Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 12

“MOST OF THE time we give everyone a year to shake out if they’re going to be stupid and get adopted, or if they actually have a chance to survive until graduation.”

“And me?”

“You’re already adopted and safer than any of us will ever be…” she paused, “And, I liked how gutsy you were when I met you.” She smiled, “Not to mention you have really cute nails!”

“Thanks, my ‘auntie’ did them for me earlier.”

I continued circulating around the room after that and learned that the girls didn’t have a house to stay in obviously since they were littles, but that they were allowed to live on the same dorm floor next to each other. Somehow, they also seemed to have managed to avoid having too invasive of RAs babying them. One of the officers, Lisa, sat down with me and asked me some questions.

“How did you do on your tests this week?”

“Pretty good,” I told her.


I looked at her and got the feeling I was being evaluated as a piece of meat at a cattle show. It had been pretty apparent so far that I was being recruited by Sarah to become a member, but not everyone else seemed sure that the idea of an adopted little being around was a good idea. “Which test?”

“Math placement?”

“One-ninety,” I answered her.

“Bull shit!” She said.

I laughed, “Really, I’m good at math.”

“No kidding, you’re telling me the truth?” She still looked dubious about my statement.

I dug into my bag and pulled out the paper copy I had been given. My computer science placement test and CARE exams were right there too and she just shook her head, “Are you a robot from the future or something?”

I giggled, “No, just a plain old little girl.”

“So, what’s with your adoption? She… your… big is a professor, right?”

I nodded, “And my adopted daddy is a doctor.”

“And you’re okay with being adopted?”

“It beats being taken off the streets? Or forcibly put into the daycare and orphanage here?”

She nodded, “Yeah… so what happens if you end up demeriting out?”

I shrugged, “I don’t honestly know, or plan to find out. Hopefully I would just be told I had to go back to daycare, but I suppose they could use that as a reason for LPS to take me away. I haven’t really considered it that much though.”

“And how much… Umm…”

“How much have I been babied?”

She grimaced but her head went up and down.

“Basically, everything they would do with a baby my size I’ve done, leave it at that?”

“Including breastfeeding?” She asked with a hiss.



I pouted unintentionally, “No… Mo… Amanda doesn’t want me to have a poopy accident in class.”

“Keep it that way! That milk is highly addictive and you won’t have any control over your body in a month.”

“I kind of liked that with my urine,” I told her.


“You may have noticed I’m even smaller than you. Potties my size don’t exist commercially.”

“Or at all…” she agreed.

“Well… I made one actually…”

I ended up telling her the story of the incident from last week and she laughed with me. Soon several other girls gather around, and I alternated laughing and cringing as I heard stories from their own misadventures with Amazons. Some were from before college, and others happened at the university. Every single one of them had been diapered and endured some other babying at some point before they joined the sorority. From talking to them it seemed like life got better for them after they joined… “So, what do you all actually do as a group?” I asked finally noting that it was getting close to time for dinner.

“Mainly we hang out and help each other out academically. If we need to go shopping for something, we go in a large group of so that we can cover for each other. Generally, we all work together to get good grades and escape Emerson without ending up in the nursery,” Jess said. “Though in your case I don’t know what the goal would be…”

“Graduating and helping you all out?” I said.

“How can you help us? You’re already in diapers and a nursery?” Jess asked.

I smirked, “I’m pretty good with computers… let’s just say I would make a good ally?”

“How good?” she asked.

“I tested out of a lot of classes?”

“You’d need to, that department is the worst at letting littles pass…” Sarah said.

“Huh?” I responded.

“Doctor Wernstrom seems to be single handedly responsible for a dozen or more littles being kicked out each year. As far as I know actually, I don’t think a single little has made it through one of his classes…”

 “He was an ass,” I agreed, “I’m glad I tested out of all of his classes.”

All of them?” Jess said. “There’s like four or five of them?!?”

I smiled, “I could be of value?” I then asked, “So how many of your members actually graduate?”

“Most of the time we get ninety-five percent of our members to graduation,” Sarah said matter-of-factly. “Last year everyone graduated that had joined from the pledge class.”

“Cool,” I said.

A tall Amazonian man with graying hair came in just then, “Time to wrap it up girls,” he said in a kind voice. “Don’t want to miss your official dinner and have your RA screaming at us.”

With that everyone broke up and I walked out to see Amanda waiting outside. She waited patiently by a pillar a little way away and I turned to say goodbye to Lisa who had followed me out. “Thanks for having me,” I told her.

“Thanks for coming Stacy… I think we’ll be in touch about some other events coming up if you’re interested?”

I smiled, “If you all can help me be sure to graduate, then I’m definitely interested!”

She smiled, “Is that your Amazon?”

“Yes, that’s Amanda.”

“I assume you call her Mommy?” She asked nervously.

“Well it helps with blending in…”

“I guess…” she said unconvinced, “Well we’ll see you around,” she said and gave me a quick friendly hug, “It was nice meeting you!”

I walked over to Amanda who asked, “Did you have fun?” as we walked away.

“I did actually,” I told her.

After we had exited the building, she couldn’t help herself and picked me up to place me on her hip. “Ready for dinner?”

“What are we having?”

“Your baby sister suggested Chinese food?”

I shrugged, “That works for me.”

“What do you want?”

“Sweet and spicy chicken?” I paused for a second, “Extra spicy?”

“Are you sure about having spicy?”

I nodded, “I like spicy food.”

“You haven’t had anything we consider spicy yet?”

I shrugged, “you have milk in the fridge if I get in over my head…”

She laughed, “well I guess you’re right we do have that.

She hugged me tight and carried me the rest of the way to the car, felt my diaper under my dress, and laid me down without warning in the back of her SUV and changed my diaper. As my rear end was hanging in the air, an Amazon girl I had seen at the math placement test gaped at me and waved. I turned bright red and stayed that way as Amanda buckled me into my car seat.

She kissed me on the forehead, “Sorry, but it’s going to happen…” she lightly grabbed my hand then and said, “Megan always was good at nails, I’m guessing she did these for you?”

“Yes, she did,” I told her still flushed red.

“They look cute, remember to keep your thumb out of your mouth though with that polish on. I’m guessing it’s not the safe kind for babies that still suck on their thumbs.”

I turned red and sighed. I sat quietly as the car ran and she texted my request to Fred to order our dinner, and then I killed some time with the game on my watch as she drove us home. I’d walked a lot that day and had a fair amount of coins to spend on my virtual pet. “So how did this afternoon’s session go?” she asked as she stopped at a red light.

“We learned all about how we could choose to go into an adoption of our choice instead of being sent through an etiquette center…” I told her. “Oh, and five minutes on job placement services available if we manage to beat the odds…”

“I had a feeling it would be something like that when I found out who ran it. She once offered me the ‘pick of the litter’ if I would help her out on a project.”

“What did you do?”

“I politely declined saying I appreciated the offer but had too many things on my plate right then…”

The rest of the drive home she asked about the sorority event and even what I had done with Megan. “I like them, may I join them if they ask?”

“You wouldn’t be able to live in the dorms with them…?”

“I know, but I can still go to events and meetings maybe?”

“We’ll have to see… if they do in fact give you a bid, we’ll talk then.”

She pulled into the driveway at the house just then and carried me inside with my backpack. “It’ll be a little bit until the food gets here, why don’t you go upstairs until then?”

“Thanks,” I told her and started my slow and methodical climb up the stairs with my backpack on. I could almost pretend to be climbing a mountain or something with a pack and it felt like an accomplishment every time I made it up the ten steps. I walked down to our nursery and found Bella engrossed in playing with a tablet.

“Hey,” she said, “how was the rest of today?”

“Well the afternoon session was awful, but I liked the sorority sisters that I got to hang out with. Megan is cool as always too, and she painted my nails,” I showed her.

“Those are cute… I’m amazed that she could paint that small!”

I stuck my tongue out at her and she giggled in response. She went back to her game and I sat down at my desk and logged into my laptop. I surreptitiously made sure to look around and saw she was well engrossed in her game and began working on a few projects I needed to do.

The first was hacking into the video baby monitor in the room and the security cameras outside. It took me a few minutes but I setup a routine that would let me get some alerts if someone was in either area. In this case it also let me discreetly warn myself if someone was coming to check on me! I checked every now and then that Bella was occupied and engrossed in her playing. Amanda was downstairs still as far as I could tell waiting for the deliveryman with our dinner, while Fred seemed to be in his office working on something. Other than coming to close the gate that should have been closed before, neither seemed to want to intrude while we waited for the food.

‘Can I access the nanites still…’ was a burning question to me. I quickly found myself accessing my copy of the coding that had been used. Just as I was about to figure out how to access a connection to them, I heard the gate open and quickly shortcut keyed myself to a safe screen and hid what I had been working on.

Amanda unlocked the gate, “Ready for dinner you two?” She asked before sniffing. “Uh-oh, Bella, did you make a stinky?”

I turned and looked at the reddening Bella who I hadn’t even noticed that she’d pooped her diaper. “Yes Mommy,” she said timidly.

“Well let’s get you changed really quick, Stacy, how’s your diaper?”

I felt underneath my skirt and confirmed what I thought, “I’m dry, can I go downstairs?”

“Sure, we’ll be down in a moment,” she told me. I pressed another quick shortcut key as she turned towards the changing table with the red Bella and walked down the hallway and hopped my way down the stairs. Fred walked up to me when I reached the bottom and picked me up to deposit me into the highchair.

“Mommy said you wanted the sweet and spicy chicken?” He asked a little surprised.

“Why is that so surprising?” I asked

“Littles like sweet usually, but spicy is usually something they can’t tolerate?” He paused, “I think I remember a study once done on littles showed that their tastebuds were more in-line with our young toddlers… I know much of the time they’re biased, but sometimes there’s a grain of truth in them?”

“I loved spicy food back home…” I told him with a shrug, “Like I told Mommy, if I can have a cup of milk, I’ll be able to deal with it even if it is spicy?”

“It’s your tongue, don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he said with a smile before putting a sippy cup of milk on my tray. That was joined a second later with a small plate of chicken and rice. I could see some large peppers mixed in and noted that they were much bigger than I was used to. A pair of chopsticks was handed to me and I began eating. I had just finished a couple pieces of chicken as Amanda walked downstairs.

The spice was not nearly as bad as I was afraid it would be with their warnings. Really it was only one step above mild in my mind, and I wondered if it was due to the fact smaller the chile pods were, the spicier they were back home. These were as big as poblanos… “How can you eat that?” Bella said as Amanda slid her tray in place.


“It’s spicy… Look at those peppers, I’d be crying by now,” Bella told me.

I shook my head, “It’s not spicy at all to me…”

Amanda curiously took a piece of the chicken out of the container and tasted it. I watched while her face lit up, “You call that not spicy?!?” She quickly guzzled some water.

Fred looked inquisitively and took his own taste and seemed to agree it was pretty hot. For my part I looked at a piece of the large chile pepper and decided to go for it. Amanda said, “Noooo…” as I crunched happily down on it.

My mouth lit up in a wonderful sensation that let me know I was alive and I smiled, “You really have to get out more if you think this is spicy…”

I shook my head and kept eating while they stared at me in shock and began eating their own meals. I was full and a little bit remained in a takeout box. Bella asked, “Can… can I try it?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea sweetie…” Amanda said.

“I think you’ll cry a lot…” Fred added. “Stacy seems to have some odd taste buds…”

She looked at me and I shrugged, “I’ve always been the wrong person to ask. If they think it’s spicy then it probably is to them and you?”

“Please?” She asked.

“It’s your funeral…” Amanda said with a shake of her head and put a tiny piece of chicken on the tray in front of her.

Bella looked at it before tentatively popping a small amount in her mouth and instantly turned red with tears pouring down her face. “Hot!!!!!” she cried…

“Mommy give her my milk,” I told Amanda who looked panicked. She did as I told her to do and Bella guzzled it for several long moments before the crying became a whimper.

“Better?” Amanda asked as she now cuddled her in her lap.

“Sort of… You’re crazy…” Bella said to me.

“We could have some fun with this though…” Fred said looking at me mischievously.

“Conning people into betting what I can eat?” I smiled widely at him. Just then I felt the need to pee and let it out in my diaper.

“Something like that…”

“You two…” Amanda said disgruntled while she cuddled Bella.

“So, what are you doing tomorrow?” Fred asked us, “There’s nothing on the orientation schedule, right?”

I shook my head, “We’re done until Monday when classes start, I think…”

“Dad called earlier and he wants me to bring Stacy by in the morning to his studio and spend the day with her until his afternoon classes start.”

I looked at her, “I’m glad we can finally work out a time…”

“Well it’s going to be more often starting next week, but he thinks it’s a good idea to go ahead and evaluate you. He wants me to drop you off at nine…”

“Cool,” I said.

The rest of the weekend was roughly planned out over the next twenty minutes that we finished dinner. Sunday we would be going to her parents’ house for dinner again. After she dropped me off tomorrow, she planned on going grocery shopping with Bella and Fred for things like diapers and food the next week.

“Did you find a place for Bella to go?” I asked while looking at Bella.

“The hospital daycare didn’t seem to be too bad?” Bella answered me.

“You think you’ll be safe there?”

She shrugged, “definitely better than the university daycare. Most of the ‘babies’ there were actual babies. There were only two other littles there and they said other than the normal baby treatment, it’s not bad. Daddy can come check on me through the day too?”

I nodded, “I can’t imagine that there are many better places than that then…”

“I’m going to keep looking though,” Amanda said to both of us. “A friend mentioned there is a new daycare near the university that is supposed to just be for littles.”

“That sounds like an etiquette school?” I asked worriedly.

“It might be… so I’m going to keep researching it before we even go visit it,” she added.

I sat there for another minute before I wanted to get down and back to my project, “May I get down and get back onto my computer?”

She smiled and said, “I guess, why don’t you go ahead and e-mail your parents while you’re at it?”

I grimaced, “You’re right, I’d better…”

She wiped my hands and then Bella’s hands with baby wipes as she removed the highchair trays. Those out of the way she picked me up, putting me on one hip, before placing Bella on the other. Once upstairs in the nursery she sat Bella down on the floor and felt my diaper, “Hmm… someone needs changed, huh?”

She tickled my side before setting me down on the changing table. “We should probably get in the habit of you changing into play clothes when you get home from school Stacy.”

I nodded, “Okay…”

I was given a diaper change into a new Pamper and dressed in a one-piece romper fit for a newborn. I just sighed though and let her dress me before she sat me down on the ground. “Remember, email your mom,” she reminded me.

I nodded and unplugged my computer to use it on battery and jumped onto my bed where I could have the wall to my back and my screen in front of me. I knew that Mom had probably emailed Amanda asking for an update, therefor prompting her reminder… so I emailed her first and filled her in on some of the events from the past few days. I didn’t want to worry her though so I kept the break-in and some of the discouraging information from today out of the email. Mostly I let her know about my course schedule, and that I was alive. It was a shorter email than some I had sent, but I still included my safe codes and knew she would be okay with it.

After that I went back to my current project to see if I could connect to the nanites inside my body. Amazingly it seemed they were still able to respond to a signal if you could generate the right frequencies. My computer couldn’t do so by default, so I began looking to see if it was a coding or a hardware solution I would need to break. Bella was coloring something quietly while I worked, but I lost track of her as I continued digging for a software solution that would be easier to deal with. Her sudden weight on my bed was a shock and I quickly engaged a hide shortcut.

“Whatcha doing?” she asked me.

“Playing around with some of the coding software from this dimension,” I told her honestly.

“I’m bored…” she told me.

I sighed, “Sorry… I know how I felt the first couple days when I was getting full on babied, but at least I’m getting some mature time… You’re just stuck…”

She nodded, “I knew it was inevitable… it could have been a lot worse actually…”

“But it still sucks,” I said while mentally wondering if the filter I had installed on the monitor really would filter my usage of that word out… ‘I know there’s no way I can get rid of that word from my vocabulary!’ I had thought at the time.

“Yeah… Play with me?” she asked.


“You were a boy growing up, right?”

I nodded.

“So, you have no idea how to play with dolls…? Right…?”

“What’s with you and dolls?” I asked, “I thought girls grew out of them?”

“Doesn’t mean we wanted to… I know of several of my friends that played with them still even when they were grown up… I had a collection of them hidden in my apartment even…”

“Huh…” I said. I thought for a second and closed the lid of my computer, “I guess…”

For the next hour or so we dug out a couple dolls from the toy chest and pretended we were the amazons and they were the littles… Actually, I had a lot of fun with it before Amanda came into our room and said, “Bella it’s bath time and bedtime sweetie…”

“What about Stacy?” she asked.

“Stacy is a big college girl; she stays up later.”

I thought for a second, “I could go ahead and take a bath with her though?”

Amanda looked at me in surprise, “You sure?”

I scooted over on my wet diaper closer to her and hugged her, “she’s fun.”

She shrugged and said, “Okay then, let’s go down to the bath tub. Just remember she’s given shallower bath water,” she reminded me.

I sighed, “We have got to teach her how to swim…”

The water was embarrassingly low to me! Because I was at least shorter than Bella my belly button was covered, but the water barely covered her groin. I took care not to stare, but her chest was a lot more developed more than mine was. She caught me looking and said, “It’s okay to be curious…”

I sighed, “What’s it like to have them?”

She shrugged, “embarrassing when all of the big girls grow theirs sooner, and they get a lot larger than yours. I was the smallest of my little friends with even less to write home about than them. At least it doesn’t seem as necessary to remove them if they’re smaller… I had one friend that I didn’t recognize when I saw her in just her diaper outside my old apartment building.”

“They removed her breasts?” Amanda asked cautiously.

“Those, her teeth, hair, and I think the surgery for cutting the tendons so she couldn’t walk anymore…”

“I just don’t get it…” I said aloud.

“No, it really doesn’t make any sense,” Amanda agreed.

Bath time was pretty short and Bella was dressed first into a diaper, and a sleep sack before Amanda sat her on the floor, and put me on the changing table. A thick princess diaper and a footed sleeper were zipped onto me. “Here, why don’t you take your computer down to my office and you can work there?” She suggested.

I nodded and grabbed it from where I had plugged it in while playing with Bella. I also grabbed my tablet from my bag and toddled with the thick diaper on down to her office. She followed me to put me into the highchair. Before she did so I asked, “Mommy, can you move the highchair over there?”


“I like having a wall against my back?” I hesitated, “Especially with the break-in and everything?”

She looked skeptical, but moved it over to the spot I’d pointed to anyway before setting me down, buckling me into the harness, putting the tray down, and setting the computer on the tray. “I’ll be back with a baba in a sec,” she said.

I decided since she was coming back that I wanted to look into that place that little had been sent to earlier. It had been said so viciously that ‘Tippy Toes’ burned in my head as the name. I quickly covered my electronic trail with several routings of my IP address and VPNs before searching it. The website it brought up instantly made my skin crawl.

Have a troublesome little that’s just not adjusting to your great home environment? Our three-week program will have your little bundle of joy behaving like a good baby in no time! We offer customization packages to change gender, dental remediation, mobility adjustments, and cosmetic packages that can be made permanent or temporary…’

I was just reading the next level of horror when Amanda came in with the bottle and peeked at the screen. “Looking for somewhere to go if you drop out?” She asked curiously.

I shook my head, “This is where she demanded the little be sent to this afternoon…”

“I’ve heard it’s one of the ‘best’ she said as she made quotations with her fingers.”

“Worst more like it…”

She nodded, “I’m going to go feed your sister, I’ll be back to check on you then. Make sure you drink that baba before I get back!”

“Yes Mommy,” I told her and quickly got to work the moment she was gone.

A quick scan made me sure my screen was out of view, and I began going at the changes that I needed to do to reach the frequency of the nanite remote software. I ended up piggybacking onto the tablet’s wireless transmitter, which it turns out could generate the frequencies I needed. It was finicky, but finally within about twenty minutes had a connection established!

‘Whoa… I have access to all of the original settings and then some…’ I thought. ‘First things first… if I can access them so can anyone else…’ I began securing the connection and locking editing out with anything but my 256-digit access key. I used a special reminder system to keep track of what essentially ended up being a small paragraph of text, numbers, and characters to gain access. Certain it was now secure; I began digging into the original software and found the code that had caused the baby fat on my face to appear. I looked at it for a while before programming an adjustment plan to make it disappear, and get my face mostly back to normal over the course of six-months. Faster than that and I was worried it would be obvious what was happening.

I had just begun researching again into the reasons Amanda’s milk might cause incontinence when she came back in and I cleared what I was doing back to looking up textbooks for my new classes. “Mommy we need to buy some different textbooks for me, right?”

“I almost forgot about that…” she said, “Hand me your tablet,” she said.

Twenty minutes later she declared herself done and said, “Okay, bedtime Princess…”

I sighed, “I’m really not tired…”

“I know you’re not, but I am…” she said and hesitated… “Plus I thought since you don’t have classes until Monday… thought well… we could maybe give nursing another chance?”

I looked at her both dumbfounded and wrought with an aching desire for the comfort of nursing from her and the addictive liquid, unsure of how I should respond…



End Chapter 12

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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Jackie · Nov 1, 2021

Another incredible chapter, this story is fantastic and I can’t wait for more.

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