Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 16
Day Out

I WOKE UP in yet another unfamiliar spot, but with a growing familiarity with the wet diaper wrapped around my groin. I groaned and sat up to see mesh sides of the playpen she had placed in the living room not far from the piano. ‘I was really hoping she wasn’t going to make me use this.’

I stood up and found that the floor of the playpen was just spongy enough that I could see why she laid me down in there for the nap. I saw no signs of her right then, so turned my attention to examine what was inside the cage with me.

A baby doll dressed in a frilly dress sat along one side. Curious, I picked her up and discovered she had a diaper on that could be removed, along with a dress that was held on with velcro. I experimented with moving her arms and legs for a moment before hugging her to my chest because I had nothing else to do.

“Mommy?” I called out.

“Just a minute sweetie,” I heard from her bedroom.

I sighed and sat her down where she had been, and looked around at the other couple of toys that were left in the playpen. I noticed a weird shaped plastic creature with different colored and shaped blocks around the outside of it. I crawled over to it and accidentally pressed down on its head when I lost my balance trying to stand up.

Suddenly it began spitting the large plastic shapes out as it spun around while playing a nursery song. “Play with me!” it said. “Put the STAR in.”

I looked at it cautiously before looking to see if Ivy had reappeared. Not seeing her I shrugged and put the shape into the hole. “Yay!!!” it cried out, “Now put the SQUARE in me.”

Somehow the stupid baby toy captured my attention and I found myself placing each shape in until they were all back in. “What a good job!” I heard above me and jumped when I realized that Ivy had been watching me for who knows how long!

“Umm… I just…”

“Was playing with a toy like I expect!” She told me. “Do you want to play inside there longer or go back outside?”

“Umm… can I take my tablet outside?” I asked.

She looked at me in a way that made me think she was going to say ‘no,’ but she nodded, “That’s fine. How’s that diaper holding up?”

“I need changed please, Mommy,” I told her with a sigh.

She smiled at that and picked me up. It was a quick change of the diaper and I was soon let outside carrying my tablet and went to my new playhouse. Inside I noted, ‘I could actually just live out here if she would let me…’

I entered and felt like it was a bit safer as I sat down on my couch and turned on the tablet. I got to work on a new project that I was curious about - what rights did littles actually have?

I began diving into general websites and found myself soon looking in the databases that I’d gained access through Ivy at Emerson University. I learned there that Littles could actually go to college after they graduated high school... assuming they were able to avoid adoption after crossing their high school graduation stage. I found a log of disturbing data as I dug further in though. Apparently, it was exceedingly rare for those students to graduate from Emerson without being adopted first. Outside of the university I discovered the rules for adopting a little were a history of back and forth fighting.

Originally decades ago, no littles in this country would live on their own without being adopted. At some point someone realized no free littles meant no free littles to kidnap, so then they made it difficult to legally ‘adopt.’ Work permits were available to students who had graduated from a university to prevent them from being adopted… unless they were fired, couldn’t maintain housing, committed a maturity violation, or were arrested.

It seemed even those littles rarely made it to age thirty without being adopted themselves. Once adopted you had no rights to complain about treatment, and no rights to go to school. I did find an obscure clause where an adopted little apparently could work under the supervision of an adult. The more I read through the language of that law, it seemed to just be a loophole to keep a potential little beholden to their new parent until they were swept away to the nursery that had been secretly prepared for them. ‘I can relate to that…’

Some little protest groups kept trying to gain traction on some new civil rights bills. One such little even made an appearance before congress trying to make the case for freedom. From everything I saw and read though, they stood no chance against the wealthy politicians and major corporations getting rich off the system. I had just about been ready to switch to a new line of research when I heard a knock on the door.

“Umm… come in?” I said while putting the tablet to sleep.

Ivy came in her large door and said, “My parents want to meet for dinner again, so we need to get you cleaned up and ready.”

I stood up, “Okay,” and carried the tablet inside. I watched as she did something with a keypad I hadn’t noticed and the doors locked behind us. “It has electronic door locks too?” I asked, surprised.

“It’s a pretty special playhouse in case you hadn’t figured that out,” she told me with a smile.

I decided I needed to take some advice from a page I read a little while ago, and be a bit more affectionate in the hopes of getting her to do what I wanted later. I reached my arms up to her, “Uppie Mommy,” I told her.

The smile on her face grew wider than I would have dreamed possible, and I was soon gathered in her arms as she walked inside. An intruding hand squeezed my diaper, “Hmm… not wet, did you drink something after your nap.”

I blushed, “I wasn’t thirsty…”

“Hmm… If I’m going to let you be out there in your playhouse, you’re going to have to promise to drink something. Otherwise, you can stay in your playpen,” she warned me.

“Sorry Mommy, I’m still used to going hours on my rounds and not stopping to drink anything.”

I noticed her eyes open wider as I reminded her that I wasn’t just a normal baby, she squeezed me and said, “Well if you don’t need a new diaper, you do still need a new outfit.”

I shrugged, “Okay Mommy.”

She carried me into the nursery and set me down next to my crib. I watched as she dug through the closet and said, “Perfect!”

Ivy walked back over to me and knelt down in front of me. She popped the snaps of the onesie I was wearing and said, “Arms up like a ballerina!” I groaned but did like she asked, “Keep them there for just a moment,” she told me as she slipped a dress over my head.” At least I thought it was a dress… It had a skirt that she pulled up into the air and said, “hold this for Mommy.”

I blushed since I was flashing my diaper now, but soon realized the dress was more of a romper with a snap crotch she closed. I felt it hug my diaper more securely and she said, “All done!” in her sing song voice.

She carried me to a tall mirror she had placed vertically in the nursery and I saw my reflection. It was a cute little dress with lacy pink flutter sleeves. It was the same color of pink for the bodice, and a white skirt featured large pink flowers printed on it. “Cute, huh?” Ivy asked.

I nodded, “Yes Mommy.”

“How about we do your hair? I have the perfect idea and just enough time to do it!”

I snuggled into her embrace more, “Okay.”

She carried me to the kitchen and buckled me into my high chair. “Be back in a second,” she told me. I watched her grab a bin of hair supplies that she placed on the table in front of my chair, before she went to the fridge and returned with a bottle of that plapple juice. “Nurse this while I do your hair,” she told me.

I made a face but her stern look had me putting the nipple into my mouth. The stupid drink was way too delicious; I couldn’t stop drinking as she worked on my hair. I had emptied the bottle a short while later and popped it out of my mouth. A big belch came from my stomach as she pulled something else on my hair tight.

“Some wigglies in your tummy?” she asked me in her Mommy voice.

I just nodded. ‘She’s using that stupid voice more and more,’ I noted. ‘It’s getting old in a hurry…’

I sat there for a long while before she said, “Done!” She reached for her phone on the counter and said, “Smile and say cheese!” I smiled and sat there while she took a few photos. “Let me take a picture from behind and I’ll let you see what I did.”

“Okay,” I said, fidgeting a little with my feet. I hadn’t really noticed before since the tray was usually in the way, but there was a foot rail below my feet to rest your feet on. Unfortunately, I was too small for my feet to reach it. I heard her phone snap a few more pictures before she brought it around and showed me first the pictures face on.

“I look cute…” I admitted aloud. I really did look like a model toddler, and truthfully her changes to my body meant I even had an adorable toddler smile. The pictures of my head showed she had braided two sections of my hair to make a heart that then hung down into a small ponytail at the end of the point. She had also placed a pink bow where she tied it, making it pretty much as sugary sweet as it could be. “Thank you for making me pretty Mommy,” I told her.

She kissed me on the forehead and said, “You’re welcome. Now I’m going to set you down in the living room while I go to the bathroom and then we’ll leave.”

“Okay Mommy,” I told her.

‘Just rub it in that you can use the potty…’ I thought while I waited. I pressed on my diaper after she left and was happy to see it was still dry. ‘That juice will probably change that soon,’ I thought. ‘There has to be something bad in it… But I doubt she would let me avoid it, so I guess I just keep drinking it…’

She returned a few moments later with my diaper bag on her shoulder. Reaching down she picked me up and placed me on her hip, “Let’s go see Grandma and Grandpa!”

I just lay my head against her and sat passively as she carried me to the car. Soon secured in the car seat she said, “How about a cartoon while we drive?”

I shrugged, “Whatever, you don’t have to…”

Soon though she turned on the cartoon she’d mentioned and I found myself completely locked into watching an animated show called, ‘Meggy and Lizzie.’ From what I could gather it was about a little and her ‘Big’ sister going on adventures with magical creatures in a forest near their home. I found myself so sucked into the show as they searched for a solution to a stolen pet, that I was startled when the screen turned off.

“We’re here!” she cried out to me as she came around and picked me up after gathering my diaper bag. She felt my diaper and said, “Still dry?” she felt my forehead, “You’re not getting sick, are you?”

I looked at her, “I shouldn’t be?”

“Weird,” she told me. “If you don’t go potty before we leave, we may have to go run some bloodwork.”

“Why?” I told her, “I used to go hours at a time without going and I went during my nap a lot.”

She made a face, “I guess you’re right. I still should see a wet diaper soon, you’re not holding it, are you?”

I shook my head, “Not intentionally?”

“Hmm…” she said. Her parents waved at us right then and she carried me over there. “Hi Mom, Daddy,” she said.

They gave her a hug and her mom reached for me and said, “Come to Granny!”

Ivy handed me over to her.

“Oh, who’s the cutest little?” she said as she tickled my stomach.

I giggled, “Me?”

“Not conceited at all?” Her husband laughed.

“Don’t listen to that old man, you definitely are!” she said, giving me a hug and a kiss on my forehead. “Let’s get some dinner,” she told us all and walked inside a restaurant that looked like it was a steakhouse.

“How many?” The hostess asked.

“Three adults and one high chair,” Ivy said.

“Little or baby high chair?”

“Baby,” Ivy said at the same time her mom said ‘little.’

“Baby,” Ivy reasserted.

“She doesn’t need the extra straps to behave?” Grandma asked Ivy.

“She’s a good baby girl,” Ivy answered her.

The hostess looked doubtful but put the information in her system, “It’ll be about ten minutes,” she told us.

Granny carried me to a seat where she turned me around to look at her. “I’m so glad your mommy finally started taking care of you right!” she told me with a smile. “You are so much cuter this way! And no more worrying about the big girl potty, huh?”

I just smiled as I didn’t trust myself to respond.

“Where’s her pacifier?” she asked Ivy.

“I forgot to grab one earlier, she’s not fully taken to them quite yet.”

“You should work on that, a good little should always want her paci,” she said to Ivy.

“I don’t have that, but do you want to feed her a bottle of juice Mom?”

“Ooh yes, I bet Holly would love that, huh?” She said tickling me, “would you like Granny to feed you your baba?”

I just nodded, “Please Granny,” thinking back to the article I’d read earlier. I didn’t want Ivy’s mom feeling like I needed additional things to convince her to do to me. A moment later I was laying back in the crook of her arm nursing on the bottle of that juice.

“She is so adorable,” she told Ivy. “You should let me babysit when you go back to work!”

“I appreciate the offer Mom, but I think she needs to socialize with other littles. If daycare doesn’t work out, I’ll think about it, but this way I’m also able to just walk downstairs for lunch and nurse her.”

I listened to them talk about me and realized that I really was just a live baby doll to them. Just as I was coming to the end of the bottle, I felt my bladder relax and it poured urine into my diaper. I sighed around the bottle and was glad Ivy would stop harassing me about the dry diaper. With the empty bottle being pulled from my lips I stood up on Granny’s knees. She reached under my skirt and said, “Looks like someone wet their diapee like a good baby!”

Right then a cramp came suddenly though and I found myself squatting on her legs.

“Uh-oh, someone has a poopy face,” she teased me.

I groaned but she was right. A mess of poop squeezed through my butt and sat warmly in my diaper then. The snap crotch of the dress outfit held it right next to my skin, and I crinkled my face up at the sticky feeling. Standing next to us was an Amazon family with a couple of daughters. One, who was probably just barely out of diapers herself, shouted loudly, “Stinky, that baby made a stinky Mommy!”

“Yes, she did, not like you, who’s a big girl, huh?” The mom said to her.

“Nuh-uh, I’m a big girl!” she flashed her Pull-Up right then for emphasis as her mom shoved her dress back down. “Big girls don’t show their panties, remember?”

I sighed as I stood there on her knees with the loaded diaper. The hostess chose that moment to call our party. “Mom, why don’t you hand me Holly and I’ll go change her and meet you back at the table?”

“Oh nonsense, give me the diaper bag Ivy and I’ll go change her. You’re going to have more than enough of these poopy diapees to change.”

“I’m not…” she said looking at me.

“Hush, I’m perfectly capable of changing my grandbaby Ivy. Take a break, you’ll have more than enough work when I’m not around.”

“Okay Mom,” Ivy said, giving me a concerned look.

“Let’s go change that icky diapee, huh?” she said as she transferred me to her hip and took the diaper bag from Ivy.

I watched Ivy and her dad walk the opposite way from us, and soon couldn’t see them when the bathroom door opened and she walked through. Another little was on the changing table right then so I just patiently waited in the sticky diaper, hoping things would get done quickly.

I couldn’t help but look down at the little girl being changed. Her ‘mommy’ was lifting her legs off of her own poopy diaper cooing at her, “Aren’t you being such a good baby now? I’m so glad I got you that treatment. Losing those teeth, you weren’t ready for, and only being able to drink mommy’s milk means you’re going poopy so much regularly now!”

I felt terrified as I saw the girl open her mouth and saw her toothless grin. I was surprised to see that her face wasn’t collapsed like a face without dentures, but thought back to one of the texts I had read the other day and remembered it was standard to put some sort of insert under the gum to give the mouth the shape it needed still. ‘Baby still can’t bite,’ the section had commented, ‘but she’ll have a normal looking face supported correctly.’

It seemed to take forever before the lady was done, “All yours,” she said to Granny. “Is she yours?”

“Grandbaby,” she told her with a smile.

“She’s adorable!”

“Thank you,” she said and began to work at getting the diaper changing pad out. I was soon strapped onto the table and the experienced grandmother got to work on my diaper. Her hands wiped me quickly with the wipes and I felt my bottom clean of poop much faster than Ivy had accomplished so far.  Just as she finished, she showed where Ivy got her singing from. She began singing a little tune that sounded like Frere Jacques, “Changing Diapers, Changing Diapers, Lots of Fun, Lots of fun, You’re no longer Stinky, You’re no longer Stinky, Nice clean bum, Nice Clean Bum.”

She tickled me a little then before putting everything away in the bag. “You’re a great grandma,” another lady said waiting with her own little.

I realized with horror that the little boy had watched all of that and put my face into her side.

“Thanks,” she told her, “first time that I’ve gotten to change her though! Her mom is as stingy with her as she was with her dolls when she was a little girl,” she giggled.

I was soon carried out to the restaurant where we found them sitting at a table with a high chair. I was passed to Ivy who strapped me into the simple belt restraint of the restaurant high chair. “All clean now?” She asked me.

I nodded but didn’t say anything, feeling I was past the point of being mortified. She found a bib in the diaper bag and tied it around my neck before sitting down next to me. Dinner conversation happened around me, but none of them involved me. Questions were always asked of Ivy about me, never asking me directly. It both made me feel like the child they saw me as, and it infuriated me. Anytime I was asked a question it was a rhetorical question - never something they really expected an answer to! It pissed me off because they damn well knew that I was an intelligent adult!

When the food came, I played the good baby and took the bites that Ivy offered every now and then. To her credit the steak she had ordered was really good, and I felt pretty full by the end of the meal.

“Shall we order dessert?” her dad asked everyone.

I looked up and hoped the answer would be yes. “Sure, why don’t we just split a piece of this between the three of us?” her mom said and pointed to something.

“What about her?” he thoughtfully asked.

“She’ll have her own dessert in a moment,” came the cryptic reply from her mother.

‘What’s that mean?’ I wondered. As soon as the waitress took their dessert order I found myself being unbuckled from the high chair. I went willingly into Ivy’s arms though, kind of glad to be out of the uncomfortable plastic chair. She sat me facing towards her and I wondered for a second what was going on, but when she started pulling at her shirt, I knew I wasn’t going to be having the same dessert as them.

“Go ahead sweetie,” she told me as she pressed my face towards her naked breast, “enjoy your dessert!”

I was mortified to be doing this in public, but remembered from the article earlier that I should expect this. ‘At least it’s not my boob hanging out for the world to see…’ I told myself and took her nipple into my mouth. Autopilot went on and I just began nursing without a care in the world.


IVY LOOKED DOWN at her adorable little baby girl nursing from her breast and sighed contentedly. It was a little embarrassing exposing herself in the restaurant, but she knew it was seen as normal to do so to feed a little or a baby.

“I wish I could do that,” her mom said across the table.

“I suppose you could…” Ivy said guardedly, “but I’m not sure how she’d take it.”

“Don’t worry about me sweetie. Anymore I’d have to be around her for a few days straight before I’d lactate. The older I get, the easier it is to not have leaky boobs at the sight of a cute little.” She laughed lightly.

“I didn’t last two hours after seeing her on video the first time,” she told her mom.

“Must have been a painful couple of months trying to manage that?”

“Wasn’t easy,” she admitted.

“When she’s done you should put a pacifier in her mouth each time. That’ll get her to develop her dependence on them,” she told her.

She nodded, “I know… I just forgot her paci this time. Luckily she’s not addicted to them yet so I don’t have her crying for it.”

Her mom nodded, “So you’ll come for Sunday dinner this week, right? Katie is starting to get the impression you’re mad at her since she hasn’t met your little girl.”

Ivy sighed, “Yes, we’ll be there. I’ll tell her that I’m sorry… I didn’t want Holly to be quite exposed to her until she was a bit more of a baby. Now should be fine though.”

“You’re not regressing her anymore?”

Ivy shook her head, “I’m happy having Holly be somewhat independent. I really don’t have an interest in only having her crawl around or being stuck on her back or stomach all the time.”

“Careful how you word that around Katie,” she told her. “I’ll make sure Jonah and Janice come too.”

“Is Jonah still treating her the same?”

“Yes, and don’t you dare try and insinuate he’s wrong around him or Katie,” she warned.

“Even though it’s stupid as hell?” Her dad spoke up.

Ivy smiled, “Glad we’re on the same page Daddy!”

She felt a change in Holly’s suction so she picked her up and looked at her sleepy eyes. She fussed at being removed, but she just set the burp cloth on her back and gently patted her back until she burped. “Just a moment baby, let Mommy get her other booby out for you…”

Once she had her back settled her mom asked, “Once she’s done you want to go shopping for a bit? There’s a new Little store a few blocks away that I bet we could find some great things for her at.”

She sighed, “We’ll go, but you have to promise to be nice. She doesn’t need any punishment crap or regression treatments. I’m happy the way she is now.”

Her mom nodded, “I respect that sweetie.”

“Good…” she said and looked down at Holly nursing away at her breast and blushed at her father watching.

‘I guess I deserve some sort of problem in return for what Holly is going through…’

She did feel kind of bad at taking her independence away, she just couldn’t lie to herself though and say Holly could have been a doctor here. She was too small and adorable and as a free little she would be adopted in two seconds. ‘At least this way she can be happy someday,’ she thought.


I WOKE UP in a weird position. My view was dark, but I could sort of tell that Ivy was next to me. I could hear her heartbeat and for some reason that reassured me that I was safe, but I couldn’t really move my arms or my head. I tried grabbing at something with my hand and realized I’d just accidentally grabbed her breast.

“Oh, someone woke up finally,” I heard next to me.

“Yep, here let me get her head uncovered,” Ivy said.

I blinked a bit as a fabric cloth was pulled from over my head and I realized I was attached to Ivy with a baby sling. She rubbed my back gently, “Did you get a nice nap?”

I blushed but nodded. I couldn’t see much from my view since I was mainly looking at her neck, but I could tell we were in a store. More baby stuff everywhere told me it seemed to be little oriented, and the cart being pushed by her mom next to us seemed to be quite full already. I couldn’t really see into it, but the top was covered in dresses and ‘cute’ onesies.

“Since she’s awake do you think we should try and have her try on some of these?” her mom asked Ivy.

“No, we know she’s a pretty standard size and if you look at her, she might be awake, but she’s still sleepy.”

‘It is so weird and degrading to be talked about like this…’

“Okay, anything else you need?” she asked Ivy.

“Mom I already had everything I needed; you were the one who wanted a shopping trip.”

I saw her mom shrug, “I don’t want to see any grandbabies being left out of presents.”

She looked at me and surprisingly asked me, “Do you have anything you want?”

I shrugged, “Not that I know of?”

“How about picking out a new stuffie?”

I decided to nod slowly at that, “That would be nice…”

She smiled and I knew I’d made the right decision. As we walked around, I noted that I felt very secure in the sling I was wrapped in. I knew that meant Ivy had her hands free, so she probably appreciated using it. ‘I’m light enough too she probably barely notices me…’ I thought to myself.

We came soon to the toy section and I found my mouth gaping open at the huge selection of gigantic stuffed animals. “You should let her out so she can walk around,” Ivy’s mom told her.

“You want that?” she looked me right in the face. It was kind of intimidating, but the tickle told me she was in favor of it.

I nodded and said, “Please Mommy?”

She kissed my forehead and then said, “Mom, can you help me?”

I was unwrapped and placed on the ground in the aisle. I could have just chosen the sloth that caught my eye right away, but I forced myself to walk down the row of bears, tigers, foxes, dogs, cats, and creatures I didn’t even recognize before walking back to the sloth. “This one please Granny,” I said with it in my arms.

“She’s adorable,” an Amazon woman said. She was pushing a cart with a little boy with a pacifier stuck in his mouth. The boy seemed agitated and kept trying to yell through it and remove it. His hands were bound up in mittens though and seemed to be just making himself more miserable. She ignored him completely and told Ivy, “She’s so polite, what’s your secret?”

Ivy answered, “No secret, she’s just the perfect little girl,” she said as she leaned down and picked me up. “Here, let’s put your new stuffie in the cart, then I’ll get you back in your sling here.”

“She’s even okay with a sling without a fit?”

“She’s pretty great,” Ivy said as she leaned back down on the ground and faced me away from her. A few moments later I felt the cloth beneath my legs and I was facing the same direction as her, but now high above the ground.

“Wish my boy would act like that… oh well, we’ll keep trying. There’s a new daycare center across town I heard about that seems to have more success with them accepting their proper position.”

“Good luck,” her mom told her. I found it odd to be moving forward held high above the ground by the sling. Every now and then Ivy would stop and look at something on the way to the checkout and I would involuntarily bend over with her. Frequently her hands rubbed my body in some way reassuring me that she was there.

Checking out was pretty smooth and we parted ways with her parents once everything was loaded in the car. I had a soaked diaper, but Ivy waited until we got home to change me.

“Oopsie,” she said as she unbuckled me.


“You leaked all over,” she told me.

Sure enough, I looked at my dress and saw a halfmoon on each side of where my legs had set. “Good thing we’re home now?”

“Yeah, but I’ll have to remember to wash your car seat out later…”

“Oh,” I said. “I’m sorry…”

“This isn’t your fault sweetie, it’s Mommy’s! Let’s just get you a bath and then to bed. Tomorrow’s going to be an unusual day with my appointment.”

I nodded, ‘I wonder how it’s going to feel to be furniture while it goes on…’ I thought to myself. ‘Kind of like being back at the beginning of residency actually,’ I thought in response.

I sighed and clung to her as she carried me inside, the soaked snap bloomer portion of the dress clung to my legs a little and was beginning to feel pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t have long in it though, because Ivy stripped me as soon as she got me inside the nursery. My bath was on my own and a much quicker affair that night before she sat down in the rocking chair with me, “Okay baby, ready for your num nums?”

I groaned, but didn’t fight the boob flung in my face a moment later. I clearly couldn’t - between the size of Ivy, and the sheer addictive quality of her milk, I was going to be along for the ride for the foreseeable future. ‘At least it puts me to sleep so I don’t have to think about it…’ I thought to myself before falling asleep.



End Chapter 16

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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