The Anti-Masker

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Chapter 5
A Lynx

Chapter Description: Ghosts are not known to be forgiving creatures, as Jim finds out for himself

Two days of wearing diapers to work wasn’t as bad as I thought. I was extremely self conscious at start, but eventually I knew that I can’t let it get me down. 

Did I feel embarrassed? of course.

Did it make me feel tiny and degraded? definitely.

But that won’t make me forget that I’m the ALPHA, a tall, muscular man with a huge dick. I was born to lead! Always the lion, never the sheep! Yes! Fuck Yes!

“Hi Jim, what's up bro?’ Chris came to me, looking me straight in the eyes. “I was thinking that maybe you could help me with something, John is sick today, he got the C flu, could you help me and take his shift today? You’ll get extra hours and all of that”

“How can I say no? I’m down, I can handle anything” I was sure of myself. When you feel 1%, pretend you are 100%. No diaper cursing ghost can ruin me.

“Great, and.. huh… you seem different… have you changed shoes or something?” he asked, really politely

“What? No, that's my regular shoes Chris, what the hell are you talking about?” Holy hell, did he… notice the diapers? I shifted in place, trying to look chill, fixing my shirt to make sure no diaper was peeping from my pants.

“Huh, no no, you just probably lost some weight from this stomach flu you had a couple of days ago. Nevermind” he left, and started talking to a client.

Weird. Lost weight? What the fuck? I didn’t lose any weight” I thought to myself. I looked down at my shirt and pants. 

Well.. They do seem a bit loose… maybe all the stress lately has cost me some pounds…

“Hi, you. Young man. Hi. Could you help me with something?” an old man, maybe in his 70s approached me “Yes, I need a measuring tape, do you carry a measuring tape in your store?”

“Yes, we do sir, right over here… hmm”  they were out, John maybe forgot to restock them? “Sorry sir, maybe we have some at the back, I’ll try to find some for you”

“Yes! good. I want them with meters please. Do you have them with meters or only with feet? I need a 2 meter measuring tape” his voice was low and shaking

“I’ll do my best sir, be right back”

That lucky bastard, we had one left with meters at the back.

“Oh that looks like a fine tape, can you maybe help a bit more?”

“Sure sir, what else do you need?” I was over this client already, whatever, client always right and everything.

“Can you show me how to use this? I never used a measuring tape before, I’m new to all of this. You see, twenty years ago, I was an accountant at a firm in los…”

“Sure sir, no problem. You just take the tape, stretch it to where you need to measure, then you lock the bump and see what the measurement is” I tried to be patient

“And it’s 2 meters?”

“Yes, see? I can stretch the entire thing over my head” I stretched the tape all the way and lifted it up to show him, measuring myself

“Now can you read the numbers? You see”

“Yes, yes, I see. You are measured 1.75 m or 5’7! Amazing, I’ll take the tape”

“Yeah…wait. What? I think you misread the numbers, sir. I’m 5'9” Can this blind bat even see? Or was he just senile?

“No, no, see? 1.75 m, 5’7. That's how you taught me” He seemed proud of himself correcting me

I checked the tape, stood near the wall and re-measured. That can't be right? right? 1.75 m, 5’7. The tape must be off.

“Yeah, sorry sir, the tape must be off the mark. That can be a problem, let me check with the manager if we have something else for you”

I strode to Chris, looking at him. Looking…Directly…At..His eyes. Wasn’t I taller than Chris?

“Did YOU change shoes or something?” I exclaimed at him. I knew there are manly shoes with height booster, I just never needed them. Maybe Chris bought some

“No. Jim, are you fine? Because if you aren’t fine, that’s ok, I’ll find someone else to take John’s shift no need the drama” He was calm and collected. I was horrified, first the diapers and now that, it was too much.

“I’ll hmm think about it, be right back” I went to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. Sure enough, I was shorter by a few inches.

“Darling, don’t you like your new look?” I knew that voice. She floated behind me, looking smug. Seeing her old fart face again was like stepping at dog shit. 

So what’s the deal now? You shrunk me, that’s my punishment this week?” I tried to stay collected, she won’t see how badly this affects me, I won’t give her the joy of a reaction.

“No *cough*  not shrunk, shrinking. Every time you shit yourself, diapers underpants, whatever, you’ll lose 1% of your height” She really enjoyed this.

“What?? So in 100 days I’ll just disappear??”

“Math is really not your strong suit, dearie. No, it's 1% of your current height, so as you get shorter, you’ll lose less height each time you fill your diapers with poop.” She oozed with pride “Since I’m a nice lady, I decided to make it fair, and you won’t get too short. The curse will stop when you get to be the same height as me, as long as I feel like it”

“Just because I called you short you’re making me a dwarf??” I was devastated. I didn’t want to, still I believed every word she said. I wanted this to end, so I must end her

I jumped toward her ghostly figure with both hands trying to pin her to the floor - I didn’t think it would actually work, but there I was, overpowering a ghost, physically, like a man. My hands wrapped around her neck, she was choking - I’m winning!

“You *cough* can’t *cough* kill a ghost” she started to glow, her form was turning white, an explosion knocked me over my diapered butt.

The white formless mass changed shapes until a young woman emerged.

The freaking biology teacher from the dream!

She stood over me, her hand reaching below my abdomen, into my skin, tightening, like squeezing me from the inside

“What the hell are you doing??” I yelled in pain

“*cough* Some lessons need to be taught the hard way, every punishment is from a sense of love and care.

I don’t hate you Jim, even though you may think I am” She recoiled her hand away. A flash of light and she was gone, I was standing in front of the mirror like nothing has ever happened.

Jesus…that was weird. Would anyone even believe me? people will just think I lost my mind if I tell them I’m shrinking and a ghost touched me from the inside. There must be a way to destroy a ghost, lift this curse and get me back to normal, right? Doctors couldn’t figure out my bowl problem, so I doubt they could fix the shrinking and with all the medical expenses…Just don’t think about it


The rest of the shift was weird, every little sip of liquid just sent me flying to the bathroom. “That fucking bitch, did something to my bladder”.

I tried to be a hero “No, I’ll hold it in just to spite her

It didn’t go so well. After 2 minutes of painfully  trying to hold it in, the dam broke on me. My diaper started to be filled with warm piss. I felt the cloth expanding on my crotch as I involuntarily relieved myself in my diaper. “God damn it” I was surprised how dry the diaper kept itself “It’s not that bad, just play it cool and no one will notice

By the time I got home, my diaper was soaked. I managed to get to the toilet in time only 3 out of 4 times, and the drive home alone made my diaper leak. I had to climb the stairs swiftly with a sagging heavy diaper and a huge wet spot on my ass. I felt pathetic. Changing my clothes made me realize that I have to get some more new clothes. I won’t fit in my old wardrobe in a couple of days…



End Chapter 5

The Anti-Masker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


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