Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 6

IVY WATCHED FROM the doorway as her new daughter slept in the bed that she’d brought with her from her home dimension. She’d nearly thrown it out when it arrived with her stuff… but she really wanted to bring her along slowly to the idea of being cared for as a normal little. Her hormones were absolutely messing with her head and that plan though! She’d had to pump as soon as Holly had gone to sleep due to her breasts being painfully full.

‘Holly’ still didn’t know that was her new name… she’d have to get around to telling her that when she woke up. It was a little impressive that she’d made it through the trip to the store without needing that bit of information shared! ‘She’s so adorable sleeping there! I can’t wait to be able to move her to her real room!’

She left the sight, slowly closing the door, and called her mom, “Hey Mom,” she said.

“Hi Ivy, how is she doing?”

“Napping right now. We managed to get her some clothes and some panties in her size.”

“You’re kidding? They don’t even make panties that small, do they?”

“Just diaper covers,” Ivy found herself laughing lightly. “We tried the smallest size of cloth training pants they had, but they just fell right off of her. I’m going to humor her and wash them in the hottest cycle of the washer, and dry them as hot as I can… maybe they’ll shrink to fit her, but I doubt it. For now, I have her in Pull-Ups.”

“I didn’t know they made those that small either?”

“They have some twelve to twenty-four-month ones they sell. It’s only in the ones that change color when she wets, but at least she can feel like she has the freedom to pull her own underwear up and down for the moment.”

“I can’t believe you haven’t just kept her diapered and put her in that beautiful nursery you put together!” her mom told her.

“Mom… I’ve seen how it is with so many other littles and their mothers… I want us to have a good relationship, not just one brought on by fear of a spanking, or worse punishments.”

“You could just use hypnosis you know…”

“Well… I really don’t want to have her bright brain melted away. She honestly is a hell of a surgeon… I wish she came through bigger so that maybe I could have kept my end of the bargain with her.”

“I don’t know why you even care, baby? If I had ever adopted a little, I sure wouldn’t have stopped to worry about her feelings there - she needs to just accept as her mother you know best! I was just lucky enough to be able to have kids the normal way.”

“I wish I could…” Ivy told her mom and decided to change the subject. “Were you able to make those exchanges of clothes and diapers?”

“Yes. Everyone knows how it goes with adopting an unknown new little, so no one batted an eye.”

“If you can hang onto everything until we can get out of the house again another day, and then you can sneak it all back into the nursery.” Ivy responded to her mother with a sigh.

“You know the sneaking is just a waste of time if you’re going to put her back in diapers like she should be anyway…” Her mom sounded a little exasperated then.

“Just give it a shot with my plan! I think we’ll all be happier later!” Ivy told her mom, “Anyway, are we still good to meet at Egberts?”

“Seven o’clock, right?”

“Make it Seven-thirty. She just went down for her nap at 4, and I know it’ll take a little bit when we get her up to get her ready.”

“She’ll be in one of her pull-ups?”

“Yes Mom… please just treat her like a regular granddaughter. No pushing buttons with her because she’s a little please. Encourage her as a big girl?”

“You take the fun out of things sweetie, but as long as she behaves, I’ll behave.”

“Thanks Mom, tell Dad the rules too please. We’ll see you in a bit! Love you!”


I WOKE UP to Ivy moving about the room. My bed made for a comforting anchor to my reality back home, but her hand flipping up my dress without warning broke that.

“What are you doing?”

“Seeing if your stars are still on your Pull-Up?” she told me with a smile.

I looked down, suddenly scared that for some reason my potty training would have left me. Fortunately, the stars she referenced were still there and the Pull-Up was dry. “You could just ask?” I told her.

She shrugged, “Might as well get you used to this fact. No adult here will ask, they’ll check for themselves because littles and babies don’t always know, or tell the truth.”

I groaned and sat up, “You said we’re going to dinner with your parents now?”

“As soon as we get you changed into another dress and I do your hair,” she told me.

I looked at her with a bit of shock that I was changing into yet another dress, but I looked down and saw some wrinkles in the one I was wearing so I shrugged, “What’s the next dress?”

She held up a yellow dress with lace that edged very puffy sleeves, and the bottom of the skirt. It ballooned out from a tall waistline and I knew that it was definitely designed as a baby styled dress. ‘Girls don’t wear these after they turn two…’ I don’t know if she expected me to put up an argument, but I knew that was pointless. The way I saw it was that there was no physical resistance possible from someone my size against her or any other full-grown Amazon. Oh, sure I might be able to make a quick sprint away like a toddler would, but just like that toddler I’d be caught eventually. I had a feeling the result would likely be complying with whatever they wanted… after who knows what punishments were doled out. I definitely had guesses based on what I had already seen that day and heard about from that article...

That’s what the time in the store had shown me more than anything. It was a hard and scary lesson to learn that the article was just the tip of the truth of the dimension. ‘I don’t think the author got out to some of those places on his tour…’

I crawled off the bed and pulled the dress off over my head like a t-shirt. That left me once again standing mostly naked in only my crinkly Pull-Up.

She handed me a pair of what looked like weird frilly shorts, “What are these?”

“They’re bloomers, you usually wear them over a diaper, but they’ll work with a Pull-Up just fine too.”


“So that little girls don’t show off their real panties in their short dresses,” she smiled at me. “Normally you try and have something else on a little girl to give them a little more discretion.”

“Oh…” I said with a blush. I pulled the yellow bloomers on over my Pull-Up like a pair of shorts and noted that they ended well above my belly button to fully cover the larger missing diaper. There were three layers of really frilly lacy ruffles on the butt, and lace lined the bottom of the leg holes. “Arms up again,” she told me and slid the yellow dress down over my shoulders, zipping it up and tying a bow behind me. Short lacy socks and some black shoes were handed to me to put on. I sat on the edge of the bed to do so, and realized the point of the bloomers as the dress was too short and would have fully shown the Pull-Up in almost any sitting position. I noted that they were definitely juvenile looking socks and shoes. Once I was done, she held out her arms and said, “Come with me to the living room.”

I sighed and put my arms out so she could pick me up. She carried me out to the living room and sat me sideways on the couch in front of her with my back to her. “What are you doing now?” I asked.

“Your hair Silly!” She told me. “It may not have been intended that you be a girl… but you’re not a little boy anymore that can just show up to meet your grandparents for the first time with unkempt hair!”

“Grandparents?” I turned and asked.

“Sorry, kind of a figure of speech?” She said.

“Just so long as I’m not calling you Mommy...,” I told her.

I turned with my back to her as she untied the braids in my hair and began brushing through it. “About that…”

I turned back, or tried to, but she said, “Sit still so we can multi-task here.”

“What about that?” I asked with a sigh.

“When we’re out and about... it might be better if you did call me some version of Mommy or Mama.”

“Why?” I asked really wanting to face her for this conversation, but she had my hair tight in her hands as she brushed out a couple snags.

“You saw how most littles are normally treated earlier… I don’t ever want to demean you, or be cruel to you like that.” She paused, “But the truth is others will treat you that way if they realize you aren’t really the baby you appear to be.”

“So what? You want me to pretend to be a year-and-a-half old baby?”

“You sort of were earlier?”

I sighed, “I’m not stupid, I kind of guessed the rules of the game as soon as we started moving in the store. If I don’t act like that though… What will people do?”

“Well teasing or taunting you is a pretty normal thing. Finding ways to humiliate you… In a restaurant they might insist that you have soft pureed food, or formula, instead of normal food?”

“Eew…” I said, “So what do I have to do?”

“Small words and simple sentences,” she told me.

“Twenty-one months is how old I look, huh?” I paused and thought back to the pages of textbooks from my child development classes, “So two-word sentences, and pretend I have about fifty words I can say?”

“That’s about right,” she told me.

I groaned but said, “Okay you’re Mommy - but only when we’re out!”

“That’s perfect,” she told me.

“By the way… I’m guessing my name is going to have to change?”

She froze for a second and said, “I kind of had to take care of that after the accident at the portal,” she told me.

I sighed, “What’s my new name?”

“Holly Anne?” she said tentatively.

I rolled the name over my tongue and shrugged, “It could have been worse… I guess it’ll do.”

“I thought it would be a pretty name. It’s another flower like my name,” she added quietly.

I really was surprised she was letting me even pretend to be a ‘big’ girl at this point. You could tell in her voice that she wanted nothing more than to treat me like the other littles I’d seen. I felt a little like I was living in a bad horror movie with a vampire who wanted to suck my blood, the viewer knew they wanted to, but we both were pretending that she didn’t...

I felt her brushing end, and before long felt the addition of something on my head that pulled on my hair.

“What’s in my hair?” I asked.

“A pretty bow that came with the dress,” she said. “Want to see what you look like?”

I sighed, “Probably not... but I guess… please.”

She picked me up and carried me on her side like a toddler again and walked to the bathroom where my potty sat. The reflection in the mirror was that of a really adorable baby made up for some sort of special occasion. There was no sign of the man that had looked in the mirror this morning back home.

I sighed, “Well at least I’m not an ugly baby…”

She smiled at me in the reflection, “Definitely not ugly! We could probably enter you in some pageants or do some modeling with the way you look.”

“No thank you,” I told her. “Somehow I don’t think they would want me to be potty trained for those…”

“Probably not,” she agreed. “Speaking of that, why don’t you use your big girl potty while I use the other one and then we’ll get going to the restaurant.”

I sighed but stood on the ground once she sat me down. I reached under the dress and pulled the bloomers down, then my Pull-Up, and sat down on the potty. Ivy did the same and it was a bit disconcerting really. I managed to get a stream going and ignored the annoying congratulatory sound. She finished up after me and said, “Good girl!”


IVY LOOKED DOWN at her new little and grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her front and back.

“You know I could do this myself?” she told her.

Ivy laughed, “If you could reach the toilet paper! Besides, you better get used to this… you’re small enough most people here will believe you shouldn’t even be allowed to use the potty. More importantly, while you’re getting used to your new body parts I don’t want you getting a UTI.”

She watched her frown and it tore her heart apart, “I’ll try and give you some more space… just know that it’s tough for me to do so.”

Her frown lifted a bit and she felt her heart flutter. ‘I just want to put her straight into another diaper and put her to my breasts… but that’s not the way I’m going to do this…’ she reminded herself. Looking at her watch she saw time was short and quickly tossed the contents of Holly’s potty into the real toilet, rinsed it out, and then put it back down. Knowing she didn’t have much time she quickly washed her hands and then picked up Holly and held her for her to do the same.

“Dry your hands on the towel, not your dress,” she found herself scolding as Holly’s male habits seemed to make her just want to use her dress.

Holly blushed, “Sorry… habit.”

“Time to break that one,” she told her. “Let’s get going,” she added and quickly grabbed her and put her on her hip, grabbed her diaper bag, and headed to the garage.

“Give me your arm,” she told Holly as she did one strap at a time and then tightened down the harness for her car seat. She watched Holly squirm as she pulled the center strap tighter and knew that it must be an odd feeling for her. The blush as she was stuck inside the babyish seat was adorable, but she couldn’t take it in for long since they had to get going. She quickly closed the door and walked to her side.

The garage door rose and she began driving towards the restaurant she’d agreed to meet her parents at. ‘I hope Mom behaves herself!’ She’d never had a little of her own, but she’d always teased and babied her friends and her grandchildren and grand-littles non-stop. Having explained her plan to her mother, she hoped she didn’t blow it, but knew that she would have to deal with it if she did.

‘At least Holly hasn’t fought me on anything yet…’ she thought, ‘hopefully she won’t notice the next plan until it’s too late. More importantly, hopefully she won’t blame me for the problems she’s going to have!’


IVY DROVE LIKE an overcautious new mother…. Something I had decided she probably intended to be. I wasn’t fooled by the idea of calling her ‘mommy’ just to hide my age like she had talked about earlier. So far she was at least being nice about it all. I didn’t know if she had my gender altered intentionally… But I really wanted to believe she was being honest on that part.

My gut was beginning to think she was lying about that though.

The expression in her eyes at dressing me, and wiping me after going to the bathroom, told me she definitely wanted more control. I would definitely be on the lookout for more signs of danger, but I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it even if I saw them. So far this felt like it might work out okay; at least I wasn’t looking for an apartment or a job right this second!

‘Maybe that’s the bright side of the fact I look like a real baby girl instead of a miniature adult… if that helps me avoid some of the scary things, I guess I’ll take it… even if it means Pull-Ups are the closest thing to real underwear that I can fit into.’

“Ready for this?” She asked me as she unbuckled me and put me onto her side to carry me. The purple bag was then put over her older shoulder.

“As ready as I can be,” I told her. I looked again at the bag and sighed, ‘It could be worse… with that diaper bag she’s carrying I’m guessing she’s fully prepared for me to be having accidents.’

I blushed with that thought for a second as we heard, “Ivy!” from across the parking lot.

I looked to see two older giants sitting on a bench in front of the doors. A number of disinterested giants walked into the restaurant around them, while they stood and waited for us to approach. These two bore a striking resemblance to Ivy, and I could have guessed they were her parents without being told. Ivy looked exactly like a younger, and more fit, version of her mother. I guessed they were definitely getting older in age, figuring them to be around seventy, which made sense with the place Ivy was in her life.

“Hi Mom, Daddy,” she said as we got closer.

“Oh my, she is so precious!” her mom said, “Can I hold her?”

She gave me a quick warning look before I was passed over and said, “Hi Granny,” to her.

Apparently, that was the right move because she cooed and said, “She’s perfect!” and squeezed me, “I’m so glad to have you in our family Holly!”

Her dad looked at me a little less obsessively as her mom said, “And this is your Grampy!”

“Hi,” I said shyly.

That brought a shake of his head and a smile to his face as he said, “Shall we go eat?”

We went inside to a fairly nice restaurant that had a stereo-typical Italian design to the decor.  I noticed a few other littles in there as I glanced around. I knew that wouldn’t seem that odd for a baby to do so I kept looking around as I was placed into a high chair next to where Ivy hung the diaper bag. I wanted to whine that I didn’t need to sit in one, but that seemed likely to have consequences... That meant I sat like a ‘good girl’ and let Granny strap me in. Ivy sat down next to me while her parents sat across from us.

“Would you like some crayons for your daughter?” the waitress asked Ivy as she came up.

“Please,” she told her.

“What can I get you all to drink?”

“Water,” Ivy said, “and would you please fill this with some juice for her?” handing her a sippy cup.

“Sure,” she said and smiled at me. “She’s adorable, how old is she?”

“Just hit the twenty-one-month mark,” Ivy said with a smile.

“Oh no, she’s going to grow up and be a big girl before you know it!” the waitress said.

“She sort of already has! She started using the big girl potty today!”

“No way!” the waitress said, turning to me, “You’re already using the big girl potty?!?”

I nodded, “Uh-huh, big girl!”

“Sounds like she’s growing up faster than you’re going to know. She’ll be dating boys before you know it, then be off to college, and then having her own babies!”

Ivy laughed, “We’ll enjoy her being a baby still some while it lasts! Even if she does use the big girl potty she’ll always be my baby!” she tickled my side and said, “huh?”

I couldn’t help but giggle and said “stop!”

The waitress and my new grandparents all laughed at me as Ivy kissed the top of my head. Her parents gave her their orders and I soon had a refilled sippy cup, along with a coloring sheet and crayons in front of me. I sighed and looked at Ivy who had opened the crayon packet unasked and I began scribbling on the page. I had made certain to not use colors that made sense or to color in the lines so it looked like a genuine toddler creation.

“Ivy, I thought you weren’t going to alter her mentally?” Her mom asked.

“I didn’t,” she said quietly, “I told her if she acted like her age when we’re out we can just treat her like that, and she won’t get picked on.”

As if to emphasize that was a good thing, I heard a commotion a few tables away that I looked at. “No!!! I won’t eat that god damned mush!!!!!!” A woman little dressed in a short romper shouted at her ‘mother’ trying to spoon feed something from a jar of…. ‘Baby food?’ I could tell she was an adult because her breasts were clearly well developed for her size. ‘Why would you feed an adult baby food?’

I winced as the little was picked up out of the high chair, her clothes and diaper ripped off and she was spanked on her bare butt right there in the restaurant. By the time I had counted twenty spanks the small woman was bawling for her to stop. Between the next five she began peeing on the woman’s lap and her ‘mom’ got even angrier. “You little bitch!” the woman said.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a manager walked up to her, “I can understand your need to discipline your misbehaving little, but you risked that potty accident when you took off her diaper?”

The lady sighed, “You’re right, I should have known better. Of course, this little girl was telling me two hours ago that she hadn’t had an accident in years and didn’t need a diaper.” She put another diaper on the woman but didn’t bother putting more clothes on her. “Guess we know that wasn’t true, huh?”

The waiter gave her a grim smile and said, “If you can keep it reasonable you can stay, but anything further and I will have to ask you to leave so you don’t disrupt the rest of our guests.”

“Of course, sir.”

Her food was delivered right then and she returned her little to the high chair. I saw her wince as she was set down on her red bottom. I couldn’t help but continue to stare at her naked upper body and that not a single person thought that her breasts being exposed was strange or obscene!

Right then our own food arrived at the table and Ivy asked, “Excuse me, can I get a small plate so I can put her food on it?”

“Sure thing, ma’am,” the girl said.

I found myself thirsty again and reached for the cup. I had the cup at my mouth when she returned with a smile and said, “There you go cutie!”

Ivy had ordered some sort of fried fish. The crazy thing was that the two filets had to have been twenty inches long a piece! She cut up just a small amount of it for me and put it on the plate. She added some gigantic fries that she pulled apart with her fingers onto the plate too, before reaching into the diaper bag and grabbing a bib.

I turned red again as she tied it around me, but I didn’t argue. The dress I was wearing couldn’t have been cheap and I thought it was probably reasonable to protect it. She placed the plate in front of me, but didn’t give me silverware. I looked up at her and she said, “I know you like eating yourself with your hands, go ahead Princess,” she whispered to me.

I looked back up at her and sighed before reaching for a piece with my hands and sticking it into my mouth. The fish was really good, and so were the fries. The flakes were much bigger than any fish I’d had before, almost more like a shark steak in texture. As much as I hated the fact that my food was cut up for me, and cooling down way too fast, it was pretty good. I noted that there was no way I could ever eat even a quarter of the plates of food they had. By the time I had three pieces left on my plate I was already feeling full and slowing down.

During a moment when I paused my eating, I looked up and around and felt my eyes widen at the sight of the ‘problem little’ from earlier. Her ‘mom’ had her shirt pulled down, her breast exposed, and the little appeared to be breastfeeding from her!

I heard her say, “Don’t worry, I know now you weren’t ready for baby food, we’ll just stick with breast which is best.”

I noticed the little wriggled a little but never came up off of the breast as she nursed. A moment later though the little was pushed off and the mom looked at her, “Bad girl!” she wagged her finger, “No biting! One more time and we’ll just remove those teeth. You’re not going to need them anymore anyway.”

I looked in horror at the scene.


IVY LOOKED AT Holly and noticed her gaze towards the abusive mother in the corner. If that little was a real baby, she would be legally obligated to report the mother to child protective services. As it was Little Protective Services might get involved - but she doubted it.

She noticed that Holly wriggled uncomfortably and realized it was probably due to her watching her feed her little from her breast. There was no doubt she could feel her own breasts were already past full again, but she intended to ease her little into that. A sippy cup or two in the next couple days should be enough to get her liking the taste of it. She knew that without a doubt from studies and experience in pediatrics that littles quickly became addicted to the effects of it. She would pump for the near future until the moment was right, and then she’d switch her little girl right to the source like that mother had.

Holly had three bites left on her plate and she decided to get her attention, “Holly, can you take three more big girl bites for Mommy?”

Holly looked down at the fork that had speared the fish and resignedly opened her mouth for the bite. Two more later and she said, “All gone!”

“All gone,” Holly agreed like a real baby would.

She really had been doing a great job of behaving like an actual baby. If anything, she was a little too good of a baby. She’d have to get her to understand squirming and looking properly bored with sitting. For now, she reached over and wiped her face with a baby wipe, removed the tray, the bib, and held her in her lap possessively while her dad kept eating. ‘He always eats so slow!’


I LOOKED OVER at her dad eating still and was actually kind of surprised how comfortable Ivy’s lap was. The way her heartbeat pounded next to my head was oddly soothing. She grabbed the cup she had put on the table and handed it to me to drink the last few ounces. I guessed the cup had been filled with about half-a-liter, and I was actually a little surprised to finish it a moment later.

“Still thirsty?” She asked me.

I shook my head, “No.”

I heard a loud burp and looked over to see the little that had been my focus over the back of her ‘moms’ shoulder being burped. I blushed at that for some reason. A bit of spittle landed on her mom’s shoulder which was bare and she grumbled, “You did that intentionally you little brat…”

I watched her gather her and carry her out of the restaurant. I smirked that you could still see the pee stain on her pants from her daughter’s accident - I couldn’t help but think that was a little bit of karmic justice!

“Good riddance,” Ivy’s dad said aloud, “I can’t believe that there’s no law against that kind of treatment.”

“Now Trent we don’t know the full story of how that all came to be. It’s possible that little had been bad all day long and that was the final straw…” Granny said, making me feel less inclined to like her.

“I’m with Dad here,” Ivy said. “But no arguing right now. Thank you for dinner, we’re going to go ahead and get home as it’s been a long day for us both.”

“I can understand that dear,” her mom told us.

She came around as we stood up and felt my pull-up under my dress. I stiffened at the feeling of the finger there, “Still dry?” her mom asked intuitively.

“Yes, and that reminds me... I should take her to the potty really quick.” She paused as she shouldered the bag on her shoulder, “We’ll be right back out.”

I didn’t really feel a big need to use the bathroom, but I wasn’t going to argue against it. She carried me into the bathroom and opened a larger stall. “Can you pull down your bloomers and panties like a big girl for Mommy?” she asked aloud. I knew that the other two women in the bathroom had to have heard it.

I blushed but pulled them down like she instructed me to. She picked me up under the arms and held me over the huge toilet then.

“Go ahead sweetie, be a big girl and go potty for Mommy!”

I turned redder and grimaced, but forced the awkward feeling muscles to open up and released a stream of urine into the bowl. When I stopped, she asked, “All done?”

“Yes Mommy! Big girl!”

“Yes, you are!” She smiled at me with a wink, “My big girl Princess!”

Ivy’s mom was standing at the sink and said, “Were you a big girl Holly?”

“Big girl!” I said with a smile.

“She’s adorable,” another lady at a sink said, “How old is she?”

“Twenty-one months,” Ivy told her.

“And already potty training?”

“She’s going to be a bright star like her mother,” Ivy’s mom said. “She actually was completely out of diapers by the time she had her second birthday!”

“Wow… I don’t think I’d want to do that yet. There’s something so great about having your baby depend on you to change them…” the lady said with a wistful look in her eyes.

“To each their own,” Ivy said, “I’m ready to be done with stinky diapers at least!” She held me up to the sink, “Wash your hands really good!”

When we were done in the bathroom, we walked out together to the parking lot.

“It’s so nice to meet you Holly!” She kissed me on the forehead and hugged me in Ivy’s arms. “Bye-bye Holly, you are such a cutie!”

Grandpa gave us both a hug at the same time next and said, “Welcome to the family Holly,” quietly to me. “Be a good girl for your mommy,” he said a little louder.

Ivy carried me to the car and sat me in the car seat. “Let’s go home and get you into a bath and then bed,” she told me, with her own kiss on my head before she closed the door.

I sat in the car seat on the way home and tried to process exactly what was going on. The woman that had been spanked in the restaurant for not eating that disgusting mush was at least a foot taller than I was now. I knew that Ivy would have zero problems physically being able to do the same things to me if she wanted to. The fact that the woman had… actually breastfed her! I blushed at the thought of doing that!

Once when I was doing my residency, a few of us were bored late at night in the pediatrics wing. It was a truly rare quiet night that you didn’t say anything about it - you didn’t want to jinx it!  One of the jokers among us dared everyone to try some breast milk that was going to expire if it wasn’t used in the next hour. I had tried to stay away from the fray, but with five of us working in that area, once three had done it I couldn’t get out of it without looking like a wimp. I took a few sips out of the baby bottle that had been found somewhere and fought the gag reflex thinking about where it was from. I had been surprised when it was kind of sweet though, and while I’d never feel a need to repeat the experience, it wasn’t the barf fest I had expected.

I squirmed a bit at the thought of Ivy giving me the same milk directly from the source like that little. I was definitely smaller than the other girl had been, and I had no doubts that as small as I was it would seem even more normal to the Amazons. ‘The only thing that Ivy and her parents even thought was off about the situation was how forcefully she spanked the little after she peed on her….’

Thanks for reading! I'll be posting a few more chapters on Friday this week. Please leave me a comment as to what you think!



End Chapter 6

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

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