In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 48

I COMPLETELY ZONKED out for the drive, and only woke up again when I felt myself being tickled, “Come on, wake up Cammie,” I heard at the same time.

I looked up and said, “Ugh…” I spat out the pacifier from my mouth then and asked, “Where are we?”

“Getting a haircut!” she smiled at me.

I looked up suddenly and saw a sign ‘Pigtails and Ponies’ in a decorative script on a sign. ‘Little Girls Hair Salon’ was subtitled below it and I groaned… “Do we have to?”

She nodded, “Yes, we do! My baby girl needs a pretty haircut!”

I made a face, “I guess I can shave it all off after this is over.”

“Over?” She smiled, “Who says it’s going to be over?”

She gave me a warning look, “No one Mommy… Let’s get this over with.”

I was picked up from the car seat and felt an intrusion into my diaper. “Still dry… they did not give you nearly enough to drink there today, did they?”

I shrugged, I could feel the Plapple juice was almost needing out of my bladder, “I guess not?”

She dug around the car and the bottle I’d had before leaving was refilled. “Drink your baba while we wait,” she told me.

I sighed and held it as she carried me inside and a ding was heard with the door opening.

“Well, hello there!” A friendly mid, not much taller than me said to us. “May I help you?”

“We’re here to get my baby girl’s hair cut? I made an appointment?”


“Cammie Harris?”

“Sure thing, I’ve got you right here. I’ll let your stylist know that you’re here!”

“Thanks!” Addison said as she bounced me up and down a moment and then went to sit down on some couches that looked nicer than I would expect in a children’s salon. I did see a gated play area nearby with plenty of toddler and children’s toys sitting there, but thankfully she didn’t force me to go pretend there. There were a few tables lined with stacks of magazines for parents of real children and Littles alike.

Two real moms were waiting with their older elementary aged daughters for their cuts, but the shop seemed to be pretty quiet..

Apparently, Addison noticed I was just staring and holding the bottle, so she shifted me to the crook of her arm and grabbed the bottle from me, “Drink your baba baby.” She pushed the nipple in my mouth and I sighed as I began drinking. We were left waiting long enough that I finished it. My stomach was a bit bloated from two bottles of juice in a short amount of time, and my bladder really cried for release.

I squirmed for a moment and let a stream flow into the diaper.

“Good girl!” She cooed and hugged me.

I wondered if she might think about changing me, as it was pretty wet, but we heard, “Cammie?”

I looked up to see a tall woman with layered brown hair as Addison stood up. “That’s us!” She said with a smile.

“Great, come on back!”

We walked back and I saw the most ridiculous looking pink miniature car. I wasn’t sure what it was for a second, until Addison sat me down inside of it, and buckled me up with a lap belt before taking a seat next to me. I blushed as I realized my wet diaper was completely flashed at the young girl and her mother watching her get his haircut nearby. ‘This is a salon chair…? I wondered as I looked in front of me, and avoided looking at those I had flashed... They’d put in a steering wheel and it looked like a number of little toys to keep a kid sitting still.

“Is this your first time getting your haircut sweetie?” She cooed at me.

“Umm… no…?”

“Silly, I meant since you were adopted!”


“Yes, it sure is!” Addison said with that mommy voice she tended to use. “I’ve wanted to get a cute hairstyle for her forever though!”

“I bet you have,” the woman said. I felt her pulled out the elastics and the bows on the pigtails she had put my hair in that morning. “We have plenty of hair to do whatever you want here, what are you looking to get done?”

“Well, to be honest I want to keep it simple most days, so if you can just do a tapered cut down to just below her shoulders?”

I felt the woman turn my body in the chair and held a comb up several inches above my current length, “About here?”

“That would be perfect,” Addison said. “And then once you get it into that basic style, I’m hoping you can do something like this…?” She showed her a picture on her phone.

“Oh, that’s easy, I can definitely do that! Special date tonight?” She asked.

“Yep, we’re having a mommy daughter night out!”

“Aww… Too many of my customers just leave their Little girls at home in a crib with their babysitters while they go out.”

“Well, I’m sure we’ll be doing that sometimes too, but she’s been a very good girl and had a rough day today.”

“Well, we’ll make it better here! Do you have a paci for her? I find all of my clients that still use them sit better if they have one?”

“Sure!” she said and dug into the diaper bag and plopped a pacifier inside of my mouth.

I had always hated haircuts… They took too long and I hated sitting still even as an adult! It was the upside to dating women who preferred I have longer hair – I didn’t go in very often! When I was in court, I had usually just tied it into a low ponytail and hid that underneath my suit coat, but I suspected with the new length that would be trickier to do. ‘As soon as I get done with this bullshit, I am shaving it off!’

She played with my hair for a few minutes before moving the chair to a nearby sink. It was a little disconcerting seeing the front of a ‘car’ sticking straight up in the air as she washed my hair out, then moved me back to the middle of her area. Every now and then she would grab my head and twist it this way and that, or tell me to ‘stay still baby…’ I saw a small mountain of my hair growing at my feet as she chopped a lot of length off.

After a while she said, “How’s this Mommy?”

I felt myself turned around so Addison could see, and could now see my own self in the mirror in front of me. To my relief I didn’t have bangs, or red hair like I figured was coming, but the way my hair fell was definitely more feminine. There was a mirror behind me and I could see that instead of the straight, square cut on the bottom I’d been having done for years, it was longer in the middle, and shorter on the sides. It also no longer reached the middle of my back, but rather the longer edges barely brushed my shoulders. I had been accused for a while of looking feminine with my hair and thinner build and face from my weight loss, but this seemed to push it further over the line. ‘Given I’m wearing a dress I guess I should accept this could be my new normal…’

I sighed as Addison said, “That’s perfect! Just what I was hoping for!”

“It’ll be super easy to care for and put into whatever style you want before you send her to daycare each day too!” I could see the woman beaming a big smile at Addison. “Now, for the style you wanted for tonight!”

I felt the chair turn away from the mirrors and found myself staring at a wall filled with images of cartoon characters as she began working on my hair again. I tensed as I saw a curling iron, something I’d always feared to be honest after hearing Beth, Addison, and so many others talk about burning themselves with them!

I sat absolutely still as she began spraying my hair with scented hair spray and using the hot iron! As time went on, I noticed that she was making my hair fall off-center, and soon a ponytail of hair was lying on my shoulder. I could just see the shorter ends of it with large curls visible. “How’s that Mommy?” she asked Addison.

“Perfect! Way better than I would have done!”

The woman smiled, “It’s not that difficult, I’m sure you could do it. It helps that this little girl is such a sweet good girl! Can she have a sucker?”

“As long as it’s not got anything in it?”

I looked up and saw the woman shake her head, “Just tons of sugar, food coloring, and flavor!” She handed me a sucker, “Thanks for being such a good girl for me!”

“Thank you for doing my hair…” I told her as she turned me and let me see. Whereas the style I had seen before was simple, this looked way dressier. Large curls now adorned my hair as it pulled to the side over my left shoulder. I could see a few little hair pins with crystals on them in the top of my hair, but for the most part the thing that surprised me was that it was a style I could have seen Addison wearing for an event. There were no bright bows or clips being used in it, and I was surprised that it actually made me look older… like maybe I was late elementary in age instead of a toddler.

As Addison picked me up and my dress flashed up and displayed my soaked diaper, that older image was definitely shattered though. “Let’s get you paid for your great job, and then do you have a bathroom I might be able to borrow to get her changed and dressed?” she patted the diaper bag, but also pointed to a small garment bag I hadn’t seen her come inside with. ‘Must have left me to go out to the car while I was getting my hair cut?’


I caught a glimpse of the receipt and saw that Addison had given her a tip that was more than the haircut was supposed to cost. The woman lit up when she saw that, and said, “Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome. We may come back in for a style or two in the next couple of weeks again. You did great work and you treated Cammie just like the little girl she is – thank you for that.” She bounced me and looked at me, “Let’s go use their bathroom, change your soggy pants, and get you in your pretty dress!”

I blushed as a couple other ‘parents’ held their kids within hearing distance. The salon had a set of male and female single restrooms. She entered the women’s and locked the door behind us. “Diapee first!” she said as she pulled down a changing table and laid out the changing mat she had. I was lifted up onto the table and she pulled the dress carefully off, before laying me down.

“Uh-oh,” she told me as she opened the diaper.


“You just have a bit more poopy in here… I’m surprised you had anything left after what she gave you though…”

“It wasn’t permanent, was it…?” I asked as she picked my ankles up and wiped my butt.

“No sweetie, if it had been, I wouldn’t have left that daycare until that bitch was shorter than you and couldn’t even still crawl.” I felt my fear rise at that reaction as she slid a diaper underneath me.

“You know that kind of treatment was pretty normal, right?” I asked her. “Miss Crystal may hold a grudge against me now too…?”

She taped the diaper shut, “If she does, I’ll take care of her too. I don’t think she will though, she seemed genuinely clueless about Kristin’s actions. Anyway, enough talk of daycare. Let’s get you dressed up for dinner.”

I wondered what kind of dress would be inside of the garment bag. I was picturing something completely frilly, over the top flouncy, pink or purple, and meant for some fancy birthday party. Instead, as she unzipped it, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a solid navy blue, with just some small fake diamonds sewn into a ‘V’ shaped pattern at the top of the bodice. The dress was sleeveless, and flared out, but seemed to lack any sort of petticoat or anything.

“Arms up!” she told me as she pulled it down over my body. She zipped it and switched out the pink tennis shoes I had on for a set of matching navy-blue strappy sandals with just a small heel on them. Even they looked quite mature in appearance compared to shiny Mary Janes or something. She stood me up on the ground and began cleaning up from the diaper change. As she was washing her hands, I looked in a tall mirror attached to the back of the door, and appreciated that the flared skirt fell almost to my knees and fully concealed the diaper I wore. I touched the soft fabric, and felt the bumps of a few of the sparkly gemstones.

Between the hair and the dress, I actually almost looked like the adult I was… just a flat chested woman instead of a man. “You look pretty, huh?” Addison said to me without a hint of her mommy voice.

I hesitantly nodded. “Yeah, I guess I do…”

“Come on, let’s go get some dinner!”

I smiled as she didn’t pick me up, but instead grabbed my hand and led me outside to her car and let me climb up into the car seat on my own for once. After she buckled the harness, she fussed with the dress a bit, and soon we were off. With her driving it didn’t take long to get to wherever we were going. When she came around to my side of the car, I could see we were at a restaurant we used to eat at together quite regularly in college. I blushed at the potential of some of the waitstaff recognizing us…

She helped me out, and I noticed that she merely carried a thin wallet inside with us, leaving both the diaper bag and her purse with her phone inside locked away in the trunk. ‘I hope I don’t need a change…’ I worried a little, but reminded myself I used to go hours at a time without using the bathroom! She didn’t even grab my hand, but just said, “Come on, let’s go eat! I haven’t been here since the last time we were here together.”

“Really?” I said as I walked beside her.


At the host stand we were greeted by a host I didn’t recognize, “Table for two please?” I said from habit.

“Why of course Miss!” The host said.

One of the reasons we used to frequent the restaurant was that it was one of the few that was very discrete with boosting up those of us who were shorter. The chair I was seated in was probably a highchair in height, but it looked identical to Addison’s chair at first glance. There were no straps or other restraints on it, so that it really was just a higher chair to sit in. The menu I was handed was the regular adult’s menu, and there weren’t any crayons or coloring mats in sight.

“Why?” I asked her as we waited for them to come with drinks.

She shrugged, “You’re not a baby – I know that, even if it’s hard not to confuse everything. I figured if we could get away from everyone today, we could have a moment for ourselves.”

“You’re sure they didn’t follow us?”

“Actually, I’m sure they did, but they’re not being let inside the door…” she smiled and nodded to the door.

“You have to let us in…” I heard a man complaining.

“Sorry, we don’t have space for you at this time. Please make a reservation and we’ll be happy to serve you another time.” I saw the host call for another waiter that helped him remove the stalkers.

“So…” she said.

“So…” I said, “Beside the witch, how was today?”

“Horrible?” she said.

“Horrible?” I asked.

“Yeah… let’s just say my mom isn’t happy. She won’t be until at least you’re altered to being a girl… but even then, I’m worried she’s always going to want to take you the next peg down. I think that’s part of why I wanted to come out tonight. Tell me more about your time at law school…? I always wondered how you were doing? What did you do afterwards?”

For the next two hours it was like Addison held up a big ‘pause’ sign on my shitty life’s turn. It was like dating in college again, with us listening to each other - and it was so easy to remember why I loved her back then. It made me feel guilty of how once again I could feel that way while Beth wallowed in forced babyhood…

It made me feel so much saner though, that I didn’t see a reason to complain about it! After dessert we walked to the restroom together, and I waited inside while she used the toilet. I found myself needing to go and asked… “Umm… could I…?”

She sighed, “Let’s get through your hearing just using your diapers sweetie. If it goes the wrong way, we’ll get you fixed up and then I’ll let you use the big girl potty.”

I sighed, but relented and just peed the diaper I wore. I had a distinct waddle as we walked out to her SUV and she laid me on the back cargo area to change the wet diaper before driving home.

Until I was again given a bath like a toddler, dressed in a frilly pink nightgown, and presented with her breast to suckle on - it had almost been like an old normal night out with Addy!

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End Chapter 48

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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NxK · Jan 29, 2022

I really don't know what else to say. Absolutely love the story and how it going. The twist in this set of chapters was very nice! Both sad and happy this is "the back quarter of the book here".

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