In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 15
Awkward Questions

Part II: Forward

THE PAST FEW years had flown by for me. I was now in my fourth year in college, and the end was in sight of my undergraduate years! I had spent a very focused summer preparing and taking the national standardized test for my law school applications. When I received my scores last month, I had been very proud of earning a score that put me into the top two percent of test takers! It wasn’t even late September yet, and I already had a number of schools trying to convince me to come to them. I knew no matter which I chose, I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for it; not with the scholarships and fellowships they were already offering!

Addy and I had continued to date the past few years. She was amazing, and the two of us complimented each other very well in our strengths and weaknesses. Going into this final year we nearly moved into an apartment together for our senior year, but her mom had a fit and shut the plan down! My own dad thought it was a better idea to live in the dorms one more year just to be safe… It was almost pointless though, because I spent more nights at her apartment than I did in my single dorm room!

Each night we usually had dinner together, worked on homework, and then found something fun to do together. I’d learned over the years that Addy gave an amazing massage when she had time for it! I tried to help her out with homework and housework as a tradeoff for all of the things she did for me!

Today though I wasn’t in either place, instead I was over at Stacy’s for a bit of a barbeque and a pool party. Meg had needed a ride out to their place, so I’d taken her myself over like I had many times the last couple years. Since our sophomore year I’d had to install two rear-facing car seats for when I drove Meg and Stacy around. At that moment Meg and I were floating in the pool talking and using pool noodles to lazily float, while Stacy was doing her crazy laps, and Bella was sitting in a swing being pushed by Fred.

“So how are things going for you?” I asked Meg.

She shrugged, “I’m glad I switched my major to management… But I don’t know what I’m going to do after this year though. What business wants a Little manager?”

I shrugged, “Start your own?”

She nodded, “That’s one thought…”

“You have some others…?”

She sighed and pointedly looked at Bella, “Her life isn’t so terrible, is it?”

I noticed the large smile on Bella’s face as Fred pushed her higher.

I shook my head, “Hers isn’t, but you know Amanda and Fred aren’t normal, right?”

She nodded, “I know…”

Stacy swam up quickly right then, pulling up quickly with her fish level ability to swim that she must have been born with. “Why do you two look so serious?”

I looked at her swimming so easily in the water. I was able to stand in the spot we were at if I chose to, but was far too deep for her or Meg to do the same. “Figuring out Meg’s life,” Meg said.

“Oh…” she said. “You know I could still get you a bid for Lambda.”

She shook her head, “No, I’m nearly finished anyway,” she told her. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do once I graduate.”

“What, are you wanting to be adopted?” I asked as kindly as I could.

She started to shake her head, but then slowly nodded, “I’m thinking about it. If I could find the right mommy... I have a feeling it would be better than waiting for whatever witch sees me at a store or work and decides I need them to be my mommy by force.”

“Doesn’t Emerson keep you from being able to choose?” I asked.

“There’s a loophole I found, and triple checked with Professor Marshall. If I were to find a mommy off-campus I could be adopted just by saying I lost my ID and not fighting the adoption in court, or with the registration clerk.”

“Oh,” I said.

“So, who are you looking at?”

“Addy interested at all?” She asked me.

I laughed, “I doubt it. Her family and her are constantly arguing about me and her adopted ‘brother’s’ treatment. Addy may consider it way down the road, but for now she just wants to get her degrees and decide if she wants anything to do with her family’s business.”

“She’s thinking of not?” Stacy asked in surprise.

I nodded, “It depends… She loves me… and her mom doesn’t like that. She says she would choose me over that any day of the week.”

“Aww…” Meg said in stereo with Stacy. Meg sighed, “Doesn’t get me any closer though. Any other ideas?”

Right then Megan, Amanda’s baby sister, walked through the door. She was really more my dad’s height than fitting in with their Big family, but technically, due to her parents both being Bigs, she got to consider herself as a petite Big within the laws instead of a Mid. “What about Megan?” I said half-jokingly.

“She would be a good choice,” Stacy said, surprising me by agreeing.

“What?!?” Meg said, “We’d have the same name… and she’s not that much taller than Cameron… Can she even legally adopt me?”

I nodded, “It would be weird, but it’s legal. She’s got a good steady job now that she’s out of school, and since she works from home, you wouldn’t even have to worry about avoiding daycare.”

“I don’t know…” Meg said.

A moment later Megan was jumping into the pool and came to catch Stacy to give her a hug. She held her for a second before sitting her back in the water to resume swimming. “How are you doing Meg, Cameron?”

“Great,” I said while watching Meg turn bright red.

“Good,” Meg squeaked out.

“How are things going this semester at school?” She asked.

After a few awkward moments Meg calmed back down and we were soon chatting with the four of us quite normally. When Amanda called us over for lunch, we all sat down on a picnic bench style table. I conversed with Fred a good amount, with him giving me some advice on a few things he’d encountered when he went to med school, that probably also applied to my Law School applications. We had a few more nerdy conversations about some science studies coming out about chemically creating new biological pathways. I’d gotten interested in that after Stacy had told me about how she healed Bella.

Every now and then I looked to where Bella was sitting in Amanda’s lap, but feeding herself the pieces of the hotdog on her plate. Stacy had a smaller hamburger that was in its whole form that she was allowed to eat on her own. When Bella finished, she said, “Nummies?” to her and tugged at her blouse. I blushed as Amanda pulled away the blouse and began breastfeeding her in front of us.

I knew that Stacy was still nursing too, but I’d only seen that once in the years I’d been her friend. I figured Amanda did her best to not embarrass her in front of me.

After a while Amanda took Bella in for a nap in her crib, while I helped Megan and Fred clean up the dishes. “You don’t have to do that,” Fred told me as I carried stuff inside.

I shrugged, “Happy to help,” I told him. “I appreciate you all having me over and feeding me! As a college kid this seems like the least that I can do!”

He nodded, “I get that. When I finally managed to start getting a real paycheck it was amazing!”

I laughed, “I figure I’ve got about three more years with law school, and then hopefully I’ll know that feeling too!”

After helping clean up everything I found myself in the jacuzzi with Megan, Meg, and Stacy. Stacy was giving me a weird look, and I wondered if she wanted me to help out with something.

I saw her eyeing Meg, and then Megan, and got the point. ‘How do I do this…?’ I thought to myself.

“So, Megan, now that you have your job and everything going well… you found anyone to date?”

She shook her head, “Honestly, I’m not that interested… At least right now. Also, I’m like Amanda in that I can’t have kids naturally – so I’m not sure I can even find anyone who wants me.”

“Thought about adopting?” I asked her.

“A real baby?” She sighed, “Of course, but you know as well as I do that there aren’t that many ever out there. No one wants to give up their real baby.”

I nodded, “What about a Little”

She scoffed, “Hell no! I have no desire to be like Cassie or Chloe!”

“What about being more like Amanda?” I suggested. “Stacy and Bella are well taken care of?”

She laughed, “Well, yeah they are… and I guess I could see something like that. But I don’t have a desire to make someone feel like a baby all of the time.”

“So never interested?” Stacy asked.

She shrugged, “I guess ‘never’ is a long time… but I don’t think so. I’m happy being at home with my fur baby.” I knew she had a massive cuddly cat at her apartment that she posted pictures of as often as mom’s did with their kids!

“What about adopting to save someone?” I asked curiously. “Like Amanda did with Bella?”

She shook her head, “I don’t ever want to live through what they lived through… not worth making people angry. They could easily decide I need to go back to middle school or something even…”

I nodded at that, “Yeah… I get that.”

She laughed, “It would be preschool or daycare for you I’m guessing Cameron.”

“Probably,” I told her. “I think my worst fear is someone deciding to declare that I have a case of Maturosis and turning me into a potty-training failure to make their real kids feel better.”

Stacy nodded, “That would be bad…”

“I’ve always thought if I get adopted, I’d rather just use the diapers and get over with it,” I heard Meg suddenly say.

“Would you really want that?” Megan asked in surprise.

She shrugged, “It’s probably not going to matter what I want… I’m small enough I know I’m going to get adopted. Probably this year something will be made to happen before graduation.”

“That sucks,” Megan said sadly.

“Yeah, it does. I keep thinking I’d be better off just picking someone to…” she coughed, “to be my mommy instead of a random weirdo.”

Megan looked at her and said, “You know, that might be one of your better options. You’re in school at Emerson though, aren’t you locked into either graduating, demeriting out, or giving yourself up to Student Services?”

“If I was somewhere and ‘lost’ my ID with the right person, I could just allow them to adopt me without telling the clerk I was a student.”

“That would be risky,” Megan said. “You really need to be able to trust the person…”

“Not many Bigs that you can do that with, huh?” I prodded Megan.

“No… Too many are like my sisters.” She paused, “They’d say they’d be kind, then the next thing you’d know they’d be removing teeth or something…”

I debated about pushing any further, when Stacy made up her own mind. “What about it Megan? Would you be willing to help Meg out?”

Megan’s face visibly drained of color. “Me… adopt Meg? Absolutely not!” she said. “I’m not wanting to be some mommy!”

She said it with such conviction I felt bad for her.

“It was just an idea,” I said, trying to help Stacy get her whole leg out of her mouth.

“A terrible idea… I respect Littles way too much to become part of the problem.”

“Even if it would mean you really were being part of the solution for her?” Stacy suggested.

“Stacy, I love you to death, but keep in mind you know that you’re going home to your dimension at the end of this year. What you’re talking about is a lifetime of being enslaved…”

“With you it wouldn’t be horrible though?” Meg said quietly.

She looked at her, and her look softened, “Meg, I appreciate that you even think of me highly enough to think of that. But I…” she paused, “I like you way too much to do that to you.”

Meg looked a bit heartbroken at that, but said, “Thanks I guess…”

I managed to steer the conversation to other topics after a bit and Megan calmed down. Pretty soon it was about two hours before Meg’s slightly later senior Little’s curfew, so I packed her back up in the car seat in back and began the drive back to campus.

I walked her back to Wenig to make sure she made it safely with a half-hour to spare on her curfew. “Thanks for taking me over there,” she told me.

“Sorry Megan’s not interested,” I told her.

She sighed, “I know… you have to know that she’s the best possible one out there, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah, the very fact that she doesn’t want you makes her even better in my book.”

“Let me know if you think of any better options?”

I nodded, “I’ll do what I can. I’d suggest Addy’s little sister, but she’s just starting her freshman year here now too.”

“I liked her that time I sat with you all at lunch.”

“Yeah, but she wouldn’t qualify for that loophole since she’s bound by the student code of conduct,” I reminded her.

She sighed, “I know… At least I still have all ten demerits remaining this year. Last year I’d already lost three by now.”

“Well, so you make sure you don’t get any more, you better get moving inside.”

She nodded, “See you later Cameron, thanks!”

I turned and walked back from her dorm heading towards my own. ‘Poor Meg…’ I thought. I didn’t want to see her turn into another Beth. ‘Beth…’ I thought sadly. I’d seen her at Christmas the past couple of years, and even a couple of times this past summer since the monitoring from LPS had finally ended. Her dad had gone and gotten a clandestine treatment done in a nearby state to reverse the mobility impediment that very next week the monitoring was ended! They’d been careful though to make it seem like she could still only crawl when she was at daycare, or while they were out shopping. Only inside their house was Beth able to start at least living a little more normally. She now had the coordination to feed herself again… even if it was only soft pureed foods or formula with her missing teeth. He wanted to get dental implants for her, but she was clear with him that she worried there would be a random LPS visit. She didn’t want to know what would happen if they saw her with teeth?

She was still dependent on diapers, and daycare was pretty mind numbing she told me, but in the end, it beat the treatment I knew she would have had elsewhere. The same treatment that I feared Meg was going to end up stuck in as well.

Just as I made it back to my room my phone rang, and I ended up chatting with Addy for a few minutes. Her parents had dragged her and her sister home for a weekend event with their company. Addy had floated the idea of my attendance, but been shot down ‘unless you’re going to do the right thing and put his butt in the diapers that are more appropriate…’

I felt terrible that she was dealing with her parents like that just to keep dating me. Many times, I considered telling her it was time to break it off for her sake.

The problem was that we were deeply in love with each other!

After I hung up with her, I started on a case study I was doing for a management class I had decided to take. It involved industry research, and I’d chosen her parents company for my topic. The more I found out about them, the more I hated her parents. It was unbelievable to me how unsafe the products they tested were. The fact that they presented reports to the government that claimed they were safe and effective in almost every case made me furious.

Due to their influence though, even in this paper, I had to make sure I kept my opinions out of the project. The last thing I wanted to deal with was a slander suit from her parents!

I'll continue posting more chapters on Wednesday of this week. Please take a moment and let me know what you think, especially if you're reading it for the first time! 

Thanks for reading!



End Chapter 15

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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Enjoy this jump forward!

NxK · Jan 3, 2022

I like the connection to Stacey's story very much. I'm also enjoying Cameron's story. As always awaiting with bated breath for Wednesday.

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