Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 4

I WASN’T QUITE sure where I was when I regained consciousness. I’d had surgery a few years earlier while I was doing my residency, and remembered thinking ‘this must be what my patients feel like as they come out from under anesthesia.’


I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped as I looked at a woman with the biggest head I had ever seen! I attempted to scramble away but strong hands held me tight and said, “Nick, it’s okay, you’re safe. You’re at your new home,” she said, “Remember me? I’m Ivy?”

I looked at her and put things into context. The subterfuge of the portal though made me realize things were probably not as they should be. There was no legitimate reason to knock us all out in those pods before coming through the portal. We’d definitely been fed a line of bullshit!

Suddenly a strand of long red hair moved in front of my eyes. I figured it must have been hers and reached to bat it away from my eyes. As I reached for it though I discovered some weird feeling at the top of my head. I felt something knotted in the back of my hair and pulled the strand closer and winced as my head seemed to be attached to it.

‘My hair isn’t red…?’

‘This looks like a pigtail…?’ I thought as I realized a bundle of hair was really attached to my head, and was braided at the back.

I tried to jump down to look at myself but Ivy grasped me tighter and brought me close into her hold. “Nick, you’re okay, you’re safe, and you don’t have to worry about anything more. I’m here and I’ve got you. Some things… just didn’t go according to plan,” she said grimly.

I looked back up at her as she squeezed me tightly in her arms. “I guess this is the part where I learn that everything that’s ever been said bad about this dimension is true?” Something about my voice seemed odd as it was higher in pitch than I was used to. ‘Because I shrank?’ I wondered

“Well, they probably are, but it wasn’t my intention to expose you to that truth so soon…”

“What happened to me? I always had brown hair before… Why do I have long red hair now?” I asked. I had a bad feeling I was going to learn that some of the more extreme stories I’d come across were true.

She grimaced in a manner that I couldn’t read if she was acting or not, “Something went wrong in the paperwork that the portal had. The system showed that there were supposed to be no modifications to you when you came through, but your file got corrupted somehow.”

“Modifications?” I asked nervously, groaning that I had fallen hook, line, and sinker here for the company's crap.

“Look… Nick, I'll level with you… when you agreed to come through I was given a questionnaire of what I would like to have changed about you when you arrived.”


“Pretty much any trait that a human can have I could change about you. You could be given large breasts, have no sex characteristics like a doll, have no eyebrows, be unable to walk, talk, have no teeth… probably made purple skinned with yellow eyes and pink fur for all I know…”

I felt my eyes widen and I gasped. As she said each of those I unconsciously reached up and touched my chest, my eyebrows, my teeth with my tongue… “Why?”

“Because it’s kind of normal here Nick.” She hesitated, “We have a reproduction problem and it’s become the new norm for us to get people from your dimension to come and fill our needs.”

I mulled that over for a second, “What kind of reproduction problem?” I asked curiously.

She looked sad then and said, “At least sixty percent of our adult women cannot have babies.”

My mind did the math in my head, “Sixty percent?” I gasped, “That means your population is shrinking?”

She nodded, “Sort of… With you all coming in from the portal we’re able to push that off some.”

I nodded and thought back to my hair. “You said you had a questionnaire... What did you ask to have modified?”

“Honestly Nick I only asked for one thing… and that was for your body hair to be removed for care purposes. I’m not a big hairy body person…” she told me.

I looked at my arms and saw they were bare now with very short sleeves in an odd pattern I’d never worn before. Before I could look lower, she grabbed me a bit tighter. “So… if that’s all you asked for why do I have a feeling something more happened? I never had hair that was this long before?”

She squirmed a bit in her seat and said, “Well like I said your file got corrupted... and you got modified quite a bit…”

“What did you do to me?”

“It wasn’t me, remember that please!” She pleaded. I felt like she must have been being truthful with the tears streaming down her face.

“Okay, so you didn’t do it, what did THEY do to me,” I asked again.

“Well the body hair is a pretty standard setting so that happened. But they also ended up taking my hair color from my profile and giving that to you, along with making it long to go with the… the other changes.”

Her arms had been holding me tightly enough I couldn’t see my lower body. Right then she loosened them a bit though and I noticed the material I was wearing wasn’t the hospital gown from earlier like I’d initially assumed… it was a….

“Why am I wearing a dress…” I asked as the pieces of my hair fell into place including the clothing. It was tough to see myself fully, but I figured out I was wearing a blue gingham dress that looked to have flowers embroidered along the bottom of the skirt. “Wait… did you…?” I gasped.

“They accidentally turned you into a girl,” she confirmed.

“But how…?” I asked. “Can they fix me back…?”

She looked at me sadly, “They might be able to as you return through the portal – but… I really don’t know. Definitely doing so anytime soon would be dangerous as your body just got done with changing the DNA in every cell.”

“How?” I asked again. Both horrified and curious.

“Those nanite clusters I showed you? We can use them system wide in addition to being targeted,” she told me.

“Why is that even an option?” I asked.

“Some women like sweet little girls better than stinky boys,” she said with a shrug. “I’ll be honest if I didn’t respect your abilities as a surgeon, I would have requested that modification.”

I glared at her and mulled over her reactions and everything. She might have been lying about all of it, but it wouldn’t matter… I could see I was stuck. “So…” I breathed deeply trying not to hyperventilate as I thought about this next question, “how much of a girl am I?”

“You have a vagina just like any other woman,” she told me with the face I would give a patient I was getting ready to operate on. “Someday you might even be a mommy, depending on if we gave you the hormone stimulants you need to enter puberty.”

Right then I couldn’t help myself, I felt my stomach twist and before I could warn her, I threw up all over her.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry,” I said as I looked at her covered in my vomit. At the same time the remnants were so foul-tasting in my mouth that I bit back another urge to repeat.

“You’re a doctor, you should know this isn’t a big deal… stuff happens…” she said without concern. “We do need to clean ourselves up though…” she said.

She picked me up gingerly and stood up to walk deeper into her house. As she stood, I realized we were in an enormous living room. The TV in her living room looked to be almost four times the size of an average TV back home. She kept moving down the hallway and walked into a huge bedroom that I presumed was hers based on the vanity full of cosmetics and jewelry. She walked into an attached bathroom off to the side of the bedroom, and then stood me up down on the floor.

It was only then that I really got the true perspective on our size differences! As I stood next to her, the phrase ‘knee high to a grasshopper’ came to mind. My head was just barely above her knee! My head didn’t even reach her waist! I noticed a mirror up high above the cabinet and sink, but I couldn’t see my reflection from the ground.

Now that I was free of her arms I looked down at the dress I had been put in. There was a clear stain of vomit on the top of the dress that hadn’t landed on Ivy. It made my stomach nauseous again and made me feel dirty. I looked down at the skirt where a continuous embroidered pattern of pink and yellow flowers with green stems circled the bottom of it. I nervously pulled up the dress and found a pair of bloomers covering…

“Why am I wearing a diaper?” I asked nervously.

I looked up to see Ivy had taken her shirt off and was only in a bra. Years of studying the human body basically numbed me to the sight of breasts, but I couldn’t help but note just how big hers were in her bra. She was well proportioned, certainly not a Barbie Doll figure, but to me the breasts were gigantic! I felt my mouth open but forced myself to stare at her face.

“Because the portal put you into it. It’s normal for the first day to be a bit rough on your urinary and bowel tracts. I personally think it beats using catheters and colostomy bags on someone your size?” She leaned over and picked me up to set me on the counter. She ran water over a washcloth and handed it to me, “Here you can clean your face off,” she told me.

I started moving the washcloth up and down over my face to get rid of the remnants of vomit. I looked up then into the mirror and did my best not to vomit again, but failed. It all fell into the sink at least, before I looked back at the reflection. Not only had they made my hair red, long, and apparently altered my gender... I looked at the face of a baby in the mirror. A real baby from the proportion of the fat on the cheeks, the lips, and everything else… it would have made a textbook picture in a medical book for a healthy toddler girl around twenty-four months old.

“Oh hun,” Ivy said, “I guess I should have avoided you seeing yourself a little longer.”

I kept staring at myself in disbelief and said, “What else did they do to me?”

She sighed, “you’re seeing the last of the parts I hadn’t told you. Your face and body proportions were altered to match your height.”

I took an offered cup and rinsed my mouth out with water before spitting the remaining chunks of vomit out.

I decided to bite the bullet and asked, “How tall am I now?”

“The nurse that measured you at the portal said you’re fifty-one inches tall now.”

I turned and looked up at her, “I lost a foot and a half of height!”

“Yes…” she sighed, “you are a lot smaller than I expected, you lost a lot of weight too… You’re only a bit over forty-seven pounds now.” I felt my jaw drop then at that as she continued, “It’s part of why I had to get that dress from the center. None of the clothes I had bought would fit you.”

I looked back at her from my perch on the counter, “How tall are you?”

She smirked, “A bit over ten feet, my family tends to be tall. My baby brother is almost eleven and a half feet tall.”

I gasped at her imagining someone taller than her! “This is going to take some getting used to…”

“Yes, it will,” she said.

“As tall as you all are… how tall are your children?”

She smiled, “Pretty tall,” she paused, “honestly we call you all ‘littles’ for very good reason,” she told me. “Look let’s talk some more after we get you changed into something clean?” she suggested.

I nodded and tried to remove the dress like a t-shirt but found I couldn’t. “Why won’t it come off?” I asked.

“Silly, it’s got a zipper in the back,” she told me. I started to reach for it, “I’ll get it, you’ve obviously not grown up needing to do the contortions to get out of clothing that girls do.”

I nodded at that and let her move a zipper I couldn’t see down, and then she said, “Arms up,” before she pulled it off of my body. I blushed now that I was naked and could see the frilly white top of the disposable diaper sticking out above the bloomers.

“Do I have to wear this diaper?” I asked as she put the dress into a hamper against the bathroom wall.

“Until we go to the store you will. Is it still dry?” she asked. But apparently it was a rhetorical question because she quickly pulled the bloomers down and put her hand on the padding and squeezed. “Still dry, you might be able to get out of those already. But we’re going to have to go get something in your size for underwear. All I have are the six diapers they gave me at the portal and one other outfit in your size.” She paused, “Unfortunately the clothes you brought in your suitcase and sent beforehand didn’t shrink as much as you did, so they’re way too big too.”

“What size am I?” I asked.

“In littles or bigs?”


She sighed, “I forgot you’re not from here. Most of the time we do sizing based on bigs - our - sizing. Not much market to just make clothes for independent adult littles since they’re a small part of our population.”

“Oh…” I swallowed some more vomit that threatened to come out, “I guess that makes sense. How does that work?”

“Well we usually just figure out the little’s height and compare it to the age that the bigs are at that size.”

In my head I mentally tried to figure out how tall I would be compared to them if being ten-feet wasn’t an abnormal height.

“What age does that put me by your scale?”

She looked down at me with a look of debate but shrugged and said, “Between nineteen and twenty-one?”

“So, I only lost about seventeen years…” I said aloud, relieved. Happy for a moment that I was at least still a young adult!

She laughed, “Months.”

“Months?!?!” I gasped.

I was so in shock as I stood there and examined the diaper closer. “This is a regular baby diaper?” I said hesitantly.

“What else would it be at your size?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “I guess I just assumed it would be a medical one like we use with adult patients.”

“We have those here, but they’re big enough for me… they would be comical on you!” she giggled. “Now I hope you don’t hate me too much for it, but I only have this one other outfit in your size… it’s definitely not going to make you feel like an adult. We’ll go directly to the store and get you some other underwear and at least a little bit more mature clothing if we can find something in your size.”

I nodded and wondered how bad the new outfit would be. She picked me up and carried me to the bedroom we had walked through. I became self-conscious more then as I realized I was basically naked and she was topless. Her skin was warm and I felt myself turn red at the proximity, along with the fact that I was being carried like a baby. She carefully sat me down on the gigantic bed and said, “Stay there for a moment please?”

I nodded, “Nowhere else to go,” I commented as I looked around in shock. I looked over the edge of the bed and noted that even it was taller than I was. All around the room everyday items like mirrors, door knobs, and hair brushes looked to have grown out of some sort of monstrous proportion.

She giggled at my response and wondrous gaze, as she walked to a closed door. She opened a huge walk-in closet door. She didn’t take long to find another top that she pulled on over her bra. Just before she pulled it over her head, I had an odd thought, ‘Is that a nursing bra she’s wearing?’ I shook my head, ‘She doesn’t have any kids, she said. Must just be some weird style,’ I told myself.

She walked to another corner of the room and picked up what looked to be a large purple messenger bag, or a really large purse. Being so proportionally small to the world, to me it looked like a large backpacking pack sized bag from back home. I watched her open it on the other end of the bed where I couldn’t see inside and dug out the other outfit that she’d warned me about. All I could see at first was a bundle of pink fabric.

She came closer and opened it up to let me see it was some sort of romper type outfit. “I’ll probably need to help you with this,” she told me. “It’s really designed for an infant…”

I groaned and watched her pop open the entire front which snapped closed all the way down to snaps at the crotch. “I could probably get it…” I told her.

“Here, if you want to try,” she told me handing it to me.

I blushed as I held the pink outfit and looked at it closer to see there were prints of unicorns and rainbows all over it. Two little decorative bows were attached below the first and second buttons for some reason. I asked, “Nothing else to wear?”

“Not unless you want to just go in that diaper? No one would think anything weird about that…?”

I blushed deeply at that, “That’s okay… I’ll wear this.”

I put my arms through the two sleeve holes that barely covered the tops of my arms just past the shoulders. I found the first button and put it together from the top to the bottom. For the very bottom of it I was trying to bend over to get the three crotch snaps when Ivy said, “Here, let me help you with those…” and she had them done in two seconds. I blushed as her hands were on my crotch again.

“It’s not that bad I guess,” she told me looking at me.

I could just see myself in the vanity mirror and shook my head, “It is that bad… Can we go get something else already?”

She nodded and picked me up gently before she sat me down on the ground to let me stand next to the bed. I couldn’t see the top from the ground and knew I would struggle to climb it on my own. She began walking with a huge stride that I struggled to keep up with down the hallway. The bag she’d pulled the awful outfit out of was slung over her shoulder. I guessed it must have been her purse because she dug out her car keys and said, “Okay, this way to the garage,” she motioned for me to follow her.

Inside the garage I noticed that it was quite warm. I realized I’d never asked what the climate was like here. If it was like it was when I left home I was not nearly dressed enough. “What temperature is it outside today?” I asked.

“High is eighty?” she told me.

“Ahhh…. Sooo much better than back home!”

“What was it there?”

“The high was supposed to be twenty-eight yesterday,” I told her. “Coldest winter on record I think… It was negative digits for about three weeks straight.”

I walked to the passenger side of the car and stared at the behemoth in front of me. It could have served as a tank or something in my home dimension! I knew without a doubt I couldn’t reach the door handle to open it. I waited patiently for her to open the front door, but was a little surprised when she opened the back door of the four-door sedan. My eyes bugged out a bit when I saw the rear-facing car seat sitting well above my head. I felt myself picked up as I said, “What…?”

“Sorry Nick, but as long as someone is your size they have to ride in car seats. The law says that anyone under eighty pounds has to sit in a rear-facing car seat.”

“Eighty pounds?” I asked… “Even with as big as you all get, that’s kind of big, isn’t it?”

She nodded as she lay me down in the car seat. “Lots of people are complaining about the new law, but your average kid would never know the difference if they grew up with it. It’s about preschool or kindergarten now that they’ll be able to face forward.”

I allowed her to maneuver my arms through the straps and I was quickly strapped in just like I had been in the pod earlier. “Listen, I know you may not want to hear this, but you do look adorable like this.”

She closed the door before I could respond and went to her side of the car. I looked at my feet and realized that I didn’t have any shoes on. Just a lacy pair of socks that hadn’t even been noticed with everything else being thrown at me. As she sat down, I asked, “Do you have a pair of shoes I can wear in the store?”

I realized then that a mirror was available for me to look at her forward and see her sort of out of the reflection of the rearview mirror. “Sorry Nick, I wasn’t given any at the portal….” She paused, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you want to shop quickly, you’re going to probably just need to ride in the cart where we’re going so you won’t need to walk anyway.” She paused and I could see a sympathetic look, “Besides, because you’re so little it’d look really out of place for you to be walking beside me.”

I could see myself in the reflection and guessed that was probably true. “How far is the store?”

“About ten minutes if there’s no traffic… Right now, it’ll probably be about twenty.”

I nodded and lay back in the seat and looked around me. The straps that held me down seemed bigger to me than the seat belts back home. There was a middle piece that connected the straps and I guessed it would be difficult to get out of the seat with it buckled. The buckle itself was visible to me with a red release button, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to play with it while we were driving. I really couldn’t see much from the seat and I must have dozed off as she drove.


IVY WAS BESIDE herself with how adorable Holly was! She intended to take things slowly with her, hoping that the girl would actually grow to like her. ‘I don’t want her to fear me like Katie’s littles do…’ So far, Holly seemed to be in shock though. She had expected her to fight her a lot more, try to run away, or at least cuss or bite her like she had seen in the hospital before with other dimensional littles. She feared the outfits and the diapers would have pushed her over the edge, but didn’t see a choice at the time.

It was normal for a traveler to have a wet diaper or two after coming through the portal as their body adjusted. She had intentionally not told her about the one she’d changed when she first got her home. It was probably best for both of them if she kept that one a secret indefinitely. She’d also not asked her if she needed to potty before they left in the hopes that she’d have another wet diaper to change while they were out at the store.

She had plenty of diapers in the diaper bag, but no spare outfits. She hadn’t been lying when she said she came smaller than she expected! Her mom was going to come pick up all of the clothes that had been bought before her arrival. She was going to get them from the nursery while they were out and go get the smaller sizes. With Holly being in eighteen-month size clothes she was going to have so many more cute options to pick out than she’d hoped for! Based on her height back home she had really planned on her being a 3T. An infant sized little was an amazing surprise, since she’d refused to intentionally intercede on that part of her new little.

For now, she was going to behave herself in the store. Maybe she could buy a few dresses if Holly seemed agreeable on this trip, but extremely babyish onesies, rompers, and extra frilly dresses seemed like salt in the deep wound of the new girl. But of course some cute pajamas would be necessary, as well as some short sets and shortalls. She’d try and push the dresses as being easier to reach the pull-up for the potty… She was going to buy one of those little potties too while they were out.

‘So many things to buy, and so little time.’ She smiled, ‘The potty’s going to almost be a waste though, since I don’t plan on using it with her for a long time. I’ll just try and pick out a cheap one…’

She already knew that reusable training panties were also on her shopping list, but she suspected that there was no way Holly’s small waist was going to hold up the ones at this store. She was skinny as a rail and might even need some clothing in 12-month sizes depending on the brand. Her intention was to also buy some disposable training panties that would just barely be small enough for her. When they started getting used too often with accidents, she’d go back for more cute diapers like she had her in now.

For now, she planned to let her little girl at least mostly pretend to be a big girl…

She grabbed the diaper bag from the front seat and walked over to Holly’s side. She was so cute sleeping there that she took a quick picture and sent it to her mom. Once she put her phone away, she couldn’t help but check her diaper in the hopes that it was already wet!



End Chapter 4

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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