In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 43

I KICKED MY legs back and forth nervously in the car seat that I was strapped into since there was nothing else really to do. ‘I look ridiculous!’ I complained to myself for the hundredth time since I’d been dressed that morning by Addison.

Honestly, I didn’t really have much of an expectation of looking like a grown-up obviously, but I swore that Addison must have chosen the most babyish and girly outfit in the closet! She called it a playsuit when she put me into it, but it was pretty much a puffy onesie like the bubble outfit the day before, but with scrunched up ruffled cuffs on my legs, and a ruffled collar, created in this light pink color that was most definitely meant for only baby girls to wear… I played around with the small bow that was trapped underneath the seat buckle for a second before returning to my view of the window that I could just barely see out of. I tightly hugged Rings a bit closer to me as a way to deal with the stress.

The truth was I knew without a doubt for Littles the LAST thing you wanted was to be sent to a daycare. It was sure to be even worse for me as a Mid! If I was a small Little the outfit I was wearing wouldn’t be that far out of normal, but a Mid would never have a reason to be this babied unless they really ‘needed’ it.

I was even more nervous because this was one of three daycares that her mom had suggested. She claimed this was the best of the bunch, with an all-human staff, low staff to student ratio, and supposedly a nice facility with plenty of play equipment… It was unfortunately a mix of Littles and Big Children at the facility, and that was probably going to be its own problem depending on how they segregated the kids.

Addison had told me a little about the place as she started driving, and it sounded like it was a very large daycare that housed nearly five-hundred Birth to Six-Year-Old babies and kids in a combined Daycare, Preschool, and Pre-Kindergarten facility. From what she had found out, it seemed like a little over half of the ‘students’ were in fact Littles. ‘Now at least one Mid…’ I thought morosely.

It seemed like the car ride both took forever, and wasn’t long enough, before she pulled to a stop and came around to my door. She carried a pink diaper bag on her shoulder covered in butterflies for me. I had watched her load half a package of diapers, spare outfits, pacifiers, and more into it that morning. On top of that she had another lunch bag cooler that I blushed at seeing six bottles of breast milk placed inside, as well as a stack of frozen milk pouches. “Now Mommy isn’t going to necessarily be leaving you there every day, but we need to make sure you have plenty of Mommy’s milk!” She had said to me with Mindy staring over our shoulders. Neither of us doubted that her mom was seriously watching her through Mindy, and the cameras, so she was being exceptionally careful. I had also been shocked by just how quickly she’d generated that much milk!

Addison undid the latch on my car seat harness and picked me up and placed me on her hip. Other parents were also taking their kids in, but I noticed that everyone my size and bigger were all walking in on their own, and at most holding a parent’s hand… and here I was being carried in like one of the smaller babies!

I could feel my pigtailed hair bobbing up and down as she carried me inside a building that worked hard to seem very warm and inviting from the outside. It was a modern looking school type building that could easily have been an elementary school instead of a daycare. There was a large fountain outside the building made out of baby blocks that spelled ‘Changing Tikes,’ the name of the place. As Addison carried me past there a couple of older looking Big children looked at me, pointed, and giggled to each other. I just hoped I was nowhere near them during the school day! Bigs learned to bully those smaller than them at a young age!

I was carried through the main entrance door and Addison walked to a reception desk.

“Hi, may I help you?” a woman in a long flowy colorful dress asked.

“Yes, I’m here to drop off my baby girl. It’s her first day?”

“Oh, how exciting!” The woman cooed, “First days are my specialty!” She waved at me, “We’ll have such a good time together here!”

Addison bounced me in her arms for a second, “We’re hoping so. We may not be back every day – my maternity leave should technically still be going on – but my mom wants me back at the company… so…”

The woman made a face, “That’s criminal you know… mom or not?”

Addison shrugged, “They really do need me, so yeah. It may be a day here and there, or I may have to leave her here on a normal basis already. I’m not sure yet.”

“Well, let’s get her checked in here. What’s this beautiful baby girl's name?”

“Can you be a big girl and tell her sweetie?” Addison asked me.

I almost said ‘Cameron…’ but stopped myself. Today was going to be bad enough being dressed as a little girl when they figured that one out. “Cammie Harris,” I told her.

“What a big girl!!!” The woman squealed at me.

I just blushed and leaned into Addison. “So, it says on her registration forms, and I can see her diapee there, it’s obvious that she’s not yet potty trained. That means she’ll be in one of our toddler classes. They’re normally for babies up to thirty-six months unless they need some extra time for the potty like this cute little princess!” She smiled again and pressed a few buttons on her screen. “Now, I know she’s in diapees now, do you see yourself trying to potty train her anytime soon? Bigger Littles like her can usually make it to the potty most of the time if they’re trained and well reminded?”

“Oh no, she’s much too little to be potty trained. I mean I might try in a few years, but she happily sits in her pee and poo filled diapers. I also think her bottom is so much cuter like this too,” she told her.

Addison and I had talked about this, and as much as I didn’t want to keep using diapers, if I was in them – then it wasn’t a Maturosis hit if I used them. A baby in diapers could hardly be expected to not use them, right? If I was wearing a Pull-Up any mistakes would be ‘accidents.’ At the daycare especially I knew it would be likely the workers would play mind games with me, spike my food, and do all sorts of other things I’d known of happening to clients and friends. By me just being ‘mature’ and accepting my fate, I wouldn’t have that strike.

At least that’s what I hoped.

“Very good! Well since she’s not a potty-trainer, I’m not going to bother putting her in one of the older rooms with potties in them.”

“You have different rooms within the toddler groups?”

“Oh yes! About twenty percent of our toddlers are fully potty-trained, and another twenty percent are exploring potty training. Sixty percent are the Littles and Babies who aren’t yet ready… We keep them in classrooms with extra staff and changing tables. The extra staff rotate between rooms to help change their diapers. They all have to be potty-trained to move onto our Preschool or Pre-K groups.”

“That seems very prudent!”

“We think so…” She smiled. “Now we’re going to put your baby girl with Miss Crystal’s room since she only has fourteen toddlers right now, fifteen with this pretty girl! Miss Kristin is the assistant in that room, and I know Cammie here is going to love both of them as much as they’ll love her!”

“I’m glad to hear that!” Addison said and looked at me, “Aren’t you excited? You get to play all day today and make new friends!”

“Yay,” I said half-enthusiastically.

“Oh, we’ll work on getting her better than that on her excitement!” she smiled at me. “Now Mommy, I’ve just sent Miss Crystal a message that she has a new student and she’s on her way up. Before we do the hand-off, why don’t you take a look at this screen and confirm the choices we’ve made on discipline, food, and therapies we offer?”

‘Therapies?’ I wondered nervously. ‘I just want to make it out of this with my mind not completely mush, and my body not altered…’

“I can hold Cammie for a minute while you check it!” she said to her. “Come here baby girl! You look so pretty!” She traded me for the tablet the girl offered, while the receptionist cooed at me. “Your stuffie is soo cute! What’s its name?”

“Rings,” I said softly around my pacifier.

“Is it a boy or a girl?”

“Girl,” I told her.

“Do you know what kind of animal it is?”

“Red Panda?” I said to her.

“Wow! What a smart baby girl!”

She cooed at me for a few more moments before Addison said, “I marked a few things out. Please note that nothing physical can be harmed or changed on her due to a court order. It’s preventing us from taking away the surprise that’s in her diaper too. As soon as the custody dispute is settled, I’ll be getting that taken care of.”

I squirmed at that casual discussion of the fact I was being forcibly crossdressed right then. I didn’t have time to dwell on it though.

“Well, hello there!” A tall brown-haired woman said to me. I looked closely at her, and saw a name badge that said ‘Crystal James – Teacher’ on it. Her plump face was filled with a genuine smile that looked friendly enough. “I hear I’m getting a brand-new student!”

I nervously looked at Addison, who had left me in the receptionists’ arms still.

“I heard that she’s a special furry student?” I realized she was looking at the panda. “What’s her name again?”

“Oh, her name is Rings!” the receptionist said with a smile. “But that’s not the new student silly, that’s her stuffie, this is your new student!” She said bouncing me up and down.

I wanted to groan – I probably would have if I wasn’t so terrified! The woman wasn’t as tall as Addison, but was probably only a foot shorter than her like my Grandma Suzy had been, so she was still nearly double my height!

“What a silly mistake I made, what’s your name, baby girl?”

I blushed at that, but said, “Cammie.”

“Well, if you’re Cammie, you must be Cammie’s Mommy?”

“I’m Addison, nice to meet you,” she said. “We’re both a little nervous of course,” Addison said.

“Totally normal! We’ll take very good care of this pretty little princess!” I watched as she gathered up my diaper bag and the cooler bag of milk.

“Did you hear that?” Addison said looking at me, “You’re going to be in good hands! Now give Mommy a hug and a kiss, and then it’s time for you to go play with Miss Crystal!”

She came closer and kissed me on the forehead and nose, squeezed me tight, and then watched as I was passed to my new jailer. “Wave bye-bye to Mommy!” She actually grabbed my hand and made me wave to her, before turning down to leave into the facility. “Now I always like to give my big baby girls a special tour!” she smiled as we left.

“There’s two main hallways to your new daycare. If I walked down the other one with you, I probably wouldn’t be carrying you because that one’s only for Big Boys and Girls who don’t need that! This hallway we’re walking through to your classroom is on the baby side of the school for all of our wittle babies that aren’t big enough to use the potty quite yet!”

She carried me down a corridor that reminded me design wise of an elementary school, with inset doors for classrooms at regular intervals. I saw some ‘Toddler’ signs on doors, and everywhere was painted with vividly colored scenes appropriate for a daycare. I could see a few other workers taking ‘kids’ and real babies back and forth down the hallway. I was the only one being carried it seemed…

“And over here we have our wing’s nurse’s office in case you get a little sicky with a tummy ache,” she told me with a smile. I shuddered at the thought of going to a ‘nurse’ here, given the things that had even happened from them in my high school!

Each room seemed to have a baby animal as its theme, something that reminded me of Wenig Hall at Emerson. ‘They probably have a lot of staff and teachers that went there since we’re in the same city.’ I thought.

I felt my stomach turn a bit at that!

“Since you’re a big girl, and can walk just fine, you get to be a big girl in our toddler class! If you were littler and couldn’t do anything but crawl, you’d be in the next few rooms,” she said motioning with her head down the hall. I could see the decorations became even more babyish – if that was possible – the further down the hallway you went. “And of course, all the way down is where our tiny infant babies who can’t even crawl yet, are taken good care of! I’ll show you the cafeteria and other play areas later, but let’s go meet all of your new friends!”

She had stopped in the hallway to point out those things, and now I was turned with her body to a door that said, ‘Miss Crystal and Miss Kristin’s Bunnies’ on top of the door. Obviously, our animal was the bunny… They were everywhere on the door, shown munching on carrots, hopping through a field, and other playful images. I noticed that every single bunny had a diaper on in the images. ‘Well obviously, we’re babies…’ I griped.

She opened the door and the first thing that overtook me was the smell. It was a mixture of baby powder, poop, urine, bleach, and deodorizers attempting to control it. The room was carpeted in a short pile, with a series of alternating carpet tile squares in bright primary colors, and a massive round rug in the middle covered in bunnies and flowers. The walls carried the bunny theme all around, with the diapers being biggest on the bunnies over by three changing tables in a corner. One blonde haired woman had her back turned to us as she was changing the diaper of a ba… man. “Now wittle Mikey I know what must be your problem! You must be all stuffed up, lucky that Mommy left us with a special tool for that, huh!”

I caught just a glimpse of his face of horror as she began shoving a suppository up his ass, and the squirm and sounds told me he would have been screaming if it wasn’t for the pacifier locked into his mouth. “Let’s put your stuff right here Princess!” she said to me, pointing to a cubby out of reach of most of the other occupants of the room. I could probably reach if I wanted to, but I had no desire to get into it. “Let’s leave Rings right here, okay?”

She pulled her from my grasp and I mentally smacked myself for wanting her back so badly!

She noticed my look, “It’s okay sweetie, we’ll have nap time and you can have her back then to cuddle!” She bounced me up and down some more and I saw that there were another eleven occupants spread about the room. Most of them were playing in two areas right then with dolls, or trucks depending on their gender. I noticed one genuine baby looked to be playing with a toy on her own off to the side, perfectly content with that. I saw a mixture of Bigs and Littles, and a couple I wasn’t completely sure of which they were.

Miss Crystal walked around the room with me, showing me the dress-up corner, the toy wall, the story time area with three rocking chairs for the adults, art supplies, and even pointed to their teachers desks next to a fridge and a counter filled with bottle warmers. The woman changing the one Little had just finished up, and so she walked over there as she checked my diaper.

“What a big girl you are with that dry diaper!” she cooed at me as she walked over. “Probably thirsty, huh?” she added, “I’ll get you a bottle after circle time!”

“Miss Kristin, I’d like you to meet our newest adorable Bunny Princess!”

As the woman turned, Miss Crystal said, “This is Baby Cammie!”

The face in front of me wasn’t that of a stranger… It was a girl I had gone to high school with! Ten years ago, I had last seen her pushing around the stroller with my friend Tyler dressed as a baby girl she’d renamed Trinity, and let her have it.




End Chapter 43

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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