In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 46

THE LONGER I had nursed on the bottle, the sleepier I became. The next thing I knew was a voice next to me crying, “Eeew! Miss Crystal! She’s stinky poopy!!!”

I shook my head and looked for the source of a god-awful stench I could smell. Then I sat up, and realized I now knew what had been in that bottle!

“Oh wow,” Miss Crystal said as she picked me up awkwardly, “This is a full-on blowout Sweetie…”

I woke up some more and realized a blowout meant I had shit running down my legs as she carried me, still holding onto Rings, who seemed to have ended up a casualty too. As she sat me down on the table, I realized it had somehow squeezed its way up the back of my diaper and up my back too… It was disgusting, and I just wanted to scream! She carefully took Rings from me, “I’ll try and clean her up for you so you can take her home later…” Kristin looked over at me and smirked before changing her expression to a concerned one, “Miss Crystal, do you need me to grab her backup outfits out of her bag for you?”

“Would you please dear?” She shook her head, “This is the worst blowout I’ve seen in years… you didn’t tell me you gave her a suppository?”

“I didn’t…”

“Hmm…” she said. “That’s kind of odd then, I swear this had to be caused by laxatives. I’ll have to talk to her mom later. If this is a normal thing for her, she’s going to need some crawler diapers to contain this kind of mess…”

I wanted to open my mouth to speak up, but I was still in shock. I sat very still as she gloved up and laid me down on the changing table that she had laid some extra paper down first.

“We’re going to have to take this off in reverse, Sweetie,” she told me.


“We’ll pull it down your bottom,” she told me.

I tried to help her maneuver my shoulder out of the top of the outfit on one side, then the other, as she pulled it down my legs.

The onesie was probably forever stained from all of the liquid poop that ran down onto it. She placed it in a bag, before sighing and undoing the diaper. The next eternity was made up of her wiping me off with baby wipes on every surface of my back, all the way down to my toes, to get the disgusting yellowish brown stains off of my skin. I still felt disgusting as she taped the new diaper shut, but at least I was better.

“Did you find her outfits Miss Kristin?” she asked.

“I couldn’t find anything in her bag… It’s just diapers and some bottles? A few toys?”

“Hmm… I swear I saw extra outfits in her bag earlier. Are you sure?”

“I am, do you want one of the spare outfits?”

Miss Crystal sighed and shrugged, “It’s that or only she runs around only in her diapee for the rest of the day.”

As Kristin brought over the new outfit, I realized I wasn’t sure which was worse! It was a light pink color with a black design of a volcano on it coming out of a diaper. ‘Explosive Pooper!’ it said on top, and then had ‘Blowout’ in an obnoxious font at the bottom like some sort of action movie poster. The ‘Changing Tikes’ logo was off to the left side of the design just to ensure you knew where I’d exploded a diaper…

I was quickly dressed in the obnoxious onesie, and told, “All clean now! Why don’t you go play with your friends now?”

I sighed, but went to find a friendly face. On my way to where Gracie sat next to the regressed Alexis, I saw Miss Erin scrubbing the nap mat I had used while gagging. ‘Kristin should be the one cleaning that up…’ I couldn’t help but think.

Gracie gave me a sympathetic look, “First blowout?”

“Since middle school…”

“Your mommy didn’t send you extra outfits?”

“She did… two or three of them actually. I’m guessing Kristin intentionally lost them after she spiked my bottle.”

She nodded, “Be careful with her, that could be dangerous if you have those many times.”

“Yeah, they already threatened me with crawler diapers…”

She wrinkled her nose, “You do not want to wear those.”

For the next half-hour I joined her and Alexis in coloring. Gracie quickly did one sheet that she just absolutely scribbled on – it looked exactly like Alexis’ that she concentrated on while sticking her tongue out of her mouth. Then I noted Gracie turned the page in her coloring book and began an incredibly detailed page. She seemed to pay attention to shading, added details not included in the blank lines, and genuinely made art with the crappy crayons. I was so enthralled in watching her work, and Alexis with her regressed motions and behavior, that I did a pretty terrible job on my own page of a teddy bear.

“Super pooper - that looks just like a three-year-old colored it, good job!” Kristin came over to me and said while Gracie flipped back to her scribbled page. “I didn’t think you’d be able to do that well! Someday maybe you can even be an artist when you grow up!”

I looked at her, “Thank you Miss Kristin. I’m just a little baby, I wouldn’t expect to do better than this, huh?”

“Nope! But not as wrong as Miss Gracie.” She grabbed the book from her and flipped to the beautifully done page that I couldn’t believe was done in crayon. “This is all wrong Gracie!” She told her and grabbed an ugly brown crayon and scribbled all over the page. “There you go, that’s how it’s supposed to look.”

“Thank you, Miss Kristin,” Gracie said, even as I could see her murderous expression.

She smirked at her, before turning back to me. “Well, now I came over here because I’m supposed to take you to your special therapy appointment!”

‘Special therapy appointment?’ I wondered nervously. “Therapy?”

“Yes, we do that for our special Little Ones who may have some extra special big feelings to deal with!”

She grabbed the coloring book from me and tore the page out, “Let’s put this with your bag so your mommy can hang it on the refrigerator tonight!”

I didn’t say anything more as she grabbed my hand and began leading me out of the room. We walked past the cafeteria, and towards the opposite hallway I’d been told was for the big kids earlier by Miss Crystal. I was even more self-conscious of the embarrassing onesie as we passed a class of Pre-K kids taller than me heading the opposite direction from our playground. “All of the big boys and girls have their own special playground over there!” Kristin cooed at me.

I didn’t respond, but heard a snicker from one of the taller kids as I passed. “That baby must have pooped his diaper so much it exploded and made him wear girly clothes!”

I kept my eyes moving forward and ignored the kid, but I couldn’t help but feel a bit stung by that comment! A quick look at the boy, showed me that he was nearly a foot taller than me – and it didn’t make me feel better in the slightest that he was so young! I didn’t know how to feel about the recognition of me being a male for the first time by a kid either. She walked me past rooms of the Pre-K classes, then the Preschool classes, then as we got towards the front of the building by the offices we came to a ‘Therapy Wing.’ Pictures on the walls were a mix of babyish and slightly more kindergarten themes I guessed to make all of the ‘kids’ feel welcome.

“Well, let’s get you to your special appointment!” Kristin smiled, “I’m sure it’ll help you change your whole life!”

I saw a nameplate above the door but didn’t get a chance to read it before I was ushered inside a large room with a set of soft mats, couches, childhood sized furniture, and a convenient changing table. I noticed off to the side there was also a TV and a Little’s highchair facing it.

“Well, hi there! You must be Cammie!” the woman said as she came towards me.

I looked at her and something about her seemed familiar, but I couldn’t place it. She looked to be a bit older than me, enough so I wouldn’t have been in undergrad with her or high school. Her brown hair was cut to a bit above shoulder length, and she looked to be another of these overweight mommy types. ‘Mommy…’ triggered the thought. She was Megs freshman nest mother!

“Hi,” I said as I thought through all of that.

“I’m Doctor Dannigan,” she told me, “You can just call me Doc though!” She smiled at me and it almost felt genuine. Turning her gaze above me, “You may go Kristin; I’ve got the princess from here.”

“Behave!” Kristin said towards me before leaving and closing the door.

“Have you been misbehaving for her?”

I shook my head, “She has a grudge against me from ten years ago…” I said, suddenly wondering if I should talk freely around her. ‘Probably not.

“That sounds interesting, do you want to talk about it?”

I looked at her, “So you can go tell her or someone else…?” I shook my head, “Why am I here?”

“Well, first of all, I can see that Addy finally decided to become your mommy – I figured that was a matter of time. Which means that you are now an adopted Little?”

I shrugged, “I guess… That’s still up in the air right now?”

“We’ll talk about that in a second sweetie, but I serve as Changing Tikes Little counselor. Here they understood that even though you might be a Little, you might still have Big feelings that you need to talk about. My job is to let you do so in a safe way.”

“And then what? Go tell my teachers? My mommy? The LPS people wanting to support their Maturosis case?”

She shook her head, “In a lot of places that would be the case, but here I promise you what we talk about will stay between us for the most part. I may tell your mommy that you’re concerned about something, but I won’t tell her what you said about it. Same thing with your teachers…”

“So why talk? It might just get me into trouble…?”

“If something isn’t harmful, I’m not out there to get you. If you were planning to try and kill yourself or harm someone, that would be a different thing.”

I sighed, “Okay, what do you want to talk about?”

“Well first, why don’t we have a seat over there,” she said pointing to some couches. She let me climb up on my own and took an adjacent chair. “So… you graduated from Emerson, then what?”

I looked at her with an eye raised and debated about saying much…

“Well, I went to Harlan Law School…” I told her about Law School, Beth’s disappearance – without information on our indiscretions, my family’s many quick deaths, and then finally the last few days since getting railroaded by the judge. “So yeah…”

She looked at me with a genuine surprised expression on her face. “So, the only reason you’re here…”

“Because of a bad judge. Things are on appeal, hopefully in two weeks I’ll be freed.”

“What then?”

“Then I go back to practicing law I hope, and standing up for the rights of Littles that have been trampled on.”

“And if it doesn’t go your way?”

“You mean, I’m stuck this way?”

She nodded.

“Well… I guess I’d better get used to peeing sitting down.”

“You can do that standing up in your diapees even as a girl you know.”

I shrugged, “I’m hoping Addison goes back to our original deal then, which would mean training pants.”



“You already have someone messing with you today,” she said motioning to the embarrassing onesie I was wearing. “That’ll be worse if you’re wearing Pull-Ups.”

“Probably,” I agreed.

“Well Cameron, I mean Cammie, I know you’ve been stuck with a really tough hand here. I know it’s going to be rough for you getting used to your new life, but…” she extended a bit here, “I think this might be an opportunity for you too.”

I snorted, “What opportunity?”

“To heal? You’ve been through more in the past few years than most people go through in decades. You probably should be seeing someone like me even if you manage to overturn that ruling. Being taken care of by Addy and others could help you heal if you’ll let it.”

I looked at her like she was nuts, but shrugged, “Maybe…”

“Well, this is all the time we have today. I’m going to make sure I see you again in a couple days if you’re here daily. If you’re not back right away I’ll leave a note for them to make a place in my schedule to see you whenever that is.”

I felt strangely okay with the talk we had, so I said, “Okay… Thanks.”

“You’re welcome! Now let me see, there should be a helper outside…”

She was correct, a teenager with ‘volunteer’ on her badge was waiting outside. “Hi Mia, this is Cammie, can you make sure you get her back to her room? She’s a little bunny in Miss Crystals room.”

I looked up at the not quite as tall, and very young looking Big. She was wearing short shorts and a cheerleading shirt from one of the local high schools. “Hi Cammie, let’s get you back to class with the other cute bunnies, okay?” Holding out her hand.

She was a chatterbox as we walked, and she said, “How about we skip back the rest of the way? Wouldn’t that be fun?!?”

‘Should she be the one in the diapers…?’ I couldn’t help but think as I was coerced into skipping back to the room.

She opened the door and said, “Miss Crystal, I have a special someone back here for you!”

“Oh, thank you Mia! Would you mind checking her diaper really quick before you go? We’re all knee deep in paint right now…”

I looked and the other ‘kids’ were all fingerpainting right then. During my moment of distraction, she wasted no time in feeling the front of my diaper. “She’s all dry still Miss Crystal.”

“Okay, thanks Mia!”

“Cammie would you like…?” she was about to say, but another knock came on the door as soon as it closed.

“Miss Crystal, they’re here to pick up Cammie Harris?”

“Right there,” she said pointing towards me and walking over. “That’s her diaper bag there, her stuffie – I managed to get Rings clean for you Cammie – and please let her mommy know there is a Ziploc in there that she wants to open and clean as soon as she gets home.”

“Will do!”

The new girl was another volunteer – a bit taller, but also just as happy and smiling. She held her hand out to me, “Ready to go see your mommy?”

I nodded. “Bye Miss Crystal, Miss Kristin.” I said, and happily left the damn room!

When I arrived back at the front desk Addison was standing there. Her face started with a smirk; the onesie was funny I guess if you weren’t the one wearing it, but then it turned to a frown.

“Why are you wearing that?” She asked me as I and my bag were passed over to her.

“Oh, we give those onesies out when a baby has a diaper blowout and no other clothes. You may keep it as a souvenir.” The secretary answered before I could think of how to approach it.

“But I did leave clothes…” she said. She dug through the diaper bag that was there and saw there were none. “What happened?” she asked me.

“Not here…?” I tried to say with the secretary hovering there I was too nervous to be honest.

“Of course, you’re right. I’d like to see Doctor Chester please?” she told her.

“Umm… the Director is available by appointment only…”

“Tell her my name is Addison Harris. That will suffice for an appointment.” There was a forceful venom in her voice that I had only heard a couple times over the years. ‘She’s smart enough to figure it out… what’s she going to do?’

“Umm… I’m sorry… but…”

“Call her now!”

“Yes ma’am,” she said.

A few hushed minutes of muttering later a brown-haired woman just a few inches shorter than Addison came in. “Hi, I’m Doctor Wendy Chester, the Director of Changing Tikes, how may I help you?” she started.



End Chapter 46

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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