Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 22

Reader warning: This chapter does contain violence, reader discretion is advised.

IVY LOOKED ON in horror at the screen as a gun was pressed to Holly’s forehead. The feeds from her watch, and two working daycare cameras, were shown on a screen side-by-side. The views showed the scene in all of its horror. ‘I’ve pushed her to the point where death is better?!?’ she thought miserably. ‘Please don’t shoot my baby…’

“Damn that girl has some big balls for a little!” one of the cops next to her said.

“Shut it man, that’s her mom - and my sister there!” Jonah said.

“It’s okay…” Ivy told him, “She does definitely have some big ones - I just hope she doesn’t end up dead from this.”


I WONDERED WHAT he was going to do as I looked down the gun barrel. My bladder had already emptied everything, so at least I couldn’t pee myself from nerves! I actually really just wanted a damn diaper change right then, but I knew I’d never be able to get the tapes undone myself.

“It’s not enough of an exchange,” the leader told me. “Let me see if they’ll up the trade out there.”

“You there? Captain?” he asked.


“I want the ‘Daddy’ of this little girl here. Her name was Zoe, but it was changed to Becky.”

“What do you want with him?”

“That’s not your concern. Get him in here or I start shooting hostages. I won’t start with the littles either, it’ll be Amazon blood that spills first today. You have fifteen minutes!” He shouted and hung up.

“Get busy on him Doc!” he pointed the gun at me and then at his injured man.


“DO YOU HAVE a list of kids in there?” Jonah asked.

“Yes, which room would she have been in?” Another sitting at a table with a tablet asked.

“She looks to be the only infant they removed…” Jonah answered.

“Found her!” the officer said, “Looks like her name is Rebecca Clark. Fathers name is Robert Clark.”

“Bob?!?!” Ivy asked in surprise.

“You know him?”

“He’s the hospital CEO. I’m actually surprised he’s not here yet.”

“I am, I’ve just been standing in the background,” she heard his voice and turned. “What do you need me for?”

“They’re demanding that Becky’s father go in.”

“What will they do if I go in?”

“They’ll release the injured toddler that just had the emergency surgery done.”

“If I don’t?”

“They say they’ll start killing hostages.”

“You haven’t gotten all of the others out yet, have you?”

“No, we’re working on cutting a hole through the side walls of the infant nursery now. Once we get them clear we’ll do the preschool room next.”

“Any idea why they want me?”

“I think she’s the reason they’re here, Bob,” Ivy told him.

He sighed, “Guess I’m going in.”

“You can’t…” one of the cops tried to argue.

“Same reason Ivy’s little couldn’t let the girl die; I too swore an oath. Maybe I can save my own little girl this way.”

He had been in a suit and tie, but pulled off the coat and had rolled his sleeves up to show his bare arms. Ivy watched him march through the door down to the hallway she had been in to deliver the supplies earlier. ‘Please come out safe…’ she thought towards Holly.


“HE’S COMING IN,” a voice called over the video and I watched the guy end the call with who I now realized was ‘Uncle’ Jonah. Three of his men fanned the hallways and two others held guns to toddlers' heads in the hallway to prove they were sincere in killing hostages.

“You, Doc, can you push that stretcher by yourself?” The leader called at me.

I nodded, “It’s on wheels, I should be able to.”

“Go ahead and push it into the hallway,” he said and leveled a gun at my head.

I could practically feel his sights on me as I pushed the girl out to the hallway and passed by the man they’d asked for. ‘Bob?!?!’ I thought in my head. I groaned, of all the Amazons they had to bring into this mess…

“Stop right there, Doc!” he called out at me.

I froze and could see Ivy standing thirty feet away with tears in her eyes. I mouthed, ‘It’s okay,’ to her.

“Come on back Doc!”

I turned slowly and walked back behind Bob.

“Why do you want me?” He asked when he was inside.

“Many reasons… first one, Doc and the others need their diapers changed, get busy!”

“Why don’t you just have them…?”

“Because you all lock everyone in damn diapers that only Amazons can open asshole!” Catalina shouted at him.

“In fact, no, he’s not going to change them all, I just want him to open them for everyone. We’ll help the toddlers put new ones on, you just undo them.”

“Sure, just keep calm,” Bob said. He looked at me, “Doc, he called you?”

I nodded, glad he seemed to be smart enough to pretend not to know me.

“Come here and I’ll get that diaper off.”

I stiffened as he undid the snaps on my blood and piss-soaked romper, then he undid the tapes. I held it in place, looked at the leader, and then motioned with my head towards the cubbies, “Can I get a new one out of my bag please?”

“Knock yourself out Doc. You haven’t complained once - and you’ve been useful, might as well get you comfortable since we’ll be here a while. Feel free to go commando too if you want! Unfortunately I’m guessing you’ve lost your control?” He almost sounded sympathetic.

I nodded, “Damn Amazon breastmilk.”

“Addictive and makes you have accidents,” he acknowledged.

I made my way to my cubby and grabbed the diaper bag. It was on a lower shelf and easy enough to get to. I decided modesty was out the window anyway with all of these people, and just let the diaper drop to the floor. Wipes were inside and I used them to wipe myself before holding the diaper with my butt against the wall to tape it shut. I decided it wasn’t a terrible job and then looked inside the bag for any spare clothing options. Finding a pink onesie in there, I set it aside before I quickly wiped my upper body clean of blood.  ‘Best I can do here…’ I thought to myself before pulling the onesie over my head and snapping it closed.

Bob was still helping to remove the diapers of each little and baby. When he was done, two of the little women helped the truly lost littles, as well as the genuine toddlers into new diapers. Unfortunately even the potty-trained toddlers had long since gone in their pants, so they helped the upset toddlers into spare diapers too.

I walked back to the medical supplies to take stock of what was left. I could probably handle two more gunshot victims in a series with what I had left. There was still plenty of traditional and nanite supplies in the kit they had put together. I had read, studied, and watched films with the nanites; but didn’t know that I felt myself ready to use them without someone guiding me. That’s why I had only used them after I finished the major work myself. I hoped she would have the same recovery time as with the nanites alone, but really it was just a hope that she lived that had driven me to play it safe.

I looked up and saw that one of the men was motioning to me with his gun, “Have a seat Doc,” he told me, motioning me back towards everyone else. I looked around and nearly everyone else had only tops and a diaper on then, or maybe just a diaper for some of them.

‘I guess I wasn’t the only one who leaked…’ I thought morosely.

The guy who was the leader had now tied up Bob, leaving him kneeling on the floor in front of the door. He paced around him a few times before using a knife to slash the back of one of his ankles and I figured he had gone through the same Achilles tendon cut on the little girl.  Even though he was an asshole I felt an internal need to help him… but had to sit quietly knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do for him.

“What was that for?” Bob cried out.

The man sliced his other ankle next without saying a word, just pacing some more.

“What do you want?!?” He cried out in obvious pain.

“Zoe,” he said pointing towards the little girl who I now knew was his, “what exactly did you do to her?”

“Her name is Becky, not Zoe!”

The man leaped and sliced through the top of the Amazons earlobe and threw the large chunk of skin towards the hallway.

“What did you do to her?!?” He screamed.


IVY WATCHED THE scene in horror as Bob was attacked again. Holly’s watch was still picking up audio just fine, and the daycares cameras captured the scene perfectly. Too perfectly!

“We have to move in sir!” One of the SWAT members said.

“No, we were ordered to hold for a specialist team. They’re thirty minutes out…” Jonah ordered him.

“He’s going to be dead before that,” the officer told him.

“He might be… but we’re trying to save the babies. We bust in there the wrong way and we’ll end up killing half of the hostages. We just managed to get both the infant and preschool rooms cleared, so there’s three walls that can be accessed for a breach into that final room.”

“What kind of breach are they going to do through solid walls?!?” the officer asked. “I would have to use enough det cord that I couldn’t guarantee I would do the same damage to the hostages.”

“The order to hold came from the governor - we have to hold,” Jonah told him.

Ivy watched Holly on the monitor for any signs she was going to do something else stupid and heroic. For the moment she seemed content to watch and figure out steps later. She noticed she had been looking at the medical supplies earlier and wondered just what she had really been looking at.


I WATCHED IN a bit of morbid fascination as Bob finally began talking. “We sent her to Tippy Toes for training,” he said.

One of the still intelligent littles next to me gasped. I whispered, “Is that bad…?”

They nodded, “The worst…”

I guessed the leader was aware of it too because he took that moment to take the top of his other earlobe.

“What did you have them do!?!?”

“Do you really want to know?” Bob asked defiantly. “Can your wittle brain handle it?”

I looked at him in awe as I realized he’d decided he was probably dead either way, and was clawing back. A part of me could respect that, but the rest of me knew he was a despicable monster!

Another slice was made up his bound arm and a piece of skin was cleared to where you could see the musculature below. ‘That’s a damn sharp knife!’ I admired the knife cuts in a way. ‘How far is he going to go?’

“Tell me!”

“Fine, we had her Triceps and Achilles heel tendons severed to prevent her walking or crawling. Obviously, we took her teeth because I was tired of my wife screaming when she bit her trying to nurse her. We had her breasts removed since obviously there was no need for those on a baby, and since she wasn’t going to have babies we had a hysterectomy done…”

I felt my guts wanting to spew at this, and I could tell the masked leader wanted to just slice his throat and be done with him.

“What about her mind?”

“That’s irrecoverable unfortunately. We didn’t intend to do that to her… but she suffered a psychological break in the middle of the conditioning she was receiving. They told me with their process about one in five suffer a complete loss of cognitive function. I had her tested here in the hospital and the scans show no real neural activity. She’s essentially a living doll who nurses from my wife, pees, poos, and can cry when she needs something. Just like she and all of you sho…”

The man finally had enough and lunged at him, stabbing him straight into the heart and then twisted the knife. Bob gasped and fell over, dead within a few failed heartbeats as blood pooled about his body.

“Zoe...” the man cried over the top of the helpless little.


IVY COULDN’T HELP but have mixed feelings right then. She’d never been a fan of Bob… as Holly had said - he was a jack-ass! But she had worked with him for a long time - so it pained her to watch helplessly on the video as his body bled out from a wound that even an instant injection of nanites would do no good on.

That being said, he was a bastard for having done that to that poor girl! She’d heard of Tippy Toes before from parents of patients, and had never met a little who’d been through there that wasn’t seriously scarred physically and mentally from being there. ‘In any sane world it would have been shut down…’ she thought.

She watched in horror right then as the leader moved to gently kissed the girl who had been known as Zoe and stepped back and…

“No!!!!” she cried out as the muzzle flashes showed and it was obvious the little girl was dead. He’d shot her straight through the heart and then the head.

The leader shook tears out of his eyes and moved back to the communication center. “How are you doing on our vehicle?”

“Why are we hearing gunshots?!?” Jonah asked, playing dumb.

“Don’t kid me Captain, I know you have cameras in here by now. You know as well as I do what those were. You also know I have no problems killing. You have just twenty minutes before I kill a hostage. I will kill another every fifteen-minutes after that. Again, I’m starting with the genuine Amazon toddlers here… I have eight of those, then another twelve littles. Your move,” he said.

“Damnit Captain! Let me move in!” The officer once again pleaded with him.

“We’ll take it from here Captain,” Ivy heard another voice say.


I WAS IN a state of shock when he killed Zoe… I didn’t blame him for killing Bob in a way, but for him to kill what I figured was at least a dear friend?

“Who was she?” I found myself asking stupidly.

He turned the gun nervously in his hands and walked over. “Why the hell do you care?”

“Because I just watched you perform what I assume was a mercy killing? Maybe because if by some miracle I make it out of here alive I want to know the full story?”

He shook his head, “How the hell did they get you?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll answer your question, but answer mine first.”

I shrugged, “I was a hell of a surgeon back home. One of the younger upcoming hotshots really. All of the sudden though I had a series of crappy events happen to me. First my apartment building was suddenly deemed structurally unsafe, which meant I moved into a couple hotel rooms for months… I was kind of feeling depressed with that and stupidly responded to one of the PortalRelocations ads online.”


“Apparently they go by Procuring-Relationships on this side of the portal…”

“Yeah I’ve heard of them… Anyway, you still had a job?”

“The hospital I worked at got bought out and they were cutting ten surgeons. I was one of the last hired, so first cut… I stupidly called the relocations office that day and finished signing my life away,” I pointed to myself. “It didn’t help that my new ‘mommy’ promised me she would find me a position at her hospital… Unfortunately, I was too stupid to realize she meant find me a position shitting my diapers in the daycare.” I snorted.

He gave me a small grin, “Zoe would have liked you.”

I watched as he looked over at the door, at his men, and then sighed, “Zoe Farthing was the leader of our movement - Littles Against Forcible Regression, or the L.A.F.R. as we’re known more often. We go through and spring littles like yourself from their kidnappers, and then help them get their lives back together. Most of the time we operate on the other side of the country, but ten months ago we found out there was a little behind held by a professor at Emerson University that we needed to free. Zoe took in a team of seven operatives that night. Unfortunately, the operation was totally FUBAR. One operative managed to make it back to our safe house, four were killed, and two were sent to etiquette schools that we’ve already rescued. Zoe though disappeared completely and it was a mystery where she went. It took us four months just to find her, and then another two months to get three of our operatives into this daycare with them.” He pointed towards Seth and Catalina who I noticed had been getting more silent.

“We have a pact with each other… if we should be turned into what they did to her we will put each other out of our misery. You seem like a decent woman; I can offer you the same pact?”

I looked at him and gave him a small smile, “I appreciate that… but I still have my own hopes for freedom down the road… not ready to give up yet. Besides in case you can’t tell, my Amazon still lets me be me for the most part.”

“Indeed,” he said. He looked at his watch, “Well Doc, I’ve appreciated this chat, but it’s time for me to prove to those outside that they really do need to take us seriously…”

“You don’t need…”

He gave me a cold glare, “You’ve proven you’re a good person, don’t make me take your life too,” he told me as he stood up and moved where a two-year-old girl sat. She was about an inch shorter than him and you could tell she was terrified of everything going on even if she didn’t understand.

At that moment I couldn’t help myself! There was no way I could stand still and let him kill her. I leaped from my perch and tackled him!


“BREACH, BREACH, BREACH,” Ivy heard and watched in horror as her little girl wrestled with the leader of these terrorists. The screen brightened to white for several seconds as explosions came from every side of the room. She lost sight of Holly on the overhead cameras as they went blank, but could see her rolling around and fighting still.

She gasped as a sudden spray of blood filled the camera of the watch and felt her blood turn cold. “No… No…” she said as the arm stopped moving completely, “Holly!”



End Chapter 22

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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