In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

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Chapter 42

WE STAYED IN the falls, our designated ‘time-out’ spot for just a few minutes before going back out to the other part of the pool. The two of us just lazily floated around for a while before she decided it was time to go inside for dinner. “Let’s get you into a dry outfit, and then we’ll get some din-din in your wittle tummy!”

She tickled my side again while we walked inside. The walk upstairs didn’t take long, and I was soon dressed in a simple t-shirt dress and a new diaper. “Why don’t you stay here, while Mommy goes and gets dressed really quick?” She suggested.

I sighed but nodded.

I found myself exploring the room some more, looking at the toys spread about the shelves and the floor. There were a few Littles based learning toys that might offer a small amount of challenge to play. Most of the ones I recognized tended to be designed to educate or entertain someone who had struggled badly through their high school course work. A lot of Littles knew the fate that was coming, and just didn’t care about school from middle school onward since math wasn’t exactly complicated when you were just pooping diapers and crawling around on a floor. For these toys Math problems might be at the Pre-Calc or Algebra level for the math learning toys on the advanced levels. Spelling toys might ask you to spell words that would be easy college test words… Others might involve some games that might give you a little bit of a team challenge as a video game. Over the years I’d heard some weren’t too bad, but there was far too much danger in ever holding one – even at my slightly tall height, it would have been like inviting a mommy to come and claim me!

Some building blocks were placed in some tubs, but they were the big ones meant to be too big to fit inside a baby’s mouth, not the small ones you could actually do really cool things building designs and sculptures with. I found a shelf of coloring books and some paper that I guessed I could draw with when I ended up truly bored.

And then there was the dollhouse, and probably a dozen baby dolls spread about of different sizes that ranged from the dollhouse size, on up to a real newborn Amazon size. I picked one of them up and looked at it for a moment, really not even understanding what a kid did with them. Truthfully like most Littles, I had avoided holding onto any toys too long growing up, in a vain attempt to be seen as bigger than I was. I turned to one last portion of the room and a giant net that I hadn’t really looked at the contents at so far. It was filled with a ton of stuffed plush animals. One in particular kind of stood out to me as I got closer to it.

It had four black legs, then a lighter brownish red fur above it on the torso. The muzzle of the creature was white with a cute little black nose, and it had a splotchy face of brown and white around its eyes. The ears were white in front, and black on the back, and it had a ringed tail alternating with brownish red fur, then a darker brown, and then black on the final ring at the end of the tail.

I tried to think of what the creature was called? I couldn’t help but pick it up and stroke its very soft fur out of curiosity while I did so.

It was so very soft!

I was just thinking I should put it down again, when I heard the click of a digital shutter and realized I had an audience. I sat the creature down hurriedly and looked up to glare at my assailant. “No pictures…” I whined.

“Yes pictures!” she said as she came and knelt next to where I stood. She grabbed the stuffed animal and said, “Did you make a new friend?”

I shook my head, “Just looking,” I said.

She wasn’t convinced, “What’s its name?”


“You have to name your stuffies, and your dolls, it’s in the little girl rulebook.”

“I’m not… I don’t…”

She brought it closer to me and handed it into my arms. I instinctively took it and hugged it, “What’s its name?”

“I don’t even remember what it’s supposed to be? I was looking at it because of that.”

She laughed, “It’s a red panda, isn’t it adorable?”

I nodded, “She’s soft too…”

“So, it’s a she?”

I shrugged, “She looks like a ‘she’…”

“Hmm… we’ll have to both think of a name tonight, let’s take her down to dinner so you can cuddle with her…”

“We don’t…” I started to say, but she already had me on her hip as I awkwardly hoped she wasn’t dropping me as off balance as I felt. I squeezed the animal tight though, and there was something comforting in that juvenile act.

She squeezed me tightly, “Let’s go get some din-din!”

I sighed, and endured the walk downstairs to the table. As she buckled me in, she took the animal from me and I said, “Rings?”


“Name!” I said, “Does it work?”

She laughed, “She’s your stuffie sweetie. I think Rings works very well though, like her little tail, huh?”

I blushed, but nodded.

“Rings it is.” She handed her back to me, “You can snuggle with her while Mommy gets your din-din on a plate.”

I blushed some more, but took her and found myself squeezing her while Addison went about the kitchen. I rested my chin on her body, as her legs fell below my left arm, and her head rested above my elbow. There was something truly comforting about holding her. Even though it wasn’t a live, it felt like I was holding some kind of large cat or something.

A childish plastic plate was brought out again, and I watched her mutilate a piece of tasty looking lasagna with a knife. She placed a larger whole piece on a glass plate, and put both on the table in front of her. The high chair I was in suddenly was pulled closer to her on the wheels it was on, and she took and placed Rings on the table out of reach. I sat still as a bib was placed around my neck, and expected she would place the plate on the tray. Instead, it stayed next to her. I looked inquisitively at her, but didn’t say anything, knowing something was up.

The reason became clear as she started scooping up a bite with her fork from my plate and brought it to my mouth, “Open up the hangar Princess!”

I stared at the fork for a second, before sighing and opening up.

The meal was one of the most embarrassing I could imagine short of being spoon fed baby food! ‘It’s almost pureed with as much as she cut it…’ I griped. She made it into my mouth most of the time, but I swore she missed intentionally a half-dozen times, smearing it onto my cheeks and chin. She’d then reach down and pick the bib up occasionally and wipe my face with it, complaining about the ‘messy baby.’

I honestly couldn’t decide if it was more or less mortifying that Addison was the one pretending to be my mommy here!

When the plates were cleared, she attacked me with a baby wipe, and handed me the stuffie, “Here’s your cute Rings back!”

I blushed, but squeezed her as she let me down from the high chair. She reached up to the table and said, “Here’s your baba too - why don’t you finish the juice in there while Mommy finishes cleaning up?”

She didn’t do anything but put the dishes in the sink, knowing that Mindy would take care of washing the dishes the next day. I was just watching her rinse things though when I felt the urge to pee come as I finished the bottle. With a sigh I let go into the padding, knowing full well that it would be my only option here for now. Addison noticed I had finished the bottle, and was right there replacing it with a pacifier. “It’s a lot later than I thought it was. We need to get you a bath, and then get you in bed. You have a long day at daycare tomorrow!”

I shook my head, “It’s not that late?”

She smirked, “For a baby it is! And that’s all you are now, isn’t it?” She picked me up and tickled my side lightly.

“Stop tickling me…” I complained.

“Or what?”

“Or I’ll…”

“You’ll what…?”

“I’ll pee…?”.

“Oh no, another diapee to change? Oh, the humanity?” She exclaimed as she walked into my bedroom, dropped me on my bed, and proceeded to attack me with her fingers longer than I ever remembered being tickled. I felt like my senses were completely overloaded as I did pee out what little was left in my bladder and giggled completely uncontrollably.

“Stop…” I cried out, dropping the pacifier from my mouth.

“Oh, all right,” She said to me, letting me catch my breath.

“You’re mean,” I told her.

“I know,” she smiled. Right on the bed she pulled the dress off of my head and tossed it into the hamper. I blushed wearing only the diaper then, as she carried me inside the bathroom that I guessed I would probably only be visiting for baths.

She closed the door and sat me down on top of the closed toilet. I watched her start the water flowing into the tub, “Shower?” I asked hopefully.

“Nope, you take baths now sweetie. You’re much too little now for showers.”

“Not that little…” I complained.

“Oh? And how big are you?” She asked with a smile. “You’re much shorter than mommy?”

I groaned, “You’re just really tall!”

“And you have a diaper on, huh?”

“You put it on me…”

“And it’s wet, huh?”

“You tickled me…”

“It was dry before that?”

I sighed and shook my head, “No…”

“And who wet their diapee?”

“Me,” I said softly.

“Who else wets diapees?”

I shrugged.

“Babies maybe?” She smiled as she added some bubbles, “But that’s okay, because little Cammie is my cute little baby who is far too little for showers now, but just the perfect size for her mommy to give a bubble bath!”

Without warning she reached and pulled the tabs open on my diaper and stood me up. She manhandled me gently, but held me in front of her to look at my butt before picking me up and setting me into the tub. The water was probably higher than a real mother would ever use with their baby, but I appreciated the chest high water and pile of bubbles, as at least it hid the reaction I’d had to her humiliating treatment of me. I had no idea why I was having that reaction, but I jolted as I couldn’t deny that a part of me did like this side of Addison.

I sat still as she loosened the braid in my hair. A moment later I jumped as a plastic container of water was dumped on my head, “Eek!” I complained.

“Oh, stop being a drama queen Princess, just need to wash this hair out since we haven’t done that since you got here!”

“Warn me next time,” I grumbled.

“Here it comes!” She said as she was dumping it again.

I just sighed and spit out a hair that fell into my mouth. She began massaging in some baby shampoo then and I had to admit the touch felt good. I’d been so isolated from people since Beth’s disappearance kicked off the worst years of my life. ‘This really probably is the worst of it though, losing my freedom,’ I thought.

‘Could be worse,’ I reminded myself as she dumped more water to rinse out the shampoo. I squirmed as she began using a washcloth all over my body to scrub me. She finished my legs and held my foot up over the water. I giggled as it tickled.

“Oh, how is it I never realized how ticklish you were before?” She said as she held my foot.

I looked at her worriedly.

She laughed, “I don’t want splashed, you’re probably safest in the tub!”

I gulped. ‘Can I stay in the tub forever…?’

“Sit up sweetie,” she told me a moment later, “put your back towards me,” she added as she turned me. That was when the washcloth got way more up close and personal than I realized it would. My butt was the target and I squirmed as she embarrassingly clawed at whatever bits might be there.

“All clean!” She exclaimed though a moment later and began draining the tub.

She carried me to the changing table after drying me off and placed a diaper down underneath me. I was surprised though when she turned me over face down, and began rubbing me down with some sort of lavender oil.

I began completely mortified by my nakedness.

After a few moments though I decided that it was the most heavenly massage she had ever given me! She must have massaged my back, my legs, and my neck for thirty minutes before doing the same with my front, my hands, and my feet.

I was feeling pretty sleepy as she wiped her hands clean with a baby wipe and taped a new diaper on my butt. She wrapped me in a light blanket before she lifted me up and walked to the rocking chair. “One last set of nummies before bed!” she said softly to me.

I looked up at her sleepily and realized I was truly going down the rabbit hole of being a breastfed Little. She just pulled her shirt off of her head this time, and removed her bra, leaving herself completely naked from the top up. Years ago, this was when the foreplay would begin and lead to something downstairs… and I could feel my reaction to that possibility still going on.

She shifted me in her arms and moved the blanket so our skin was touching. The nipple was within reach and I thought honestly about refusing for a moment...

After all I’d managed the willpower to not nurse from her for years after that first hit!

My memory of years ago, and of early that day though, got to me, and I couldn’t resist latching on and beginning to nurse the amazing liquid from within her breasts. She moaned with some pleasure even as I couldn’t help but feel amazingly relaxed, comfortable, and connected with her then. I used my tongue to help depress her nipple more and she shuddered underneath me. I was too far gone to even think about her in a sexual way though right then.

Between the massage, the swimming, the stress, and the milk, I was out like a light.

Rings may be one of the most favorite non characters I've written... I had to go off and buy my own Rings when I wrote about her! 

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think with a comment! I'll be better about responding to them this week! 



End Chapter 42

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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Can't wait for more....

NxK · Jan 23, 2022

Loving the story as always! You forgot the most important thing in your author notes.... the next release date of chapters! Awaiting patiently for more chapters.

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