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This month on Sebtomato's Patreon

Sebtomato Feb 28, 2023

Howdy. My website has been eaten by malware, and so I'd like to pop in and let y'all know about February 2023 stories on my Patreon. It was a ...

RE: No, age regression

Sebtomato Jan 19, 2023

Looking at this strategically, if periodically complaining about the lack of certain stories doesn't result in the production of those stories, ...

RE: Seriously, ban Jodie Delight

Sebtomato Dec 2, 2022

A space for authors to advertise their works would be a nice addition to the site. As a confessed snowflake, I'd be happier.

Thank you Ouroboros!

On story: The Reason (A Parkdale Tale) - chapter 4
Sebtomato Nov 11, 2021

Glad you enjoyed this tale.

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