Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021

Chapter 13
Game Over

I BEGAN SOBBING since I knew my days as an adult were over. The mess inside my panties felt sticky and uncomfortable as I heard, “Oh dear, you weren’t really potty training her, were you?” from a woman standing next to us.

“We were,” Ivy said with a finality that confirmed my belief she would hold to her rules.

“Definitely not ready to be a big girl, yet was she? Such a small cute thing, I would never have even tried,” the woman said.

I looked at the condescending bitch in front of me and managed to barely hold in my tongue as Ivy told her, “She’s my little girl, not yours, I believed in giving her a chance. I need to get her cleaned up now - could you ask someone to help clean up here?”

I looked back appreciatively at Ivy who grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go find a bathroom and get you cleaned up.”

I was red with embarrassment and noticed that apparently she didn’t even want to carry me. We began walking and the poop began to drip out of my panties and down my legs. My tears fell faster and I could barely see as she pulled me along, taking me by the wrist like a misbehaving toddler.

Along the way I had more than a few little kids laughing at me and making fun of the baby who couldn’t make it to the potty. One teenager said, “Ooh… did the big girl discover she needs her diapees?” as we passed her going into the bathroom.

“That she did,” Ivy said, “Now please move so I can get her cleaned up.”

Like every bathroom I’d been into in this dimension there were multiple changing tables inside. I tearily looked up at the one she pulled down and hung the bag on. She dug inside and pulled out the purple changing pad, a diaper, wipes… and I watched my life effectively end!

I stood next to her just wanting to get clean already though. Once she prepared the table, she turned to me and pulled the dress off over my head leaving me standing only in the poopy panties that continued to drip at my feet. “These panties just need to be cutoff now,” she pulled out a small pair of scissors from somewhere and did just that. Two snips and she kept as much poop wrapped in the ruined panties as she could as she tossed the mess in the trash can.

I was now naked and could both see and feel the poop smeared on my butt and legs. I watched in detached fascination as one piece crawled down my leg like a worm for a moment before it plopped down on the ground beside my foot. I shifted my body over a little to avoid it. Ivy left me standing on the floor and began using several baby wipes to clean me up. I felt tears down my face and sniffled as her hands firmly, but hurriedly wiped the poop off of my butt, groin, and legs. She also used another wipe to quickly pick up what had fallen off of me, before she threw the disgusting brown wipes in the trash. “Come on, up on the table,” she told me as she lifted me on the pad. I began crying out loud, unsure of what my fate was now.

‘Am I only going to be treated like a baby? Only be fed like those littles?!?!’ I was convinced my life would now be over and had moved to a full on panic attack and struggled to breathe. Suddenly something invaded my mouth and I realized she had shoved a pacifier inside my mouth to try and quiet me down. I tried to spit it out, but for some reason my mouth couldn’t get it out.  As Ivy wiped me up with yet more wipes, my face streamed with tears worse than when my parents died. She even thoroughly wiped my feet that she had now stripped off my sandals.

“There, you’re all clean now,” she cooed at me, “Let’s just get your diaper on you, a fresh outfit, and then we’ll get you home,” she said in a soothing voice.

She wasted no time flipping a diaper open, grabbing my ankles, and lifting my now clean and cold butt into the air. The lady that had commented on my potty-training ability walked in just then and said, “Good, I see you were prepared at least. I wanted to tell you a staff member cleaned up her mess. I left the books you two had out right outside this bathroom. Enjoy your nice clean diapee!” The woman irritatingly taunted me with a waggle of her fingers, and then walked out the door.

I felt more tears as my butt was sat down on the dry padding and she brought the front of it closed, taping the diaper closed. “It’s okay Holly,” Ivy cooed to me. “There’s nothing wrong with needing your diapers, you’re just a little. It’s normal here!”

I shook my head as she dug into the diaper bag and brought out a pile of cloth that she pulled over my head. At first, I thought it was a dress, but she lifted my legs in the air a little again and pulled a piece of fabric like a romper closed. I realized it was like a dress, but had a onesie underneath to conceal my diaper.

‘My diaper,’ I teared up more. Wearing them when sleeping had been bad enough, but now I was going to be wearing them all of the time. ‘Can I still use the potty?’ I wondered, but knew that wouldn’t even likely be an option. I’d had almost no warning before pooping my panties this time.

I was in a word, screwed!


IVY COULDN’T BELIEVE it had finally happened! She had her baby girl for real! Dressed now in the cute sunsuit, and sucking on the pacifier, she was the perfect picture of an adorable baby girl! ‘I hadn’t planned on using that pacifier… but she was making too much of a scene,’ she thought to herself while noting she was still crying. Maybe she wasn’t quite a perfect picture right then.

She could see that Holly knew that changes were here, and she had no intention of letting them go back to the way they’d spent the last two weeks. Holly would be using her diapers now like a good baby - all of the time – and she believed it was finally time to introduce her to her nursery when they got home! For now, she cooed to her and bounced her, “It’s okay Holly, Mommy loves you and will take care of you so you don’t have to worry about the potty anymore. You won’t have to get up every thirty minutes to use the potty and can instead just keep doing what you want to!”

Holly frowned around the pacifier shield and she just hugged her tightly, “Let’s grab those books, check out, and go home so we can talk.”

She held onto her newly diapered little girl tightly as she walked out the door of the restroom. True to the ladies' word, those books they had both been looking at were stacked neatly. “You still want these books?” she asked Holly.

She heard a mumble behind the pacifier that she interpreted as a shocked question, “I can still have them?!?”

“Yes, you can still have them. Just because we’re taking a couple steps backwards doesn’t mean I’m going to let you be bored to death.”

The frown around the pacifier turned up to almost a smile and she felt something inside her warm. She knew it was the right choice to not completely infantilize the little girl. ‘Changes are coming though,’ she thought to herself with a wide smile.

At the checkout desk the lady working behind the desk asked, “Oh, so is this the little baby who thought she could wear big girl pants already?”

She bounced the upset little up and down and said, “Well she tried at least. Now we know that diapees are the only thing she’s meant to wear, huh?” she looked down at Holly and squeezed her, hoping she’d understand she wasn’t completely making fun of her. The tears trailing down her face didn’t show that understanding being present though. She sighed and handed her library card to the lady and soon had their books checked out and headed to the car.

Buckling Holly in she kissed her on the head, “It’ll be okay,” she promised her.


WHEN WE HAD been on the road for a couple of minutes, I tried spitting the pacifier out again but couldn’t. It was like it had inflated and wouldn’t leave my mouth. I tried pulling it out with my hands and couldn’t get anywhere, but began to panic. I found that it twisted and suddenly felt more pain as it inflated even more in my mouth. My jaw spasmed because of how much it was being forced open. I whimpered.

“Don’t mess with your paci,” Ivy warned. “It needs an adult to pull it out. If you keep messing with it, you’ll not like the results.”

“I hate you!!!!!” I screamed through the pacifier but knew it wouldn’t be interpreted as anything but a garbled mess. At that moment I felt a need to go pee again and tried to hold it, but before she had even pulled into the garage, I found I had wet the damn diaper.

‘What the hell was I thinking?!?!’ I yelled at myself.

She came around to get me and I fought the urge to hit her, instead pointing to the pacifier and trying to say ‘please.’

To my relief she did something and it came out of my mouth. “How could you put that in my mouth!?!?,” I cried and rubbed my jaw.

“If you behave and don’t scream, I’ll only use regular baby pacifiers from now on,” she told me.

I didn’t trust myself to speak then, so I just gave a small nod before asking, “What now?”

“Now we need to go sit down and talk about what happens next.”

I shuddered and shivered as she carried me to the couch and had a seat with me on her lap. She turned me to where I was facing her, but held me firmly with her hands to straddle one of her legs. “So, the milk finally did me in?” I asked as tears had mostly run out of my eyes.


“The Tabers milk, or just call it the real name, your breast milk,” I told her.

She looked at me with surprise, “What? How?”

“I’ve spent the last week researching, but I’m an idiot and didn’t figure it out until this morning when it was too late. Why do that to me?”

She sighed, “Okay…”

“I mean it, stop beating around the bush, I know you want a baby! Why me though? You know I’m not a dumb baby! I’m a great surgeon!”

“I always wanted a little girl of my own… but my career got in the way. When I went to PR for a little, they surprised me by showing me you instead of a girl. Something about you though… I knew I had to have you as my little girl.”

“But why a baby? Why can’t I be a potty-trained preschooler? You said it yourself that some can live like that!”

She shook her head, “You’re much too small to be a preschooler for one,” she sighed, “two I like the idea of babying you. Every day when I diapered you for your bedtime and naps, I fought to not just keep you in them.”

“Why not just do that?”

She looked uncomfortable, “I wanted you to realize that your body needs diapers before I made you wear them.”

“But if I stopped drinking your milk…”

“Then you might be able to make it with an accident every other day. Unless you return to your dimension though you will always have accidents now.”

I looked at her with a look of hate, “So what now?”

“Well… now I guess we stop pretending you’re an adult. You are going to be in diapers from here on out for everything. I’ll go throw away that potty today as you won’t be needing it.”

“I can’t even use it to…”

“No, there will be no more potty training attempts. Everything you do goes into your diaper from now on. You won’t get enough warning from your body to use one anyway.”

“But…” I said until the pissed off mom look stopped me. I sighed, “What else?”

She sighed, “Well I think we’re going to stop beating around the bush. You’ve been drinking my milk from your sippy cup; you’re going  start drinking it from the source.”

“That’s disgusting!!!” I told her.

“If you agree to nurse from me, I’ll let you keep eating adult food too.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Well I could force you, but instead I think we’ll plan on you eating baby food and drinking formula instead if you won’t.”

“You can’t do that to me,” I shuddered.

“It’s your choice,” she told me.

“No…” I said angrily back.

“Well I can definitely tell you’re cranky and it’s time for your afternoon nap. We’ll figure out your decision later when you’re a little calmer. As of right now though I’m also going to stop pretending that old room is your real bedroom.”

She stood up suddenly and carried me to the locked door she had told me was a closet. I thought back to the first day when I had joked it must be a nursery… It turned out I was right, as she opened the door up. Behind the door was the most girly and beautiful nursery that I imagined a parent could put together for a new baby.

Three of the four walls were the lightest shade of purple… almost white, with the fourth wall being darker, but still a lighter lavender color. All along the lightest walls were hand painted dragonflies and butterflies flitting about them. Some of them were even three-dimensional pieces that stuck out from the wall. Along the side of the darker wall were flowers that the butterflies were flitting around, with a huge white crib backed against the wall.

My eyes flew to the crib and I felt my diaper warm with urine as my fear paralyzed me.

A large white rocking chair sat in the corner with a light pink blanket on it. Nearby a large dresser with a changing table was set between the crib and a window that looked out to the backyard. All around the room there were shelves filled with toddler and baby toys, picture books, and all the things you would expect a baby to have in her nursery.

‘My nursery...’ I thought as I looked around. ‘My prison,’ I amended as she carried me to the changing table.

“You really planned this all along,” I said aloud, even as she had already told me that.

“I began putting your nursery together the day I saw your first message,” she told me as she lay me on a cushioned changing pad that was surprisingly comfortable. A strap came across my chest a moment later and she buckled it closed before tightening it down to be the right fit to keep me from sitting up or falling off the table. “Let’s change your diaper and get you a nap,” she told me.

I grimaced as she pulled the snaps free on the underside of the sunsuit and then proceeded to nearly cover my head with the skirt. I figured she’d just rip the tapes and get to work but instead she began tickling my feet and side. “Stop…” giggled uncontrollably and felt a little more urine shoot into my diaper.

“All the pee-pee out of you now?” she asked.

I looked at her, “You just wanted to make me pee myself?”

“Saves changing a diaper sooner,” she admitted. “Besides, your smile is pretty, and I love your laugh.”

I forced myself to frown at her even though a part of me appreciated the affection. I was so pissed off at her though! This room gave light to the full lie of everything she had ever told me. I had figured out bits and pieces, but somehow, I had blinded myself to the fact that she fully planned this… and was this prepared. ‘And I fell for it hook, line, and sinker for some stupid reason,’ I said to myself.

She pulled the tapes of the diaper free, then lifted my ankles up in the air and cleaned me with a wipe. A different diaper came out than those I had come to know as normal. It was purple with butterflies all over it to match the nursery. As she placed it underneath me, I could tell it seemed thicker than my old ones. As she taped me in and it was noticeably thicker. “Why’s this one thicker?” I complained.

“You’re going to be making all of your pee-pees and poopies in your diapees now, so I want you to be comfortable. That’s one of the best diapers on the market,” she said, like I should be proud of the Porsche's of diapers being wrapped around my waist. “It’s supposed to be good for eighteen hours of protection.”

“You won’t leave me in this for…”

“No, I’m not a monster. But it does mean I don’t have to worry about you leaking if we’re out and not near a place to change you.”

I sighed in relief as she snapped the crotch snaps back. She undid the buckle holding me down and picked me up to place me in the crib.

I looked up at her as she set me inside the prison and looked for any way to easily climb out. The top bar was well above my head. ‘Maybe if I leap I can grab onto it?’ I thought to myself.

“Holly,” Ivy said to me, redirecting my attention back to look at her.

“Yes?” I said angrily.

“Look, I would prefer if we took the easy way for this transition to your new life. But before I leave you for your nap, I want to make sure you understand there are rules that you will now have to follow.”

“Like what?” I asked, growing nervous.

“When I put you in your crib or your playpen - you will stay in it. This one should be tall enough to easily keep you in, but I don’t want you getting any ideas of getting out either.”

“What happens if I start getting out?”

“They make straps that I can tie you in there,” she told me.

I gulped, “You wouldn’t?”

“Not as a first choice. Be a good girl and don’t make me have to do it.”

I nodded and sat down on the mattress. She used her large hand and pushed me onto my back and produced another pacifier.

“No, please not that…” I cried and pulled myself as far from her in the crib as I could go.

She sighed, “I’m sorry I used that one on you, I promise I won’t again. This is just a normal baby pacifier, not even meant for littles. I know you’re sucking your thumb in your sleep now, instead of risking your teeth I think this will be less hard on them.”

She teased the teat between my lips for a second before I relented and let it in. I turned over on my side and faced away from her. The crib wasn’t slatted on that side, instead it was a solid piece of white wood, and I attempted to ignore her. She pulled a blanket over the top of me and leaned down to kiss me, “Have a good nap,” she said.

I couldn’t believe how my fortune failed again so rapidly. I had managed to reset one of the strikes, and would have been back to three tomorrow… instead I had gone poop and the charade she had been presenting of allowing me some independence was shattered. I closed my eyes and hoped that maybe this was just a bad dream, but the pacifier in my mouth belied that point completely.

After a while I felt myself drifting to sleep for real.


IVY WAS BESIDE herself with both glee and anger. She was so mad that the day had gone downhill! She had hoped the day she put Holly into diapers would be a beautiful day filled with showing her the beautiful nursery, and then finally ending the pump as her main way of emptying her breasts. Instead she had screwed up, and worse yet, she’d stupidly drawn a line in the sand and dared Holly to cross it...

She immediately did a quick order through a local grocery store for some baby food and formula. ‘I have to stick to my guns if she chooses that route…’

She avoided the little food and stuck with genuine baby food meant for those babies under a year of age. Pureed chicken and rice, oatmeal with apples, peas, and some apple prune pouches were added to her virtual cart. She also added just one small container of poorly rated formula. Ivy hoped that the flavors would be enough to win this battle after one meal… If Holly conceded, she’d only make her have part of the meal and switch her to her roast beef for the rest after she nursed.

Ivy looked in on the nursery cams and saw that Holly had finally fallen sound asleep, and her pacifier was bobbing in her mouth as she suckled on it involuntarily. A couple of TV shows she had watched the other day had some ads that had inadvertently started that process. ‘I don’t mind if she’s a thumb sucker, or wants her paci though one bit!’

She quietly grabbed her breast pump and the accessories from the nursery and took them to the kitchen. Looking around the nursery she moved a few things around, before going and taking a few more bibs to the kitchen from where she had stored them. Bottles were moved out to an easy to reach area of the kitchen, as well as the baby spoons, plates, and a bottle warmer. She quietly got the playpen setup in the living room, before adding a few toys and a soft blanket in there for when she needed to set her down inside. She smiled as she pulled the really nice swing that she had bought her from the closet in her office. She placed it in the living room next to the piano. Her final bit of baby gear she added was a pink walker with a bar of toys across it that she placed in the corner of the living room. ‘I don’t know how much she’ll use that…’ she was honest with herself, ‘but it’s so cute when a baby uses one!’

Baby gates came out next and she took care to set one across the hallway to Holly’s old bedroom, the kitchen cooking areas, and also across the other side of the living room to her nursery and bedroom. ‘If I let her run around in here, she’s not going to be able to get into much,’ she mused after her quick but thorough babyproofing. She’d already put socket covers and cabinet latches in before Holly had arrived. Remembering some door handle child locks she had bought, she installed them on all of the doors as well.

The doorbell rang and she discovered the delivery was already there. She took the two bags of baby food and formula and unloaded them onto the counter. Looking at  the time she started putting Holly’s meal options together. A bottle of formula went into the warmer and she prepared a pouch of the chicken and rice puree. It looked and smelled nasty to her, and the formula had a weird fishy smell to it too. She placed a plate of real food together too and decided it was time to wake Holly up and get her decision.

The baby monitor in the nursery gave away that her new baby girl was already waking up though and didn’t sound happy.


I COULDN’T BELIEVE it as I rolled over waking up. Something smelled bad in my crib! It took me several moments to realize it wasn’t something… it was me! I had pooped in my sleep again! I started crying as Ivy came and gathered me.

“What’s wrong?” she started to ask but then made a face as she picked me up. “Never mind sweetie, let’s get you cleaned up and all beautiful again before we eat din-din.”

I grimaced at the gooey mess on my rear as she sat me down on the changing table. I was once again strapped in and just sat still hoping she would change me quickly. “Oh, this isn’t too bad,” she told me. “You’re poopy, but this is just a little poopy!”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better about shitting myself,” I told her.

She glared at me and took a light swipe at my thigh, “You will not be swearing any more sweetie. I don’t believe in taking your tongue from you, but there are other punishments we can do. Next one will be soap in your mouth!”

“Sorry,” I cried out. The swat hadn’t hurt much physically, but it reminded me that I was truly at her mercy. She could spank my bottom red and no one would say a thing about it from what I had seen.

“Don’t do it again, I’m sorry that you’re poopy, but it’s just something we’re going to have to get used to.”

“We’re?” I asked angrily, “Since when do I see you wearing your own poop filled diaper?”

She sighed, “I don’t, but I’m the one wiping your icky butt.”

“It didn’t have to be like this,” I cried.

“Shh…” she said and proceeded to finish wiping me up and taped a new diaper on. Dressed, she carried me to the kitchen. On the way through the living room I could see a ton of changes had been made while I slept. Tall baby gates were set up to block my way into just about anywhere she didn’t want me, a playpen, a swing, and a walker in the living room made it look like there was a very young baby now being cared for here. I felt my stomach knot as I realized that young baby was me, ‘She obviously has carefully planning this,’ I noted with anger.

Setting me down in the high chair she buckled me in and for the first time really tightened the straps of the harness down to restrict my movement away from the back of the chair. I could see two food dishes on the table. One had a delicious slab of roast beef and mashed potatoes plated up, the other was a bowl of mush next to a baby bottle of milk that looked off color wise.

“So, which is it?”

I looked at her defiantly, “Seriously? What’s so important about shattering the rest of me?”

“If you agree to nurse, I’ll let you eat roast beef and potatoes with me, if you don’t then it’s the pureed chicken and this bottle of formula.”

I glared at her… I was so mad at her and apparently choosing the punishment version would make her angrier. It didn’t leave me much choice, “I’m not drinking any more breast milk! Especially not from your breast!”

She sighed and brought a bib over and tied it around my neck before putting the tray on and setting the bowl of mush and the bottle in front of me. As she stirred the concoction my stomach did some flip-flops, ‘That looks awful…’ I thought to myself.

“Open up for the choo-choo!” she told me a second later and brought a spoon up to my lips.

I started to say, “ne…” and it was a mistake as the spoon went in and I winced at how awful the texture and flavor was. Another one followed, then another. I reached for the baby bottle, and hoped that maybe it would taste better and wash it down. I tentatively put the large teat into my mouth and sucked on it, being rewarded with liquid entering my mouth. My stomach wretched though as it seemed like it was some weird awful flavor too. There was a weird smell that lingered in my nose after I swallowed the little bit in my mouth. I forced myself to suck a second time and set it back down deciding I didn’t like the aftertaste it left in my mouth. There was a bit of a grit to the formula too... It was awful!!! Before I could think to ask for mercy another spoon came at my mouth, followed by another, and another.

I began to cry, “Okay… okay…”

“Okay what?” She asked, pausing with a spoonful of the disgusting mush by my lips. I could smell it and felt nauseous.


“You’ll what?”

“I’ll nurse… just please don’t feed me any more of that…”

“Two more bites,” she told me, “I want you to remember this.”

I groaned but nodded. The two spoonfuls were awful, and the taste that lingered in my mouth lacked any salt or good flavor. It seemed like I had been almost eating some sort of weird vomit and my stomach was not happy about it.

I sat there and watched as instead of taking the bowl and bottle away she just sat down at the table and began eating from the plate of real food. When there was just a little bit left on the plate, she came back over to me, “If you’re good, and nurse, I’ll let you have the rest of that plate.”

I just nodded, not trusting my mouth anymore since it had only gotten me in deeper through most of the afternoon.

She put the bowl of nasty baby food and the still full bottle on the table, before taking the tray and setting it next to them. I was unbuckled from the harness and she carried me to the nursery and sat down in the rocking chair. Her top was stretchy and she pulled it down below her breast to expose a nursing bra.

I watched as her hands pulled at a catch of a flap that pulled down, exposing her nipple to me. I stared at the large orb of flesh that was whiter than the rest of her skin. In the middle a darker areola sat that our size differences made seem larger than any I had seen while practicing medicine. The nipple in the middle pointed out a remarkable distance and was already dripping a drop of milk. I looked up at her for a moment and she said, “Please at least try it?”

“Why are you so insistent?” I stalled.

She sighed, “I’ve been pumping six times a day to relieve my breasts… and I want the time to bond with you.”

I looked at her, “If I don’t like it?”

She groaned, “If you really don’t like it, we’ll talk, but at least give it a try tonight? I know you’ve liked the milk I’ve expressed.”

I didn’t say anything instead looking back at the drippy nipple and opening my mouth I leaned forward and she supported me as I put my mouth around it and began to suck on it. Milk began pouring from her breast faster than I would have expected as I nursed, forcing me to swallow faster than I would have expected.

I wanted to hate it. To instantly just puke it all up in disgust…

The taste of it was so good though! Better than it had been in the cold sippy cups. Her heartbeat seemed loud and comforting too as I nursed, making me feel safe and comfortable – hypnotic in a way. I couldn’t help myself as I kept sucking at her breast continuously until it just stopped producing anything. I felt drugged and mentally off, as I began getting frustrated that sucking got nothing else out! Ivy used her finger to break my suction and sat me upright. “Ngnngh,” I complained since I wanted more! She took me and placed me with my head against her shoulder and a burp cloth I hadn’t noticed. ‘Wait, she’s not going to…’ I thought for a second as she began lightly patting my back. A moment later she was rewarded as I belched as if I’d been drinking a large coke, but grimaced as spit-up flew from my mouth. She just wiped my mouth with the cloth and pulled down the other side to let me have access to it.

I didn’t hesitate as I just wanted more… it was like a carnal instinct that I couldn’t quite understand. I just had to have it! I continued sucking while she rocked the rocker back and forth, and soon began humming a lullaby. I closed my eyes as I attempted to get every last drop of the sweet tasting milk.


IVY COULDN’T TAKE her eyes off Holly as she sleepily suckled at her breast, that she figured was pretty much empty by this point. The second Holly had taken her nipple into her mouth she had felt herself shudder in pleasure. ‘So much better than the damn pump!’ she said to herself.

‘I think she’s asleep now,’ she thought to herself. Even though Holly continued to suckle, it had slowed down and felt different. Her hand had pretty much been grabbing onto her breast as she suckled, but now was still and open. ‘Let’s see what happens here,’ she thought as she used her finger to again break the girls strong suction and placed her again on her shoulder. A few light pats made her belch without seeming to wake up. Carefully moving her to a cradled position she gently teased a pacifier into her mouth.

Holly seemed to nurse on the pacifier as eagerly as she had been nursing her breast, so she was sure she remained asleep. ‘Let’s get that wet diapee changed,’ she thought as she stood up and lay her down on the changing table. Undoing the snaps from the sunsuit she pulled the whole outfit gently off of her. The milk had done its job and knocked her completely out. She quickly changed the wet diaper before dressing her in a footed sleeper without her showing any sign of stirring.

Not wasting the chance to put her to bed in her crib without her waking she gently placed her inside and put a blanket gently on top of her. “Good night,” she whispered and lightly kissed her forehead before turning the light off, leaving only the glow of a couple butterfly nightlights around the room going.

Closing the nursery door, she headed to the kitchen to pump some more. ‘Hopefully I can pump afterwards and have some additional milk past what she nurses…’ she thought to herself.

Not much was generated as she pumped, but she knew it would train her body to increase her production - so she kept at it for another fifteen minutes. It was less than a couple ounces that she had left, so she just placed it into the fridge before leaning up the dinner mess. She looked at the remnants of the baby food and felt bad about feeding it to Holly, but the point had been made and she would probably be a good girl now and nurse from her. She put the rest of her plate away in case Holly woke up before she went to bed hungry still. ‘Of course, I’ll probably just nurse her more then…’



End Chapter 13

Seems Too Good to be True (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Dec 19, 2021


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