The Guest of Honor

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Chapter 4
Chapter 4

Chapter Description: Mommy changes Olly for bed

    Ollie stood before the giant veiled mirror, the black sheet thrown over it giving it an ominous feel. She was starting to get a little sleepy waiting for Mommy to get started changing her back but she was determined to stick it out. 

    "Alright sweetie, are you ready?"

    "Yes Mommy."

    "Good girl." 

    She pulled the sheet off of the mirror revealing its surface: a little baby girl of about twelve months old wobbling on unsteady feet amidst a discarded robe was reflected, an open O of shock upon her tiny mouth. Ollie knew what was happening before she even started to shrink, and when the baby in the mirror fell onto her hands and knees and started crying she did too. The grey mountains of her big boy life were fading  further and further away. She knew she had been tricked. 

    "W-why y-you do dis to me?" she managed between sobs. 

    "Oh sweetheart, that's a long story and you probably wouldn't understand anyway. We have to renew the power of our coven with a series of sacrifices to the Goddess every thirty-three years: the life of a man, the flower of a maidenhead, and the first flowers of spring. Then we have to celebrate the birth of a new member of the coven. It all used to be very difficult before we started using the Mirror, not to mention barbaric."

    Ollie barely understood what she was saying and burst into a renewed fit of tears at her words, getting smaller and smaller by the second. In mere moments she really would be a baby like the one she saw drooling in the mirror. Baby fat swelled around her body, she could see it slowly dimpling her fingers and softening her already pudgy arms. 

    Looking back in the mirror she could see her Mommy whose towering presence was suddenly all she could think about. She had used and humiliated her, thrown away her old life without her consent, made her a dumb baby! She had been planning this as long as they knew each other! Hold on a second, how had they met? She couldn't remember having met her Mommy, didn't she have another name before?

    "Em-mmmma Maa. Maaaama," her voice was a high pitched whine, it was really hard to try to talk while she was this upset. 

    "Awww that's right sweety. Mommy's here. You're not going to remember this after a day or so. The Mirror will change the whole world just so you can be Mommy's little Lollipop, even what's inside your pretty little noggin. Isn't that just amazing? You're going to be one of the most powerful witches the world has ever known, the center of a great rite and raised from childhood to practice the art. And a natural at that! You know, if we hadn't found you, you could have hurt someone." 

    Lolly tried with all her might to concentrate and make her case that she should change her back. Maybe if she found the right words Mommy would make her big again. This isn't fair, she should be a big boy not a little baby girl!

    "Maama mee bih boy." 

    "Good job sweetie! Look how talkative you are!"

    Lolly was excited for a mere moment before her hopes were crushed. 

    "Whose that little baby in the mirror? Is that you? Mommy's smart little girl! Yes she is!"

    She bent down and kissed Lolly's head and something shifted inside it. When she tried to talk again none of her words lined up at all, it was so frustrating!

    "Maaaamaa dadda guuuhmmuh. Biih biiiiimuh Mawhmy! Maaaaaamaaaaa aaaa guhhh!" 

    She was less and less verbal as she was getting more and more distressed. Lolly was so focused on her vocabulary leaving her that she didn't even notice that the transformation had stopped and she had become the same as the baby in the mirror, an infant still struggling to walk or talk. Lolly marshalled what was left of her strength and moved forward. Standing up was too hard on her own, so she crawled to its surface and touched the glass with her chubby hands, overcome at what she saw: a sweet green-eyed baby girl with wispy blond hair, slobber dripping from her open mouth to the floor.

    She felt a warm trickle run down her thighs and once she knew she was peeing she tried with all her might to stop; still it was too late. She saw the tears in her reflection first.

    "It's ok honey, I don't expect you to hold your pee pee anymore. You're just a baby, Mommy's going to put you back in diapers where you belong."

    She was a big girl, she didn't deserve to be in diapers! She screamed and kicked her wet little legs when Mommy bent down and lifted her in the air by the armpits, humming a little lullaby. She was laid gently on her back where she pounded her heels and fists against a soft surface.

    "Now sweetheart, you're going to have to stay still for Mommy. If you don't hold still Mommy's going to have to spank you." She paused a beat to let Lolly continue her tantrum before she raised her by the ankles and gave her two quick swats. Lolly wailed louder at first and then tried to quiet down for Mommy, she didn't want to make it even worse. 

    "Good girl! There we go!"

    Mommy folded her fingers into a ball and pressed her thumb to her mouth. Lolly sucked her thumb while Mommy wiped her pee pee, lifted her butt up to slide a fresh diaper under her, and dusted her with baby powder. She disappeared from view before reappearing with a yellow ruffled onesie that she carefully pulled Lollie's head and arms through, then buttoned the clasps one by one over her diaper. Mommy pulled her up by her armpits into a sitting position and she continued to suck her thumb while Mommy combed her hair. This actually feels kind of nice, she thought, and with each stroke of the brush she grew more content until Mommy finished by pinning a little white bow in her hair.

    "That's my girl! All snuggly in her diapey! You look so cute, Mommy's proud of you for being patient for her. Do you want to see how pretty you are?" 

    She didn't wait for an answer and lifted her daughter what seemed to be impossibly high up, carrying her across the room back to the mirror. Lolly had buried her face into her Mommy's breasts in shame and fear, she didn't want to be a baby but she still couldn't resist looking at her reflection. 

    She looked so small in her Mommy's arms with her thumb hanging out of her mouth, her curly blonde hair back in little pigtails with a bow on top, wearing a frilly yellow onesie that had a bear embroidered on the front. She looked just like her littlest baby cousins. She noticed that the room in the reflection was a baby's nursery with a big wooden crib, a changing table, and a rocking chair with a nursing blanket folded on it. Glancing about the room she saw that it had changed to match what she saw in the mirror as well. That baby is me and this is my room now no matter what I want, she thought as they turned from the mirror, reaching out her drool covered hand.

    "Ok pumpkin, it's time for ba-bas and beddy-byes."

    Mommy placed the rubber nipple in her mouth and Lolly started sucking, by now hungry and thirsty and tired. She rocked Lolly in the chair while she nursed, and patted her gently on the back until she burped a bit into the towel when she was finished. The last thing she remembered before she drifted off to sleep was Mommy checking her diaper and singing gently to her as she laid her down in her crib. 



End Chapter 4

The Guest of Honor

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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