Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 24

SOMETIME THE NEXT morning I became aware I was too hot. I felt Ivy’s strong arms squeezing me tighter as I tried to get loose from her gripping me like a teddy bear. “Morning Princess,” she told me and let me wriggle free.

I looked at my watch and saw it was after lunch time. “Wow… it’s late.”

“Yes, it is, we should probably get moving. Definitely need to get that diaper changed before you leak on Mommy’s bed!”

I sat up and stretched as she got out from the covers and picked me up. “Actually, Mommy needs to go pee, why don’t you go wait by the changing table?”

She sat me down pretty quickly and I wondered, ‘How close was she to an accident?’ I grinned thinking about the sweet justice of a Big having one! I followed her directions though and toddled my way to my nursery. I definitely needed a change! My diaper inflated enough that it made me waddle! I poked at it for a second and then wandered around my room wondering how long she was going to be.

She was quickly there though, and scooped me up to change me. “The rash is looking better already,” she told me even as she had applied more of the cream. I wasn’t a huge fan of it because of the weird odor, and it seemed to stick a bit to the fabric of the diaper.

She carried me to my closet and said, “What do you want to wear today?”

“Are we going anywhere?” I asked her.

She shook her head, “No, not planning to.”

I looked at the wardrobe options and pointed at a one-piece creeper outfit that I knew was pretty comfortable. It was pink and had a lacy top section by the collar. It snapped all the way down the front through the crotch. It provided a small amount of material, almost like an ultrashort pair of shorts at the end. It was really babyish… but it was also really comfortable.

Soon I was eating leftover pasta in my high chair. When I was done, she had cleaned me up, and I figured she was about to suggest nursing and a nap, when the doorbell rang.

“Who could that be?” Ivy asked and picked me up. She placed me on her hip and walked to the door. I leaned with her as she looked through the peephole, “There’s no one out there?”

She unlocked the door and we looked down to see the leader of the Hellcats wearing a set of BDUs. “Hi, what can I do for you sir?”

“I’m Colonel Jackal, may I come in?” the man asked.

“Umm… sure,” she told him.

“I was hoping to speak to you two…” he told us as he walked in the door and Ivy closed the door behind him.

I could feel him examining me from the top down as we sat down on the couch together and he sat on the opposite end after easily scaling the couch. I blushed at this ‘adult’ viewing me as a ‘baby.’

“Sure, what can we do for you?” Ivy asked.

“First I want to thank you Doc, you managed to save a lot of lives yesterday.”

“Not all of them,” I said sadly.

“If you’re thinking about the terrorist, I urge you not to feel guilty. He made his choice, and you made the only one possible to save that baby. We would not have been able to save the baby if he’d been left alone.”

I nodded, “Mentally I know that… Emotionally that’s going to take some time.”

“Well regardless of the next thing I want to talk about, we have some people we can put you in touch with to help you deal with that. PTSD is a real thing and I would be shocked if you don’t suffer from it at least a little bit after this.”

I nodded, “Thanks…”

“You wanted to talk about more?” Ivy asked.

“Yes… Look, normally I don’t come in and talk to adopted littles and their bigs about something like this. Usually we only recruit from free littles.”

“Recruit?!?” Ivy asked suddenly.

“Yes, recruit. Doctor Nickerson, Doc here is an incredibly talented doctor with a good head on her shoulders… We’ve done some checking and we think it’s a waste of her abilities to just leave her in a daycare pretending to be a mindless baby.”

I thought for sure with something like that Ivy would tell him to ‘get the hell out of her house…’

“I agree Colonel,” Ivy told him.

“What?!?” I said suddenly and turned my head up towards her.

“I agree, I’ve felt guilty about this for weeks… but I don’t have an answer. Holly you’re adopted and if I just free you, it is exceptionally likely you’ll just be adopted by someone else… Someone that would be more like Bob…” she choked up then. I looked back at the man. “What are you offering her Colonel?”

“Holly’s freedom. She would come with us and go through our boot camp… it’s all of the physicality of a normal military boot camp, along with intense potty training for a little like Doc. When she passes, she gets assigned to our hospital on the base, and she’ll have occasional deployments to be on scene for emergencies on ops.”

“What about her adoption?” Ivy asked.

“This agreement would render it invalid, and her credentials as a member of the Hellcats would prevent her from ever being legally adopted in the future.”

“What about Ivy?” I asked softly.

“Her claim on you goes away.”

I looked up at her and the tears streaming from her eyes and realized I really had grown to genuinely love her. With no family in the other dimension there was nothing keeping me there… but here? I looked at my clothes and over at his BDUs and wondered if I really wanted a military life. Yes, I would be free… I could probably even get my body set to have a puberty and become a full-grown woman with kids of my own there…

“How soon do you need an answer?” I asked him.

“Preferably in the next week since we’ll have transport in the area, but this will be an open-ended offer,” he replied.

“Length of my term of service?”

“Two years minimum,” he told me.

“Give me your contact information please?” I told him.

We traded information and he left. Ivy sat down on the floor to where she was closer to my level. “Why didn’t you just tell him yes?”

“Two reasons…” I told her standing at my height and realizing even then I wasn’t close to her shoulder. “One, making a snap decision led me here… maybe not the best of ideas…” I giggled.

She gave me a thin grin, “Maybe not…”

“Two… I’m not sure if that’s what I want...” I paused and sighed, “I’m… I’m also not sure I want to leave you…”

With that she gave me a big hug and asked, “why don’t we go ahead and give you some boob milk and then maybe take a nap?”

I nodded and waited for her to shrug her shirt out of the way. I was soon latched on and trying to figure out what I wanted to do.


IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly sleepily nursing from her second breast. There was a different sensation when she was really asleep and auto-nursing as she thought of it. It was like when she was nursing a pacifier instead, and she had definitely reached that stage now.

‘Why didn’t she just take that offer?’ she wondered. ‘It can’t be as simple as me…’

She carried her to the nursery and changed the damp diaper before placing her in her crib to nap. She grabbed the monitor and walked to the living room. As an afterthought she stopped and grabbed her phone from her bedroom and took it with her to sit down. She was just about to turn the TV on to watch something when the phone rang.


“Hi, Doctor Nickerson?”


“This is Marcus Wethington, I’m on the board of directors at the hospital?”

She thought back to the fancy meet and greet fundraisers she’d had to attend and said, “Yes sir, I remember you. What can I do for you?”

“Well first, how are you and your little… Doc is her name? Today?”

“Her name is actually Holly… Mostly okay so far. Yesterday was a bit rough on both of us.”

“Of course, sorry the news is calling her Doc... When they interviewed some of the littles parents from inside the daycare, she was all they could talk about.”

“Oh? I haven’t watched any TV at all… I didn’t want to upset Holly if she saw it.”

“Well at some point you should probably at least get a copy of the newspaper. She is being considered the biggest heroine ever for littles.”

“Probably should be…” she told him, “I still can’t believe what she pulled off in there.”

“Neither can we to be honest. Look, myself and the board really need to talk to you as soon as we can. Is there a chance we could stop by your house?”

“Umm… I guess. If Holly needs something though I’ll have to take care of whatever she needs.”

“Of course! Would right now work?”

‘What the hell is going on?’ she wondered to herself. “I guess…?”

“You’re still at the address we have on file at the hospital?”

“Yes sir,” she responded nervously.

“Great, we’ll be by in ten minutes.”

‘Ten minutes?!?’ She suddenly realized she was still in her pajamas! She jumped up and ran to her bedroom and quickly put on some jeans and a t-shirt thinking that would be okay since she was at her house. She made a quick look around the house and saw there was too much stuff out for caring for a little… ‘No way am I going to have this house spotless…’ she thought. She did quickly move the swing, playpen, and walker out of the way to her bedroom. She had a few folding chairs she kept on hand for company, that she dug out in record time. She was just about to check on Holly really quick when the doorbell rang.

‘Good thing I soundproofed her room to where the ring doesn’t reach inside there…’ she thought as she hurried to the door. Standing at her door was the full board of directors… all eleven of them remaining after Bob was killed.

“Good afternoon, Doctor,” Marcus Wethington said as he led the way into her house. She grabbed the kitchen table chairs to add to the others in the living room.

“Can I get you all anything?”

“No thank you Doctor, we’re not planning on taking up too much of your time,” an older woman she remembered was Sylvia Pinkerton, one of the wealthiest women in town.

“Well… umm… what can I do for you?”

“Well… it’s more what we want to do for you,” Sylvia said.

“Okay…?” she responded, ‘stop sounding like an idiot!’ She admonished herself.

“We’d like to offer you Bob’s position,” Marcus said.

“Me? Shouldn’t you be doing a search committee? CEOs are never just hired…?” She asked incredulously.

“Normally yes… but in this case we believe we already have the best candidate. You’ve been running Pediatrics very smoothly for several years now. We’re sure that you would do a good job with the hospital as a whole. Add in the fact that the staff loves you, from the other doctors, to the nurses, to the custodial staff – absolutely no one has a negative thing to say about you.”

“I’m sure there’s somebody,” she thought thinking of how many times she’d chewed out an incompetent person.

“Not really,” Sylvia added her two cents.

“Well…” she thought for a second. “I would have a condition…”


I WOKE UP and found I was in my crib. I sighed as I thought, ‘If I took him up on that offer at least I wouldn’t have to be trapped when I sleep…’

I sat there thinking about the offer some more until Ivy must have seen me awake on the monitor. She came in and asked, “Awake now?”

I nodded, “Change me please?”

“Of course,” she told me and had me laying down on the changing table and in a new diaper. “How about we have a movie marathon for the rest of the day?”

“Another one?”

“Did you have something else you wanted to do?”

I shrugged as she pulled my legs up into the air, “Not really…”

“You showed me one of your fantasy movie series from back home, how about I show you one of ours?”

“That might be kind of cool,” I acknowledged. “But… you like that genre?” with some surprise in my voice.

“I’m a bit of a geek at times,” she told me with a smile as she wiped me. When she was done putting on the new diaper, she dressed me in another one-piece blanket sleeper instead of my previous outfit.

“Pajamas already?” I wondered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go put mine on too. Then we’ll order some Chinese food for dinner?”

I nodded, “Okay, sounds a bit like undergrad…”

She smiled, “Yeah it does.”

The night went by pretty quickly with a trilogy that would have been appreciated back home. Elves, dragons, and orcs were all enemies of humans in it. There was a love interest then with a human and an elf princess… Well, it was pretty good all things considered. My only issue with them is that apparently along with longer days, their ‘adult’ movie length was also longer. The trilogy lasted a couple hours into the new day and we were once again up waaaay too late!

I fell asleep nursing that night trying to think of what I wanted to do about that offer. ‘I have a feeling that if I want to do it the Hellcats wouldn’t let Ivy say no over it…’

‘I don’t know that I want to be in a military force though…’


THE NEXT MORNING came way too quickly for my tastes after the two consecutive late nights. Both Ivy and I looked like hell as she got us both ready that morning to visit her parents. She dressed me in a pretty, but really short, yellow dress with an attached onesie. I liked it for being able to hold up my diaper as it got wetter. ‘I’ve learned droopy diapers suck…’ I mused. Ivy liked it because it made me look like her adorable toddler.

In the driveway of her parents’ house I counted the same number of cars from the last time we had come a couple months ago. For some reason Ivy had avoided all of these gatherings since then… ‘Why?’ I wondered. The last time had been really awkward with poor Janice’s situation. And, Kelly being a brat… And, Katie being whatever she was… As she stepped through the front door it was obvious that a lot of changes had indeed taken place since we’d come last.

The biggest was a playpen in the middle of the room that held Janice sitting in a onesie and sucking on a pacifier. Her face looked all red, like she’d been crying. ‘He decided she would be a baby after all?’ I wondered. The person drawing my ire though was one of the first to greet us. “Hi Ivy, Holly,” Jonah came and gave us a hug.

“Hi,” I said timidly.

“How are you doing?” He asked me sincerely.

I shrugged, “So far I haven’t had the nightmares I expect to happen.”

“When they come, don’t be too afraid to ask for help,” he told me in a voice that was different than I remembered him using towards me on my previous visit.

“I’ll remember that,” I told him, “Thanks.

Ivy’s dad came over and greeted us with a kiss on the forehead. “There’s the hero!” he said to me.

I blushed, “I don’t know about hero…”

“I do,” Jonah spoke up. “The news definitely thinks you are…” he added.

“News?” I asked. I looked up at Ivy.

She shrugged, “We haven’t honestly watched it at all,” she told me.

“I have…” her dad said, “Somehow they got a video of the takedown you did.”

I felt my stomach turn a bit with that, “How much…?”

“How much did they show?” Ivy finished for me.

“All of it,” Jonah said.

“Even…?” I asked.

“Yes… most stations put up a blur over you two.”

“Not all?” I asked

“No, two local and one national just warned viewers,” her dad said.

I felt my stomach doing weird things and swallowed back the vomit that threatened to come out. I think Jonah sensed that and decided to change the subject, “You want to set her down with Janie for a little bit?”

“Why’s she in a playpen?”

“Kelly and Janie haven’t been doing too well together on Sundays, so I offered to bring her pen. She chose to sit in it instead of playing with Kelly today.”

I looked over at her again, then over at Kelly, who was bossily trying to get Julie to crawl by moving one hand and leg then another… Unfortunately, there was no way that would work thanks to the butchery Katie had done to the poor girl. Ivy looked at me and I nodded, “Sure for a little bit.”

She hugged me and whispered, “I won’t go far and I promise it won’t be long.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

The ‘adults’ moved to sit around on the couch on the other side of the living room. I looked at Janice and whispered, “Janice, what happened to you?”

“Whadoyoumean?” she said around the pacifier.

“You’re an adult?” I suggested.

She shook her head and pulled her pacifier out. “Nuh-uh, my boss decided Daddy was right that I was just a baby… so she told me I needed to stay home with him.”

“She fired you?”

“Nope, I’m a baby! Babies can’t work! I get to go to Auntie Katie’s daycare now. It’s lots more fun! You should come! We could play and have so much fun together!!!” She smiled and moved the toy rattle she had up and down.

I shook my head, “Umm… I have my own daycare my mommy takes me to…”

Her larger frame meant that the playpen appropriate for her was a bit larger than mine at Ivy’s house. Even with the larger sized pen though, she was big enough that there wasn’t a ton of space in there. I ended up leaning with my back against the side of the mesh where I could look at her and also keep an eye out for Kelly. She was now talking to Ivy and showing her big girl panties off for some reason. It looked to me like she’d grown quite a bit just since we’d seen her. Her dad grunted as he picked her up and talked about how big she was getting.

I looked back at Janice, “So umm… what about being married?”

“Daddy adopted me, I can’t be his wifee no more,” she said.

‘So, he did do it…’ I thought.

I was debating what else I could do to kill time when Janice stood up and crouched in what I had learned from experience was a poopie crouch. “Umm, Janie do you need to go potty?” I asked.

“Janie goes potty in her diapees like all good girls,” she said with a giggle as she filled the back of the diaper.

The smell hit me and I wanted to gag. I looked over at Ivy and made eye contact with a motion towards Janice. She stood up and came over, “Peee-eeeew,” she said, “Someone over here is a stinky baby!”

She made a point of picking me up and sniffing me, “I know it’s not you,” she whispered, “I’ll get her changed…”

“Not my Princess,” she said. “Janice are you stinky?”

“Stinky!” she exclaimed and then happily sat down on her poop to smush it.

She picked her up and said, “Jonah, your baby needs changed.” She definitely emphasized the word baby in such a way I could tell she wasn’t really happy about it.

“She likes her poopies,” Katie said, “Just let her play in her diapee for a bit. It’s good for her to accept her place.”

“She’ll get a rash or a UTI,” Ivy said angrily.

“Well then you change her,” Jonah said. “I’m with Katie on this. If you want to change her, I left her bag upstairs.”

“Ugh,” she looked at Janice, “Well since they’re too lazy, I’ll get you to being a pretty smelling girl again.” She moved her to her right hip and then reached down and managed to grab me and placed me on her left hip. “Definitely glad you’re an only child…” she said as she made her way up the staircase. She sat me down in the nursery and went to work on the oversized baby.

“You knew?” I asked her as she undid the diaper.

She tickled Janice a little to get a giggle and nodded at me, “It’s why we haven’t been coming on Sundays. I can’t stand to know they’ve done this to her.”

“What all have they done?” I asked softly.

“Hypnosis, the potty training went with drinking breast milk several times a day… that’s it so far I think.”

“She’s that far gone from hypnosis?” I asked as she acted every bit as babyish as the brainwashed littles at daycare.

She wiped her bottom for a few moments before saying, “Holly, if I wanted to, I could make you behave like a little newborn with our hypnosis tapes alone… You’d forget you could walk, talk, or even crawl…”

“Thank you for not…” I told her as she balled up the poop filled diaper and put it in a diaper genie they had in the nursery.

She had to push her shoulders back down on the changing table, “Not done yet Janie,” she told her. I watched her dig into the pink diaper bag that said ‘Daddy’s Baby Princess’ on the side of it in large, glittery letters. A huge new thick diaper was pulled out, and I could tell it was different than the ones she had been wearing before.

“Is that a crawler diaper in her size?” I asked.

“Yes… it is,” she said as she did both tapes. She picked her up and sat her on the ground on her feet. Janie held herself upright for two seconds and then happily fell down on her bottom and giggled. “You need changed yet?” she asked me.

“I’m probably okay,” I told her feeling the padding.

She reached over and did the same, “Yep, I bet you can make it through lunch.”

“How long are we staying after lunch?”

“Not long,” she told me. “I think neither of us really wants to stick around, right?”

I nodded and looked over at Janice, “She’ll be like that forever?”

“A long time at least,” Ivy told me. “I would say until my brother gets tired of her poopy diapers, but it’s pretty obvious Katie is telling him just to leave her in them so he’s probably not changing them often.”

“Why is she so happy in them?”

“One of the first things that Katie does at her daycare is condition her littles to happily stay in poopy diapers for half a day or more.”

“How is that not abuse?” I asked.

“I don’t know… It’s one of many reasons why I won’t send you there.”

“What are we…?” I was about to ask when her dad came through the door.

“Your mom says dinner’s ready,” he told her.

“Okay. Can you grab Janice so I can carry Holly down?”

“I’ll be happy to grab Janie,” her dad said. He tickled her bare foot as he picked her up and proceeded to throw her in the air a couple times as we followed them downstairs.

Ivy carefully sat me down into the high chair and buckled me in the normal harness. I looked over at Janice being buckled into a high chair now just like Katie’s two littles were. Only her head was left free, her ankles and hands were both strapped down. That was the first time I saw some sort of mental recognition in her eyes as she looked at me with worry. ‘I’d guess she’s very close to being past the point of no return…’ I thought morosely.

During lunch I stayed quiet, remembering the rules from before. ‘Her mom doesn’t seem so bad on her own… I wonder why she’s like this on Sundays?’

They all talked around me, and in a way I was grateful for not being asked about the terrible incident. Towards the end of lunch her mom said, “Looks like everyone is ready for dessert?”

“Yep!” Jonah said.

She disappeared for a few moments and brought out a cake with ‘Congratulations Ivy and Holly!’ on it.

“Why does it say that?” I asked Ivy.

She sighed, “Well… It’s up to you still what you want to do about the offer you were given yesterday… but I have a counter offer for you.”

“Counter offer?” I asked hesitantly.

“While you were napping yesterday the hospital board of directors came by.”

“I slept through that many people coming over?”

“I had your room completely soundproofed before you came,” she said with a smile, “It’s why I always have the baby monitor… Anyway,” she said, extending out her syllables on ‘any.’ “They came by to make me an offer…”

“What offer?”

“Taking Bob’s place as the CEO of the hospital.”

“Wow! Congratulations!” I told her, “That’s huge, why didn’t you say something last night?!?”

“Because I wanted to surprise you with this - and I needed Jonah’s help to expedite it with the city.”

She handed me a greeting card envelope. ‘Congratulations to a Super Heroine!’ it said with a diapered figure that reminded me of Supergirl back home. I opened it and a document greeted my eyes, ‘Work Permit.’ I read through it and realized it was like a work permit for a teenager back home. This particular one was for any minor, including adopted littles, and with the signature of the judge who had signed it gave me permission to work any job for up to eight hours per day, six days per week.

“What’s this for?” I asked while I moved it aside and looked at the space behind it.

I looked up at Ivy as she said, “I refused to take the job unless they promised me something.”

“What?” I asked her.

“That if I could get a work permit for you, they had to let you join the staff of the hospital as a surgeon in the pediatrics unit.”

“I thought…”

“You couldn’t?” She laughed as she pulled the tray away and pulled me to her lap. “You couldn’t before… but when you saved the life of that baby - and single handedly probably saved half or more of the lives in that room? Let’s just say it gave you some bargaining power.”

“How does that work though?” I asked. “The Hellcats said I would have to potty train before I could join… wouldn’t I have to do that at the hospital?”

“They asked you to join?!?” Jonah interrupted from across the table.

I nodded, “Open ended offer…” I turned back to Ivy, “So…?”

“So, part of the deal is that the diapers are a non-issue. If we can’t retrain you - as long as you’re wearing a diaper - it’s fine. We’ll have some nurses who will certainly be willing to change you if I’m not around.”

“That’s kind of scary,” I admitted to her… “If I’m doing this… what surgical team would even listen to me?”

“The ones that were there that day for certain, but probably the whole hospital now.”

“She’s right,” Jonah said, “I heard more than a few comments about that while I was standing around there.”

“So… what… I become like Janice was?” I whispered so she could hear me only.

“Yes, you’ll do what Janice used to do,” she replied to me louder. “Only you don’t have to worry about me pulling you out of your job.” She hesitated, “Unless you start doing a bad job…”

I shook my head, “I wouldn’t… Will my degree and license cover certifications here?”

“As of this morning they will,” she said and nodded to her mom who brought over a gigantic wrapped package. I carefully ripped the paper while Ivy steadied it, revealing my medical school diploma next to a certificate to practice medicine there in this state.

I was crying by then, “Really?!?”

“Really,” she told me.

I hugged her as best I could after she sat the picture down. “Thank you, Mommy!” I told her.

“I can’t believe you think she can do surgery…” Katie said, “I sure as hell wouldn’t trust her…”

“Just shut up Katie,” Jonah told her.

“No, this is stupid… why in the hell would you let her work? You figured out that Janie had no business being a big girl… now you think that her baby should be doing surgical procedures?”

I watched as a surreal scene occurred then. Jonah stood up, grabbed Katie, sat back down, and proceeded to pull her dress up and started spanking her!

When she began crying, he kept going for a while longer and then pushed her from his lap. “That little girl may be the size of a baby, she may even piss and shit her pants like a baby, but I guarantee you she’s more mature than you sis. So just shut the fuck up.” He looked at Janie then who was crying, “I’m sorry sweetheart… Maybe this is a sign I shouldn’t be listening to sis anymore.” He picked her up and began rocking her back and forth while Katie stormed out of the room in tears.

“Jonah, next time let me be the one to spank Katie if she needs it,” his dad said. “That being said, she needed it.”

“So…?” Ivy asked me.

“I would really be able to do procedures? No daycare? Parents would trust me?”

“I guarantee it,” she said. “There may be some that will ask to have another surgeon… and we’ll respect that, but I think you’ll have more than enough respect once they know you’re the famous ‘Doc’ who saved lives last week.

I leaned into her and thought for a second, “Okay… but you promise? It almost seems too good to be true…”

She laughed, “I promise this time you’ll be working your butt off as a full-time surgeon on actual patients.”

“Shake on it??”

She held her hand out and I shook the massive hand of the CEO who ran my new workplace.



End Chapter 24

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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