Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 8
Big Girls

I DID EVERYTHING I could not to shake in terror at the sights around me. The store that had begun with displaying mockups of the most beautiful and loving nurseries that could be dreamed up. Now it had quickly moved to someone’s nightmarish fantasies.

Those displays proudly featured different types of ‘restraints’ as we walked under an arch that separated this part of the store from the mechanical section. Everything from handcuffs, straight jackets, leashes, and even dog collars. The color of lighting was adjusted now with lots of red spotlights tinting all of the shelves and products red. I saw one woman was trying those terrible things on a shaking woman there as Ivy pushed through. The little cried as she kept trying different sized collars on her! My stomach lurched then at the thought of something like that around my neck. Another row featured paddles, canes, super-sized spoons, ‘weighted’ hair brushes, old fashioned stick ‘switches,’ and to my horror, even whips and cattails were proudly displayed as demo units. Gags and other ways to truss someone up, hang them up, and… it took everything for me not to throw up.

To her credit Ivy moved faster through that section than any other so far!

When she finished there was a massive color change to white for the décor and lighting, and everything became about nursing mothers. From a large section of maternity bras, to pumps, to pillows, there was nothing but breastfeeding products for the next large section of the store. Thankfully Ivy skipped that area as well and pushed past a section of baby bottles, pacifiers, and other feeding accessories. There was a whole selection of high chairs lined up in multiple aisles across the aisle from them. I recognized the one at her house, seeing the advertising that it came with two covers and colors of their choice. I noted it could have been purple or pink instead as she passed by.

She stopped on a nearby aisle with colorful plastic plates, bowls, and cutlery. “See, no knives,” she whispered to me, “but let me get a few forks?” she suggested when she saw some silicone forks in a package with cute characters on the handles.

I smiled as that would help at least a little with not making as much of a mess! One aisle over she grabbed a few more sippy cups like I had been already been using. I noticed she took a long stare at the baby bottles and pacifiers on the rows too, but she continued past them to where there was a small selection of electronic baby toothbrushes. She grabbed one of the main units, two different sizes of head attachments, along with two types of toothpaste. She threw all of that into the cart before walking on.

I was greeted with walls of diapers on both sides of me. The store the day before had a large selection, but it had nothing on this place! Ivy didn’t stop long enough for me to really look, but it seemed like there was an endless selection for ‘parents’ to decide on. The first shelves had ‘crawler diapers’ that I would have thought at first just meant they were designed to move and protect crawling babies from leaking.

A look at some large digital signage set me straight though. ‘Little Superstore has the BEST crawler diapers to ensure that your Little one will be crawling safely just as a good baby should.’ A video of an adult woman in a short t-shirt and one of their diapers was shown crawling on the floor after several attempts to stand and walk on her legs. The diaper looked gigantic and forced her legs into a wide stance, and apparently blocked her from gaining her balance when she attempted to stand. Her toothless drooling face was all smiles though as her ‘mommy’ watched her continue to crawl to her instead. The mom picked her up and was all smiles as she hugged the poor woman. Clearly it was guaranteed to sell to someone…

Thankfully Ivy continued past those without a glance as my stomach engaged in flip flops over the idea. Of course, it was just getting warmed up as I then saw diapers that ‘rewarded’ littles for wetting or pooping with extra features. There were others that promised to zap a little if they went without the parent giving them permission by turning the function off… Past all of that though was a smaller wall of genuine baby diapers that even looked identical to our dimensions. She grabbed one box that looked identical to Pampers back home, and placed them in the cart. At my glare she said, “While we’re here I figured we should get you some more nighttime diapers, huh?”

She kissed the top of my head and tickled my belly before whispering, “Relax, you’re okay.”

The next section of the store was a collection of strollers, playpens, and other baby gear, followed by a large area of cribs and bedding.

At the car seat aisle, she stopped. I was confused that she looked to be buying a new car seat. ‘What’s wrong with the one I have already?’ I wondered.

The more I looked at what she was looking at, I figured the one in the car must have been meant for a bigger baby than she felt I was. These seats had the handles to carry an infant in them if you wanted to leave them in the seat when you went somewhere. I kept my mouth shut as she browsed and eventually put the large box of a purple one inside the cart. I couldn’t read a lot of the writing on the box from my seat, but ‘Infants up to 55 pounds or 24 months’ was clearly visible.

I didn’t have long to really dwell on my being able to be defined as an infant though as she stopped on the other side of the aisle. This side featured a whole section of car accessories for babies. I saw carrier handle bead toy attachments, sun shades, and some mirrors for mothers to see their rear facing babies. She searched for a moment before finding the one item she seemed to obviously be looking for. It was a set of video screens; one was placed on the seat above the baby's car seat and the other mounted on the car dashboard for the driver. It let both the baby and mother see each other like a FaceTime video. They were pitched as also able to play movies and cartoons for the baby too. Ivy didn’t look at it long before tossing it into the cart with everything else she’d grabbed so far.

She passed up the stroller and playpen aisles, and kept moving until we finally came to the part of the store that she had actually claimed we were there for - clothing!

To my confusion she didn’t stop in the first girl’s section labeled ‘Little Girl’, or unsurprisingly the boy’s section that followed, instead she kept moving until we came to a second girls section labeled ‘Infant Girl.’ I looked around the section and wondered what the difference was here. She pushed me along for a moment before coming to a rack of dresses, “These are so cute!” She cooed.

She held several up to me, but mostly just piled the outfits she chose into the cart. She cooed at me and spoke to me like a toddler during the trip, but to my relief I was never taken in a room to try any of the dozens of outfits she picked out. ‘Maybe by not having me try them on she’s reinforcing I’m not a little to the others?’ I wondered. Several store clerks checked on her every now and then, but she declined their help each time.

The clothing she picked out was made up predominantly of dresses, and the rest seemed to accommodate easy diaper access. I blushed at the idea of being dressed in several of the onesies and rompers that she had tossed into the cart. Footed sleepers and several sets of pajamas, joined the casual shorts and t-shirts that seemed more appropriate given the warm temperatures outside. A couple of frilly one-piece swimsuits were tossed in for good measure before she started to leave. There was a shoe section that she had me try on a few pairs as she bought sneakers, sandals, dress shoes, and slippers that she liked without ever once asking my frustrated opinion.

Finally, as she was moving to leave the clothing areas, I saw packs of panties on a wall just down from the shoes. ‘Maybe…’ I tugged at her shirt as I thought quickly.

“Mommy, big girl!” I said quietly to her and nodded to the wall.

“Hmm…” She said, “let’s take a look.”


HOLLY HAD MANAGED to behave in a way throughout the trip that Ivy couldn’t help but admire. She didn’t cry, scream, or react to all of the crazy things around her. This store truly claimed to be a one-stop shop for new parents, but that unfortunately meant for the kind of parents she despised too. When Holly grabbed at her shirt and pointed out the panties, she had wanted to ignore the clothing that she didn’t want to buy, but she wanted Holly to come to believe she needed the diapers and the babying. She wanted her to willingly accept it. Not believe that she was going to be forced into it without reason...

If that was the case then she really had demonstrated she could probably handle real panties at least while they were home. The problem was that real panties would make her accidents a much bigger deal when they began to happen… She’d already forced a box of diapers into the cart though, ‘why not give her some hope?’ she thought.

She looked through the small selection of panties and was surprised to see they went all the way down to twelve months at this store as regular panties. The character covered panties she picked in her size made her say “Aww… how cute!”

Featuring some cartoon princess characters on the front and back they had lace around the leg and waist bands and a little bow in the middle of the front. To her surprise they weren’t even padded! She grabbed a pack of twelve that they came in and put them in the basket. “We’ll see if Holly can be a big enough girl to wear these cute panties,” she told Holly with a smile.

“Pwincess!” Holly said with a smile.

‘Damn she’s a good actor…’ she couldn’t help but note.

“Yep! Just like Holly!” she tickled her belly just to make a little giggle happen. Holly’s face lit up as she tried to run from her but had nowhere to go.

She came to the elevators and rode down with the full cart of clothes and diapers to the first floor. This store made a large part of their money on the showrooms you began with, and this was where you picked up any big furniture or gear packages. She was fully ready on that front though in the nursery when she got to use it, so she just pushed to the checkouts.

“Did you find all you needed to ma’am?” an employee asked as she piled her purchases on the short belt.

“Yes I did,” she said, “thank you!”

“Your daughter is adorable! How old is she?”

“Twenty-months,” Ivy responded.

“For real, or is she a little that age?”

“For real,” Ivy told her with a smile.

“What’s with all of the clothes? Baby clothes are cheaper?”

“Actually, other than the diapers and the panties that are in that stack, the rest is all for my sister who just adopted!” she said with a smile.

“Wow, someone sure is getting a great shower!”

“She’d better appreciate it too!” Ivy told her with a smile.

The checker began ringing up her purchases and Ivy was actually shocked by how little she’d spent on this trip. Her previous trips there had been a lot more expensive! Out at the car she opened the new car seat box and unbuckled the one that was installed already. She put that one in the trunk while Holly watched dutifully from her seat in the cart. It was a major pain to install the base of the new car seat and latch everything in, but she was able to secure it after a bit of whispered swearing. Once everything was loaded into the car except her little girl, she looked at Holly and asked, “Need to use the potty before we go to lunch?”

“As long as I can go when we get there, I’m fine.”

“Okay,” she said with a smile as she buckled her into the new car seat. Her dress was in the way a bit so Ivy pulled it free of the buckle which exposed her bloomers. Ivy couldn’t help but check by pulling the bloomers down a bit to see all of the wetness indicators still showed dry on the Pull-Up.

“Good girl!” she said and closed her door before continuing around to the driver’s side.

‘Hopefully I won’t be giving her too many more of those compliments…’ she mused.


I HAD BLUSHED as Ivy checked my Pull-Up, but was glad it was dry. Even while we were leaving the store, I’d seen some horrific things being done to some littles. I shuddered every time I saw one of the ones that gave me a toothless grin with slobber going down their chests. ‘It’s probably one in ten that have that done…’ I thought in shock about it.

When she closed the door I asked, “What was the point?”

“What do you mean Holly?”

“Why buy me clothes from a littles store if you’re going to say I’m a real baby to everyone while we’re out?”

She sighed, “Baby clothes are meant for less wear than little clothes…”


“Babies don’t usually wear out their clothing before they outgrow it. They might only wear an outfit or a dress six or seven times before they can’t squeeze in anymore. Littles don’t grow, so the clothing is better made most of the time, since it needs to last longer.”

“Oh…” I replied. ‘That actually makes a weird amount of sense…’ I admitted to myself. I looked down at my bare legs and couldn’t help but play with the skirt of the dress at that moment since it had ridden up easily within my grasp.

“I don’t normally do fast food Holly,” she said from the front seat, “but I figure this place will work? Would you rather have chicken nuggets or a hamburger when I order?”

I thought for only a second and said, “Chicken please.”

Just as I answered, she pulled to a stop and turned the car off. A moment later she came around to carry me inside.

“Potty?” I reminded to her. I was beginning to feel the urge and didn’t want to have any problems avoiding those strikes.

“Potty first,” she agreed as she grabbed the diaper bag that was also acting as her purse and carried me inside. I only got a quick glance as she carried me to the women’s room, but I could see this place was like McDonalds back home with a massive play area.

As she opened the door, I reminisced a bit in my head about when I had been small enough to play in them…

She quickly opened a stall and helped me with the diaper cover and Pull-Up. “Good girl! All dry still!” she said as she carefully balanced me on the toilet. She never took her hands off of me as I forced myself to pee with the still new parts and was rewarded with an uneven stream of urine going into the bowl. Feeling a bit of a need to poop I grunted while turning red from embarrassment and was rewarded with a small log that left as well.

“What a good girl!” Ivy cooed to me. She reached for tissue with one hand leaving me and then wiped me carefully before setting me on the ground. I grimaced about my still bare feet and the bathroom floor. She didn’t seem to think anything of it though as she said, “Let’s get your panties all back up now too!”

As we walked out of the stall after she picked me up there was a mother and her giant little girl waiting for the stall.

“Was that you that was a big girl?” The woman cooed at me. “Isn’t she a bit young to train?” she asked Ivy.

“I wouldn’t if she wasn’t showing she was ready… She’s been showing the signs so I decided to try.”

“How old is this princess?”

“Twenty months,” Ivy said with a sense of pride.

“Hmm… Maybe that’s where we went wrong,” the woman said looking at her daughter. “Evie here is five and still doesn’t make it to the potty on time most of the time. It’s about to the point of just admitting she’s going to be in diapers like the littles in her class for the rest of the year.”

“No Mommy!” The girl I noticed was crying. “Not baby!”

“Well then we need to be making it to the potty! This little baby is a bigger girl than you!” her mom said, “Let’s try the potty and then we’ll change your Pull-Up like a baby since you wouldn’t stop playing to use the potty,” she told her as she pushed her into the stall and closed the door.

Ivy used the sink to wash her hand and mine. As we were walking out the door, “Seriously you poopied too?!?”

I sighed with relief that it wasn’t me blowing my strikes as Ivy carried me to the counter.

“Welcome, what can I get for you?” the giant teenager behind the cash register asked Ivy.

“I’ll do a chicken salad with ranch, and a large drink to go with that.”

“Very good, and for the cutie?”

“If we can just do your small kids nugget meal with the toddler toy option?”


“I’ve got juice for her.”

“That’ll be $11.38” the girl said as Ivy sat me down on the counter sitting on my butt so she could dig inside the bag for her wallet. I looked up at the board and realized that instead of just being kid meals and adult meals, there was also a separate ‘Littles Meals’ listed. It looked like the same thing as the kid’s meals for the first few options before disappearing into insanity with four pureed baby food versions of those meals next. Even as Ivy used a card to pay for our meals, I watched a tray with a plastic tub of ‘Littles Pureed Nuggets and Fries’ get picked up by a lady.

I nearly wanted to vomit thinking about it as Ivy picked me up and walked over to some high chairs and grabbed one to bring where we could look at the play equipment area. She pulled the high chair in place and placed me down before using the simple seatbelt to prevent me from getting out.

‘Why the hell did I do this?’ I asked myself as she sat down and dug through the bag to hand me my sippy cup.

“Here’s your cuppie,” she told me with a smile as she sat down.

I looked around at the play area and had to admit it looked like a place I would have loved as a kid. Of course, meant for giant kids I could see the sign of requirements with a tall mascot holding a large ruler, ‘Kids 3-9 must be under 7’ Tall to play on the playground.’

“Number 242” I heard from the counter and Ivy left me for just a second to go grab our food.

I got a look at one adult little male moving around on the playground while I waited. I could tell he was an actual adult by his huge biceps, even though his clothes and haircut looked more appropriate for a toddler. You could just see the frilly edges of the diaper he wore sticking up over the top of his pants as his shirt rode up. He seemed to be working on timidly climbing up a clear section of tube while a nearby ‘mother’ watched him. A moment later my focus quickly turned back to Ivy who had arrived with my food.

“Let’s get your bib on,” she said as she unfolded one from the diaper bag and velcroed it behind my head.

“Let me open up your sauce for you,” she said, and then presented me with a sweet and sour sauce dipping container, and nuggets, that were huge!

There were only four of them in the box, but they looked like they were each the size of my palm! She placed some apple slices that were even bigger in the top of the little box and said, “I’ll give you your toy after you eat.”

I shrugged, “Thanks Mommy,” and began attacking the first nugget. I dipped the tip of it in the large sauce container and bit a chunk off the end of it before carefully chewing and swallowing. It took me a while to finish the first nugget and my hands were already getting greasy and sticky, not to mention my stomach was filling!

I made it through two nuggets before attacking a gigantic apple slice and some of the juice. Ivy ate her salad while watching me, and I blushed as I realized she had literally been just staring at me eating the whole time. Another Amazon mother came in with two girls, “Go play for a bit while I get your food ordered.”

She saw me look at her and smiled, “Hi precious!” she said with a coo as she walked up to order.

I grabbed another apple slice figuring I was about done eating when I heard a shout from the play area. “Baby come here! You’re stinky and need a new diapee!” the biggest girl, who looked about seven from her face to me, but still stood over six feet in height. I watched as she dragged the shorter little out with her through a slide. “Where’s your mommy?” she asked the man who was red faced and scrambling to escape from the girl.

“Mommy’s right here,” the lady watching out for him said. “Did he make a boom boom in his diapee?”

“He’s stinky,” the little girl told her in affirmation.

“Well thank you for your help, we’ll go change this stinky boy.” The woman stepped away holding the boy's hand and walking him to the bathroom.

The two girls made eyes at me and I just hoped they’d leave me alone. Luckily enough the girl's food just arrived, “Come on girls let’s eat your food and then you can play more.”

I looked back at the apple slice in my hand and finished it before looking at the chicken nuggets and saying, “Done Mommy.”

She smiled at me, “Look at you my good little eater!” She pulled the travel wipes out of the diaper bag and proceeded to wipe my sticky face and hands with it before pulling the bib off. “You need to potty before we go home? Maybe you’ll get a nap on the ride home?”

I nodded my head to the potty while thinking, ‘I don’t need a nap.’ I did have to admit I was getting tired though. She carried me to the bathroom after throwing away my leftover food and repeated the potty process without any more incidents. Once we both had clean hands, she carried me out to the car and buckled me into the car seat.

“Did you get enough to eat? You didn’t eat that much…”

I looked up at her, “That was a ton of food for someone my size! Those chicken nuggets were practically half of a chicken breast in relation to me in my old dimension…”

She cocked her head a little thinking before nodding, “I never really thought about it before. I guess you’re right.”

She closed the door and jumped into the driver's seat, closing her door. “Umm… What time is it?”

“One in the afternoon, or 1700 Hours,” she told me.

“How many hours are in a day here?” I asked, “I remember the days are supposed to be longer, but don’t remember the actual length?”

“Thirty-two hours in our days sweetie, it’s part of why most of your kind need naps and longer sleep time here.”

“Why don’t you?”

“Our bodies evolved with the days here and can go twenty-six hours without sleep pretty easily. That’s longer than a full day for you back home, right?”

I nodded even though she couldn’t see me, “Yeah it is… So… I guess we just passed our equivalent of noon back home,” I noted to myself.

“Which is lunch time,” she said back to me.

“Thanks, I was curious,” I said, feeling a bit sleepier. “Another question… Why did the menu have kids’ menus and little menus separately? I noticed that you ordered for me off the kids’ menu?”

“The littles menu has items that have been… ‘enhanced’ for littles. They can be a bit addicting and I’d rather not have you eat them if we can avoid it.”

I nodded, that made sense. “How have they been enhanced?” I asked, yawning.

“Extra nutrients and they’re sweeter,” she told me while turning on the radio to something with classical sounding music.

That was what finally did me in as I closed my eyes and forgot any other questions I had.


IVY COULD HEAR the soft snores coming from the back and knew that the music had been enough to lull Holly to sleep. She was too bright for her own good and she worried if she started thinking about her food as being unsafe for her that it might complicate her next steps.

‘I wish I had gotten that video screen set installed so I could see her sleep, but that’ll be something to do at home,’ she thought.

Throughout the drive home she couldn’t help but dream of having Holly in that beautiful nursery that she’d put together for her! She’d based it on all of the best things that store had to offer. Well, except the robots. Once she’d seen Holly’s initial reaction, she knew that she’d been right to not mess with them. Holly would be best off in daycare with humans at the hospital, she didn’t need to be taken care of by a robot!

She navigated through the city streets until she came to her suburb and backed her car into the garage with the auto parking feature. She opened Holly’s door and just wanted to scoop her up and start fully babying her right there… but knew it wasn’t time yet. Holly hadn’t had a true freak-out on her yet - and it was really kind of disconcerting.

‘Not even yesterday when I diapered her…’ she noted as she picked up the sleeping little and carried her inside. Deciding her bed would be the best place for her to finish napping since she didn’t stir, she deposited her on it and pulled up the sheets over her little girl noting that the bed really was too big for her since she shrank. ‘Well, the crib is not that much smaller,’ she had to admit looking at her bed before heading out to the car.

She had lots of clothes to launder, diapers to put away, and that video monitor system to get setup. She smiled knowing that the moments her little girl napped, would be the best times to do the motherly chores that would only grow as her new baby settled in.



End Chapter 8

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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