In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 49

THE NEXT MORNING, I woke up to someone giggling. “She looks perfect like this! I always thought this is what you should have done if you adopted her!”

I looked up and saw Danica standing there towering above the small bed. I never appreciated the fact that her family thought her a ‘runt,’ given her nearly eleven-foot-tall frame certainly intimidated me now! I knew that she had to be about twenty-five now, and she had certainly come into her own with her appearance over the years. She was every bit as gorgeous as Addison was.

“Hi Danica,” I sighed, grabbing onto Rings instinctively and trying to roll back over on my bed, but she wasn’t going to have any of that.

Kneeling next to the bed she began tickling me mercilessly. “That’s Auntie Dani now,” she said as she continued to tickle torture me and I conceded the battle with my bladder.

“Okay, Auntie Dani,” I said, “Stop… please!”

She smiled at me, kissed my forehead, and said, “Okay! It’s so good to see you Cameron… I mean Cammie.”

It was a genuine slip, and I was actually kind of curious to see her as an adult now. When I knew her before she was actually one of the rare good Bigs who didn’t want to baby everyone, trick everyone, or abuse every little they saw. It was actually odd that any parents like theirs would raise a daughter or two like that. Now that she was a real adult, was she still the same?

“It’s good to see you too,” I told her. “Why are you here?”

“Well, it’s normally a tradition that when someone’s sister adopts a Little, they have a Little Shower. Since we’re not sure if you’re staying yet – and you have that injunction against your grandma, we’re going to hold off on that. But I think an auntie is entitled to at least hang out with her sister and her at least temporary niece!”

Not knowing what else to do I sighed and nodded, understanding that this wasn’t an adult reunion.

“Now, let’s get that wet diapee changed, and you can wear your first present from Auntie Dani!”

I felt myself stiffen a bit at that… I didn’t have long to wonder what the present was though, because she held it up to show me as soon as she sat me down on the changing table. “Isn’t it so pretty???” She smiled, “I think I always dreamed of Addy dressing you in something like this!”

I sighed and looked a little closer at the dress she held. The fabric was primarily a light baby blue, with puffy sleeves, a little collar on either side folded down, and a smocked front gathering the material. I noted that there were three little flowers embroidered on each of the little collars, and a diamond pattern crossing back and forth on the smocked area on the bodice. At each point the diamonds met there was a little crystal inset, along with little blue rose petals around them, and just a swish beyond of white to portray leaves. All of the details had to have been made by hand, and I assumed were just as high end as some of the other clothes Addison had dressed me in the past few days.

“What do you think?” Addison asked me.

I shrugged, “It is very pretty. Thank you,” I told Danica. Trying to avoid saying Auntie Dani any more than I had to!

She smiled and squealed with joy and began taking off the nightgown I was dressed in, leaving me in the wet diaper. As she undid the diaper she smirked, “You know, I used to think you were lying Addy, but I think you probably were having a good time with him. That’s not the small little thing I expected.”

I blushed completely red and covered my eyes with my hands. “Danica!” Addy hissed. “Not helping!”

“Sorry, I know you’re trying to forget he’s an adult Addy, but if I was you, I would think about my resources.” I looked up at her and she smirked at me. “Just trying to help you both out here,” she smiled.

She lifted my legs up like she’d been changing diapers all of her life, and quickly had me into a new one faster than Addison. “Okay, arms up!” She told me after she unbuttoned four large buttons on the back of the dress.

I did so and she pulled it over my head, and then turned me a little so she could button them up. I felt the material gather at the back and figured out that it must have had a bow. The dress itself was a sateen, and felt very soft on my skin. I worried at first that the front of the dress would be itchy with its gathered fabric, but another layer underneath it prevented the smocking from being on my skin.

“That’s adorable!” Addison squealed.

“Yes, it is!” she replied. “Let’s get your shoes and socks on now!” she said to me.

A pair of ankle length lacy socks went onto my feet, and then she put on a pair of white patent leather Velcro shoes on top of that. Each shoe had a little scalloped edge in the middle, and was almost a sandal with the middle of the foot exposed in front of the Velcro. A large white bow was attached on the Velcro piece, covering out to the edge of the shoe. ‘These are about as girly as possible…’ I thought to myself right then.

She smiled, “You look so pretty already! Can I do her hair too?”

“What’s with the affection for the Little?” Addison asked.

“Matty has short hair, I can’t do anything with him… and you’re just enough older that I was never able to really do your hair – you never trusted me!”

Addison laughed at that, “Okay, you’re right. Sure, she’s your doll for the morning, but be nice to her!”

I was picked up then and sat on the ground, “Where are her hair accessories?” She asked.

“Over there…” She pointed to a tub of bows and things that were on a dresser.

I took a couple of hesitant steps in the shoes and quickly made the determination that they were going to suck to walk in. It wasn’t that they were rubbing against my feet in bad spots, but the toe area of the soles was not very thick. They also had a slight heel on the back, but much less than my lifts had.

“Is this really all you’ve bought her so far?” Danica complained.

“We honestly haven’t had a chance to go anywhere really… this week has been crazy, and you know Mom dragged me into the office yesterday.”

“Yeah… I wish I knew what her deal really was there… a new mommy should always get her maternity leave! Are you going in again this week?”

“At least a couple days probably. I’m hoping to only go on Tuesday for a meeting about a couple projects, and then Thursday for the shareholders meeting.”

“You shouldn’t even be going in for those!” she said as she stopped digging. “Okay, I think I have everything!” she looked around the room and asked, “Where do you do her hair?”

Addison shrugged, “We’re still figuring out routines. I’ve been using her highchair though downstairs?”

Danica came over to where I was standing watching them interact and picked me back up. “You know you are way too light!”

“Yes, she is… She was only one-hundred-and-sixty pounds the other day.”

“She’s nearly two feet taller than Matty, and seven pounds lighter…” Danica looked down at me, “You have got to eat more kiddo.” She paused at the bottom of the stairs, “Speaking of that, Mommy do you need to nurse her?”

“I’ll give her a baba on the way to the mall,” she told her.

“Mall?” I asked.

Danica smiled, “Mall! I told you, Auntie needs to take care of her new niece! Your mommy doesn’t believe in having nearly enough hair accessories apparently! And I think you need another toy or two. Speaking of toys, that stuffed Red Panda is adorable! What’s her name?” she asked me.

I blushed, “Rings…”

“Cute!” she smiled. “Addy, why don’t you make sure you her diaper bag is packed for a day out of shopping, and make sure you grab Rings. Did you buy a stroller yet?”

Addy sighed, “There’s one they bought that I put in the car last night. I don’t like it all that much though. I might look for a different one while we’re out.”

“It’ll at least get her around until then though?”

“It should,” she agreed.

“I don’t need a stroller…” I tried to say, but Danica saw a pacifier by the high chair and inserted it into my mouth.

She spoke softly to me as she bounced me, “Now Baby Cammie, you need to remember that you’re not as old as you were last week. I don’t know why the judge decided it, but she decided it was best that your mommy care for you just as a little baby now. So, it’s our job as the big adults to take care of you! You’re so lucky you don’t even have to walk around!”

“You certainly have a way with her,” Mindy said as she appeared out of nowhere.

“Thanks Mindy,” she told her. “Could you make her some toast to take with us? I’m going to do her hair really quick and then we’ll take off.” She looked back at Addy as she buckled the harness closed, “Go, we’ll be fine down here.”

“We don’t use the extra straps,” Addison told her then before going upstairs.

“Hmm… Mommy thinks you can be good without them? I guess we’ll see, huh?”

She moved to the back of the chair and began brushing through my hair with a brush. Mindy was busy further off in the kitchen. She leaned over and whispered, “Sorry kiddo, Addy told me she’s avoided you being around Mindy too much. She’s definitely an old school Littles ‘should be seen and not heard’ woman. Be careful around her. They just cut your hair yesterday, right?”

I would have nodded, but she had a bunch of my hair firmly in her hand. “Yeth,” came out around the pacifier.

“I like it, it’s simple. Should be easier to take care of than it was last time I saw you. I saw someone do what I’m going to do with your hair the other day, and I thought it was totally cute! It’ll look cute with your dress too!”

I sat still as I felt her pull the brush through my hair to triple check it was straight and tangle free. Each brush of the stroke honestly felt really good, and I had some goosebumps running down my arms as she worked on me for some reason. I felt her pull pretty hard on two small sections on either side of my head before she tied them off with a small rubber band temporarily. A moment later I could feel her tugging and twisting, and decided she must have been braiding those sections. It didn’t take her long to tie those off again, and then it felt like she began gathering the rest of my hair in the back into two sections too. I felt her tug a few more times on each side as she must have been braiding some other sections.

Addison came back down with the diaper bag and Rings, who she handed to me to hold at that point, and watched her sister do her magic.

Eventually Danica said, “Done!” and I heard the click of a camera shutter. “Here!”

She showed me the back of my head now had an ‘X’ going across it with two braided pigtails crossing in the middle and then flaring out with the last couple inches hanging unbraided, but tied back with two blue bows that matched the dress I was wearing. Addison had her own phone out and took a picture then too.

“Pretty,” I admitted to her with the pacifier still in my mouth. Seeing Mindy there watching us, I said, “Thank you Auntie Dani!”

“You’re very welcome kiddo!” she told me and gave me a hug. “Addy, you ready to go?”

“Sure… Let me grab her warmed bottle and then that toast that Mindy made her.”

“Sounds good!” she said. “I’ve got the munchkin!”

She tickled me a little and hugged me before carrying me after Addison. “Bye Miss Mindy,” I thought to say politely. “Thank you for the toast.” The pacifier obscured that quite a bit, but I was sure the intention was there.

“Bye sweetie,” she told me.

A short while later I was strapped into my car seat with the two sisters sitting up front, a pile of toast in my lap, a bib and a blanket to protect my dress, and a bottle of milk sitting in a cup holder on my seat. I ate the toast and then slowly began nursing on the bottle as they drove away. Eventually falling back asleep for another little nap.


I WOKE UP when Addison slammed on the brakes suddenly. “Jack ass!”

“Addy! There are wittle ears here!” Danica said.

“Oh… well I know Cammie has said worse.”

“I meant mine, you idiot!” she said.

Addison laughed sarcastically, “Riiiight…

“Just take that parking space there,” she said.

I opened my eyes and saw that we were parked in a place that I’d tried my best to avoid over the years since being there last to return a ring. Danica was closer to my door and opened it up. “Well, hi there, Kiddo! Did you have a good nap?”

I shrugged, “I guess…”

I sat still as she pulled the blanket off of me and undid the bib I’d been wearing. “They did their job; baby girl is still all clean!” She cooed at me. She unbuckled me from the seat.

“Hand me her empty baba,” Addy told her, gathering my diaper bag on the other side of the car.

“You want this bib too?”

“Nah, I’ve got like four more in here…”

“New mothers,” Danica said as she rolled her eyes and picked me up. She had a good handle on my smaller body, but I couldn’t help but note that with her shorter size she seemed more like a young teenager holding me rather than the ‘mother’ that Addison felt like.

Addison went to the back and opened the SUV to reveal a stroller that she unfolded. I made a face, and Danica said, “Okay, now I see what you were saying… We’ll get another one. It’ll work to hold the munchkin for now though!” She tickled my side and sat me down. The dress flew up to expose my diaper and she said, “I’m surprised you’re still dry after that bottle of mommy’s milk!”

“She tends to hold on longer than Matty.” Addison said, “It’s probably her size difference.”

“It’s still early too, sometimes it takes a couple weeks to do its job.”

I sighed and squeezed Rings who Addison passed to me.

“Let’s go shopping!” Danica said.

The stroller started moving, and since Danica walked beside me from time to time looking in on me, I knew that it was Addison pushing me. Inside the stroller the harness was padded, but it clearly wouldn’t let me out unless they wanted that. The fabric of this stroller felt kind of flimsy, I could feel one of the support bars uncomfortably under my butt, and honestly it wasn’t comfortable at all! That fact wasn’t made better as I began to feel some rumblings in my gut and knew it was inevitable that I was going to have to poop while we were out.

I resolved to hold it for a while… ‘Maybe I can get out of the stroller before it happens?’ I hoped.

Addison started out in a shop that looked to sell more dresses like the one I had on then. “Ooh, this would look so adorable on her!” She held up another blue dress, this one alternating thin-blue and white vertical-stripes across it, that I saw flared way out at the skirt. It featured a little white ruffle around the collar and the puffed sleeves. There was a much thinner band of smocking that would fall right at the level of my armpits, that little dark blue flowers embroidered across the middle of the band. A little diamond pattern crossed as a band at the top and bottom of the smocking. The dress came with a matching diaper cover with lots of ruffles on the back.

“You have to get that!” Danica agreed.

“I’m so glad that she still fits into 3T or 4T clothing!”

“And then of course you can always find other things for her in Little stores. You know you could shrink her when this is all settled, right?”

“I wouldn’t want to do that Dani; I like her the height she is. I never wanted to have an endless crawling infant like Mom.”

“I didn’t think you wanted a Little period, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed too.” Danica said, making me more nervous as I sat completely out of the conversations and not being involved.

The urge to poop unfortunately grew as we waited for a register to pay for six dresses she’d found at that store. Getting the feeling that getting out wasn’t going to be an option I squirmed a bit trying to get comfortable and some leverage on my bowels. Danica came around, “What’s wrong kiddo, are you a squirmy baby?”

I was annoyed, but nodded in response.

“Here, let’s let you out here while we wait to pay for your new dresses!”

She unbuckled the seat and sat me down on my feet. Right then I felt a cramp and just resolved to ignore the line of mothers watching and crouched down.

I squeezed and felt a fart release before the poop finally started leaving. “Aww… did you just need to make some poopies?” Danica cooed at me. “I guess that would be kind of harder to do in your seat, huh?”

Her cooing was not making things better at all! When I was done though, I stood up, hoping to avoid smashing it against my skin. It really felt nasty, and still quite a bit softer than normal. ‘Probably still from that damn laxative yesterday and some from Addison’s milk…’

Without warning big hands picked me up, “Pee-ew! You’re a stinky baby!” Danica said as her hand landed right on the diaper below my skirt and smushed the load more.

I looked at Addison for help, but she was looking away. Danica began bouncing me and said, “She looks upset, can you hand me her paci?”

A pacifier passed between the sisters and landed in my mouth as we got to the front. “Let’s put you back down here while Auntie Dani buys your new dresses, and then your mommy can change you!”

“What happened to Auntie Dani…?” Addison kidded even as I was harnessed and could now feel the poop moving further up my back thanks to the stupid bar in the cheap stroller.

Fortunately, we soon began moving towards a changing room!

Unfortunately, on the way there we ran into some people I didn’t want to see me like this. Addison’s voice said, “Oh, hi Doctor Westerfield!”

I looked up to see Amanda walking with Bella beside her wearing one of those monkey harness leashes, and Megan pushing Meg in a stroller.

Meg and Bella both had looks of shock when they realized who was sitting inside the stroller with a poopy diaper clearly visible underneath a frilly dress!



End Chapter 49

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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