The Guest of Honor

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Chapter 2
Chapter 2

Chapter Description: A night of grown up fun

There was a tense moment when it seemed the entire room would turn on him; and then everyone turned back to their drinks and conversations, an entire room of masked and costumed figures sneaking drinks and hors d'oeuvres and glances at the party of three. Oliver almost panicked at first, but the other guests were very gracious, and he didn't detect any sarcasm or venom. He was introduced to mask after mask who each complimented him on his grace and costume, vouched for Emma and Liam's character, and other items of small talk one might encounter at family gatherings. 

    Oliver was just beginning to enjoy himself as the night was winding down, and although some still refused to give up their revelry, a number of their party had already retired to their rooms. Emma took Oliver by the hand, holding it as if he was a lady being courted by her. The way they looked now, that may as well have been the case. Oliver blushed and he felt like everyone was watching them, although all around them the other partygoers were probably too absorbed in their own business to be bothered. 

    "Would you want to come upstairs with Liam and I? There's something we really want to show you."

    There was some doubt in his mind about what she meant by that but he didn't consider it for long. Oliver had been waiting for this moment for longer than he could remember. The woman he had fallen in love with had swept him off his feet and now was willing to take him upstairs to indulge all of his wildest fantasies. Had she seen the way he looked at Liam? Did she intend for him to be involved in what happened next? It didn't really matter how she had found out, she had guessed correctly; he couldn't think of anything in the world that he would rather do than become the object of their combined affections. 

    The three of them made their way through the endless panelled hallways and stairs of the central manor, still laughing and chatting with light inebriation. With each step Oliver's excitement and nerves were building. It had been one of the best nights of his young life already, he felt giddy and a bit off-balance, like walking on top of the fizz and bubble of the champagne they drank earlier.

    Finally they had made their way back to Emma's old bedroom. As soon as the door was closed Emma pulled his veil open and was kissing him, it was hot and wet like a peach warmed in the sun. He was instantly erect and a thrill went through his body as he felt Liam start fondling him as well. 

    She engaged in one last long kiss and eased her face away from his and touched his cheek with her hand. "You're so cute. I knew you were the one we were looking for the first night we met."

    He blushed and turned his eyes from her for a second. 

    "Are you ready to see the surprise?"

    "This wasn't it?"

    Oliver was already so eager to proceed he couldn't believe it could get any better and was surprised when Emma strode over to the other side of the room and removed the dusty white sheet from what was revealed to be a towering antique mirror, densely carved with leaves and flowers. It was mounted on a dark stand of polished wood which mercifully had wheels on the bottom. 


    "Come see for yourself," she beckoned to him seductively with one finger. 

    He did so, and when his attention shifted from the mirror itself to his reflection he was stunned at what he saw. The lanky androgynous boy was gone and he was staring at a delicate blonde girl with bright green eyes. She had small, perfectly formed breasts and the sort of milky white complexion and thin limbs one developed spending long hours inside reading and gaming. He wasn't sure if anyone would call her a knockout, but she was very cute, and there was something disarming about how vulnerable she looked peering back into his gaze from under her white veil. 

    He took a few steps forward and watched the girl in the mirror do the same until their fingertips met at the glass. "What is this thing?" 

    "It's the Mirror of Want, one of the most powerful magical items ever created. It reflects the owner's desire and changes reality to fit it, I'm sure you can see how that could get out of hand pretty fast. My sister was supposed to inherit it, but I think Mom was right to leave it to me someday instead of Isabelle. You've met Izzie, you can probably see why."

    "Yeah," Oliver replied, still awestruck at what he saw in front of him.

    "Anyway, it's mine for the weekend, so let's have some fun!"

    "Wait, what if I don't want this?"

    "You don't? You can change back tomorrow if you really want to."

    He could already see his body changing to match his reflection, his hands becoming even more fine-boned and soft, his hair tumbling into his peripheral vision. Emma closed the gap between them and just as Oliver was thinking of objecting further she sealed his mouth with a kiss. He closed his eyes and gave in to his passion, enjoying the feel of her fingers interlocking with his own. 

    Liam had stripped nude and had embraced him from behind, and when Emma broke away to strip herself, he turned Oliver's head to kiss him forcefully. He stopped to start undressing the younger man, removing the veil and unzipping the back of the dress, gently peeling it off of him, pulling his panties down. Oliver raised his hands to assist, but Liam lowered them again with his own and a gentle "no". His hands moved up his legs until they nearly reached his crotch and Oliver stopped him.

    "Wait, stop."

    "Is something wrong?" Isabelle asked. She sounded genuinely concerned. 

    "No, I just want to see."

    Oliver turned back to the mirror and compared the reflection to his body. He couldn't tell the difference, they were the same pale, naked girl possessed with the same fragile beauty. 

    "Do you like what you see? I think you're really pretty myself, maybe we could call you Olivia or Liv?"

    "Y-Yeah, that's fine, I love it." 

    The three people in the mirror were all gorgeous, looking at them made her feel a deep and strange desire. She squeezed her thighs together in obvious need.

    "Do you want to take this to the bed?" Liam inquired knowingly. 

    Olivia's "yes" was barely a whisper. 

    Emma led the two of them to the bed and indicated to Olivia that she should lay down and place her head in her lap. She gasped as she felt Liam's hot breath and tongue on her new sex, it was unfamiliar and erotic in a way she couldn't have earlier imagined. He pushed her thighs up and took his time, she couldn't help but grind her crotch into his stubble. 

    He raised himself above her and placed her feet on his shoulders, his proud erect member touching but not penetrating her.

    Emma had lowered her hand to rub Liv's clitoris and her face to kiss her. 

    "Are you ready? This is going to hurt a little bit at first but I promise it won't for long." 

    Olivia's approval was clear from her moans and the slight nod she gave her. Liam gently entered her and there was a sharp, pinching pain. She took in a breath trying to endure his movements, slow at first but steadily faster. The pain gradually turned to a pleasantly abrasive tingle and she could feel him warm and hard inside her. Emma hadn't stopped stroking her and she was just starting to enjoy herself when Emma raised her head to her breast with her free hand, carefully feeding Olivia her nipple. 

    She sucked Emma's nipple eagerly while Liam continued gently thrusting into her. The stimulation was overwhelming and she felt her body tensing up before suddenly releasing in a kaleidoscopic spasm of pleasure. Liam pulled out and stroked himself a few times, cumming all over her belly. 

    Olivia hadn't stopped sucking Emma's titty, something about it felt so soothing. Emma was still cradling her head with one hand, cooing sweetly down to her. 

    "Did that feel good baby?" 

    Olivia popped the nipple out of her mouth.

    "Yes. I-I've never felt anything like that before." She was embarrassed but she continued. "Can you hold me like this a little longer? I don't want it to stop." 

    Emma was filled with love hearing her innocent request and looking down into her doe-eyed gaze. She was prepared for resistance or intense lust, not this adorable sweetness. 

    "Of course I can, just lay there and Liam can clean you up, and then we can cuddle all night long." 

    She lay with her head in Emma's lap, drowsy and content, while Liam wiped their mingled fluids off her stomach and pussy. 

    "Hold on a second, my foot's falling asleep." 

    Emma rose from the bed and stretched, allowing Liam to wrap his arms around Liv and spoon her. She snuggled into his slightly hairy chest, her thin feminine frame was enveloped in his broad chest. She felt warm and protected as she dozed off with him, settling into the sounds of his soft, steady breathing and the dark earthy scent of his sweat and cologne. Emma sat down next to the dead fireplace in her bathrobe and read a bit from the novel she had brought with her to pass the time while she waited for them to fall into a deeper sleep. 

    When she was satisfied that enough time had passed, Emma stood and pulled a light blanket over the two of them and appreciated what they had accomplished for a second. The scene in front of her was so close to perfect it was a terrible shame to alter it further, but for the rest of her life to go right it was essential; Isabelle and her mother would never forgive her if she messed this up. Emma rolled the mirror as quietly as she could to the happy bedside and joined them, reflecting her desires into its ancient silvered surface and willing the world to change. 



End Chapter 2

The Guest of Honor

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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