In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 38

THE NEXT MORNING, I found myself being carried into a 6th Circuit Courtroom. I was still blushing from having endured an embarrassing change in the back of her SUV. The diaper was covered by a grey woolen dress with different patterns checked across it. The top of the dress featured a ruffle that went almost in a sailor’s dress pattern, with a black bow randomly tied and sewn on my left collar. When I was allowed to stand, it came to midway down my thighs and barely covered the diaper. Addison was dressed in a sheath dress of the same material and pattern, making it obvious it was a set of ‘mother and daughter’ dresses.

“Ms. Harris please leave Mr. Sylvester with his attorneys at the front,” a bailiff ordered.


“You may sit behind him.” He told her.

I was grateful to see Kendra and David, and gratefully accepted the hug from Kendra and the handshake from David. “What’s going on?” I tried to ask while noting that Aubry Harris was sitting behind the other side’s table, and one of her attorneys was with two other representatives at that table.


“All Rise!” I heard and saw a tall man with a bald head and graying sides coming inside the room in his robes, “Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye, The Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit Court is now open according to law. The Honorable Justice Robert O’Connor presiding.”

“You may be seated,” he told everyone.

The bailiff stood and said, “The first case on today’s docket is Case number 61584903 Sylvester, Benson and Stein, and Harlan Law School vs. State of Ames, SafeFoods, and Harris. Mr. David Benson.”

“Objection Your Honor, Mr. Benson isn’t on the Bar in the State of Ames!”

“Your Honor I have in fact received my approval from the Bar Association in the State of Ames just yesterday, and I’m also credentialed in all of the other states in the 6th Circuit.”

“Overruled counsel,” Justice O’Connor stated, “And may I be blunt? This isn’t a standard courtroom. You’re in a Court of Appeals – act like it!”

“Yes, Your Honor,” the attorney stated.

“Your Honor today I seek an appeal of a ruling of Maturosis against my client by Judge Lynn Taney. Two days ago, she engaged in hostile conduct in her courtroom to throw out testimony and evidence by a lead witness in our case Fehler vs. Serendipity and Safe Foods. My colleague, Mr. Cameron Sylvester here, objected when the testimony was thrown out only due to the fact that the highly respected surgeon had defecated in her diaper on the witness stand.”

“We feel that first of all it shouldn’t have disqualified her highly qualified testimony. Also, we have evidence that the witness was intentionally poisoned. I have submitted to the court signed affidavits from both Doctor Holly Nickerson, the witness, as well as Doctor Ivy Nickerson – her adopted mother, that it was highly unusual for her to have a bowel movement that time of day. Due to the unusual circumstances, they rushed her to the hospital to do a blood sample. When the hospitals lab ran the test, they discovered the foreign agents reported on the affidavit. We believe that someone from the defense placed a small amount of a cream that contained this agent onto the edge of the booster seat that was brought in for her. That substance then was then absorbed through Doctor Nickersons skin as she sat on the seat. The timing of her accident is consistent with the understood effects of the chemical agents, and the average time it needs to take effect.”

“Due to this illegal witness tampering, we feel that her testimony should not have been stricken from the record. Further the behavior of Judge Taney shows a clear bias of support for the defense. We are submitting exhibits three and four that show accounts of her discussions and communications with the head of the defense’s corporations, Mrs. Aubry Harris before the trial. The two even most recently played a round of golf at their country club together the weekend before this hearing took place.”

Another document was handed over, “Further, we submit into evidence video footage obtained from the steps of the courthouse, along with synced audio recordings, of Mrs. Harris threatening Mr. Sylvester with having him declared to have a case of Maturosis. Further she made reference to him peeing his pants potentially in court. We believe that there was in fact an attempt at that made with the use of this device.”

David continued to lay out the strong evidence linking the strongarm tactics to the result in the courtroom. “We believe there is a preponderance of evidence that Mrs. Harris and Judge Taney conspired to give a verdict of Maturosis to Mr. Sylvester.”

“We hereby seek immediate relief against that diagnosis of Maturosis, or at least a continuing injunction for now to continue to prevent Ms. Harris and her mother from modifying our client from a male into a female against his will. We ask that also preclude any other modifications to his body or mind. Finally, we seek a change in jurisdiction for our related case.”

The red light went on in front of David and he stepped away from the podium.

“Henry Johnson for the State of Ames,” the Bailiff stated.

I watched as the attorney stepped up to the podium. I found myself nervously doing what I could not to play with the off-center fishtail braid that Addison had put my long hair into earlier. The way she braided it left it sitting naturally across my left shoulder. The gray bow that was tied at the end was tempting to fidget with too, but I forced myself to put my hands back down on the desk and listen to whatever lies were coming.

He didn’t look all that confident though. “Your Honor, I have been asked to represent Little Protective Services as their representative in this case, along with I represent SafeFoods in the other pending case,” he dug through his papers, clearly unprepared, “it seems to me that this is all a misunderstanding on the appellant’s behalf. Of course, my client knows Judge Taney – they do belong to the same country club after all…?” I sat there and listened to him try and explain away the facts until the red light turned on.

Judge O’Connor looked out at us and asked, “Mr. Sylvester, would you please come to the podium?”

“Yes, Your Honor,” I said and hopped carefully from the chair. I wasn’t careful enough because the short dress flipped up, exposing the stupid pink diaper I was wearing. I walked to the podium with as much dignity as I could after that. The snickers in the gallery behind me didn’t help things though.

I was sworn in and he asked, “Mr. Sylvester, are the facts presented by your attorneys about Mrs. Harris behavior true?”

“Yes, Your Honor. I was concerned enough at the time that I passed on that information to my colleagues and a few others people.”

“I’m aware… I most definitely had several phone calls on your behalf. The facts of this case are in fact quite glaringly suspicious to me, in particular to your being labeled with having a case of Maturosis. I have reviewed the court reporting of the day, as well as made a few inquiries. To my understanding you did not fight with anyone that day following Judge Taney’s ruling?”

“No, Your Honor. To be perfectly honest I have seen what happens when resisting occurs.”

He smiled, “Quite right you would have. All reports are that you have behaved as maturely as allowed under the circumstances, and that plays to your favor.”

‘Please tell me he’s about to release me…’ I thought desperately.

“I cannot set aside a decision such as this completely without a good deal more investigation and information on my part. However, I am willing to give you a choice.”

My stomach twisted, “A choice, Your Honor?”

“You can instead go into the care of Little Protective Services. They will find a suitable facility or foster home for you to stay in while we await a more informed hearing.”

“Your Honor, you said a choice?”

“It seems to me that other than an attempt to physically modify you, that seems to also have been court ordered, you were in good hands with Ms. Harris?”

“Umm… She didn’t abuse me at least?”

“No, and I don’t think she will from what I’ve seen. If you wish to stay with her instead, I will keep the injunction against contact from her mother and you can stay with her until we resolve this? Hopefully in a few weeks’ time?”

“In diapers and dresses, Your Honor?”

“Honestly you wear the dress well,” he smiled in a way I could tell it was friendly ribbing, “It’s probably better than foster care though?”

I was about to respond when I heard a, “Your Honor,” from behind me.

“Yes, Mister Johnson?”

“Our belief is that the injunction against contact from Mrs. Harris to Mr. Sylvester may be justifiable to the court, however if this plan goes into place, we request the injunction against Ms. Harris going into work be suspended? As a new mother she is entitled to her maternity leave, but she does have several very important deadlines coming up that may involve a trip or two to the office?”

“Noted,” the judge said and turned his eyes back to me. “The injunction against her mother would stay in place against contact with you, and only supervised contact between her mother and Ms. Harris. I will limit the order to those two. I understand there’s a sister, it won’t extend to her unless I learn it’s necessary. It’s that or foster care, because I can’t rule against the Maturosis ruling today.”

“What about my attorneys?” I asked. “May I at least have a guarantee of being able to confer with them? Free of Ms. Harris or anyone else present?”

“Those are your two options for placement; however, I am willing to put in place an hour of exclusive time with them when we conclude this trial, and their ability to monitor randomly up to four times per week for a minimum of another hour each time.”

I sighed, “Your Honor it’s really not much of a choice, I’ll stay with Ms. Harris for now.”

“Very good Mister Sylvester. Ms. Harris, Mr. Sylvester will remain in your care for now. The injunction against any physical modifications to him stands. He is not to be harmed! Take care that you follow the injunction to the letter.”

“Your Honor, very well, but I would ask that you allow me to at least modify his hair?”

I gulped at that, ‘What?’


“Honestly it needed cut when he was an adult.”

“Fair enough, but no shaved heads.”

She laughed, “No, Your Honor, my baby girl will always have long hair.”

“Hmm…” he sighed, “I should probably put an injunction against that too, but I don’t want to overstep the bounds into how you raise your child. Be gentle with him.”

“Yes, Your Honor.”

“Your Honor?” Kendra said, “Is there any chance we can do something about the clothing she is forcing our client to wear?”

He shook his head, “Since I still haven’t overruled the Maturosis diagnosis his mother may dress him how she wants. As long as there’s no permanent modifications made to him physically, she may dress him as she has. That of course includes appropriate absorbent underwear as she deems necessary.”

I sighed, ‘Nice try Kendra,’ I thought.

“Mister Sylvester you may return to your attorneys. After they meet with you, Ms. Harris may collect you.”

I sighed, knowing that things could have gone way worse in foster care. At least in this case I didn’t think Addison would maliciously maim me, and with the injunction hopefully her mom wouldn’t get me…

“I am setting another hearing on the case of Mr. Harris’s status to be held in two weeks-time, my office will be in touch on scheduling. In the matter of Case number 384459322 Fehler and Others vs. Serendipity Industries and SafeFood, I am ordering a change in jurisdiction from Judge Taney to Judge Nathaniel Manasco for the duration of the case. The trial is ordered to restart with a new jury, with a special note that testimony is to be heard from the witnesses that Judge Taney dismissed - regardless of the state of their diapers. Further questions on the trial will be handled by my office.”

The stamp of a gavel was soon heard, and I turned to see David and Kendra giving me a look of uncertainty. I sighed, “Let’s go find a room we can meet…”

An officer walked up then, “Ms. Harris you may accompany Mr. Sylvester to the room where he will meet with his attorneys, but you will need to remain outside.”

I realized that Addison had been standing there behind me expectedly. “That’s fine, but she’s wearing a dress, would you please stop saying Mister? It’s Cammie right now,” she said a bit annoyed.

“Ma’am the Judge has continued to address him as Mister, and I will as well.”

She sighed and reached for me, “Why don’t you let him walk,” Kendra said.

She looked like she was going to argue, but I was a bit more grateful for that as I walked between her and David. It was embarrassing as hell to be standing next to David in his suit, and Kendra in her pantsuit, while wearing the juvenile dress. I wasn’t that much shorter than David, so I figured he was probably as uncomfortable seeing me like that too. ‘One step for someone doing the same to him…’

The diaper I wore crinkled as I walked, but was still dry since I hadn’t needed to go again yet. I was really not looking forward to a future need to poop again later this afternoon. Given my fasting the night before and yesterday I hadn’t needed to do that since the first time. ‘I doubt it’s going to be any better the next…’

We were led to a room and the bailiff told Addison, “I’ll wait here with you for them. I’m beginning the timer now; you have one hour to speak with him.”

I followed Kendra and David into a small conference room and sighed with relief when the door shut. No one began talking at that point though, as David began sweeping the room for listening devices. There shouldn’t have been anything, but given everything we were dealing with it was good to be cautious. “Clean,” he said and began our own encrypted recording system to make notes.

“How are you really holding up?” Kendra asked me as I sat down in the large chair across from them.

“This sucks… And if you all don’t get me out of this, I’m likely to have a forced gender change as soon as that injunction is lifted!”

“Addison is the one that wants that?”

“I was given a choice when I got to her house, I could live in the baby boy nursery with my teeth, motor skills, and potty training all taken from me, or I could live in the toddler girl room and maybe be allowed to wear Pull-Ups…”

“Yeah… no choice, huh?” David said.

I shrugged, “At least I got her to let me store some semen away… You guys got there just in the nick of time yesterday!”

“Judge Jones did everything she could to move things along…” David said.

“Any idea why they targeted you?” Kendra asked.

“Addison and I used to date in college – well, most of college. I asked her to marry me, and she turned me down saying her mom forced her to break it off with me. I just didn’t realize how much force she used…?”

“What did she do?” David asked.

“And how do you know?” Kendra followed up.

“She told me about it last night…”



End Chapter 38

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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