The Anti-Masker

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Chapter 7
A Bobcat

Chapter Description: Jim is feeling terrible, not only is he gotten significantly shorter, now a new addiction is threatening his masculinity

My tongue was itchy, my entire mouth yearned for something to suck, yet I couldn’t let myself “That's even worse than the diapers! I must concentrate, maybe just a little bit…” I put the tip of my thumb in my mouth, and couldn’t help it, I sucked the entire thing “I hate it, but I can finally think.” I was so much shorter, I needed to find out how shorter I’ll be an when

“I can ask Jane, but I can’t ask her about height…that would be too weird. Maybe…google feet to cm?” I went to my measuring station, I was around 167 cm tall. I had the perfect comparison, I yanked my thumb out and made a call.

“Hi Jane? It’s me..”

“Yes, Jim. What do you want?”

“I actually have something to ask”

“Finally, I knew you’d come around, I really worr…”

“No, no, no. Say I have 167 bucks and each day I lose 1% of the value, how can I know how much money I’ll have in like…3 days?”

“really Jim? More random math questions?” She’s definitely pissed “You called me a brainwashed sheep in front of our entire family, and then stormed out like a 5 year old. Because of what? I only told you my mother in law has cancer and you need to wear a mask for the gathering, but OH NO, poor silly Jim can’t do anything that requires thinking of other human beings! All I wanted is  to hear the words-”

“I’m…” “sorry, I’m sorry, I’m stupid and I love you, please Jane, I miss you, I’m sorry” “…really need this help with the math, its urgent”

“Oh. I think I know what’s going on here” She does?? “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I connected the dots. Questions about odds and now about money, are you gambling? Have you made some weird kind of deal with shady people?”

“Huh..Yeah…yeah. I did, that's it” I tried to sound earnest, obviously I can’t tell her the truth. She’ll probably laugh her ass off knowing I’m bound in diapers and shrinking

“I’ll send you a table with the data you wanted for 60 days. Just promise me one thing” There was a noticeable sadness in her voice


“Just, don’t get in trouble, ok?”

“I..won’t” “I promise

The table was awfully depressing. I couldn’t keep my thumb out of my mouth while reading this thing

Day 0: 167 [5’4]

Day 5: 158.8 [5’2]

Day 10: 151 [4’9]

Day 15: 143.6 [4’7]

Day 30: 123.5 [4’0]

Day 60: 91.3 [3’0]

In 30 days I’ll be the size of a short middle schooler, and 30 days later I’ll be a complete midget. Unless that fucker ghost could stop it or even reverse it” can’t think about it, must get to work. Must. get. finger. out. of. mouth!


“Yo Jim, can you move the…umm” Chris just stood there, looking at me.I felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I saw him. After the dream last night, it was weird looking at him only a few inches shorter than him, I thought it was weird for him too, but for different reasons.

“Jim you look…fine…are you fine?” Chris’s eyebrow was up and a bizarre half smile decorated his lips.

“I’m fine bro, I’m ok. Everything is fine” It was not, because I just wet my diaper without noticing, my bladder just got super tight and could barely tell me before I needed to go.

“Yeah so could you… nevermind, I’ll do it. Just be at the register”

Was it patronizing? Is that how it is to be a short man? I didn’t like it at all. My lips started to itch again, I needed to suck something bad, but there were customers. I was slowly losing my mind, this was impossible. 

Trying to hold the register while the obsessive sucking thoughts really distracted me from an important sensation - the need to use the toilet.

I just kept pissing in my diaper, filling my crotch with warm wet liquid. It was kinda nice and comfy, feeling my dick release and my balls getting warm, and my ankles getting wet and…no…I was leaking. God damn me.

I bolted to the restroom like the flash, brought my bag with some spare diapers. Did I bring enough diapers for the whole day? I locked the door behind me, and started changing

“Yo Jim, you can’t just leave like that” Chris yelled ”Someone could have…Jim? What the hell are you doing there?”

I was suddenly too aware of the sound of the diaper’s tapes. 

“I’m…pooping Chris, sorry. I just…Um…I think I may have the stomach flu again”

“Again?? Boy, you really love tacos, huh? Well, just, try not to do this again” he left. Finally I can change myself quietly. I couldn’t believe this sentence would become something normal for me to say.

 It was nice being alone in the stall, I could suck my thumb without anyone judging me. “Oh this is too great, but my thumb is getting too wet and sticky. If only I could…no. Please don’t consider it

But then my hands would be free, it would be easier” I started to argue with myself

Do you even know what an ALPHA MAN is? It's a MAN, not a baby

And compulsively sucking your thumb is being a man? at least with a pacifier I could multitask

Am I losing my fucking mind???

Yes if I’m even considering this!


End of the shift, I was finishing setting the store up for the next shift, when Chris reached over towards me. The height difference felt surprisingly big this time around.

“Jim, I need to talk to you” He said gingerly

“What is it?”

“You are clearly going through some health stuff right now, and I want to tell you it’s ok to share” He said. I got a flashback to the weird moment we had in my dream last night, I felt like he was the adult in the conversation.

“I’m, yes, I’m going through some stuff” I told, almost crying. Trying to concentrate not to pull my finger closer to my face.

“Yeah, I saw you lose some mass. Is that the stomach flu? I know some bacteria can linger in the body for a while doing crazy stuff to people”

“Yeah, yeah. Exactly that!” Finally some excuse for my stupid curse, that’s a great way to not feel bad about it, yeah, I’m just sick, of course. “Yeah Chris, it's…really hard. The bacteria thingy make me lose some of my height and mass”

“Oh so that also explains the d..” he stopped himself, looking at the floor. I was floored myself - they knew. They knew I was wearing diapers, this all time. He hesitated “Do they know how much height you are going to lose?” 

“Not exactly, but they say it will probably be a lot, like I may be 4’0 in 30 days, maybe even less after that”

“Oh jeez!! That’s really… it’s not contagious, right??”

“No, no. Only me”

“Sheesh. Well, Jim, I’m here for you buddy. You know what, if you need days off - it’s on me. Do you have a plan for what to do if you get too short to drive?”

I never considered it actually “Umm..”

“That’s a no. I’ll drive you around. You don’t live that far away. You can even call me if you need something down from a high shelf or something Haha” That wasn’t funny “Um sorry, that was uncalled for”

“Thanks bro, but please, I just, don’t want  to think about it, can you tell everyone to act the same and be men about it?”

“Sure thing”

“And enough about my fucked up life, what’s going with you?” I really wanted to hear anything as long as it's not diaper or height related.

“Oh I met the most amazing woman! I think, I think she might be it. She’s so hot and spicy, you won’t believe it, yet she has this really caring and accepting vibe, she’s a gift to this world” He was beaming, but I was obsessed with one and only one thought: “I need to get the biggest pacifier I can put my hands on



End Chapter 7

The Anti-Masker

by: HellSpawn | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


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