The Anti-Masker

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Chapter 8
A Housecat

Chapter Description: Jim is dwindling in size, and the diapers he needs are dwindling with him. Addicted to pacifiers and now needs to buy clothes at the children section, Jim infantile future seems imminent.

It’s not fair to drugs, how these things are good. “ I thought while sucking the biggest pacifier I could buy off of amazon. After a few days of sucking my thumb constantly, it looked shriveled and old. Pacifiers were real game changers. Yes, I felt like a baby, but the pacifier’s soothing force negates the impact of the embarrassment. “If only I could use it at work, life is not fair” Not that I’ve been to work the last 3 days. I took Chris’s Suggestion and took 7 days off. 

Each day I woke up with a dirty messy diaper. It started to feel normal to wake up with shit in my pants, and sometimes being awake and shitting my pants. I’ve given up completely on holding out piss and just let go in my diaper. My diaper. I wanted to not think about it, and it’s what I got. Not thinking about it and just letting it go.

I was now 5’2, losing less than an inch each time I shat myself. Though, inches were not the only thing I lost. My muscle mass dwindled, I was skinnier than I was at my normal height. My dick got hit with me too. Even for my size, it was starting to get noticeably small. Every time I changed myself, I saw it gradually turning into a small nub, barely big enough to pick through my pubes. At least I still got pubes and body hair.

All of this was supposed to crush my spirit and my mind, completely destroy me. But it couldn’t, as long as I have my pacifier in my mouth. The moment my mouth was empty, the crushing emptiness of my soul, the loss of my most esteemed achievement - my masculinity and manhood, all of this came back to me, disintegrating my self worth to the air. 

With a pacifier, nothing could bother me. Need to piss, let it go. Need to shit? Let it fill my diapers. Need to change? Later, I’m watching football, it’s fine. Diaper is leaking? So what, I’ll clean it up and do laundry. Nothing can stop me. 

It was the peace and quiet I wanted for so long, ever since that ghost of a human cunt shat my life to the toilet.

After 4 days of using my diapers without thinking, enjoying my pacifier and simple life, I was 4’7 [145.7 cm]. Too short to get to the top shelf of my closet, too small to fit in my S sized diapers, my hips got smaller and the diaper sagged. 

Just, don’t think about it, it’s good. Until I needed to shit again, and the thing just plopped to the ground while I was still pooping, causing a giant mess everywhere. “I may need some help


Chris was glad to help. I felt the worst trying to explain that I needed XS diapers, but after the call, I just put my pacifier on, and everything was fine again. “He’ll get me those, and I can just go on with my life. maybe I’ll ask for more days off…”

He came two hours after the call. I needed to look way up to look at his face, I was so small, I could barely come up to his nipples. My shirt was big enough to cover my crotch, and hid a saggy soggy diaper I needed to hold with one hand to prevent it from ploping to the floor “good thing I put a pacifier, otherwise I won’t have an extra han…oh, I’m still with a pacifier aren't I?

“Jim, they didn’t… Is this a pacifier?” Chris looked shocked

“Unh yeah itsh helping my mouth wit teh sickness” I probably sounded ridiculous trying to talk through a pacifier, but I didn’t want to pull it out, I needed it more than ever now

“Huh. O..K…” He said with a worried face “Listen buddy, they don’t have extra small diapers for adults, so I bought several other things you could try. I thought you may protest but looking at you know, you probably won’t mind”

“Nah no babi thiapers” I really sounded like a toddler now, I just pulled it out to talk, feeling dreaded “No! no baby diapers Chris. I’m an adult, the paci, it’s just a coping mechanism you know, I’m not a baby, ok?”

“Ok ok, but look” He actually bent down to look me in the eyes “You are very short right now, and very skinny. I will get you a proper diaper in your size, we will find some place that makes those and you’ll have it, I promise. Now, you don’t want to make a mess all over the floor, right? You need something in the meantime, so try any of these brands”

He actually bought all of the biggest sized baby diapers he could find in the store. I didn’t know he cared this much about me.

“Why don’t you go the bathroom to change and try some of these, I’ll stay here and organize a bit” Chris said “And Jim…You can put on the pacifier if it helps, I don’t mind, I won’t tell anyone” I was so relieved, I started to piss again in the saggy diaper, I really needed a change to something more comfortable.

I took one of each brand with me to the toilet. I really wanted the DryKnights to fit, they were the only ones that didn’t look like a diaper, but more a childish underoos. They wouldn’t be able to hold my shit well, probably. After a while I noticed I didn’t even bother to check for size, only for a design that would hurt my ego the least. You won’t believe how disheartened I was to realize the best fit were some Winnie The Pooh diapers. This will be my life? Filling baby diapers while trying to convince people I’m an alpha male?

“Chris?” I didn’t hear him for a while. “Chris? are you there?”

“In the bedroom, Jim,” He yelled. I was wearing nothing but a draping t-shirt, my pacifier and…winnie the pooh diaper.

“Oh “ Chris really tried not to laugh. His smile was peaking through a serious look “We need to get you some new clothes. I allowed myself to get all of your clothes and food from the top shelves to the more suitable shelves. I’m sorry to tell you, but I don’t think you have anything that you can wear right now…” He was right, I was too small for the clothes I bought a while ago “So, wait here, and I’ll be back soon, ok buddy?”

“Yeah thure” I blurted through my paci


I hated to admit that, but those diapers were a lot softer and nicer than the adult ones. I was entranced in a football game, I completely forgot I was diapered. When the usual sensation of pressure in my tummy started, I just let it go. The poop was very soft and spread quickly throughout my ass cheeks, filling the diaper with warm mushy goop. When it reached my balls, I wanted to stop, but couldn’t, I pushed until the poop started pushing through the back of the diaper, overflowing it and getting to my back. At least the diaper’s guards prevented it from leaking through to my legs. 

I wanted to change myself, but the football was more important at the moment. I barely noticed the smell, and the warm poop was starting to set on my ass, it was almost comfortable.

The house door opened. “Hi Jim, I bought more of these diapers and some clothes. I even got some smaller sizes in case you’ll lose some more weight” I liked how he said weight and not height, Chris really was the best. “So..Why don’t you leave the TV for a seco…Huh, buddy, phew. You really need a change”

“Oh. Uh sorry Chris, yes I’ll go change” I took another baby diaper and took to the bathroom

“Do you need help there?” Chris asked through the door

“No! I know I look like a child, but I’m just a short adult, I can do it myself” I thought I sounded more serious if I pop out the paci


“These are the only shirts you found?” I was really skeptical, looking at the assortment of childish printed shirts Chris bought.  Some were with Pokemon, Transformers and even teddy bears and trains. 

“Look, I just didn’t find simple shirts your size” He bent down to look at me. I scanned his face, “I must believe him, it’s Chris, Why would he lie to me? He was such a bro with the pacifier and everything, who else would have done so much for me?” but something still bothered me with his eyes…something was off. The white of his eyes glowed tinted blue “It must be my imagination. It’s Chris,he won’t hurt me, he’s like a big brother or a da…don’t finish this thought, please…

“Sure, I’ll try them on. Thanks Chris, I owe you one bro”

“Don’t worry about it kiddo. “ He stopped himself “Sorry. Don’t worry about it DUDE”

I found the Transformers shirt and the black shorts with simple white velcro shoes to be the most fitting right now. I was constantly checking whether my diaper was showing through my pants, I didn’t want to look more like a baby. Weird saying it while using a pacifier, but still.

“You look great Jim. I really mean it. Much better than before. Don’t worry, as long as you have this beard, no one will mistake you for a child” He seemed happy with himself and his choice of clothes.

“Now, I have some matters to attend to. You think you can handle yourself until noon tomorrow? ”

“I’m an adult, I told you” I put out the paci just to say it “I don’t need supervision”

“So you won’t stay with soiled diapers while watching tv?” I blushed red, like a kid whose words used against him

“I promise, I won’t”

“OK. Then I’ll come tomorrow as a friend, just to hang out with you, how’s that sound?” “Still a bit patronizing. He really sees me as a kid, huh?

“Much better, if you mean it”

“I do. see ya tomorrow pal”



End Chapter 8

The Anti-Masker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


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