Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 11
Strike One

THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up wet again and had the nasty surprise of being told there was some stool in the diaper too! I had turned red and was unable to avoid a stream of tears down my face from that knowledge.

I began to settle in though with Ivy, and our days began to swiftly pass by. I soaked up as much knowledge from her and her textbooks as I could during the next week. During that time, I grew annoyed that I couldn’t seem to help waking up wet every time I fell asleep, whether it be nighttime or a nap. I continued to really enjoy the Tabers milk that she kept giving me to drink now that she knew I liked it - it was like having one vice like a coke or a beer available. I figured she would need to go to the store for more soon, but she didn’t usually go to the grocery store - preferring to usually just take a delivery. I offered to help her unpack the groceries when they came but she just shooed me away.

Other than the first time of finding stool in my sleep though, I didn’t have that as a recurrence at least. After breakfast the second week of my stay she handed me a yellow set of shortalls that matched with a white top that had little yellow ruffles on the ends of the short sleeves. The shortalls had a pink heart in the middle of the bib. “I need to go shopping today,” she told me with a smile.

“What for?” I asked curiously, “I thought you said you have everything delivered?” I thought back and even remembered a box of diapers in the last delivery.

“I do, but I’d like to look for some other outfits for you, as well as maybe take you to look for a tablet or something you can use instead of that dinosaur you call a computer.”

I grimaced as she called my computer a dinosaur, “It was actually pretty current in my dimension,” I told her as I pulled the straps of the shortalls over my shoulders.

She just laughed, “What was it you said last week? You’re not in Canada anymore?”

“Kansas,” I sighed.

“What’s that supposed to mean anyway?” She asked.

“I take it you don’t have the Wizard of Oz as a movie here?”

She looked at me blankly, “No…?”

“It was originally a book written over a century ago in my dimension… very odd story. The premise is supposedly a young girl gets swept from her home by a tornado into the land of Oz…” she continued to look at me blankly, “Anyway… at one point she looks at her dog and says ‘I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore,’” I sighed, “it became a very common idiom to say back home.”

“I wish I could see it,” she said.

“If you have all of my boxes, I should have a DVD of it somewhere.”

“What’s a DVD?”

I sighed, “It’s what we used for about fifteen years for movies back home. It’s a round disc that a laser reads.”

“Oh, we used those about fifty years ago... My grandparents still had them when I was growing up. Was there a player in there too?”

“Should have been?” I said, “We could look for it later?”

“We’ll have to do that!” She told me, “The more I think about it I remember seeing a box of a bunch of weird plastic cases and those discs inside. I can get them from the storage shed later.”

“Great,” I said, happy that maybe we could have a bit of a cultural exchange.

I was dressed and carried to the car where she buckled me again into the rear facing car seat. We hadn’t gone anywhere in nearly a week, so I hadn’t seen the video screen she’d installed on the head rest above my car seat. As she turned the car turned on it came to life and displayed a view of Ivy and the view out the window beside her.

“That’s kind of cool,” I said to her.

She waved at the screen, “yes, it is, I can see you now too. If you want, I can also play movies on it for you.”

“I just like the idea of seeing outside right now,” I told her.

“Okay then,” she said and began driving.

I enjoyed the view of the streets and really finally got a feel for the neighborhood that Ivy lived in. It seemed to be a pretty upscale neighborhood with large yards and distance between houses. It was apparent she definitely had a larger house than many of the others she passed by driving further into town. Growing up I had once heard driving through the Midwest best described as ‘cornfield, cornfield, cornfield, porn shop, cornfield…’ Here I would say it was more, ‘Little Store, Little Store, Little Store, Daycare, Little Store…’

“Do littles basically drive your entire economy?” I asked Ivy from the back seat at a stoplight next to a large daycare that I could see littles moving around on outdoor play equipment. Most of them had just a t-shirt and a diaper on, while quite a few only wore their diapers with chests and breasts exposed to the world.

I saw her look down at her screen and she nodded, “A good chunk at least…” she noted as the light turned green and she started again. Eventually she pulled into the parking lot of an enormous mall.

She got out of the car but didn’t immediately come to my side of the door. Instead she was doing something in the trunk. I twiddled my thumbs literally for a moment while waiting for her. I decided to try and pull at the latch myself but couldn’t get the right grip on the buckle apparently. She finally opened the door and picked me up, letting me see the reason she’d been slow to open my door.

“I don’t need that…” I whined as I looked at the purple stroller that she had sitting next to the door.

“You think that now,” she told me, “but with your size just walking from one end to the other and back is going to feel like several miles to you.”


“Less than it will be because I’ll be stopping in stores,” she whispered as she buckled me into the stroller.

I frowned, “But I want to walk around…”

“Remember the other part of our deal the last time we went out?”

I groaned, “Blend…” I sighed. “But don’t toddlers sometimes get to walk around?”

“And you may too,” she told me with a smile as she stepped behind me.

I looked in front of me at a bar that had a space for a cup or a bottle. Above me was a canopy that looked like it wasn’t fully opened. The inside of the stroller was a weird color that somehow felt like both a purple and some sort of purplish fuchsia. It was kind of an ugly color to me… At least the seat was well padded and I felt comfortable as my legs dangled over the edge of it. I leaned forward a little, well as much as the harness let me, and could see a foot rest that my feet had no hope of touching. ‘If anything, this stroller almost feels too big for me…’ I shuddered, ‘What would be right for my size…?’

She pushed the stroller to the entrance of the mall and a nice teenage girl held the door open for us. “Thank you,” Ivy told her.

“No problem, have fun shopping cutie,” she waved at me.

Not knowing what else to do, I waved back to her. Ivy found her first store pretty quickly and soon had me out of the stroller and in a dressing room to try on some dresses and rompers she found. I sighed but participated as a well-behaved dolly as she ended up picking out a half-dozen outfits before putting me back into the stroller. We were leaving the store when I felt the twinge, “Mommy!” I said.

She looked around the front and looked at me, “What sweetie?”

“Potty Mommy!”

She smiled and said, “Just hold it sweetie, we’re not too far from a restroom.”

I found myself squirming as the urge increased faster than I remembered a few days ago even. I hadn’t been far from my potty at home though so it hadn’t been a big deal. She pushed through a door of a small family bathroom and locked the door before coming around to me.

My bladder felt like it was about to explode so as soon as she sat me down on the floor I hurried to the gigantic toilet. I tried pulling at the straps of my coveralls frantically to pull them down. I managed to get one of the buckles loose and then was working on the second one when I felt a drop of urine make it past my clenched muscles.

I struggled some more as Ivy said, “Let me help you,” and reached to get past my hands I lost the battle.

I felt tears in my eyes as the urine pooled down my shorts and began dribbling down my legs and onto the bare part of my feet around my sandals. “I’m sorry,” I told her.

In response she knelt down and hugged me, “It’s okay sweetie, you tried.” She gave me a moment while urine continued to drip out of me, before she said, “Let’s get those wet things off of you.”

I nodded and let her finish getting the buckle I couldn’t get undone. A moment later I was just in my shirt with the dripping shortalls and panties sitting on the long counter inside the room.

“Were you done going?” she asked me kindly.

I shrugged, “I don’t know?”

“Let’s try the potty just in case?” She suggested.

I dumbly nodded and let her hold me on the edge of the toilet and forced myself to go even though I was mortified from my accident and the woman holding me naked above the toilet. I managed to push out just a little bit of urine before some logs of poop followed. I was blushing bright red as she wiped me first with some toilet paper and then carried me to stand on top of the counter that I could tell was really just a nice permanent changing table. The diaper bag she had been carrying last week came out and I grimaced as she brought out baby wipes and cleaned me up without asking for my participation. They were cold and with the air conditioning blowing I felt goosebumps up and down my skin.

“We’ll get you dressed in just a second,” she told me.

I watched as she dug inside and feared I was going to move from panties to diapers already from this one incident. ‘One?’ I asked myself. ‘Every night time and nap too…’ I felt my stomach doing somersaults as she finally pulled her hands from inside the bag, she unfolded a bundle of cloth that contained a dress and a pair of my panties.

“Here,” she told me with a smile handing me the panties.

I quickly pulled them up my legs and then let her pull the dress over my head. It was one that just pulled on so I didn’t have to worry about buttons or a zipper. My sandals were soon back on my feet and she had me wash my hands before buckling me back into the stroller. I watched from my position as she pulled out some bag from inside the diaper bag to put my wet things in and secured it all underneath my seat.

“I need to go potty too while we're here,” she announced.

I sighed and just sat there thinking about the fact that I had just wet my pants. As she finally pushed me outside of the bathroom she said, “Holly this does count as strike one,” I felt a tear down my eye, “but remember I said per week. So, if a week from today you haven’t had two other strikes it’ll reset to the last time you have an accident.”

I breathed a small sigh of relief, ‘okay… don’t have two more accidents in the next week… should be easy!’

I couldn’t help but have a feeling of doom with those thoughts though as she pushed me past a pair of women breastfeeding their little girls on a bench. The breasts pushing their babyish clothes out made it obvious they were not actual real babies.


IVY SMILED ABOVE the handles of the stroller as she pushed Holly deeper into the mall. When they got to the mall, she had intentionally not asked Holly if she needed to go to the potty in the hopes this would happen. Shortalls were another gamble that had also paid off when Holly couldn’t get the hook off the button fast enough in her panic to go. The look on Holly’s face though as she lost control had just about broken her resolve to not put her into diapers then and there forever more.

Luckily for Holly she had intentionally left the diapers at home, but brought two sets of clothes, an extra pair of panties, and a couple of Pull-Ups. ‘If she goes through all of that… well it’ll be over anyway,’ she thought to herself.

As much as she wanted to just diaper Holly, she couldn’t deny that she was the smartest little she’d ever encountered. Her understanding of medical texts she read was at least as good as the medical students she had gone to school with… maybe better. That part made her feel really guilty about adopting Holly, but it didn’t matter now that the act was done. Holly was a minor and would never be allowed to practice medicine by any hospital board. ‘There’s no harm in humoring her though and letting her continue to learn,’ she thought to herself. ‘Even if she never again performs a surgery or even performs an examination.’

Ivy pushed Holly’s stroller through the mall for another hour looking at clothes before deciding it was time to go for lunch and then their next stop. “Holly, do you need to go potty before we go get some lunch?” she asked as she leaned over the canopy.

Holly had been uncharacteristically quiet this whole time, and just gave her a small nod and a quiet, “Please…”

She made her way to a bathroom on the way out to the car and chose to just go into the women’s room with the stroller this time. Parking it beside the entrance she unbuckled her from the stroller, and carried her to an open stall, setting Holly on the ground. Holly pulled her panties down and her dress up before Ivy leaned down to pick her up to place her on the too large potty.

‘I hate holding her like this,’ she thought to herself as a tinkle of water began coming from Holly. ‘She could fall in so easily…’

When she was silent Ivy asked, “Are you done sweetie?”

A nod was the only answer so she grabbed a wad of toilet paper while holding her in place with one hand to wipe her gently dry. Just to be safe she wiped her butt too, but found it clean. She sat her down on the ground so she could pull up her panties and said, “Good girl,” to her.

Holly blushed bright red and didn’t say anything.

Ivy began to get a bit worried then, ‘Did I go too far?’

She helped her wash her hands and then buckled her back into the stroller. “How about pasta for lunch?” she asked Holly as she buckled her into the car seat a few minutes later.

“Sure,” Holly answered her. “Sorry if I’m quiet… I just can’t believe I wet my pants… I’m not a baby for crying out loud, but my potty training seems to be disappearing faster than my height when I arrived here…”

“It’ll be okay,” Ivy found herself reassuring Holly. “I don’t think any less of you,” she added.

With a sigh Holly nodded and she closed the door and drove the short distance to a chain restaurant.


IVY PULLED ME from the car seat and carried me into the restaurant on the right side of her body, and the diaper bag on her left. She took care to pull my dress down under my bottom to cover my panties while she checked in at the hostess stand, “How many?”

“Just us,” Ivy told her.

“High chair or booster?” She asked looking at me.

Ivy looked down at me and I just leaned into her, I didn’t care much at this point. “Let’s do the high chair,” she told her.

The lady spoke to a waitress who led us back to be seated, “Aren’t you just an adorable little princess?” she said to me as she put a high chair right up against the table.

I just smiled in return.

“How old is she?” the waitress asked Ivy.

“Just turned twenty months the other day,” she told her in response.

“And wearing big girl panties already?” she asked as Ivy sat me down and flashed my panties.

“Yep, she’s doing pretty good with her potty training. Had a little pee pee accident this morning, but that’s the first daytime one in a week!”

I wanted to dig myself a hole in the ground and crawl into it, ‘Really? She has to announce that to the world?!?’

“What a big girl!” The girl cooed at me. “What can I get you to drink?”

“I’ll take water, I have a sippy cup for her - can you bring me some juice to put in it?”

“Sure thing! Plapple work?”

“That’ll be fine,” she said and I watched the peppy young woman walk away.

Of course, being an alleged twenty-month-old meant no menu for me. I kind of expected to share with Ivy given my smaller appetite anyway, but I sat in the uncomfortable restaurant high chair - kind of bored while we waited for the waitress. She brought back a glass of juice that Ivy poured into a sippy cup while she ordered, “If we can have the chicken alfredo,” she said to her.

“Soup or Salad?”

“Soup would be great,” she told her.

“Be right out in a bit,” the waitress said with a smile, “Oh, almost forgot, here’s a set of crayons and a placemat she can color on.”

Ivy put it in front of me and I looked at it skeptically for a moment before taking one of the proffered crayons. The picture in front of me was a plate of pasta with meatballs… I started scribbling all over it the way I figured a real kid my age would. Time managed to pass enough that the soup came out and Ivy said, “Holly let me get your bib on you…”

I groaned at the ‘Mommy’s Little Princess’ lettering on it, but sat still while she velcroed it behind my neck. After that I watched as she blew on the soup spoon for several moments before bringing the large spoon to my mouth. “Open up!” she said to me.

My face turned red at being fed like a baby, but I opened up to at least try the soup. It was still a little warm but not too bad. The soup did taste really good! I smiled at her and felt a dribble go down my chin. She alternated taking a few spoonfuls and then giving me a spoonful until the bowl was empty.

“What a good little eater she is!” The waitress cooed as she brought a plate of food for Ivy over. “I brought you a small plate if you want to let her eat on her own too,” she told Ivy.

“Thanks, but it’ll be cleaner if I use my plate!” she told her with a wink.

I wanted to groan but I just chose to sit in more silence. A family with a big set of three daughters had just come in. They were carrying a little woman dressed in a frilly pink romper. As they passed by, I could smell the odor of a used diaper just as Ivy put a fork up to my mouth. I wrinkled my nose from the smell mixing with the forkful, but took a bite, glad they passed by quickly. Luckily the pasta tasted okay so I took my turn eating even as Ivy tried to engage me to smile or talk or something.

I wasn’t very talkative though, instead I stared at the sight several tables over where the poopy little was sat in a high chair. “Aren’t you going to change her Mommy?” the second oldest of the real kids asked. I guessed she was around ten or so.

“No sweetie, when you get a new little, they say it’s best that they get used to sitting in their poopies for a while. If you don’t, they’ll get spoiled and expect a change immediately anytime they just barely piddle in them.”

“Please,” I heard a quiet sob around the pacifier.

The lady looked at her and smacked her hand, “No! Not until I think you’re ready little girl. I still can’t believe you thought you were a big girl and could work at that grocery store! How you could wet yourself right next to the produce we were going to be eating, I don’t know! Nope that wasn’t going to work, but we’ve got you all fixed up though now sweetie!” the lady said with a menace in her voice that made me nervous.

I took another bite of pasta then just as the lady pulled out a jar of baby food and began spooning it into the poor girls’ mouth. We were waiting for the check when the woman pulled the little out of the high chair and put a bottle of milk in her mouth. “Don’t worry, Mommy should have milkies ready for you by the end of the week. We’ll just have to use some of my sisters’ milk until then…”

I was grateful when the check was paid and Ivy carried me to the restroom. I sat on the potty and did my business before she wiped me clean. “Holly?”

“Yes Mommy?” I asked a bit nervously.

“You know you normally take your afternoon nap right about now?”

I nodded, “I am kind of sleepy,” I admitted.

“Why don’t we put you in a Pull-Up in case you go to sleep? It’s going to be a while until we get to the next store?”

I looked at the panties I had just pulled up on my hips. They weren’t exactly adult underwear, but they at least weren’t diapers… a Pull-Up basically was a diaper. I decided to double check, “If I fall asleep it doesn’t count, right?”

“Right,” she told me quietly.

I just nodded, “Okay.”

She reached into the diaper bag while I pulled the panties down and we traded items. I pulled the purple garment up my legs and noticed once again that it wasn’t the snuggest fit. ‘If she really felt like I was going to sleep she should have brought a diaper…’ I thought to myself.

Ivy helped me wash my hands and I found myself carried to the car and once again buckled into my car seat.


IVY LOOKED AT the monitor of her sleeping little girl and smiled. ‘Pasta will do it every time…’ she thought to herself. ‘Well milk more so… It would have been weird to bring it with us.’ Of course, that brought a bigger smirk to her face as well as a grimace. ‘I’d better find a place to change these pads out before she wakes up. I really need to pump at lunch time…’

It was a pretty long drive across town to get to the electronics store she wanted to go to. When she opened up the passenger door she saw that Holly was still out like a light. She decided to use one of the better features of her stroller. It doubled as being able to unlatch the base of the new car seat from the car and just place it into the stroller as is with an infant. ‘No need to wake Holly up, and then maybe I can do something about these leaky boobies…’ She pulled a light blanket out of the trunk and laid it over the now mounted car seat to let Holly have her best chance at staying asleep a little longer.

‘She’s been napping for about two hours in the afternoon and it’s only been about thirty minutes,’ she thought to herself. ‘I should have time…’

Walking in through the doors of the big electronics store she couldn’t help but smile. A nerd at heart, this place had dangerous toys everywhere she looked! ‘Bathroom first…’ she said to herself. Making her way into a handicap stall she parked the stroller next to her and opened the diaper bag to find some nursing pads she’d left in there. ‘As much as I want to pump I don’t want her to know I am lactating yet…’

She pulled the damp pads out that she was wearing and quickly used a baby wipe to clean the nipples off before placing the new pads in place. ‘Better double them just in case…’ she thoughtfully added to herself. She took the time to use the toilet and washed her hands before looking in on Holly. Her little girl was fast asleep and clearly it was a good idea for the pull-up as she could see the learning designs already mostly faded away.

‘I hope she doesn’t leak…’ she worried, but knew her clothes and the car seat cushion would wash easily if she did. She walked down the aisles to the Little’s accessory section of the store and found something she was looking for. It was a ‘LittleProtect’ watch that she could put on her and make sure she was safely able to track her. There were even some panic modes available to contact her or others via video if she needed to. ‘Maybe I should get something simpler…’ she thought for a moment but shrugged and took it. ‘If someone figures out that she’s a little, she’s so cute, she’s a prime candidate for kidnapping,’ she admitted to herself.

The watch was purple and she knew it would work well for most of her wardrobe. Pushing her stroller bound little down the aisles she looked at the various other gadgets for littles they sold and shuddered… ‘Not happening to my Holly…’ she thought as she walked towards the tablet section of the store. This company had just finally been granted exclusive access to sell Melon Corps latest tablets. One was small and thin enough that she thought it would be ideal for Holly to read on. ‘She certainly is a voracious reader,’ she had noted on multiple occasions. It wasn’t that she had read every word of the seven textbooks she’d gone through in the last week, but it was clear that Holly had been looking for differences from their physiology and medical practices standpoint. Holly seemed to be able to mesh that information with her own knowledge very easily to clearly understand and remember anything she studied.

‘She’d already make a better professor than most of mine were!’

She ended up picking up a ten-inch version of the tablet that seemed almost like a phone in size to her. Just as she was getting to the register, she noticed the feeling of movement going on under the stroller covering. She pulled it off and smiled at Holly who was wiping her eyes, “Well hello there, did you have a nice nap?”

Holly’s expression went from sour, to shock, to fear, to tears in about two seconds as she felt and realized she was in a wet Pull-Up. “Wet Mommy,” was all she said to her.

“It’s okay Holly! Mommy’ll get you all dry once she checks out here.”

Holly for her part grimaced but nodded while closing her eyes again. ‘I can’t wait until we get her past being embarrassed over a silly wet diapee!’

The checkers moved quickly and she had the devices put in a bag to carry out to the car in no time. “Holly, do you want to go back inside to change or just do it in the car?” She asked her softly at the car.

At her shrug and red face Ivy decided here it was.


I WAS IN shock that my indifference generated a different outcome than I expected. Grabbing the stroller, she parked it next to her car and quickly undid the buckle holding me into my seat. She pushed my dress up around my armpits then and ripped open the sides of the training pants before grabbing my ankles in her hand and pulling out from underneath me.

My naked bottom was exposed to the world in the parking lot, and I felt some tears going down my face as she smiled broadly and wiped me with a baby wipe with my butt held in the air. She then lay my legs down for a second. “I’m going to put another Pull-Up on you just in case you fall asleep again on the way home,” Ivy said.

I just nodded hoping she’d get me dressed sooner rather than later. She pushed a Pull-Up up my legs and I helped lift my butt and hips for her to slide it into place. She buckled me back into the seat before unlatching it and placing me into the car. ‘I was in my car seat this whole time?’ I thought to myself.

‘Why is she even fooling around with me?’ I worried. ‘Clearly this plot doesn’t end with me wearing adult underwear…’

‘Maybe I should just confront her…?’ I wondered. ‘But that might just set off whatever she has planned sooner? I don’t want to be eating baby food like that poor girl.’

The drive home was pretty long, but I never fell back asleep. I think Ivy was a little surprised that I hadn’t when we reached the house and she pulled me out of the car seat. “Why don’t you go use the potty and then I’ll show you the new toys I bought you,” she told me as she sat me down inside the house.

I nodded and walked towards the bathroom with a growing need to go pee in side of me. I made it with plenty of time to spare though this time, and used the toilet paper she offered to wipe, before wordlessly exchanging my dry Pull-Up for the panties that she held out to me.

“Are you okay?” Ivy asked me gently after helping me wash my hands and picking me up.

I shrugged, “Define okay?”


“Kind of hard to define, huh? I’m in another dimension where I’ve not only shrunk to the size of a young child in my home dimension, but here I’m the size of a baby. I’ve been having problems staying dry in my sleep for the last week, and today I didn’t make it to the bathroom during the daytime. I’ve watched around this place and noticed everyone my size I see is in a diaper and most of them are being treated like they’re the age of the size I am…”


“If it wasn’t for the fact that I was living out of a hotel and jobless in the other dimension I would say I was completely stupid to come here… as it is, I just think I was an idiot for coming here,” I sighed.

She hugged me then, “I’m sorry…” she said.

I sighed, “Nothing to help this mess, I guess… I agreed to come here for two years. What new toys did you want to show me?”

Her eyes held excitement then and she sat me down on the kitchen table and brought over a bag. “Two things,” she told me.

She opened a small box that looked like it contained a watch, ‘LittleProtect+’ it said on the outside of the box. I read the box and felt a bit of a shiver at the descriptions:

LittleProtect+ Serves as Protection for your little against being lost or kidnapped.

Features include: Uncuttable/breakable wrist band (36 Digit Parent Password Necessary to release), GPS Locator, Video Calling to Four Preset Numbers, and Emergency Alarm Function

Also includes toy pet function rewarding active little with in-game credits based on active steps and exercise movement. Watch face displays and reads the time and to little.

“So, this is supposed to what… keep me from being kidnapped?” I asked nervously. “Does that happen a lot?”

Ivy sighed, “I doubt it’ll be a problem for you since you’ll be with me or another big, but yes it can be a problem. I figured you would at least like to be able to know what time it is too?”

I nodded, “Thanks I guess,” and held out my wrist for her to fasten it. She had me hold it out for a few minutes while she connected it to her phone somehow and password protected it. When she was done, I looked down and gratefully noted that it was a really comfortable wristband. I pressed the blank watch face and was rewarded with the time of ‘17:23’ and the voice of the watch saying it aloud. It was a voice perfect for a toddler TV series like Sesame Street... I groaned at it, but I knew I could be stuck with worse Amazons.

“This is the other thing,” she told me as she pulled out a thin rectangular box and began unwrapping it. She pulled from it what seemed to me to be a clear transparency sheet for an old fashioned classroom projector.

“What is it?” I asked as she pressed on it and suddenly it became obvious it was a screen.

“A tablet?” She paused, “Do you have those?”

I nodded, “There’s one in my bag actually… but how do they have any components in this thing?” I asked as I held out my hands to hold it. It wasn’t much thicker than a piece of poster board and was completely flexible. I pressed on the screen and it began asking setup questions.

“Here let me get this setup for you…” she told me.

I watched from the edge as she set up an account and linked it to her own bank accounts. Limits on what could be spent or done without passwords were set, and I couldn’t help but note that child friendly search protection and limits were turned on as she swiftly set it up. Her final act was to link it to some of her accounts so I could have access to her textbooks.

I could see fifty books listed on the library she showed me and smiled, “This’ll be a lot easier to read with!”

“I hope so!” She told me with a smile.

“Thanks,” I told her.

“You’re welcome… Why don’t you mess around with those and I’ll get to work on some things I need to get done?”

I nodded and let her take me off the table and sat me down in the living room. I found myself climbing onto the couch like a mountain climber and soon laying on my stomach exploring the contents of her library. I had just begun skimming through a medical ethics and law textbook when she said, “Ready for dinner?”


The rest of the evening passed as much of the last week had. I had some more of the Tabers milk along with my dinner, before we watched a couple TV shows together on the couch. Eventually I found myself in a diaper for the night, and drifting off to sleep in my bed.



End Chapter 11

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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