In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 33
Limited Options

I REFRAINED FROM snorting at the suggestion to take a nap. I looked down at the dinosaur graphic on the diaper for a moment, blushed, and began looking around some more. My gaze fell to my left at the purple booster seat I’d first noticed when I got in. It was a high back booster with a five-point harness still, but definitely years up in maturity from the toddler car seat I was currently buckled into. ‘I’d prefer that…’ I thought over the seat clearly meant for a true toddler. One thing I noticed that was odd, both the seat next to me, and the seat I was in, appeared to be brand-new. ‘Why did Addy have brand new car seats?’

I finally committed a small act of defiance by popping the damn pacifier out from my mouth. As I did so I noticed that it was purple, and had a pink and white cartoon butterfly painted on it. I placed it in the cupholder of the seat since I didn’t want to willingly hold onto that.

“Surprised that took that long,” Addison said to me, noticing it through a screen in front of her. I groaned when I realized she could watch me and the road simultaneously.

I ended up trying some breathing exercises I’d learned at some point in school to try and calm myself down. ‘Something is really not right…’ I thought. ‘Besides the fact I’m now enslaved by my former girlfriend!’ I grimaced, ‘That sounds like some sort of bad porn movie or something…’

‘Just add that to the massively fucked up list, including that my fiancé is pretty much a braindead baby…’ I sighed. I noticed Addison was still watching me, but didn’t say anything more as the car continued down the road. I began to recognize some of the roads and realized we were in the same area as Fred and Amanda’s place. When I watched their driveway pass by, I just wished there was a way I could have jumped out of the car and gone there to get away from this! Surely Amanda would have helped!

My hand found its way up to my neck and the necklace that held Beth’s engagement ring. I did everything I could to not cry then, knowing the criminals responsible for her horrible fate were probably going to get away with it now. ‘Not to mention I’m now literally in their clutches!’

The ride was blissfully silent in the expensive SUV, and twenty minutes further down the road at highway speeds, we finally turned into a driveway. An imposing granite gated entry way blocked the way, but a metal gate automatically split open to let her drive inside. I noticed a large delivery truck was parked next to a black sedan. Addison drove past them and into a large garage that opened. She came around for me and said, “Well, welcome home Cam.” Her voice wasn’t very welcoming though as she unbuckled the harness and picked me up. She placed her hand under my diaper, and straddled my legs on her hip like a toddler. “Let’s get this over with…” she said under her voice a moment before she opened the door to the house.

“Miss Harris! I figured you would be here at least five minutes ago?” a tall woman dressed in a skirt suit said. She appeared to be a couple years younger than us, and probably about ten-and-a-half feet tall. Her brown hair was tied in a very neat bun at the back of her head, and I guessed she was probably some sort of assistant to Addison.

“We made a stop for some diapers that fit better for the trip home,” she told her. “The one my mom had in her purse was two sizes too small.”

“That makes sense, you always drive so fast I figured you’d be here before they finished, but they just walked out to the truck. Everything is set upstairs like you requested…” Something about her expression made me wonder what wasn’t ‘right’ according to her.

“Thanks Carrie,” she told her. “I appreciate you and Mindy helping get the contractors in here. Where is she?”

“She had to take off about ten minutes ago to pick up her grandbabies from school.”

“Oh, it is pretty late I guess…”

The tall woman came closer to me and put her face practically next to mine. “So, this is the wittle troublemaker?” She reached down and grabbed my foot for some reason and squeezed it.

“This is Cameron, my former boyfriend and general pain in the ass to SafeFoods and my mother.”

“Well, look who’s going to be nothing but a good baby now!” she said with a smirk. “Looks like he’s still got a dry diaper though… has he been a good baby and made a stinky diapee for his mommy yet?”

I just laid my head against Addison’s shoulder then and tried to tune out the horrible witch.

“Thanks Carrie, you can take off the rest of the week. I probably won’t be into work again until at least Monday if I can help it. Enjoy some time off.”

“Seriously?” she said. “If we’re both not there, things will fall apart on the Tinker account. I’ll go in and monitor things. I’ll only contact you if I really need to though!”

“Very well Carrie, have a good evening,” Addison said to her. I stayed still as she carried me to the door and watched her leave through a large window beside the door.

She sighed, and then said, “Shall we see what they did with my instructions?”

I looked her in the eyes and shrugged, still not saying a word.

“Cameron you are going to have to talk eventually…” She said, clearly not happy with my silence.

I shrugged again and she grimaced, “Well, you’re going to have to respond to me one way or another in a minute…”

Her house was at least as big as Aunt Ruth’s old house, but much more modern in style. Alongside the walls I noticed several contemporary pieces of art that I was pretty sure I recognized artist signatures on… They didn’t look like prints either!

The flooring featured thick carpeted areas with beautiful wooden floors mixed in as well. Even without the artwork the house screamed that it cost probably ten or twenty of my own large house!

A large staircase was padded with an ornate carpet, led up to a second story. I guessed a third was above us, but she didn’t need to go up there with me quite yet. She turned to the left at the landing and walked down the hallway and motioned to an end door, “That’s my bedroom…” she said. “Yours will be one of these.”

A door was pushed open to one of two doors that were across from each other. My blood turned to ice at the sight before me.

The walls were painted a baby blue, with some little cartoon dinosaurs painted around the walls. On one end near the window was a large dark walnut crib that looked to be an extended size for me as a Betweener. A changing table, an extra-large walker, and baby toys of every type imaginable filled shelves along the sides. The smell of fresh paint made it clear that this had somehow been done that day. ‘Before or after the Maturosis ruling…?’ I couldn’t help but wonder.

“They outdid themselves,” she said. “What do you think?”

I looked at her without comment.

She sighed, “Well, this is Option A for you Cam.”

I looked up at her questioningly.

“I’ll explain more in a second,” she said. I was bounced lightly up and down and then she carried me across the hall to another room.

I felt my blood chill even further, as I wasn’t sure which of these nightmares was the worst!

The walls in this room were painted a pale yellow, with colored butterflies and flowers making up a mural across the bottom portion of the walls. The ceiling was painted to look like a blue sky with white clouds. I noticed a white changing table along one wall, but instead of a crib there was a white toddler bed with a shorter rail that ran just half-way down it.

Toys were just as abundant in this room, but all of them were pink, purple, dolls, and other items that made it the perfect little girls’ room. I glimpsed an open closet with poofy skirts and dresses visible. A rocking chair sat in one corner, and Addison walked towards it and sat down turning me sideways in her lap.

“Cameron, I’m not going to lie… I’m not happy about this at all, but when I went to speak with the judge, she gave me two options for your ‘Maturosis Treatment.’” She practically scowled at those words, and I now wondered what involvement she had in this. “I… I shouldn’t have gotten involved, but she’s giving me two ways here… Neither of them is great Cam…”

For the first time since I’d seen her in the courtroom I wondered if some of the old Addy was present still.

“What are they?” I found myself asking.

She jumped, as if surprised I could still talk. “Talking to me now, huh?”

“For now,” I told her. “The jury's out on the future.”

She looked sad at that, but nodded, “Fair enough, I’d…” She paused, “I’d probably feel the same way... The judge will let me use either of these rooms with you. In this room I would give you a few days, and if you can prove to me that you’re going to be good, I can let you wear Pull-Ups. The downside for you is the judge feels there had to be some sort of penalty, so you would have to become my little girl instead of being a boy.”

I made a face at that, but couldn’t help but know she had always liked my hair long.

“The other room?” I asked.

“In the other room you can keep on being a boy, with all of your parts, but you will be given a treatment tomorrow that will make it to where you cannot walk anymore, will have your teeth removed, and it’ll be diapers, and breastmilk and baby food for the rest of your life.”

I felt myself begin to hyperventilate a little. This was worse than my worst nightmare! I found myself suddenly shaking, and said, “You can’t do this to me…” I felt tears going down my face, “You said you loved me years ago!”

I felt her arms go around me even as I tried to wriggle free of them. Her mouth was right next to my ear, “I do love you, I never stopped. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have stood up today…” She paused, “You might have had both procedures done already honestly. I know which choice I think is better, but you have to choose.”

I sat in her arms tightly for a long while before getting myself to breathe again. She let up on her grip and I looked around the room. This room would mean relative freedom…

“I just have to dress… like… a… a… a girl?” I asked.

She shook her head, “The judge insists if I choose this treatment for you, you have to be altered to fit that gender tomorrow.”

“I can’t… You can’t… But…” I found myself stammering, for the first time in years I didn’t know what to say in a situation.

“Judge Tanye said that I’m supposed to choose for you Cam, but I’m going to let you choose. You’re going to have to deal with one of these options. At least as Cammie you would be able to do everything still. If we have you treated tomorrow to remain Cameron… well…”

I noticed then that her face was just as wet as mine. I looked around the room, and then down at my diaper. I really needed to go to the bathroom, and my bladder was feeling like it was going to burst. “Can I use the potty,” I asked timidly.

She shook her head, “Sorry, but you’re stuck in diapers for at least a few days. That means you have to use them.”

I cringed, but knew that was probably the answer. She began stroking my hair right then like she used to, and I forced myself to let go into the diaper. It warmed and quickly ballooned as it soaked up the afternoons pee.

The diaper honestly wasn’t the worst part of either of the options. The not being able to walk, losing my teeth, and basically becoming like Beth had been was kind of past the point of even being an option. ‘Not like you can do anything with Beth anyway…’ I thought morosely.



“Can we save some of my sperm before you do it?” I blushed.

She looked thoughtfully at me, “The judge didn’t say we couldn’t, so I guess we can. We’ll find some time for that sample before your procedure.”

“I guess… this is my room…”

She actually did smile, “Good choice Cammie, let’s get you dressed and go find something to eat…”

Addison sat me down on the ground then for the first time since the judge’s ruling, and I realized the wet diaper was definitely going to affect my gait a little bit. It sagged between my legs and I suspected I had peed enough that some was just barely escaping out of one of the legs and a droplet crawled down my leg. I didn’t feel relieved, but I did appreciate that it was a regular baby’s diaper. At least it wasn’t a crawler diaper that would have forced me to crawl… Or worse, one of the newborn ones that kept you on your back or stomach unable to move! She walked over to the closet and dug through it for a second, not asking me anything of my opinion. When she turned around, I saw she held a simple purple dress that had butterflies made out of sequins flying up the skirt and onto the bodice. I guessed it was probably high-end children’s wear, but still seemed practical for a dress.

She sat it down on the changing table and lifted me up onto its padded surface. As she did so I noted that it was a typical ‘Littles’ changing table with a standard chest strap like a baby’s, but also arm, head, and feet straps available as well. I grimaced at memories of seeing those being used on Littles in store and mall bathrooms.

She sat me up with my legs dangling on the edge, and began undoing the buttons on the dress shirt I wore one button at a time. At one point it would have been an arousing act, but today it was like each button was another level of maturity ripped away from me. When she was done, she pulled it off, revealing the necklace she had once given me, and Beth’s ring hanging like a pendant.

I watched her eyes narrow in on it. It was like a switch had been thrown as she just froze, and silently stared at it.

I should be able to post again on Wednesday of this week depending on how the week goes. Thanks for reading!



End Chapter 33

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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NxK · Jan 16, 2022

You certainly said there were twists in the story! Awaiting for Wednesday patiently.

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