Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021

Chapter 7
Added Up

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I NERVOUSLY LOOKED up in the dark at the opening door and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was just Fred! He knelt down and wrapped us all in a hug.

“It’s okay girls,” he said while wiping off tears from my face that I didn’t know I had, “the police are here. They’re looking around downstairs and want to speak with us.”

“Okay,” Amanda said, her voice a little shaky, “you want to take Stacy? I’m going to need to change Bella before we go downstairs.”

Bella was hiccoughing non-stop, and I wondered if there was any point into bringing her down at all. Fred took me and gave me a tight squeeze, “It’s okay,” he told me as he and Amanda split up at the staircase. Downstairs I could see that someone had smashed through the glass of the back door. It seemed clear to me that they had shattered the glass, tried to get in, and then were being frightened off by the alarm sounding.

“I thought the backyard was supposed to be covered now…?” I whispered to him.

He squeezed me tight, “It’s supposed to be! That is a good question we need to answer,” he told me. “I’m not sure how they got around that grid.”

Several cops were walking around with flashlights looking everywhere. “Sir, you have a pretty sophisticated system here, do you have cameras hooked up by chance?” A young officer asked.

Fred sat me down in the playpen and grabbed for his phone. ‘Gee thanks…’ I thought as I was penned away like some dumb baby then. Knowing there wasn’t anything else I could do I sat down with a sigh and rubbed my eyes. “Here you go officer,” he said as he played a video with sound that I could hear glass break on, then the alarm went off.

“They’re all wearing masks…” the officer frowned. “And gloves it looks like too…”

“I doubt we find much right now rookie,” an older officer said. “Go look around the other side of the fence. Maybe someone dropped something before they hopped over.”

“Yes sir,” he said and walked away.

Amanda came down about then with Bella swaddled tightly in a light blanket. She cuddled her in her arms like a small infant more my size. She’d thrown a robe on too before coming down. “Sir, I noticed as we looked at your address that there was an incident this afternoon with your wife and daughter?”

Fred nodded, “Amanda was with Stacy at the university and someone shoved her down and tried to grab Stacy and run with her.”

“The school gave us a sketch,” he said while opening up the tablet he had for notes, “was this her?”

“Yes, that’s the drawing my daughter gave.”

“Well it looks like she’s been identified but not picked up yet…” he said and walked over to me, “Is this her?” He leaned over the rail of the playpen and showed me a picture of the same woman that Amanda had identified earlier.

“Yes sir,” I said, “who is she?” I asked to pretend I didn’t know yet.

“Her name is Serena Ricci, and she’s a bad lady,” he told me like I was an idiot.

“I got that part when she tried to kidnap me and scramble my brains officer.” I glared at him.

Fred reached back over and picked me up from the playpen. I think he did so to keep me from jumping over the rail and decking the cop!

“Sorry, I guess you would have, huh?”

“Excuse me?” A woman detective asked towards Fred mainly, “Did you just have one security system or two?”

“It’s actually three,” Amanda told her.

“Three systems?” she asked in surprise, “Why?”

“Just a hunch,” Fred told them. “When we adopted our baby girl over here this weekend, we seem to have gotten a group angry at us.”

A knocking on the front door interrupted anything else they would have said. “Excuse me,” Fred said and I sat in his arms as he peeked through the peephole for a second and then opened up the door.

“Hi Joe,” he told Grandpa who had shown up.

“What the hell happened?” He asked.

I watched the lead detective gulp before he reached his hand out and said, “Hey Joe, how are you doing?”

“Pretty good Jake, except this crap happening to my daughter!” He looked at the back door and then at us, “Is everyone okay?”

“Yes Daddy,” Amanda told him as he gave her and Bella a hug.

He gave me a friendly wave before saying, “Your video cameras get anything?”

“Not anything usable…” Amanda said.

“I’m going to go back and look at the backyard myself. How did they get past that system?”

“I think the detective here was about to tell us that Joe,” Fred said.

He looked at the detective who had been asking questions and she seemed to gulp nervously before saying, “It looks like they managed to splice the power line and feed over on the system that was on the exterior. I think they believed they’d knocked down the whole system, but Ma’am you said you had two other systems?”

“Yes, redundancies just in case…” Amanda looked nervous, “I never would have dreamed they’d be needed though. That first layer is not your average system…”

“Let me go take a look at it,” Joe said and I watched as he left the room.

“Joe’s your dad?” The older detective asked Amanda.

“Yes sir, he is, how do you know him?”

“He’s helped us out a number of times over the years. I also sparred with him during a training seminar he did one time when I was younger and dumber… Didn’t make that mistake again!”

Amanda laughed, “He’s pretty intense.”

Another thirty minutes of questions being asked, and re-asked, occurred before Joe signed a copy of the initial police report. They left at about 3am with not much more than a promise of extra patrols. In the end it was just a relief to get them out of the house! Fred and Amanda still held us. I was wide awake, but Bella had long since succumbed to her stress and went to sleep in Amanda’s arms. Joe came in it didn’t help calm me down when he said, “Mandy, I don’t know how we’re going to stop these guys… they’re not amateurs.”

“What did you find Dad?” she asked.

“Why don’t you put the girls back to bed first and then come to look with me?”

“Can I come?” I asked.

He looked at me oddly but nodded, “She might see something else we don’t.”

Amanda whispered to Fred, “Here, can you put Bella back in her crib and I’ll take Stacy?”

“Sure,” he said and they performed a baby swap maneuver that was more than a little awkward for me, but Bella never stirred. “I’ll stay upstairs with her until you get done.”

“Thanks honey, I’m guessing she’ll be upset when she wakes up again.”

Amanda stood and watched him go upstairs for a moment before readjusting me on her hip and saying, “What did you find?”

“Over here,” he said as he led out the broken glass door. At the edge of the closes fence post to the house you could see they’d pulled a board away and accessed a cable running along it for one set of motion sensors. Some alligator clips were visibly still hanging onto the line. “I think this was their first point of entry,” he said.

“Makes sense…” she said as she examined it, “Not bad actually… but that only got that side of the yard down…”

“They hit the system control panel over here next,” he told her.

A gray box concealed some of the guts of the new system. As she came up to it, I could see a little black cube hooked into it with some leads of some sort sticking out.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I don’t actually know Stacy… You recognize it Dad?”

He nodded, “It’s military grade equipment – we give them to our special ops people for when they run into systems like this.”

“Shit…” Amanda said. “How can they be this pissed off about one little?”

“There’s got to be something more going on here that you don’t know,” Joe said.

“Is this booby trapped?” She asked him as she pointed to the device.

“They didn’t used to be,” he told her. “Be careful…” he warned.

Amanda sat me down on the ground and used her fingers to pull the little device loose. When nothing happened except the alarm starting to beep, we all breathed a sigh of relief.

“Come on, let’s get you both back inside. Do you want to come over to our house tonight to sleep?”

“Daddy I have two babies…”

“We still have a crib upstairs in the nursery they could use?”

Amanda shook her head, “It’s not like we have a long time to sleep now anyway. I’m going to put this one back in her bed at least so she can at least try to get some sleep before her math exam.”

I groaned, “Why couldn’t they have picked another night to do this stuff?”

“Well Stacy, as soon as I figure out who’s behind this there’s going to be some hell to pay from me. No one messes with my family and gets away with it!”

“Thanks Daddy,” Amanda said at the bottom of the stairs. “I’ll send Fred down so he can help you figure out the door in a moment.”

“Sounds good,” he said.

“Come on Princess,” she told me and carried me up the stairs. She walked down the hallway to her workshop first though and put the cube in a box that she had.

“What’s that?” I asked her sleepily.

“Souped up Faraday cage,” she told me. “Just in case it’s more than it obviously is. It’s also thick enough that if it’s an explosive the box should contain it…”

“That’s a pleasant thought…” I said as she carried me into the nursery. Fred was watching over a sleeping Bella from the rocking chair as we came in.

Amanda felt my diaper, decided it needed changed, and walked over to the changing table to quickly change me into another of the princess diapers. “Try and get some sleep if you can,” she whispered as she tucked me in my new toddler bed. Not having the rails actually made me more nervous about everything then.

“Mommy?” I asked.

“Yes sweetie?”


She smiled and found one that she placed in my mouth before kissing me on the forehead and said, “Good night, we’ll keep you safe – I promise!”

“Lub you,” I told her around the pacifier and watched as she and walked away.

“Love you too baby,” she told me.

I tossed and turned for a long while then. Between Bella’s occasional whimpers, other sounds in the house, and everything it took me a long while to fall asleep in my new bed. The last time I looked at the clock it said 5:30am.


MORNING CAME WAY too early as Amanda had to tickle me to wake up. “Shh…” she said though and I could tell that Bella was probably still asleep.

I sighed and asked, “What time is it?” as she carried me from the nursery.

“Eight-thirty,” she said, “I figure you need to get some breakfast and coffee in you before you go for your test.”

“Lots of coffee…”

Fred must have heard me say that as she rounded the last step with me. He said, “Believe me, when we finish this pot, I’ll be brewing another! Glad I didn’t have any procedures scheduled for today.”

He helped Amanda lift the tray out of the way on my high chair before she had me quickly buckled in, and sat a cup of coffee on my tray. I wasted no time guzzling half of it down in the hopes of waking up. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and tried to focus on the room around me.

“Now that’s a proper little,” Grandpa Joe said as he walked over from the living room. I hadn’t noticed him.


“Coffee drinker!” He laughed, “Good for your momma for letting you have it too!”

I blushed, “More like addict…” I admitted.

He went and poured another cup for himself too. By the time Amanda brought over a plate of eggs, bacon, and pancakes I had already finished the first cup. “This is the only time I’m not going to give you a hard time on drinking too much coffee… just be warned you will probably have a really soaked diaper,” she warned.

I nodded, “As long as it’s not the one Madison put me in…”

Amanda snorted out some of her coffee with that comment, “I do have those two spares if you really want them? You could probably last a full twenty-four hours in one!”

I glared at her and took another long drink of coffee before working on the eggs.

Half an hour or so later I felt the need to use my potty. “May I get down and use my potty?” I asked Amanda. I turned red as I asked, and even redder as Grandpa Joe half-watched while I grunted a large log into the potty. As soon as I was done, and wiped clean, Amanda carried me upstairs to get changed. “Do you want a princess diaper to be sure you can get through the test?”

“I can barely walk when they’re wet…”

“Better than having to change your uniform or being told to go without your uniform because you’re not mature enough for it?”

I sighed and consented in the end, “You’ll be around when I’m done to change me, right? I can’t pull those tapes off…”

“I should be, and if I’m not I’ll get Megan to swing by.”

“Kay,” I told her and raised my bottom to let her put the offensive pink garment on me. She handed my skirt and blouse before helping with my shoes and my hair.

When she was done, she gave me a hug and sat me on the ground, “I need to get your sister up. As soon as I’m done getting her ready, we’ll get going.”

I just nodded and walked to my desk chair.

As soon as she gently woke Bella up the poor girl began to sob hysterically. I sighed and opened my backpack up to see if it had enough spare diapers in it. Amanda must have restocked it at some point because six new pampers were stashed at the bottom of the bag. ‘I’m going to throw in two more to be safe…’ I thought. I also checked on wipes and was glad to see there were a lot left in the little pouch still.

“It’s okay Bella, we’re not going to let anything happen to you,” Amanda told her as she changed her diaper and outfit.

She was crying, “But… it’s all my fault – and I don’t even understand why they want me this bad! You should just call them and give me away…”

“No chance silly girl,” Amanda said, “You are part of our family now, and I’m not about to let any two-bit crooks get you or Stacy!”

She continued crying and I watched Amanda’s face cloud for a second before she moved her blouse out of the way and offered Bella a breast that she latched onto with some encouragement. I looked away so I wouldn’t be as jealous, “I’m going downstairs Mommy… we need to go in not too long.” I reminded her.

“Let me just try and get Bella sorted here and we’ll go,” she told me.

The princess diapers had at one point seemed like the thickest things I could possibly wear, but after last night’s diaper they felt thinner than the really thin diaper that I’d tried the first day! I had a bit of a waddle going downstairs, but it wasn’t too bad compared to the pillow. Downstairs Fred looked up from his paper and said, “Your mommy almost down?”

I shook my head, “Bella was having a panic attack or something when she woke up, so she’s trying to get her calmed down.”

I looked at my watch anxiously every couple of minutes. It was almost 9:30 when Amanda finally walked downstairs with Bella on her side, along with the bigger diaper bag. “You have your backpack Stacy?”

I nodded and held it up, “Let’s go then.”

“Dumb question but you have a stylus, right?”

“Yes Mommy,” I said but double-checked and saw I had a plethora of pencils, pens, and my tablet stylus.

“Come on then,” she said and she leaned down to pick me up. She stopped at Bella’s side of the car first and said, “I’ve got to put you down here sweetie, I promise we’ll be in the car too in just a second though.”

As she carried me around to the other side I asked, “Is she okay?”

Amanda seemed unsure, “She’s acting almost like we’d regressed her this morning – I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m hoping she’ll snap out of it this afternoon… There’s no way I can leave her with Daddy this morning though, so I’m going to have to take her to my office with me. I had your daddy put your playpen in the car to put in my office. No one will think it weird to have a newly adopted little there with me. We’ll have to pick up another one for home later though.”

I nodded as she opened my door and laid me back in my carrier seat and buckled me in. Fortunately, she wasted no time getting going down the road. I lay in my seat and hoped that I would be able to focus on the stupid math test! I was exhausted from not sleeping, and was fighting my eyes closing even with all of the coffee I’d drank with breakfast! Bella kept sniffling in her seat and I could see tears still going down her face still as we pulled into Amanda’s parking spot. Just as she put the car into park, I heard a fart and smelled that Bella had definitely finished off her current diaper. A look at my watch showed it was quarter till nine and we still had a bit of quick walk to go! Setting me down on the ground she seemed to know we needed to hurry.

I heard Amanda groan as she opened Bella’s door, “Sorry, Bella,” she told the whimpering girl, “you’ll have to wait until we get Stacy to the test and then we’ll get you cleaned up. She grabbed the diaper bag and quickly wrapped Bella up in the blanket before I had to follow along.

On the ride up to the lecture hall level one of the Amazon girls on the elevator said, “Oh my, someone is stinky!”

“This one?” another girl said and pulled my skirt up and checked my diaper without asking. “Aww… what a cute diapee!”

I blushed and wanted to smack the girl.

“No, it’s definitely this daughter. Next time leave my other baby girls skirt down. I’m more than capable of checking my daughter for a messy diaper myself.”

“Sorry ma’am…” the girl that pulled my dress said.

“Professor,” she told her tersely.

“Umm… sorry Professor,” she said and blushed more herself as the elevator door opened.

Amanda patted me on the head and walked with me as far as the sign-in table before saying, “I’m going to go change the stinker and head to my office. If Megan or I’m not here when you’re done, go upstairs. You can always stay with Kim until I get back if I’m not there.”

“Kay, Mommy,” I told her as I nervously waited through the crowd signing in.

Towards the front of the line I heard, “Stacy!”

I turned and saw Laura, “Hi Laura,” I told her sleepily.

“You don’t look so good,” she said.

I looked at her and made the same observation, “Neither do you?”

“You have the runs all night too?”

I shook my head, “No, that would have been easier to deal with…” She looked embarrassed and shocked that I didn’t think that was bad, so I added, “of course I’m in diapers all the time and used to it, but you’re not…”

“How come you didn’t get them then? The whole dorm had them,” she whispered to me. “Most every little is in a diaper today and we’ve been warned we’re not allowed to take them off ourselves to use the potty…” she blushed.

“I’d guessed that they spiked the punch and didn’t drink any of it,” I told her. “It’s why I always have a sealed bottle of water in my backpack.”

Her eyes opened as we got to the front and an Amazon leaned over the table. “Name?” He asked me

“Stacy Westerfield,” I said with more confidence than I felt right then. He looked at something on the table before handing me a clear wrapped packet, “head on inside.”

“Laura Windsor,” I heard Laura say and I waited for her to get hers and walk in together.

An amazon girl who must have been a TA looked at us with disdain and said, “We have some little seats up front for you two.”

“Thanks,” I said with a pleasant smile even though the comment was meant to be demeaning.

It was a very large lecture hall that descended as you closed into the front. At the very front of the lecture room there was indeed a row of little sized seats that looked to be almost little highchairs. Something about them seemed ridiculous, but I wasted no time walking up to them and was surprised they didn’t have the little straps to hold us in. To my dismay, I was still a little small for them and reach the little side table, so I grabbed the booster from inside my backpack and put it on the chair.

“You need a booster on a little sized seat?” a nearby little asked me.

“Yeah, seems like it…”

“How tiny are you?”

“Thirty-six-and-a-half inches tall,” I told her with a smile.

The girl in question actually seemed much larger than most of the littles I’d hung around so far. She seemed like she was probably closer to my old height. “Wow… That’s like newborn size when an Amazon gets ahold of you, ouch…” she whispered.

“Yes, it is,” I told her. “Though actually three months for the clothing size,” I told her before grimacing, “Unless it’s a swimsuit…”

“I’m Kristina,” she told me.

“Like my adopted cousin…” I said, “I can remember that. Though you’re able to do a lot more than her…”

“Adopted cousin…?” She asked.

“On my adopted mommy’s side,” I told her.

“Wait… you’re adopted?”

I nodded.

“But how are you here…”

“Just go with it,” Laura said, “She’s got like the perfect setup where her adopted parents actually let her go to college…”

“What do they get out of it then?”

“Well I’m paying for room and board… but I’m also letting her get some of her… umm… maternal desires out… or at least I was…”

“Was?” Laura asked.

“My new adopted baby sister seems to be getting a lot more of that time now than I am.”

“Well that’s got to be good, right?” Laura asked.

I blushed and shrugged, “I’m not going to lie… I kind of liked the attention.”

I dug out my several pencils, and got set with the table in front of me for the test. I remembered that Amanda asked about my stylus so I set it next to my pencils too. “How do you think you’re going to do on this?” Kristina asked.

I shrugged, “I took a lot of calculus in high school, but this is a new dimension for me.”

“Wait… what?” She asked just as a professor started speaking directly in front of us.

“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am Professor Lieberman. I want to get this test started on time this morning so we have plenty of time to grade your tests and have results to your advisors. You should have each received a wrapped packet – please open it at this time.”

I followed his direction and undid the plastic wrapping on the test. When done I expected it to separate out into a test booklet, scratch paper, and a scantron style document like my tests back home. ‘I’m surprised they have these still…’ I thought before I opened it and realized that what I thought was completely wrong. ‘I guess I see why Amanda asked me about the stylus,’ I thought to myself as I looked at the contents.

There was only a fairly thin… electronic tablet? It looked more like an old-fashioned piece of transparency for those old projectors that math teachers liked to use. That was the only thing I could think of calling it though as it activated itself and the professor said, “Once you have your tests open you may begin. You have two hours for this test. We will be looking at your work for any questions we may have on how you arrived at your answers. If you’re borderline on passing into a regular math class that may sway us one way or another, so I recommend you show us that work. Any questions? No, good luck!”

On the screen it asked for my name, network username, and password before it advanced to the first question. For question one I could clearly see that it gave a spot to select the answer like a bubble, but also space below to work out the problem. I grabbed the stylus and pressed on the screen and was rewarded with it drawing a line. I took that to mean I just used it to write directly on the screen, and began working through each problem and tuned out the world around me. Not even fifteen minutes into the test the coffee began calling out to me, and with a sigh I just let it go in the diaper, knowing it would hold anything I could throw at it.

I paid neither my bladder, nor the diaper, any mind after that though and kept answering questions. I’d made it through forty questions when the professor said we had a half-hour remaining. His announcement made me notice the room again. I heard a whimper, a fart, and smelled something awful coming from beside me. One of the proctors came over and began smelling down the row. She looked at me, “Would you please lean forward?”

“Why?” I asked stupidly as she pulled my dress up to show my diaper to the world and looked in the back of it.

“Wet, but all clean! What a big girl you are with such a pretty baby diaper on!” She said to me eliciting some giggles from the auditorium.

She moved down to the next chair where Kristina sat and I glanced over to realize this was a bad thing. The poor girl was shaking and sure enough when she was made to lean forward the girl said, “Uh-oh, someone made us a big pwesent in her diapee! Let’s press complete on this test since I’m sure it’s probably too hard for you anyway, and then we’ll get you to your Deans office so she can give you your spanking and eight demerits. You might set a new school record for getting kicked out of Emerson and going back to daycare to be with the other babies!”

Around the room the giggles were everywhere, and I felt terrible for the girl as she was led waddling out with her things up the staircase. Everyone in the room seemed glued to her walk of shame. Just as she was almost to the top of the room, someone tripped her and she fell back on her butt. Instantly you could see that she had splattered the runny poop out of her diaper! The disgusting mess ran down her legs as she was helped up and continued to leave, obviously crying. ‘Poor baby,’ and ‘look at the poopy pants,’ were among the many comments I heard. The taunts from the Amazons continued until the professor said, “Enough! Back to work!”

I gulped and wondered if I should take one of my charms just to be safe! I focused back in on the test though.

The questions kept me on constant guard with the adjustment to Base 60 math. Why this dimension kept using that, instead of adjusting to Base 10 after the Babylonians faded from history, I still hadn’t found out! It wasn’t the most difficult thing, but it meant there were several times I had to slap myself and re-answer a question. A trick question almost got me midway through. I almost missed my mistake because they had given the right answer in Base 10 as an option too!

I giggled quietly though when one of the last questions asked for students to treat the question as a Base 10 math question. I was pretty sure that one had an answer from me quicker than any of the others in the room. I pressed submit on the final question with fifteen minutes still left on the running clock. As I looked up the professor noticed I was done and came over, “Gave up?”

“Gave up?” I asked confused, “No? Question fifty was the last question, right?”

“Uhh… yeah it was.”

“I just finished it. Do we turn this into you and leave?” I asked with a whisper since I had noted others had been turning them into him.

“Yes, umm… go ahead and hand it to me,” he said.

“Thanks Doctor Lieberman,” I told him while I awkwardly stood up in my excessively puffy diaper.

The stupid diaper had done as advertised and made it a tough struggle to walk up the steps without crawling. I pushed on though even through the giggles of the Amazons I passed. I heard more than one, “Oh just crawl sweetie, you’re obviously not ready to walk,” before I got up to the top. I sighed as I waddled through the open door and realized I had Laura right behind me.

“Why did you wear such a thick diaper?” she asked me.

“I didn’t want to risk the wet dress after the gallon of coffee I drank earlier,” I told her quietly knowing some wouldn’t approve of a little having that beverage.

“You get to drink coffee?” she hissed.

I smiled, “I really do have an awesome mommy.”

“I don’t want a mommy besides my real one, but yeah… I’m not going to lie – I’m jealous – I know I won’t get that lucky if it happens to me. Where are you going now?”

“Upstairs to her office.”

“Oh, that’s right, you said she’s a professor here?”

“Yeah, what are you doing?”

“Well today is the first day they haven’t insisted on us being led back to the dorms on those stupid ropes, so they said we could get lunch on our own?”

I smiled at her, “That’s cool… I have a meeting in an hour I have to go to, but you want to go up and see if my mommy wants to go to lunch with us at the union?”


“She’s really not one of those crazy Amazons… the only reason I have a new sister is because we were saving her from a nasty flight stewardess… who turned out to be connected to some crazy group that kind of has me angry right now…”

She looked at me like I was nuts, but shrugged, “Sure!”

I smiled at her and walked to the elevator with her. An amazon girl had called for a down elevator, “Would you please push the up button for us?” I asked nicely.

She looked at me with a smile, “Why on earth are you going upstairs? You should know better than to play with the elevators…”

“Mommy works up there,” I said with a smile.

Her face contorted but she pressed it anyway. We ended up getting an elevator before her and Laura started giggling as soon as the door closed. “You do that way too well!” She kidded me.

“Well, I am adopted… Trust me when I’ve been in baby mode, I’ve learned it’s a good idea to develop that skill!”

“What do you mean?” She asked.

The doors opened though, “I’ll tell you some other time. Let’s just say that there’s not much I haven’t done since getting here…”

She had a horrified look on her face but I shrugged, “Hi Miss Kim,” I said to Kimberly as the door opened.

“Well hi Stacy,” she said, “your mommy is back in her office. I’ll let her know you’re on your way back.”


We kept walking without her asking me anything about Laura to my surprise. As we came to her office, she opened the door holding Bella who seemed to actually be smiling. “Well there you are Stacy!” She said with a smile, “Who’s your friend?”

“Mommy this is Laura, she’s in my nest.”

“Nice… nice to meet you,” Laura said while noting Bella was in a very babyish sunsuit with a very wet diaper on display.

“You too,” Amanda said.

“I’m Bella,” Bella actually spoke to my surprise given the way she’d been acting when I saw her last.

Amanda closed the office door and directed us towards the couch. “We have that meeting at one, so Daddy is supposed to come get Bella soon… but I don’t know how we’ll get lunch in time.”

“Well… May I just go with Laura to lunch at the union and meet you at the administration building?”

She looked at me like I was crazy, “after last night and yesterday you want me to let you go alone?”

“They won’t expect me to be alone with another little after that. If I were them, I’d back off for a while…”

She shook her head but shrugged, “I said you needed to be a big girl now, so I guess that’s this. You want your diaper changed really quick?”

“Please?” I asked.

She made no attempt to preserve my modesty to Laura as she quickly pulled a changing mat out and laid me down on it and grabbed a diaper from a box that now sat in a cabinet next to the couch. My naked crotch was wiped and sealed back in a normal Pamper when I heard a fart and smelled an accident.

“Bella what did you eat?” I asked but then realized it was Laura that was looking red and embarrassed.

“Oh no, you poor thing,” Amanda said guessing it too. “I can change you into one of Bella’s regular Pampers if you want? Or give you one to go change in the restroom?”

“We’re not allowed to change ourselves after last night…”

“My mommy can change you though, right?” I paused, “What exactly did they say?”

“A ‘grown-up’ had to do it.”

“Well, Mommy’s a grown-up professor, so no worries. How were they going to enforce it?”

“My diaper is little proof,” she said with a shamed face.

“Hop up Princess, and go to the diaper bag and get me one of Bella’s Pampers. She won’t need them since I’m keeping her in the princess diapers most of the time right now.”

“You don’t have to…” Laura tried to say but Amanda just picked her up and put her down on the changing pad I had been laying on.

“One of Stacy’s would definitely be too small, but other than being a little bit big I’m guessing Bella’s will fit you fine. She has some weird hip measurements that means a regular baby diaper has to be smaller.”

“In other words, I have no hips,” Bella grumbled.

“Neither do I,” I reminded her.

I turned away for Laura’s sake as Amanda opened up the stinkiest diaper I’d smelled yet! From the sounds Amanda made, she thought it was bad too, “They spiked the punch last night?” She asked as she taped the new one on.

“That’s what Stacy thinks…”

“Tell you what, there’s a bottle of water in my fridge you can have that’s safe. Maybe we can get permission this weekend for you to sleepover at our house one night, and we’ll go on a supply run for you to get some drinks that you can be sure aren’t messed with.”

“What about the coke machines? They wouldn’t be able to mess with those, would they?”

Amanda shook her head, “I wouldn’t count on it right now. Especially when there are so many littles that can be caught with poopy diapers in class.”

“I know… that poor girl,” Laura sniffed.

“Poor girl?” Bella asked.

I nodded as I grabbed my backpack, “A girl we just met… She was actually practically a betweener sized girl… Well, let’s just say what Laura just let out was practically the smell of roses compared to her mess. Some jerk tripped her going up the stairs on the walk of shame she was already taking to the dean’s office. She fell back straight back on her butt and smushed it.”

“Eew…” Bella said.

“Yeah, from experience I know that sucks.”

“If you’re going to go to lunch girls, you’d better get going. Don’t be late to the meeting Stacy!” Amanda told me.

“We’ll be quick,” I told her as she opened the door.

“Miss Kim would you please call for the elevator to go to the first floor for us?”

“Sure sweetie,” she told me. “Who’s your friend?”

“Oh, this is Laura,” I told her.

“Nice to meet you ma’am,” Laura said nervously.

“Oh, don’t worry if you’re up on this floor sweetie, Doctor Westerfield and I only have littles because we were keeping them out of the hands of other people. You’re safe from me.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” she said unsure of herself as the door opened.

Kim stepped in briefly to press ‘1’ and said, “Have a good day girls!”

“That was so embarrassing,” Laura said as the elevator went down.

“Better than Kristina?”

“Well definitely better than her…”



End Chapter 7

Alterations - Exchanged Book 3 (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Nov 19, 2021


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