In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 36

BETWEEN MY LEGAL cases, my time growing up below the mark, Beth’s, and Meg’s stories; I knew all about the adoption clinics, hospitals, and other options Bigs had to ‘customize’ their enslaved babies. I was a bit surprised really that we were at the University Hospital at Emerson right then.

‘I thought they stopped doing procedures like this…’ I thought to myself. Between the incident with Stacy and that daycare terrorist incident I thought this was over - at least in Greenville…

I’d actually done some background research when we had to change the venue of the case, and as far as I could tell the administration for the University Hospitals was still against forcing unnecessary and unwanted procedures… Doctor Ivy Nickerson had vehemently spoken out about them on multiple occasions on the public record! Apparently that didn’t extend to forceful gender changes?

Addison appeared a moment later with the diaper bag over her shoulder, and unbuckled me from the seat. She held a pacifier in her hands with a clip that she attached to my top, and pushed the nipple into my mouth. “It’s just a regular baby one,” she assured me.

I glared at her and resisted the urge to say something I would regret - especially with where we were.

She placed me on her hip and carried me towards the hospital that was only two blocks from the chemistry lab we had met. ‘Grandma was right…’ I thought a bit sourly.

Even knowing that Addison was in a forced situation here didn’t make things any better. I was still about to have an unwanted surgery to completely change the body I’d been born with! She approached a receptionist desk that was about thirty steps inside the entrance. At the counter she placed me down on my butt, but kept an arm around me as she said, “Hi,” to the receptionist.

“Oh my, those leggings are sooo cute!!!” the receptionist said.

“I know, right? I love the ruffles! They actually call the line RuffleButts!”

The woman and Addison had a good laugh at that while I found myself getting more and more agitated. How could Addison possibly claim to be forced into this if she was having this good of a time?!?

I bit my tongue though as the Addy said, “Miss Cammie has an appointment this morning - Camille Harris.”

I jolted again at the name, “I see her right here... Okay, here’s a tablet. I need you to complete the information about your baby girl here. Just bring it up when you’re done and we’ll get someone to come out to get you.”

“Thanks,” Addison said, picking me back up and grabbing the tablet awkwardly in her other hand. She walked a short distance to an open chair and sat down with me in her lap. It began with the standard request for medical information. Given we had dated for nearly four years, I wasn’t surprised she had most of the information still memorized. She was about to skip past allergies, “I have an allergy,” I told her around the pacifier.

“Oh, what is that?”

I explained the drug we’d tried to help with growing back my body hair caused a massive rash instead. “Just lucky that didn’t work, huh?” She said with a squeeze of my body. “I’d hate to have to have that taken care of today too!”

I glared at her for that, but she kept on going through the screens. She asked me for my family history information, cancer especially sucked to put down as it reminded me of my lost grandparents. ‘At least Dad didn’t live to see this…’ I thought darkly. ‘I’m pretty sure Grandma Suzy would have hopped right on board with these leggings that she’s so proud of…’

Eventually I noticed her come to screens that read ‘Procedure Preferences.’

“Finally, what we’re here for!” she said with way too much glee for my tastes.

I felt my stomach twist as I realized this screen was essentially a menu board of options to have changes made. Obviously, the gender option was one of the first changes she could choose. Incontinence was the very next set of options, and cruelly a Big could select either urinary, bowel, or both for their Little. Teeth removal was another choice that she could go for with the click of a radial button, and I could have no breasts or big breasts apparently. I cringed when I saw that even things like my fingernails could be altered, as the list went on and on and on! I noted that there was a height reduction setting that could also easily reduce me to a more manageable infant height if she wanted to.

“Letting your baby girl see what Mommy has to choose from?” A woman nearby asked with her own tablet.

Addison patted my head, “She already knows what I’m choosing, but I thought I’d let her see how much further we can take things down the road.”

“The greatest thing is that once you have this done you don’t actually have to come back in here to make changes. Your pediatrician should be able to activate any additional changes you want,” she told her.

“Oh?” Addison said, “I didn’t know that. Can just anyone make changes?”

“Only if they have Mommy’s permission with her password.”

“That’s good at least,” she told her.

While she was talking to the woman, I noticed changes could be made to my circadian rhythm, my motor skills, and even my sex drive…

I debated about filling it out for her with her attention diverted, but just sat patiently, and sucked on the damn silicone nipple in my mouth. The annoying thing was that it really felt kind of good to have it there… I’d developed a habit of sucking on pen caps a lot of times, and this was really just the original version of that habit! Dad had told me I wouldn’t stop using mine until first grade. Since I should have been a Big, they hadn’t taken it away from me before I was four, and then Mom dying meant Dad didn’t have the heart to take it from me...

Eventually they tired of talking and Addison got back to work. To my relief she put pretty much everything in states that they would be left alone, with the exception of my gender and my hair color. She selected red for the hair color, and must have heard me sigh. “What? If I have to have a daughter, I want her to look like she’s mine!” she whispered.

I sighed and clung to her as she carried me back up and turned in the tablet. The receptionist scanned through it quickly, “Umm… She hasn’t been officially adopted by you yet?”

“Well, I thought she had since the judge ordered it yesterday? Their offices are the ones who set this appointment up?”

“Oh, but no chip yet?”

“Umm… no, no chip yet.”

“You’ll need to take care of that at the same time then. We’re not allowed to do the nanite treatments on any unadopted Littles.” She paused and smiled, “Or big Littles!”

I turned my head into her neck then and just closed my eyes. I couldn’t take any more of that woman!

“The nurse can take care of the registration paperwork and her chip while she’s out for the procedure, or they can do it before when she’s awake. Which do you prefer?”

“Let’s do it during. I don’t see any reason to make her feel pain she doesn’t need.”

“Wish half of these mom’s felt that way,” the receptionist said, apparently agreeing with her. “More screaming than I care to listen to sometimes! It should just be a few more minutes,” she told her.

Addison carried me back to the chairs and I found myself nervously beginning to shake. With this treatment I would never be my father’s son again… never be the man who asked Beth to marry him… my career was probably already over, but this would be the final straw since all of my degrees and qualifications would be listed under the name of a dead man. That day Camille Harris was going to be born, and Cameron would legally die.

I bit down hard on the nipple of the pacifier in an attempt to center myself in any way.

“What’s wrong?” Addison started to ask. “Dumb question,” she said.

Instead of prodding she squeezed me tighter, placing my head in the crook of her neck and squeezing me tight. She rubbed my back softly and just sat silently with me while I shook like a scared animal.

“Camille Harris?” A loud voice called.

“Here,” Addison said in a softer reply, standing up.

“Mommy?” The voice asked.

“Yes,” she answered tentatively.

“Let’s get her back and set up for her procedure. You’ll be able to stay with her the whole time today.”

“Good, she’s terrified honestly.”

“Aww, it’s okay Sweetie, we do this all of the time and we’ll get you all taken care of and better in no time!” The nurse cooed.

That did not make my anxiety any better!

I could almost feel the drop of her footsteps seemingly increase as she followed whoever came for us to take us back. Eventually I heard, “Go ahead and get her dressed in this gown. You can leave her diaper on her, but everything else needs to come off.”

“Okay,” Addison said.

“There will be someone here shortly to finish taking her vitals before we get started.”

“Thanks…” Addison said.

I had my eyes still closed as she sat me down. “Come on Cam, open those eyes up for me?”

I shook my head, “I can’t…”

She sighed, and I hoped she knew just how unhappy I was with this forced fate of mine. Addison might not be the one ultimately behind all of this, but I considered her a partner in what was about to be done to me!

“Come on Cameron, look at me,” she said.

At the sound of my real name, I looked up at her. “I really am sorry about this. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t be going through with this, but this is happening by Judge Taney’s order.”

I shrugged, “You could have driven me somewhere else you know.”

“Like where?”

“Back to New Haven?”

She shook her head, “I would have been arrested, and my mom would have gotten the court to let her have custody of you. I don’t think you really want to be with Matty, do you?”

I grimaced at that, the last time I’d seen the diapered Little things were not going so well.

I felt tears go down my face, “There has to be another way…”

She shook her head, “This was your best chance Cameron.” She wiped her own eyes, with a little bit of mascara running, “Come on, let’s get you in this hospital gown.”

I was pretty much a limp doll as she pulled the top off over my head, and then my shoes and leggings off of my legs. The gown wasn’t as sterile looking as an adult gown, instead having bright pictures of animals spread about on top of the pink base color. Of course, it didn’t really cover the diaper that well, and I found myself shivering with the cool temperatures of the room we were in. Rather than leave me in the small hospital bed with its low rails, she cradled me in her arms, dug in the diaper bag for a second, and wrapped a light purple blanket with yellow stars around me, before sitting down in a chair by the wall.

In all of the time we had dated I had always felt smaller than Addison, but I’d never felt more babied than that moment. She squeezed me tightly as she held me to her body for several minutes with no one there.

A curtain suddenly being yanked open drew my attention to a nurse standing there.

“Ms. Harris, and Camille?”

“That’s us. This is Cammie,” she told her.

“What’s Cammie’s birthday?”

Addison answered about my birthday in early September eerily quickly.

“We need to go ahead and get her vitals. Can you come with me? You can leave her diaper bag there unless she needs a change.”

I felt Addison’s intrusive hand then, “Nope all dry. We followed directions and haven’t had anything to drink. Poor thing is probably really thirsty.”

‘I am, thank you for reminding me…’ I wanted to say, but just bit down harder on the damn nipple stuck inside of my mouth. I would probably have spit it out by then, but again I knew too many cases of Littles being caught on camera demonstrating their Maturosis with ‘misbehavior’ in situations like this. Meg and Stacy had told me about when they had been taken to the adoption centers, and I had no desire to screw up with anything.

‘I’m still hoping that David and Kendra find a way to come through for me,’ I thought, ‘But it looks like I’m going to have this done before any chance there…’

We were soon in a little alcove that the nurse had her stand me on a scale at. “Let’s see, one-hundred-and-thirty-five pounds… Let’s get your height sweetie, just step back against here…”

I followed her directions in the embarrassing hospital gown, knowing full well that my diaper might as well be fully on display, while thinking, ‘when did I lose so much weight?’

“Seventy-seven-and-a-half inches it looks like… does she need the half inch Mommy?”

“Yes, give her the half-inch.” Addison said.

‘Inches,’ I couldn’t help but think. ‘We weren’t as far apart as we once thought, were we Beth?’ I thought sadly.

“Looking at her weight, it looks like she really needs to put a few pounds on?”

“She said she was losing some weight in the last couple of years. But you’re right, I think she took it a little too far.”

“She should be about one-eighty-five according to the charts. I would keep a close eye on it, usually once a cute baby girl like this is adopted the weight goes back to healthy numbers with a good mommy keeping track and feeding her better.”

“Well, I’ll definitely be trying,” she told her.

I was picked back up by Addison feeling like a total bystander in my own body. I had no control left over myself now, and after the blood pressure cuff was removed, I knew I was another step closer to my new fate.

“Mommy we need to get her temperature, which way would you prefer?”

“Temporally please?”

“We can do that,” she agreed. “Most of our new mommy’s prefer to be extra sure though with a rectal number?”

I felt my stomach clench, it was probably inevitable that I was going to have a thermometer stuck up my ass. Meg and Stacy had mentioned it happened way too often to them!

“I’m certain you’ll be more than close enough with the temporal reading.”

I kept my eyes shut then as the woman pressed something against my head and took a reading, “Looks normal, and that’s the last thing that we need to do here. You can keep her in your lap until the anesthesiologist gets here. Once he has her all hooked up Doctor Lindquist will perform the procedure. It only takes about a half-hour to complete then.”

“Thanks,” Addison said softly as she left. She had sat back down with me in the chair, rewrapping me with the blanket as soon as my weight had been taken. “We’re going to have to get some weight back on you sweetie. I thought it was odd I could see your rib-bones yesterday, but I didn’t realize how much underweight you had gotten.”

“Neither did I,” I told her softly around the pacifier.

I hadn’t weighed myself probably since Mr. Fehler appeared. ‘I really didn’t eat much then,’ I admitted. Since knowing Beth’s fate, I just worked and worked, skipping a lot of meals… Not really sleeping much either...

“We’ll need to get some pounds back on you no matter what happens,” she told me.

I looked up at her, wondering what that meant…

A few minutes later the curtain opened again and a nurse was bringing in some equipment, and an IV stand. “Hi, I’m Doctor Kestner, I’ll be Cammie’s anesthesiologist,” he said, extending a hand to Addison. “Let’s get her down on this bed and we’ll start getting her hooked up.”

I felt my heartrate race as they pulled up the gown and began sticking heartrate monitor stickers down everywhere it seemed. A few minutes later I was feeling tears going down my face as an IV port was poked into my arm. “Okay Mommy, you want to tell her goodnight? We’ll let her keep her paci in her mouth for now until we start the nanites. Doctor Lindquist will administer them and then we’ll get her brought back awake in no time!”

I looked up at Addison, seeing tears going down her face too. I had to hope if I was stuck with her for the rest of my life as a daughter, she would at least take care of me… I had to believe she really didn’t want this for me, and hope that she would at least be better than someone like her mom.

“Cammie? Do you know your numbers?”

I glared at him, but nodded, “Yes,” I said around the pacifier.

“I figured you were a smart little girl! Do you think you can count backwards out loud for me from one-hundred?”

I sighed, but nodded.

“One-hundred,” I said.

‘Growing up we found ourselves to be like,
two peas in a pod. Together we grew’

“Ninety-Nine,” I said, still lucidly.

‘to find that life was not to be alike.
Inches, mere inches kept us from a view.’

“Ninety-Eight,” I could feel things kicking in.

‘A dream to grow, a dream to be together.
Inches, just inches, sent our paths askew.’

“Ninety-Seven,” I knew it was about over, my fate was sealed.

‘May this be a token and a tether,
For our memories of love, in inches.’


‘I love you Beth!’ I thought wearily.

I just heard a voice screaming, “WAAIII” before it all went dark.

Thanks for reading! I'll post another set of chapters on Friday. Please leave me a comment as to what you think! 



End Chapter 36

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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NxK · Jan 20, 2022

Loving it. If you write professionally I want to know! I'm on the edge of my seat! Waiting patiently with bated breath.

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