In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 39

 “SO, WHAT DOES she have on her?” Kendra pressed again.

I grimaced, “Of course I don’t know that we can verify this, but this kind of makes sense to me. This is what she said…”


“She’ll shrink and regress us remotely,” Addison said.

“How is that even possible?” I asked.

“Remember when the lady in the waiting room said there was a password and things could be changed elsewhere?”

I thought for a moment, but nodded. “Yeah, but to be honest I was more concerned with what was about to happen to me.”

“Sorry,” she said sadly encircling her knees with her arms, and placing her chin on top of them as she stared at me. “The weekend before I broke up with you, Mom told me I had to come home and bring Danica too. We had just walked through the door when two of her researchers ambushed us and injected something into us. I managed to deck one of them, and shouted, ‘What the Hell is going on?’”

Addison sighed, “My mom just laughed, ‘What’s going on is that if you and your sister don’t start shaping up, you’ll be shaping down.’”

“I asked her, ‘What do you mean?’”

“‘Let me show you,’ she said with this smirk I’ve always hated. Right then a girl who was a former friend of mine from high school was dragged into view. She was about ten feet tall, screaming behind a gag they had in her mouth, and had a red face filled with tears.”

“‘What are you doing to Gina?!?’ I shouted at her.”

“Mom said and pressed a button on a tablet she was holding, and said, ‘This…’”

“I couldn’t believe it… she was screaming and shrinking before my eyes! Before I knew it, she was shorter than your friend Stacy! I could only tell her true height for a second though, because she fell over and couldn’t even get up after that. She began wailing in a cry that didn’t sound like an adult…” Addison wiped a tear from her eyes, “I yelled at her, ‘Change her back!’”

“‘No,’ my mom said, ‘She was trying to turn us in on some things she found working for us in the office. She’s going to get adopted by a nice couple tonight. She’ll make a nice baby… just like the two of you will…’”

“‘Mom you can’t do this to us!’ My sister Danica had screamed back at her.”

“‘Oh, I can… I don’t want to, but I certainly will! If either of you don’t behave, and do what I want you to, I’ll have the code sent remotely to both of you so I can have a beautiful set of baby twin sisters for their big brother Matty. Now, first thing you’re going to do, Addy if you don’t want to be Baby Addy, is break up with that sniveling Little boy you’ve been dating!’”

“Holy shit!” David said. “She injected her own daughters with that shit?!?”

I nodded, “That’s what she said.”

“Is that even possible to do?” Kendra asked.

I shrugged, “She got the idea indirectly from Addison who deciphered some hints from a friend of mine. She figured out that the nanites she’d been injected with to alter her after her adoption were still in her body and active. By linking up to them, she was able to make some further alterations to herself.”

“Seriously?!?” He asked.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“You’ve kept that a secret?” David asked me. “Where is that friend now?”

“Yes… not something most people should know. Let’s just say she was a good friend, and she’s outside of any control here now. She made it back home to her dimension at the end of undergrad.”

“What now? What if she does that to her?”

“I don’t know. First thing I do know is that I need you to contact Dr. Amanda Westerfield at Emerson, she’s the expert in the field, and may have some ideas to help here.”

“Okay?” David said, “You sure you can trust her?”

“With my life… Which I guess I am. With Addison I think we need to be careful how much you involve her so her mom doesn’t take retribution. You need to find a way to take her and SafeFoods down permanently, and get rid of this nanite bomb waiting to happen.”

“Well, they’ve definitely given us a lot of leverage since they played their games. Judge Jones is pissed! She made it clear to us that if the case fails, we are to file an immediate appeal to her and she’ll respond by putting another injunction herself. She tried to avoid being the one to do the injunction for questions.”

“Won’t she have to recuse herself?”

“If you were a blood relative yes, but the court has gotten very lax on recusals in the past fifty years. There’s enough precedent in play that she can stay on any case – and that it might actually be her duty to do so since her vote and voice are needed to avoid a tie.”

“I won’t turn down her help at this point…” I squirmed a bit, as I felt the need to pee badly coming right then. “Any chance you could sneak me to a bathroom?”

Kendra sighed, “No, and the Maturosis ruling is still effectively in place, so I’m sorry… you are still in the care of your mommy, and she wants you in those cute diapers.”

“This sucks!” I complained.

“Yes, it does, but make sure you keep behaving – it definitely was a point in your favor with Judge O’Connor. If you don’t rock the boat, I think at the next hearing we can get you free of this.”

“I sure hope you’re right… and that nothing else happens before then.” I decided to stop being miserable and took a second to let out the pee into my diaper. I blushed red as I figured from Kendra and David’s expression, that they knew exactly what I was doing. It was humiliating to be peeing in a diaper in front of my colleagues!

A loud knock happened at the door, “Five minutes!” the bailiff shouted.

I sighed, “I hope I’m still me at the end of this. I’m scared of what her mom will still find a way to do to me.”

Kendra stood and walked over, “I’m sorry Cameron, we’ll find a way, I promise you!”

“Look, even if this goes badly… you have to find a way to make her pay for Beth and the others. In the end I don’t care about myself as long as she sees justice!”

“We’ll do everything we can,” Kendra hugged me. “And we’ll be by those four times to check on you!”

“Thanks,” I told her.

“Time!” the bailiff said.

I sighed and walked over to them and Addison who was waiting outside and immediately scooped me up. “You done?” She asked with some disdain towards them.

“Yes Miss Harris. We'll be taking advantage of Judge O’Connor’s times to check in on him. Please take good care of him, we want him back when the judge overrules this injustice.”

She snorted in a way that probably was about to land her in the hospital by Kendra killing her, but a shake from my head told her to let it go.

“Looks like we have a wet baby girl here,” she said loudly as she carried me down the hall. “Let’s go change your diapee and then we’ll get your nap in on the way home!”

I looked at her, confused by the theatrics, but just sat on her hip with her hand on my butt all the way to the bathroom without another word. She took me inside the women’s restroom and pulled down one of the wall-mounted changing tables near the entrance. She hooked the diaper bag to a hook on the side, pulled out a changing mat with her free hand, and placed me down on it.

“Aww… who’s a good baby girl?” She said with a smile. “I don’t know how that judge can even think of you not being a baby girl with a wet diapee like this,” she pulled my dress up to my chest and exposed the used diaper. She began tickling my stomach a little then without warning, “Aww… who’s the cutest wittle baby?”

I couldn’t help but laugh while she was tickling me, and was silently trying to figure out what the hell was going on! I was annoyed when I felt my bladder twinge some more and release into the diaper before she finally stopped and pushed a pacifier into my mouth.

She pulled another diaper out and had it ready to go as she removed the tapes from the wet one. I felt her grab my feet in her hand as a woman came and washed her hand in the sink nearby, “Oh dear, I think you have something a little extra on your little girl there!” The woman said.

“Just for now, we’ll take care of it as soon as we get through our little custody battle that we’re having, huh?” she wiped my butt right then and I squirmed. “Sit still baby, we’ll be done with your changie in just a moment, huh?”

Her baby talking was getting old, and I was seriously afraid of what had happened while I was meeting with David and Kendra.

She placed the new diaper underneath me and laid me down onto it. The woman came up closer then and said to her, “Your mom expects you to be nursing her tonight where she can see you. If you don’t, you will be the one nursing…” She paused for effect there, then added, “You need to report to work tomorrow too.” The woman reached around past her and touched me nose, “Be a good baby girl! That’s all you’ll ever be now!”

I looked at the woman in shock and only had a moment of looking before she turned and walked out of the bathroom. Addison looked shocked for just a second and then finished taping the diaper shut, threw the old diaper away, and then sat me on the counter while she washed her hands. “Let’s get going for that nap, huh? Then I guess I need to find you a good daycare to go to…”

She carried me through the courthouse and I observed Henry Johnson standing around talking to the woman who had just been inside. Not that I had any doubts before, but I certainly knew now that her mom was going to be pushing things much harder moving forward!

When she arrived at her SUV, she opened the door and gently placed me in the car seat. She had yet to give me anything other than a sippy cup, so I was surprised when she handed me a baby bottle with white liquid inside of it. “You need something to snack on here since we’ve skipped lunch,” she told me, “and I’m sure you’ve got to be getting a bit dehydrated. Your diaper was pretty yellow…”

“What is this Mommy?” I asked her.

“Just some formula sweetie. Regular baby formula,” she added. “It’s not the stuff made for Littles.” She saw my skepticism, and pushed my hand to bring the nipple to my mouth. “Be a good girl,” she reminded me.

Something in her look told me I needed to do it for both of our sakes, so I sighed and took the nipple inside my lips. It took a little bit of work to suck out of the nipple, but wasn’t that much worse than a straw once I got a rhythm going. The taste was weird… it wasn’t milk… it was different than that. It was a little bit sweeter than regular milk, and seemed a bit thinner than the milk I would buy in the store. As I sucked the liquid down, I just wished I could have some coffee instead! It was a big bottle for a baby, but since I was bigger than a real baby, or a Little by a bit, I finished before we were out of the city traffic.

‘How the hell am I going to get out of this?’ I wondered as I absently kept chewing on the nipple of the bottle.

Something about the formula, the car ride, the stress, and everything else sent me down for the nap that Addison wanted me to take.


WHEN I WOKE up, I was staring into Addison’s shoulder as she was apparently picking me up. “Oh, I’m sorry baby, I didn’t necessarily mean to wake you up,” she said.

I didn’t respond, just taking my hands and wiping the sleet out of my eyes. Based on what she had told me we were doing, I assumed we’d be going home right then. Instead, we were at some park with a few genuine toddlers running around and playing.

“Where are we?”

“The park, Princess,” she said as she squeezed me tighter. “I thought we could come play for a bit before we go home. I know you have your playset there, but I figured the park’s always more fun!” She whispered, “I thought we might be able to talk here some too…”

“There’s no one following us?” I asked her. I noticed she didn’t have my diaper bag on her. She seemed to only have me, and nothing else.

“No, I lost them, you know how I drive.”

“I slept through that?” I asked.

She smiled, “Guess you got used to Mommy’s crazy driving years ago!” She carried me closer and I could see some swings, “How about a swing?”

I shrugged, “Sure,” I told her.

She went to one that had a bucket style seat designed for young toddlers and deposited me inside. “How do I actually fit in this…?”

“Sweetie, you’ve always been smaller than I think you knew. This is meant for probably up to a five-year-old Big, so you easily fit inside.”

I was a little surprised as she gave me a little push then, but couldn’t help but acknowledge there was something nice about this. Getting into the spirit I said, “Higher!”

She laughed and pushed me more fervently for a couple minutes before slowing it down to a gentler amount. “Sweetie, I don’t know what we’re going to do about my mom…”

“What does she expect?” I asked her while keeping an eye out for any new people. So far it was just three moms watching two toddlers play in a sandpit, and another going up and down a slide a little way off.

“Honestly? She’s expecting me to start nursing you, which will make you lose your continence.”

“What else?”

“What else?”

“Yeah, what else does she want?”

“Well, she has a few daycares she wants me to send you to one of them…”

“Hypnosis there?”


“What about the injunction?”

“Are those really physical modifications?”

“The breast milk would be?”

“It’s just a bad reaction to food…”

“That’s scary, that could apply to a lot of things.”

She suddenly stopped pushing me and picked me up and squeezed me tight, “I am so sorry Cameron, I never wanted to do this to you!”

I could sense the tears by the shaking of her chest even before I looked up.

I sighed, “I know you didn’t… And no offense, but I really don’t want you as my mommy for the rest of my life.”

“I never wanted that role with you either.”

“Did you really love me?” I asked curiously.

“Of course! It’s why I fought so hard for so long to stay with you!”

I sighed, “Well, you should know I never really stopped loving you either.” I didn’t know what I wanted at that moment from her.

“I figured… I hated breaking your heart that night...”

“I guess I understand now… I wouldn’t have wanted you gracing the covers of some baby fashion magazine nursing from your mother...”

“Not like you are going to be now?”

I laughed nervously, “I don’t think that me being on a cover will be a problem. Now, the question is how do we get ourselves out of your mom’s control?”

“We can’t?”

“We can’t? Or we just don’t know how yet?”


“Okay, well we’re going to have to get some more help. Hopefully that is coming, for now we probably should give you mom what she wants to buy us some time…”

We talked for a while before she plucked me from the seat and said, “Okay I think we have a plan… you want to prove to me you can do this?”


“Let’s go play on the slide, and then the sand, silly!”

“Oh,” I said.

She sat me down on my feet and said, “Can you be a big girl and use the slide all by yourself, or do you need Mommy?”

I looked up at her and said, “Big girl!”

I ran to the smaller toddler’s size slide and began climbing up it. As I got to the top she waited at the bottom, “Come on, slide down to Mommy!”

I forced a smile at first, but as I slid down it sort of became real. We played with the other playground equipment for a while longer before I started getting kind of tired of running around. I was just standing up from the slide when I felt the need to go poop come. I desperately wanted her to at least let me wear training pants, and she was thinking about it for the next day to help out with the plan – but made no guarantees yet. In the meantime, I knew the diaper was on, and it was expected I would use it like a good baby.

The urgency was there, so with a sigh I paused and bent my legs. I squeezed, and at first nothing would come out, long built potty skills refusing to give in. I kept trying for a few more minutes, before eventually I felt the log start to push its way through. Once it started there was no stopping it! It kept filling my diaper, and I was out of breath and kind of dizzy when I finished.

“Looks like someone made a boom boom!” one of the other kids’ moms said nearby.

Addison laughed, “Looks like it!”

“Not in a hurry to potty train her?”

“Nope, she’s my little poop machine,” she leaned over and pushed a hair that had come loose from the headband she’d used on me that morning back in place. “Sweetie you want to go on the slide one more time, then we’ll go change your poopy pants?”

‘No, I want changed now…’ I thought, “No go!”

“You can have one more time, go down the slide and then we need to get going sweetie.”

I knew I needed to learn to play this part, so I went and climbed up the steps one last time, feeling the warm sticky mass rubbing against my butt. I made it to the top of the ladder and forced myself to do the unthinkable, I sat and slid down!

I could feel as it squished the poop all over my butt, and I knew Addison was going to have fun cleaning it all up. There was something though in the act of letting go right then that felt right. So, I decided to be a typical toddler and ran back up and snuck one more slide down the slide into her waiting arms.

“You little sneaker,” she said as she tickled me.

“Stop!” I cried.

“Let’s go get your stinky butt changed and get home.”

She kissed my forehead and carried me to the SUV where she opened the back up. For the mess that I knew was in my pants, she cleaned it up like it was no big deal to her. I was soon in a fresh diaper, and she walked with me on her hip to a nearby trash can to throw the diaper away before buckling me back into my car seat and shoving another bottle, this one of juice, into my lap. “You’ve got to be thirsty by now.”

I just nodded and drank, knowing there would be a lot more baby bottles and poopy diapers before this plan would work one way or another.

Thanks for reading! I appreciate the comments - sorry I haven't responded to them this week, it's been a bit crazy. I'll post the next chapters on Sunday!



End Chapter 39

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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