Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 17
Take Your Daughter to Work...

THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up and found myself already on the changing table. “Oh, those eyes do open!” Ivy told me as she tickled my naked side.

I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Careful or a little birdie will bite that!” she told me.

I just stayed silent as she finished changing the obviously wet diaper and began dressing me for the day. She didn’t ask my input as she just chose to dress me in a cute and fluffy purple dress that would make any girl feel like a princess. The skirt of the dress was the longest I had worn, coming down to my knees and surprisingly past my diaper to conceal it! The dress somehow puffed out the skirt in a bell almost as far as my arms could stretch.

I found myself awkwardly trying to figure out how to hold my hands comfortably and not crush the dress as I followed her to my high chair.

“What’s with dressing me up so much?”

“The cuter you are, the less likely this little girls’ parents will mind you being in the room with me for her appointment.”


That kind of increased my trepidation about the whole thing. I had worked hard to become a damn good doctor, and today I was just going to be a child going to work with Mommy… Worse yet, a baby going to work with Mommy!

I sighed.

“Let’s get you fed and we’ll be on our way,” she told me as she picked me up next to my high chair and carefully sat me inside. She fussed with the dress for a moment before putting a very large bib on me. Almost as soon as it was on, she began shoveling in oatmeal almost faster than I could swallow. I felt bloated from eating it so fast, “I ate too much,” I told her as she was about to put me to her breast a few minutes later.

The look on her face was one of annoyance, “Please try and get some milk in you?”

“If I throw up it’s not my fault…”

She looked at me, “That full?”

I nodded.

“I didn’t feed you any more than normal… in fact it’s less?”

“It was the speed,” I told her.

She looked thoughtful, “I’ll nurse you in my office when we get there. I should have enough time. That’ll give your stomach enough time to do something with your breakfast.”

I nodded gratefully as she buttoned her shirt back up and placed me on the floor in the living room. “I need to go add some pads really quick to my bra…” she said and stepped out.

I really had no desire to throw up! ‘Besides it’s her own damn fault I’m nursing from her in the first place…’ I really didn’t know how to sit in the puffy dress so I just walked around the living room examining all of the additions since she’d made me her baby. I’d woken up in the swing, but I hadn’t really looked at it.

‘It’s not so much of a swing as a stationary egg,’ I thought to myself. There were some buttons visible on the front but I couldn’t see the writing above them from the ground. It looked like they controlled the patterns of motion. ‘I did sleep well in it the other day.’

I looked at a pink baby walker that stood next to the couch, ‘She said she’s not going to take my ability to walk, so why even buy that?’ There was a front bar of bead toys, a mirror, a plush animal, and a couple other toys I couldn’t identify.

Ivy came out just then and asked, “Ready?”

I nodded and held my arms up to her. She gathered me, my diaper bag, another duffle bag, and carried me out to the car. Strapped in I asked, “How far are we from your hospital?”

“Only about ten minutes,” she replied, starting the car. “I didn’t want anything further out, so if I was tired from working, I didn’t have a long commute home.”

“I get that…” I told her.

Of course, I’d now have a short commute myself! Daycare to home would be a quick trip too. I was pretty sure I wanted to go to daycare far less than I’d ever wanted to go to work! ‘At least today I’ll be with Ivy…’ I thought, somewhat relieved by that.

In no time we were at the hospital and Ivy gathered a shouldered briefcase, my diaper bag, and me, before setting off to her office in the huge building. I was impressed as she walked through the door at just how massive and high-tech the hospital was. There was a robotic receptionist and a couple of nurses helping check in patients.

She wound her way through to an elevator, up towards the top, and finally down a long hallway before an excited voice said, “Oh my God, is this her?!?!?” Making Ivy turn.

“Hi Mace,” she said to her. “Yes, this is my new little girl Holly, Holly this is your Auntie Mace, the best nurse in the hospital and one of my bestest friends.”

“You’re soooo cute!!!” She said and pinched my cheeks.

I felt my face turn red and I wanted to punch her if I’d had better leverage to do so. Ivy had one of my arms completely blocked and there was no way for me to get free.

“Now Mace, we talked about this. Holly isn’t regressed… so she’s probably about ready to kill you right now. Maybe tone it down just a bit?”

“I think that’s a mistake…” she said.

Ivy squeezed me, “I promised her, and I intend to keep that promise.”

“To each their own. We have to set up a playdate with Ellie though!”

“That we can do… maybe next week?” she suggested.

“I’m off next Thursday?”

“It’s a date!” she told her.

“Great!” she said, “Now, why are you here again? You still have weeks of maternity leave left!”

“The almighty boss called and wanted me for a surgery. Offered me two extra weeks of maternity leave and a few other carrots to come in for it.”

“Can’t blame you for taking it. Are you taking Holly to the daycare today? She can meet Ellie?”

“No, I don’t want to be away from her quite yet. I was told she can come with me to the Pre-Op today.”

“Hope they don’t mind?”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m giving up maternity leave to be here - she’s coming one way or another,” she told her with a smile. “Anyway, we need to get to my office. We don’t have a lot of time, and someone here was too full to nurse when we left.”

“Oh, is that right, was her wittle tummy too full?”

I sighed, “Nice to meet you,” I told her.

Ivy squeezed me and carried me a bit further down the hallway and opened her office up. Her corner office! Just before we stepped inside, I saw the label that she was the Chief Pediatric Surgeon. “I didn’t realize you were that high ranking in the hospital?” I told her.

“Sometimes a person is in the right place at the right time to be lucky,” she told me. “Four years ago, I saved a board member's daughter after she was impaled on a fence post. He was grateful to me and pushed for me to get the job when my predecessor retired.”

She sat the bags down that she brought on by a large desk. Now that she had a free hand she checked my diaper, before sitting down on a small couch she had, “Time to empty Mommy’s breasts!”

I sighed, “Okay Mommy…”

For some reason as I nursed this time, I didn’t immediately fall asleep. I was kind of groggy, but I wasn’t falling asleep like I normally did. ‘I wonder why’ I thought to myself. Unfortunately, that meant I was wide awake as I felt a sudden cramp, and my body contracted my bowels to begin pooping the diaper. I couldn’t stop nursing though, it was a compulsion to continue to drink the addictive liquid. Lili’s loud heart beat served as a tempo to keep nursing, though I wanted nothing more than to rip the damn diaper off my butt.

I heard her sniff, “Uh-oh, smells like I have a stinky baby,” she cooed.

I fidgeted and fussed, but couldn’t convince my brain to unlatch.

“It’s okay though, I’ll get you all clean after you finish eating.”

To my relief as her breast milk trickled to a stop, I was able to pull my face clear.

“Was that good?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “There’s something in it that’s addictive… Would you please change my diaper?” I sniffed and felt tears on my face as I asked for that.

“Of course, sweetie,” she told me.

She opened the diaper bag up and unfolded the changing pad onto a coffee table next to her office couch. I was soon laying on it having the disgusting diaper opened up when there was a knock. “Come in!” she called just as she lifted my butt clear of the dirty diaper.

“Ivy, I just wanted to let you know they reserved Room 3492 for your Pre-Op appointment. Reception just called to let us know they just arrived and are starting on the initial paperwork.” Mace, her friend popped into my view. She stared at me with a smile as my legs were suspended in the air.

“About twenty minutes or so then,” Ivy said as she used a wipe to get rid of the sticky glob of poop. “Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to finish getting Holly changed and I’ll head that way.”

“Sure, you don’t want me to watch her while you’re doing the appointment?”

“No, I’m good. It was one of the conditions of me coming in, and she was a doctor in her dimension anyway. She understands patient privacy and confidentiality.”

‘Was a doctor,’ I sighed. ‘Talk about depressing…’

“Okay then, if I don’t see you again today, I’ll see you next week when we get our girls together!”

“Sounds good! See you later Mace!”

The new diaper was finally taped on and for the first time I wasn’t asleep immediately after nursing from her. I was more depressed though. She sensed it, “I’m sorry,” she told me.

“Are you?”

“Yes, I am,” she told me. “Look… they’ll just assume I’m letting you play dress up, but I brought something for you.” She reached into the duffle she brought and handed me one of my white doctors’ coats. The name tag read ‘Dr. Holly Nickerson.’

I held it in my hands, “It won’t let me practice medicine,” I told her without a question.

“No… but maybe being around…?”

I sighed, “Let’s just go see your patient,” I told her as she stood me on the ground. I did smile a bit as I pulled on the jacket over my dress. It seemed okay that it was bigger than it should be then. It laid down over the top of my dress just fine, but looked a bit awkward down where the poofy skirt flared out. She pulled my favorite stethoscope out from somewhere, and I saw it had shrunk a little closer to my size than some of my other things.

She donned her own coat and scope that were hung on her chair, and grabbed a thin tablet like mine at home. “Shall we go Doctor?” She asked me while holding her hand out.

“Okay,” I said, taking her hand. The examination room was in another wing of the building so it took some time to walk over there and take the elevator to the correct floor.

In the elevator one Amazon nurse looked at me and said, “Oh how cute! She came to work with Mommy and dressed like her?”

I seethed, “Yes I did, but I actually am a doctor.”

“How cute? She likes to play doctor?” she laughed, “You have quite the imagination.”

Ivy spoke up then, “She actually is a doctor. Med school degree, completed her residency, and has several years of experience as a very accomplished pediatric surgeon.”

I looked at the lady and wanted to gouge her eyes out right then as she assessed me like a piece of meat. “What person would let a little work on them?” She huffed as the elevator opened, “Stupid people…”

Ivy kept a hold of my hand as the nurse left on a different floor than our destination. When we were alone in the elevator and she hissed, “Careful, you DO NOT ever want to piss off the nurses!”

I sighed, “I know… I always made sure they knew I appreciated them back home… not sure I would ever be able to do that with that one.”

“She is a real bitch,” she said honestly to me. “But be careful… she’s the worst of them, but all of them usually take a real liking to putting smart littles like you in their places,” she warned me.

I nodded, “I’ll remember that…” I told her thinking back to her friend Mace I had just met.

As she led me down a couple more hallways the nurses stopped us and cooed at me several times. I was quite surprised that Ivy didn’t just pick me up and carry me, but for some reason she was letting me be the most mature she’d let me be in the last week. We soon came to the room that she’d been told and found the patient, her parents, and another gentleman.

“Hi I’m Doctor Nickerson,” Ivy said letting go of my hand and extending hers to the parents. “Hi Bob, what are you doing here?” she asked the other gentleman.

“I can’t be visiting patients in my hospital?” The man chuckled.

“A little unusual for the CEO to be out of the office?” Ivy pressed politely.

“Rachel and Jake are my sisters’ kids,” he told her. “And little Jade here is my great-niece.”

“That explains getting me out of maternity leave,” Ivy said with a smile.

“This by the way is Doctor Nickerson too,” she said patting my head.

The parents smiled affectionately at me, but the little girl looked at me more curiously. “You doctor?”

“I am actually,” I told her and found myself walking over to where she sat on the edge of the bed. “Hi, I’m Holly,” I held my hand out to her like I always did my patients back home. ‘Well, with a different name,’ I griped to myself.

“Cool!” the girl said with a smile.

“So, let’s take a look at what’s going on with Jade,” Ivy said. She picked me up and sat me on the bed next to Jade while her parents gathered looking at the screen of the tablet. I could just see the screen and a display of what looked like an extremely advanced version of a hybrid CT Scan and MRI. There was a level of detail on display that made it seem more like you were able to peel skin away on a cadaver to identify issues and plan surgeries. “So, the diagnosis from her cardiologist is that she needs a new heart valve. What we’ll be doing is going in laparoscopically and implanting a small batch of C32E Nanites. They will first create a connection to an external artificial heart. Once that’s done they will use the existing tissue to create the new valve, before reconnecting and restarting her heart.”

I watched as she pulled up a small video of the procedure displayed and looked in wonder. It was crazy how an open-heart surgery was done there. Ivy sat the tablet down next to me as she answered some questions and I managed to pull up the imaging of Jade again. Looking at it though I felt my heart drop, this was a major misdiagnosis! She was standing next to me, “Doctor Nickerson?” I asked her.

Hearing me call her name like that was weird, and she stopped. “I’m almost through here? Give me just a moment.”

“Please can we talk in the hallway just a moment?” I said to her in a voice that I always used when I needed to talk with a colleague about a disagreement.

I had never spoken to her like that, and she noticed something was up, “It can’t wait?”

“No Doctor,” I told her.

“Surely it can…?” Bob said.

“Let’s go outside together,” Ivy told him. She helped me off of the bed and I clung to the tablet.

When we were outside with the door closed Ivy bent down, “You’d better have a very good reason for interrupting me!”

I looked at her nervously, “I did. How closely did you actually look at the scans?”

“A little, but I mostly am going off of her cardiologist’s diagnosis?”

“Look at it again,” I said as I spun the model digitally around. “Vascular Ring… Unless all of the textbooks that I read in your house are wrong you have the same conditions as we do back home. She doesn’t need a new valve; she’s having problems because her aorta is closing on her windpipe.”

“What?!?” Ivy said looking at it. “Son of a bitch, that goddamned idiot didn’t see this?” She looked up at Bob. “Bob did you know about this?”

“What are you both talking about? Why are you even listening to your new baby on this?” Bob asked her. “I get letting her play dress up, but it’s not like she even knows anything about medicine?”

I sighed, “Sir, I was a doctor back home, AND a pretty good one. Your niece has a very rare condition that I only know of a few known people that live with it back home. What symptoms actually brought her into the hospital?”

He looked at me skeptically, “Is she serious Ivy?”

“As the death that could have occurred without this being noticed.” She paused, “I probably have noticed this later when I went in to study it more closely, but I would bet most of our doctors would have just done the procedure. Since we don’t open up patients for this surgery anymore it might not have been noticed until the nanites were already destroying what was good there.”

“So, what do we do?”

“Now Holly and I go in and speak with them some more, and I re-diagnose the girl.”

“You can’t take her back there…” He said looking at me.

“She probably just saved her life,” Ivy said and turned and opened the door. “Go in Holly,” she told me.

The parents looked at us warily before Ivy stood me on the bed. “I’m sorry about that, but Doctor Nickerson wanted to point out something to me and didn’t want to do it in front of you all. We have a few concerns about the initial diagnosis. Can you tell me exactly what Jade's symptoms have been?”

We sat down in the room with them for an hour as we both listened to the symptoms and used the amazing scans to re-diagnose the problem with Jade. She did need surgery, but it wasn’t for a whole new valve. It was essentially a surgery to alleviate the pressure on her esophagus that she needed, but their world allowed for an organic fix with the nanites redistributing tissue. In this case she certainly didn’t even need to have the temporary bypass done of her heart that was originally planned. It was a much simpler surgery! Ivy went to listen physically to her with a stethoscope but the girl panicked. “Scared…” she clung to her mother. She was little, but she wasn’t incapable of detecting the distress in her parents at what they’d learned.

I looked at her and asked, “May I do it?” to Jade and Ivy both holding up my own.

Her parents looked like I had grown a third head or something, but Ivy nodded and I asked Jade, “May I examine you instead?”

The girl looked at me skeptically, but nodded.

I walked over on the bed towards her and proceeded to examine her like I would anyone back home. I thought her parents were going to stop me at first, but as I listened to her heart, lungs, and checked her out as the professional I was, they didn’t say anything. I reported everything sounded like we should expect with what I had diagnosed, and told Jade, “You’re going to be just fine. In a few days you’ll come back and Doctor Nickerson will take care of you so quickly you won’t even know anything.”

“I’m scared,” she told me.

“Trust me, you’ll be just fine!” I told her. “She’s one of the best!”

We were in there for a few more minutes before walking out. “Mind if I come to your office and visit with you?” Bob asked Ivy.

“That’s fine,” she told him.

I just held onto her hand as we reversed the journey to her office.


IVY WAS BOTH annoyed and very proud of Holly right then. She wasn’t surprised that she missed it with just the quick look she’d had at the girl’s heart scans. The truth was she just presumed the idiot had diagnosed things properly… ‘More importantly how the hell did someone think they were a cardiologist and miss the boat so far on something like that?!?!?!’ She planned to lodge a formal complaint with the board of the hospital against him.

She was also quite proud of Holly for somehow managing to make the issue known to her without it being unprofessional. ‘If I hadn’t already adopted her that might have been a good audition for Bob…’ she sighed, ‘I like having my baby girl though.’

We reached my office and I opened the door for Bob to step through after Holly went inside. “Come on in Bob, what else can I do for you?”

“First of all, what the Hell are you doing letting a little even consider a diagnosis?”

Ivy’ became a mama bear right then and was about to open her mouth when Holly beat her to it.

“Well first of all you jackass I just saved your niece from having an unnecessary procedure that would have endangered her life, AND not even fixed her symptoms!!!!” Holly said from the ground. The little girl was nearly eight feet shorter than the tall man, but she pictured the little girl as a vicious bobcat right then.

“Would you please spank her? Or do I need to do it for you?” Bob began to turn towards her.

“You do that and I will have you charged with assault,” Ivy told him.

“No way some little baby is going to talk to me like that.” He fumed.

“I’ll be talking to her about her language later Bob, but let me be blunt. I always review cases before I do the surgery, but mostly I end up just doing the surgery and leave the diagnosis on something like this to specialists. In this case your specialist is an idiot and I’m putting a written complaint into the board on him.”

“And you’ll be getting your own for letting a little diagnose a patient.”

“She was just supposed to be with Mommy today playing doctor,” Ivy told him with her eyes narrowed. “That is after we came in because you needed me to cut my maternity leave - a law - short to help you out.”


“You were just saying you’ll honor the agreement and get out of my office so I can get ready for Jade’s surgery.” she told him.

“If she ever is involved with a patient again…”

“Don’t worry, she won’t be. She’ll be at daycare next time.”

“Good, keep her there! And change her diaper while you’re at it. That shit stinks!”

He walked out the door and slammed her office. She looked down at Holly who was red in the face and looked on the verge of screaming or crying. She leaned down and picked her up, “Well he was right about one thing, you do stink.”

‘What the hell am I going to do…?’


I LOOKED UP at Ivy and wondered just how far over the line I had just gone in the last hour. She sighed as she opened up a changing pad on a side table in her office and placed me down on it. She unbuttoned my coat and pulled my stethoscope from where it still hung around my neck. She placed it down and got to work pulling my dress up and working at the diaper cover.

I was growing more nervous as her face remained completely neutral through the process. Her silence as she didn’t say anything heightened my paranoia as she pulled the tapes of my diaper loose. That lasted all through her grabbing my feet and wiping the poop from my bottom and finally finishing my change. She sat me down on a long couch in her office before saying, “Stay there, let me go throw this in a trash can outside and then we need to talk…”

‘Shit…’ I thought to myself, ‘things were going too well today…’

When she returned, she sat down on the couch opposite of me and asked, “Why?”

“Why?” I asked in surprise, “Why what?”

“Why did you give up and come here?”

I looked at her, we’d had this conversation. “What do you mean? Honestly, I wasn’t giving up… I wanted to learn about your techniques… I knew the babying thing happened, but… I really had no idea it was unavoidable.” I told her.

“If you’d known, would you have still come?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “I don’t know… I knew it wasn’t a zero probability, but I would have been a boy still and been able to use the potty… I probably wouldn’t?”

She sighed, “I’m mad you know.”

I looked down, “I know, I’m sorry.”

“Not for what you think,” she told me.

I looked up in surprise, “Not for speaking up earlier?”

“No, you seem to have learned the same ethical codes that I did… I’m glad you spoke up! I may have researched the case more myself and found the misdiagnosis, but most likely I would have just done the procedure that was asked of me.”

I nodded, “I had a case like that once… Nearly cost the patient their life. I vowed to never do it again and always check everything myself.”

“Well you’ve taught me to watch my fellow doctors more myself. Like I said, I’m not mad at that.”

“Then what you mad at me for?”

“For making me be the one to take such a brilliant doctor from their world…”

I saw tears in her eyes, “What?”

I crawled over to her lap.

“You in two minutes correctly identified a serious misdiagnosis. You also managed to get me to look at it and re-evaluate it... and then you tell off the CEO of the hospital in, for the most part, a pretty professional manner.”

“Sorry about swearing at him…”

“He had it coming, but you can’t do that again sweetie.”

I nodded, “What now?”

“What now?” She asked herself. “Well I need to file some reports and do some paperwork. When I’m done, we’re going to go downstairs to the cafeteria and get lunch before I take you to visit the daycare.”

I blanched, “Do we have to?”

“Yes, especially now. There’s going to be a tightrope you need to walk now with Bob not happy with you.”

“So just go to daycare and be a baby…” I sighed.

“For now…” she told me.

“For now?” I tried to not get my hopes up.

“Until I can figure out some way to change things for you… Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as changing your diaper!”

She began to tickle me right then to where I wet the diaper some. I felt her hand reach down and check it afterwards, “It’ll hold for a while.” She reached into my diaper bag and handed me my tablet and a bottle of juice, “why don’t you go ahead and drink that, and play with your tablet while Mommy finishes work.”

She sat me down on the couch and I began doing some other research while I casually nursed the bottle every now and then. I looked into the doctor that had misdiagnosed the little girl. He had several complaints available from the medical board and as far as I could tell was a shitty doctor that somehow hadn’t been canned.

I then also started looking out of curiosity to see if any littles had ever become doctors here. The answer was the one I expected, definitely not… I found plenty of doctors that specialized in little care, but not a single one with a little as the doctor. ‘I think I’d be better as a doctor for them and children than these giants are…’ I thought sadly. ‘Not that it’ll ever happen.’

I felt a hand on my crotch having ignored Ivy the whole time. “Do you want to change before lunch or after?” She asked me.

“Umm… now?” I suggested.

“Okay sweetie,” she said as she took my empty bottle, “hand me your tablet, we’ll change you, and then get going with the rest of our day.”

I passively allowed her to manipulate my body again for yet another diaper change. She had me changed and dressed pretty quickly, and before I knew it was carrying me and the large diaper bag down the hallways again.

Signs directing us to the cafeteria became more numerous and we soon emerged into a very large dining area. “What do you want for lunch?” Ivy asked me quietly as we walked towards an area with several stations. Pasta, Stir Fry, Pizza, Burgers, Salads, and a LittleFood section were all clearly marked. Fearing what LittleFood was I pointed towards the stir fry sign, “Stir Fry?”

“Okay,” she said with a smile. “You okay with just eating what I order?”


She squeezed me and walked to the counter. To my relief she ordered something pretty normal with broccoli, chicken, some bamboo shoots, and other edible items. She sat me down on the ground so that she could carry the tray of food with rice, a drink for her, and one of my bottles filled from a juice fountain. The line for the cashier was a little longer than I’d like and I felt like I was a doll on display. Women kept looking at me and cooing as they looked down or walked past. The worst was the teenage girl stood behind us that kept trying to talk to me.

“Aww… she’s so cute!” she told Ivy as I just stood as close to her as I could.

“Thank you,” she told her.

“How old is she?”


“Do you treat her?”

“Between twenty months and three years depending on what you’re asking about.”

“I think if she was mine, I’d go down to ten months…” I felt my stomach twist as she went on, “Definitely no big girl food, only Mama’s milk, no teeth, and no reason to be able to walk…”

I found myself hiding behind Ivy then, “Well someday maybe you’ll have your own daughter to do that. For my part I love her being intelligent still. Yes, she drinks my milk, but it’s good for her to have real food too.”

“I’m a great babysitter…” she tried getting out just as the cashier started ringing Ivy up.

“Oh, we have a couple already, sorry,” Ivy told her as she paid for the food and then walked to a table that already had a high chair pulled up next to a chair. She sat the tray and my diaper bag down on the table.

Knowing what was coming, I compliantly held out my hands to her in the ‘pick me up pose.’ She lifted me gently into the high chair and buckled a simple seatbelt strap. A bib that said, ‘Mommy’s Mini Me’ was pulled out of the bag and I blushed as she tied it around my neck thinking of how we were dressed earlier. ‘It was nice to almost feel like a doctor again though…’ I thought sadly.

Ivy took turns feeding me and herself with the very tasty stir-fry dish. “I was worried this would be too spicy for you,” she told me as she fed me one of the last bites.


“Littles normally have no spice tolerance. Usually the only thing they want is sweet stuff…”

I thought about it and wondered if that would be my future. “Is that something that I’ll deal with later?”

“Maybe the sweet tooth, but none of them would be able to tolerate even this small amount of spice.”

“There’s spice in there?” I asked with a smile. “It tastes pretty bland other than the soy sauce.”

“We’ll have to experiment later then,” she told me. “Open up, last bite!”

I chewed it and still felt a bit hungry. Of course, she had eaten most of the meal, there’s no way I could have ever eaten the amount of food even on the kids plates I saw around. She was checking her phone for something when her nurse friend came over. “Hi Ivy, cutie,” she said to us.

“Oh, hi Mace!” Ivy said to her friend who sat down with a tray on the other side of the table.

“You two look like you’re just finishing?”

“The main part of the meal anyway,” Ivy said.

I blushed, ‘she doesn’t actually expect me to nurse here…?’

As if to answer that though she pulled me free of the high chair and I was soon squirming on her lap. “Here?” I whispered quietly.

She hugged me and whispered, “How many times do I have to remind you that you’re not the one with her boobies hanging out.”

I blushed but saw no way to refuse the dripping nipple that my mouth was guided to. I suckled and listened as they talked.

“So, how’d things go with the V.I.P. you got called in for?”

I felt Ivy’s diaphragm compress and release a large sigh. Her heart rate changed a little too and I could tell she was still agitated. “We almost had a major problem with treating the wrong thing.”

“What? Didn’t Doctor Crinfield send her your way?”

“Well actually it was Bob who called me in. I’m wondering if he knew something was wrong…”

“What happened?”

Ivy shifted a little, obviously checking to see who was around. “The patient was diagnosed with needing a new heart valve. It wasn’t the problem though; she has a Vascular Ring that’s causing the symptoms that she’s experiencing.”

“That was a good catch then Ivy,” she told her.

“It was, but I didn’t make it.”

“Who did?” I sensed one arm shift and my back was patted. All I could do though was keep sucking on autopilot. The milk was so addictive!

“Seriously?” She asked.

“I told you she was a pretty successful surgeon in her dimension.”

“Why’s she here then?”

“Wanted an adventure and circumstances pushed her to take the leap,” she passed along my thoughts just as her right breast was no longer producing much. She pulled me from her nipple instinctively and burped me before adjusting me down to the other side.

“You look so natural like that,” Macey told her. “You make a great mommy!”

“Thanks Mace,” she said.

“So how did she tell you about what she saw?”

“Just like I would do with any other doctor I disagreed with, she asked to speak with me in the hallway.”


“Very professionally, that’s how I knew something was really wrong. She’s been doing very good at calling me Mommy and behaving like a good little baby girl.”

“What happened next?”

Ivy filled her in about the rest of it, including Bob’s behavior. “Idiot,” Macey said. “So, surgery is scheduled…?”

“Tuesday,” she said.

“What’s little miss doctor going to do while you’re in surgery?”

“She’s going to go to daycare for the first time,” Ivy said, obviously feeling a bit clingy about me in the way her voice was cracking a little.

“She’ll be fine.”

“I know, but it’s still going to be tough on both of us.”

“She’ll get to meet Ellie though that day,” Macey said.

“She probably won’t be in the same room though?”

“Which room are you planning on having her put in?”

“I figured the pre-schoolers?”

“No Ivy, even if you’re not regressing her you want to at least put her in the toddler’s room. The crawler’s room where Ellie is would be safer, but the toddlers will at least keep the size difference between her and the big children to a minimum.”

I felt the milk dwindle in her breast again, but kept nursing because it was comforting to be able to spy so well. Again, I wasn’t falling instantly asleep… I was confused by the fact that my drowsiness was there, but it wasn’t like I’d experienced the previous week with her milk.

“Won’t they keep an eye out for her?”

Macey laughed, “I thought that once, but watched the room for a while before I left Ellie alone there. It was very apparent that the safest place for her was in the crawler room. I think she’d be okay in the toddler room though. It’s only up to three-year old’s in there, so they’ll only be a foot taller than her at worst. There are some preschoolers that are five, and already over six foot in the preschool room.”

‘Seven feet tall?? Five-year old’s?!?!’ I started. ‘I need to look at some growth charts when I get home…’

“You’re right… do they let walking toddlers in the crawler room?”

Macey didn’t answer for a moment, “I think the only ones I’ve seen were in ultra-thick crawler diapers.”

“So, no then?”

“Probably not,” I heard her respond.

“Well I assume Ellie is in the crawler room?”

“Most of the time… if she’s being extra cranky sometimes, she ends up back with the infants.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to make a decision soon. We’re going to go register her now,” Ivy said as she popped the suction from my mouth and burped me. I was drowsy, but still somewhat alert as she popped a pacifier in my mouth and used a baby wipe on my face and hands. She began taking the bib off, and soon we were standing up with her holding me on her hip. “We’ll see you Thursday,” Ivy told Macey as we left.

She put her hand under my dress and felt the padding in my diaper, “You probably need a change before we leave the hospital, but I’m guessing this diaper will last a little longer.”

I nodded and sucked on the pacifier.

“You’re still awake again… wonder what’s changed for you? You’ve been out like a light every time?”

I shrugged, “No idea… adrenaline?” I suggested and put my head against her shoulder.

I clung to her as she carried me through the hospital and into a very brightly colored wing. We approached a reception desk, “Can I help you?” A tall dark-haired Amazonian asked.

Ivy sat me down on the counter, “Yes, I’m Doctor Nickerson and I just adopted Holly here. I’m going to be bringing her in when I’m working.”

“Nice to meet you Doctor, I’m Janice Holder the director of the daycare.” the lady said. “We’d love to have little Holly here! Are you leaving her here right now?”

“No, I just wanted to get her registered and maybe get a tour of where she’ll be at?”

“Certainly!” the lady said. “It’s quite a pile of forms to fill out, do you want to just set her down in the room she’ll be in and she can play for a few minutes?”

“I don’t know…” she said looking at me. “I think she’s actually more likely to need nap time right now.”

“Well we just woke up our kids from nap-time, so I don’t know that she’d have any luck with that. You can always leave her in her future room and see what happens?”

‘Please don’t…’ I pleaded with a look.

“Okay… that’s one of the things though, I was trying to decide where we should place her?”

“Well she’s small enough I would only suggest the toddler room or younger.”

“My friend mentioned the crawler room would probably be her best match size wise, but do you take non-crawlers in there?”

“Normally no, but we will if a parent sends their little in crawler diapers that prevent them from walking. We don’t want a running baby trampling over the top of one that can only crawl…”

“Then I guess it’ll be the toddler room,” she said to her.

“Great, why don’t you follow me, we’ll drop her off and then you can get the paperwork filled out!”

“Thanks,” Ivy said.

I looked at her like ‘really?!?!?’

Showing no pity though she stepped forward and we received a tour as we went along. “This is the dining room,” the lady said as we passed through a large room with a ton of high chairs, long tables that belonged in an elementary lunch room, and a couple of other tables meant to let caregivers easily feed a number of kids in these little seats inset in the table around them. “For our littles, we provide pureed food for them at meal times. If she’s going to just be on a milk or formula diet, we just feed them their bottles in their rooms.”

“I’ll probably come pick her up for lunch most days,” she told her. “But otherwise we’ll probably just leave some of my milk here with you. I’ve been stockpiling it for that.”

I looked up at her not knowing that she had been doing that. ‘How much does she have saved?’ I wondered. ‘And where’s the freezer?’

“This is the infant’s room by the way.” I was distracted enough I almost missed the first room we came to that had rows of cribs and swings. The floor was taken up by littles and babies on their backs or stomachs, but clearly not able to even crawl. One woman had no top on and made eye contact with me. Her mouth was free of teeth as she smiled at me and drool dripped from her mouth. Something in her eyes said she was broken, and I shuddered to think of the girl's fate as I noticed some scarring on her body.

They carried me quickly past there though, and came to another room with a large observation window along the hallway. “This is the crawler’s room,” the lady said. Based on Macey’s conversation this is where I assumed ‘Ellie’ must be. Most of the ‘babies’ were on their hands and knees or sitting. A few were inside of walkers or swings too. I noticed a few actual babies seemed to be mixed in, but the majority were clearly adults based on their breasts or muscles. I watched two littles arguing and pushing for a moment before a caregiver made it over there and spanked both of them until they were both crying.

“Do you spank all of the babies in here?”

“Only the littles, never the actual babies. Also, we only do it if you permit it. You are able to mark your preference on the registration forms.”

“If I say no?”

“Time outs and being placed in a crib for a nap are the normal tools we use, just like with our normal babies. They don’t usually work well as punishments on most littles though, so that’s why spanking is our preferred punishment. We can also use enemas if you would prefer that as an in-between measure.”

“I see,” Ivy said as I looked at her in horror.

We came next to the toddler rooms where I would be staying, “And here is Holly’s classroom,” she said.

I felt even more terrified as I looked around the room. Everywhere was loud and chaotic as babies and littles alike ran, wrestled, screamed, and played. I didn’t want to be put down and wanted to hold onto Ivy for dear life. “Be good, try it. I won’t be too long and you’ll get a chance to see what it’s like in this room. Try to make some friends,” she whispered to me. “Behave like a real baby and they will treat you better,” she added before leaning over and setting me down on the other side of a low wall.

“Go play Holly,” she told me louder.

I sighed but looked around for something to do. Activities were going on all around the room as I took the sight in. There were some littles crashing trucks together in one corner while making loud yells of explosions and ending noises. Another set played with dolls on the opposite side, while some others coloring and drawing on another. The ones smashing trucks together nearby were of no interest to me. I found myself walking over to the girls playing with dolls as I thought about what Ivy had said.

“I pway?” I asked in what I hoped was my best baby impression.

“Pway!” one little said and pushed a spare baby doll towards me. “Baby!” she told me.

I nodded and took the doll. I looked and saw some spare clothes and cloth doll diapers sitting nearby. I decided to play like I was her mommy and take care of her. I noticed the others watching me, but I took and changed her diaper and dressed her into a new dress. I cuddled with her for a few minutes and found myself feeding her a fake bottle. Toddlers normally don’t interact with each other much, so I wasn’t really trying to do so with the other girls necessarily.

Two of the girls were talking a low whisper, “I thought maybe she was a little, but she’s just a normal baby.”

“Weird, normally they don’t come in the middle of the day,” the other whispered.

I kept pretending to not understand as they began talking about how to deal with something coming up soon. They were whispering so all I really got was ‘plan’ and ‘resistance.’ Right about the time I had thought about saying something to ask what they were talking about, I felt my stomach clench and poop pushed out into my diaper again.

I wanted to just cry and get someone to change me, but I wasn’t even sure if they could change me without Ivy leaving them diapers. Because of that I just kept playing for a moment until a daycare worker came by and sniffed, “Uh-oh, someone made a boom boom!” she said in a sing-song voice. She looked at the two conspirators first, taking a turn and standing them up and pulling back their diapers. “Not you two…” she looked over at me, “It must be you, cutie?”

I didn’t say anything as she came and pulled my dress back and said, “Yep, we have a winner!” she picked me up and carried me to a changing table at the side of the room. I was mortified as I realized my poopy diaper was about to be opened in front of everyone in the room!

I lay still as she looked at me and scanned my face with some sort of wand. “Uh-oh, you’re not in the system…?”

I just smiled at her blankly.

“Okay, let’s get you changed into another diapee here anyway. What does your mommy have you in?” I just smiled at the rhetorical question, “Oh, we have an extra one of those right here…” she said and pulled out a matching diaper to the one I wore. “Let’s get you out of that icky thing, huh?” she cooed at me and tickled my belly for a second before pulling a pair of gloves on and opening up my diaper.

“Pee-eew,” she exaggerated, gagging for a moment but smiled. She was actually very kind to me as she changed me into a new diaper. The sensation of her using gloves on me was a lot different than the tactile warmth of Ivy’s hands, but she was gentle as she changed me. “There you go, all clean and dry, huh?” she told me.

I smiled and she gave me a hug before setting me back down on the ground. I was about to go rejoin the doll area when Ivy appeared at the wall and I ran over to her. The lady from earlier reached over and passed me to her saying, “See Mommy, she’ll be just fine here, huh?”

I put my head into her chest in response and just hoped it really would be okay.

“I guess we’ll see you Tuesday,” Ivy told her. “Thanks for letting her sit in for a little bit.”

“Happy to help you out Doctor! That’s what we’re here for!”

Ivy carried me out of the daycare center and headed for her car, “Let’s go home and rest - you’ve had a long day,” she told me.

I nodded and yawned as she opened up her car door and placed me inside the car seat. “You really were okay in there?”

“I wasn’t there long…” I searched for words and lied, “I guess it seemed okay. I didn’t act like a little though. I talked and behaved more like an actual toddler, so I think they probably thought I was one.”

“You’d get treated better that way,” she told me.

As she sat down in the driver's seat I asked, “Mommy… what did you say about spankings?”

“I told them no Holly. I also told them no on the enemas. If they really ever feel you need punished more severely that will be my job, and I don’t think they’ll be needed, do you?”

I shook my head in terror, “No Mommy, I’m a good girl!”

“Good, now why don’t you close your eyes and take the nap you should have had several times today!”

I nodded and did just that.



End Chapter 17

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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