In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 62

WARNING: This Chapter contains violence and content that may disturb some readers. Reader discretion is advised

I GROANED AS I woke up, feeling like I had the ultimate hangover as I opened my eyes and was assaulted by light and the strong smell of chemical disinfectants. I blinked my eyes and wondered how long I had been out. Looking down I found myself strapped into what looked like a Littles highchair without the tray. It was almost too small for me with my butt feeling rather cramped. The arm restraints must have been too small, because instead of the buckles there were zip ties pulled through the two end pieces to expand them a bit.

I heard a desperate grunting going on to my left and found Addy tied up to an office chair. The shorts she had been wearing turned darker as she began crying and I knew she must have just had an accident. A smell in the air a second later told me she was sobbing for good reason. I wiggled a little in the seat to check my own bottom, and was pretty sure I was still clean back there, but I was definitely wet.

“Addy…?” I tried saying, but I realized then I had one of those stupid Littles locking pacifiers in my mouth. It didn’t fully block it, but it made it hard to understand.

Looking back over at her I saw her mouth was covered with a larger version that until Kristin had one, didn’t think existed outside of some sort of odd adult industry. She made a sound like ‘Cameron’ almost and I sighed, knowing that we were both probably screwed here!

I looked down and saw that small half-moons were making the presence known of a too wet diaper below them. My skin felt clammy around my legs where the shorts were wet, and I wondered again how long I’d been sitting there unconscious.

I looked up and saw a large TV screen mounted up on the wall, a medical exam table underneath it, and worryingly to me, a drain in the floor in front of me. The ground around it was a polished tile that had at one point probably been white, but was now yellowed with years of use. It appeared there was only one door to the room, and no windows. The door was a large steel affair that I had a feeling would probably take a fair amount of punishment if it was locked, even if I could get loose!

Looking down at my wrists and the zip ties, I thought there might have been a chance to get out of them, but then the little proof harness would probably finish any of those odds.

‘Like it or not, I’m probably stuck in this until whoever put me in it lets me out…’

We sat there for a long while, Addy sobbing, and me annoyed that I had to pee in the already soaked diaper another time before there was the sound of keys in the door confirming to me it was locked.

The door swung open and I watched the person I thought was in jail walk in, followed by Mindy… and… Danica…?

‘What the hell?!?’ I thought to myself. ‘Why is she helping her mom…?’

“Look what we have here!” Aubry said, “Guess I have two Little girls who can’t control their bladders? Dani, did you know your sister had a problem like this?”

“No…” she said tersely. “And pee-eew, someone’s a stinky girl too!”

“Well, she might not have had this problem if it wasn’t for this brat!” She came over to me and ripped the pacifier out without letting it fully deflate!!!! My jaw shrieked with pain as my teeth stayed in place, but felt like they’d nearly been pulled out with pliers!!!!

I hissed, but refrained from calling her the names I wanted to.

“So, tell me Little Man, feel better now that you know you have officially ruined my daughter?”

“Like you’ve done?” I asked incredulously. “Danica, you know your nanites won’t work with her controller anymore, right?”

I felt the air from the hand just before the flesh slammed into my jaw that was already in pain. The slap from Aubry Harris felt like a brick was smacked across my face, and I felt a ringing in my ears.

“You really think my daughter is helping just because I threatened her?”

“Kind of hoped, honestly,” I told her. “I thought she was the good one…”

Aubry laughed at that, “Maybe not a fan of the cruelty, but she likes money? Let’s just say she gets more if she goes along with things.”

I shrugged, “Hard to spend money if she’s in jail with you?”

“What makes you think I’m going to spend one more night in jail? I was released on bail, but there’s no way in hell anyone is ever going to convict Aubry Harris in a trial!”

“Stranger things have happened,” I told her. “So, what’s your big plan? Turn Addy and I into your babies?”

“Not mine,” she smiled, “Dani’s! She’s been wanting her own Littles for a while. A pair of infant girls will suit her just fine to be able to cuddle with when she wants, and then they can be sent to the nanny the rest of the time. You’ll make great PR photos as we push our company further into manufacturing some new products too!”

Addy screamed some more next to me, and even with the large pacifier in her mouth I could understand the ‘fuck you’ from her.

So could her mom, “Well, might as well and try to say big words while you can Princess, you won’t be able to say any here shortly.”

“What’s the point?” I asked. “You don’t have to do anything to her.”

“You’re right, I don’t have to, but after her scheming with you and allowing testimony to help your case I think it’s time I cut the ties. If she’s not going to be there for me, then it’s time for her to go.”

“You know this isn’t going to end if you do this, right? My friends and allies will keep going after you until there is nothing but a smoking ruinous crater remaining?”

She laughed, “They can try Cammie, but the truth is I have more power than you can possibly know. I already have some senators looking into how to remove your precious Judge Jones. If that doesn’t work, I have another team that will look at removing her in other ways.”

‘She seriously just said she’ll assassinate a judge?!?!?’ I thought to myself.

“What are you going to do to us?”

“Well, it’s pretty simple Cammie, all we need to do is give you the right injection and we’ll have you look like your new mommy, complete with your innie instead of your outie!” She paused, “I think I’ll start with my daughter though so you can see it in action.”

“I bet you can’t do it to me,” I smirked at her, even as two technicians had started to move towards Addy with a cart of syringes.


“I said I bet you it won’t work on me. Go ahead and give me your worst shot bitch.”

“Stop!” She said to them. “I don’t want to listen to this anymore, let’s take care of him first.”

I watched as they came over to me and cut loose the zip ties and unbuckled me from the harness. As they carried me to the table, I looked at Addy, “I love you,” I told her, realizing that in spite of everything those three words were as true then as they had been the day that I asked her to marry me.

“Get the subjects clothes off,” one tech said. “Might as well make the cleanup easier later...”

I was sat down on the table and a pair of scissors made short work of my shortalls and shirt. I was left then in the soaked diaper. “Want to get the subject out of that diaper?” another asked.

“No point, she’ll just shrink out of any diaper we put on her…”

“Take it off!” Aubry ordered.


“I want her to watch as she loses her parts.”

“That could get messy…”

“And it’ll all wash off, there’s a reason for the drain and the waterproof cover on that bed, right?”

The man didn’t hesitate in quickly exposing me. Another thoughtfully wiped me off with a baby wipe before I was strapped into the bed with my arms and chest contained with two large straps, and another holding down my legs at just above the knees.

I half-expected the level of care in the hospital with leads being attached to my chest or something, but instead one of them just proceeded to bring a large syringe over. I watched in horror as the needle gleamed with a droplet of solution and he proceeded to slowly insert it into my left arm!

The solution was cold!!!! It stung badly as it was inserted, and a flare of pain went up my arm causing me to scream!!!

I watched my hand for a moment seem to shrink, as did my left arm just a little, and then it stopped. The pain went away, and I sighed with relief that it stopped.

“What’s going on? He should be the size of an infant by now!!!!” Aubry screamed.

“I don’t know Mrs. Harris… This is weird. Try the other one on his other side?” He said, pointing to the other syringe on the cart. It was larger, and clearly meant to hold more nanites to change her daughter versus me. I grimaced as the needle again glistened and then was inserted into my right bicep.

The solution again froze and stung like hell. “Fucking bastards!!!!” I screamed, deciding there was no reason to be good anymore. I watched my body and arm in horror, and was relieved that other than a small reduction in length and width of my fingers, nothing seemed to have changed.

“What the fuck is wrong with you all? Can’t even turn me into a baby right?” I taunted them. “Told you it wouldn’t work bitch,” I told Aubry.

“Try another!” She screamed at him.

“I don’t have any other solution down here. I’ll have to go program some. It’ll take me about an hour to do it.”

“Well, what are you waiting for?” She told him before he scurried out. She glared at the other techs, “Go help him!”

They clearly didn’t need any incentive to run, leaving two security guards, Danica, and Aubry in the room then. “Your little brat needs a spanking for her language,” she told Danica.

“Yes, she does, but I think I want to wait until she’s a little baby so the less sinks in more.”

“I think it would be a shame if she waited that long for her lesson.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said. “Help me turn her over?”

“Might put a diaper under her first.”

“Good idea,” she said.

I squirmed and tried to use the loosening straps as an opportunity to get free, but nothing helped as I was turned onto my stomach over a diaper. “Cammie you do not call your grandma or anyone else a bitch!” she said as she rubbed my butt gently with one hand. There was a millisecond of a moment where it left and then another slammed into my ass so hard, I grunted.

“Fuck you!” I shouted!

“I think that’s another hundred…” she said.

I managed to last twenty just being in shock from the pain. At twenty-one my eyes were bleary, and by her count of eighty I was a blubbering mess. I had long ago peed the diaper beneath me, and her hand showed no signs of stopping. I must have eventually passed out from the pain…

The next thing I did know was I was waking up splashed with ice water. “Huh?” I groaned, and unfortunately found myself staring into Aubry’s face smirking down at me and my ass feeling like it was genuinely dealing with broken bones beneath the tissue.

“Bet you wish you hadn’t called me a bad name now?”

I would probably have cussed some more, but a pacifier was now shoved in my mouth and I couldn’t get it to go out.

“He’s awake now, let’s do this again!”

“We think we’ve figured it out, we’ll see…” the tech said. “We may have to do each individual site on his body for some reason a few times.” I lay there as injections were made in each foot and each leg. The pain was unbearable, but even as I was processing that I heard them say, “Let’s try his face next.”

‘My face?!?!’ I tried to squirm, but a strap had been added to my head. I watched the needle close in on my face and screamed as it was inserted into my nose. Another was inserted into each cheek then, and another at the bottom of my jaw.

Each injection felt like I was being given some sort of icy solution and I guessed my body was going to go into shock from the combination of the temperature there, and then the pain!!! I could feel my bones attempt to restructure themselves. Tissue shrinking down, and I was concerned it would be my teeth too!

Fortunately for me though, it stopped even quicker than with my arms.

“What the hell, I thought you said this would work?”

“It should have!!!! There’s enough nanites in her body now to transform the entire college campus at Emerson!”

“It’s only barely making changes where you inject it though!”

“I know, it doesn’t make sense! It’s almost like his body is fighting the nanites with his immune system!”

“How much more do you have?” Aubry asked.

“This is the final syringe of solution. It’s going to take three days to make more…”

“Then let’s make it count,” she said, “Hand it to me!”

I heard Addy squirming behind me and hoped that it would go to her, but apparently, I had her mother in enough of a rage that she felt like I was deserving. “I think there’s a special spot that if we’re only going to change one thing successfully has to change, right Dani?”

“Right…” Danica said nervously.

“Give me the syringe, I’ll do this one myself.”

“Ma’am?” The tech asked.

“Give it to me.”

I was just able to see the handoff in my peripheral vision. “Let’s pull this head strap off so you can watch sweetie,” she said with a smile that was enough to make my blood turn even colder.

The needle glistened as I wondered where she was thinking of targeting, not ready for the spot that she was choosing to go for. “Let’s see if we can’t at least get rid of these nasty things!”

I watched in horror with my head lifted up as she took the needle and began to insert it into my scrotum just as the lights went out in the room!

I will post the next few chapters hopefully on Friday still, it'll depend on privacy and time I get done with some odd work events. 

Please let me know what you think with a comment! Thanks for reading!



End Chapter 62

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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NxK · Feb 9, 2022

Just wow. Praying you can post Friday as I gotta know what happens next!

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Holy Wowzers

SCGuy19 · Feb 9, 2022

Oh my goodness... I can't think of any words... I admit it I cried during this whole chapter. Looking forward to what happens next.... Apologies for crying again Keep up the great work

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