In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 55

I LOOKED UP at Henry Johnson and Aubry Harris who were both smirking as if they knew my appeal and life were now over.

“The night she reappeared with the emancipation papers in hand, yes I did have sex with her.” I told him with a smirk. “Instigated by her, completely consensual and legal.”

He looked at me oddly, looked back at Mrs. Harris and Doctor Dannigan, and said, “Well, I think the ultimate way I can prove your case of Maturosis is I bet you don’t have clean pants right now?”

“Excuse me?” I replied.

“You’ve been pooping and peeing your diapers for weeks now. I’m sure you’ve probably made a valiant attempt through this hearing, but I’d be willing to bet you haven’t made it through this three-hour hearing without needing to use the potty?”

I sighed, “I am clean, but would you like to check yourself?”

“Your Honor? May we have his mommy do it in front of us?”

“Objection, Your Honor! This seems rather prejudicial in nature?” Kendra said.

“I agree,” Judge O’Connor stated. “How about you perform the check – as much as I think it’s foolish, I do agree that after a few weeks of being in diapers it’s not impossible there will be issues?”

I grimaced.

A few moments later I stood in front of the bench in the central area of the courtroom. I calmly pulled off my shoes and my pants. Kendra actually pulled my underwear fully off and showed that they were perfectly dry and clean while I stood there naked and blushing. My coat and shirt did okay at hiding things a little, but it was still the same public nudity that I had hated the past few weeks!

“Your Honor, are you satisfied?” David asked as Kendra helped hand me my shoes after I redressed.

“I believe I am, and I certainly hope the opposing counsel is as well! That being said I could use a potty break. Let’s recess for ninety-minutes for lunch and we’ll resume with testimony on behalf of Mr. Sylvester. Mr. Sylvester is to be remanded to the custody of his attorneys for this break. Ms. Harris I ask that you please allow them time to consult without your presence.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

With the strike of a gavel court was adjourned, and I followed David and Kendra out of the courtroom, just catching from Addy’s mom as they hurried away in front of us, “What the hell did you do for the past two weeks?!? He should…”

“Let’s hit the restroom and get a bite to eat,” Kendra said, putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks,” I said. It was an urgent need as I was escorted into the mens room by David, but I happily made it into the toilet!

They had brought a packed lunch for the three of us due to concerns of someone tampering with our food at a restaurant. We were able to find a room to meet, and after scanning for listening devices began telling me their plans for the afternoon. I ate and drank very little during that time, in the hopes that there would be no danger of accidents! ‘I had felt a slight urge to push…’ I thought nervously in regards to the hypnotic suggestion.

Court was soon gaveled back into order and Judge O’Connor said, “We will begin with the rebuttal case for Mr. Sylvester this afternoon. Mr. Benson, Mrs. Stein, your statement? You have fifteen minutes, and then you may call your witnesses.”

“Yes, Your Honor,” David stated and went to the podium. “Your Honor, we heard testimony this morning from an attorney and others with a vested interest in removing our client from the rolls of adulthood. This vendetta is led by Mrs. Aubry Harris, who is the mother to Addison Harris – the assigned ‘mother’ of our client. Years ago, Cameron Sylvester and Addison Harris dated throughout their time in college. An unlikely couple, but one that clearly loved each other! Mrs. Harris did not approve of the relationship, even to the point of deciding she needed to push her daughter to break-up with our client – which she did when he proposed to her just before Christmas of their senior year at Emerson.”

“Fast forward to the summer before Mr. Sylvester graduated from Law School, and you will see that his involvement in the legal field already became a thorn in the sides of SafeFoods and Aubry Harris. At that time he provided invaluable assistance in a case to Judge Ruth Jones whom he was interning with. With his technical expertise, and growing legal knowledge, that case was ultimately referred back to the lower courts to retry it. They lost the second trial and were ordered to pay a heavy price to the victims. Upon joining our firm, he has been involved in six separate malpractice suits against this company, and has won three of those as of this time. This has not been a vendetta against them mind you, it’s simply been a case of a corporation who has consistently demonstrated a disregard for safety and ethical standards in the way they test products. This criminal action led most recently to his fiancé, Elizabeth Fehler, and her mother Ashley Fehler, being irreparably harmed – and we believe unfortunately beyond any sort of curative approach to restore them to their adulthoods.”

He paused, “All of those actions showed more than enough motivation for Mrs. Harris to seek to remove him from the equation of our firm. Her actions showed far more though! We have submitted the video and audio proof of Mrs. Harris clearly threatening our client with being declared a case of Maturosis. There is definitive proof of misconduct now from Judge Taney who sentenced our client to this fate, and it is now being actively investigated by Federal Investigators. We have no doubt that there was a campaign that merely started with declaring our client to be a victim of Maturosis.”

“In the past several weeks, she has put incredible pressure on her daughter, Ms. Addison Harris, to regress him to the point he wouldn’t be able to make it through the testimony earlier. She has insisted that her daughter breastfeed our client – something that likely goes against the order against physical modifications since we know that breastmilk causes incontinence!”

“That wasn’t enough for her though, Your Honor. In this exhibit,” he said, passing an item up to a bailiff to take up to the judge, “you will see Mrs. Harris talking to a woman who works at the daycare that Cameron was enrolled at while she forced her daughter to come into work – despite mandatory maternity leave. This woman, Kristin Nance, was approached by Mrs. Harris with the intention that she would help degrade his control of his bladder and bowels, as well as attempt to instigate a tantrum that could be used against him as a strike on the Maturosis ruling. What she didn’t know at the time was that Ms. Nance was once a classmate of Mr. Sylvester’s in high school. They had a run-in the year they graduated where Cameron said some unkind things about her treatment of a former friend, and she held a grudge against him. Mrs. Harris helped convince a secretary at the school to place Cameron, ‘Cammie’ into the class that Kristin worked as an aide.”

“We now know that Ms. Nance recognized Mr. Sylvester and took things quickly into her hands, administering ‘Little Go’ into a bottle of breastmilk, and waited for the predictable results. Unfortunately for Ms. Nance, she was punished for her efforts to poison Mr. Sylvester, and my understanding is that she is awaiting a competency hearing of her own next week now following further maturity issues.”

David took a breath, “This, mind you, was just one piece of the puzzle that she was putting together. I am providing photos and video of a meeting between Mrs. Harris and Doctor Dannigan that occurred after the first time Mr. Sylvester was taken to this daycare. During this meeting an electronic funds transfer was made from an offshore account into Doctor Dannigan’s account. Following that transfer, two things happened. The first was that a still unknown woman bribed a Little to attack our client with an autoinjector syringe. Fortunately, he avoided it, but the Little accidentally stabbed himself with it and it became clear it was a regressive set of nanites that rapidly reduced him to infancy. We have no proof that this was Mrs. Harris at work, but it seems likely. Secondly, we have video evidence of Doctor Dannigan clearly disregarding both Miss Harris instructions, and the court orders, to attempt to hypnotize our client.”

David turned and looked at Henry, “Something that our opposing counsel was aware of, because he attempted to trip it by speaking about a little birdie. The phrase was meant to cause Mr. Sylvester to have an accident in his pants. This is the final piece that they attempted to use today, when Mrs. Harris instructed her daughter that Mr. Sylvester should be dressed in the suit he is wearing, instead of a cute girly outfit she might have otherwise dressed him in. Highly unusual because she’s been dressing Mr. Sylvester in female clothing since the initial court date when Judge Taney told her she could either regress him to an infant, or make him a toddler girl. By removing his original name, she hoped even if he could get free, he would never be able to practice law again.”

The red light came on, “Thank you, Mr. Benson, you may call the first witness from your list. Please remember testimony is limited for time today.”

“Yes, Your Honor. We would like to call Doctor Holly Nickerson to the stand, Your Honor.”

The Little girl I had seen weeks ago that set everything off in the first place, was now the first witness in my case. Once she was sworn in Kendra got right to work questioning her, “Doctor Nickerson, at our initial trial you were brought in as an expert witness to describe the medical diagnosis of the victims who are our plaintiffs. After initially supporting your testimony, Judge Taney suddenly threw out your testimony, why is that?”

Dr. Nickerson sighed, “I’m not really sure to be honest. I did end up defecating in a diaper on the stand, but I was diapered and there was no danger to the courtroom of the mess spreading.”

“Did you know it’s uncommon to have a Little testify in Ames? Especially an adopted one?”

She nodded, “Believe me I know all about uncommon. My ability to be a surgeon here in this dimension was, and still is, an uphill battle at times.”

“Do you ever poop in surgery?”

She shrugged, “A stipulation of my hiring involves them giving me allowance for the incontinence I suffer. It happens every now and then, but Doctor Nickerson, my mommy, and I work hard to make sure that generally speaking I go in the mornings before work.”

“This seemed like a normal pooping incident?”

“No, not at all.”

“What was different about it?”

“This was clearly a drug induced bowel movement. The contractions of my bowels were very forced and the stool was very runny and loose.”

“Knowing those symptoms, what did you do?”

“Well, after the craziness in the courtroom of the judge throwing out my testimony, and then sentencing your client to babyhood, I went immediately back to the hospital and had my blood tested.”

“What did you find?”

“We found a large dose of bisacodyl in my bloodstream. It’s the most common main ingredient in laxatives and suppositories. Additionally, another chemical debetabierunt-phosphate was identified as well.”

“What is that one?”

“Both are commonly used in many of the so-called treatments that adoptive parents give their Littles to cause full incontinence. Debetabierunt-phosphate in particular is used widely in ‘Potty-B-Gone.’”

“Did you ingest this intentionally?”

“No, and I hadn’t had any food that could have been poisoned. We did identify a small chemical burn on the back of my thigh that had rested on the booster seat provided. It is my professional belief, as well as several other experts, that it was a contact burn that was evidence of how they transmitted the chemicals into my blood system.”

“Any idea of why?”

“My testimony being thrown out would seem a good enough reason? Perhaps an intention to cause Mr. Sylvester to argue for it not to be? All I do know is it took a full week to clear from my body, and if it wasn’t for a treatment available at my hospital it would have caused long lasting effects.”

“No further questions,” Kendra told the judge. Johnson surprisingly declined to even consider a few more questions.

“Your next witness?”

“We would now like to call Doctor Ivy Nickerson to the stand?”

When Holly’s mommy was sworn in, David took over and asked questions about her qualifications, her role with the hospital, and just generally cemented her expert status. “How long ago did you adopt Holly?”

“She’s been my daughter about ten years.”

“So, you would say that you know her needs and habits quite well?”


“Her status as a doctor while still being an adopted Little is unusual, correct?”

She nodded, “She’s an unusual Little. Years ago, after she saved some lives in her daycare, we reached a compromise with each other that she would be able to work by day, and be mommy’s baby girl the rest of the time.”

“You treat her like a normal Little elsewhere? Diapers, bottles, furniture, toys…?”

“Oh definitely, she has the best playhouse in the world too!” She smiled.”

“Do you breastfeed her?”

She looked a little embarrassed, “We do, but it’s limited to evenings and weekends.”


“It lets her control when she needs to go number two a bit better during the weekdays when she has surgeries scheduled.”

“So, when does she normally have a bowel movement?”

“She’s normally poopy in the early mornings at breakfast time, always before we leave for work, or just afterwards on the commute into the office. Sometimes she’ll be a little poopy in the late afternoon on Monday when her body is still clearing her weekend nursing.”

“The hearing wasn’t on a Monday, was it unusual for her to have the bowel movement she had?”

“Very unusual, and that’s why we hurried to the hospital to run bloodwork…” Specifics on the bloodwork, as well as information on the impartial persons involved in the test were given.

She reinforced several things at that point from Holly’s testimony, before being dismissed from the stand with no questions from the opposing counsel.

“We would like to call Professor Marshall from Emerson University as our next witness.” Kendra said.

I was a bit surprised by this tactic, but it seemed that, from what they knew, he was actually a pretty respected attorney in the courts in this circuit. As the gray-bearded Little man made his way to the stand, there seemed to be some deference from the bailiff that wasn’t present for any other witness so far. The suit he wore did a pretty good job of hiding the padding he wore beneath it. I knew he had been stuck in an adoption himself for nearly a decade, and control was something he had never regained.

After having him sworn in and introduced with credentials, Kendra got to the heart of the matter quickly, “Professor Marshall, you are an expert in the Maturity Laws here in the State of Ames, correct?”

“That would be correct – I have spent decades researching the laws and applying that knowledge in court and teaching it at the university.”

“Was what happened to Mr. Sylvester considered normal?”

He shook his head, “Procedurally it was about as abnormal as you could get really. He’s seventy-seven inches tall, correct?”

“That’s a half-inch shy of his height on record, but yes.”

“Then the law states that he is not bound by the Little Statutes. If he had been under seventy-two inches it would have been a very plausible action for Judge Taney to have taken. I myself am exceedingly careful in my conduct due to that concern. Since he is above the seventy-two-inch mark there is still the ability to declare him a case of Maturosis, but legally there is a requirement in Penal Code 339.39 that he should have had a separate hearing on that matter.”

“Just being declared in contempt of court shouldn’t have allowed for that?”

“Legally in a court setting he would need to have been convicted of this act of contempt should he have chosen to fight it. The charge is only a misdemeanor, not a felony, so his rights to adulthood should not have been immediately revoked.”

“What were Mr. Sylvester’s rights at the time?”

“Well like any criminally charged individual, he had the right to a trial by jury, a right to an attorney, and every other right to defend himself. Judge Taney just immediately essentially ordered an execution without a trial.”

“Objection! There was no execution here!” Henry shouted.

“Your Honor, I would argue differently. If the injunction had been received one minute later at the hospital my client would have had his gender altered forever against his will. He would have died as Cameron Sylvester and only existed as Camille Harris. That in and of itself legally would have meant his death.”

“Overruled,” he said, “Professor Marshall, please avoid too much of the inflammatory commentary here?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” he said with a smile.

There was further testimony from him showing that due process was not followed. That to me held more hope in this Court of Appeals than anything from anyone else. Appeals Courts were process based – though I did hope that everything else was helping my case as well.

“Sarah Lexington,” I heard David announce and a tall woman I guessed just over eleven feet tall in height came to the stand.

After she was sworn in, “Mrs. Lexington, what is that you do for a living?”

“I’m a private detective,” she told him with a smile.

“Our firm hired you in an effort to ensure Mr. Sylvester’s safety after his adoption. During your investigation what did you find?”

“Well, I managed to get my hands on a number of text messages and phone calls between Mrs. Harris and others involved in attempting to prevent Mr. Sylvester from ever regaining his adulthood.”

“You obtained this video,” he said while a video showing me sitting in the egg chair at the daycare was shown.

“Yes, I did,” she told him as I heard muttering from beside our table.


“It was sent via electronic means to Mrs. Harris,” she replied.

“Objection! Your Honor, this was obtained without a warrant, and further, this video would contain footage of a medically necessary counseling session that is covered by patient privacy. I move to strike!”

“Your Honor, we believe the evidence is fully covered by a federal warrant that was obtained?”

“Do you have a copy of the warrant?” he asked.

A document was handed up to the bailiff, after looking at it, “This is a properly signed warrant Mr. Johnson. Now as to the question of the privacy of Mr. Sylvester…”

“Your Honor, as of this time Cammie Harris is still a minor ward of her mother Addison Harris. She is the only one who can grant that exception to the privilege.”

“Miss Harris? Would you please approach the railing?”

I looked up at her, “Yes Your Honor?”

“As Mr. Sylvester’s guardian, what is your decision.”


I looked nervously up at Addy, while her mother seemed to be staring daggers at her.



End Chapter 55

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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