Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 5
Potty Training

“WHAT THE HELL???” I said as someone touched me in a very private place! It jolted me awake!

“Shhh…” Ivy said with a horrified look on her face and looked around like she was afraid of something, “There are going to be a lot of new rules you’ll have to get your head around this dimension as a little here, but one of the first is to watch your language!”

I looked up at the giant, looked at myself locked into the car seat, and finally remembered where I was. “Ugh…” I complained, “Sorry, I’m not used to anyone being in my personal space though. Especially down there... What were you doing anyway?” I asked.

She blushed, “Just checking your diaper,” she told me.

“I don’t need them - you do know that, right?”

She shrugged, “A lot of littles say they don’t when they come through, but it ends up not being the truth for many. The trip does something to a lot of you causing at least temporary incontinence.”

I noticed then that my bladder was calling for some attention, “I do need to go now though. Could we please stop by the bathroom on the way in?”

I looked at her face as it twisted through several emotions that I didn’t know her well enough to read. She began undoing the car seat harness quickly and said, “Of course, let’s get you to the potty,” she said.

She freed my arms from the straps of the car seat, and then placed me on her side like a mom would do with her baby, while she slung her bag on the other side like a… ‘Like a diaper bag,’ I realized suddenly. ‘How I miss that earlier?’ I blushed, it was beyond embarrassing to realize that all anyone would likely see was a mom carrying her cute baby girl. She bypassed the carts and carried me into a door that had the universal skirted figure on it. I blushed even more as I realized another part of what being a girl really meant for me now. She looked around the large bathroom room of ten stalls and pushed the door the rest of the way open to the only available one.

Immediately I think we both got a little green at the sight of the toilet sitting there. There was poop inside the toilet, poop on the seat, pee on the seat, and somehow more on the floor around it. I needed to go, but I wasn’t about to even consider using that one even if my body hadn’t been altered…

Without a word she retreated from the stall and held me while we patiently waited for an open stall. I could feel my need to go urgently growing by the second. It felt a little different where the sense of urgency came from, but I knew without a doubt what it meant - the urine needed out now! Time ticked on seemingly forever until a mom with a baby connected to her with a baby sling stepped out of a stall.

“All yours,” she said to Ivy, as she rushed me into the stall and shut the door. She sat me down for just a second and hung her bag from a hook on the door.

Knowing that I couldn’t wait much longer I clawed at the buttons at the bottom of the romper and did my best to untape the diaper. The tapes were so stuck on though that I couldn’t get them to come off!

“Let me do it,” Ivy said to me quietly and she opened the diaper without a problem. She pulled the romper up in her arms to leave my bottom exposed and gently held me under the arms, precariously balancing me on the enormous seat.

“I could fall in…” I said as I looked down and urine gushed nearly without control from an unfamiliar place in my body.

“I’ve got you,” Ivy said with a smile.

It was the first time I had seen for my own eyes what had been done to me, and I felt tears stream down my face as I realized my life was completely changed now. ‘Maybe it can still be better though…’ the optimist in me tried to push in. I mentally slapped that voice as I watched the urine pour from my new vagina for a few more moments. Right then I felt a more familiar rumble and pushed my bowels open too. A log joined the urine in the bowl and there was silence for a moment before Ivy asked, “All done?”

I nodded, “Could you pass…?” I was going to ask but she already had a wad of toilet paper in her hand. I expected her to hand it to me but instead she took charge of wiping my new vagina and then my butt. It was a very odd and uncomfortable sense while she did both firmly, making me blush more.

She picked me back up and said, “What a big girl you are!” and hugged me. She grabbed the diaper and walked over to a trash can where she placed it inside. Then she pulled down one of the infant changing tables and hung her purple bag from an attached hook. She opened it and I confirmed there was no doubt that it was definitely a diaper bag, and not a purse. The matching purple changing pad that she pulled out left my stomach twisting. I watched as she placed the mat down on the table, before placing me down on it.

I was pushed down onto my back quickly before I knew what had happened. She whispered in my ear, “I know now that you can use the potty, but we don’t have any panties for you. You’ll need to keep wearing a diaper for the rest of this trip.”

I blushed, but nodded, as she easily picked up my ankles in one hand like one would a real baby. She slid a new diaper under my bottom like an experienced mother. She quickly fastened it closed without putting any powder or anything on me. I hoped that meant that she really believed that I didn’t need it. She fastened the snap buttons on the romper, picked me back up, packed the changing pad back in the bag, and then walked to the sink where she washed her hands, and then mine, in the sink. Just as she gathered me back up there was a commotion at the doorway.

“You bitch, you can’t do this to me! I’m a free little!”

“Correction, you were a free little. With those wet pants I have all the evidence I need to know you’re not ready to be a big boy on your own.” A tall Amazon woman was holding a struggling boy’s arm as she dragged him inside the room. As he kicked her shin and tried to make a break for it she yanked his arm again and pulled him over her knee. I gasped as she proceeded to rip his clothing off and spanked him. ‘That’s… a man… it’s not a boy!’

He was probably a foot or more taller than I’d ended up and looked like he had been a bodybuilder or something with his muscles impressively bulging. There was a heavy beard about his face that became covered in slobbery drool, as he began crying and begging for the woman to stop.

“Now then, if you’re done with your temper tantrum let’s get you in your diaper and we’ll go get you all registered and adopted legally.” The lady looked at us as we were passing by, “Look at that baby girl, you’ll think she’s a big girl here in the next few days!”

Ivy carried me out to the cart area and whispered, “Sorry you had to see that…”

She sat me down in the cart seat and buckled the safety strap across my lap.

I found myself staring at the rest of the sights around me as she began pushing the cart. All around me adults were being pushed around in carts, carried on hips, placed in infant carriers, and even pushed around in strollers. Diaper bulges were the first sign that things weren’t right for them. One would think they might have just been amazon babies, but one look at the naked breasts of one girl told me that they were… or at least had been adults. That girl had a set of plastic teething keys in her mouth dripping with slobber, while snot poured from her nose onto her face. Her ‘mom’ didn’t seem to notice or care as she pushed her by us.

As Ivy pushed the cart down the aisles, I couldn’t help but notice that there were a lot more of those adults than there were actual babies and kids. Some of them were obviously being forced to behave, while others had an almost vacant drugged out gaze on their faces. Maybe two had something that looked like a genuine smile on their faces.

I was now sure that everything I’d heard about the place was true, and that it might not have gone far enough in the descriptions! Ivy pushed the cart to an area that I recognized as the baby section by all of the pictures and signs of smiling babies. She started walking right into the diaper aisle much to my horror.

“Let’s see…” she said and kept pushing the cart down until she reached a small section that had cloth training panties. I watched her thumb through a couple racks before she whispered to me, “I don’t see any small enough for you…”

“Can you get the smallest size and maybe they run small?” I suggested.

She looked at me oddly but shrugged and threw in a pack that I saw was marked ‘24 months’ for the size. I groaned when I realized I probably was too small unless they shrank a lot. She pushed the cart back to the disposable diapers and I noticed that the brands were familiar and different at the same time. The Pull-Ups packages were in obvious boy and girl designs, but the characters were unfamiliar to me on them. She reached down and dug through before pulling out a large box I saw was labeled ‘12-24 Months’ for the size.

I grimaced, but it would be better than diapers at least. Maybe we would find some real underwear somewhere else. ‘Surely other stores might have a better selection?’

A mom pushed a cart with an adult little inside, and a larger Amazon toddler walking beside her hanging onto the cart. “Oh, such a beautiful baby girl you have. Looking to potty train her already?”

Ivy shrugged, “She’s really smart and keeps telling me when she needs to go potty. She’s made it a couple times when I’ve held her over the big girl potty, so we thought we’d go ahead and see if she’s ready…”

“I bet Mommy’s not ready though, huh?” she told Ivy with a laugh. She patted the head of her toddler and said, “I waited a little extra time with Hannah here, I just couldn’t bring myself to have a big girl yet! We finally trained her late a few months back…”

“I’m a big girl, I’m five!” the little girl said to us. “Baby!” She pointed at me.

“Yes, she is a baby compared to you Hannah, but it looks like she’s going to be a big girl like you before long!” The lady then patted the head of the little in the cart. “I adopted little Meggy here to take care of my mothering needs after I trained Hannah.”

I looked at the woman who squirmed in the cart seat. She tried to hide behind her hair, and I could tell she didn’t like the attention. She was only dressed in a t-shirt and a swollen diaper that was yellowed with her urine. Her head ended up closer to her ‘mommies’ body and she said, “No Meggy, it’s not quite time for that yet,” and the girl jolted backwards as far as she could in the seat.

I didn’t get it… The mom said, “Well we’ll let you get back to your shopping. We need some more diapees for Meggy, but they’re out of the little ones we like.”

The poor girl looked at me some more and for some reason I waved at her. I had kept quiet the whole exchange and as Ivy pushed me away, she whispered, “Good girl!”

She went down another aisle and I realized we were at the training potties. She dug around for a few minutes without asking my opinion. I was turning red at the thought of having to use something so babyish, but remembered the insecure feeling on the toilet a short while ago. ‘It’s probably a good idea,’ I admitted.

She placed one she decided on in the cart and asked, “You ready to be a big girl?”

I noticed several moms walking by and played it safe by saying, “Big girl!” back to her.

She smiled and walked to the clothing. She dug through the racks and threw in some shorts and t-shirts that were honestly the least offensive of the options. As she came to some sets, she showed me, “These all have snaps to help change your diapees… I figure you don’t want that.”


IVY COULDN’T HELP her glee as she shopped in the clothes section. Holly was the perfect size to wear either infant style clothing, or toddler appropriate clothes. Though she’d prefer to keep her in the infant side of things, she knew Holly wasn’t ready for that yet. Her reactions to the littles she’d encountered so far were better than she’d expected, but clearly, she was scared and still in shock.

She held up the first dress and whispered to her, “If you’re wearing a dress you don’t have to worry about all of those snaps to pull down your panties.”

She’d blushed, but nodded and she’d taken that as permission to throw in six more dresses before deciding she’d gotten a bit more carried away than she planned to. This store was the perfect place to shop for baby clothes because the babies wouldn’t stay in the size long – the quality of the outfits didn’t matter as much then. Unfortunately, with a little they needed better quality clothes to last longer since they didn’t grow. She definitely needed to take her shopping somewhere else for most of her new wardrobe. Glancing at her watch though she saw it was already almost four and she needed to get Holly home for a nap before taking her to dinner to meet her new grandparents.

Ivy pushed the cart and looked down at Holly who was looking everywhere. She looked like a normal toddler needing to get up and do something because she’d been cooped up and bored too long. She knew that there were probably less-shocking stores to have taken her to for her first outing, but she wasn’t going to hide the truth of her eventual fate from her all of the time.

Sure, she was going to let her try and use the potty… but after a couple weeks she knew that Holly was going to begin to fail at that. Then she would introduce her to the rest of her new life. ‘I hope that by doing it gradually she’ll accept it quicker…’

‘Although I wish I wasn’t being so kind,’ she thought to herself as she felt her breasts ache. ‘I’ve been pumping for a week already even before I saw her in person…’

The pile of clothes and baby gear in the cart was larger than she would have liked on this first trip, but unfortunately, she’d planned on having a much bigger girl! She’d expected her to be about the size of a three-year-old when she came through, but she’d shrank a lot! She looked around at several mothers with littles that were small enough to be held in the chest carriers they wore, and smiled knowing that her little was smaller than many of them!

Ivy grabbed a hair brush and some hair accessories before she moved to the checkouts. Standing in line for a cashier, a teenage girl bent down and waved at Holly, “Hi!” She gave Holly the type of smile reserved for real babies.

Holly looked to Ivy for a second before saying ‘Hi,’ back to her with a shy smile. Her acting skills were impeccable as she leaned her head into Ivy to hide from the scary stranger. ‘I hadn’t told her anything else on how to act because I was going to let her decide how fast or slow, I took her down the road.’ she thought. ‘Maybe faster is going to be the plan!’

“She’s adorable!” The girl cooed, “How old is she?”

“Twenty-months,” she found herself saying and winked at Holly hoping that would clue her in.

“And already getting a big girl potty and big girl underwear?” she asked.

Ivy nodded to her, “She’s been following me to the potty for the last few months and when I’ve held her over it, she’s gone… The second she wets or messes she comes to me for a change… I think she’ll train quickly.”

“Aren’t you going to miss having your sweet baby to depend on you?” she asked.

‘Yes… I am…’ she thought to herself but said, “She’ll still depend on me in other ways. I’ve read studies that if you don’t encourage them when they want to train though that you end up having a harder time later. Lord knows I don’t want to have to deal with her pooping her diapers at age six or seven like a little.”

The girl nodded, “I think my child care teacher said something like that last semester.”

Ivy nodded, “She’s right.”

“Say, she’s adorable… if you ever need a sitter I do babysitting on nights and weekends?”

Ivy looked at her and the protective mother in her wanted to say ‘no’ curtly, but the teenage girl seemed to be dressed appropriately and held some school supplies in her basket. The shirt she wore was for her school’s cheer squad and she guessed she was probably a pretty good student. A little on the shorter side of only about eight feet tall, but she’d still easily be able to manage a little her new daughter’s size. “What’s your number?” Ivy asked and noted the confused and scared expression on Holly’s face.

They traded information just before they reached the front of the conveyor with her stuff piled on it.


I BLUSHED AS Ivy talked with a girl less than half my age about possibly babysitting me! ‘I didn’t need a babysitter!’ I thought to myself, annoyed. I was even more embarrassed a few minutes later as the cashier rang up the training potty and training pants. “Oh my, this little thing isn’t ready for potty training already, is she?”

Ivy nodded and said, “Believe it or not I think she’s ready to be a big girl.”

“Wow… she’s so tiny, I can’t imagine that!”

“And that’s why we have the smallest training panties we could find,” Ivy laughed and put her arm around me protectively.

The whole trip through the store could have been a horror movie. I saw one poor little getting yelled at about walking instead of crawling, the mom had shoved him down aggressively. It had shocked me that no one stepped in. Not ten seconds later his ‘mother’ had smacked his butt for not crawling fast enough. I hadn’t seen one person my size walking around freely on their own, and I was coming to a fast realization that I had been sold a bill of goods…

Truthfully, I was scared of how I would deal with being mistreated like any of those littles that were in there. I was small enough that I didn’t stand a chance of defending myself! The lady finished ringing up Ivy and I noticed across at the next register a bit of a commotion.

“Awwww… Are you buying baby her first diapees?” The cashier asked a woman holding a college aged girl with a big unmistakable wet spot going down her legs. A large box of diapers, wipes, and a changing mat sat in front of her on the belt.

“Yep, she thought she was a big girl going to college, but she couldn’t keep her pants dry in my class. I had permission already to adopt her if she made another mistake. We’re going to get her into the nice thick diapees she needs, and then we’ll go get her registered with the state today. Tomorrow I might even let her still go to class if I can find a playpen to hold her. Her classmates can coo and play with her,” she said as she squeezed the poor girl and kissed her on the head.

“You can’t do this to me!” The girl shouted.

“Do you want this pacifier to plug her up with?” The cashier asked her.

“Good idea!” the woman said happily.

I watched in horror as a pacifier was ripped from packaging and shoved in the girls’ mouth. The odd thing was she did a twist to the shield and then let go. The girl tried to pull it out of her mouth and began crying more as she looked to be in pain and couldn’t get the pacifier to come out.

“Thanks, those locking pacifiers are such a godsend with new littles! I figure we’ll give her a week and see if she settles in before we think about taking her teeth. If she’s a good girl and doesn’t bite Mama I might let her keep them!”

“Well if you like your teethers you better be a good baby girl for your mama…” The cashier was saying as Ivy pushed me away from the scene.

I felt several tears going down my face as we reached her car. She looked down at me and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m scared,” I told her honestly. “That was horrifying!”

She hugged me before she sat me down in the car seat and began buckling me up, “I promise I’m not ever going to threaten you or treat you like that woman did that girl.”

“Why can…?”

“Shh…” she said to me, “this isn’t the place to have this conversation. When we get home, then we can talk some more.”

I nodded as people walked around like everything in their world was normal. I began to think that it wasn’t normal to allow someone like me to even consider to use the potty. Sure, it was going to be a baby’s potty, but given the size of the adult ones I didn’t think I had a lot of options. She wasted no time in turning on the car with the air conditioner running while she unloaded the bags of items into the trunk of her car.

When she was inside and buckled in she asked, “You okay?”

I shrugged and said, “I honestly don’t know.”

“I promise you I’ll never abuse you like you saw them all doing. Not every Amazon is like that,” she added. The car began moving and I once again found myself bored as I had nothing to do. I knew the information from the article definitely wasn’t just sensationalist garbage… this was real, and I was an idiot for coming!

‘Is she just saying she’s not like them…?’ was the question I was asking myself.

The trip back to her house didn’t seem as long then, and I waited patiently while she backed into the garage before coming around to my side. I was curious and tried the buckle on the harness myself, but even though I figured I was doing it right I just didn’t have the strength to undo it. Ivy saw me trying and to my surprise didn’t scold me, “I doubt you’ll be able to get it. They have it designed to where the occupant can’t really get at it from the right angle, and your strength is a lot less than mine.”

As if to prove it she reached in and undid the buckle with minimal effort. She grabbed me under my armpits and helped me down to the ground. I followed her around to the trunk and she said, “Here, you want to help me with these two bags?”

I grabbed the bags she handed me that had the cloth training panties and another with a half-dozen outfits inside. She had the other bags in one hand and the large box of pull-ups in the other. I watched as she managed to open the door to the house from the garage and I followed her inside.

As I walked through the kitchen, I looked around more than I had before and noticed that there was a neutral-colored high chair sitting beside the table. “Let’s take this all to your room and I’ll go back for your potty,” she told me as she led me further into the house. So far, I’d only been in the master bedroom where I’d woken up, so it was the first time I was going to see the room that I was to have at her house.

When she opened the door, I smiled at the sight of my bed from home in a corner against the wall, my computer desk, and my desk chair were nestled on an adjacent wall too. I could tell they had shrunk down some as the room seemed huge for them, but I still felt like a kid compared to the items. ‘At least it’s not a crib…’ I thought to myself, ‘At this point I expected her to open a door to a nursery…’

“Just set this all down on your bed for now,” she told me.

I did as she asked and noticed that I was going to have to work a little harder to get onto the bed now. It wasn’t any worse than a kid climbing onto their parents’ bed, and definitely more doable than her bed had been, but it was much taller to me than it had been before my move. I set my two bags on the bed and pulled myself onto it. I noticed an odd sound and wondered if she had put some different mattress protector on it… ‘I’ll have to check later…’ I thought.

“Why don’t you start pulling out everything from the bags, and I’ll go get your potty,” she told me.

“Then can we get me out of this diaper?” I asked.

She patted me on the head, “Of course!”

I quickly helped her and felt like I was going to get an overload of sugar as I pulled out each item. They really were some of the least frilly and most mature options in the store… but that didn’t say much. I found the cloth training panties and struggled to open the plastic package. I hated that this was the most mature article of clothing we could find for me with underwear at the store. ‘I wonder if I could special order smaller panties?’

Just as I managed to open the package Ivy came back in and asked, “shall we see if those fit?”

I nodded and started to try and pull myself from the outfit.

“Do you mind if I just go ahead and help you get undressed?” she asked me.

I shrugged and said, “It might be quicker. I’m not a fan of this for getting in and out of it…”

She smiled and pushed me on my back on the bed and started popping snaps from the bottom of the outfit up. “Here, let me get your arms out of this,” she said and pulled the romper out from underneath me and off my arms leaving me naked but the diaper. As she went to untape it she squeezed it and said, “Still keeping dry, you’re doing much better than normal littles,” she told me with a smile.

I blushed and felt a bit of foolish pride at the same time. “I’m not exactly from your dimension?”

She tugged on one tape, “No, but normally portal littles aren’t that much different,” she pulled the other tape, “either.”

She pulled the diaper out from underneath me and balled it up before helping me stand on the bed. “Okay, let’s try these cloth ones first…” she told me. “Here you go,” she said.

I looked at the training panty she handed me and felt a nervous feeling. It was such a babyish item, just as much as a diaper, but it felt large to me. I pulled the purple and pink padded underwear up to my waist and let go. I then watched them promptly fall down to my knees. “Awwww…” I cried out.

“More than a little too big for you I’m afraid….” she told me.

“Do you think they’d shrink if you washed them in really hot water?”

She shrugged, “Maybe, they are cotton. I guess we can try it. It’s just one pack so it’s not a lot of money wasted if they don’t.”

I grimaced, “I guess I should try on the disposable ones?”

She nodded and I watched her use a pair of scissors she’d brought in with her to pierce the tape and open up the box. She pulled one of the plastic packs of diapers… pull-ups… out of the pack and soon handed me one. The pink and purple garment felt anything but mature, but I bit my tongue and pulled it up my legs and was happy that it stayed up.

“That looks better,” she said and without warning used a finger to check the waist band, “still almost too big, but I think it’ll work if you don’t have any accidents.”

“I’m not intending to…” I reminded her.

“Let’s make sure the potty will work for you…” she said. I looked at the box and felt like groaning. It said ‘Princess Potty’ on it and was touted as working as a step stool too. She pulled the pink potty and the pieces out of the box, and removed the plastic wrap. “Let’s put it in the bathroom so you can get to it,” she said. I climbed down from my bed and followed her down the hallway, wearing only the pull-up. I was cold from the air conditioning, and more than a bit self-conscious as I walked. In a hallway bathroom adjacent to my room she sat it down across from the gigantic toilet. “Need to go at all?”

I shrugged, “I haven’t really drank much of anything today…” I paused, “I’ll try though.”

“Once you do, we’ll get you dressed and something to drink… we can’t have you not drinking anything and getting dehydrated! I didn’t even think about that earlier.”

“I wasn’t thirsty,” I told her honestly. “I drank a little after I threw up though.” The potty was clearly meant for toddlers in height, but I had to admit it looked almost too big to me sitting there. A juvenile white crown was inlaid against the pink back seat of the potty, and I imagined many wannabe princesses probably loved the look of it. In my case I just sighed… I put my back to it and pulled the pull-up down to sit down. I pushed for a couple moments before a tinkle came out and I peed for a few seconds.

As soon as I started to do so the potty made a musical sound that startled me. The flow stopped as it scared me. “What was that?”

Ivy was laughing, “I guess it’s meant to make you feel good about using the potty. You done?”

I pushed for another moment and restarted the stream for a second before saying, “Okay I’m done. Can you hand me some…” I tried to say but she already had a wad in her hand that she handed me.

“Wipe really good between your lips and front to back.”

“I’m a doctor… I do know that…”

“Sorry, it’s easy to forget,” she admitted.

I stood and pulled the pull-ups up my legs and stepped away. I watched her pull a small bowl of my urine out of the potty, and flushed it and the toilet paper I’d dropped inside. She rinsed it and then picked me up to help me reach the sink to wash my hands. “Let’s get you something else to wear,” she told me once she washed her own hands and set me back down on the ground.

I nodded and followed the tall giant back to my room. For every step she took I had to practically run three or four to keep up. “I told you earlier dresses probably make your life easier… That work for you for tonight?”

I shrugged, “I guess….?”

She held up a short sleeved pink dress with butterflies printed on it, “This one?”

“Would you hate me if I said it’s horrible?”

She laughed, “I think it’s cute!” I made a face, “Okay, maybe a little horrible, but it’s soft and I think it’ll work for you right now?”

I motioned for her to hand it to me and I pulled it over my head. She was right, the material was a knit material that was very soft. As I pulled it down I was grateful to see it nearly reached my knees, and fully covered the babyish Pull-Up.

“Perfect size!” she told me. “You look adorable!”

I looked down and blushed, “I guess so…”

“Let’s go get you a drink,” she told me.

I nodded and followed her down the hallway to the kitchen. From my perspective on the floor I couldn’t really see anything she was doing other than when she opened the fridge and asked, “Milk alright?”

I shrugged, “Juice or tea maybe?”

She nodded, “Okay, we can do that.” A second later she handed me a cup that looked like one I’d seen around some of my patients. It didn’t have a spout, but it was a sippy cup all the same that was designed to drink from any angle of the cup.

“A sippy cup?” I asked nervously.

“Prefer a bottle?” she asked.

“No…? A regular cup?” I suggested.

She knelt down and looked at me from my level, “Nick you’re going to have to trust me here… If I don’t have you at least drinking from this - which is the least babyish option by the way - you’re going to get a lot of stares and people are going to know you’re a little. When they know that… well you saw at the store how some can be?”

I groaned but nodded, “Okay… I guess this is fine.”

“Good, because I can always go buy you some baby bottles instead if you change your mind!” she patted my head and said, “Why don’t you bring that with you to your room, I’ll gather up your stuff, and then as soon as you’ve had some of that to drink take a nap?”

“A nap?”

“You can’t tell me you’re not tired after everything today?”

My body betrayed me with a yawn right then, “I guess… But I’d probably be good for another six or seven hours honestly.”

“That might be true, but we’re going to meet my parents for dinner tonight… I think it’d be a good idea for you to be rested for that.” She paused, “Also our days are longer than you’re used to, so it would be a good idea if you want to stay alert tonight?”

I looked up at her and decided she was probably right, “I guess I could sleep for a bit… I’ll at least try. At least it’s my own bed. I haven’t got to sleep on it for weeks thanks to that move!”

She led me back down the hallway as I took some tentative drinks from the cup. It really wasn’t that bad, and I knew they’d come up with some adult versions of the cups too. My friends with kids claimed the kid’s ones worked better though! I drank about half the cup as she gathered the clothes and left my pull-ups right in the open by my bed. She pulled back my covers and patted the bed.

I took one last long draw from the cup and handed it to her before I curled up under the covers. “I’m glad you’re here,” she told me with a smile.

“Thanks for having me,” I told her, wondering if I was being honest. I tried to get comfortable with my pillows. I grabbed one and hugged it like a teddy bear like I always did as I turned to face the wall away from her. She was right, I was tired, and I was out pretty quickly.



End Chapter 5

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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