Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 18
Family Sunday

I WOKE UP for once without Ivy waking me. Stretching out inside my crib, I noted just how weird it was that I was more than small enough for a baby’s crib to be appropriate for my size. Even in my old height I would have been short enough to fit on the long mattress. I was pretty sure that it was a little longer than my old bed. ‘Well, I knew I was coming to the land of giants…’ I admitted to myself.

I sighed as I noticed the soggy diaper under my footed pajamas, ‘Might as well accept that all potty-training skills are gone… probably forever…’

I found myself cuddling my stuffed sloth, who I had named Mindy. I played a little with her long arms going over my neck like she was hugging me. ‘We’re supposed to go meet the rest of her family today,’ I thought to myself while trying to motivate myself to call out for Ivy to free me from this cage.

Since Thursday at the hospital Ivy had mostly given me a lot more freedom than I would have expected. Days before she had decided I was officially nothing more than a baby... Since then, I was able to be in my playhouse most of the time; reading or using my computer and tablet. She’d even sat down inside with me and watched The Wizard of Oz and all of the Harry Potter movies over the last few days. Of course, that was interspersed with being fed, changed, dressed, and treated as a living doll for much of the time too!

I did have to say through all of it Ivy had generally been kind to me. It was clear that she really had fallen in love with me… and I was leaning more positively towards her with my own feelings much of the time. I was still bitter at the gender change, the forced incontinence, and more so, not being able to practice medicine! I had to admit that at least I had nothing to worry about with finding a job or having a roof over my head anymore. I didn’t even have to clean or do laundry now… Dishes were a thing of the past too… I had realized that there was a little good to go with the bad.

“Mommy?” I called out after deciding the diaper was growing uncomfortable.

“Decided to finally wake up?” she asked me a moment later when she walked in. I was still holding onto the sloth and had the pacifier in my mouth as she suddenly had her phone out and snapped a quick picture.

“Don’t do that,” I said letting the pacifier drop from my mouth.

“But you look so adorable!” She told me and showed me the picture.

I blushed, “Not fair…”

She picked me up and tickled my side, “You’re right, it’s not fair that anyone can be sooooo cute!!!”

I giggled as she sat me on the table. I finally looked at my watch and was shocked to see how late it was. “You let me sleep in!” I said happily.

“Well, if I knew how much better you do with mornings; I’d do it more often. Of course, right now it’s almost afternoon, so I’m more concerned about getting you to sleep tonight!” she said as she unzipped and pulled the sleeper off me.

I stuck my tongue out at her as she pushed me onto my back and pulled the belt across my chest. She responded by bending over and blowing a raspberry on my belly and then tickling me mercilessly. “Stop!!!!” I cried as I knew I was peeing more and more into the diaper.

Enough that she said, “Uh-oh, you’re leaking!”

“Your fault,” I told her.

She just tickled me again before starting to change me. It still embarrassed me every time she opened up a wet or messy diaper, but it was beginning to be a routine that I accepted and dealt with. Her hands moved swiftly and surely as she opened the diaper up, wiped me down, balled up the old diaper and replaced it with the new one. Today she began singing the ‘leopard song’ as I had come to think of it. I couldn’t help but giggle as she poked me lightly, and then it felt kind of good as she ran her fingers down my belly. Before long I was dressed in a clean diaper and a frilly sunsuit dress. Ivy really liked dressing me in these things that were part onesie, part dress. The bodysuit helped hold up my wet diapers, while the ‘dress’ that was attached really did nothing to hide the diaper or the bottom of the onesie. I’d asked about it once and been told ‘the design let a baby crawl without having the skirt of the dress get caught up in her legs…’ Given the fact I didn’t crawl all over the place I wondered about that being an appropriate style for me, but just let her dress me in the lacy green garment without protest.

‘I think she’s done ‘regressing’ me…’ I thought hopefully.

“Let’s get some breakfast into your belly, and then we’ll get going to my parents so you can meet the rest of my family.”

I groaned a bit but found myself again at the mercy of tickling fingers as she carried me to the living room. She made oatmeal for me and for the first time I realized the milk she was using to make it, “You use breast milk in my oatmeal?” I asked as she sat a bowl down in front of me.

She smiled, “it worked to get it into you early.”

I groaned but let her stuff a spoonful in my mouth, and then another. We had gotten pretty good at coordinating these feedings so that only a little ended up outside of my mouth, and I was convinced that was usually intentional! When I had finished the bowl, she washed it out before coming back for me and carrying me over to a rocking chair that had appeared in the living room yesterday. She exposed her breast to me and I was again on autopilot sucking away. The rocking, milk, and a full belly had me feeling kind of sleepy, but again today for some reason I didn’t instantly fall asleep.

“Why aren’t you instantly nodding off anymore?” Ivy asked me.

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I mean I could sleep, but I don’t feel like I have to sleep.”

“Maybe your body adjusted for it? That’s not really normal…”

“Your milk is supposed to make us go to sleep?”

“Pretty much…” Ivy told me.

I shrugged, “Sorry, I like being not normal?”

She tickled my side for a second, “I’ll say!” She sat me down in the baby swing a moment later, “Why don’t you swing for a few minutes while I get everything together for us to leave.”

I sighed, “You’re trying to make me go to sleep…”

“Maybe?” she smiled, “Call it an experiment.” She placed a pacifier in my mouth then and set the swing in motion. It was a very soothing position mostly laying on my back. Combined with the motion and milk I did drift off to sleep again before long.


IVY LOOKED IN on Holly and was glad to see her eyes closed and her small chest moving up and down slowly as she slept. ‘It’s weird that the milk is not just knocking her out like it was…’ she shrugged a bit knowing that littles, like babies, often had weird things happen. If it continued another week, she might run some blood tests to see if they could figure out what was going on.

Needing to get going to her parents’ house, she made sure Holly’s diaper bag had extra diapers, a couple of bottles, a sippy cup, and a couple sets of clothes. She put Holly’s tablet inside too, just in case she needed something to occupy her. That was a last resort to her though, since she really wanted her to socialize with her family a little.

‘I have no idea how she’s going to take meeting Desmond and Julie…’

Katie had picked up Julie as her first little about six months after Ivy had graduated from med school. Katie was only a week out of high school herself when the little girl, Julie, had mistakenly wet her pants right in front of her. Katie felt like she had no choice but to help out the poor little who clearly couldn’t take care of herself. An epic amount of fighting ensued to get the little girl to behave, including several escape attempts, before Katie had finally begged Ivy to do the surgery to make her unable to walk.

Ivy refused at all cost to do so though, and then they hadn’t spoken for two years over it! During that time Katie found someone else to do the surgery and had adopted Desmond too. She just called him little ‘Desi’ and made sure he had the same surgery done so that she didn’t have to worry about anyone running away from her. Her life had revolved around the care of the two littles for a few years before meeting Devin, who was far less interested in them. He definitely favored their real daughter Kelly, who was just four, but already taller than both littles even if they could still stand up! Kelly would stand about a foot and a half taller than Holly, and she knew that she’d have to keep an eye out in case she decided to bully her.

She sighed; it was going to be interesting to see how everyone reacted. At least her sister had begun feeding both littles real food again in the past year. She’d stuck to breast milk for several years, and then pureed food and breast milk with them for over a decade. Recently though she got lazy on dealing with pureed food. She figured out it was cheaper and easier to feed them real food, and only cook one meal for the family. Julie and Desi underwent a surgery in which both of them had six teeth re-implanted on each jaw now so that they could eat solid foods again. Of course, there had been the threat that if either ever bit Katie they would definitely go away again...

Katie had tried to get Ivy to adopt her own little since before she had even graduated with her undergrad degree, but it just hadn’t felt right. She’d thought she’d find a husband and then adopt… but after many failed relationships had given up hope on that front too. ‘At least Katie should be happy I finally did it…’ she thought.

‘You know the real question is going to be how Holly will react to Janice…’


I WOKE UP when Ivy was unbuckling my harness. “I guess we’re here?” I asked, taking my pacifier out of my mouth and leaving it in the car seat.

Her fingers pressed in on the diaper I was wearing as she picked me up and placed me on her side. “Yes, we are! And as soon as I introduce you to everyone, we’ll get that wet diapee changed.”

I groaned, but accepted that it would happen without input from me. ‘Most likely in the most public place of the house where everyone can stare at my naked body…’

Ivy had told me a little bit about her extended family, but acted cagey about some of them. I knew her baby sister had two littles and a real child. I also knew that she ran a daycare center that I was not going to be in… Given the fact I assumed a family discount would have been offered, I felt there was evidently something not right there.

Ivy’s brother wasn’t much younger than her, but he was the one I knew the least about. I knew he was married, but curiously nothing else was ever said about his wife, kids, or littles. I knew that something was up with him though because of the comments her parents had made at dinner the other night.

‘Time to find out…’ I thought as she opened the front door of a large two-story brick house.

“Ivy!” a red headed Amazon, a little shorter than Ivy squealed as she came quickly towards us and hugged us both.

“So, this is little Holly?” she said looking at me like a tiger and its prey, “She’s adorable!!!!” She tickled my side, “I’m your Auntie Katie!”

“Hi,” I said quietly and clung to Ivy tighter.

“You look great Ivy!” She said, “See I told you that adopting would be good for you!” She looked towards another end of the room. “Kelly, come meet your new baby cousin!”

A rather chunky young girl looked up at us. I guessed she was about four from her face. Without a frame of reference, she seemed pretty tall to me for a kid that age. She toddled, a bit like a preschooler, over from where she had been standing over two other littles crawling on the floor playing with some dolls. “Kelly, this is your baby cousin Holly,” she told her after picking her up and putting the much bigger preschooler on her hip like Ivy had me.

“New baby!!!” she clapped her hands together happily.

‘Why do I feel like she thinks she just got a new dolly?’ I wondered to myself. As she reached for me, I felt Ivy squeeze me reassuringly.

“Yes, but she’s Auntie Ivy’s baby,” Ivy told her. “Be nice to her please,” she told her.

“Yes, Auntie Ivy,” she told her. “Can I change her diapee? Mommy lets me change Juwie! I’m big girl, I’m this many now!” she held four fingers out in her hand.

“Sorry Kelly, I promised her I’d be a good mommy and be the only one to change her. You can watch though?”

I blushed and thought, ‘What the hell!?!’ but thought better of saying it aloud. Instead I glared at her and she seemed to get the message with a shake of her head. ‘What’s that mean?’ I fumed.

She carried me further in the house and I was greeted with her dad who said, “Hi girls,” and gave us both a quick hug and a kiss on our foreheads. The kiss was strange to me, but I knew it was normal in some families with little girls. With him was a tall brown-haired amazon that he introduced, “Holly this is your Uncle Jonah.”

I looked at him some more and noticed that he looked tall even compared to Ivy’s dad. He caught me staring, “Wondering how tall I am?”

I blushed, “Not going to lie… yes?”

“Not quite twelve feet,” he told me, “I’m considered tall even for here.”

He looked incredibly strong and like he’d been in the military. “Police officer?” I asked hesitantly. Being a doctor meant I knew the type.

“Mom said you were smart!” he said looking at me, “SWAT in particular,” he told me.

“I can see why…”

He laughed and looked over to a side of the room I hadn’t looked at yet. “Janie, sweetie, come meet your niece!”

I saw a woman… who wasn’t a little… I didn’t think she was at least? I guessed she was a betweener as I’d learned they were called. She easily stood well over two feet taller than I was based on where she came up to on Ivy. I’d guess that she was close to six-and-a-half feet tall, but she was still dressed in a juvenile dress that would not have looked out of place on a toddler. The bodice had thin horizontal blue and white stripes, while the skirt had vertical stripes. There was a nearly transparent organza overlay on top that featured big white and yellow daisy flowers embroidered on it. As she walked something crinkled, and I knew now what the conversation had been at dinner a few nights ago. ‘He babies a bigger adult?’ I wondered. ‘His wife?!?’

He picked her up like Ivy would me, and sat her on his hip easily. “Say hi Janie,” he told her like a toddler.

She blushed but said, “Hi Holly, welcome to the family.”

As she moved a bit her dress flew up and confirmed that there was a wet diaper underneath it. Her face turned red, but she didn’t say anything. “Umm… Hi Aunt Janie?” I responded.

Ivy squeezed me to indicate I was right. “I need to c-h-a-n-g-e Holly right now; you want me to take care of Janie too?” Ivy asked her brother while nodding towards where Kelly was staring upwards at us.

‘Hope she can’t spell yet…’ I thought to myself.

“Sure, I left her bag in the nursery. Kelly, want to help me pick out some toys for Janie and Holly to play with?” he asked as he put Janie down and her hand in Ivy’s hand.

“Sure!!!” she said excitedly.

Ivy carried me and led Janie upstairs to the nursery where she closed the door behind her and quickly let go of Janie’s hand. She reached onto a shelf and I watched her turn a knob on what must have been a baby monitor. “I can’t believe he’s still doing this,” Ivy said as she sat me on the changing table and looked at Janie.

She blushed, “At least I can still work as an adult.”

“But you’re his wife, not a little…” she sighed as my dress was pushed up to expose the wet diaper.

“No, but compared to him I might as well be,” she sighed.

“What’s going on?” I asked, feeling a bit emboldened by some open candor.

“My idiot brother likes having a part-time baby for his wife. She goes to work, but other than those few hours, gets babied just like you.”

“You have a problem with that for her, but not with me?” I asked annoyed. “Isn’t it the same thing?”

Ivy visibly bit her lip and shook her head, “It’s not… it would be like diapering your six-year-old first grader…”

“And me as a full-grown adult is different how?”

“You’re the size of an infant,” she reminded me, “Size wise you should be in diapers still. She should be potty trained… she’s big enough she can safely use an adult potty.” She paused, “Plus they’re supposed to be married!

“You’re right, it is the same thing,” Janice said softly. “But neither of us have much choice Holly.”

I looked at Ivy and hoped she wouldn’t punish Janice while my butt was pulled up from the wet diaper. She scowled but gently wiped my bottom with the wipe. It didn’t take her long before a new diaper was taped around my body and I was sat on the ground.

“Changing table or floor?” Ivy asked Janice.

“I don’t care,” she told her.

Ivy took that to mean the changing table and I realized just why Janice had her problems. Yes, she should have been too big for diapers, but other than her feet hanging off the changing table, it handled her just as well as it did me. “What do you do for changes at work?” she asked her with her feet in the air.

“Jonah comes and changes me twice during the day,” she told her.

“What if he’s busy responding to something?”

“I stay in the diaper… Sometimes my boss will offer to change me if I’m really stinky, but I’m afraid he would think I was changing myself… so I usually say no.”

I gasped, “That’s worse than terrible…” Janie squeaked and I heard a bit of a sob.

Ivy looked down on me, “No more comments little girl. If you have anything else you think, store it in your head and keep it there until we get home.” She went back to putting the new diaper on Janice and gave her a hug when she was done, “We’ll get him to realize you make a better big girl than a baby at some point I promise!”

“Thanks Ivy…” she said as she was placed on the ground. Janice held her hand out to me, “This is the first time you’ve been around littles, right?”

I nodded nervously, “except daycare the other day for a few minutes…”

“I’ll stay with you the entire time… but let’s go play with your cousins so I can make my da… husband happy.”

“Do I have to?” I said looking up at Ivy. “You said you would stay with me…”

“I’ll be right there in the room Holly - I promise I won’t leave you alone.”

I nodded and let the taller woman lead me by the hand out of the room. Janice was more than two feet taller than me, so I still had to reach up to hold her hand, but it was less than with Ivy. I felt more like I was a kid with a normal size parent than the baby with a giant. I was led back to the living room where two littles were sitting on their butts with their legs spread open, the soles of their feet together, a pose I’d seen many babies and kids do over the years. Drool ran out of the side of the girl's mouth, while the boy had snot running down his lip.

I shuddered then as something else seemed off in their eyes. They both smiled at us as we walked to them. “Desi, Julie, meet Holly, your new cousin,” she said.

They waved, but something in their faces continued to seem vacant. Julie stuck the doll she held into her mouth then and sucked on the foot.

“No Julie,” she heard Katie come over and say, “we don’t suck on our toys, remember?” she asked as she pulled the toy from her mouth and replaced it with a pacifier. “Play nicely you all,” she warned us and stepped back out. “She’s probably getting hungry,” she told Ivy as she sat down next to her on the couch.

Before I could eavesdrop more, Kelly the giant preschooler appeared. As she walked towards us, I noted that she was a hair taller, and much heavier, than Janice. ‘No wonder she’s vulnerable to this…’ I thought to myself.

“Pway!” she said, pushing a baby doll in my arms.

I looked up at her nervously and said, “Umm… Thank you Kelly.”

“I not Kelly, I Auntie Kelly.”

“No, you’re my cousin,” I told her. “We don’t call cousins Aunties,” I told her.

“It’s okay Auntie Kelly,” Janice said nervously. “She’ll call you Auntie,” she told me with a warning look.

“Why?” I asked.

“Just go along with it,” she hissed at me.

“No, I won’t,” I told the petulant preschooler.

Nothing prepared me for how quickly the girl moved and pulled my fake dress up!

I stood in shock for a moment too long before her hand struck the back of my diaper far harder than I would have imagined a four-year-old was capable of! “Bad baby!!!” she yelled, preparing to strike me again before a hand stopped her.

“Katie, you don’t hit your cousin,” Ivy told her as I turned and backed away from them.

“She’s a bad baby though!” she complained to Ivy.


“She won’t call me Auntie Katie.”

“That’s because you’re not her auntie, you’re her cousin.”

“But she’s a little, she’s just a baby - she can’t be a cousin.”

Ivy sighed and made a quick grab of her and said, “That isn’t the way this works sweet pea. I think you probably shouldn’t play with them right now. Why don’t you go see if Grandma needs help?”

I watched her carry her away and rubbed my butt through my diaper for a moment. “Ouch…” I told Janice.

“I tried to warn you,” she told me. “Sit down and color with me here,” she said handing me a coloring book and nodding at some crayons.

“What about them?” I asked looking over where the two littles were sitting.

“They don’t know anything but whatever is in their own world of a mind now,” she told me quietly as she lay on her stomach and colored next to me. I matched her position on the floor and made sure I could see the room beyond us.

“What do you mean?”

“Katie broke them a long time ago,” she said. “I’m not sure where she sent them… at least I think she sent them somewhere, she may have broken them herself in her own daycare.”

I shuddered with that word.

“What do you mean?”

“Brainwashed, hypnotized, tortured?” She said as suggestions, “I don’t really know as I only met my da… husband two years ago.” She paused and I could tell that she bit back some other comment. “Anyway… they can only crawl and drool at this point. About the only way they’ve grown up in the decade since they’ve been adopted is Katie letting them have about half their teeth be implanted back into their mouths so she didn’t have to keep buying baby food anymore.”

I felt the color of my face fade more. “Why…?”

“Because... she’s a big, and they’re her littles,” she shrugged. “Just like I can be treated like this too…” she sniffled a bit then. “Is it really so different in your dimension?”


IVY WATCHED HER mom check the lasagna in the oven again and watched as Kelly played with a couple stuffed animals and a tea set in a corner of the room. She hated to see the girl separated from the other kids, but she’d suspected something like what happened was inevitable from the moment she wanted to change Holly.

Big mothers developed their nurturing needs at different ages, but it was pretty common for preschoolers to get their first hint of that. Clearly since Katie had been allowing and encouraging Kelly to help change her littles, she had reached that status earlier than most. ‘She’s probably one of the biggest bullies towards littles at the daycare I’d bet too…’

“So, you’re nursing Holly and babying her completely now, right?” Katie asked her.

She nodded, “Mostly at least.”


“I’m not taking her ability to move or her brain away Katie.”

“Well, be warned, I thought about being nice back then; but Julie and Desi both bolted every time they thought they could.”

“Different situation,” she told her. “Besides, Holly and I have a pretty good relationship at this point.”

“I hope so!” she told her. “At least you can just do the procedures yourself if you need to,” she added.

“We won’t be doing those procedures,” she told her. “I’m also not brainwashing her like you have done either.”

“Why not? They’re so much nicer when they just behave?”

“I like her personality, I don’t want it to change,” she told her.

“So, you going to let Janice babysit for you?”

“Well, if she wasn’t being babied I probably would actually,” she told her.

“She’s too immature though! I’m glad that Jonah’s finally listening to me there.”

“He’s doing that because of you?”

“She needs it. You know when they got married, she still couldn’t make it through the night without peeing the bed? It wasn’t an every-night thing, but I got Jonah a star chart and helped him prove to her that she just wasn’t ready for big girl pants.”

“Nighttime isn’t daytime…” Ivy found herself saying.

“No, it isn’t, but her daytime accidents were happening too. Probably having some supplemental milk didn’t help that initially, but she didn’t seem to mind when I gave it to her.”

“You nursed her?” Ivy asked, surprised.

She shook her head, “No, but I have a whole freezer full of the good stuff at home. I got Jonah to start giving it to her at night in a babba. I also give it to her at lunch on weekends when they come over.”

Ivy was feeling torn between outrage and guilt. It was essentially the same thing she’d done to Holly after all, but Janice really was an adult! Wasn’t she? She went with Katie to get them for lunch and couldn’t help but note she looked more like Holly and the littles than she did an adult. As she colored on the ground her dress had pulled back, and she could clearly see the diaper she had changed her into was already wet. It didn’t help her think of her as a big girl anymore.

‘Maybe it is okay…’ she thought as Jonah scooped up his little girl and hugged her. It was getting harder for her to think of her as her sister-in-law right then.


JANICE AND I talked and colored for a long while before Ivy came back with Katie and we were all gathered up. I learned a lot in that talk and hated it when it ended. “Time for lunch!” Ivy said as she picked me up. “Ooh, that’s pretty. We’ll have to take it back and put it on the fridge at home!”

I looked at her and rolled my eyes like she was nuts but didn’t say anything. Unlike the previous times I had been stuck coloring I didn’t pretend to be an idiot and stayed within the lines!

A brand-new high chair awaited me at a long table. Apparently, all of the ‘grandchildren’ got their own high chairs to use at Grandma’s house. Mine was pink and purple, but somehow seemed slightly less girly than the one that Julie was sat in. Hers had extra frilly lace on the seat cover and a tiara design cut into the back of the chair that rose above Julie’s short height. Desi was placed into one that was more of neutral pastel tones.

‘What the hell?!?’ I thought as I watched Katie not only strap them in with the normal harnesses, but also strapped down their arms, legs, and put a strap around the top of their head. To my horror they were completely bound there, but it must have been normal because they didn’t fight it or seem to think anything unusual about it.

Thankfully for me Ivy just did the normal five-point harness to hold me in, but I couldn’t help but note that those other straps were present on my high chair too. She must have seen the fear in my eyes since she whispered, “I promise I’ll never use those on you.”

I just nodded and looked where her brother was strapping Janice into a booster seat. She had a bib on and a bottle of milk sitting in front of her on the table. I watched her make a face at it before nursing it rapidly empty. ‘Shit… I bet it’s breastmilk… I wonder if she knows?’ It would explain what she had told me about her story.

Kelly was already in her own booster seat with her own sippy cup and bib too. She glared at me from across the table, apparently still angry about not calling her ‘auntie.’ ‘Damn…’ I thought to myself. ‘Janice was pretty specific that the girl holds grudges…’

I sighed in relief as a normal meal of lasagna was put in front of Ivy and she began alternating between us with bites. “This is really good Grandma,” I told her while I was waiting for a bite.

Janice looked nervous, and even a look of concern came to Julie’s face.

“Thank you, sweetie,” she told me kindly from where she sat. “I appreciate your politeness.”

The others relaxed a bit then and I wondered if it was forbidden to speak at the dinner table. The other adults talked the whole time, but not once had even Janice said anything.

“Ivy you really should just bring Holly to my daycare!” Katie told Ivy.

“I want to keep her close to me though,” she told her.

“But I would do it for free for you?”

“The hospital is free for me too, Katie,” she told her. “You’re on the other side of town from the hospital. I couldn’t run down and nurse her at free moments if she was at your place.”

“I could always nurse her myself, or one of my workers could?”

Ivy laughed, “But I want to do it myself. I love when she’s latched on and nursing. It’s not the same thing as giving her a bottle, or a stranger nursing her.”

“I’m not a stranger,” Katie huffed.

“No, but you also have your own three babies to look after?”

“Kelly is almost weaned now,” she said.

I looked over at Kelly and realized that meant she still nursed at age four. I looked down at myself though, and knew that this society probably didn’t care about letting a boob out to any child if they needed it.


“I think the only reason she still wants to nurse is she’s still jealous of Julie.” She smiled at her normal daughter, “but that’s okay, we agreed as long as she wears her nighttime diapees she can keep nursing.”

“She’s still wetting at night?” Jonah, Janice’s husband asked.

“Every night and nap still.”

“Might be the breast milk?” I couldn’t help myself speak the words.

I got the glare again from everyone at the table and felt Ivy’s hand on my back. I looked and saw a shake of her head. ‘What?!?’ I thought to myself.

“Holly, I know you’re new here, so I’ll give you a nice warning. Littles are to be seen and not heard at the table.” Ivy’s mom said in the most patronizing voice I could have imagined.

“That being said, she’s probably right sis,” Ivy told her.

“Well, if that means I diaper her for naps and nighttime until she’s a teen that’s fine with me,” she told her with a wink.

I took the occasional bite from Ivy still, but I was getting full and she seemed to sense it. I was bored being unable to talk and just absorb what the ‘adults’ said. I caught little bits and pieces of things and noted that even Janice was not talking at the table.

“Mommy! Potty!” Kelly suddenly said and tried to undo the strap on her booster seat.

“Hold on baby, eat this last bite,” she told her, pointing to a piece of pasta on her plate.

“No!” she said in a fit, “Potty!”

I watched Katie take the piece and spear it on a fork, “Open up,” she told her, “then we’ll go to the potty.”

The girl opened, swallowed, then made a face and began to cry. I just figured she had wet her pants, but I could hear the fart and smell the poop suddenly as she shifted in her seat. “Kelly Elizabeth Curtis!” she scolded.

“Sowwy…” the poor girl wailed and I did feel bad for her.

“Well you’re going to be sorrier because I didn’t bring any spare clothes! You’re supposed to be a big girl!!!” I watched her slap her leg several times making the girl cry more.

“She can borrow one of Janie’s spare onesies? I only have diapers though,” her brother told her.

“You hear that, Kelly?!? You can wear a diapee and a onesie like baby Julie now. I’m going to feed your sister and brother the rest of their food first though,” she told her. I watched as she turned from her and began shoveling in a few more bites into each of the littles faces. They were mostly out of it still from what I could tell, but Julie’s eyes said something else. She seemed worried for some reason and I wondered what could be made worse for her... She wasn’t the preschooler in the bad situation?

Ivy seemed to think things were going to go downhill too as she said, “I’m going to go finish feeding Holly in the living room.”

“Sweetie just feed her here, no reason to run away somewhere for her to eat. It’s the natural thing to do…” Her mom told her.

I turned to her and looked at her blushing face, “I’m just a little shy still Mom,” she told her.

“Well, you better get over that now that you're a mother. Just nurse her here, it’s not like any of us haven’t seen your boobies before.”

I wondered a bit at that as she blushed some more, but pulled me free of the high chair. Her hand pressed into the padding of my diaper and I realized I had wet it several times since I’d been changed. She gave me a hug before pulling her blouse and nursing bra out of the way to let me nurse. As she placed me up there her brother said, “I wish I could give Janie that bonding time.”

“She could come to my daycare,” I heard Katie say. “If you’ve decided she’s so immature at this point anyway there’s no reason she couldn’t. We’d take her for free since you’re my brother…”

‘Poor Janie,’ I thought as I nursed.


IVY LOOKED DOWN at Holly and was relieved that she was nursing her second breast with her eyes closed. The rhythmic suckling continued at a slower rate and she knew that the milk was again doing what it should have been doing the last few days. She wasn’t quite sure what was different with her not going instantly to sleep those times. Katie had finally taken Kelly and cleaned her up. She made a big production of putting her ‘baby girl’ into one of Janie's diapers. A spare onesie from the same diaper bag fit her a little snug, but no one would think anything of it. Even as she sat down at the table and opened her shirt up to begin nursing Kelly she couldn’t see anything that far out of the norms. Their mother was feeding a bottle to Desi, and Katie’s Husband Devin was actually feeding Julie a bottle too.

It was surprising because her sister bitched all the time about the fact that he didn’t help change diapers or do anything! He had once confided in Ivy that he hated doing it to the littles, and if it wasn’t for his fear of what she would do to them if he was gone, he might have divorced her. To say the least the family was not one with a healthy relationship! It of course showed in her treatment of her littles, Kelly’s behavior, and Kelly continuing to have her own issues with potty training. She could see from her chair that the fresh diaper Kelly had been put into was already swelling with pee.

Of course, Janie’s diaper was filling with another mess as she nursed from the bottle that Jonah held for her. With his larger size versus her smaller size it didn’t look so wrong. Honestly, she looked like she was a lot smaller in his arms than Kelly was in her mom’s.

All of her siblings and her parents looked contentedly on the babies they fed. This had been the look for years, but Ivy and Jonah had used to look on, or occasionally taken one of the spare babies for themselves. She could tell that Jonah was much happier with Janice like she was, and wondered how long it would be before he stopped letting her work. ‘I bet she’s with Katie at daycare before the year is over…’

She pulled the now sleeping Holly away from her breast and lightly burped her. She placed a pacifier in her mouth and was rewarded when Holly resumed her suckling on it. She then began sorting herself back out. Holly had grunted and pooped a little while she nursed so she carried her back to the nursery and changed her gently. Jonah was changing Janice on the floor of the living room when she got back, also fully asleep. She gathered a few things her mom wanted her to take with her before hugging both parents gently with the sleeping Holly in her arms.

“Do you have to go so soon?”

“I’ve got some things I need to get done at home today and tomorrow. Tuesday I’m going in to do a procedure, so I want to make sure I have everything ready for Holly to be at daycare.”

“You really should take Katie up on her offer!” Her mom said insistently.

“I want to be able to go downstairs and nurse her. Yes, she could be like Janie drinking from her baba, but I prefer her to get the good stuff fresh from Mommy.”

Her mom sighed, “I guess…”

“My little, Mom,” she smiled at her. “I don’t know that we’ll be back next weekend, but I’ll let you know.”

“Okay, love you both,” she said as she hugged her and kissed Holly on the forehead.

She carried the sleeping little girl out to the car and carefully buckled her into the car seat.

“Gotta get you out of there before you get yourself into trouble little girl,” she whispered as she closed the passenger door. ‘I hope she shows more common sense at daycare Tuesday…’

I'll probably post a few more chapters Wednesday if I can. Otherwise it'll be Sunday. Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think with a comment! 



End Chapter 18

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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