In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 4

TWO DAYS LATER I was still distracted by Beth’s abrupt demotion from college. I had been able to study and do my homework, but couldn’t help but worry about Beth every other moment of the day. Her parents had called me that night and asked if I had seen her… My response was as clear as I could make it. I had to force my composure since my roommate was in the room. Fortunately, he left soon, so that after I finished talking to them, I was able to hide my face for a couple hours as I cried over her loss.

Having no other choice, I forced myself to focus on my new school work as much as possible. I had no desire to end up in the same situation as she had found herself in. Just a few months earlier it could have easily been me in that boat! I was still distracted as I viewed the tall giant girl again entering the lab we had been assigned to. To my ultimate luck, on Wednesday, I’d been paired with her at a lab station! Of course, I’d been too tongue tied on the day we had been tested on lab safety to talk to her. Especially after I realized there were no accommodations for height available in the lab! I ended up using the stool Bigs sat on, to stand on to reach things on the countertop.

I blushed as she looked at me then and couldn’t find the words to speak. I just smiled with what I hoped was a friendly smile, and turned back to the instructions for the lab.

Today though we were doing a titration assignment and I was in the zone! I loved working with procedures, following the detailed steps, being precise with measurements and masses, heat… well, I was a nerd, and I was proud of it! Experiments like this always made me feel like I was a mad scientist preparing to take over the world or something… I was at a point of having to just sit and wait for the process to go when I saw her struggling next to me.

I debated, but decided ‘what the hell?’

“I’m Cameron,” I said, holding out my hand to her.

She looked at me skeptically, “Addison,” she said back to me tersely.

I watched as she turned back to the experiment and sighed with exasperation.

“Would you like some help?” I asked her politely.

She looked down at me again, and looked confused, “Why would I want your help?”

I shrugged, “I can tell you’re struggling and I understand this stuff pretty well?”

Right then one of the T.A.s came by, “Cameron, right?” he asked.


“Nice work here! Make sure you record everything! Just glancing at things, it looks like you may have had the most success out of your group here.”

“Thanks,” I told him as he walked over to Addison.

“Oh dear… You probably should start over here… Addison?”

I felt like she was about to slap him like the other guy, but she sighed, “I guess you’re probably right.”

I watched her clean up her work to start again off and on as I confirmed and documented my results. I was just about to clean up my station when I saw her staring at me. “Sure, you don’t want my help?”

She sighed, “I should say no… what will my friends think of me letting a Little tutor me?”

“Well… tell them I’m not a Little?”

She laughed, “Barely?”

I shrugged, “Trust me, that inch counted more than you can know!”

“I bet it did,” she said as we looked over at the two Littles that were in our group getting their training pants checked.

“Well little girl, looks like you’re clean still, but you may want to think about some diapees with as much as you like to go pee-pee in your training panties! You’re almost leaking!” I saw the tall girl TA we had pat her and say, “Off you go!”

I saw the boy who was my age, and only about six inches shorter than me, try and follow her.

“Not so fast little man,” she told him and pulled back the ridiculous elastic pants the boys had to wear. The waistband of a pull-up was pulled back too, and she clucked, “This is what I was smelling… Guess we need to get you to Dean Sanders. Poopy pants in class are worth eight demerits, but in a lab it’s worth all ten.”

I watched the poor guy scream and struggle for a few minutes before she pulled his pants down and spanked him over the Pull-Up. She eventually pulled him out by the arm to walk across campus in only the shit filled Pull-Up, his pants lost during the spanking.

“Poor guy,” I found myself saying – surprised when Addison’s voice was in stereo with me.

I looked up at her in surprise, “What, you think that all of us are heartless? He probably does need to be in diapers, but that lab rule seems extreme to me…”

“Yeah,” I told her. “So, are you ready to start again?”

“What about you?”

“I’m already done, and we have another hour and a half until history?”

“You know history is my next class?”

“Yeah… I noticed you the other day,” I was honest with her.

“Noticed me?” She frowned a bit and I wondered if I had screwed up.

“Well, you were the most beautiful girl in the room.” I smiled, “And definitely the scariest when you gave the one jerk what was coming to him.”

She smiled, “I couldn’t believe that… What you probably didn’t see was that he put his damn hand on my butt!”

“Jerk,” I agreed. “Come on, let’s get this going. First of all, Tare out the scale…”

I helped her redo the experiment, catching her a couple times when she was about to say something was ‘good enough,’ or adding things in improper order… When we finished, she had a result that wasn’t quite as good as mine, but pretty close!

“Thanks Cameron,” she told me as I jumped off of the stool and gathered my bag.

“You’re welcome,” I told her with a smile.

We walked out together and it was obvious our sizes were dramatically different. That didn’t come up in our conversation though however until we arrived at our history class. “Sit with me?” She asked.

“Sure,” I shrugged, and internally wondered if I was playing with fire. I could just hear Beth saying, ‘What are you thinking Cameron? Are you a complete idiot!?!?’ I knew my dad would probably be saying, ‘Go for it, son!’ though while ogling her inappropriately.

He’d married up himself, being a couple feet shorter than my mother. I forced emotion back as I almost thought about what she would say, but I’d barely been out of diapers when she died. Thoughts of Beth didn’t help with my mood much either unfortunately.

I watched Addison duck her head as we came into the hall again. She looked at me a bit bemused with the cushion I put on top of the chair to give me a little bit more height. “Are you sure you’re not a Little?”

I shook my head, “Very sure, trust me when I say there was nothing more exciting than getting the nurse to mark my height down as seventy-three inches last spring!”

“You weren’t kidding about only an inch, were you?”

I shook my head. “So… I noticed you had to duck your head to get in, if you don’t mind me asking, just how tall are you?”

I watched her look a bit shocked that I would even ask. It was kind of like asking a lady how old she was… you generally didn’t ask if you were a short person, how tall a tall person was… just not done really in ‘polite’ society. Just before I thought she was going to be offended though, she answered, “Not quite thirteen feet. Twelve-foot-eight-inches… You would think this place would at least have thirteen-foot doorways like are required in code, but I guess this building was grandfathered in.”

“Wow, that’s really tall,” I said. I meant it… The average size of a big was usually ten to eleven feet. Getting to twelve feet was pretty tall, but to be nearly thirteen feet tall… “You’re over twice my height,” I noted.

“Thus, why you might as well be a Little compared to me,” she smirked at me.

“Can’t help my height,” I told her.

“Neither can I,” she agreed with a laugh. “How tall are your parents?”

“My dad is about eight-feet tall,” I told her.

“Your mom?”

I sighed, “She was ten-feet tall…”

“Was?” she asked gently.

It was an old story, but even still it did make me sad at times. “She died when I was four, giving birth to my baby sister…”

“She didn’t?”

“Neither of them did sadly. It was really hard for my dad and I,” I told her. I sighed though and shrugged, “Life sucks sometimes, you just have to keep pushing on though.”

She nodded. I was about to ask her questions about her own parents when the professor began the class. Afterwards Addison asked me, “What’s your number? In case I have any more chem questions?” She added the last part nervously.

I bit my tongue for a moment, wondering if it was a good idea to give it to her. I wasn’t that far away from being like the littles in the room… and I knew that one betweener had already been demoted to Wenig… “Sure, it’s…” I gave it to her and she gave me her own. Once we exchanged numbers, she parted ways from me and I ran into Taylor Esther, one of my friends in my dorm.

“Cameron, how the hell did you get her to talk to you?!?”

I looked at my friend with a smirk, “It’s just chemistry,” I told him.

He laughed when I explained.

We were on the elevator upstairs to our floor when I finished the tale, “Dude, you know she’s like the richest girl at this school, right?”

I looked at him, “Really?”

“Really! Her mom is like this really big-time CEO!”

“Huh…” I said, “I didn’t know anything besides she’s beautiful?”

“What are you thinking though?” He asked me, with my eyes glancing up to his taller form. He was a pretty average ten-foot-tall guy, no danger in being a mid, but still four feet taller than me.


“She’s tall enough she might just mistake you for a Little! You don’t want to be one of those Littles in a shitty diaper the rest of your life, right?”

I shrugged, “The downside being I would get to stare at her breasts the rest of my life?”

He laughed at that, “Dude, you might have a point there!”

Even as we both laughed about it, I couldn’t help but feel nervous that such a thing could in fact happen.

Adoptions of ‘Mids,’ as we were more frequently called in the legal world, were far rarer than Littles, but it did happen. Usually, it would happen due to a Mid committing a crime, and getting sentenced to being ‘re-raised.’ Because Mids ranged up to eight-and-a-half-feet technically in legal definition depending on your parents, it meant that you could be the same size as an average eleven- to twelve-year-old Big, and still be put back in diapers! Myself being only an inch above six-feet, meant that I was closer to being an average four-year-old Big. Something that bullies in high school had of course been sure to rub in my face many times!

The worst of course had been graduation day when we took our traditional walk through the elementary schools and junior high schools to show off our gowns. The goal was letting kids see ‘they could graduate one day too!’ Of course, the Littles had to be in all of the same padding and uniforms as they wore at graduation, so I had felt bad for Beth on that day. I was taller than most of the preschoolers we passed, but quite a few kindergartners, and nearly all of the first graders were taller than me. Unfortunately, our district had recently segregated Littles in the lower grades for extra care to another campus, so we never saw the Littles that were under third grade that day.

I nearly forgot to go to dinner that night because I was so deep in thought about everything as I unpacked my lab journal to start my required report. I heard a few voices talking about food outside though, and decided to get a bite to eat before coming back for homework. Downstairs I ran into my new friend Grant from down the hall.

“Heading to the dining hall?” He asked looking down at me.

“Yeah… almost forgot to go tonight!”

“Too busy playing video games?”

I shook my head, “Thinking about a girl,” I told him honestly.

“That short one you’ve eaten with a few times?” He asked me.

I shook my head, “No, though I am worried about her. She… she ended up going to student services the other day.”

“Shit man, I’m sorry… That sucks…”

“Yeah, it does. Two inches man, that’s all she needed to be in a regular dorm with us!”

“I’m glad I’ve got a bit more distance over the line than you do, but even still I’ve dealt with people who insist on me still sitting in a damn booster seat like a little kid.”

I laughed to avoid crying about Beth again, “Try the rear facing car seats…”


“I’ve been with Bigs before that insisted on it. I swear my grandmother didn’t even care that my dad says a booster was fine, she forced us to wait while she dug up a car seat from her car and strapped me in last Christmas… My legs got cramped, but I’ve seen the damn box labels – I am still barely within the weight limits. Hell, you are still in the weight limit for a forward-facing toddler seat if someone cared to force it.”

We both kind of sullenly walked for a few minutes before he asked, “So if it’s not just your friend you were thinking about, who was it?” He paused, “Not the tall goddess you were sitting next to in history…?”

I blushed, “Yeah, actually…”

“I have two thoughts there; what the hell is wrong with you? And, how in the hell did you pull that off?!?”

“I just talked to her. Why does everyone seem to be scared of her? Taylor seemed intimidated too?”

He shrugged, “I know a lot of Littles talk about the features of the ‘Little Foods’ that are on the market. I know that her parents’ company is in charge of testing those foods out, but not much more. I do know there have been some rumors about how they test some of it on littles though.”

“Any proof in court or anything?”

“Not that I know of.”

“So, it could just be rumors?”

“Could be, but you know in business you cover up bad publicity. When you hear stories like that becoming more common it’s hard to doubt at least some of it is true.”

We walked into the cafeteria towards the end of the main dining time and I saw no sign of Beth, but assumed she was probably past curfew if she’d still been there.

A few other of our new friends joined us for a late dinner and hang-out session before heading back to our dorms to study. I was just finishing my titration report when my phone dinged.

I felt my heart leap, and my stomach plummet, as I saw it was from Addison.

‘Cameron I just want to thank you again so much for your help earlier!’ she added a heart emoji too.

‘Happy to help,’ I replied to her. ‘Did you get the report done okay?’

I wondered if this was a good idea to keep talking to her, but so far, I hadn’t gotten ‘desperate mommy’ vibes from her.

‘Honestly, it’s not due until Monday. I haven’t even started it yet.’

I laughed, ‘I see you’re a procrastinator.’ I texted her a winking face with that.

She sent back a laughing and crying emoji, ‘You already know me…’

I texted back and forth with her for another hour. During that time, I learned she had chosen the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Chem Class that was the same thing, just taught over more days. I’d been good with chemistry in high school and went with the one less day class. Eventually that night she sent, ‘Honestly I’m already having trouble in my regular Chem class too, any chance you would be willing to meet and study somewhere?’

I thought for a second and responded, ‘Sure, the library or the dining hall?’

‘How about lunch together, and we’ll study in the cafeteria? Or move over to one of the lounges at our dorms?’

I refrained from squealing with a bit of excitement then. ‘Sounds great!’

While it was Friday afternoon and plenty of my friends seemed to want to do ‘fun’ things, I chose to stay in my room and work on the paper that was due for my writing class. I just couldn’t bring myself to go out and have fun that night while thinking about Beth lying in a crib in some nursery on campus… or maybe already settled in her adopted mommy’s dream nursery.



End Chapter 4

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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