Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 12

THE NEXT MORNING Ivy found herself waking up the little girl from her deep sleep. She again found a diaper that was completely soaked - almost to the point of leaking. ‘This is the fourth day in a row she’s almost leaked… I may have to start waking up and changing her in the middle of the night,’ she noted to herself. ‘Or maybe just change her before I go to bed… she’s starting to sleep earlier in the evening.’

“Good morning,” she said brightly to Holly as she saw her eyes finally open.

“Ugh…” Holly griped, “I don’t believe in mornings, can I just go back to sleep?”

She laughed, “Nope, come on I have a few things I want to get done later and they don’t involve letting you sleep in.”

She carried the sleepy girl to the changing mat on her floor and began thinking about how much nicer the nursery would be to change her in. The changing mat of course worked, but it would be nice to not bend over all of the time! She made sure to wipe Holly’s diaper area completely clean with the wipes before handing her a pair of panties to pull on.

“What do you want to wear today?” she asked her.

A shrug, “I don’t care?”

“I pick?” She said with a smile, “Okay!”

Holly looked a little alarmed as she stood in her cute little panties, but stood patiently as Ivy looked in the closet. She found a romper that would probably result in protests from anyone over the age of two, but Ivy thought it was adorable! Since Holly made the mistake of saying she could choose, she’d finally get to see her in it! She pulled the green romper off of the hanger and pulled it open for her to pull over her head, “Arms up,” she told Holly and watched the little girl follow her directions.

She couldn’t help but go ‘awww’ as she pulled the green romper over Holly’s head and knelt down to snap up the crotch snaps. She picked her up and carried her to the mirror so she could see herself.

The green romper was adorable with small yellow and white butterflies flying around all the way around the fabric. A single larger butterfly on the front of the left bottom part of the romper included pink wings and little hearts inside of them. Clearly meant for a baby still in diapers, and a mommy who wanted to be able to easily change her, the snaps went all the way up the front to the collar and would let it be pulled in half to make changing messy diapers even easier.

“I look ridiculous,” Holly said a second later with a frown. “I shouldn’t have told you that you could pick.”

“No, you shouldn’t, but I think you look adorable!” Ivy replied and tickled her side for just a second, before she hugged her tighter. “Let’s get some breakfast in that stomach and we’ll do your hair,” she added as a growl emitted from Holly’s small stomach.

‘Okay, I’m getting tired of waiting for this control to finish going,’ she thought as she prepared her breakfast after securing her in the high chair. ‘She already shouldn’t be able to control her bladder or bowels at all…’


I LOOKED DOWN at the babyish garment as Ivy finished putting together my oatmeal and toast that had become my normal breakfast. The romper screamed ‘baby’ and let me know that it seemed likely to be my fate. ‘Why has she let me continue to be a big girl this long…?’ I had begun asking myself.

From everything I could see, and find out through my clandestine internet research, there were very few adopted littles living out of diapers. Maybe thirty percent of the little population was free, and only ten percent were brave enough to go outside without at least a Pull-Up on. For me the watch she had given me the previous night had sealed any of the secret hopes that I wasn’t really adopted already. The box had clearly stated that legally a little had to be adopted to wear one!

I ate the oatmeal before drinking the milk and noted how I couldn’t really bring myself to stop eating or drinking either once I began. Neither lasted long before I had them in my stomach! While I ate Ivy put my hair into two loose pigtails and tied bows in them with some yellow ribbon that matched the butterfly on the front.When I was done eating Ivy helped me down and over to the bathroom.

“Need help undoing those snaps?” She asked me.

“Let me try?” I said curiously.

Like too many things I’d encountered so far in this dimension it seemed unreasonable that I couldn’t undo them. Babies regularly manage to get out of these things on their own and go streaking in the nude, but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get any of the snaps to open.

“What’s the deal?” I asked as I let her take over and she easily undid them.

“What do you mean?”

“Why can’t I undo them?”

“Probably a strength or dexterity issue?” she suggested.

I nodded, “But why? It’s weird that I can’t undo them…”

“Well it makes sense actually. You don’t really want a little getting access to their diaper and able to take it off and poop everywhere?”

I blushed, “But I’m not in diapers…”

“Thus, the potty,” she smiled at me as I began tinkling.

I went until I was out of urine, wiped, and then let her re-snap the outfit shut before washing our hands. “Why don’t you go turn on the TV and find something to watch? All those books will warp your brain?”

I laughed at that, “You know that's the opposite of what it should be…”

She laughed too, before she patted my head and I followed her request to watch something on the TV. The large remote was pretty straightforward, and I quickly found myself channel surfing through a limited number of channels. I was really surprised by how few channels there were until I discovered the parental locks were in effect. With a sigh I discovered at least a channel that looked like the Discovery Channel was allowed. I soon found myself engrossed in watching some sort of bizarre robotics competition. The couch was a bit too big to get comfortable on for some reason, so I found myself sitting on the wood floor in front of the coffee table.

In the first episode I watched, they were given a challenge to build a robot that could pack and ship items quickly into boxes without human interaction, in just five days. I was reminded almost of the old Monster Garage show that had once been on Discovery. It was interesting to watch them tackle the mechanical and programming parts together in their five-person team. Their technology was so much further advanced than ours that it blew my mind! The second episode was a house building robot challenge. The winning team basically built a three-dimensional concrete and steel printer that built a huge elaborate mansion in three hours!

When that episode ended, I noted that Ivy had set down a sippy cup that I’d been oblivious to. Thirsty, I began drinking out of it, unsure of what was in it since it was in an opaque purple sippy cup. I smiled when I tasted the Tabers milk and turned my attention back to an episode where they built a robot for changing diapers. I was both disturbed and intrigued as they threw in dolls first, and finished the episode with a daycare full of littles that needed changed.

When it was over, I saw Ivy standing over me looking concerned. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

She pointed down and I felt dizzy as I realized I had somehow wet my pants and never even noticed it!

“But…” I felt tears go down my face, “I…”

I found myself crying right then as Ivy picked me up and carried me back towards my bedroom and lay me down on the changing pad. “It’s okay sweetie,” she told me as she began unsnapping the romper from the top down and pulled my arms free of it with its massive wet spot. My panties were pulled down my legs next and she wiped me clean with some wipes before hugging me, “It’s really okay sweetie,” she reassured me.

“But… that’s… that’s…” I hiccoughed in between words, “strike… two…” Tears streamed down my eyes still “I… never… felt…”


IVY HELD THE naked and very upset little girl wrapped in a towel for a long while before the hiccoughs became slow steady breaths, and she fell asleep. ‘Probably best to just let her sleep…’ she thought to herself, noting it was only about an hour until lunchtime. Not wanting to upset her further when she woke up, she decided to risk just putting a Pull-Up on her, along with buttoning her in another romper.

Using what willpower she had left, she lay Holly down on the bed, and partially closed the bedroom door. She would have to wake her up at lunch, but it would do her some good to sleep. ‘I hope she adjusts okay in the end,’ she thought to herself. As she walked away, she looked down and noticed that her bra and shirt were suddenly quite soaked.

‘Damn… her crying must have made my breasts let down…’ Ivy sighed and walked down the hallway to her room and grabbed another nursing bra and blouse. ‘Might as well pump at this point…’ she added to herself as she walked to the nursery.

Sitting in the rocking chair to pump she smiled knowing that soon she would be able to skip pumping most of the time and let Holly do the work. ‘I’ll have to move the pump to my bedroom or the kitchen when I start having her use this room… don’t want to wake her up if she’s sleeping!’

To her surprise her milk production seemed to have doubled suddenly and she ended up filling an extra pouch. ‘I may still be pumping if she can’t drink this much…’ she thought. ‘She’ll need her bottles at daycare though, might as well make sure we stay ahead on that front.’

‘Do I give her more at lunch? Or give her a little longer to be a big girl?’

It wasn’t that she was sadistic with her desire to have her little in full baby mode… She didn’t want to just do the instant ‘hey you’re a baby now!’ to the girl. ‘You’re a girl now!’ was bad enough she thought guiltily. ‘I think it would seem less painful to be put into diapers if you need them than if it’s just because it’s what Mommy wants,’ she justified to herself. ‘I can’t wait though! One more accident will do it!’


“HOLLY TIME TO get up and have some lunch,” I heard as I realized I must have cried myself to sleep.

My eyes opened and I looked up at a concerned Ivy, “How long did I sleep for?” I asked as I realized she had put a Pull-up on me… and it seemed damp.

“A bit over an hour,” she told me as she pulled the blanket off of me and gently picked me up. “Do you need to go potty before lunch?” she asked.

I blushed, “I think I went in my sleep?”

A hand suddenly invaded my crotch and she nodded, “Feels a bit damp down there, but not too bad if you want to eat first before we take care of that?”

I looked at her wondering why I would want to stay in a wet Pull-up? “All the same, could we get some new underwear for me? Maybe I’ll try going anyway?”

She smiled and nodded, grabbing a pair of panties out of the dresser before carrying me quickly to the bathroom. Before she sat me down, she pulled at three snaps at my crotch and revealed the damp garment that had definitely lost its wetness indicator pattern. I blushed at that, but as she sat me down pulled the shirt like garment up and the Pull-Up off my feet before sitting down on the plastic potty.

I went more than I would have expected, so I was glad I went, but more importantly I was disturbed that I didn’t realize I needed to go that much. ‘Something is going wrong in the processing of my bladder to my brain…’

When I was done, I stood up and Ivy wiped me thoroughly with a baby wipe, “Let’s make sure you’re not still sitting with pee on your skin,” she said.

I blushed but let her do her thing, pulled on the new panties, and let her do the snaps up. She cleaned up from my potty and had the Pull-Up thrown away before leading me to the dining room.

“What’s for lunch?” I asked.

“Quesadillas work?”

“Sure,” I said with a shrug.

She picked me up and sat me in the high chair before putting a quesadilla on the tray that had been cut up into bite size squares. Seeing no utensils, I just began picking up a bite at a time with my fingers. I preferred eating with a fork, but she was eating hers with her hands too.

‘I only have one more strike left,’ I thought to myself as I ate. ‘I have to make it a week before that restarts…’ I chided myself internally during lunch. I pretty much sat in silence and barely responded to Ivy throughout lunch as I dwelled about the precipice I was perched on. ‘I hope I can make it… but it’s not going to be as easy as it should be.’

After we both finished lunch, I went to the bathroom and tried taking the romper snaps off. This one was just as impossible to unsnap as the other one and I began to feel the need to go grow more and more. “Ivy!” I called out, “Can you please come undo this?”

I hopped from foot to foot and held my hands over my crotch in some vain attempt to keep everything inside my bladder. She came just in the nick of time to unsnapped it, and I had just barely pulled my panties down and sat on the potty, when the stream quickly began coming out.

“That was a close one, huh?” She asked me.

I blushed, “Yes it was… can I wear a dress or something instead of this?”

“Sure,” she said as she helped clean me up.

‘A week?’ I thought to myself, ‘Something is definitely making this harder for me.’ As she helped me change into a dress instead, I wondered how responsible Ivy was for my bathroom problems.


IVY WAS BERATING herself internally, ‘Two more minutes - if that - and she would have had her third strike.’ She sighed as she watched Holly lay on her stomach on the ground in front of the couch with her new tablet. She was probably reading through yet another textbook. ‘I’ve never seen anyone devour medical information as quickly as she does. I swear she must have an eidetic memory because she asks me about some things I can barely remember!’

She watched her for a moment and then went back to responding to some emails on her laptop that she had sat on the kitchen table where she could discreetly watch Holly. A serious surgery was planned in the pediatrics unit in the next couple weeks, and the CEO of the hospital, Bob Clark, had emailed her to see if she could come in to be the lead for that procedure. He was apologetic for asking, but felt the five-year-old girl had a better chance if she was leading the team. ‘You can have an extra two weeks of paid maternity leave if you want, plus double your normal pay for the procedure.’

‘I can’t turn that down…’ she thought to herself looking over at Holly. ‘I can have my parents watch her or maybe just bring her to the daycare. It would give her a trial run at what it’ll be like when I go back to work…’

‘At the rate she’s gone these past two days she should be in diapers full time by then… and I’ll have her nursing by then too…’

She wrote a quick reply that she would do the procedure, but asked if she could bring her little girl with her to the Pre-Op appointment on Friday of next week. ‘I don’t want to put her in daycare yet’ she both thought and wrote to the administrator.


I SAT GLUED to the article I was reading discussed the ‘necessity’ of feeding littles a diet of only breastmilk. The credentials Ivy held for the hospital gave me access to the local Emerson University Medical Library Catalog. Online they held hundreds of medical journals that you could view, and I’d been going through several of one pediatric journal’s last decade of publications over the last six days since my accident in front of the TV.

Many close calls later I had managed to make it seven days past my first accident without having another. Ivy had reminded me that morning that I had gained another strike to have, since a week had passed since my first. Having two chances available again didn’t make me feel a whole lot better though that morning. Not long after I ate breakfast I had just about crapped my pants before getting to the toilet. For some reason my bowels were feeling looser every day. That was in addition barely any warning on needing to pee from my bladder! I had myself on a strict alarm of trying to go every thirty minutes to make sure that I didn’t have accidents. ‘Sort of self-potty-training boot camp,’ I had thought when I started.

Looking back at the article I wondered if I hadn’t identified the reason for my continence issues.

Dietary Studies for Best Practices with New Littles

Dr. Mark Nimitz, Professor Emerson University, Director of Little Care at EU Children’s Hospital


As more Littles begin to travel from the other dimension to ours, we are seeing an influx of littles that are way more independent than our native littles. The effects of our adult food upon their digestive system seems to have negative consequences of severe constipation, allergic reactions, and poor weight control.

This study compared four hundred newly arrived littles from a dimensional relocations agency who were split into four groups, a control group, pureed food, formula only, and breastfed only. The Formula and Pureed groups were given the same brands and volumes each feeding, while logs of the control groups' meals were kept and analyzed for nutritional information. Regular reporting of urine and bowel movement data, as well as analysis of the consistency of fecal movements were made daily for twelve weeks. Daily weight and body temperature values were also collected. Caregivers were asked to also report on their littles apparent continence, or lack thereof, as the study progressed. Data was analyzed with a chi-squared test.

Overwhelming results demonstrated that Breastfed littles were better adjusted in using their diapers as they lost their continence and reported far fewer cases of Constipation (Charts below).










Conclusion: Littles arriving from the new dimension are far healthier, better adjusted, and ready to be cared for if they are breastfed. Care should be taken when using Formula as a substitute for Breast Milk due to a significant increase of cases of constipation. Regular laxatives and suppositories should be administered if a little is Formula Fed. Pureed baby food is also considered a better value for dietary needs over regular adult table foods.

I found myself moving past the abstract, and began pouring through the data of the study. As I did so I had a sickening thought, ‘What is this ‘Tabers’ milk she’s been feeding me?!?’ I mentally considered the name and realized that if you rearranged the letters in ‘Tabers,’ breast was an obvious anagram!

When I mentally charted out my visits to the bathroom, and the growing lack of control on my part, it fit in far better with the breastfed littles than it did the formula fed littles. Given I’d been eating regular table food I should have been more in line with the data of the control group - but clearly I wasn’t.

Before accusing Ivy of what now seemed obvious, I delved into several more studies on their breast milk. It seemed that it acted as a powerful sedative on littles, which would also explain my sudden fatigue I usually experienced whenever I’d had that milk. The more I read about the milk the more I also discovered that the Amazonian women had for some reason developed a crazy overwhelming lactation reflex. Study after study showed how quickly they began producing milk upon adoption of a little. In most cases medication wasn’t even required to cause it! On average a woman could just pump her breasts a week before adopting, and have her milk in before arrival. Or, if unexpected, within less than a couple days of having a little around they would also lactate. I came across a babysitter training website for teens while I was searching terms and found it was even quite common for teenage babysitters to suddenly produce milk and need to feed the ‘kids,’ they were babysitting to relieve their breasts.

Apparently, this was as much of a rite of passage for teen girls here as having their first period!

‘I’ve been here over a week and a half, and based on these studies there’s no way she’s not producing…’ I thought to myself. With a sigh I remembered that she had given me the Tabers milk after a timeline that would fit with those facts too.

‘I’m being fed breast milk at least two or three times a day…’ was my thought before my potty alarm went off and I got out of the screen I was in and headed to the potty.

I reached it in time to realize I really needed to pee and just barely had myself planted on the potty in time to make it. I went quite a lot, and wondered what the solution was to the mess I was in. ‘It would help if the milk tasted awful… instead it’s more addicting than alcohol!’


IVY WATCHED HOLLY run to the bathroom, and couldn’t help but feel exhausted as she found herself again emptying the little potty, washing it, and making sure Holly washed her hands in the sink. After her second accident she had figured the little girl would have had her third strike within the next day! Instead she figured out how to set an alarm on her watch to go off every thirty minutes while she was awake.

‘I just want to diaper her already,’ she admitted to herself. Every day at naptime and bedtime she loved the time she could spend carefully putting Holly into the adorable diaper after rubbing baby powder into her skin. Her milk production had also seemed to take off to new levels in the following days and she really wanted to get on with nursing her directly already! ‘The pump isn’t the same…’

She made lunch for them and decided that maybe the answer would present itself if they went out somewhere again. Holly had a voracious appetite for reading… so maybe the library?

“Holly, what would you think about going to the library after your nap?”

Her eyes lit up and she said, “Please?”

“Okay, let’s eat lunch and get your nap in before we go,” she told the little girl who seemed to suddenly bounce with more energy. ‘I won’t ever take her ability to read away like my sister would. It’s amazing how she’s far more interested in reading than anything else. Actually, I wonder what she’s been reading today? I’ll have to check during her nap…’

Lunch didn’t take long to make or eat because she just made up some soup for both of them. Holly managed feeding herself just fine with only a few drops more than Ivy dropped on herself. She noticed her take a skeptical look at the sippy cup of milk, but still drank it like an addict once she took her first sip.

“Let’s get you diapered for your nap,” she told Holly when she had stopped eating.

“Okay,” came the girls’ tired response.

The cup of milk seemed to have done its job just fine on that front. She undid the buckles holding Holly in the high chair and carried her to the bedroom where she lay her on top of the dresser. She’d managed to get Holly to be okay with her putting the changing pad on top of there. It made a make-shift changing table so that she didn’t have to bend down as far. She pushed the skirt of her dress back and underneath her to expose her panties that were somehow still staying dry.

Lifting her ankles in one hand, she gently lifted and pulled the panties off of her and sat them on the cabinet next to her head. She quickly flipped open the diaper and placed it underneath her bottom. She loved the smell of baby powder and generously sprinkled Holly’s skin with it, rubbing it into her diaper area and a little above and below.  She smiled at Holly who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but there right then. A quick tickle to her stomach though made the smile come that she loved seeing come out.

‘I am going to make her diaper changes so much fun when she finally ends up in them!’ The changing table in her nursery had several toys set next to it to help her keep a happy little girl. ‘And a pacifier once the thumb sucking really takes hold.’ Several of the tv shows she’d been watching with Holly should have already had her doing that nearly all of the time, but she’d only seen her do it once in her sleep so far! ‘She’ll get there,’ she reminded herself as she taped the second side of Holly’s diaper closed.

She picked her up and hugged her, “Have a good nap,” she told the girl who was almost already asleep.

“Night,” the sleeping little yawned and seemed to be out.

‘I have to go pump now…’ she told herself with a sigh and walked out of her room and closed the door. Her output really had surprised her as she stored away bags daily into the freezer. Her freezer had enough milk to solely feed Holly on expressed milk for a few weeks - even if she gave her seven or eight bottles a day!

Once she had herself cleaned up, she debated about asking Holly to wear a Pull-Up on this trip just to be safe if she had that accident. Instead she just made sure the diaper bag she was taking had a few spare diapers this time, a single Pull-Up, wipes, and two rompers that would be good for the warm temperatures that day. ‘I’m surprised though with how much Holly willingly dresses in dresses. I had expected that to be more of a problem…’ In fact, she changed out one of the rompers for a sun suit styled dress instead. It had a skirt that covered a one piece snapped bottom that would cover a diaper quite adorably when she finally ended up in them!


I FOUND MYSELF waking up to the sounds of Ivy moving around my room. “Awake now?” she asked me.

I felt my thumb was wet for some reason and realized it had been in my mouth while I slept. I blushed and quickly wiped it dry on my sheets as I sat up. The skirt of my dress had hiked up and I could see the diaper was very swollen and wet, “How long was I asleep?” I asked.

“Two hours, pretty much like normal,” she told me. “You still want to go to the library?”

“Please!” I said with a smile and scooted off the bed and walked to her. “Can you get me out of this diaper first though?”

“Of course!” She said with a smile and picked me up to sit me on the cabinet.

She pulled at the tapes and made a concerned face then, “This again… you have some stool in your diaper.”

“I pooped myself in my sleep?” I asked concerned. “Sleep doesn’t count still, right?” I asked.

She smiled, “No, sleep doesn’t count. But I’m a little worried about leaving you in a diaper overnight if this becomes normal…”

She used a baby wipe then to wipe my butt excessively clean. I felt her wipe my anus firmly and blushed red. The wipe was pretty brown when she finished and wrapped the diaper into a ball. I was given my panties and walked down the hallway to the bathroom to go again before we left.

“You good to go now?” She asked me when I was done tinkling just a little bit.

I nodded, “Yes, please.”

I let her gather me into her arms and watched her put the diaper bag on one shoulder, and soon we were in the garage. She wasted no time buckling me into the babyish car seat and driving away. I kept my eyes open and watched the road next to her as she drove. I believed we were going in the opposite direction than we had been going to shop and do anything else so far. “How far is the library?” I asked her.

“Not far, just a few blocks,” she answered.

Sure enough, she quickly came to a large building that had a public library sign on the outside of it. As she lifted me onto her side she asked, “Can I just carry you inside?”

I nodded just as my watch beeped, “Can we go to the bathroom first?”

She said, “Sure,” as she carried me towards the building and asked, “can you silence that for while we’re in here?”

I understood libraries needed to be quiet so I turned the alarm off for a bit while she carried me inside. ‘I’ll just have to turn it back on when we leave,’ I told myself. She carried me to the restroom and held me over a smaller toilet that was clearly designed to be more accessible for young children. I was embarrassed that I was still a little small for it, so she held me just to be safe. After such a short drive I didn’t really need to go much, but I wasn’t taking chances!

Out of the bathroom I was excited to see the rest of the building as we walked through a large circular entry way where the circulation desk sat. The outside of the building had been covered in a complex geometric pattern of glass and steel. Inside the building seemed to be a Twentieth-Century artist’s painting with the vibrant colors that emphasized the odd designs and angles throughout the building.

“Where to first?” She asked me.

“Non-fiction?” I suggested.

“You have enough of that at home, how about something fiction wise?”

I sighed, “Mysteries?”

She smiled, “That sounds good!” and carried me to a wall of titles.

It was tough to pull the big books down and hold me, so Ivy said, “Here, why don’t you point out six or seven titles and I’ll carry them over to a table for you to look through.”

“Okay,” I told her with a smile.

I browsed the covers and titles and tried to remember the last time I had been in a physical library… ‘Med school,’ I admitted. ‘And that wasn’t for fun…’

After a while we had a stack that I wanted to look through. I followed behind her as she carried them to a corner of the room that had chairs and couches. I sat down on some plush carpet next to a chair she sat in to look through them, while she did the same with a few others she was curious about. I was engrossed in checking the covers and just speed reading through the first chapters to see if I did want to check them out. Without my alarms, time passed by quickly before I decided on two of the books to check out. Just as I stood up to walk over to where Ivy sat, I felt a sudden urge and dropped the books, “Iv…” was all I got out before it happened.

My stomach cramped and I froze as a slimy mess went passed uncontrollably through my sphincter, and began piling up in my panties. Simultaneously my bladder began trickling urine out. I could feel my legs become wet as the trickle became a flood, and soon a small puddle formed at my feet. Right then I felt more poop come out, and I knew without a doubt that my panties were ruined. Ivy looked up at me and quickly walked over to me. I could tell by the brightening of her eyes that my strikes were up!


Thanks for reading! I know this site doesn't seem to be image friendly for posts. Not sure if those will come out up there. Thanks for reading! I'll post a few more chapters later this week pending my work schedule. Please consider leaving me a comment if you're reading this!



End Chapter 12

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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My favourite story of yours so far!

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