Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 21

Reader warning: This Chapter does contain violence, reader discretion is advised.

THE NEXT WEEK things improved for both of us. I really felt like Ivy was being more empathetic to the amount I’d been screwed over with this fake baby game. For my part I did my best to try and also give her some moments where I pretended to be more babyish than I wanted. I even played on the play-set outside for two hours on Saturday. It was more of a trade… she let me back inside my playhouse afterwards to play some video games on my TV. I also compromised by playing dress up, and pretended to have a tea party with her on Sunday with dolls and stuffed animals.

I tried not to think of daycare too much as she carried me in on Monday. While the weekend had been a back and forth of baby to… maybe being a teenager, and back… it was time to come back to the horrible reality that was daycare.

The lady at the front, who I’d finally found out her name was Carly, greeted us. “Oh, is Princess Holly back with us today?”

“Yep, I should hopefully be back for her before lunch,” she told her.

“Hopefully she can be a little cleaner through the day today?” Carly teased.

I tried not to blush, but failed miserably as I buried my head into Ivy’s shoulder.

Friday had been the most embarrassing day of all time for me… and that really was saying something at this point! They had walked ‘my class’ to the hospital’s playground with us all holding onto plastic rings on a long rope. I had been playing on the large play equipment along with a couple of other actual toddlers. I was just getting ready to go down a big slide when I felt my bowels telling me they were going to release. Not having much control anymore anyway, I just squeezed to get it over with…

The problem was I squeezed way more than I thought I would!

It was a watery mess as it squirted out my rear, and mentally I had wanted to cry from that alone. It was way worse than having a log to smush down! I froze in a squatted position at the top of the slide not sure of what to do. Right then though one of the genuine toddler girls impatiently pushed me to go down the slide so she could go down too. I fell on my butt with a sickening ’squish’ and slid down the slide, completely horrified by the disgusting feeling in my diaper. By the time I landed at the bottom of the slide my diaper had squeezed the liquidly mess out of my diaper, onto my clothes, my legs, and… unfortunately the slide. The potty-training toddler behind me that had pushed me down had wailed almost as loudly as I did about the poop running all over her.

I had flat out lost it and cried right then! I felt totally and utterly broken!

My dress had been removed right there in the playground area in front of everyone. I was then given a very public diaper change right there with an emergency diaper they had brought out with them. Unfortunately for me it had been one of those massive crawler diapers! I felt bad for the toddler, she had one affixed to her too because they didn’t want her staying in her dress. The pushy girl then had a genuine accident while she was wailing about the mess too, and bawled more when they told her that she’d have to wear diapers again for a week.

Back in the present I looked back up at Carly who smiled, “It’s okay Holly, no one will even remember it after a while.”

I just nodded and let my grip be transferred to Carly who carried me back to the toddler’s room. “Bet you’re happy to be back in a regular diapee after that thick crawler diaper, huh?” she said.

I flashed back to being completely unable to walk away from the playground. I had been carried back to the classroom and been forced to crawl by the damn thing until Ivy came for me. For her part she consoled me in an appropriate way without laughing at me. She’d also changed me out of the damn pillow right away!

The toddler girl, I’d learned her name was Emma, was changed straight away into a normal baby diaper when we got back to our room. She was still upset though because she had finally just earned her big girl panties! I hadn’t been changed because apparently I was a little who couldn’t be trusted in a regular diaper after that blowout. I’d been pissed, but kept my cool with the daycare staff. I’d seen too many beatings in there over the week to want anything to do with them!

Carly sat me down in the coloring corner of the room and said, “I bet you want to color?” before bringing me a bucket of crayons and a coloring book.

I sighed and said, “Thank you Miss Carly.”

“You’re so sweet!” She said and patted me on my romper covered rear before she left.

I played for a while and watched as littles and toddlers alike were dropped off. I noticed that boy Seth, and the girl Catalina, that had been acting so strange last week were talking in hushed whispers in the corner of the part of the room with the fake kitchen. I thought nothing of it and kept coloring until all of the sudden I froze at the sound of a loud bang!


IVY MADE HER way down to a conference room that she was meeting with the next patients’ parents. She could see through glass that the parents and their little were already seated with as she her colleague seemed to have arrived at the same time. The twenty-five-year-old little was dealing with something that didn’t compute with the adorable onesie and diaper she was wearing.

She was pregnant… though her ‘parents’ didn’t know anything about it yet. They had just brought her in because she was nauseous all the time. ‘Oh boy, this is always a fun one,’ she thought to herself. If Holly could get pregnant, she’d probably have her on an implanted birth control just to be safe. It was the main reason that Ivy had frozen her body in a prepubescent state at the same age of eighteen months... that and to avoid other hormonal issues and periods.

Because this could be a very delicate issue with a parent and a little, she had gotten the joys of dealing with the situation as the department head. Ivy walked into the room and nodded at her colleague who was an obstetrics specialist holding the door open for her. “Hi Fred,” she said.

“Good to see you Ivy,” he said. They both sat down and she looked at her patient's family. The patient was sitting there diapered in a onesie being cuddled by her mother.

“Good afternoon,” she told the parents. “I know you were worried about Natalie here being seriously ill… but there’s nothing wrong per se about her.”

“Then why is she getting sick?” Her mom asked and cuddled her tightly.

“Well… let me ask first, has she been hanging out with any boys at daycare or the park or something?”

The lady’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah, my friends baby Caleb and her play all the time at each other’s houses.”

Ivy looked at Natalie, “Well… there’s no easy way to tell you this, but Natalie is pregnant.”

“WHAT?!??!?!?” The mom said and looked down at her and back. “She’s a baby!!! She can’t have a baby! It’s not possible! She doesn’t even know how to have sex?!?”

Ivy watched as the mom then asked if Caleb or someone else forced her to have sex. “Mommy... I’m sorry, Caleb and I love each other! It was only one time!” The lisp from her toothless face belied the seriousness of her condition.

Somehow Ivy doubted that it had been one time, but she chose to sit this one out. When the parents finally had some of the steam out of her system she spoke back up. “I asked Dr. Westerfield to be here today because he’s one of the best obstetrics doctors I know of. I can continue to see Natalie to some extent, but I think it would be better if we handed her care over to him.”

“To an adult doctor?!?”

“I promise I would treat her with every bit of care as I do my own two little girls,” he reassured the parents.

“So, what now…?”

This was the other thing that was always tough when this situation happened. Amazon parents who couldn’t birth their own children, didn’t have a clue how to deal with the birth of one of their littles babies. She personally would have hoped this would be a case of setting the littles free, but she knew with these parents that certainly wouldn’t happen. The little girl might be allowed to breastfeed her own baby for a year, but she’d probably still be in her diapers and breastfeeding and eating baby food from her own mommy the whole time. Fred would have a hell of a time getting the parents to feed her proper nutrition so that the baby grew correctly…

She was just leaving the conference room to go to the next patient when she heard alarm klaxons began to scream!


I LOOKED UP in shock at the sight around me. Seth and Catalina both had what looked like MP5 submachine guns that they were swinging around the room. I saw that the three nannies in charge of the room were all down on the ground, not moving or making any noise, while the two of them pointed at us to move next to the bookshelf area. “Get over there!” He screamed. The littles that had any sense left moved themselves and the genuine babies over as quickly as they could. I didn’t move with them though, instead I moved to the nearest of the nanny’s. Seeing a set of three bullet holes through her head I knew that she was dead.

I checked the next one just as Seth screamed, “You stupid bitch! Move with the rest of the damn babies!” He came and ratcheted a round in the chamber for effect.

“I’m a doctor,” I told him, “just let me make sure I can’t do anything for them…” I told him.

“No, you’re not, you’ve been here shitting all over the playground just like all of the other brain-fucked littles!” Catalina screamed at me.

“Yes, I am… I hate this shit, but I got sold a bill of goods from my dimension.” I told him and moved over to the last amazon. She too was dead. “Well I hope you’re happy,” I told him, “they’re all definitely dead.”

“Don’t care, the only good giant is a dead one!” Seth said to me, “Now go back with the rest of the diaper shitting crew over there.”

I nodded and sighed as I walked over and sat down next to the others just as an alarm klaxon began to go off in the building. “Armed intruders in building! Lockdown! Lockdown!” A woman’s voice repeated the line six times before leaving just the alarm and a flashing light in the corner.

I wished I could say the nannies were my first gunshot victims to see, but they weren’t. I would probably shake later about all of this, but for now my surgeon's mask of a face was under control. The two of them were soon joined by another ten other littles all wearing body armor and carrying heavier weapons. One looked like he carried a heavy-duty machine gun like an M60, while the other nine carried a mix of MP5s and M16s.

‘Who the hell are these guys?’ I asked myself. All of the littles beside the two who had been inside were wearing thin ski mask coverings over their heads.

“Where’s the hostage?” One of the newcomers asked ‘Seth.’

“She should be in the newborn room I think…” he responded. “What about the robos?”

“Disabled, and jammer is activated in case they try to bring more. Let’s go get her out of there, she’s been here long enough. Two, five, nine, stay here and cover this room.”

“Yes sir,” I watched three of the members move to watch a combination of the entrances to the room and facing us.

I sat down in front of the rest of the group ‘of… what?’ I asked myself, ‘Babies? Hostages?’ Hostages were probably right and I nervously felt my watch on my wrist. I had been wearing it for a few months now and would forget about it when I wasn’t playing with it. Being able to know the time in daycare had been particularly helpful to pace my frustrations, but I rarely thought about it most of the time. As I sat there, I remembered the emergency functions it had and decided to risk using them.


IVY FELT HER phone ring just as she was about to try and force her way to the floor with the daycare to find Holly. She was about to say something to her on the phone when the video panned to show… armed littles?!?!?

She gasped but kept quiet as she heard Holly’s voice ask them, “So what’s going on? Why are there twelve of you? Are you here to kill us? Spring us?”

One of the gunmen came over to her and said, “Just shut up bitch. It’s your own damn fault that you’re a diaper shitting, pathetic excuse for a little! We’re going to get done with what we came for, and then you can go back to your mommy and be a good baby sucking on her titty.”

Ivy gasped at that statement and was relieved the view showed him walking away. Just as she was about to try and figure out what to say to Holly, she must have ended the call.

“I have to call the police!” She thought and dialed the emergency services number.

An operator's face filled her screen, “What’s your emergency?”

“My name is Doctor Ivy Nickerson; my little girl is in the daycare downstairs at the hospital and just contacted me. There are little extremists that have stormed the daycare…”


I HEARD MORE screaming, and more gunshots, a loud thump, more gunshots, and then watched as all of the armed littles pushed their way back inside our room and fired off some shots to cover themselves. One was holding their arm in a way that told me it was probably broken, while two of them team-carried another little, and lay her on the floor a little way away from us.

I watched them all talk and argue. The one who had been in the daycare called ‘Seth’ seemed to be talking to the masked leader of the group, and deciding what to do.

“She’s gone man,” the leader said to Seth.

“There’s no fucking way! She was the strongest of all of us!”

“Why don’t we have Doc over there take a look at her?” The leader suggested.

“That diaper shitting failure?” Catalina said.

“She seemed to be pretty with it,” the leader said.

“I watched her shit herself and cover the entire slide in shit last week! There’s no way she’s not regressed!” Catalina said.

“Only one way to find out…” he said and moved towards me. He motioned to me with the gun, “Are you really still all there?”

“Except my damn potty training,” I told him. I added the expletive intentionally since I’d yet to see a regressed little cuss. These ‘free’ littles seemed to use expletives every other word.

“Sounds pretty damn with it to me!” One of the men watching the door said.

“Come look at her!” he ordered me and I walked over to the girl.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Examine her or something?”

“Depending on what they’ve done there’s no physical evidence,” I told him.

“Just check anyway!” He ordered impatiently.

I nodded and said, “Hi, how are you?” to the girl laying there. She was only dressed in a onesie and a diaper, so most of her skin was visible already. I started with her head and tried to get her to track my finger with her eyes. “You have a flashlight by chance?” I asked.


“You want me to check her out or not?” I responded.

“Here!” one of the masked littles tossed me a small penlight that I miraculously caught and turned on.

“Thanks,” I told him and proceeded to check her eyes out. They dilated fine, but getting her to follow the light wasn’t happening. I told her, “Can you open your mouth?” and got no response. I ended up using my thumb on her jaw and found the toothless gums I expected. They had put the gum implants in to keep her face shape, but there was no solid food in this poor girl’s future without more surgery.

I moved on and continued examining her. Without any real diagnostic tools, I was limited, but I found scarring on her wrists, her legs, and when I undid the onesie also on her stomach and under her breasts. ‘What a shitty surgeon…’ I thought to myself thinking that there was no reason to have this much scarring in this dimension. I looked up at the guy Seth had been talking to. “What do you want to know?”

“Is she recoverable? How much did they do to her?”

I looked up at him, “I just arrived in this dimension a few months ago, so I can’t say I know everything they do… I also can’t tell you what psychological triggers they’ve used…”

“Just get on with it!” the man seethed.

“Obvious things I can see - they took her teeth… It looks like they performed a surgery to sever the ligaments that would allow her to walk or crawl… and not knowing her medical history…”


“Do you know if she ever had a c-section?”

“She hadn’t,” the man told me.

‘It’s obvious this guy knew her… he was getting pretty pissed off with everything I said.’

I sighed, “I’m guessing they performed a hysterectomy and a breast reduction surgery.” I said as I snapped her onesie back closed over her wet diaper. The girl cooed nonsensically then and I squeezed her hand gently.

“Can any of it be reversed?”

“If you have the right person programming the nanites you can mostly fix the ligament damage. Teeth can be fixed by removing the gum implant, and putting dental implants in… My ‘cousins’ had theirs reversed when their captor decided she wanted to mess with baby food less…”

“The other parts?”

“I don’t know that there’s anything that can undo what they did to her reproductive organs. I also don’t know what they did to her mentally… She's not tracking the light as I checked her. I would label her condition as a vegetative state in a hospital back home.”

“BASTARD!!!!!!!!” He screamed.

I felt some urine leak into my diaper right then and wondered just what their end game was when I heard more shots open up from the doorway. “They’re coming!” one of them shouted.

The leader shoved me back towards everyone else and found myself getting as low to the ground as I could as bullets kept flying around!

Right then I saw Emma, the little girl who got all of my shit on her last week, standing up! I ran to her and tackled her to the ground. Unfortunately, I was a moment too late and she began wailing in pain from a bullet hole in her shoulder!


IVY HURRIED DOWN towards the daycare and could hear the gunfire open up as she closed in. A police officer stopped her, “Ma’am you can’t go in there!”

“My daughter is in there!”

“We can’t let you go in ma’am, please go back down the hallway!”

She heard a voice say, “We have six officers down!!! We’re bringing them out and pulling back!!!!”

Ivy hadn’t moved still and soon saw the men coming out. Four of their wounds were instantaneously fatal, but two were moaning and losing a lot of blood. She helped for a moment to get pressure on the wounds and triage each of the patients. Twelve nurses joined her along with a half dozen other doctors. She figured only a couple moments had elapsed and she hoped they’d be able to save them all, then made her way back to the command area.

“Jonah!!!!” she said. Her brother stood in the center of a makeshift command area. He was dressed in his tactical armor and she was both elated and scared that he was here.

“Ah shit… Ivy, don’t tell me that Holly is in there?”

Ivy’s surgeon face stayed stoic, but she wanted to just collapse into her little brother’s arms and cry. She just nodded, not trusting herself to answer.

“Damnit, I’m sorry Ivy. Which age group room is she in?”

“The…” She swallowed, “The toddler’s room… where the attackers are.”

“How do you know…? Look Ivy you can’t be here…”

“Jonah, I have information you need though!” she told him.

“What information?!?” he said tersely.

“Count of attackers useful?”

“What? How do you have that?” He asked her.

“I bought Holly one of those LittleProtect watches. She called me on it and let me know how many attackers there were before she turned it off.”

“Sir if she has one of those, we can activate the camera without activating the screen and watch with it!” another officer dressed in tactical gear too said. “That’ll help until we can get the daycare camera feed up too.”

“Can you do that?” He asked Ivy.

She opened her phone and pulled up the app and set it to show the camera without showing the screen. A little blood blocked part of the camera, but you could hear Holly shouting.

“You goddamned idiots!!!! Shooting around real babies!!!!” She heard her Holly call out. “Bring me two of those diapers!” She called out and she could see someone bring two large diapers into view. “You! Do you still have any brains left?” She called out to another little who nodded. “Come put pressure on this wound,” she said as she applied the diaper to try and stem the bleeding.

“Why’s she using a diaper?” One of them asked.

“That’s probably the best thing she has available. She doesn't have access to a trauma kit, the kind of gauze she needs to pack the wound temporarily isn’t something you find in a daycare nursery either.” Ivy told him.

“Does she know what she’s doing?” Another officer asked.

“She was a damn good surgeon in her home dimension… so yes she does. Problem is going to be with that wound, she needs blood and some other supplies… and quick!”

“Press on that as hard as you can!!!” she heard Holly tell the little as she stood up and walked to someone away from the wounded toddler who was screaming her head off.

The view was hard to make anything out as the little girl walked up to someone and said in a very calm voice, “You either have to let me take this baby out of here or you need to get me some supplies. I can take care of that member of your team's arm and leg then too. But if you do nothing, you’re condemning an innocent child to death.”


I STARED AT the leader of the group for several long moments. “They haven’t had time to break you apparently… I can’t let you go, you’re a hostage at this point.”

My gaze went deeper into the man’s skull, “Then get me a trauma surgical kit, and twelve units of universal blood…” I gave him a list.

I was pretty sure by now Ivy had been smart enough to activate the spy camera feature of the damn watch. I had been annoyed when I learned of the feature, but in this case, it could save some lives. Hopefully she was marking the items down and getting them down to us.

“I don’t…”

“Look you jackass, I’m not sure who this girl was that she was worth breaking into a hospital and shooting people - and I don’t quite frankly give a shit! What I do know is I’m a doctor and I’m sure as hell not going to have a little girl die because of an asshole like you. Get me those supplies or let me leave with her!”

Just then a video screen turned on a wall. “My name is Captain Nickerson of the police; I would like to speak please with whoever is the leader in there.”


IVY WROTE DOWN the items as quickly as Holly called them out and was in the midst of getting triple what she asked for. “Do we have any gloves in little size?” she asked one of the people she was talking to.

“Why would we need that?”

“She’s going to be doing surgery, that’s why!”

“Let me look…”

While they were gathering a small stretcher, supplies, and everything else she kept one ear open to the negotiations going on with the terrorists.

“We demand that we have a clear path outside and a vehicle fitting with hand controls available…”

‘Sounds like a damn movie,’ she grumbled. ‘What the hell was this about?’ She’d had to leave her phone with the police trying to plan a tactical incursion inside so she couldn’t keep as close of an eye on Holly. She thought she caught everything was about one little girl…

“Here you go Doctor Nickerson!” Mace ran up pushing the supplies and cart down to her attached to the smallest gurney they had. A step stool was also present there to help Holly reach if need be.

“Thanks Mace,” she told her.

“My baby… she’s still in there!” she called out.

“She’s in a room that they haven’t messed with,” Ivy told her quietly. “They’re going to try and get her room, the preschool room, and the infants room evacuated.”

“What about Holly?” She asked, now knowing why Ivy was worried.

“She needs this stuff to save a toddler’s life. I’ve got to go,” she told her and pushed everything forward. “We have everything she needs; can we get it to her somehow?”

An officer next to Jonah told her, “He’s working on it.”


“SEND THE SUPPLIES down to us by pushing it and leaving it. We will grab it once the hallway is clear. If anyone comes down the hallway armed, we will shoot hostages!”

“Absolutely, we’ll send someone in!”

“No cops!”

“We don’t have…”

“I’ll go,” Holly heard Ivy’s voice.

“Ma’am we can’t…” someone argued.

“She’s not a cop,” I told the person. “Please let her get me this. I have maybe five more minutes to stabilize the girl. She’s been bleeding too long already!” I told him as I heard her begin to cry less.

“Fine, send the doctor!”

I waited at the door as two of their men went outside with genuine toddlers clutched with the barrels to their heads. ‘I can’t believe this is really happening!’ I thought to myself. ‘Who was that girl?’ I thought to myself looking at the brain-dead little laying there. I heard a little bit of shouting and soon everyone was back inside the room and I noticed one of them began covering any cameras they could see. As soon as I had the supplies and stretcher I got to work. “Help me get her on this stretcher!” I yelled at the few competent littles who helped me. I used the straps to secure her and immediately gloved up and got an IV going into her.

I looked around and saw a full nanite set there. I wished that I had more time to learn how to do more than read about them in books. I climbed onto the stool they’d given me and chose to move to work on her the old-fashioned way. After quickly sedating her, I got to work on digging the bullet out. The poor girl was going to need some serious reconstructive surgery on her shoulder blade, but after an hour of working on my own, then another twenty using nanites, I managed to stabilize her.

“That was incredible,” one of the other hostage littles told me. “I had no idea we could do things like that…”

“We still need to get her somewhere else so they can properly monitor,” I told the leader as I pulled the gloves off. I looked at my clothes and noticed my diaper was leaking down my legs.

“I’m not letting her go, she’s one of our only ways out of here.” He told me.

“Look, she’s stable, but she still needs some more care. If you’re wanting shields as you leave, a baby in a stretcher is not what you’re going to want, is it?” I asked him.

“You’re some kind of helper spy, aren’t you?!?” He asked angrily and pointed his gun at me.

“Helper?” I asked.

“She doesn’t even know what a helper is?” One of the other masked men laughed.

“No, I don’t. I’m still new to this goddamned insane dimension!” I seethed at him. “If saving someone’s life means I’m a helper then fine, I am one. All I give a damn about is the oath I swore as a doctor!” I looked at the one terrorist who was still in agony with a broken arm. “How about this, I’ll fix your friend up over there and you let her go?”

“How about you help him or I shoot you?” He asked back.

“You know as well as I do what my hopes in life are now that I’ve been adopted. Do you really think a bullet scares me that damn much?” I asked him as I walked up to him and he placed the gun to my forehead.



End Chapter 21

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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