Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Doctor Nick Benning has worked hard to become a phenomenal surgeon. Ads for traveling to a new dimension have begun to pop up everywhere; including a billboard asking 'Life got you down? Debt sky-high? Health problems? Just needing new scenery? Visit Portal Relocations on the web to learn of your chance for a new life!' Circumstances in life change for him and the journey begins to sound intriguing despite the stories he's heard...

Chapter 1

This novel takes place in the 'Diaper Dimension' inspired by PrincessPottyPants. Before you read this story you need to know it is heavily written towards the Adult Baby/Diaper Lover readers. If diapers, bottles, and all that entails for babies doesn't interest you this story will not be for you.

I WALKED OUTSIDE as the automatic doors of the hospital swished open. Pausing for a moment to zip up my jacket tighter against the cold of winter, I walked to the parking garage spot that I had left my car. I was leaving from one of my longest shifts in a while; two surgeries that had been planned, and then an epic long fourteen-hour emergency surgery to attempt to save the life of a little girl. She had been in a car crash and was just arriving via halo flight as I was supposed to leave and got the call to report to trauma. Five of the best surgeons in the hospital had worked on the girl, we’d restarted her heart nine times before it just wouldn’t pump any more. Even as detached as I’d long learned to be as a surgeon, I felt my own eyes filled with tears as I walked out to inform the girl’s mother of our failure. She had barely been two years old, and it crushed me that we failed to save her! I learned as I left that her father hadn’t even lived to leave the scene of the accident.

I hated moments like that, and did my best to not have them at all. I felt that I was a damned good surgeon who avoided losing many patients by being at the top of my game! The hospital had one of the best teams of surgeons in the region - so at least it meant we lost fewer than most.

Today though no teamwork or skill was good enough to stave off the grim reaper from taking that little girl.

I sighed and looked at my salt covered car in the lot. Even though I could afford better, I still drove a seven-year old, small SUV that I bought not long after my residency finished. I had been excited to buy it and finally begin to pay off my massive student loans with my first real paychecks! Eight years of undergrad and med school, an additional two years of schooling for my specialty, and three years of residency meant I didn't have much money for a long time. Even with my paychecks doing well seven years later, I knew it would be a long time before I had my student loans paid off. Everyone assumed doctors made a ton, but malpractice insurance took up a sizeable amount of my earnings, along with that student loan debt and the normal deductions on paychecks… well it didn’t leave me living the lifestyle of someone rich. I’d also been trying to be frugal to allow some options if and when I was ever able to settle down and have a family.

Closing the door to the cold I adjusted the rearview mirror to look at a stubbly face. I couldn’t seem to shake the haunted look it wore most days. It had been over thirty hours since I had woken up, and I was looking forward now to finally being able to head home to my apartment in a neighborhood not too far away from the hospital.

Pulling up to the complex I was annoyed that all of the spaces closest to my apartment were taken. Searching around, I had to drive to the furthest side of the complex. There I found one lone parking space underneath a tree burdened with ice and a bit of snow. I shrugged my heavy coat back on, zipped it, and locked the door, before trudging through the cold to my apartment. The cars dashboard had said negative three, and that was something I could believe as the icy wind prickled at my face! Climbing the stairs up to my second-floor apartment, I unlocked the door and felt a great sense of relief now that I was finally home!

Closing my front door and locking the deadbolt, I finally felt like I was able to lock away life from interfering with me. I hopped into the shower and nearly fell asleep before putting on some pajamas and passing out on my bed.


THE NEXT MORNING there was no alarm - as I hadn’t needed to set one. A look at the clock on my cell phone showed that it was nearly one in the afternoon and I groaned at how sore I was. Thankfully I had three days off before going back to my scheduled surgeries - but I felt like crap. Emotionally and physically I felt like the weight on me was enormous as I rolled out of bed and stood up. My back complained over the long time in my bed, and my head joined in complaining with a massive headache that told me that I hadn’t stayed hydrated the previous day. The headache meant my first step was to stagger into the kitchen and pour a glass of water. I guzzled it down, then another followed the second one with some ibuprofen, before I refilled it a third time.

I carried the glass of water to my desk and turned on my computer. A quick scan of news sites said that things in the world were still insane, world leaders were still making despotic decisions, other leaders standing were still behind them or against them. I shook my head in disbelief at it all! My friend Jill had gone into politics and was working for one of the major campaigns this election cycle. I told her multiple times over the years that I thought that she was nuts!

Seeing nothing immediately Earth shattering there I checked my emails, but pointedly ignored my work account. Normally my personal email was pretty much just filled with spam, but occasionally I would get a couple of occasional messages from friends. Today was just the spam though, and I quickly closed out of that and moved onto social media. The pictures of my friends’ babies, kids, and even a few teenaged children brought smiles to my face that usually turned into a distinct frown. There was no likely near-term future for me to have my own family. I hadn’t even been on a date since I started my residency, and by now most of the nurses and doctors I worked with were already married - they were the ones posting the cute pictures. With another sigh I looked at the clock and decided I couldn’t sit at home all day.

After a shower and a shave, I felt a little better as I braved the cold and left to go hit the local Walmart for groceries I needed. Things like toilet paper I’d learned were essentials you never wanted to be without! Picking up some frozen dinners I filled the cart with meals fit for the bachelor I was, before heading to the checkouts. I looked at the magazine rack as I waited in a long line behind someone with a packed cart.  Reading one of the magazines on the stand that was known for being overly sensational I saw, ‘Human Trafficking? The REAL truth behind the Dimensional Portals, Pg 5.’ Normally someone to avoid things such as this, I was moderately curious enough to pick it up and thumb through it while I was waiting in line.

Seven years ago, our universe changed as we learned that other dimensions not only existed, but that we could travel to visit a new world! Tales of technology that far exceeded our own, better lives, and practically hearing the streets were paved with gold meant scores of people lined up for the various tour groups that began offering their services, or just went on their own to explore the dimension. While some visitors have come back with fantastical stories of huge people and amazing technology on the other side, many others haven’t ever been heard from again…

“Sir are you going to buy that?” The lady at the check-out asked.

I blushed, “Sorry,” and added it to my pile of items as she scanned it all. Totaling it out made me grimace and hope that my account was good for that amount. I hadn’t checked before I left, but I used my debit card anyway and pushed my full cart out to the car thinking I must have lucked out when it went through.

Driving home I got stuck behind an accident and was at a standstill beside an electronic billboard, ‘Life got you down? Debt sky-high? Health problems? Just needing new scenery? Visit Portal Relocations on the web to learn of your chance for a new life!

I thought back to the magazine article and noted that this was one of those offers for a trip to the other dimension. ‘I can’t lie and say that doesn’t sound enticing…’

As I sat in traffic, I thought about how little I really had to lose with such an offer. My parents had both tragically passed away in the last four years. My mom died painfully from a rare cancer, and my dad was in a car accident not long afterwards. With no siblings, and only aunts and uncles that lived far away, I was about as alone as a person could be. Sure, I had some good relationships with friends at work, but it wasn’t the same and I still desperately missed calling my mom during the week.

When I finally made it home, I put all of the frozen and cold food away before going back to the magazine.

Government sources and representatives from the other dimension have been telling us for years it’s just because those people have found new lives that they’re happier in. “They don’t want to come back home because their new lives are so much better!” One government official recently stated on CNN.

That made us wonder - was that actually true?

In order to determine the truthfulness of this statement we sent ten of our staff members, along with five private detectives we’d never before had contact with before through the portal on tours, or on their own without any guides. Out of those fifteen... only one returned. This person was one of the private detectives we had hired out for. As a former Navy Seal, he had a number of extra advantages in his elite training over the years that he claimed were the only way he escaped.

Yes, escaped…

I was just about to continue reading when there was a knock on the door. I walked over to find one of the apartment managers standing outside. I sighed and opened up the door, “Can I help you?” I asked the lady while groaning about the cold coming into the room.

She gave me a grim smile, “Well I guess it’s more I’m going to need your help Doctor Benning… We had an inspector from our insurance company come by today, along with a city inspector, and I’m afraid your building has failed a structural inspection. Because of the safety concerns it is being condemned for habitation.”

“What?” I asked nervously.

“Remember that storm last month?” I nodded while thinking back to the rare freak winter storm that had winds exceed a Category 2 Hurricane, “We noticed that there was a lot of soil that left the area around the edge of the building. On one side of the first floor we found some significant cracking. We’ve been watching it and noticed that there are some large cracks on the other side of this building in the brick too… The inspector decided it’s not safe for anyone to habit this building. We think between the wind and the freezing and thawing of the soil there’s been a lot of shifting of the foundation and it’s possible it will collapse.”

“Umm… What am I going to do?”

She sighed, “We’re returning this months’ rent and your deposit, we’ll pay for movers to move your stuff, and we’re paying for a week of a hotel right now, but we need you out of this building in the next six hours.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me?!?!” I said angrily. “I just got done with a thirty-hour shift at work, an epic long surgery, and now you’re telling me I have to move out now?!?”

“We’ll compensate you as we’ve said…”

“Compensate me? Where do you think I’m going to find an apartment on a week’s notice?” I seethed, “I’ll have my attorney call you. It’s going to be more compensation than you expect!”

I slammed the door and looked around my apartment and felt tears prickle at my eyes. The way it sounded the whole building could go at any time and I knew I didn’t have much of a choice to immediately move. I had a law firm on retainer as part of my job that I immediately called up. The law office focused on medical malpractice suits, but they were just a part of a larger practice that also included real estate and personal injury law. Within thirty minutes, the manager was back at my doorstep with a scowl on her face.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” She asked me.

“Someone who feels like they’ve been screwed over?” I told her bluntly. “What do you need now?”

“The owners of the complex will have the movers here to help you pack in ten minutes. Be ready, I’ve been told to give you this check.” She handed me a check with five-thousand dollars listed on it.

I grabbed my phone and called the law office and told them about it. Per their instructions I handed it back, “I’m wanting considerably more than that for endangering my life with shoddy construction and a sudden move disrupting my housing. Come back when the check says twenty thousand.”

She scoffed at me and walked away cursing, ‘jack-ass.’

They had a ten-member crew that frustrated me as they helped box everything up pell-mell in no particular order. I knew I would never be able to find anything until I unboxed everything, and that a number of things would probably be broken by that time too. By six pm all of my possessions except a couple suitcases of clothes, a laptop, and a few other odds and ends, were all in a climate-controlled storage unit across town. I found myself pulling up to a local hotel where I knew I would at least get a good breakfast each day.

“Good evening sir,” the clerk said, “Do you have a reservation?”

“No… it’s a long story, but do you have any availability?”

“For how long?”

“At least a week?”

The lady typed at her computer and said, “I do have a room available,” and proceeded to give me the information on the rate. Emotionally I was spent as she ran my debit card. “I’m sorry sir, but the card was declined?”

“Damnit,” I swore and dug out one of my credit cards that I knew had nearly its limit maxed, “Try this one?” To my relief it ran, but I knew my time would be short if I didn’t get a settlement from the apartment complex quickly.

Inside the room I sat down in the desk chair and just put my head in my hands since I was so frustrated. I had worked ridiculously hard to reach the pinnacle of a dream, to become one of the top surgeons out there, but so far all I had accomplished was to just be a good regional surgeon. My debt was sky high and I was now officially homeless! I looked in my bag for something to distract me and found the magazine I read earlier in the pocket next to my laptop. Somehow, I’d thought to put it in my laptop case... I almost turned on my laptop, but instead decided to open the magazine up for a third time and try to finish reading the article. I sat back in the desk chair and found my place.

Escaped,” were his words when he contacted us after his return. He had joined a tour group with a highly rated tour company for his trip, and in his words, literally had to fight for his life to get back home to the port. We know from the governments arrest warrant, and attached wanted information, that there is an extradition request currently issued for him if he is apprehended in our dimension. As such he is currently in hiding, and we are hopeful he can avoid being arrested until the mess is cleared up by our attorneys. In the meantime, this is his harrowing tale.

‘I went through the portal with twenty other adults of various ages and was stunned by the process. It literally takes your breath away as you step through the amazing technology that is the portal! On the other side I proceeded through customs with the rest of the group, and at the end we were introduced to our enormous guide! Being a six-foot seven combat veteran who is solidly built, with strong muscles, not much intimidates me! But our guide easily towered over even me at ten and a half feet tall! I felt like I was a kindergartner again or something compared to her! During the ensuing walk to the bus I learned I’d shrunk to just barely an inch over six-feet, and had lost half a foot in height during the trip. That was still taller than most of my fellow travelers. I quickly learned that meant I could still sit in the regular bus seat - unlike most of my fellow tour group members.

Nearly everyone else was placed into a mixture of children’s styled booster seats, toddler car seats, or even infant style rear-facing seats before we pulled away from the portal. Well… most of the travelers were. I immediately witnessed one altercation of a man who refused to ride the bus in the infant style seat they mandated he sit in. It foreshadowed later events as he was forcibly taken away by tall Amazons outside the bus before he could go back inside the portal to return home.

Right away I noticed there were a lot of babies in the arms of the large Amazon women as we toured the city sights. The problem was that upon a closer look I realized that most of them weren’t actual children… they were full grown adults! (The locals call them ‘littles’) The first real sign of problems with our tour company happened when the barely eighteen-year-old daughter of one couple went missing at a mall we were shopping at. Her parents were frantic with worry as I wondered how she had gotten separated from our tour group who was very emphatic that we stay with them at all times.

The next day three more members of the tour group were gone without explanation after a visit to a local zoo. I decided to stay close to the distraught parents as we visited the police station to file a missing person’s report. This was the kind of problem I had been asked to keep an eye out for. The way the police department took their statement made me suspicious. Because of that, after we returned to the hotel that night, I decided I needed to go investigate the police department. As I left the hotel, I stalked calmly down the street having been explained that I was considered a ‘betweener’ or a ‘mid,’ and somewhat less likely to be kidnapped than if I was less than six-feet tall. I strongly suspected that was what had happened to their missing daughter.

The police station was a busy place even at night, but I was a SEAL first and foremost, and so it didn’t take me too long to penetrate their building and its security. Once inside, I was able to sneak into an empty office to use one of their gigantic computer terminals. The keyboard was enormous so I had to finger peck to type in the huge computer keyboard. I was grateful some careless person hadn’t locked their screen. It took me about four minutes to discover the unattended and abandoned ‘little’ girl had been taken to an orphanage, and then after being reported missing, the police had closed the case without contacting her parents. A note said that they knew she had been part of a tour group, but as she’d been separated, they turned her over to the orphanage per department policy. I did some more digging and discovered this was quite the little financial racket for the department. The girl had resulted in a ten-thousand dollar ‘donation’ to the departments ‘charity’ fund. I was about to log out when the door knob jiggled, and I knew that I was out of time. I did my best to exit the screens and dived behind another side desk in the office as a tall police woman came in.

She looked to be a detective and seemed suspicious something was wrong. I was going to wait her out, but she spotted me in my hiding place and came after me.

I used all of my training to disable her and ran. I’m sorry to say that she probably won’t be working for the force anymore… At least she was alive when I left her! I managed to avoid cameras as I left and returned to the hotel without being found or identified.

The next day we got my information to our embassy and they helped facilitate a rescue through the ‘Bureau’ that is in charge of littles there. After I watched a tearful reunion of the girl with her parents, they got into the vehicle we arrived in. I was told there wasn’t room for me, so I was told I would follow in a second vehicle – or so they said. My vehicle followed them for a little bit and then turned another direction. When I pointed it out, they held me down and restrained me. Apparently, my efforts had pissed off the wrong group, and so they took me to another of those so-called ‘Little Academies.’ There they do everything they can to ‘break’ littles.

When they took me out of the car I again attempted to escape, but only ended up receiving about one hundred and fifty abusive slaps to my rear in a spanking for my trouble by one of my abductors. Their staff then took over and placed me in a futuristic machine that removed all of my body hair, bathed me roughly, and then dressed me like a baby in a diaper and infantile clothing. Over the next couple of days, they only fed me disgusting pureed baby food concoctions, breastfed me, and kept me locked in a crib for ‘nap time’ and bed.  While there, I saw it would only get worse as I looked at adults that were completely mentally broken and in near vegetative states. Many of them couldn’t even flop off their back any more… It was like they had their motor skills rewound all the way back to their first months of life!

In case I doubted my absolute need to escape, it was demonstrated with one girl who slept in a crib next to mine. She was a fighter and tried everything she could to not submit to them on every little thing. On my third morning she disappeared with that team for the same procedure they were supposed to do to me. She came back barely able to physically sit up, had all of her teeth removed from her mouth, and was barely able to say the simple word ‘mama’ from what I could tell when they made a sick game of asking her to speak. I don’t know if the procedure is permanent, but it certainly would be considered criminal here in our dimension!

Just as they were talking about performing those procedures on me though, I managed to take advantage of a lapse in security and eliminated the two night-workers - and escaped. Luckily, I found my passport and information that I knew I needed to go back home inside their offices!

I met a contact who helped me get new clothing after I removed their chip for tracking escaped littles. Clothed appropriately, I managed to walk into the portal, purchased another departure, and thought I was home free. Just before I was going to walk through the portal there was a sudden alert about me reached the gate worker on their side. I disabled him and jumped through the portal there, and managed to escape through a chaotic scene at our own side of the portal when word reached them.

Our detective shared the photographic evidence that appears on these pages that he bravely managed to still get out with him. It verifies the tale and a few other ‘off the record’ accounts from visitors around that time that line up with his story. (Including the kidnapping and rescue of the girl) What is our government doing with this other dimension? What agreements are in place? Is this nothing but a way of participating in the next level of slavery?

Is our dimension just another Africa?

I looked at the photos of adults in diapers, being breastfed, spanked, and even some futuristic looking hands attacking the camera. ‘Could be photoshopped,’ I thought as I looked through them. Eventually I fell asleep before reading the rest of the articles, wondering more about the new world and if it was really that bad...



End Chapter 1

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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