Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 20

THINGS CONTINUED TO be tough for us the next few weeks. Ivy did everything she could to try and make my life comfortable. Little things like never leaving me sitting long in a messy or wet diaper… Food was good - let’s face it, she was a great cook! And using her knowledge - and her library of books and journals she had access to - it was like getting a post-doc fellowship in. 

I never played with toys though… and only once did she convince me to sit in one of the baby swings and let her push me. She tried to convince me to go to the park and play there, but I politely declined. For her part she politely declined the Sunday family gatherings those weekends too. We were at a point where we interacted… but I think both of us knew it couldn’t go on like this much longer. 

I worried she would decide it meant it was time to use those hypnosis tools I’d heard and read about… or worse sent me off to an etiquette school for the conditioning I now knew way too much about from my research. 

A part of me knew that I needed to engage with her in a positive way and not shut her out… but my own depression over the situation where I had suddenly found myself wouldn’t let me. Before I knew it, fourteen weeks of Ivy’s extended maternity leave with me had flown by, and it was time for Ivy to again drop me off at daycare in the hospital while she went to work.

“I’ll try to spring you after seeing my morning patients,” she told me on the way in. 

I nodded and said, “Okay Mommy,” without any sense of emotion.

The lady was the same lady at the desk as last time. “Doctor Nickerson, right?” She said as we approached.

“That’s me,” she told her. “Just here to drop Holly off. She’ll be here at least part of the day most days now.”

“Very good! So glad to have this little sweetie back!” the lady cooed at me as I was handed over. 

“Just a reminder please make sure that you all are following my care instructions?” Ivy told her.

“We’ll review them as soon as I set her down and she can start playing with all of her new friends,” she told me.

I pretended to smile at her as she tickled me. I took one last look at Ivy waving at me and turned to face my dim future in the daycare. 


IVY WALKED TO her office feeling depressed. Things just didn’t seem to be getting any better with Holly and she wasn’t sure what the solution was. ‘About the only thing I can think of is hypnosis… and I promised her I would never do that,’ she thought.

The past few weeks had been hard for her as she was riddled with guilt throughout it. She thought that Holly and her were on their way to a great mother and daughter relationship… and then it was like that morning in daycare had destroyed Holly. ‘Well that and meeting the rest of my family…’

She had wrestled over the past few weeks with a desire to let the bright girl live as she would want, but trapped by the realities of her world. ‘I’ve already taken her gender and her continence,’ she had admitted to herself. ‘I’m not taking her mind with hypnosis… we’ll figure it out,’ she thought with a sigh as she walked out of the elevator.

“Welcome back!!!” several of her colleagues said as she walked back to her office. 

“Missed you!” Macey told her as she came up to her. “I was bummed that our playdate with our girls fell through. Is everything okay?”

“No, it’s not,” Ivy told her. “I don’t want to talk about it right now though before I start seeing patients.”

Her friend looked a combination of worried and hurt and said, “O… okay… Well, you’re set up in rooms…”


I LOOKED AROUND my baby prison and tried to figure out what I could do that wouldn’t make me lose my mind. Before I could make a decision to go elsewhere one of the wardens said, “Holly, this is Sabrina, why don’t you play dolls with her?”

I recognized one of the suspicious acting littles from before and jumped a bit in horror. This wasn’t the same girl who I’d met before. Snot and drool literally ran down her face, and her body movements just weren’t… right. If I met a motor skills patient that moved like she did above a year of age I would recommend they be diagnosed for whatever was causing the deficiency. “Ga ba da go?” the girl asked me as she put a doll’s bottle awkwardly up to my face and pointed to her doll.

“Uh…” I said but found myself sat on my rear next to her and a doll placed in my arms by the worker.

“Play nicely girls!” the worker called to us as she walked towards a pair of littles that had spontaneously burst into tears nearby.

‘What the hell?!?’ I thought to myself. I sighed though and pretended to play with the damn dolls while watching Sabrina’s actions. A genuine toddler, Ashlyn, was soon playing dolls with us too and at her bossy insistence a ‘tea party’ was held for about an hour. She was especially pushing Sabrina around since the poor girl had nothing left upstairs. I decided she saw me as being a peer because she wasn’t as pushy towards me. Just before I could take no more, we were gathered up for snack time. I found myself in line with the other members of the class to be given our snacks.

“Okay Holly, here’s your baba,” the abusive lady from before, who handed me a mildly warmed bottle of breast milk from Ivy. I was grateful to see Holly Nickerson written on the bottle in Ivy’s handwriting, so I was reasonably sure it was safe to drink. ‘Getting only breast milk for food here is going to get old…’ I griped as I walked with my bottle to a bean bag and sat down. 

The boy and the other girl who were with Sabrina sat down with the cookies and sippy cups they were giving everyone else. I watched them while I nursed on the bottle, noticing neither of them actually eating the cookie or drinking the juice. 

“She’s really gone?” the girl asked the boy Seth.

“I’m sorry Cat, but there is nothing left of Sabrina anymore,” he told her sadly.

“They’re going to pay for this!” the girl said viciously, but quietly apparently intending only for him to hear.

“One more week, that’s all we need…” he told her.

I didn’t hear more because I found my eyes closing from the milk’s effects. ‘If I sleep most of the day, then I don’t have to pretend…’ I thought, depressed. ‘What are those two up to though?’ I wondered.


IVY FINISHED UP with her last scheduled Pre-Op appointment for the day before lunch. She just had paperwork to catch up with and a meeting with a couple of doctors that were going to be teaming up with her on an upcoming procedure in her office. Knowing no reason not to, she decided to go pick up Holly from daycare. ‘She can stay in the playpen I put in the office or wander around depending if I have anyone there…’ she thought to herself. ‘It’s got to be better than being stuck in the daycare…’

Ivy walked quickly, still wearing her coat and stethoscope, and was soon at the reception desk for the daycare. “I’m here to pick up Holly Nickerson,” she told the woman who was a different person from earlier.

“Hi Doctor Nickerson, if you’ll just scan your ID tag on this sensor, I’ll have someone bring her up front.”

“Thanks,” she said and anxiously waited for Holly to appear.

The girl was soon in another woman’s arms walking forward with her diaper bag over her shoulder. There was almost a hint of a smile in Holly’s face, but it sank before it reached her eyes and Ivy felt worse. “Here’s Mommy!” the lady said in a sing-song voice sure to make a toddler happy, and her Holly pissed off anymore.

Ivy took Holly and squeezed her gently, “Want to get some food?”

“Sure,” she told her with just a hint of happiness from being sprung from the daycare. ‘I guess it’s something,’ she thought to herself. “You okay with the cafeteria?”

“Beats just having milk, which is what I would have had in the daycare,” Holly told her honestly.

She gave her a hug and felt her heart tear more as she felt terrible once again. Ivy walked towards the cafeteria and soon the two of them were eating some more stir-fry together.


I WAS SO glad to see Ivy when she came for me! As pissed off as I was at her… it really did beat just drinking a bottle of milk for lunch! In the line she asked me if I wanted spicier this time, to which I’d responded definitely! 

As I bit into the first few bites, I was disappointed though that it wasn’t hotter. “What do you think?” she asked me.

“Do you consider this to be spicy? I mean it tingles a bit… but it’s not even close to spicy?” 

She looked at me incredulously, “You have one of the oddest sets of taste buds for a little. No, I don’t consider it to be ultra-spicy, but it does have a bit of a bite… Maybe tomorrow we’ll see if they can do an extra spicy bowl and see what you think?”

I nodded, “I miss spicy food, that would be nice.”

The meal was still mostly silent though when Ivy’s friend ‘Mace’ came to join us. 

“Oh, look at you two! Mother daughter lunch date?”

I looked at Ivy for her response, “I’m done seeing patients this morning, so I thought I would spring her from daycare and get her some real food. She can hang out with me the rest of the afternoon in my office,” she told her.

“Aww… I think that’s a great idea!” she said cooing at me. 

I was getting more than a bit uncomfortable as she stared at me. Apparently, Ivy could sense that because she tried to steer her attention off of me. At some point though she asked Ivy, “So what is up with you two?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I saw you last time things seemed stable… all of a sudden… It seems like there’s something wrong,” she said.

I sighed but followed the advice I’d read online and stayed quiet.

Ivy sighed as well, “we’re just dealing with some issues right now Mace, can you just leave it alone?”

“Nope!” she said to my surprise, “You’re my best friend and I’ve yet to have a playdate with your baby girl and mine since you cancelled on us. What’s going on?”

“No…” she started to say.

“We’re just dealing with the fact that she lied to me and did all of this to me without my permission,” I told her honestly.

“Why would she need your permission? You’re just a little,” she said to me. My jaw dropped in astonishment, she continued talking to Ivy, “So you haven’t used those hypnotherapy videos I gave you then?”

“No, and I won’t,” Ivy told her as she undid the strap around me and gathered me in her arms. “Look… I’m not just going to brainwash her to love me, I told you that to start with Mace.”

Ivy was sitting back down with me protected in her arms. I was still annoyed with her, but I appreciated that she at least was in a mama bear mode and was keeping me safe. 

“Why? What’s the harm?”

“The harm would be losing any of her intellect, her personality, or her sense of self…” she said and gave me a squeeze.

I looked up at her and said, “Thank you…”

She squeezed me again. “I just have taken enough from her, I don’t know how to give enough back to her, but I won’t take any more.”

I leaned around and did my best to give her the small hug I was able to from her lap. 

“Whatever floats your boat Ivy, you’ve always been the odd one…” Macey said to us.

“And proud of it,” Ivy said. 

I was worried I was viewing the end of a friendship for Ivy, but she stuck around for ten minutes animatedly talking with Macey before looking at her watch and saying, “We’ve got to get back to my office. I’ll see you later.”

“Maybe really set that playdate up?”

“I’ll get back to you on it,” Ivy told her. She felt my diaper and said, “I guess we’d better get you changed too?”

I put my head into her shoulder feeling my face turn red. Even after fourteen weeks of diaper changes, I was still embarrassed when she talked about my used diapers in front of other people.

“Aww… she’s still turning red about her diapees…” Macey cooed at me.

I glared at her and felt a squeeze from Ivy, “Sorry, should have kept that in my head Holly.”

She turned and walked upstairs and stopped at a nurse’s station on what I now knew was her office floor. There was a changing table in there that she sat the changing mat down on and then lay me down. “Sorry about that,” she muttered to me as she lifted my legs up in the air.

“Which part?” I asked when she had a wipe in her hand. 

She sighed, “All of it Holly, all of it.”

I looked up at her, “I’m sorry for being harder to live with right now too…” I told her as she taped my new diaper shut.

She hugged me, “Can we try and move forward here?” She asked then.

I shrugged, “We can try… I don’t think you’re the problem completely…” I nodded towards a set of little restraints sitting on the counter, “Society here is…”

She nodded and said, “Well… let’s see what we can do about it.” 

I was carried back to her office and noticed the time on a clock sitting on her desk. She was going to just set me down on the couch in her office but I asked, “Don’t you need me to nurse?”

She cringed, “I can use the pump?”

I put my arms up in the ‘pick me up’ pose, “Look, I hate that your milk made me incontinent… but that horse probably isn’t going back into the barn. It’s awkward and embarrassing to suck from your breasts, but it does taste surprisingly good… There’s no need to make you stop nursing me.”

She looked at me with some tears in her eyes, “Okay… I should have about a half hour before my meeting here…”

With that I was propped in her arm accepting the nipple that I had grown to know way closer than I would have ever believed. Her milk was good though… too good… 


IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly and hoped that maybe the last hour meant there was a chance to mend some fences. She wasn’t sure what really brought it on, but wondered if maybe she had also been wanting to reconcile their relationship. She sighed, the feeling of Holly sucking on her nipples felt good on so many levels… ‘I’m so glad she wanted to nurse right now!’

She stroked Holly’s hair gently and wished that the picture of relaxation that she was right now could really be the reality for both of them. 

The problem was she had lied to Holly to get her there… lied about the gender change… and while honest about her new status after putting her back into diapers… well she had still hidden her from the world at large. When she’d finally been exposed it hadn’t been a good thing. ‘I wonder how daycare went? I didn’t even get a real answer there yet…’

She felt a change in the sucking on her nipple and new Holly wasn’t getting enough milk now. She used her finger to gently break the suction and moved her to her shoulder to burp her. ‘Do I even need to do this?’ she thought to herself as she patted Holly’s back gently and was rewarded with a burp and a bit of milk coming out of her mouth that she quickly made a face about and swallowed back. A quick rearranging of her top and she had Holly latched onto her right breast. 

Like clockwork she was done nursing that breast about ten minutes later. ‘She’s gotten a bit faster,’ she noted though as she burped her. She waited to see what her status would be afterwards and was surprised to see her still awake. She felt her diaper and told Holly, “You’re a little wet, but do you think you can make it until after I have a meeting?”

Holly shrugged and said, “Sure,” to her.

“I’m going to put you down in the playpen during this meeting, that way if you fall asleep, you’re a little comfier. I need the couch area for them to sit on…”

“Okay,” Holly said. “May I please have my tablet?”

“Sure,” she told her and carried her to where she had setup a playpen filled with a selection of little toys, a blanket, and a couple of stuffed animals. Holly’s skirt pulled up as she placed her onto the soft floor, so she just gently helped her straighten it before leaving her standing there. Her head was even with the top rail of this one, and she knew Holly could probably climb out if she really wanted to. She’d just bought a regular baby playpen for the office, not thinking it necessary to really lock her up like the slightly taller littles one would have let her. ‘I think she’d be a bit angrier and more concerned about the straps and body harness hooks that those have too…’

She walked to where she had left her own briefcase bag and handed Holly the tablet. She watched her sit down on her soggy rear and begin reading something just as a knock came on the door.

“Doctor Nickerson?” a male voice called as he opened the door. 

“Peter!” she said happily.

“It’s good to see you back,” he told her as she gave him a hug.

“Good to be back,” she said with a smile, “Kandice should be here in a few moments.” 

“Great!” he said looking over at Holly, “And that’s the new bundle of joy that had you skipping work for three and half months?”

Ivy smiled reassuringly at Holly who looked up with a measured look, “Yep, that’s my Holly Bear!” Motioning towards the couch for him to sit on, “I just couldn’t leave her in daycare all day yet…”

“I understand, my wife chose not to even go back to work after she adopted our first little boy.”

The two of them talked for a few minutes before being joined by an older woman with grey hair, “Welcome back,” she said to Ivy. She smiled at Holly, but didn’t seem bothered by her one way or another. Known as a very stern lady, Kandice Wegner was known as one of the best thoracic surgeons in the region. 

Today’s meeting was scheduled as a way to hand off some cases and get a feel for how things had been going while she’d been out. While she hadn’t stayed completely out of the loop, she hadn’t micromanaged at all while she’d been out either. These two were her best resources for knowing what she needed to get to work on.


I STAYED IN the playpen and looked for some new research material on my tablet. I especially found some of the different nanotechnology procedures to be so cool, so I’d begun researching more into what made them tick. Ivy’s meeting with the two ended just as I had found a study published to a journal by a Dr. Amanda Westerfield. I had just pulled up the abstract as the three of them finished and the lady walked by my playpen with a sniff.

“Well, smells like someone left her mommy a present in her diapee!”

I stiffened and looked up at her before feeling the back of my diaper. I sighed… ‘Not surprised after the breastmilk and lunch…’ I did start a bit about the fact I didn’t know I’d done it. There was absolutely no memory in my mind of when I’d stopped and pushed out the log that was smushed in the diaper I was sitting on. 

Ivy smiled at her, “Yep, well I guess I’d better get to opening it and getting her a new diaper.”

“Better you than me!” she told her. “I changed more than enough poopy diapers with my kids for the nine years I had three go through diapers. Never had any desire to change another!”

Ivy giggled, “I don’t mind now, but maybe after nine years I would. We’ll see…”

I felt a tear go down my face at the thought of nine years of this… ‘It could be a lot longer than that,’ I acknowledged to myself. ‘I really have absolutely no knowledge of when I’m going… If I was a true toddler, I’m no longer showing any of the signs of readiness you look for.’

She’d shown them out the door and set my changing mat down on the couch, “Come on stinky, let’s get you changed.”

I grimaced but let her handle me gently and sat me down on the mat. She opened up the diaper and made a face, “You usually try not to sit down on these diapers…”

“I didn’t honestly know I’d gone,” I told her.

“At all?”

“At all…” I said sadly. 

She pursed her lips and got to work on changing me. The poopy diaper went into a bag that she tied and I was soon sitting on the couch with the tablet and a clean diaper. She said, “I’ll be right back,” and carried the bag filled with the messy diaper to the door of her office and quickly was back inside. “I’ll have to think about getting a diaper pail in here…” she said to me.

“Great…” I said, trying not to be too sarcastic in tone. 

She pursed her lips at me but shook her head, “You want a bottle of juice before my next meeting? That one’s going to last a bit longer…” she said.

“Sure,” I told her while making myself more comfortable on the couch. 

She brought a blanket and the bottle over and covered me, before giving me a kiss on the forehead. “Comfy?”

I shrugged, “Yeah I guess.”

I got back to the journal from this Doctor Westerfield, and the nature of what she was researching with nanites. The article was pretty recent and I noted she had supposedly made a number of new breakthroughs as to adjusting neural processes and pathways with the nanites. I never had a big cranial interest as a surgeon, but I read some of the specifics of her research and couldn’t believe what she was pulling off. 

I was interrupted by, “Pretending to read Mommy’s journals?”

A sarcastic smirk on a man about my age looking down at me made me want to scream at him. “No, her specialty is of course pediatrics rather than neurosurgery,” I told him. “Normally so is mine, but I’m finding the processes for using nanites to correct neuro deficiencies to be fascinating in this dimension though.”

The man looked at me like I had grown a second head right then. He looked over at Ivy, “What?”

“She was a pediatric and general surgeon back home in her dimension.”

“Littles can’t possibly…” He objected.

“Even the littles here in this dimension could probably learn to be a doctor,” I told him in as measured of a voice as I could, “But we don’t have bigs and littles in my dimension. Everyone is one species of humans that try not to take race and appearance to be the indicator of potential growth and success.”

I enjoyed the bit of brain freeze he had before he looked at the article and me again, “If you really do understand any of that, tell me about the transport system…” 

I actually rather enjoyed the next few minutes of him quizzing my understanding of what I was reading there. He reminded me of one of the Doctors who had been in charge of my residency. I answered every question he had and then ended up having a spirited discussion with him about the merits of that particular study.

“Where did you find her Ivy?” He asked her finally.

“Through an agency, PortalRelocations is their name on the other side of the dimension.”

“What’s it here?”

“Procuring-Relationships,” she told him.

I felt my mouth open as I realized yet another way that they were duping people to coming to this dimension. I sighed with that and bit my tongue. “Tricked you into coming I’m guessing?” He asked me.

“Basically,” I told him. “There are some crackpot publications warning of this… but generally we all think it’s probably not true.”

“Shame, I have a feeling your dimension lost a very capable surgeon.” He told me to my surprise, “Well Ivy, you asked me to stop by?”

“Yeah Jake, I need to talk to you about this surgery on Tilda Wilson,” she said as she handed over a case file to jog his memory.

I sat and watched their discussion for a minute before getting back to the study I was reading. I did keep an ear open for their discussion and noted how much further they were along with being able to deal with developmental disorders like autism. This particular case was a girl they were getting ready to use the nanites to reprogram the centers of her brain to essentially ‘cure’ her. The only downside from what I overheard was that there was a sixty percent chance that the child would remain her height for the rest of her life. At currently sixty-six inches she would be a little. There was some serious push from Ivy to recommend they wait until she had another growth spurt or two.

“If you wait that long she’ll miss developmental milestones anyway,” he told her, “Honestly it would be easier for her parents to take care of her in little form anyway in that case…”

In the end Ivy gave her blessing providing the lawyers had the parents locked in to prevent a malpractice suit.  I personally thought it was a no-brainer myself, but she seemed to hate locking an Amazon into a littles life. ‘I guess she knows how much it sucks for me after all?’ I thought, once again annoyed with her.

When he left, he said, “When you finish reading that study you should read…” and gave me a half-dozen other studies that he thought would interest me. I quickly jotted them down in a notes app.

“Thanks!” I told him.

“You’re welcome! I wasn’t expecting an intelligent discussion to be possible with an adopted little. Usually their mommies have stifled all of that when I see them.”

He looked over at Ivy, “I approve of not doing that to her by the way. Don’t do anything to that brain - she’s smarter than most of the doctors here.”

As he closed the door behind him, I realized I was thirsty and began nursing on the bottle of juice she had left me. Ivy looked at me and I saw a small smile come to her face.


IVY COULDN’T BELIEVE that Holly had gotten Doctor Snider to act… well like a human. He was normally one of those very cerebral individuals who didn’t talk much to others. She personally found him really attractive, but nothing had ever clicked with them enough for her to make a move on him. ‘Maybe Holly is the ticket?’ she thought as she smiled at the sight of Holly taking a long suckle from her bottle. 

She turned red though and put the bottle down and turned her face back to the tablet.

Ivy sighed, ‘I don’t have a clue what to do… maybe I should sign us up for therapy.’ She shook her head at that though, ‘therapy with a little means brainwashing or hypnotizing them to accepting their place in life…’

She turned to the clock and saw it was about an hour until it would be time to leave. ‘Need to get those reports done…’ she thought and turned to her computer. Not facing her, she didn’t notice the tear that streaked down Holly’s face as she continued to read.


I WAS FEELING even more emotional the longer I sat on the couch reading about procedures I’d never be able to do. The sad part was that because everything was based on directing nanites to their destination, I could perform all of these even with my handicap of my small size! 

I sighed and began to wonder about taking a break and finding one of the game apps she had installed on the tablet when her door opened with a knock again. I looked up and saw it was the hospital CEO, Bob.

I tried not to groan at the sight of the man who I had gotten into an argument with last time. For this part he took one look at me, sneered, and turned to Ivy. “Bring your daughter to work today?”

“The law says I can,” she told him, “I’m not doing any procedures this afternoon and she’s being a good girl and reading her tablet.”

“You’re letting her learn how to read?” He said and looked at me in surprise.

I couldn’t help myself, “No, I’ve had that skill for about thirty-four years now.”

“Hmm… well perhaps in another twenty you’ll gain the basic skill of potty training,” he was a jerk, but I realized my skirt had ridden up and you could clearly see the ballooned wet diaper showing. I chose not to give him the satisfaction of reacting by pulling my skirt down.

“Perhaps,” I said with my eyes narrowed at him.

“Bob, you wanted something?” Ivy asked him.

“Yes, first of all thanks for working on my niece. She’s recovered well and seems to be symptom free now.”

“You’re welcome,” she said.

‘Yeah, you’re welcome…’ I thought from where I was seated knowing I was the reason for that.

“I wanted to let you know that the review board needs to meet next week on a couple of experimental procedures…”

I tuned it out after a while since I had nothing to do with those procedures. ‘So this is what discussions were like at the senior level,’ I couldn’t help but think as they talked and figured out some answers to some other problems. Budget issues were a concern and more than anything I could tell Bob was a chauvinistic jack-ass from the way he treated Ivy. 

I waited until he left, “That guy is an asshole…” I said.

“Holly!” Ivy chided me. “Language!”

“Sorry, I don’t know of a set of words that describes him better.”

Ivy sighed, “I don’t disagree, but don’t say anything more directly to him. Last thing we want is him to have a reason to tell me I can’t bring you in here…”

I gulped and nodded, “Thank you for letting me be here instead of the daycare…”

“You’re welcome Holly. Tomorrow will be the same, but I have a backlog of procedures I’ll be doing Wednesday through Friday.”

“You’re off on the weekend though?”

“Rank hath some privileges,” she told me.

I nodded at that.

“Give me another twenty minutes and we’ll get out of here. Can your diaper hold that long?”

I pushed my finger into the padding at my crotch and felt the back of it, “It should?”

“Okay then, Ba… Holly, I need to get back to work.”

I stuck the bottle back in my mouth and found a news site on the internet and read about some of the problems this country was facing. It seemed like corrupt politicians were a universal thing in this world too. I was reading about some sting that had actually involved the governor of a state and an illegal little breeding ring. ‘Little breeding ring?!?!’ I thought to myself. I followed that news down the rabbit hole and jumped when I was touched on my foot. 

“Let’s get that diapee changed and then we’ll go find some dinner?” She suggested to me as I turned the tablet off.

“Okay,” I told her as she sat the changing pad down next to me, and moved me onto it. As she untaped the diaper I asked, “I just read about a governor that was… breeding littles?”

Her hands froze for a second and she sighed, “Yes, he was a corrupt idiot. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.”

“So, they breed us like dogs?” I said astounded.

“Some illegal rings are out there doing it. It’s not legal in any state though here in this country.”

“In other countries?” I asked as the wipe traveled along my groin.

“In other countries it is done,” she said honestly. “Those same countries automatically use chemicals and hypnotherapy on their littles too,” she added. “You can’t even trust the food there not to do things to Amazons.”

“What do they do to you?”

“I’ve heard of cases of women whose mothering instincts to baby littles gets amplified… Kind of scary actually.” She admitted as she taped the new diaper closed.

I shuddered, “Yeah…”

“What sounds good for dinner tonight? We had stir-fry for lunch… we could do Italian, Mexican, Indian, Thai, or a burger somewhere?”

I thought for a second, “Italian or Mexican, either sounds good?”

“Why don’t we do Mexican tonight? Explore what you actually think is spicy?” she asked as she packed away her stuff and my tablet.

“That sounds like fun,” I told her with a genuine smile as she picked me up. She put her briefcase and diaper bag on the opposite shoulder of me before grabbing the wet diaper and carrying it out with us. Her door locked behind her after she told it, “Door, secure.”

I was impressed as it responded, “Secured, good night Doctor Nickerson.”

“Why didn’t you do that last time we left?”

“Normally someone else locks up…” she told me, “they’re not here today.”


A walk down the hallway to a disposal for the diaper was quickly made, and she then washed both of our hands at a nurse’s station, before we walked to the car. Soon I was buckled in and watching our progress on the screen she had put in. I watched shops go by and felt annoyed at all of the little oriented shops that we passed by. I noticed one of the buildings was labeled as ‘Home for Wayward Littles.’ 

I had just enough of a moment to see a man attempting to wrangle a little in a business suit into the building. I sort of wished for instant replay, but was glad to see the sight gone. ‘That was probably one of those etiquette schools…’ I thought to myself. ‘Or an orphanage?’ 

‘This world is nuts…’


IVY DROVE THROUGH the streets and occasionally checked on Holly at stops. She noticed she was in deep thought again and hoped that the moments of sunshine they’d had could maybe get all the way through the morose clouds of the past weeks. ‘Rescuing her from daycare today was definitely the right move…’ she thought to herself. 

‘Bob was an ass earlier… I’m not sure of what he would do towards her, but I do have to watch their interactions…’

The sign for her favorite restaurant, Casa del Lagarto, came up quickly and she was looking forward to eating. She had made sure she went plenty of times before Holly came because she didn’t really think she’d be back once she had her little. They normally couldn’t do spicy… Even the mildest stuff here was too hot for littles and she’d seen more than a few try it and give up for a meal of baby food or breastmilk. Lunch though had been as spicy as the medium at this restaurant, so she thought she might just be okay with Holly!

She pulled into a spot and gathered all you needed to take a baby inside a restaurant. Diaper bag, baby, and one of her newest purchases a cover for restaurant high chairs. She piled it into the diaper bag and gathered the most important piece, Holly.

“Now Holly I haven’t brought you here because even the mildest food is usually too spicy for littles… It’s less than what you had at lunch though so I figure it’s worth a shot with you?”

The smile from her face was worth it, “Yay! Something with some flavor!”

She squeezed her tightly to her side as she walked into the restaurant.

“Buenos Dias!” the hostess said brightly. “So glad to see you back here! How many?”

“Just the two of us,” she told her with a smile.

“High chair por la niña?” 

“Please!” she told her.

“Follow me,” she told her and grabbed a high chair and replaced a chair while Ivy waited patiently. “Just a warning, our food is not usually a good match for little taste buds…”

Ivy sat Holly down on the floor for a second and put the high chair cover on. As she picked her up to place her inside, she said, “She’s not a normal little, she’s from another dimension. We ate some stir fry earlier that was hotter than your medium and she didn’t even break a sweat. I think she’ll be just fine!” Ivy said with a smile and kissed the top of Holly’s head before having a seat and pulling her high chair closer to her.

“Very good!” she said and left a menu in front of Ivy.


I TRIED TO peek over at the menu from where I was seated. I had always felt like parents that used these covers were being a bit ‘extra’ with their kids, but I had to appreciate the little bit of cushion that these plastic high chairs otherwise lacked! I could just make out menu items that sounded familiar to back home. 

“How about enchiladas, a taco, and relleno?” she suggested.

“Sure?” I said, “I hope it’s good.”

“You really didn’t have a problem with lunches spice?”

I shook my head, “No… it was a tingle, but barely anything.”

She bent down and grabbed a bottle from my diaper bag and uncapped it just as the waitress arrived.

“What can I get you to drink?” 

“Do you have some juice we can put in her bottle?” 

“Sure! Plapple work?”

“Sure, she loves that.” Ivy said and handed her my bottle, “I’ll take just some water.”

“Great! Do you know what you want to order?”

“Yes, we’re going to get this combination plate here. If you’ll put some of your mild, medium, and hot sauces on the side?”

“Just to warn you even our mild is too hot for littles…”

“I think she’ll be okay, but if she’s not I will get her some of mommy’s milk,” she told her. I turned red as she talked about using her milk to counter the capsaicin.

“Okay then, let me fill her baba and I’ll be right back!”

A coloring mat came back at the same time as my bottle and I worked on it with the crayons carefully and methodically while I waited for our food. Most of the time I’d colored had been to pretend I was a baby; she knew I was a little and I didn’t care here. My skills actually seemed to be improving the more I did it for real. 

When the food arrived, the lady brought a small plate too. “That’s not necessary,” Ivy told her though. 

I had to wait patiently while she cut a piece of sauceless enchilada and fed it to me. I chewed it and it was okay, but nothing that great. “Needs sauce,” I told her.

“Okay, let’s try the mild first,” she told me. I was given another piece with mild on it that I carefully chewed. 

“That’s better, but not hot at all,” I told her.

By then the waitress was standing by watching as she said, “Well, let’s try the medium…”

It had a little bit of taste, but not fiery like I would like, “It’s tasty, but not spicy.”

“Well then, let’s see if you like Mommy’s normal level!” she said and dunked another piece in the hot sauce.”

It wasn’t too spicy by any means, but a pleasant burn lit up my face. “Oooh, that’s good!” I smiled at her.

“Really?” she asked, still a little surprised. She had some herself and seemed to be watching me for a reaction. “I can’t believe you’re okay with it, it really is pretty hot!”

“I guess I have different taste buds than mortal littles?” 

She laughed at that and dumped the spicy stuff over the rest of the food. The rest of the meal alternated her eating a few bites and me eating a bite. Early on the idea of eating off of someone else's fork had really bothered me, but as time went on - especially since I began sucking milk from her breasts - I decided it didn’t matter. With as much breast milk as she fed me, I certainly had been exposed to pretty much every germ she carried.

By the end of dinner, I had actually enjoyed myself. The food was genuinely good and I was feeling the nice high that capsaicin always gave me.

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it,” a gentleman came up to the two of us in a chefs jacket. “I’ve never known a little who could eat even our mild food!”

I smiled at him, “It was really good!”

“Mama you must bring her back many times! It brings me joy to see a little enjoy my food!”

“I have a feeling we’ll definitely be back,” Ivy told him, “I was a regular before I adopted her. It wasn’t until recently that I realized she’s got different taste buds that can handle this.”

“Dinner is on the house for you two tonight, can I get you any dessert?”

Ivy looked at me and I shook my head, I was full. 

“Not tonight, maybe another time. You don’t have to do that sir…”

“No, but I want to! Have a great evening!”

He turned and walked away and Ivy looked at me, “Well, your cuteness certainly has its moments!”

I frowned at that for a second, before giving her a smile “We do have to come back!”

She laughed and carried me to the car. That night she sat with me in front of the TV and we watched a show that she knew was safe to watch together. When it came time for my bath I tried to relax more as she washed my body. It still annoyed me that she felt like she had to do it, but I was accepting I didn’t have a choice on this part of my life.

Diapered, and dressed in a sleeper, she carried me to the rocking chair a bit later and sat with me cradled against an arm still sitting up to look at her. “Look Holly… I’m sorry I’ve messed everything up for you… I don’t think I had realized how much I had taken away from you until you started shutting me out after that first day in daycare.”

I looked at her and tried to decide how to respond since I’d wanted to bury the hatchet somehow, but I was still pissed off at being lured like I had been. “I appreciate the apology… but I don’t know what good it does?”


“Look, I’ve been wanting to try and make amends here too… I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’m not still pissed - because I am. I do appreciate that out of all of the crazy Amazons in this world you are probably the safest one I could have ended up with… but…”


“Am I stuck here? I mean I look at some of these littles… They’ve been pooping their diapers for decades… Doing nothing but being in daycare, sucking from breasts, teased about their babyishness that’s been brainwashed into them…”

She sighed, “Unfortunately yes you are stuck here I think.”

“You can’t send me back?”

“Do you think they’d let you go free if I did?”

I thought about that for a second, “Other travelers come back…”

“Usually only a few of the tourists who end up being sworn not to talk about the baby parts.”

“They do talk… it’s just that no one would believe this,” I told her with my hand waving towards my nursery.

“Well… we can look into it, but I would hate to think I sent you home and then discover that they just held you and put you into an etiquette center and destroyed you instead…”

I grimaced at that, “They would too…” I had to admit.

“So… that leaves here.”

“Here…” I sighed. “Forever a baby…”

“Well… let’s see.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t do this anytime soon Holly, but sometimes parents do deem their littles worthy of growing up. Maybe we can say in a couple years that I decided it was time to potty train you and send you to school?”


“Maybe?” she said. “We’ll have to see… remember this would be tricky. But maybe I can help you become a grownup little that lives with her mommy still.”

“Why not do that now?”

“Home inspections?” she said.

“Oh…” I thought and remembered when they had come in the two times while she was on leave. Both times it was clear the inspector was happy I was diapered, confined in a playpen during their visit, and nursing from Mommy just fine. ‘I still can’t believe they insisted on watching me nurse to make sure I latching on correctly…’

“How long do they continue?” I asked.

“Two years,” she said. “Which is also your contract length, right?”

I nodded, “So after two years?”

“We’ll decide if you still want to grow up. If you do, we’ll figure out a way to do so.”

“I guess that’s the best deal I’m going to get. What’s your part of this?”

“Can you just be my baby for that time? Smile at me maybe? Indulge my instincts?”

“Don’t I already?”

“Sometimes… but more often you just scowl or have a neutral face. Try?”

I looked at her and held my hand out. “I’ll try if you promise.”

She shook my hand and said, “Deal.”

With that her top pulled away and exposed a large nipple with a drop of fluid just waiting to be drank. I latched on and thought, ‘Well at least this is one of the best tasting things I’ve ever had… still tastes good after doing it this many times too.’


IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly and hoped they’d had a breakthrough moment. Her body always relaxed when she nursed, but today seemed to be more so. Her hands were so much like a newborn’s, in that her fist opened and closed as she got fuller. By the time she finished nursing from her second breast she had the most relaxed tiny hands. 

Burping her gently she cradled her and sang a lullaby to her. She was probably already asleep, but she couldn’t help but want to sing to this beautiful little girl. Holly was so much like her that she hated to have done her wrong… but she had finally at least felt like they were honest with each other and maybe they would get past this. She softly sang the lullaby her own mommy used to sing to her even into elementary school.


Hush, my babe, and do not cry, 

In your cradle now you swing, 

Until you sleep, I’ll softly sing, 


I'll post a few more chapters on Sunday most likely. Thanks for reading!



End Chapter 20

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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