Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 7

I SIGHED AND fidgeted with my fingers and legs a bit since I couldn’t move much in the car seat. When we finally reached her house, I sat patiently she backed into the garage, before she opened her door and came over for me.

“Well, so… how was your first day in this dimension?” she asked me as she picked me up out of the seat.

“Honestly? Terrifying…”

She squeezed me into a hug, “I am sorry about that,” she told me before carrying me inside the house and setting me down on the kitchen floor.

I followed her as she sat the diaper bag down on a counter in the kitchen, before she continued to walk into the living room. “Why don’t we have a chat?” She suggested. I looked up at where she had a seat on the couch and took a bit of a hop up to pull myself to the top of the couch and planted myself cross legged a few feet from her. I blushed as I realized the dress definitely exposed the bloomers and tried to smooth the skirt back down. ‘I wonder if that will become normal…?’

As I looked up into her face, I couldn’t help but be aware of the discrepancy in our sizes. There was no doubt in my mind that she was physically able to do whatever she wanted with me. Clearly it was a normal and acceptable behavior from her kind to treat us ‘littles’ like babies instead of adults. It definitely wasn’t an outlier event like I’d been told back at Portal Relocations - everything I had seen that day made that point very clear! What I couldn’t quite figure out, were her motives and her ultimate goals. Well… maybe her ultimate goals weren’t so hard to figure out. The diaper bag and the high chair in the house were obviously bought before she found out my height.

“What are you thinking?” She asked me.

I sighed, “Trying to figure out what you’re really doing with me… I’m guessing there’s no way I’ll be working at the hospital like this?”

She grimaced… “It’s going to be complicated,” she told me.

“How complicated? All I’ve seen with adults my size is one after another being abused as surrogate babies today?” I felt a tear from my eye, “I really am the biggest idiot on the planet for coming here…”

I watched her stop herself from reaching out to me, “No you’re not,” she said.

“How? I threw away a career and a good life… What’s here for me?”

She looked taken aback further as more tears fell silently down my face, “Me?” She said softly.

I looked at her and noticed her own tears. She reached tentatively for me and sat me into her lap gently facing her.

“Look Ho… Nick…” she paused, “I’m sorry that this has been the day it has. I was hoping we’d be able to go through and have a few days before the realities of this world came crashing down on you…”

I grimaced and shook my head, “You didn’t exactly allow for that by taking me outside the house?”

She shook her head, “No, part of it is a certain blindness to how my kind acts…” She sighed, “Look, I’m not going to lie and say that I didn’t invite you here without any intentions of being able to maybe have a relationship with a ‘little.’” She paused, “But I also need you to understand the way things work in this world and that I don’t want you to regret your trip… or hate me.”

I looked at her skeptically. She’d been lying to me and maybe this was my chance to get the truth, “I’ll give you a chance, but let’s get the record straight now though. You chose the modifications to make me into a girl, didn’t you?”

She looked at me in shock, but nodded, “I’m sorry I did.”

“Why?” I asked.

She sighed, “For that I need to really give you the full truth… I told you earlier about the reproduction problems we have?” I nodded, “Well I’m one of the sixty percent who can’t have babies.”

“Why not just adopt…?” I asked.

“Adopt who?”

“An unwanted baby?” I suggested.

She laughed, “There’s no such thing here in this dimension. Those lucky enough to have babies always keep them, cherish them, and raise them. The government even provides subsidies for mothers to help out with the few natural births that occur.”

“What about teen pregnancy?” I asked curiously.

“Not a thing here like I’ve heard it is in your dimension as much. Parents tend to keep their teenage daughters on a pretty tight leash. The few too young teens that get pregnant often end up back in diapers after delivery and end up being re-raised due to their immaturity…”

“Re-raised?” I asked.

“I want to get back on topic here… but some are raised from the beginning again themselves in their current size, or even shrunk to baby size if their parents are wealthy enough.”


I was going to ask but she said, “Let me continue?” I nodded impatiently. “With no real babies to adopt, there really is no other option for my species than to adopt littles.”

“Why do you have to do so?” I asked, “I mean in my dimension there are lots of people who go their lives without having children?”

She grimaced, “Contrary to what our bodies want to do, those of us who can’t have kids have this… super mothering compulsion?”

“Super mothering compulsion?”

“It’s like you have to have a baby to take care of yourself…?” she looked pained as she thought about it, “Just having you sitting in my lap right now is making me the most content I’ve been in years? I don’t know that I can explain it any more than that.”

“So, is this a psychological or a physical issue?” I asked clinically.

“Both,” she said sadly, “It manifests it both in behavior and in body functions… Hard to explain though.”

“Huh,” I said thoughtfully.

“So, it’s a pretty big issue,” she said, “and there’s really only a few ways to take care of getting a little.”

“Kidnapping one off of the street I guess was one?” I asked her. “That’s what had happened to a couple of them today?”

She nodded, “It’s less common now though, since there are fewer and fewer free littles for one to grab.”

“I’m guessing from an article I read back home there are some sort of orphanages that you also can adopt from?”

She grimaced at that one, “That’s the worst way in my opinion,” she said.

“How so?”

“Those littles are altered through surgery, nanites, and other ways to be the best most compliant littles they can be for their new mothers.”

“I take it they’re not gentle with them?” I saw her arterial vein on her neck throb a bit with her anger.

“No… I’ve had to clean up more than a few messes from them at the hospital,” she said.

“And the last is to find some sucker that will agree to come here from my dimension?”

She looked pained, but said, “To a degree that’s correct…”

“And in my case?”

She sighed and blinked away some tears, “I guess my mom was right, I should have just thrown you into the deep end, diapered, put you in a crib, and generally just babied you… but I can’t do that to you.”


She smirked, “Well, definitely could, nothing’s stopping me. Certainly nothing you can do.”

“What about the contract I have with Portal Relocations?”

“The one that says I determine if you’re an adult and capable of using that clause to come home?”

“That’s probably why she kept it out of my hands after that…” I moaned, “I’ll be honest towards the end I worried about fine print but I’d been signing and initially so much after one-hundred pages I got sloppy for a few pages… She claimed she’d get me a hard copy but didn’t give it to me until I was already there to leave.”

“Normal,” she told me, “otherwise smart people like you wouldn’t come…”

I sighed, “So what happens now?”

“Good question,” she told me to my surprise.

“You don’t know?” I asked.

“I know what I want to do, I know what my heart wants me to do, and I know what I think is right…”


“So, first of all let’s be honest here, you are my adopted daughter legally as of now. I am your mother and have all rights to decide what you do…”


“Not fair?” She finished. “No, I admit it’s not, but it’s the way life will be for you now.”

I grimaced, “Okay, so you’re my mommy now… that’s weird, but you’re right, nothing I can do about it I...” I thought, ‘I saw more than enough beatings today to know arguing won’t help…’

She actually smiled as I used that word, “So as a new mommy I have six weeks of paid maternity leave,” she told me, “and... during that time let’s figure out if we can have a good relationship?”

I stared at her for a moment and shrugged, “It’s not like I have much of a choice here.”

She looked at me, “You may not now - but you did before… Why did you come? I mean you’re obviously shocked to see what you’ve seen today, but you clearly weren’t totally surprised by it?”

“There was enough information out there that no… I’m not surprised by it. It was always a possibility after what I’d read… Just more the shock of seeing it… well really the shock of everything today. It’s a wonder I haven’t lost it completely…” I admitted.

“So, why come here? You yourself said you had a good life?”

“Except it wasn’t a great life. I’ll admit I’ve been lonely… Same as you with your career. You don’t make it as far in medicine as both of us have, without a lot of work. It’s easy to forget to have a relationship while you are still young enough to meet people.”

She nodded, “I do understand that, so…?”

“So, I’ll be honest, with everything going to hell in my world… I took one look at you and thought maybe I’d find someone I could connect with.”

“You came…”

“Because of you, and the obvious care you have for your patients. I came to learn and practice medicine here …” I gave a small smile, “but also something about you fascinated me more than any other woman has… and I guess I gambled.” I paused, “Guess I lost…”

She grimaced at that and shook her head, “Maybe not?”

“I don’t see how this cannot be a loss?”

She looked at me, “Look, I can’t lie to you and say things are going to go according to the plan we might have told you… but I will promise you that I will care for you as my own daughter in every way I can… And if that means maybe letting you be a bit more grown-up than some littles, well I can live with that.”


“So how about this, we use this six-weeks and figure out where our boundaries can be? Maybe you could be willing to try a few things out… and I’ll do my best not to smother you completely?”

“Like what things?” I asked.

“Well for one I’ll let you use your potty as long as you can make it reliably? Let’s say no more than three wet accidents or one poopy one per week?”

I looked at her a little incredulously, “I don’t have accidents?”

“I know you didn’t have them back in your world…” she paused, “Even though we have a hard time believing that - but, I could see by your mattress being clean that you are being honest. That being said, most littles who come through the portal don’t maintain as good of control here?”

“And if I do have those accidents?”

“Then there’s no use pretending that training panties will do any good? As it is, I think any accident will leak badly through that pull-up because it fits you so loosely.”

“So, I’ll…”

“So, at that point it’ll be back to diapers,” she told me. “Tell you what to make it fair I’m not going to count sleeping accidents against you either though.”

“You expect me to wet the bed?” I asked a little incredulously.

“Maybe not, but if you do, I can hardly fault you on something that would be completely normal at your size? No one should ever be punished for bedwetting in my opinion.”

“Okay I guess… deal…” I looked up at her, “What else is expected of me?”

She sighed, “Well we already talked about my name in public… and I’m sure you’ve figured out that the car seats and high chairs are going to be normal. I’ll probably also alternate between using a stroller and maybe a harness or sling to carry you sometimes when we’re out.”

“Probably safer that way,” I admitted, “Every one of you are that crazy about needing a ‘baby?’” I asked.

She nodded, “pretty much, it goes away a bit in intensity after menopause.”

“So… how safe am I from someone picking me up and running off with me?”

“Depending on where you’re at that could vary, but I did have a microchip implanted in you to help identify you as my daughter.”

“Like a dog?” I hissed a little angrily.

She nodded, “Sorry, but it’s the only way to make sure you stay safe if someone takes you to an orphanage or tries to illegally adopt you out. It’s also law that any portal littles have one inserted upon adoption.”

“Where’s it at?”

“The fatty area in your right butt cheek,” she told me. “I made sure they put it in while you were still out earlier. A lot of people wait until you’re conscious so you can be aware of the pain, but I didn’t want to do that to you.”

“Thanks… I think,” I said while rubbing my butt. Not that I could feel it through the diaper cover and the Pull-Up. “What about… what can I do during the day?”

“Well for the next few weeks let’s figure that out. I was honest though that I will be taking you with me to the hospital… Just that I’m planning on leaving you in the daycare while I’m working…”


“It won’t be that bad. You won’t be the only little there… and I’ll make sure that I send some activities for you to do that will keep you busy.”

“I doubt that… but I guess let’s see what your time off brings…” I yawned then.


“Sort of but not… My adrenaline, and flight or fight response is definitely active right now,” I told her honestly, “I’m sure I’ll crash eventually, and hard, but right now I’m pretty alert.”

“I guess if I was confronted by giants and told everything you have, I probably would be the same…” she told me. “How about we get you into a set of pajamas and ready for bed… but sit here on the couch and watch some TV?”

I nodded, “I guess that could work.”

She picked me up and gave me a hug, “I’m sorry I lied to you, but I hope we can make this work Holly.”

I sighed and squeezed my arms back as much as I could, “I hope so too.”

She carried me back to my room and watched as I dug through my belongings and found my toothbrush and toothpaste. The rest of the stuff I had brought to shave and the deodorant didn’t really seem appropriate then. I was sure she wouldn’t want me to smell like a man like the shower gel I had brought and just decided that was enough. “Got your toothbrush?” She asked.

“Yes, could you help me reach the sink?” I asked with my face red as she followed me to the bathroom.

A second later she was holding me to make sure I didn’t fall over as I brushed my teeth over the sink. My toothbrush didn’t feel the same in my smaller mouth and I think she must have figured that out. “That toothbrush too big for you?”

I sighed, “I probably need a smaller one,” I admitted as I spit out the toothpaste.

“We’ll find you one tomorrow,” she told me. “It’s actually odd to me that you all still use that antiquated method of cleaning your teeth…”


“I’ll show you tomorrow.” She gently held a small cup to her that was like a large solo cup to me to take water and rinse my mouth out. “Why don’t you use the potty really quick and then we’ll get you in your jammies.”

I sat down and used the potty to go pee before standing up and washing my hands with her help. She cleaned out the potty really quickly and then after cleaning her hands led me down to my bedroom. “Let me go get some of your new pajamas,” she said before leaving the room.

As I was left alone, I couldn’t help but notice she’d put some work in making the room look like home with my diplomas, awards, and even pictures of my deceased parents hanging by my bed. I looked at mom and felt a tear go down my cheek, “I’m sorry you’re probably disappointed in me Mom… I just had to try something…”

A knock on the door reminded me of Ivy’s presence. I looked up at her and saw she had the diaper bag with her too. “What’s that for?” I asked her as she knelt down next to me and laid out the changing pad.

“I told you I wouldn’t count nighttime accidents, right?” she asked.

I nodded.

“Well if I’m not counting them, I’d at least like to know if you do have them… well that you’ll not get your bed wet?”

I sighed, “So that’s what the Pull-Up is already for?”

“I really don’t think it’ll work that well with it sagging like it is already? Would you consider wearing a regular diaper at night… at least for a week? I won’t make you wear them at night after that if you can stay dry?”

“Not like I’d have much choice if I wanted to say no,” I huffed, but went ahead and walked over to her. She undid the bow and zipper on the dress before lifting it over my head.

As she sat it to the side I asked, “Umm… why do most littles seem to have breasts…”

“And you’re as flat as a normal toddler?” She asked while pushing me to lay on my back on the pad and kneeling on the ground in front of me. “Because I have seen a lot of people pick on littles to get a rise out of them… but if they think you might be an actual baby, they’ll treat you better… So, I had them make your body look like an actual baby in appearance.” She paused, “Well mostly - you’re a bit skinnier than you should be, but I imagine that’s either genetic or will change after a few weeks of diet changes.”

I looked up at her as she lifted my legs and pulled the Pull-Up and diaper cover off in one go leaving me completely naked and vulnerable as she sat them to the side. She reached into the bag and pulled out a baby diaper and flipped it outward to open it up before lifting my legs and setting it under me. I thought she would go ahead and close it but she reached instead for some baby powder that she sprinkled on my groin and rubbed into me.

The feeling of someone touching me down there made me squirm and cringe. I was ticklish and as she rubbed it in there and my bottom I couldn’t help but giggle and twitch. She smirked after lifting my legs up to powder my butt too and taped the diaper. A baby wipe in her hands, she immediately asked, “You’re ticklish aren’t you?”

My eyes were as big as saucers as I tried to lie, “Na...Na… No…”

She took that moment to let her fingers dance around my stomach for several moments and I couldn’t help myself but laugh uncontrollably until she stopped. “Please…”

She laughed, “It’s nice to see you smile and laugh, even if I had to tickle it out of you,” she told me. She pulled a nightshirt over my head that said ‘Princess Adorable’ and was covered in castles and princess caricatures. I looked at it and felt really weird wearing it and a diaper.

“Well, would you like something to drink while we watch TV?” She asked.

I shrugged, “Some water?”

“Water coming right up,” she said and I followed her out of the room and to the kitchen where she filled up the sippy cup I’d used earlier and then led me to the couch. She picked me up and sat me in her lap as she fiddled through channels before settling on some sort of medical drama that reminded me of Gray’s Anatomy. There were littles being treated at times, but absolutely none that were doctors I noted sourly. During two commercial breaks I watched three diaper commercials in a row that were specifically about diapers for littles. I noticed as I watched something felt a little off for me, but I couldn’t place it. I managed to stay awake for most of the episode, but must have fallen asleep before the end as I couldn’t recall the details later.


THE NEXT MORNING Ivy watch as her little Holly slept, not quite ready to get her up for the new day. Her cute little snores as she slept with her mouth open just made her heart melt. She wanted to fill that mouth with a pacifier, but was going to hold off for a while on that step... She was going to try and bring her little girl from adulthood to babyhood one step at a time to avoid the shock of everything overwhelming her.

Quietly she closed the door and walked across the hallway through the living room and to the master bedroom side of the house. She’d loved the open floor-plan of the five-bedroom ranch style house when she bought it. The best part to her right now was that the master bedroom was on the other side of the house from the guest bedrooms, and adjacent to it was Holly’s real room - her nursery. Quietly she unlocked the door and closed it behind her, before getting set up for draining her full breasts.

She sat down in the rocking chair and made sure everything was clean before pressing a button on the pump to begin. She watched as a bag of milk filled slowly before replacing it with another empty bag and switching sides.

For now, she was just stock-piling and freezing most of her milk since Holly would need a supply at daycare, or if she was being babysat. ‘Although I know I nursed more than a few of the littles I babysat…’ she admitted to herself. The ‘Bigs’ lactation reflex was something that had been studied for a long while by doctors. She personally hypothesized that it had to be inversely proportional to the possibility of having their own kids. Her mother and others who had children naturally never seemed to struggle as badly with leaking breasts outside of childbirth!

For Ivy, ever since she started puberty at age twelve, even looking at a cute little sitting in a desk across the way meant leaking breasts. She blushed as she remembered a science class one time. One of her little classmates had just been forced to wear diapers again due to some made up accident by a bitch of a girl she herself hated. Not allowed to use a bathroom anymore he’d wet it for the first time in class and begun crying. Almost instantly her milk had let down for the first time and soaked her bra and shirt… She sighed as the pump pulled milk out and dreamed of the day sometime soon it would be Holly sucking from her instead of the pump she’d had to use frequently ever since that day.

She looked around at the beautiful nursery she had prepared for her little girl. She noticed she could probably bring the crib level up a bit since Holly was so much shorter than she had expected. The closet and the diaper stacker were empty at the moment, since her mom hadn’t had a chance to bring the replacement clothes and diapers yet. ‘That reminds me, I’d better buy some more diapers for nighttime while we’re out, I only have a few left…’

The pump finished with her second mammary and she began cleaning up before taking the two new bags to the pantry room and adding them to her stockpile in the small deep-freezer. Looking inside she could see nearly thirty of the bags already inside and made a decision that these two would just go into the fridge instead. ‘Maybe at lunch tomorrow?’ she thought to herself, ‘It’ll be good for a few days there…’

She returned to the nursery and made sure everything was back as it should be. She ran her hand over the pretty pink and green blanket was neatly folded over the crib rail. ‘Soon,’ she thought to herself. ‘I have Holly, and now it won’t be long before I have her in here…’


I WOKE UP and stretched out on my bed. I loved the mattress set I had splurged on last year. ‘So much better than that hotel bed!’ I was grateful that the journey to storage, and then the new dimension, didn’t seem to hurt it any! I rolled over and looked around for something to show me the time. Finding nothing obvious I walked to where my backpack was and dug out my phone. It uselessly displayed that there was no signal and I groaned with the 3pm time it showed since I forgot the days in this dimension were longer and that clock would just get more wrong every day.

‘What’s that make it, nine in the morning?’ I wondered as I rolled over and took the larger jump down. The bed had shrunk some on the journey, but definitely not as much as I had. I looked back at how it stood higher than my waist and shook my head. ‘Whatever the native options are in my size, I’m sure an adult style bed isn’t one of them.’ I walked to the door and noticed that it had been shut last night. I strained to reach up to the door handle and couldn’t grab it without jumping. I was just about to do so when the door handle turned and the door opened inward, almost hitting me.

Luckily, I just stepped back quickly enough, “Good morning Holly, I wasn’t expecting you to be standing there!”

“Morning,” I muttered back and tried to smile. I had never been a morning person, so I struggled to maintain it.

“How did you sleep?” she asked as she bent down to talk to me at my level.

“Good, I’m so glad I finally have my own bed back!” I told her with a smile, “Those hotel mattresses have been terrible!”

“I can imagine…” she said, “I can barely take a couple days in a hotel, let alone the time you’ve been in them!”

With that she unexpectedly pulled up on the front of my nightgown and exposed the diaper I was wearing. “What are you doing?” I asked with a yelp.

“Just checking to see how you did through the night Holly,” she said as she let the nightgown go back down. “All dry!”

“Of course, I’m dry,” I grumbled, “I haven’t given you any signs of not being potty trained, have I?”

“Other than your size? No,” she smiled at me, “but I’m guessing you do need to use the potty from how long you slept!” She led me to the bathroom next door to the room.

I went to pull down my underwear but was reminded by the impossible tapes on the diaper the second I tried one. “Can you please take this off?” I sighed.

“Of course!” she said with a smile and easily undid the tape on each side so I could sit down on the training potty. I began releasing urine as I watched her ball the dry diaper up and placed it in the bathroom trash can.

I really did need to urgently go. It was an odd feeling of my new parts letting out urine that lasted for quite a while. “Really needed to go, huh?” she asked as she invaded my space and wiped my parts for me.

I blushed but nodded, “Yeah, I guess so.” I stood up and watched as she completed the ritual of cleaning it out.

“Why don’t we get you dressed and then you can have some of the pancakes I just made!” she smiled at me.

“Never let it be said I turned down food,” I genuinely smiled back. We walked back to my adjacent room. I put on the offered Pull-Up and then looked at the clothes options she showed me. Anything that wasn’t a dress looked like it had snaps everywhere that would have to be undone when I needed to go to the restroom. As much as I was most certainly not happy about my new status as a girl, I sighed and pointed to a short-sleeved dress that was blue with white stripes. There was a small butterfly on the chest, but otherwise was one of the least juvenile options she showed me. I was able to just pull it on like a t-shirt since it didn’t have a zipper.

“You want the matching bloomers?” Ivy asked me.

I nodded, “Please,” I told her and soon had them on in an attempt to hide the faux underwear I was wearing.

“Ready for breakfast then?” she asked.

“What about my hair?” I asked and for the first time realized it had been pulled back into a braid. “I guess now that I have long hair something will have to be done with it?”

“I’ll help you with it after breakfast,” she told me with a smile. “You slept right through me putting it in that braid last night.”

I ignored the implication that I could sleep through things happening to me and instead looked at the high chair she sat me down in. There were shoulder straps that she guided my arms into, “Do I really need these?” I asked her as I soon felt like I was just as trapped as I did in the car seat.

She sighed, “Look there are some rules we sort of went over last night, but one thing you need to be aware of is that the adoption agency will send out people to inspect your care. They told me that one of the things that sets off flags is if littles are being allowed to just sit in furniture without the safety features being used.”

“What would happen if they saw you weren’t?” I asked as she slid the white tray in place over my lap.

“Well, I’d probably get a warning to begin with, then they might demand I treat you differently… or they might even remove you from my care.”

“And send me home?” I asked, trying not to sound hopeful.

She shook her head, “Usually it means to another family that’s contracted their services… or I’ve heard it can be a placement at an etiquette school.”

I gulped while thinking about that conversation about them we had the night before as she brought a bib over. She velcroed it around my neck without asking to do so. “You know I’m not really a baby?” I told her as she was cutting up a huge pancake in front of me a moment later. “I could cut up my own food…”

“For the same reason I just mentioned that wouldn’t be a good idea,” she told me, “but also… well hold this knife for a second,” she told me as she put the large butter knife in my hands. As I held it, I couldn’t help but note that it was like holding a large machete to my small frame size. It even felt pretty heavy to me. “Not exactly an easy thing for you to use now?” She suggested kindly.

“Do they make little size silverware?” I asked as I handed the knife back.

She held up a plastic spork in response, “Mostly sporks or spoons in sizes you can use,” she answered me as she placed the plate on my tray and handed me the spork. “You want syrup?”

“Duh?” I said with a smirk. “You can’t have pancakes without it, can you?”

She shook her head, “I suppose not, plus from what I understand you littles have a bigger thing about sweets than we do…”

I watched and encouraged her to pour enough syrup on the plate and began to stab the pieces with the spork as best I could. It was a terrible utensil to eat a pancake with… and it was a good thing the bib was on because I definitely slammed two pieces into my chest as they fell from it. I did my best to eat neatly, but inevitably had syrup around my mouth and on my hands as Ivy asked, “Done?”

“Yes, that was really good!”

A moment later I was annoyed as she had a baby wipe in hand and pretty forcefully cleaned at my face and hands. “I could just wash in the bathroom you know…” I told her.

“This is easier though,” she told me with a smile. “Make sure you drink at least some of that juice there,” she told me motioning to the sippy cup that I had barely touched.

I sighed but sipped from the babyish sippy cup while she moved about the kitchen cleaning the dishes. I couldn’t identify the fruit in the juice, but it was sweet and tasted sort of like apple juice. When she was done putting the plates and everything in a dishwasher she came back and removed my bib. “Let’s get your hair done?” she suggested as she pulled the tray off the chair.


“You know this chair is probably as easy of a place for me to do your hair as any, I’m going to go grab a brush and some other things. I’ll be right back.” I watched her turn and leave, and then looked down at where the harness gathered the five points into a buckle. I didn’t mess with it even though I was curious if I could unbuckle it myself. As I looked down at my bare feet, I noticed the skin on my feet and legs definitely looked smoother than they had before I came. The skin itself looked like a young baby’s so much that I curiously pulled my foot up to look at it more. I couldn’t help but be amazed by the flexibility I had now. I could bring it all the way up to my head and noticed there were no calluses or any of the little scars I had gotten one summer from cutting my feet open on some shells on a beach vacation.

I was still looking at my foot as Ivy came in with a small box of things and a large hair brush. “Your foot interesting?” She asked curiously.

“Noticing that all my scars are gone,” I said pointing to clear skin, “when I was seven, I cut my foot badly here with a shell at the beach and had two curved scars here before I came.”

She nodded at me as she sat the box down beside me and turned the chair to run parallel to the table, “One of the treatments I asked for was a skin renewal… I hope you don’t mind?” She asked tentatively.

I sighed, “The scar wasn’t something that defined me, so it’s fine.”

She stepped behind me and fiddled with whatever tied the back of the braid to get it loose. She was gentle as she took a wide comb and a brush slowly through my hair. It actually felt nice as she did so and I closed my eyes for a moment nearly purring. She stopped for a moment and I noticed that my hair was brushing my shoulders, “If you asked for my face to look like a baby’s… why is my hair so long?”

She came around and blushed, “Well… I always dreamed of having a little girl whose hair I could play with?”

“You know they make baby dolls if that’s all you needed…” I groaned.

“I know… but do you really want to have hair that’s barely covering your head still?”

I shook my head, “No… but aren’t I going to stand out as a little in spite of everything else you had done?”

“No, I can just say that you have faster than normal hair growth. It happens occasionally!” she smiled at me. “Now, Pony or piggy’s today?”

I stared at her blankly for a moment too long as I tried to interpret her odd question before she said, “I guess I get to pick piggy’s then!” The look on her face was one of indescribably joy… like a little girl whose biggest dream of a doll had come true at Christmas time. My hair was soon being gathered and tied back behind my head. Something else felt odd that she attached and I guessed I had matching ribbons tied into my hair. She finally stepped back around and asked, “Ready to see?”

I shrugged, “Okay,” I told her as she unbuckled the harness and lifted me into the air. A walk to the bathroom was made and I stared at the image in front of me in disbelief.

‘Not only do I look like a girl, but I probably look like I belong on the cover of some magazine about pretty toddlers…’ I thought to myself. My hair wasn’t all that fancy with the two loose pigtails at the top of my head popping up and hanging down. The large bows that she had tied around the bases of the pigtails were blue and white, with stripes, that matched the dress I wore. I couldn’t help but note that the bows seemed to be perfectly tied and made me look like the girliest little toddler on the planet.

“Don’t you look adorable?” she asked me.

I nodded, “I’m not sure that I like it, but adorable definitely fits the image in front of me.”

She frowned a little but said, “While we’re in here why don’t you go potty really quick?”

I nodded as she sat me down and I pulled my underwear down and did my business. Cleaned up with her unwanted help I stood up when she was done. “I guess I never showed you the house before?”

I shook my head, “No, it wasn’t on the list yesterday I guess.”

“Can I pick you up and give you the tour?” She asked.

I sighed, but held up my arms to her. It was quickly becoming apparent that she really did just want a little to be her living baby doll - the same as every other crazy person here. I wasn’t sure what was restraining her from just treating me like those other littles yesterday, but I wasn’t going to rock the boat and make my situation instantly suck more! She held me underneath my padded butt on her hip a second later, and walked down to the door next to my room. “This is my office,” she said with a smile revealing a room with a huge desk, computer screen as large as I was, and shelves of books.

Most of them looked like medical books and I really wanted to read all of them. “You have an impressive collection,” I said in awe.

“Well one of my foibles has always been that I like a real book in my hand… and I read way too much. I have just been collecting non stop since before college,” she said with a bit of a blush.

“Can I read them?”

She laughed, “I don’t see why that would be a problem, but please be careful with them.” I looked at the titles as she stood near them for a second before she walked back out to the hallway. She walked to the next door and showed me inside, “Just a guest bedroom in here in case I have guests… it never happens really since my parents live so close, but occasionally I’ll have a college friend visit or something.”

I looked in at a nicely decorated, but otherwise pretty spartan bedroom with a bed as gigantic as her own taking up the middle of the room. She closed the door and pointed, “You already know that’s the garage there.”

I nodded quietly, “You have a big house for one person.”

She squeezed me then, “I HAD a big house for one person, now I have a big house for two people!”

I did smile at that as I looked up at her. She walked back to the living room and dining area. I noticed for the first time the massive piano that was probably a baby grand to her. “I like your piano,” I told her. “I enjoyed your playing on the first video you sent me.”

She smiled at me, “Well I’ll have to play some more for you sometime! I don’t see any way you would be able to play on it with your size or I would teach you,” she told me sympathetically.

I shrugged, “It’s okay,” and watched as she turned towards her bedroom. There was a door to the left of her room, “What’s that one?” I asked.

“Just a storage closet,” she said a little oddly. Seeing as how she didn’t open it for me I didn’t necessarily believe her, but I kept it to myself as she finished showing me her huge bathroom.

“What’s the outside like?” I asked curious.

“Let’s go see,” she said and carried me through the front door. Her yard was nice with neat flower beds lining the walkways of the house, and a couple large trees towards the front of the expansive yard. I found myself losing track of the height as I stared upwards at the immense trees.

“Is this big by your standards?” I asked her.

“It’s comfortable, most people would be quite happy to live in a house this size,” she said, “including me. You want to see the backyard or do you want to get our shopping trip out of the way first?”

I didn’t really care about her backyard so I said, “get shopping out of the way I guess?”

“Let’s go use your potty really quickly and then we’ll go.”

“You’re going to use it too?” I joked to her.

She looked a bit stunned at the joke, “well… umm... I am cleaning it after you use it?”

I sighed and let her carry me to the bathroom. She sat me down and I went just a little bit before saying, “That’s all I have.”

“That’s fine,” she said as she wiped me and stood me up. “Go meet me by the garage door, I’ll be there in a sec,” she told me.

I looked up at her as she walked away and just decided to follow her direction to wait for her.

‘I don’t know what game she’s playing,’ I couldn’t help but think to myself. ‘It’s almost worse that she’s trying to pretend to treat me nicely... I feel like I’m going to be forever waiting for the other shoe to drop right now! She’s already changed my gender, I would be considered a child's height even back home right now. I already know there’s no way I’ll be practicing surgery here…’

I sighed, ‘I like her though… There's something about her that I really do feel comfortable with, and it's not like I had a job to be practicing surgery back home right now either…’


IVY GATHERED A spare outfit, a couple more pull-ups, and a spare diaper for Holly’s diaper bag. She also made sure she threw in her sippy cup with the juice that she had for safety while they were out. ‘Can’t be too careful in some places…’

‘I want Holly to regress… but I don’t want a mindless drooling little…’

She made sure again she had her list of things they needed and found Holly waiting where she’d told her to. “Upsy daisy,” she said as she picked her up and then opened the garage door.

The car seat she initially bought was a really nice one, but she hadn’t planned on a little small enough to need a rear-facing infant seat. So instead of the nice toddler car seat she’d bought, the day before she had to settle with what PR had on hand. ‘We should get another nice one today,’ she thought as she lay her back down and quickly did the harness buckles around her to lock her into the safety of her seat.

“You good?” She asked Holly.

“Yes,” she said with a squirm, “I guess… this is really embarrassing.”

Her face was such a beautiful red as she said that and it matched her hair nicely. She laughed, “I know, but you’ll get used to it – and everyone else is only going to think about how adorable you are! We don’t have to go far,” she said as she closed the door and walked to the driver’s side to get in. Soon they were off towards town and she debated on where to go first. ‘Probably should wait to go to Fionas until after she’s in diapers full time…’ she mused. ‘I guess we’ll just go to LS, we can get everything we need there.’

She looked up at the backseat through the rearview mirror at the stoplight she was at and instantly added something to list, ‘Need to switch out that mirror for a video screen to look at her in the back… probably would be good for her to be able to see me too… I know Mace has something for her little like that!’


I SAT BORED while Ivy navigated through the city streets, and I contemplated just what my future was going to be here in this world. There was literally nothing for me to do as she drove, and I realized for that again my feet had still not been covered in shoes or socks.

“Umm… Mommy?” I almost gagged on calling her that.

“Yes Holly,” I heard her respond.

“I don’t have any shoes or socks on again…”

“That’s so you can blend in better Holly,” she told me. “For your safety I’m not going to be putting you down to walk in the stores we’ll be in today,” she added.

“Will I ever be able to wear shoes?” I asked, a little annoyed.

“Sorry, I only picked up that one set of dress shoes you wore yesterday. They’re pretty, but I don’t think you’d want to walk around in them. We’ll look for some better shoes today.”

Right then a light dinged on in my head. “Oh… why didn’t you have any clothing for me? You had done everything else for me already in my room though?” I decided to see if I could get some more intel from her right then.


“You knew you were changing me into a girl after all,” I pushed with as neutral of a voice as I could use. ‘Pissing her off is not wise,’ I reminded myself.

I heard her sigh, “You’re right, I did have a whole set of clothes for you, but unfortunately even though I had a range of clothes for you I missed by six months even on the smallest of sizes I guessed on.”

“Oh,” I said.

“My mom took everything back for us yesterday to most of the stores, but today I figured we’d start trying to fill in those gaps some more.”

“Where at?” I asked as I felt the car come to a stop and heard her turn off the engine.

“Here at Little Superstore first,” she told me. “Give me a second and I’ll be around to get you out,” she told me.

I didn’t wait long and I was on her hip as she carried me into a store that seemed to span an endless block like an IKEA store back home. I felt her feel my Pull-Up right then, “You’re dry, do you need to go potty before we go shopping?”

“Umm… I just went?” I said.

“It’s a big store,” she told me.

Thinking about the limited three strikes that I had I decided to play it safe, “I don’t think I need to go, but I’ll try?”

“Good girl,” she said, giving me a small hug. I sat patiently on her hip as she walked straight into a women’s restroom. It was unlike any I’d ever seen before as I looked around though and saw a huge row of twelve changing stations immediately as we walked in. ‘Free Diaper Samples’ with bright advertisements were given in cabinets next to the stations. I looked and saw a half dozen adults in various states of being changed into new diapers.

One little was screaming his head off, “I’m not a goddamn baby, or a girl!!! Let me go you fucking bitch!!!!” at the lady that was manhandling the screaming little.

“You should spank the daylights out of his and be done with it,” one mother snarked nearby while holding her little girls’ ears closed against his tirade.

“Or at least stuff a lockable pacifier in his mouth?” Another added.

The lady responded, “I don’t believe in spankings, but believe me he’ll be punished as soon as we get this dress on him. I’m going to take him to the clinic and we’ll get rid of those teeth and immobilize his tongue there.”

At that I saw the man stopped struggling, “Please no…”

“Then we’re going to remove that ugly thing…” I heard the man sob then.

Ivy carried me at that point though further in and I looked agape at four tiny toilets sitting out in front of me along the wall.

There were no stalls or barriers around them, but they were mini toilets complete with handles to flush. “Let’s try just to be safe,” she told me. She shocked me as she just pulled my underwear down and sat me on the small potty. I could feel eyes from several moms standing around looking at me. I blushed but pushed out a surprising amount of urine right then into the waiting bowl. As I sat there, I couldn’t help but notice that the seat was still a little high for me and my feet still didn’t reach the ground. It wasn’t nearly as tall as an adult toilet here though.

“Good girl!” Ivy practically sang to me as she wiped me and pulled my pants back up.

“Isn’t that adorable,” one lady said to her little. “How old is she?” she asked Ivy.

“Twenty-months,” she responded as she brought me to the sink to wash my hands.

The lady looked at her adult little she’d just sat on the changing table, “Twenty-months and already a bigger girl than you, huh? You couldn’t even make it an hour without pooping those panties you claimed you normally wore!”

The poor woman just sobbed right then and I put my head into Ivy’s chest to hide from it. “You are training a little early with her though, aren’t you?” the woman asked as Ivy turned on the water and she pulled a skirt out of her way.

“Maybe, but she’s been telling me when she needs to go and been dry at night a couple times. We’re going to try the Pull-Ups for a couple weeks. If she gets it great! If not, we’ll go back to diapees again for awhile.”

“Well, we’re going to be back in diapees with this little girl for a looong while,” the lady cooed at the woman as she exposed a poop covered rear end by cutting away a pair of panties she was wearing with some scissors.

“Have a good day,” Ivy said and carried me out of there.

Once back at the entrance way, and when no one was around, I whispered, “She thought I…?”

“Yes, she thought you were a regular baby, not a little. As far as anyone is concerned today, we’re just shopping for my adopted niece.” I was placed into a cart with a simple belt around me. I noted that there were many carts with far more elaborate restraints that she could have chosen. She found an elevator and pushed me inside with the cart and we rode to a second story.

As she exited, I saw to my left was a massive map of the store that seemed to take a long journey through an elaborate route like an IKEA store. ‘Different though… since it’s instead a journey through a massive over the top giant baby land…’ She pushed the cart forward to the first area which demonstrated different styles of nurseries, playrooms, and even large-scale outdoor play equipment. Everything an Amazon would need to design their perfect fantasy nursery was present in dozens of little model showrooms. I saw as we passed that there were options to buy full rooms, or just scan the individual items with a phone as we traveled. I could tell that one room in particular caught Ivy’s eyes.

The walls were painted in a pale green color with pink and purple butterfly decor used around the room. A crib, that seemed massive to me, dominated one corner of the room along with a changing table loaded with diapers. I could see from the way that Ivy lingered that this would likely be the decor for any nursery she put together. ‘Assuming she hasn’t already bought it all,’ I admitted to myself. As we continued, I watched a woman sit down in the rocking chair in one room, and pull her breast out to nurse her little who was crying. Her high-pitched cry sounded just like a newborn babies, even though the woman looked closer to thirty. ‘That didn’t sound like acting…’ I thought to myself and wondered again about the procedures the article mentioned had nearly happened to their source.

She wound further into the maze, and I found the next section featured displays of robotic caregivers being used to give demonstrations. ‘Parents’ were using their real littles with them to test the machines in front of other potential customers. One such little’s eyes were opened wide in terror as we passed, and I heard an almost realistic woman's voice say, “constipation detected, treating…”

I turned and watched some weird mechanical octopus arm come forth and dart towards the little man who screamed ‘no!!!’ even as it slid underneath his diaper. What made it worse was the woman saying to her husband, “Look, you won’t have to do anything when I’m gone for next month now, it’ll take care of his every need…”

I found myself wanting to get away from there as quickly as we could! The section continued with mechanical cribs, crazy swings, and even more of the full-size robotic nannies were on display. I was so glad when Ivy pushed past that section of insanity a few moments later without even stopping to glance at any of the items. She seemed to sense my distress because she patted my head and said, “I know those things are scary huh? Don’t worry we won’t be buying any of that stuff for your niece.”

If I’d hoped it would be better in the next section, I soon learned I was most assuredly wrong.


IVY LOOKED AT Holly in the cart and wished she knew she could get her to take a pacifier or something right then. She was so nervous, and obviously terrified, by the robots in the previous section of the store.

‘Not that I blame her…’ she shuddered.

One time in medical school three rivals of hers had played a nasty prank on her. They had lured her to the mechanical nursery part of the pediatric ward saying one of their professors needed to show her something unusual. Somehow, they had programmed one of the nannies to think that she was a little under her charge. They’d laughed and watched the video from a distance as she had endured two hours of the torture the nanny had inflicted. Out of all of the things she walked by just now, the worst was probably the enema she’d seen the one poor little getting. Her own gait shifted uncomfortably right then at the memory of one being stuck inside of her during that time.

Luckily for her a professor had caught onto what was going on and released her from the nursery. She’d had to wear diapers for nearly three months afterwards though, due to the treatments the nanny had given her to weaken her bladder and bowels!

Her rivals hadn’t been so lucky though. The three of them had gone before the ethics board and were stripped of their spots at the school. Immediately they were ordered ‘shrunk’ and to attend ‘remedial’ schooling down the road at an etiquette school. Last she knew all of them had adopted parents that took them to a mechanical nursery every day for daycare!

Not that she’d ever gloat about it…

The next section of the store was one she wished didn’t have to be right after the mechanical section. It didn’t help that it was a larger section of the store than it had any right to be.



End Chapter 7

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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