Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 9

THE NEXT THING I knew I realized I was somehow in my bed and needed to pee really badly! I slid out from the bed and hurried to the bathroom where I found my potty sitting. I had just pulled down the training panties and sat down when I started peeing nearly out of control.

‘That was close…’ I said to myself, ‘Good thing I went before we left the restaurant, I wonder how long I was out?’

I had just stood up when Ivy walked in, “Did you make it alright?”

“Yes, but I needed to go really bad when I woke up. How long was I asleep for?”

“Not too long, it’s still a couple hours until dinner time.”

“You carried me in from the car?” I blushed nervously.

“Out like a light!” She told me as she closely watched me pull the Pull-Up back onto my waist. I knew she was looking for the symbols that were thankfully still on them. “Why don’t you put on one of your new outfits?” she suggested to me.

“Okay…” I said thinking, “then can we maybe see if my laptop still works in this dimension? Umm… dumb question… do you even have Wi-Fi?”

“Sure! I even made sure to buy a wireless router that should work with your computer,” she told me with a smile.

“Thanks!” I said and followed her to my room. She had managed to launder and hang up all of my new clothes in there without me waking up. ‘How did I not wake up?’ I wondered.

“How about this outfit?” she suggested to me holding up a red shirt, and what looked like a blue skirt with a multicolor confetti pattern on it.

I shrugged, “sure, to be honest I have no clue about girls’ outfits… so I guess feel free to pick.”

I swore at that moment I was talking to one of those little girls in the restaurant playground for a moment as her eyes lit up with delight. “Here then,” she told me. “Oh, and let’s grab…” she said before pulling out, “one of your new panties!”

I didn’t know whether to smile or not on that one, but at least the panties were real underwear. I stayed silently pissed off about the fact she’d changed my gender making panties my new underwear of ‘choice.’ Deciding to keep the peace with the giant who would be able to do anything she wanted to me - and get away with it - I pulled down the diaper cover and Pull-Up. Standing there naked I grabbed the panties from her and pulled them up.

It felt so good to pull on something thinner than the fake underwear! The panty fit snuggly, and as odd as it was versus normal male underwear, I was just happy to be in something other than a glorified diaper! I remembered the dress I had on just pulled over my head, so I pulled it off like a shirt and took the new top from Ivy. The shirt was immediately weird to me as I pulled it on, readily apparent that it definitely was not a simple boy's shirt. The sleeves weren’t really ‘sleeves,’ instead they were just little pieces of ruffled fabric extending just past my shoulder blades. The shirt had a band of elastic that tightened it just slightly right below my non-existent breast line before flaring it outwards a little.

As she handed me the skirt, I discovered it wasn’t a regular open skirt like I expected. “What is this?” I asked as I looked at it. There was a pair of built-in panties inside the garment.

“It’s a scooter,” she told me as I pulled it up, “it’s got the extra shorts in there to keep little girls modest.”

“Oh…” I said, “probably not a bad thing for me either,” I smiled.

She laughed, “probably not, you’ve flashed your bloomers at me a lot today!” She handed me a pair of white lacy socks that I pulled on. The lace was hung down over the white sock and I couldn’t help but think this was about as girly as I could be dressed. After I stood up, she looked at me, “You look so adorable! Do you mind if I take a picture with my phone?”

I shrugged, “I guess not.”

“Say cheese!” she said as I stood with my hands at my side and smiled at her the best I could. She took a few and then sat down bringing me into her lap, “Selfie time!” She took a few selfies of us before showing me the photos, “You’re not smiling!”


With that she began tickling me without warning until I was forced to have a grin. Still out of breath she took several more selfies with my forced laughter on my face.

“That was mean!” I told her, out of breath. She squeezed me in a hug lightly though while I continued to stare at myself. “I don’t look like myself at all.”

“Well you do in your face still,” she told me. She sighed, “You look like you’re a blend of the old you and me to make you look like my daughter,” she told me.

As I looked at myself, I admitted that was the truth, “So I’m my own father?” I asked awkwardly.

She laughed nervously and changed the subject, “Where’s your computer? We’ll get it connected with the Wi-Fi. I also put in an adapter surge protector over there,” she told me, pointing to my desk from the other dimension that she had set up in a corner of the giant room.

I walked to my backpack and pulled out my laptop and power cord before walking to my desk and chair. Both seemed bigger to me now. While they had shrunk some when they came through the dimension, they definitely hadn’t shrunk as much as I had. I seemed like a kid even compared to them, but at least it was better than feeling like an infant compared to the Amazonian furniture!

I plugged my cord into the power strip she pointed out, finding myself grateful that there was something that would fit the plug. “Do objects shrink at a defined rate coming through?” I asked her wondering how the strip would be the right size for my cord.

“Inorganic objects have some constant shrinking rates. Electronics shrink ten percent, so it’s enabled power strips to be used for things like this without custom builds every time,” she told me.

“What about me? What’s the normal rate of a person?”

“There is no normal for some reason with living organic objects. The average is probably around twenty percent from what I understand, but occasionally someone can grow instead. That is a huge range all the way to I know of one case where they shrank fifty percent.” She looked like she was thinking something before saying, “You shrank twenty-five percent.”

“I wonder why that happens?”

“Scientists think it’s something to do with how living organic matter, versus inorganic or dead matter, interacts with the quantum energy field. It’s an active research topic that will probably make someone very rich someday!”

My computer screen lit up and I logged into an account with the password I had setup for specific uses like this. I opened my Wi-Fi connection and found just one wireless popping up, NanoH was the name. “This one it?”

“Yes,” she said and typed in the password.

I pressed enter and knew I would have to go back to my keylogging software to snag it. I’d have to put the router in on my actual account since this one was under a special sandboxed account. She didn’t need to know that though!

I opened my internet browser and asked, “what search engines work here?”

Over the next twenty minutes she showed me how to use a few of their native search engines that were like Google and Bing. She also showed me how I could make a connection via a bridge to my dimension's internet before she said, “I’m going to go work on getting dinner ready.”

“Okay,” I told her.

Once she left and I heard pots clanging I picked up my laptop and sat down with my back against the wall next to my desk. I looked around the room and spotted at least two hidden nanny cameras, so I thought the smart thing would be to at least cover what I was doing from cameras. ‘I don’t think she can have one behind me over there,’ I thought to myself.

I had to rearrange myself a second later as even though I knew that the ‘scooter’ covered my panties, I still needed to not flash them at every opportunity. The garment was pretty short though, so that wasn’t easy! A moment later I was sitting crisscrossed with my back to the wall, and found her password in my software log.

‘BabyHollyABC123’ made my blood turn to ice.

‘I’m screwed…’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘I wonder why she even bought these panties for me?’

I shook my head and logged into my actual account and activated the Wi-Fi for that account. I decided to search around and see what more information I could learn about. I had just come across some website for littles with information on ‘avoiding slavery’ when I was presented with a warning, ‘You Are Being Warned/Blocked from Visiting this Site due to Inappropriate Adult Content.’

‘Great…’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m sure this is like some NetNanny thing… I wonder if I can log into that…’

I spent the next hour hacking my way into her controls. Fortunately she used the same password for the software, and I could soon see that was correct that it logged items deemed ‘inappropriate.’ I cleared the viewed items since she wouldn’t have gotten any alerts yet from what I could tell. Once done, I visited enough sites to make it seem like I had a full history on the system. I logged out of everything and was just looking at a news article. It was from their dimension about a foreign country who somehow gave even less rights to their littles than where I was now at. She came in shortly later as I could smell the scents of dinner wafting into the room.

“Holly, what are you doing on the ground?”

I shrugged, “For some reason I’ve always kind of preferred to sit on the ground sometimes?”

“Weird,” she smiled at me, “Dinner’s ready,” she told me. “Why don’t you go potty and then I’ll help you wash your hands?”

I nodded, logging out and closing the computer before I reached up to put it on my desk. She followed me to the bathroom where I pulled down the scooter and my panties and sat down on the potty. I turned red as she watched me and I still wasn’t used to the new parts. She handed me some tissue, “Wipe from front to back and dry your vagina,” she reminded me.

I turned redder but followed her directions, glad that she was letting me do it myself at least! I put the wet tissue into the potty and pulled my panties and scooter back up. Ivy dumped it all in the toilet and flushed it before picking me up to help me reach the sink and wash my hands. She kept washing my hand with hers it seemed anytime we did so. She soaped up her hands, and then used her hands to soap mine up, before she rubbed them for a good amount of time. Eventually she rinsed off both of ours at the same time.

She turned me around, so I could sit on the counter with my butt, while she handed me a towel to dry my hands. “All clean, let’s go eat!” she told me with a smile. At the dining table I noticed she’d changed the high chair padding to the pink option I had seen in the store.

‘I guess she decided since I already knew it was her fault…’ I thought. ‘I’m pissed about it, but nothing I can do about it. I guess it doesn’t matter that much, but if I ever go home, I don’t know how I’ll function without my ID matching me. Based on her comment earlier I doubt my DNA would match my old self either…’

I shook it off as she buckled me into the high chair and brought a bib over to me. “Need this?” she asked me.

I looked at the meal of roast beef and mashed potatoes and figured I didn’t, but knowing her plan had to involve getting me to be more and more of a baby like those other littles I shrugged, “Probably not, but whatever...” I sighed as she came up to me.

She was smiling as she velcroed the bib around my neck. I looked down and saw this bib went down to just past my waist with a little pocket at the bottom to catch missed food. It featured large butterflies outlined on it in a couple shades of pink and purple that just screamed, ‘it’s a girl!’

She attached the food tray and brought me my new fork with a kids’ plate of food. It was probably covered in too much food still for my small stomach! The colorful plate had three sections, with a bigger section having lots of small pieces of cut up roast beef on it. Mashed potatoes were in another smaller section covered in gravy, and something I couldn’t make out was in the other small section. “What is that?” I asked, pointing towards it.

“Asparagus?” she told me.

I looked at it again and went, “Wow that grows big here… I didn’t even recognize it…” The spears had been cut up for me in length, but they were the width of a fat carrot!

She laughed, “or they just grow small in your dimension like you!”

I shook my head, “I wonder what else is out of proportion even with the difference in sizes?”

We talked as we had dinner. I was happy to see that the fork worked much better than the stupid spork she’d given me before. I alternated with the spoon for the mashed potatoes and felt I was having an almost normal dinner talking with her. I picked her brain with medical science questions in their dimension, and she likewise picked mine. There were actually a few things that we had advanced a bit further than them due to their reliance on nanites. Anti-viral drugs that were just coming on the market back home weren’t a thing in their dimension.

“So, you actually have a somewhat effective treatment for flu?” she asked me.

I shrugged, “Not full proof, but if it’s taken soon enough it definitely diminishes symptoms and shortens infections in most people…”

One of the many areas they were light years ahead of us was in cancer research. Their nanites were capable of seeking out the bad cells and eliminating, or correcting their mutated DNA strands, to make organs function correctly again in minutes without any radiation or chemotherapy.

By the time we finished dinner, I felt like I had completed a semester of an undergraduate course! “How about you go potty and then we’ll watch some TV before we get you a bath?” she suggested.

“A bath?” I asked, “Why not a shower? That’s what I took at home.”

She smiled at me, “Give it a try? Besides, I want to help you wash your hair tonight,” she added.

“I can do that…”

“Have you ever had this long of hair before?” she asked me.

I made a face, “No, I guess not…”

“And remember when I talked about being prepared for inspections?”

I nodded, “They wouldn’t at night, would they?”

She nodded, “They do about seventy percent in the evenings due to work schedules.”

“Oh…” Turning red I finally shrugged, “I think you’ve seen me naked enough, I guess it doesn’t matter.”

She smiled, “I have definitely seen you in your birthday suit and, as my mom says to me, I even changed your diapers!”

I blushed brighter and walked to the bathroom in front of her and sat down on my potty. She did the same on the toilet and I couldn’t help but stare at her very large form above me. Two days ago, I would have probably thought this would be a way to get in her large pants with a relationship of some sort… ‘Instead, she changes my pants…’ I groaned while turning my view to my panties. They were covered in characters and obviously meant for a toddler at best, but at least they were the best alternative there. ‘Can’t believe I’m excited for big girl panties…’ I thought to myself.

I finished and took the paper that Ivy passed me to wipe before standing up and we repeated our now routine of her cleaning out the potty and then washing my hands with hers. Instead of putting me down she carried me to the couch and grabbed a brush on her way. “I’ll get your hair down so we can wash it,” she told me at my quizzical look.

She sat me down on her lap and turned the TV onto a crime drama TV show that reminded me of Criminal Minds. They were investigating the disappearances of five littles, four of whom had been found dead. I was shocked a bit during the parts where they showed the autopsies. The images were impressively gruesome in detail for a TV Show. I had never seen anything like that in anything that was not an R rated movie!

While we watched the episode, she brushed my hair and I quietly paid attention to a lot of the… ‘racist?’ ideas in the show. Littles shown at daycares seemed happy just being babies, everyone was smiling and giggling in those places. The littles who were getting murdered though weren’t ‘adopted,’ and were actually functioning adults with jobs and stable homes. Every time an adult little witness was questioned though, something seemed to go wrong for them. Once in the episode it showed one of them having a small wetting accident when she wasn’t allowed to leave the interrogation room to go to the bathroom while being questioned. I watched as it showed a police officer telling her supervisor she was adopting her and disappeared offscreen with her.

“Wait, what was that?” I asked curiously during the commercial break.

“What was what?” She asked me.

“That adoption part? She was taken away just because she had an accident? She had no way out of that room and that was somehow her fault?”

“Well… yes…”

“Like as in that lady is now her ‘mommy’ and she had no say in it?”

“That’s normally how it works when you adopt a free little,” she told me. “The law states if you find a little that’s not well taken care of, or fails the maturity laws, you may adopt them.”

“What does that mean?”

“Well… making a mess by urinating or defecating on yourself, spilling something on your clothes badly enough, being homeless, having a public tantrum… those are the main ones,” she said.

“And how long…?” I asked nervously.

“Until either the parent believes the little has earned the right to grow up, or they die of old age,” she told me honestly.

My stomach turned to ice at the thought that there might truly be no way out of the trap I was in myself. The show came back on and I watched as the detectives tried to solve the crime and continued investigating. At one point I thought it might have been a little committing the crime, but after the last commercial break of gratuitous diaper and ‘little’ store ads, it turned out it was a ‘betweener.’ He was seven feet tall and unhinged because he had been babied himself for a couple years as a teenager until just before he graduated high school. The mutilations were an attempt to make them more of a baby than him… somehow the fact that there was a line which seemed bad to these people reassured me a little at the end. Unfortunately, while the last victim was spared being mutilated or murdered, the closing scene showed them in the arms of their new ‘mommy’ who adopted her at the hospital.

“Let’s get that bath,” Ivy told me.

She dropped the ribbons and hairbrush off on the kitchen counter on the way by, and carried me to the bathroom. I was just tall enough to see into the tub and watched as she checked the temperature and pulled a stopper close. She added something from a big bottle.

“Bubble bath?” I asked.

“It’s not a bath without it, is it?” she asked me. “I take bubble baths at least a couple times a week,” she added turning a little bit red.

‘Something can embarrass her!’ I mused, but chose not to comment. I looked at how the tub came up to my chest in height, ‘There’s no way without something like a pool ladder that I could get in and out of this on my own…’

“Let’s get those clothes off,” she said to me and had my shirt off without my participation pretty quickly. She reached down and pulled my panties and scooter off in one pull too, along with my socks. I turned red and hated being completely naked in front of someone. Before I could ask for a towel or something to cover up with, she lifted me up and over the edge of the tub and set me down.

I found myself surprised as the water was up to my armpits when she turned off the taps. “I can’t believe how big this bathtub is,” I told her as I extended my legs out in front of me and found the back of the tub to lean against. My feet didn’t even make it a quarter of the way down the tub, and I could probably float on my back if I thought Ivy wouldn’t panic.

She laughed, “It’s a larger Amazon soaking tub, but you’re right - it’s a swimming pool when you’re the size of a baby!”

I blushed, “That’s really weird you know…” I told her.

She smiled at me and was soaping up a large loofa. I looked at her and watched her face turned red, making a face that I was beginning to understand was her nervous one. “Umm… You know how I came clean last night… and mentioned I kind of wanted to have a little.”

I looked at her and tentatively said, “Yes…”

“Well… would you mind if I washed more than just your hair?”

“You mean a beautiful woman wants to take her way with me and my naked body?” She looked confused for a moment before I laughed and said, “Of course this is the only time this would happen to me…” I grumbled.


“Go ahead,” I sighed. ‘Not like I could stop her if I wanted to…’

She was careful about getting herself wet for a moment before I accidentally moved an arm as she pulled away and splashed her. “Holly…” she grumbled.

I looked up and saw her shirt had a big wet spot.

“Sorry,” I told her with a bit of a grin.

She sighed and kept scrubbing me, including having me kneel on my knees for a second so she could clean my rear. I thought she was being a little too thorough though as I was having some rather odd feelings as she finished. Her final step was my toes that she held above the water as she cleaned them with a rag.

“This little piggy went to the market…” she joked as she played with them a second later, “This piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none.

‘What was the point of that rhyme,’ I wondered thinking back to my own mother doing this to me when I was little. ‘What was the last line…?’ I wondered for a half a second before she informed me.

“And this little piggy went ‘wee, wee, wee,’ all the way home!” she giggled as she proceeded to tickle me.

“Stop…” I giggled to her. “Not fair!”

I inadvertently got her wet again and she shrieked, “no water outside the tub!”

“You were tickling me,” I answered back as I got my breathing back under control.

She stuck her tongue out at me, “Let’s get your hair next,” she said to me.

“Okay,” I told her and let her manipulate me to where I was facing the wall with my back to her. My small size meant I still had plenty of room to fully extend my legs out as she worked. I felt a cup of water suddenly go down my head and a very weird feeling as the amount of hair I now had was fully soaked. I noticed how much it weighed then as my head felt like it got heavier.

I felt her let go for a second and turned my head to see her pour in some soap out of a bottle labeled ‘No Tears Baby Shampoo.’ I closed my eyes even with the supposedly tears free formula and sat there as she massaged my hair and scalp for several moments. It felt really good and I almost felt like purring as she gently rubbed my head.

Then she dumped water on my head and I screeched in surprise, “aah!”

“Serves you right you little water monster,” she laughed at me and said, “you don’t have to keep your eyes closed with this stuff you know.”

“Habit,” I said as she dumped another cup of water on my head.

It was several minutes before she pronounced, “Done!”

I opened my eyes and a strand of wet hair blocked my view. I used a hand to push it back to the back side of my ear and huffed a little. “That was weird,” I told her as I turned to face her.

“Bad weird?” she asked nervously.

I shook my head, “No, being naked is worse weird,” I told her.

“Well… I can’t fix that one. There’s no way you’ll be able to avoid that one sweetie,” she said.

I sighed, “I know.”

“Done and ready to get out?” She asked me.

I shrugged, “Okay.”

“Can you pull the stopper for me?” she asked.

I practically swam over to the end and pulled it out for her with some effort. With the weight of the water compared to my size there was a fair amount of suction holding it down!

Once it had drained a bit and I watched the little whirlpool start its spin into the drain she said, “Okay stand up, and let’s get you dry!”

I let her rub the gigantic towel over me before she carried me to the counter where she pulled out what I guessed was a cordless blow-dryer. When she turned it on there was no doubt what it was. I sat there patiently while she ran it through my hair along with a brush for a while. I gripped the towel tightly around me for modesty as she worked and finally turned it off. “Let’s brush your teeth and then we’ll get you in your pajamas,” she told me.

I nodded and accepted the new electronic purple toothbrush with toothpaste on it that she offered me. It fit much better in my small mouth as I turned it on. To my shock it scrubbed everything to a level of polish like I’d been to the dentist. That comforted me some, ‘The last thing I want is for them to say a cavity means we need to just take her teeth…’ I thought darkly. ‘I think I’ve lost enough of my life already with this stupid trip,’ I added to myself.

When I had rinsed my mouth out, she said, “Done?”

I nodded and yawned, suddenly sleepy.

“Let’s get you ready for bed then,” she told me and carried me down the hallway to my bedroom. The changing pad she had been using somehow was already on the bed. Without warning she pulled the towel away and lay me down on it.

“Do I have to wear a diaper?” I asked, embarrassed. “Could I just wear a Pull-Up?”

She shook her head, “Come on now, you already agreed to this and it’s a lot less likely to leak if you start to have problems staying dry at night.”

“But why would I? I haven’t had an accident at night since I was probably three or four?”

“Remember this dimension is different, I don’t know if it’s something about solar radiation or something, but most littles who are from your dimension start to have problems in the first few nights.”

“That’s weird…” I said.

“Yes, it is, but humor me? If you stay dry at night for the next week you can wear your big girl panties to bed.”

“I get to wear them tomorrow morning no matter what though, right?” I asked.

“As long as you don’t have your three strikes in one week, while you’re awake that’s what you’ll wear. I promised you that.”

I sighed and let her grab my ankles with one hand. Having worked in pediatrics I had patiently watched more than one mom or nurse change a diaper, and I couldn’t believe that I was small enough compared to her to be manhandled in the same way. She lifted my butt off the pad and placed a diaper underneath. “I’m going to put some powder on you to help keep you from chaffing,” she told me as she sprinkled a bottle over my groin. As she rubbed it in it felt really good… almost oddly good. It wasn’t a sexual feeling, but it seemed like it was something almost as intense. My legs were brought up in the air again as she dusted my butt cheeks and made sure they were covered too.

The right and left tape were closed and she said, “Done.”

I grimaced but looked down at the object that seemed to damn me to being the baby she had made me look like. ‘I just don’t get why she’s even pretending to let me be a big girl if she’s just going to get me back into these as soon as she can…’

“Would you like a footie pajama, nightgown, or this shortie set?” she asked me a second later.

The footie pajamas stirred a feeling of memories in my head and a longing to wear them again. I remembered when I was little, I was so disappointed when my mom told me you couldn’t get them in my size as I got bigger. Later on, they became normal for teenage girls, but I had never managed to build the courage to order a set for my adult self. This set was pink with blue and purple hearts scattered all over the fabric.

“Footie?” I suggested tentatively.

Her smile grew even bigger and after she sat the others down, she brought them over. “Oh… I didn’t realize this was like this.”

“Like what?” I asked.

She pointed to a flap and the zipper that crossed from the collar down to the right foot. “You may need my help here…”

I just nodded as she undid it and said, “feet in here… and now arms…” leaving me in the pajamas with the front door wide open. She reached down and grabbed the zipper at my foot and brought it up to my collar. A little piece of fabric was then snapped over the top of it. “Let me pull your hair back,” she said and tied a scrunchie to the back of my hair in what I would one day learn was a low side ponytail. My hair came across my front shoulder a little and I reached up to play with it a little.

“Ready for bed then?” She asked me.

I nodded, “Yeah, just so I know what time is it?” I paused, “I didn’t see a clock in this room or in any other actually.”

“You’re right… never really thought to buy one since I look at my watch or phone for that.” She looked thoughtful, “It’s 2800 hours,” she told me. “Past time for most littles to be asleep,” she added.

“What time do you usually go to sleep?” I asked as she pulled the covers of my bed up to my chin.

“Most Amazons stay up until 3000 or 3100,” she told me.


“Enough questions,” she said laughing, “you’ll still be here in the morning to ask them. Get some sleep.”

“Okay,” I said and rolled over. I played with my hair for a few minutes after she left and turned off the light before falling asleep like she said.


‘HOLLY WAS SO adorable in that sleeper!’ Ivy cooed to herself as she got a glass of water.

She walked to her room and snagged a nightgown before going into Holly’s nursery to pump some more. She sighed with relief as she did so, as it was so needed! She’d managed before Holly woke up that morning, and again while she napped, but her boobs demanded more frequent relief than that!

‘I don’t know that her stomach would be up to that though,’ Ivy admitted to herself. Even at dinner she hadn't eaten all of the food she’d been given. She could tell that Holly was more than full, so it was a matter she figured of discovering the right portions of food for her new daughter.

As she placed the bags she’d filled in the fridge, she made sure to keep track of the ones from the previous night so she’d use them the next day. ‘Holly needs her mother’s milk as soon as I can convince her to go along with it!’

Thanks so much for reading my tale! I'll post some additional chapters on Sunday. In the meantime please leave me a comment - especially if this is your first time reading Holly's tale here! 



End Chapter 9

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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