The Anti-Masker

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Chapter 10
A Sheep

Chapter Description: Time for Jim to meet Chris’s girlfriend. Will she be as nice as him?

“Kholeen! Honey, we signed the papers a-” Chris froze mid sentence. His body was frozen just like mine. “Who is doing this?” 

“Missed me dearie?” IT WAS HER, in her younger form, though still a bit transparent. The ghost stood there in front of me, only several inches taller than me. “What do you think of my new boyfriend? He is really charming” “no, no, no, no

“Yes, yes, yes” “She can still hear my thoughts!

“Correct! and more than that… I promise you, it won’t be that bad. We will treat you well”

“Is it a nightmare?”

“No, dearie, it’s your new life.” She snapped her fingers, I was free to move myself

“*cough* *cough* Running away is ill advised, dearie” She really knew everything I wanted “You don’t want to make it worse on yourself. What will you do when someone outside will find you in diapers, dressed like this, with an obsession with pacifiers? They will lock you away, try to treat you, to no avail. At least here, *cough* you and Chris could be together, as a father and son”

“Yeah, but with you” I didn’t want to see her stupid ghost face for another second

“I won’t bother you. I got what I wanted, I’ll even let you watch non-kids shows every once in a while. You’ll be like the son I’ve never had. Unless, of course, you’ll misbehave…”

I was running fast towards the door, trying to escape, the moment I touched the doorknob I froze in my steps. The back of my diaper started to swell “NO! I’m pooping myself again” It was like a dam broke in my anus, I never felt the need, just the stream of goo coming out of me, liquid, smelly and unstoppable. Each time I was done, my height dwindled a bit and another shit started. I’ve never been around so much poop in my life, and now all of it was in my diaper. It got so big and massive my poor diaper ballooned unnaturally to accommodate it. Some of the poop started to fill upwards the front side of my crotch, it was a giant mess.

“Boy, oh boy. *cough* What did I tell you dearie? Running is not an option…”

I was so small now my clothes started to sag, maybe 3 feet high [90 cm]. I was probably the height of an elementary school child now. My diaper was unimaginably full, it smelled like a sewer and felt like I was taking a mud bath in my pants. Not even my paci could protect me from this feeling. I was trapped and babied, I wanted it to end to have my life back, so I did what’s the natural thing to do - I cried.

“Oh dearie…It’s ok to cry. The original plan was to treat you like a four years old, but after this poor attempt, they decided two will be best”

“Only 2??” I cried even harder. I was too distracted to think about the “they” part of her statement.

“You’ll look and feel like an adult, mostly. You’ll keep your body hair and mental abilities, but everyone around will just see you as a two years old toddler. Chris will be your father and I’ll act as your step mother”

“How long?? Will I have to grow up again?” I cleared some of my tears, hoping for a good answer for this question.

“No dearie. Think of our interaction as a trial. I sued you, *cough* but I wasn’t the judge, I suggested a sentence, but I wasn’t the one sentencing you. They will decide if you grow up or stay like this* cough* for eternity” I hated it so much

The house around us glowed subtly in a blue light. The ghost, Kohleen, got a complete human form, Chris started to move again, my clothes shrunk to fit me, then my shirt and pants fused together into a blue onesie with a teddy bear on it. Even my pacifier changed to a more babish one with a cute bear on it.

“Oh Jimmy” Chris said as he looked at me “Wow, you really did a number there, huh sport?”

“Yes, please help me! I want to go home and be an adult, please!” I cried for help, some of it must get to it

“Silly there, not an adult yet buddy. You’ll get there, time really flies by, you’ll be 5 in no time” “No time really, I’ll probably stay like this forever!

He lifted me up easily, and changed my ungodly diaper. I was put into a new onesie with blue dinosaurs on it. I couldn’t stop crying

“Chris, I’m an alpha lion, right?”  He just ignored me.

“Chris?” nothing. He didn’t even acknowledge I made a sound.

“Um Daddy?”

“Yes Buddy, what do you need?” His face was of pure love, like I was the biggest most important person in the entire world. I’ve never had anyone look at me this way.

“Daddy, I’m an alpha lion, right?” Tears were flowing free. No crying, just tears.

He lifted me in the air, looked me straight in the eyes and smiled

“You’re my biggest toughest lion, the strongest in the whole jungle! Look!” He took me to a kid’s room. My room. There were a bunch of animal plushies in a crib, he sat me gently in there, and made cute noises of all the animals running away from me. It was stupid, but I loved every minute of it. I was an alpha. I knew it.



End Chapter 10

The Anti-Masker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


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