class. “Megan said she may have some trouble making it back over here today to take you to Jennings. I’m going to try and get over here from my department meeting, but if I don’t be careful going to class,” she told me. “Walk with someone if you can…”

I nodded, “Yes Mommy,” I told her at the door of the class.

“See you later,” she told me and gave me a hug, “I love you,” she added.

I looked up and said, “I love you too Mommy,” meaning it fully. She wasn’t my real mom, but she was definitely the next best thing!

She patted my padded rear and sent me into my class where I sat down and waited for the professor to start. When he did, he said, “I graded all of your tests over the weekend,” he began drawing a bell curve on the board. “The worst grade was a thirty-three percent,” he said making a mark. “The best grade was a hundred percent,” he said making another mark. “The second-best test grade was an eighty-three percent.” My heart sank as he basically explained where the grades fell and how he was grading the test. “Normally I would add points to the highest grade until it was a hundred, then add that across the board.” I grimaced knowing the 100 would mess with that, “Because of the perfect score that wouldn’t work. So, I’m going to instead take and subtract the second highest score from that hundred, and divide that by two. That means you all get a bump of eight-and-a-half percent on your grades.”

“Why’d you draw a bell curve then?” A student asked.

“To show you that if I graded this test on a bell curve the how many of you would end up failing. Now if you’ll all take your tablets out; I’ll send you back your graded tests.” He pressed a button on his tablet and my test appeared on my tablet graded with a hundred percent.

I smiled at that.

All around me everyone started having hushed conversations about what they got. Eventually Kaileigh asked, “Umm… sir… I thought you said someone got a hundred?”

“Yes, they did,” he told her.

“Who was it, none of us got it…”

I smirked when he looked at me, “Why that would be Ms. Westerfield there,” he nodded to me.

“What?!?” I heard various versions of amazement and jealousy.

“You heard right, she’s one of the brightest students I’ve ever had through this class. Before her test the highest grade on this particular test was a ninety before the curve.”

I could feel the stares through the rest of the class as he moved onto the next material. I took notes as class went on and completed any problems he put up on the board before he had finished explaining them since it was still review for me. I was glad that I was still ahead of where the class was going, and made up my mind to start working ahead in the book on my own. I didn’t want to lose that edge!

Leaving class, I didn’t see Megan or Amanda around and made the call to just walk to class by myself. I’d done it a few times in the last week since things seemed to have calmed down, but it still felt like the first times I was allowed to do stuff alone as a real kid. I kept my ‘head on a swivel’ as my grandfather used to say as I walked towards the Jennings building. I was halfway there when I looked up to see a surprised look on a face that took me a moment to recognize. “Stacy?”

“Hi Doctor Nimitz,” I said cordially to him.

“You’re out here on your own?” He asked, “Where’s your Mommy?”

I shrugged, “department meeting or something. I’m on my way to class,” I said.

“You shouldn’t be on your own, you should at least have a babysitter,” he said walking in front of me to stop my progress going to class.

“I’m on the university grounds, it’s just like going between classes at any other high school or junior high school. As long as I’m on school grounds I’m being watched,” I said.

I noticed a few littles were nervously walking well around us. “Be that as it may be, I feel like I should at least walk with you…”

“If you insist,” I said and began walking towards the building. I remembered back to him being another option instead of Amanda and Fred for foster parents, and was very glad I hadn’t picked them. There was just something about him that gave me a bad vibe back then and when I’d met him for a physical before. My sense of not being able to trust him continued to grow and I tried to keep an eye out as we walked towards Jennings, being very glad that it was a public walk with lots of people around.

Just before we got to the building though I felt a stinging sensation on my arm and looked up to see Dr. Nimitz putting something back in his pocket.

The world spun and I felt hands catch me before I collapsed, and heard him say, “Gotcha!”

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End Chapter 21

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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Jackie · Nov 11, 2021

Another great set of chapters, and great cliffhanger can’t wait for more.

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Loving it so so much!

NxK · Nov 11, 2021

I agree wholeheartedly with Jackie about these last 3 chapters being great AND that great cliffhanger! Not sure how many more chapters there are, but I hope based off of how this story is going I hope there are many more!

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