In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 7

OVER THE NEXT few months my life revolved around classes, hanging around with Addison in the evenings, and generally having lunch with Meg, her friend Laura, and another friend of theirs, Stacy. Stacy was like a Little’s Little! She was half of my height, and I couldn’t help but look down at her and realize the proportion was the same between her and I, as Addy and I! Stacy was also a bit of a conundrum in that she didn’t even have to bother to pretend to be potty trained like Meg and Laura. Her only concern was not pooping in class, but otherwise was a completely diaper dependent Little. I’d even seen her sucking on a pacifier one time while her mommy was carrying her from her office, and learned that her ‘mommy’ actually breastfed her. Oddly, she claimed to actually enjoy it too! The cool thing though was her adopted parents let her still go to college.

It was weird!

Meanwhile the Little population in the university seemed to decrease every single day in our freshman classes. There had been nearly two-hundred littles I guessed from the copy of the freshman class photo we had taken during orientation, now if there were still sixty in our class, I would have been shocked. For my part I chose to avoid that topic as much as possible to avoid people linking me with them!

My classes were going great, and going into finals I had nearly perfect hundreds in every class! My studying with Addison was paying off for her too, because apparently even as privileged as she was, she’d never been more than a B student before. We were coming up on Finals and were being given a two-day break at the end of the last week of classes to study. Free time meant that in addition to studying, I was involved in one of my new favorite activities – playing pranks!

It had started with one of our floormates duct taping a complete layer of tape across my door, making a solid wall that I ran into half-asleep on my way to the shower in the morning. If I didn’t have a good kitchen knife that I’d brought with me, I might have been stuck inside there and late to class! After I cleaned it up, I figured the guy who laughed loudest was most likely the prankster. Some investigating let me prove it, so I decided to show him how that prank should be done. I had to get an accomplice, Addy, in to help me, but we stacked solo cups, some of them filled with fine pink and purple glitter, all the way up his door when his roommate left one morning. Then he got the tape on the outside. Just ensure it would topple over, I created a string of tape that would pull it all down inside towards them as they opened the door.

Addy had to go to class, but the look on his face was epic when he opened the door up and was covered in fine glitter! He was about ten-feet tall, so the look of death he gave me had me nervous for my safety, but when he began laughing, I knew we were good. “Good retaliation,” Chris had told me.

That had been in October, and now that we were getting closer to December, I noticed that all of the pranks in our dorms were getting more and more outlandish. I had slept in a bit and headed to the bathroom, and looked briefly at my shower caddy and realized I had left my bodywash and beard wash in the bathroom that five of us shared. I hated doing that, and really, I considered it kind of a jerk move to make everyone move my stuff. I personally couldn’t stand when someone left a bar of soap in the shower and I had to move it… It disgusted me a lot for some reason! Realizing I had made the mistake I mentally noted I’d need to not miss that again…

I showered, washed my hair with my shampoo that I had kept in my room, and took care to really scrub myself clean since I’d be seeing Addy later that afternoon for a study session we were going to go to for Chemistry. My hair was taking a while these days since Addy had convinced me to let it grow out. Something about a thing she had for long-haired guys... I had shrugged and gone along with it – frankly I would probably do just about anything for her!

Since we’d been dating for a few months we’d gotten a little further along with our relationship, and we’d spent a lot more time learning what could work with our height differences. I always worried she would decide dating me was like dating a little kid, but she didn’t seem to feel that way! We hadn’t made it any further than second base together, but that was mainly because she had some very clear boundaries that she said she didn’t want to cross before marriage. When I heard that of course, I had two reactions – where can I find an engagement ring, and… that’s awkward!

Until my growth spurt, most of my friends in high school had obviously been Littles. Amongst our friends I was probably the only one who was still a virgin, since it was well known if you didn’t do it before you graduated, you probably wouldn’t get to in some crazy Bigs nursery! I knew Beth had several partners over the years, and only the fear of getting pregnant kept her on the pill. She’d so wanted to have her own babies though!

‘Beth, I wonder what happened to you…’ I couldn’t help but worry about her still. Dad hadn’t given me any updates in a while, other than her dad was still trying to re-adopt her.

I finished with the shampoo and moved on to the special beard wash my dad had recommended. His beard was like Santa Claus’s, long, but not completely gray yet. He claimed the wash helped keep things from getting ratty, and that was Addy’s biggest stipulation for me keeping it. She wasn’t a hug fan of kissing me with the facial hair, but she understood why I was growing it.

It always made my face feel a lot cleaner in spite of the hair, and let me get it to comb straight. By this point I’d managed to get my beard to grow in quite full, and it was long enough I had to be careful of food and drink dropping in it. A couple times in the past week Addy had slyly grabbed a napkin and plucked something out of it before teasing me about it.

I sighed as I dried off and walked out to the sink. I brushed my teeth and popped a few pimples before going back to my room with a towel around my waist. I closed the door and dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a sweater before sitting down at the computer. I grabbed a drink from my water bottle and realized I had some hairs on it for some reason.

I brushed my face with my hand.

More hair.

I moved quickly to look at myself in the long mirror on the closet. A patch was completely gone out of my beard. I put my hand on my face in disbelief and watched as the slightest touch knocked my beard from my face.

In disbelief I ran back to the bathroom and washed my face, hoping whatever it was would come off and keep from causing any more hair to fall out! I pulled up the sleeves to my sweater and splashed water on my face over and over again, After I wiped my eyes clear of the water, I looked down in horror. The drain was completely clogged with a hairball.

Looking up in the mirror I was horrified that my face was the cleanest shaven face ever… you might even call it a… baby face. I couldn’t even see the little black hair follicle spots on my face, and was worried whatever happened was completely permanent! I grimaced and looked at my arm, only to notice that there were patches of no hair there too!

Chris peeked his head in right then, took one look at me, and laughed.

“What did you put in my stuff?” I asked nervously. Hoping beyond hope it was a temporary loss.

He tossed me a mostly empty bottle.

‘Little Hair-No-More!’ was the label. Looking at the directions it was the worst-case scenario.

‘To permanently remove Little’s body hair wash on like a soap and wash off. Takes fifteen second application, and fifteen to twenty minutes to take effect and permanently remove all hair follicles from the applied area. Warning! Do Not Apply To Any Area You Do Not Wish To Remove Hair!!!

I nervously looked up at my hair, but remembered my shampoo had been safe in my room. My longish collar length hair was intact still.

“Jack-ass! We said nothing permanent!” I told him.

“It’s only permanent on Littles. My sister tried it on her legs and still has to reapply it every few months. Don’t worry Bro, you’re not a Little, right? It’ll grow back in a few months!”

I gave him the double bird salute before going back to my room. I switched clothes before I left to meet Addy for our study session. When I did so, I discovered every bit of my body hair on my front where I could reach, my arms, feet, legs… and groin was completely bare. My back I didn’t scrub as well, so the upper part was still hairy.

My reflection in the mirror before I got dressed scared me. It was the reflection of a baby-faced Little boy, who could easily be adopted and taken somewhere before height even came up…

I didn’t have much time before the study session, so I grabbed my backpack and computer, and headed to meet Addy. She was looking at me with a shocked look as I came up towards her, you could see ‘Wha??’ coming out of her lips, but I didn’t see it long because a Nest Mother appeared out of nowhere.

“And where are you going young man? All of the boy’s nests are to be in their rooms studying!”

I looked up at a tall, and rather plump Nest Mother that I vaguely remembered being in charge of a boy’s room since there weren’t many ‘daddies’ interested in the job.

“Pardon me, but I’m not a little, I don’t live in Wenig,” I told her.

“You’re going to lie to me? I’ve seen you there every day!” She was about to grab me when Addy came up.

“What do you think you’re doing with my boyfriend?”

“Boyfriend?” She looked at Addy in shock, “Eew… he’s a Little!”

“He’s actually a Mid, as he was telling you. Both of his parents were taller but he got the short end of the straw. And yes, I said boyfriend. I’m also more than willing to call the President of the University and complain on Cameron’s behalf about the abuse he was about to suffer.”

“Well… he looks… I…”

“Was just leaving?” Addy suggested.

She turned on her heels and I looked up gratefully at Addy. She bent down and gave me a hug, and a kiss that drew some looks. “What happened to your face?” She smiled, “Not that I’m complaining I prefer kissing you like this!”

I sighed, “Chris spiked my body wash and beard wash with some sort of permanent hair removal product…”

I watched her stifle a giggle, “I’m sorry, it’s not funny… but I think in a few months you’ll appreciate the prank? That’s pretty epic?”

“Nothing permanent… those are the implicit rules in our prank war…” I told her.

We sat down and took part in the study session for Chemistry. It was definitely more for her than me, but if I could avoid losing a point or two on a test, I would appreciate it!

The only plus to the prank was that Addy preferring to kiss me without the beard. She did at least console and reward me with a make out session that night after our study session was done.

Of course, apparently, I wasn’t Chris’s only victim… He’d gotten two other people, including our RA, and found himself in hot water with the university. They were on the verge of kicking him out, but his parents managed to negotiate it down to promising he would be on his best behavior. I very nearly pulled a prank to frame him - just to retaliate, but hadn’t felt like I had the best opportunity to do so and get away with it cleanly.

I was complaining about it to Stacy and Meg on the third day of finals. “Look at my face,” I whined a bit.

Meg nodded, “Buy some bigger lifts and be careful what you wear?”

Stacy looked confused, “So what’s so bad? He’s tall enough, right?”

I shook my head, I would forget sometimes that she wasn’t from the dimension, but comments like that would remind me. “They mostly leave us Mids alone, but if you look cute enough it can still be a trip to a daycare or preschool… I think I’ve grown another couple of inches this semester, but even if I miraculously reach seven feet before I stop growing, I could easily be smaller than a four-year-old Big.”

Meg nodded her agreement, “I’ve seen it… it’s not as common since it’s not like the newborn size you are Stace, but it’s close enough for some crazy Amazon mothers.”

Two days later, on the day of my last final, I walked out to the main part of campus and saw that all six of the big fountains between my dorm and my class that had been turned off for the winter, had somehow turned back on. It was a warm day so they weren’t freezing, but all of them were each a big puff of bubbles!

This was another one of those pranks I felt like was pretty much too far with as much clean-up and potential damage I knew it could do. After the other day, I couldn’t help but wonder if Chris wasn’t involved in it.

Sure enough, when I made it out of my last final that day, I passed him speaking with university police officers. Twenty-four hours later his roommate found out he too would have a single for the next semester as he was being booted from the university. It was one prank too many when they found him on the security cameras leaving the dorm with a large backpack and followed him to each of the fountains.

A part of me was just disappointed that I wasn’t able to return the prank on him.



End Chapter 7

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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