The Anti-Masker

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Chapter 9
A Kitten

Chapter Description: Getting smaller each day and being diaper dependent making day to day life harder and harder for Jim. Can he handle it by himself?

I woke up like I slept for a century, the best sleep of my life. I stretched up, and noticed that my behind is completely messy, per usual. The baby diaper really held down my shit, I was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe it won’t be that bad…” I thought while locking my pacifier in my lips, sucking on it gently.

It was already 12:00 noon. “I must have overslept, huh?” I took a fresh diaper from the pile, and went to the bathroom to change myself. Something was off, though. I managed to remove the old shit-filled one, but after the cleanup, something was just not sitting with my new diaper.

Are the tapes on the wrong side? What the fuck is going on?” I tried every position, but I just couldn’t tape the diaper correctly, everytime it was sagging or just too tight. “This one might be damaged, I’ll try another” But the same thing happened. I was so frustrated, my nerves were starting to get to me. I tried everything, and nothing worked, it took me probably 30 minutes of trying constantly and things started to get ugly. My dick was urging for a release and I wasn’t diapered nor able to hold it in.

Piss started to flow everywhere over the bathroom floor, over my legs and the plopped unused diaper, it was chaos. I wanted to cry, I wanted to hit something, someone. 

The doorbell rang. “Hey Jim, it’s me, can you let me in? I brought pizza!” 

Shyly I opened the door while hiding behind it, so no one would see my tiny, naked and pissed body. “Oh dang Jim, are you ok?” Chris said worryingly. I just started to bawl “Shh Shh what’s going on. I’m here to help”

“I…can’t….diaper…on…pissed…can’t….” I barely managed to put words together with my emotions so out of control and the paci holding on my lips.

“Shh..Don’t worry there, I can help you. You need me to diaper you? I can do that”

I hated the thought but didn’t know what else to do “yeth” 

Sure, get on the bed, I’ll bring the diaper. I layed on my crinkly, sheet-protected bed, butt naked. Chris came inside, seeming pretty chill about the whole thing. I didn’t even notice a slight of a grin from him about my sorry state. He lifted my legs, and slid the new diaper underneath my  hairy ass “You already lotioned, right?” I nodded. “Good”. He draped the diaper over my small dick, and taped the diaper skillfully, like he did it for years on years. 

He didn’t even ask me if I needed help dressing myself, he just picked a shirt and pants from my new collection, and started dressing me. I Wanted to protest, but I couldn’t help but think I may not be able to dress myself if I was barely able to diaper myself. He dressed me in a trains and cars shirt, and bright blue short pants. To my dismay, my diaper was very noticeable through them.

“Let's get some pizza!” He exclaimed. treating the whole experience of diapering and dressing his friend like it was nothing. I wanted pizza and I didn’t want to think about this at all, so that worked for me.

The table was starting to be too big for me, I felt tiny sitting at it. Well, at least pizza. Only problem was, eating felt…hard. I felt like the coordination of my hands was way off. Between misjudging the size of the pieces I can fit in my tiny mouth and the ability to control my hands, some tomato sauce was bound to end all over my face. 

“You need help there Jim?” Chris asked. He already ate 2 slices while I was still struggling with the one. 

“No, I’m fine. I need to get used to my small hands and the big food” Was this even true? Is my size really affecting me this much? I was too afraid of the answer

“Try some soda maybe, you are probably still tired, the sugar will jolt you up a bit” He moved the glass of black liquid closer to my hands.

It was like my hands didn’t know where my mouth should be, liquid was pouring over my chin and my clothes. I was helpless. I was starting to feel the emotions build up in me “Don’t cry. don’t cry. don’t cry again. What’s happening to me?

“Oh, boy” Chris was up.Standing near me while I sat, I felt like a gnome. A very messy gnome. He took some wipes, and started cleaning my face and my shirt. The tears started to build up. 

“I just want soda” I said, pathetically. 

“Don’t worry, Jim. I think I have something in my car that will help” He went out while I just started shoving pieces of pizza down my mouth.

“No, I can’t drink from that!” The blue and red sippy cup was the last straw, I was not a baby!

“I will get you a smaller sports cup you could drink from without spilling, but you really want to wait until then?” 

“Why do you even have this?”

“From a nephew, he forgot it in my car two years ago. Don’t worry, I’ll clean that up” Is he lying? Why would he lie though? He was cool with me so far.

I just drank from the small sippy cup. It was actually perfect for my small hands, and I could completely control the flow without spilling. 

“You need to change” Chris said calmly

“No I don’t. I barely used it so far” I was upset, how can he tell when my diaper is wet? I didn’t mess it, so it wasn’t smelly.

“Not your diaper” he laughed “Your shirt. Half the pizza decorates your trains”

I was looking like a messy 5 year old, with the childish shirt filthy with red sauce and even some pepperoni slices. 

I went to my room. Chris soon followed me. I took a shirt with a small Pokemon on it, I didn’t know its name, the shirt only said “Pokemon”. It seemed like the most dignifying thing I could pick.

Why are shirts so complicated? “It’s not supposed to be this hard GOD DAMN IT” I threw the shirt on the ground

“It’s ok to ask for help, that’s why I’m here” Chris said as he approached me and helped me get into this shirt. “Tell me when you need a diaper change, and I’ll help with that too” No. This can’t be. I can’t be dependent on others, that’s like my worst nightmare. I could handle all the shit filled diapers in the world as long as it’s me against the world. 

“I hate it so much, Chris. I don’t know what to do” May be the most sincere I have ever been to someone.

“I know what to do. You won’t like it at all, but I have a temporary solution” He was collected, his eyes were calm and inviting, also glowing with a strange blue hue.

“What? More doctors?” I was desperate

“Well, yes, obviously, but meantime, you really need someone to take care of you” He was right, I really didn't like where it’s going “I don’t mind taking care of you. I can be your legal guardian until the doctors will fix whatever is wrong with you. You never know, they might even be able to restore you to your previous height” I knew it was wrong, the doctors can’t fix supernatural ghost curses. On the other hand, I really can’t take care of myself anymore. 

“Listen, Jim. Your only close relative is your cousin Jane, right? She can help you?” No, she hated me.


“I saw what happened today. You can’t even diaper yourself anymore. It’s really hurting to say this, but you are dependent” A stake to my heart will be a great preferable to hearing this last sentence. He was right, I had no one but him.

“OK..” I surrender.

“Great, I’ll talk to a lawyer to set everything up in the next few days. Meanwhile I think it’s best you’ll move with me. We could pack everything today. What do you think?”

“Ok…” I was visibly upset and depressed. My life is gone


The drive was weird. I was so small in this giant, no, regular, car. My head picked through the windows to look over the giant, no, normal, view.

“Chris, hm. I need to go” I had the strongest deja vu. If I was alone I would have probably just went in my diaper, Chris being here was really making me feel ashamed of messing around him. It made me feel like a kid.

“We still have some drive time, just go in the diaper, it’s really fine” He didn't hesitate while saying it. It felt sincere.

I just let it go. My diaper started filling with liquid shit. It spread evenly through my diaper, getting dryer as the diaper absorbed the liquids until my ass was covered with fecal matter. I tightened the pacifier around my mouth to help me deal with the humiliation. 

Chris wasn’t phased. He lowered the windows to let air refresh the scent. “He really doesn't care that I pooped myself in his car. What a bro


“That’s not your house” I said as the car parked around an unfamiliar house

“No, no. It is. I moved a while ago” He never said anything about it. Maybe I was busy with my own problems that I haven't noticed. “Let's get you changed ok?” I was worried about that part

The house was big. Yeah, even compared to my size. Chris led me through the hallways to a bathroom. This one had a long wooden tray stuck to the side of the wall.

“Why do you have this?” I was curious why do a grown childless man needed a changing table

“It was here when I bought it. Good thing too. You’ll get more benefit from it than I have” He smirked, but not in a ‘make you feel bad’, more like a ‘joking between friends’ vibe, I liked it.  

He lifted me onto the changing table, and started cleaning the gross mess I made. I just layed there, mortified and helpless. He cleaned my pathetic private parts gently until the wipes came completely clean. He took some baby powder from the closet, and started sprinkling all over my diaper area.

“I prefer lotion, and I’d rather do it myself” I said

“Don’t worry about it Jim. You have had so much stress lately with this awful condition. Let me worry about it, just relax. Think about it like a spa week, ok? You’ll be back handling your business alone in no time”  That made sense, relaxing is important.

I was in a clean diaper in no time. I smelled like a baby, looked like one too, if not for the beard and body hair.

For 2 days, Chris gave me his full attention, lovingly. He Changed me and helped me dress every time I needed it, and I needed it a lot. For some reason, my stomach was acting weird. I had to shit 5 times a day and it was always soft, runny and for the life of me, I couldn’t hold it in. It made me shrink massively, by the end of the second day I was already 4’2 [129.1 cm]. Chris never addressed my size in either a negative nor positive tone. It helped me distract myself from how terrible it was. I didn’t want to think how jarring it would be to be this small in public. People will think I’m a freak, more so if I wouldn’t find a way to leave my paci out of my mouth…


It was done. After an embarrassing long hours, all the documents were signed, Chris was now legally my guardian. After everyone was gone, Chris and I were left alone. He approached me

“I’m really glad we did this Jim. I need you to know that everything I do, I do because I care about you, buddy” He said. I was still looking at the floor, thinking about all of it

“Sure, me t-” I was now looking at him, his eyes beaming bright blue, like someone put a flashlight at the back of his skull “...Chris…?” I was afraid, I was literally shitting myself

“This is not my house Jim. It’s my girlfriend’s” He said calmly, his eyes still frighteningly bright “Her name is Kholeen, she had this idea from this start, to help you out, love you, the same as any parents love their child” 

“What are you talking about?” Am I dreaming this? Is this really happening? Chris was cool, why would he do this?

“You’ll love it. You will be our little boy. She said she can’t wait to meet you. She’ll be here any second now. She’ll take care of you while I’m at work. I know she will love you the same as I do”

I wanted to run away and escape this nightmare, but couldn’t move myself an inch. My body was frozen “Please wake up, please wake up

The door opened behind me, I couldn’t turn away, the only thing I heard was a gentle cough. 



End Chapter 9

The Anti-Masker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


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Pierry · Mar 9, 2023

Loved the chapter and really like the twist

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Miles · Mar 10, 2023

It's a bit unclear. Is he actually regressing (gaining the body of a child, complete with 'baby fat', larger head compared to the rest of the body, and all the other differences) or just shrinking to become a tiny man? Thanks!

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