The Anti-Masker

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Chapter 11
A Lamb

Chapter Description: Jim is an adult man, but everyone treats him like a small child. Chris and his girlfriend are now acting the part of (somewhat) loving parents.

Morning’s bright sun invaded through the pale window into my eyes. “Uh it was just a dream” I thought to myself as my eyes adjusted to my surroundings. My bed crinkled and my diaper was mushy and muddy under my ass. “No…” I saw the wooden bars encasing my bed, my sheets had cartoon cats all over it and I was wearing a green footed pajama with snaps on the crotch. “It can’t be. It was real…” I was big enough to lift myself up and climb over the crib. I fell on my poopy diapered butt “There must be a way out of here”. Then I remembered the ghost’s warning. Well, I guess she’s no longer a ghost. 

Chris entered the room, saw me over the floor and rushed towards me with a horrified look.

“Oh dear God Jimmy, how the hell did you escape?”

“I’m Jim, not Jimmy” I tried to be blurb through my pacifier

“Yes, Yes you are! You know your name!” He talked to me like I was a baby.

“Please, Chris…” He ignored my pleas and lifted me up like it was nothing. He took me to the bathroom for the changing station, and started undressing me, until I only wore my colorful baby diaper

“Chris, don’t you remember yesterday? I work with you, we are friends, right?” Nothing. He ignored everything I said, laid me down and untaped my diaper, revealing the huge turd I unloaded on it during the night.

“Jeez you are a stinky little fella, aren't you?” Chris cooed

“Chris you see I have pubic hair, can you treat me like an adult?” It started to hurt, he just ignored me, taking his mouth toward my belly and blowing raspberries. I laughed out loud

“That’s how I love to see you!” He was smiling a big loveable smile, that small laugh really brightened his mood “You are a big happy boy, right?”

“Yes” I couldn’t help it, I wanted to make him happy.

He removed the messy diaper, cleaned me thoroughly and taped a new diaper with cartoon sun and clouds. He put me in a new blue shirt and left with only the diaper.

“No, Chris, please, can you put me in some pants” I was begging. Nothing. Like he heard none of it.

“Daddy, can you put me in pants?” “Maybe this will work?

“Oh cute Jimmy learned the word for pants!” He was excited as though I cracked the atom or something. “You want pants, huh Jimmy?” He said in a cutesy and babish voice

“Yes, daddy” I cracked the code.

“Sure there sport, lets give you some pantsy pants”. He put me in blue pants with snaps in the crotch that barely hid my diaper. My crotch was bloated and the diaper visibly picked through my shirt. “No one will care, for everyone outside, I’m just a baby, don’t think of it, let it go.

“What do you say to daddy after dressing you? Huh, Jimmy?”

“Thanks daddy” I won’t ever find it not weird calling Chris daddy.

“Good boy! Now let's fill this little tummy” he tickled me, I instantly laughed.


A high chair??? Unfortunately that wasn’t the only bad thing about this breakfast. Chris strapped me to the chair, then put a cute bib on me. I tried to protest but nothing

“Please, Chris, I can eat by myself” nothing…

“Please, daddy, I can eat by myself” This time he heard me. But did I understand what I said?

“You want to be a big boy already?” He said jokingly in an infantile voice

“I told you, honey, you shouldn’t talk to it in a babyish voice, it’s bad for his *cough* development” Kholeen said as she entered the dining room, winking at me.

“I just can’t help it, look how cute he is. All I want is to hug and kiss him all day” Ew gross. I think my real father would've preferred a bullet to the chest, than say anything remotely like this about another man, even if it's his boy son.


“Honey, your son is hungry, just heat the bottle already. I’ll make eggs and toast. You want to do the feeding today?” the WHAT?

“I’d rather have a cup” I tried to say, but it fell on deaf ears

“You’ll feed him, I really need to hurry, we have new people coming in for interviews, we are a bit understaffed lately” “Now they replace me?? I’m supposed to work there!” Chris gave me an elongated kiss on my head “Bye sweety, goodbye Kholeen” He said as he left. I felt weird, this kiss was so genuine, I wanted more.

“Don’t worry Jimmy, he’ll be back after your afternoon nap time” Said Kholeen. She brought me a bottle with white liquid inside, a plastic plate with scrambled eggs and cut sausages. “Ready to eat? You seem hungry”

She put her chair besides my high chair, took a plastic spoon full of eggs 

“Why don’t you open a big mouth for mommy?” She said cooing.

“I can eat by myself” I crossed my arms

“You literally can’t. Come on dearie, how else you’d grow big and strong?”

“I literally can’t!” I threw her words back at her

“Well, I don’t think starving is a better option” Kholeen said “Soon I’ll have chores to do, you might get hungry and formula won’t be enough”

“I’m NOT drinking from a baby bottle!” I was firm 

“You can strike if you’d like, but it’ll happen sooner or later. Daddy Chris really thinks you are two, do you think he’ll let you starve or get dehydrated? Just get it over with, be a good baby and you could watch cartoons or play with toys”

“Boring baby cartoons or stupid child’s games? Hooray….” I said sarcastically

“Let’s make a deal: You let me feed you quickly, you’ll finish 2 bottles, and I’ll sneak an action movie through your cartoons” That started to seem a bit more like it. Still terrible, but not as terrible

“...FINE. Get it over with. No airplanes!” I said, pissed “Or trains!”

“What about zebras?” I never heard of it “The spoon is a zebra and you are big cat -”

“Lion? I’m a big lion” I corrected her. She smirked

“Yes, a big lion that EATS the zebra” She said with a silly voice, I was unaware that I’m smiling. She understood that I like it a lot.

“I’m a poooor little zebra, oh I sure hope there are no angwy predators arouuundd” She said as she moved the spoon near my mouth. I was actually enjoying this? I took a big bite and devoured the stupid bitch zebra. Lunch was fun, and quite tasty, to my surprise. I didn’t even notice that I started peeing myself up until I was done and felt my diaper a little damp.

“Now, it’s time for your bottle” It sucked, no more eating small pretend animals.

It was actually fun as well. The nipple reminded me a lot of my beloved paci. Why did I outraged over this? I was like pacifiers but with drink inside, what’s not to like?

“See? I told you it’s not so bad” Kholeen said, seeing me chugging through the bottle like it was nothing “You’ll get used to it” She took a wipe, and wiped around my beard area.

I stopped momentarily from sucking the sweet liquid to ask her something I had in mind: “If that’s my punishment, then why are you and Chris here?”

“I’ll tell you, with one condition” always games and riddles with this woman

“What is it?”

“Call us mommy and daddy. *cough* I know it’s weird now, but you will stay our kid for a long long time, better get used to it now. Plus, Chris really like it *cough* *cough*”

“Fine. For Chris. I don’t trust you, you are sneaky and mean”

“*cough* Alright” she shrugged “I’m here because it’s better to be here than to be dead, must be pretty obvious” She explained calmly and refilled another baby bottle for me “Chris cheated on the wrong girl, so he was sent here to be in a committed relationship with a toddler kid, changing diapers for a possible eternity”

“Chr-Daddy don’t seem to be too upset about it” I said, squirming a bit in my place at the high chair, I felt something building inside me but ignored it “He feels so much love for me because of the curse?”

“Well, no. His punishment is only to see you as his kid and take care of you. The love he feels towards you is all his. *cough* I guess, deep down, he really wanted it all along” Hearing this really made me feel fuzzy in my heart. “Is this what love feels like?” I was absorbed in thoughts, sucking my bottle, my diaper felt weird, “What’s going on?...

Warm gooey liquid spread through my behinds all over my diaper. Warm pee started flowing uncontrollably, encasing my penis and filling my diaper with warmness.

“I think you need a change Jimmy” Kholeen, I mean, mommy, got up to take me

“10 more seconds…” I said quietly

“You’ll finish by the time we get to the changing station” she lifted me up no problem. In her arms, I noticed my pants had some poop stains and a dark spot “Shit”

“Language Jimmy” She scolded me

“Poop…” I surrendered

“I think thicker diapers and less pants will be best” Mommy said “Let’s get you changed and you could sit in the playpen. What action movie do you want?”

“Die hard” I said meekly



End Chapter 11

The Anti-Masker

by: Anonymous | Complete Story | Last updated Mar 15, 2023


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