The Guest of Honor

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Chapter 5
Chapter 5

Chapter Description: Lolly has a birthday

    Baby Lolly woke in a fog with three fingers in her mouth. She had strange dreams of being someone else, calling out to her to wake up or run. A man or boy? Not like her Daddy though, he was bigger and stronger than the man in her dreams. 

    Her stomach rumbled and she felt something cold and wet between her legs and it made her feel uncomfortable. She rolled over, stood up, and crawled laboriously over to the corner of her crib where she stood babbling softly and then crying until her Mommy rushed into the room to comfort her. Mommy slipped a finger under her onsie and checked to see if she was wet, then started changing her while Lolly happily sucked on her fingers. Lolly loved the little orange tutu onesie  and nice warm ruffled socks her Mommy put her in, and the nice clean diaper was cozy and soft on her tushie.

    Mommy brought her daughter downstairs to breakfast where she ate cheerios and drank juice out of a sippy cup in a high chair. Everyone hovered and cooed at her, Lolly really liked the attention. She banged her chubby dimpled hands happily against her high chair when Mommy spoonfed her pureed fruit with an Elmo bib around her neck. It was so sweet and tasty! 

    "Today's a very special day baby, your very first birthday. Isn't that nice?"

    They lit a candle in a chocolate cake and blew it out and sang a funny song for her. It was so nice! Lolly clapped her hands together and shoved fistfuls of cake into her mouth, icing smearing everywhere. Everyone laughed at the messy baby and Lolly laughed with them. What fun! 

    Mommy wiped her face and sat her in a playpen with her cousin Marcie while the grownups set something up outside. There were brightly colored children's cartoons on the television in the living room for them and they cooed and babbled to imitate the characters on the screen. When the cartoons weren't holding their attention the girls played with some blocks and a little box with different shaped holes in it. Lolly was trying to fit a round block in a square hole before she tried the circular one and it slipped in with a satisfying plonk. She clapped her hands and drooled a bit on her favorite plush giraffe Mr. Necky which she pulled tight to her when their Mommys came to get them. 

    "Sweetheart, it's time for birthday presents and then I'll let you play a bit before naptime, alright?"

    "Yeth Mummy!" 

    Lolly bounced on her bottom for her Mommy to pick her up and made a little tinkle from excitement but didn't notice it. She was excited to get presents and couldn't wait to see what she got for her special day!

    Mommy sat her down in her lap with Mr. Necky on a quilted picnic blanket while relatives brought Lolly gifts in a long procession. A toy walking mower, a rocking horse, a big doll house with many dollies (her favorite was a hand stitched rag doll with button eyes), a lot of cute outfits, Lolly was so happy that everyone brought her such nice things and fawned over her. 

    "Say thank you baby."

    "Tank oo."

    "Awww how sweet. You're very welcome little lady. Sweet little lollipop! Good girl Olly!"

    Lolly was so happy and relaxed she hardly noticed as the front of her diaper grew warm. She gave a little push without knowing what she was doing at first and then the back of her diaper was warm too, and mushy. She smiled with relief and returned her thumb to her mouth while she made poopies. 

    "Uh oh, looks like we need to have a diaper change before we can open the rest of your presents sweetpea."

    Mommy laid her on her back and unbuttoned the clasps on her onesie, then pulled open the tapes of the pink pacifier print disposable diaper she wore.  The smell of her messy diaper suddenly brought back faint memories of her former life and the shame she should be feeling. Now she was just a baby, lying on her back with her most private area out while everyone watched her Mommy wipe her tiny poopy bottom clean. The cold touch of the wipe and the flash of humiliation made her upset and her face screwed up with discomfort. Before she knew it she was crying, then wailing. 

    "Oh little Lollipop, don't fuss, it's ok, Mommy's almost done changing your diaper and then we can open the last of your presents. Won't that be nice?" 

    Lolly didn't know why she was crying anymore, she just kept bawling with short stops to catch her breath. A crinkly diaper was pulled between her legs and taped shut. Lolly felt something funny and heard a silly sound. Mommy blew raspberries on her tubby belly until she was giggling and kicking with joy. What was she so sad about again? She was having a very good and special day, there was nothing to be sad about! 

    Mommy pulled her into her lap and helped her unwrap another present, a pink plastic princess mirror. 

    "Who's that little baby girl in the mirror? Is that my little baby girl? Mommy's little Lollipop? Yes it is, yes it is! Look at how pretty you are!"



End Chapter 5

The Guest of Honor

by: Longshot_Shoreleave | Complete Story | Last updated Oct 7, 2021


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