Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

'Alterations' continues the story of Stacy's journey from 'Exchanged' and 'Little Hope.' Stacy is a young college student who chose to travel to a new dimension to study their advanced computing technology at a prestigious university as an exchange student. Stacy thought he knew what he was getting into when he traveled, but multiple events show that he didn't plan for every problem he would encounter. Recently on a trip his adoptive parents adopted another Little, Bella, to help prevent her from being taken by unscrupulous Amazons. Stacy now begins orientation and classes at Emerson as the small family attempts to stay safe from the outside threat. Can Stacy manage to navigate college classes and everything the dimension can throw at him, and still make it back home with a degree?

Chapter 1
Code of Conduct

A LINE OF students and parents formed at the entrance to the dining hall and I looked around hoping to see someone to make a friend with. No littles seemed to be nearby, but a shorter Amazon girl looked down at me, “Looking for your big sister?”

I looked up at her and shook my head, “No?”

She looked more intently at me and realized I was both in the uniform and wearing a student ID, “Wait… are you a student?” she asked in disbelief before bending down closer to my level.

I smiled, “Yep! I’m Stacy,” I said and held my hand out to her like I’d always done.

“Oh my god, you’re adorable!” she said, “I’m Mia,” she said taking my hand.

“Nice to meet you,” I told her like I always had before realizing that may have been a bit of a male response too. ‘What should I be saying as a girl?’ I suddenly wondered.

“You too!” she said and suddenly got the vibe that she was like a cheerleader back home who had always smiled and been peppy with everything she did. She looked up and realized Amanda was looking on, “Are you her Mom?”

Amanda smiled at her and extended her own hand, “Amanda,” she said.

Her own mother then extended her hand to Amanda, “I’m Janet, Mia’s mom.”

“So, you’re really coming here as a student?” Mia asked before quickly saying, “That’s so awesome!”

I smiled at her, “Thanks, what are you majoring in?” I asked her as the line moved forward and she stood up.

“Biology and Childhood Studies,” she said with a smile, “I want to be a doctor. You?”

“Computer science,” I said with a smile.

Mia was the first Amazon besides Megan that I actually had a conversation with as an equal… well as much of an equal as you can with five feet of height difference… As we neared the buffet serving lines Mia handed me a tray and actually helped me fill a plate of food too. Nothing was little sized in the dining hall though, so a chicken sandwich and fries that I carried to a table in the corner with Amanda and our new friends was more like a whole chicken! I guesstimated the bun had to be eight inches in diameter, and with my new size…

At the table Amanda said, “Let me see if there’s a booster nearby…”

I stood next to the table patiently and Mia sat down. “That must suck?”

I laughed, “You have no idea!”

“I’m surprised Emerson admitted you?” Mia said in a kind voice. “I mean now that you have your student ID it’s a little bit more difficult to adopt you… but aren’t you worried about what will happen to you here?”

I smiled up at her as Amanda returned with the booster in her hand a few feet away. “I’m already adopted,” and nodded my head towards Amanda.

Mia’s mouth fell open as Amanda helped me into the booster and sat down across from her mom. “You’re adopted… but if that’s true…?”

Amanda smiled at her as I tried to get situated with the plate and evaluated how I was ever going to attack the monster sandwich.

“As adopted parents you’re allowed to send your child to school, right?” Janet said.

Both of us watched them for their reactions.

Mia smiled, “So you choose to send her to college instead of daycare! That’s so awesome of you!”

Mia’s mom looked at Amanda, “That really is kind of you! We’re from Gaule, and while we have littles that are babied… most of them are treated that way by choice. I was a little worried about my little girl coming over here and being exposed to almost all of the littles being babied without any freedom…”

“It’s their choice to be babied?” I asked tentatively.

Mia nodded, “It’s the law – even more so than when you all had the law here stating permission had to be granted. With our littles it has to be their choice with a court appointed officer checking to make sure it’s really what they want. After they’re adopted, they have to be treated right, or the courts can step in and grant the little their freedom again.”

I looked up at Amanda, “Can we visit there someday?”

“Maybe sweetheart, we’ll see,” she said with a thoughtful look as she helpfully cut my chicken sandwich into six smaller sections.

‘If Bella was there, she could be free…?’ I thought to myself.

I learned more about Mia during lunch, finding I really liked her, so with Amanda’s permission I traded phone numbers with her. The whole lunch was informal and absent of any speeches to drag on the meal. That meant about noon we made our departure after I promised Mia to talk soon! Amanda and I walked side-by-side to go to her car. “You need a change I’m guessing?”

I blushed, but nodded as I walked hurried to keep up with her with my smaller legs.

At the car she picked me up and felt my diaper, “Actually, I think it’ll hold until we get home?”

I nodded, “I shouldn’t need to go anymore until then.”

“Okay, let’s go check and see if your Daddy and sister are back home yet.”

“Why not just call them?” I asked from my seat as she closed her door.

“Just in case they’re busy doing stuff,” she told me. There was a nervous tremor to her voice, but I wasn’t sure which of the crazy events from the weekend were causing it! After the short drive home, she stopped in the driveway and picked me up out of my car seat. I could see a moving truck blocked our normal parking space. The truck was being unloaded by Grandpa, Fred, and a few other Amazon men I didn’t know.

“Just take this stuff to the basement,” Fred was telling the men. “All except that box, take that one up to the nursery please,” he said.

“Hi Mandy!” he said walking up to us pulling his work gloves off, “Hi Princess!”

“Hi Daddy,” I said while taking in the moving of furniture and boxes. Amongst it all I noticed a number of sewing machines and things that I thought were embroidery machines? A ton of bolts of fabric were also carried in. To my surprise they looked about right for an Amazon to use – none of it looked little sized or amateur in any way!

“You get everything from her apartment?” Amanda asked as we stepped inside the house.

“Yes, most of it is going into the basement until we see if there’s anything we can use – or should let her use ever again. I can’t believe the sewing setup she had there Mandy – I think it was better equipped than your friends’ shop!”

“Hmm…” Amanda said, “Did you separate out her personal mementos then?”

“Yeah, there’s a couple boxes that I’m having sent up to the nursery. I don’t think we should make her give up any of it… it’ll just be a matter of figuring out how to find places for it and Stacy’s stuff.”

“Maybe we should move your office downstairs and give them each their own nursery?” Amanda said as she carried me into the living room and I found myself settled down in the playpen in next to a dozing Bella.

He nodded, “It’s an option, but I also thought maybe it was time for us to look for another place to live?”

“This is so convenient though…” Amanda said as she followed him downstairs and I felt like the unwanted abandoned baby.

I sighed and watched Bella sleep for a bit while looking at a toy doll that Bella must have brought in with her. It looked old and I wondered if it was from her childhood. I sat there for a while before Bella suddenly squirmed and rubbed her eyes, “Stacy?” she asked tentatively as she sat up.

“I think I’m the only other diapered little sharing the house with you…” I told her with a smirk.

“Sorry, it’s been a rough morning. Daddy gave me a bottle when we got home and I must have been out in seconds.”

I nodded, “I’m sorry you had to deal with that,” I told her. “It seems like they brought a factory with them?”

She blushed, “I was really good at making deals online for equipment…”

“Looks like it,” I told her and crawled over to her and gave her a hug, “Sorry for everything Bella.”

She gave me a light hug back, “Probably best this way… I would have lost it all for certain if you all hadn’t sat next to me on the plane.”

“So, everything go… smoothly, at least?” I asked.

A tear went down her face, “It was so embarrassing and tough to handle…” she told me honestly. “My landlord was pretty mean about it all. The downstairs neighbors weren’t much better…”


“Why else would someone be mean to a little Stacy?”

I shrugged, “I’m sorry… the more I’m here the more I’m glad I’m not a native little.”

“I hope you never really understand Stace,” she told me.

I nodded.

“So enough about my crappy morning, how was yours?” She asked me while wiping her face of tears and snot and forcing a smile.

“Pretty good I guess?” I said, “Definitely better than yours I guess…”

“Well tell me all about it! I want to know about my big sisters’ day at college!”

I groaned, “Well we checked in this morning and I got my student ID.” I pointed where it was clipped to my dress, “Of course that meant waiting in lines… lines with Amazons for the most part. Definitely some awkward moments there, but I guess I only saw one poor little get kidnapped this morning at least.”

“Outside before they got inside?” she asked.

I nodded, “How did you know?”

“There’s always a couple who think they’re too good for diapers and have an accident out there…” She shrugged, “Of course who am I to talk?”

“You didn’t actually have an accident in your panties though,” I reminded her.

“Details like that don’t matter when you still end up in the nursery Stacey.”

I nodded, “Anyway… after that we went to Amanda’s office and I met her secretary. She seemed really nice! She has littles, but she lets them still do things as much as she can I think.”

“So, three good amazons in the world?” she said.

“More than that,” I told her, “you just don’t encounter the good ones most of the time. I also met a new friend, her name is Mia, who is also an Amazon – but she’s from another island?”

“Oh, which one? I know some are supposed to be better than here… Is she not completely baby crazy?”

“Not that I could see…”

“Well I see you two are getting along at least,” Amanda suddenly said as she scooped Bella up in one arm and me in her other.

“Of course, Mommy, she’s my sister!” I told her with smile.

“You clearly haven’t had a sister very long,” Amanda said while shaking her head. “Trust me, they’re okay sometimes, but other times…”

Bella and I laughed.

“You haven’t met my other sisters yet,” Amanda said to Bella, “Of course I don’t have to worry about you two becoming nearly as crazy. I do however have to worry about some leaking diapers, huh?” She said while looking specifically at me.

I looked down and went, “Oopsie…” with my skirt showing clear spots.

“Yes, ‘oopsie,’ at school that might mean walking around without your skirt if you’re not careful Princess.” She told me.

I turned red and put my head against her shoulder, “You were supposed to change me when we got home?”

“Oh, blame it on Mommy,” she said in mock exasperation.

“I give up…” I said as she shoved a pacifier in my mouth and laid me down on the changing table. The jumper was off in a flash and tossed in the dirty clothes hamper. My Pamper was then swapped out for another and with another jumper pulled over my head before she sat me on the ground, “There, that’s better…”

I looked at my watch to distract myself as she changed Bella, “How are you doing now Bella?” She asked quietly.

“Okay I guess…” she told her.

“I’m sorry today was so rough, but at least it’s done?” She asked as she sat her up and placed her on her hip.

Bella just nodded as she sucked on her pacifier.

Amanda gave her a strong hug and asked, “You should go through these two boxes and find a place for your stuff. Stacey’s got her end of the room with the computer desk, but why don’t you make this end of the room yours?” She stood next to the window where the wall was mostly blank, “I’ll try and find you a desk if you want too?”

Bella nodded and said, “Kay,” simply but nothing else and just seemed content to stay in Amanda’s arms.

I looked at my watch again this time noticing the time and pulled my pacifier out so I could speak clearer, “Mommy?”

“Yes Stacey?”

“We need to get me to the university again?”

I saw her look at the clock and nodded, “I can’t believe it’s already that time…” she said and squeezed Bella, “be a good girl for Daddy and we’ll be back for dinner, okay?”

She nodded as she was sat down and Amanda came over to me and picked me up. “Let’s leave your paci here?” she said as she took it from my hand.

I blushed and said, “Probably a good idea…”

Since it was already almost two-thirty by the time we got into her car she didn’t say long goodbyes to anyone as we passed. At Emerson she pulled me out of my car seat and sat me down on the ground before reaching out with her hand towards me for a second and pulling back. “Sorry, probably not a good idea for all the littles to see you holding Mommy’s hand,” she said quietly to me as she patted my back and we walked as quick as my legs could carry me towards the building that contained Destiny Hall.

At the building I could see a hundred or so littles walking through the doors into a large lecture hall. The thing that made my eyes pop open in disbelief though was everyone was grouped in tens, each hanging onto a rope with rings on it like preschoolers would use back home. An Amazon held onto the end of the rope and I could hear one saying, “Come on little chickee’s,” loudly, “let’s get to your first orientation session.”

I looked on with a fascinated horror as Amanda said, “I’ll see you after this is over Stacy.” I looked up at her and gave her leg a hug before walking to join the others walking inside.

“Where’s your nest group?” A tall Amazon woman leaned down to me as I walked inside.

I looked up at her and decided politeness was definitely key with her. Something about her struck me as a proper Chloe like woman, “I don’t believe I have one Miss,” I told her politely.

“Tisk, tisk, how did you get lost already?” she said like she was talking to a newborn. “Your dorm room number?” She asked as she grabbed her phone.

“I don’t have one,” I told her, “I’m a commuter.”

“Oh, you silly girl! You’re a little, you can’t be a commuter…” Her face began to look different and colder, “Are you lying because you already earned a demerit and a spanking from your Nest Hen?”

“Pardon me Miss, but I live with my adopted Mommy and she has it okayed through the university? Please look up my information?”

She narrowed her eyes, but took her phone and took a quick picture of me with it. “Stacy Westerfield?”

I nodded, “Yes Ma’am.”

“Well I’ll be… you were telling me the truth. This is…” she paused, “unusual…”

“Yes Ma’am, I understand it is.”

“Well then… I guess why don’t you go sit over here with Miss Madison’s group here,” she said as she led me down the lecture hall to a row with a girl who looked to have a queen bee personality.

“Miss Madison, this is Stacy. She doesn’t have a nest group per se, but she’s going to join yours whenever she needs to get around little events.”

I looked up at the well-dressed girl who could have been a teacher and instantly felt glad I had a diaper on. Something about her just didn’t scream pleasant, “Well Stacy, I’m glad to have you join our nest. Girls this is Stacy,” she said as she pushed me forward.

I saw Laura was in her group and quickly noted that all of the members of her group seemed to be girls and shorter than average – even for littles. Laura waved at me and Madison noticed, “You already have a friend in our nest?” She said in a singsong voice, “Why don’t you go sit with little Laura over there in that empty seat,” she told me with a pat on my rear.

“Yes Miss Madison,” I said nervously. As I passed, she patted my rear and seemed to ascertain I had a diaper on.

“Let me know if you need a change by the way Stacy, even though you’re not one of my chicks I’ll be happy to change you.”

“Umm… thanks,” I told her, “I’m good right now…”

I walked quickly down the row and sat in the huge oversized fold down seat next to Laura. “Hi,” she said to me quietly.

“Hi, how’s it going so far?” I asked.

“Umm… embarrassing?” She said.

I nodded, “I’m guessing the rope for the line wasn’t the worst thing yet?”

She shook her head, “Not even close… at least I already had a diaper on. That girl over there,” she pointed to a girl right next to Madison, “didn’t come in one. Let’s just say it was a little exciting getting ready to come over here.”

I noticed that the girl’s eyes were definitely red. It looked like there was a little bit of runny mascara she hadn’t cleaned off her face yet from coming over, and I felt bad for her.


“Not bad so far… I’m going to be a bit sheltered from some of it,” I whispered to her.

She nodded, “I kind of wish I was already adopted…”

“Already?” I whispered back to her.

“You know it’s inevitable…”

I looked at her and nodded, “Hopefully it’ll be someone nice at least,” I breathed sadly. She reached for my hand and said, “I’m glad I met you, I hope we stay friends this year?”

“Through college!” I told her with a smile.

“Good afternoon boys and girls!” a lady suddenly said from the front of the lecture hall. I was glad the lecture hall descended into the front, or I wouldn’t have been able to see over the seat in front of me. As it was, I found myself moving to kneel on my knees like a number of others in my row just to see the speaker. “My name is Dean Sanders, and I am in charge of you adorable little boys and girls here at Emerson University.” Her smile made me think ‘Granny, what big teeth you have…’ and I felt a shiver of fear down my spine. “If you have any problems with any of the big kids at school, or you need anything at all, I want you to think of my door as always open. Please think of me as your mother away from home…”

I really did shiver at that and noticed several other littles shift uncomfortably.

“This afternoon and evening are a bit different for you from the big kids as we need to get you all used to the procedures of this university. I want to begin by making sure you know your rights and responsibilities here as our little Griffin Chickees.”

A PowerPoint slide came up then with a stylized griffin in a diaper, and I couldn’t help but know she thought of the room as just a bunch of babies to be. I bit my tongue though as she continued and ‘Protection’ flashed on the next slide. “I want you all to know that protective undergarments such as diapers or pull-ups are strongly encouraged for littles here at Emerson, but they’re not required of any student during the daytime.”

I heard someone whimper down the row and wondered why for a second before she continued, “Please know that we consider that wearing these garments is not a sign you need to be adopted by a surrogate family, but rather that it’s a sign of your maturity of dealing with your weaknesses. A simple fact of life for littles is that pee-pee accidents will happen! While some of our bathrooms have been upgraded to have little potties, many times you may have to travel a long distance to find one you may safely use. Having protection means that if you have an accident it’s contained in a sanitary manner.”

She smiled, “We have no problems with a wet diapee or pull-up on a little student. Your fellow students, Nest Hens, Dorm Mother, or the medical facility will be happy to help you clean up into a new one if you need help. You’re always welcome to refuse help directly from a fellow student, but they will then take you to your Nest Hen, Dorm Mother, or the infirmary to make sure that you’re cleaned up properly.” She smiled, “After all, diaper rash doesn’t help you concentrate on your coursework!”

As if to add insult to everyone a little boy was shown with his pants wet in the hallway. Clearly a college student in his blazer and pants, you could see the terror in his eyes as someone made him pose for the picture. “Unfortunately, we will have a few littles amongst you who are sure they can make it every time. Should you choose to not wear protection that’s your right! If you do have an accident though – anywhere on campus – you will have progressive consequences in the form of demerits and/or spankings.”

I noticed a few littles nervously look around then and guessed they might have come without protection on. Her slide flashed to a new one with the words, ‘Ten Demerits’ in big bold words. Below the words it stated what she said, “If you have ten demerits in a year, you will be expelled from the university. Additionally, we will be legally obligated to hold you on campus until a responsible adult can take charge of you.”

I could hear a few mutters of anger around, but I kept absolutely silent like Laura next to me.

“Any questions boys and girls?” She asked in a demeaning voice. “None?” She smiled, “One other item to note is that while it’s okay for you to have a wet diaper or pull-up in class, if you should have an issue with poopy pants in class, you will receive eight demerits automatically.”

One brave little boy raised his hands, “Miss, that’s in class? If we happen to defecate a diaper outside of class?”

“Oh, sweetie you don’t have to use big words about the contents of your diapers! I know how hard it is for you all to make it to the potty!” She said in a sweet mom’s voice that made me want to vomit. “Outside of class if you have a poopy accident it’s okay and there’s no punitive consequences. We just don’t want to smell up professors’ classrooms! It’s a sanitary thing you understand?”

“Thanks for the clarification Miss,” the little said as politely as he could. I couldn’t see much of him over the tall seats, but he seemed to be on the taller side for a little. ‘Probably just put a big target on his back…’ I thought to myself.

The next slide that popped up said ‘Adoption – When Can I Be Adopted?’ with a picture of a smiling little girl with her ‘mommy’ tickling her stomach in what looked like a backyard. The thick diaper couldn’t be missed with the pink t-shirt being the only other thing she was wearing. ‘Mommy’s Princess’ her shirt read and I couldn’t help but wonder how much had been done to her.

Just then I felt the need to nervously pee and decided to just get it over with. The warm pee made me wonder a moment later though why that picture made me feel a need to go so suddenly. I noticed a lot of shuffling right then and some whimpering.

‘Great, I hope there’s not some extra hypnosis going on here with subliminal messages…’

“This is an important topic that we must discuss with your rights, boys and girls. At Emerson you are in a place where you may not be adopted unwillingly by another student, staff member, or campus visitor. So long as you are wearing your name badge and uniform around campus – or town – you are protected legally from being forcibly adopted.” Something in her tone said she regretted that law existed.

“If you are not wearing your badge and uniform outside your dorm though, you should be aware that bystanders may not know that you attend the university. You are welcome to ask for a university representative at any adoption center to verify your student status, but failure to be in compliance with the badge and uniform rule means you have no standing to contest an adoption.”

She passed over to another slide with another smiling little in his ‘mommy’s’ arms. “Should you decide that the university coursework is too much for your little brain, you are more than welcome to come to my office to speak with me. We offer comprehensive adoption counseling to help you find a loving home to place you in.”

The room was totally silent at that point as if everyone was shocked anyone would willingly dive into that. Her presentation continued along that vein throughout the rest of the meeting as rules about Nest Groups, profanity, getting around campus, information about free diapers, and other services was given out. One of the roughest things I thought was the requirement that all little freshmen in the dorms had a bedtime of 7:30pm. She added that you could not get out of bed except for emergencies until 7:00am the next day when Nest Hens would check their chicks and help them get dressed.

“What about the orientation events that are later than that?” one girl asked, “Griffins Fly is supposed to be at 7:30pm?”

The Dean laughed, “Silly girl, that’s an event for the big boys and girls! You’ll need to be in your jammies and night diapees by then. We certainly don’t want to have a cranky dorm of littles all day tomorrow!”

I noted in my head that the wording was ‘in the dorms,’ and knew that meant I could probably get out of a lot of requirements that way. I was going to have to be careful to keep that to myself though unless I wanted her to give me some demerits, or find some other way to make my life miserable.

“Well then, it’s about time for dinner. Your Nests will go back to the dorms and get ready for dinner. You’ll have a quick dorm meeting at 6:30pm before your Nest Mothers get you ready to roost in your beds for the night! Tomorrow morning there is an opening ceremony for the university that you’ll travel to with your nest group. After lunch if any of you have not taken your CARE exams yet you will need to do so at 1pm. Please let your Nest Hen know so they can get you to the appropriate testing room. Welcome to Emerson University!”

As we stood up, I heard Madison shout, “Come on chicks, grab onto the rope so we can all stay in a nice line to the dorms.”

I stood unsure what to do and Madison said, “You too Stacy.”

“I think my mommy is supposed to meet me outside…?”

“Well just grab on, and if we see her, I’m sure she’ll come get you from me.”

I wanted to send a quick text message but as soon as I reached for my backpack for my phone, she chided me and said, “Here you go baby, just grab right on to this purple ring next to your BFF.”

I turned red as I looked at Laura but grabbed on and followed them outside of the hall. From the row next to me I noted that another Nest Mother was scolding a little boy with wet pants, “That’ll be two demerits Grayson,” she said. “You know the rules now…”

I shuddered and followed our rope line out the lecture hall feeling like I was truly in preschool. True to her word though Amanda was standing right outside and waved at me before coming up to Madison. “Hi, I’m here to pick up Stacy,” she told her with a smile.

“I’m sorry, but parents aren’t allowed to take their students to dinner today.”

Amanda frowned at that, “Since when?”

“It’s a university regulation for littles…”

“Where is that in the handbook?” Amanda asked with a smile, “As a professor I should know this one if it’s the case…?”

Madison looked flushed then and I realized she was blushing. Dean Sanders came up to us the and said, “Oh Professor Westerfield! I didn’t expect to see you around orientation events for littles?”

Amanda took her hand and laughed, “Normally no, but my little girl over there is starting out here and I needed to pick her up for dinner.”

“Oh but of course, I’d almost forgotten about your unusual daughter! Miss Madison what’s the issue here?” She asked the girl.

“Littles are supposed to have dinner on campus tonight with us!” she said with a bit of hiss to her voice.

“Normally you are correct Madison, but Stacy here isn’t a resident. She lives with her mommy who’s one of our most distinguished professors. I know that she’ll take great care in making sure Stacy is fed and back for her nest meeting tonight at 6:30pm in the dorm?”

“Of course, Jackie I will make sure she’s back. Is it going to be a long meeting? I know the littles on campus have a very early bedtime?”

“Thirty minutes should be it,” the dean said. “Madison will make sure that she has your daughter out of there by seven so you can get her home and tucked in her crib for the night.”

“Great!” Amanda said and held her hand out to me to grab on.

It was only then that I let go of the rope and looked at the other littles looking at me jealously. Even Laura was envious, but I just smiled and said, “See you later!”

“Oh, what room is your nest?” Amanda asked Madison as we had started to walk away.

“Wenig, room two-ten,” Madison said obviously not happy.

“Thanks! Have a good dinner!” She told her and the other girls.

I held onto Amanda’s hand for the lifeline it was back to the car. As she lifted me into my car seat, she felt my diaper and said, “Need a change, huh?”

“Back home please?” I asked nervously.

She kissed my forehead and said, “Sure sweetie.”

The drive home was of course again short and she wasted no time carrying me upstairs to the nursery and changing me into a dry Pamper. “So how was the meeting?” Amanda asked me as she carried me back downstairs.

I thought for a moment, “Enlightening and scary…”

“Scary?” She asked.

“Dean Sanders has to be one of the scariest Amazons I’ve met…”

“I thought maybe you would think that about Miss Madison there…” she told me with a squeeze.

“She’s not exactly the friendly fun-loving RA,” I admitted, “but Dean Sanders basically laid out everything to us about accidents and adoption. When she showed one of the slides I went pee almost as soon as I looked at it... I had no real warning like I’ve been having. A lot of the other littles I think went too… I’m thinking she inserted some sort of subliminal message in the slide?”

“It’s possible,” Amanda told me as she reached the bottom step and carried me to my highchair to join Fred and Bella who were already sitting down. “With as common as it is in TV and movies right now, I could see them easily doing that.”

“Doing what?” Bella asked.

“Subliminal messages,” I told her with a grimace. I looked and saw she was already bibbed and ready to eat with a baby bottle of apple juice on her tray.

All the time…” she griped.



End Chapter 1

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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