In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022

Chapter 51

BY THE TIME we made it home after shopping it was dinner time. Addy had put a pizza in the oven, which we all shared, before Danica headed back to her house about an hour away. The two of us had a pretty quiet night watching TV the rest of the evening, not saying much to each other – each of us deep in our own thoughts.

At bedtime she changed me into a fresh diaper and a pair of one-piece footed ‘jammies,’ and then nursed me to sleep again.

It was probably about two in the morning when I suddenly sat up in my bed!

I wasn’t wet, but I desperately needed to pee!!!

I couldn’t do it laying down, so I rolled off of the bed and stood up. I managed to get a flow going easily into the diaper then, and was ready to lay back down and deal with the wet diaper until morning, when I realized my guts were the bigger problem that had woken me up!

I had enough warning that if I could have been allowed a toilet, I would have been able to make it. As it was though, it was a losing battle to wait any longer, and I found myself losing it as uncontrollably into my diaper as I had with the laxative at daycare! I felt the stream of watery mess leaving my behind, and hoped it would end soon, but it felt like it kept going forever! Each time I thought I was done squeezing; another cramp would come.

‘I drank a lot more breastmilk yesterday…?’ I thought, trying to figure out why. When my body finally gave up, I found myself completely drained physically, and unsure of how to even move! My abdominal muscles complained from the strain they’d been through. As if to emphasize the similarity to the daycare incident, I could feel some of the mess sliding out of the diaper and down my leg.

I felt the tears truly begin to stream then.

I sniffled.

Unfortunately, that meant I smelled myself, and it smelled like rotten eggs and fish.

“Aaa…Aaaa...Addy???” I called out.

I stood there for a moment, I heard nothing.

“Mommy?” I tried. ‘Doesn’t she have a baby monitor or something?’ I complained.

Still silence.

I decided to walk to the door. I know she had been locking it early when I first got there, but maybe she didn’t have it locked now?

I twisted the knob.

To my relief it turned!

I could feel pieces of poop still crawling down my leg like some sort of slug as I slowly walked down the hallway, trying not to cause even more to leak out. I reached her door and wrinkled my nose as I felt one make it to my foot and I squished it inside the pajama footie. Her door opened too, and I saw her lying in bed.

She was wearing a nightgown that was pretty sheer – one that I recognized. I had given it to her as a Valentine’s Day present our junior year. I could just see a nightstand beside her bed, and felt my eyes widen when I realized that a vibrator was sitting there.

“Mommy?” I called out.

She moaned and turned over.

“Addy?” I tried.

I noticed her wrinkle her nose as she rolled over and faced me, realizing that I was standing there. “Cam, why are you out of bed?”

“I had an accident… would you please change me…?”

Her eyes opened up more for real as she took in my appearance, the smell, and the tears running down my face. “Oh Cam… mie,” she said. “You poor thing, let’s get you cleaned up!”

She sat up and straightened the nightgown on her body before walking over to me and putting her hands between my armpits. I quietly sniffled as she surprised me by bringing me all the way up to her chest and trying to avoid holding me by my butt. Unfortunately, that resulted in her grabbing right where another bit was on my legs and smeared it some more. She turned on the lights in my room and laid me down on the changing table. As she did so she pulled her hand away and had brown on it.

“Oh my, Sweetie… you… you weren’t kidding.”

“I could have used the bathroom if you let me…” I reminded her.

“I know you could have used the potty before Cammie, but you have to remember that the judge said you have Maturosis… so it would be neglect if I let you use it all alone – especially in the middle of the night! You might fall in and hurt yourself with your condition,” she cooed.


She sighed, “Cammie, you can’t use words like those anymore. Those are grownup words. Your grandma would tan both of our hides if she heard you say that.”

“I don’t care right now…”

She sighed, “I don’t want to either, but I have to Cammie.”

Without any more talking, she unzipped the sleeper from the collar all the way down to my foot and made a face like she was going to be sick. “What did you eat yesterday?” She asked.

“Too much breastmilk,” I told her.


I sat there while she looked genuinely terrified about trying to figure out the mess. I didn’t necessarily blame her, there was a reason I walked down to her room! “Stay there for a moment Cammie!” She told me and walked to the bathroom and came back with a towel. “Okay, I’m going to pull you out of the sleeper, wrap you in this towel, and we’ll clean off the rest in the tub.”

I just nodded. “I just want it off of me…” I whined.

I stayed limp as she pulled me out of the sleeper and used the towel to grab me. She carried me to the bathroom she gave me baths in, and gently sat me down inside the tub. She still looked completely disgusted as she did so, and I noticed she now had several brown spots on her nightgown too. I stood there as she carefully pulled the tapes off the diaper and tried not to let it plop to the ground. She sort of did the normal diaper fold, but mostly just tried to keep poop inside as she sat the destroyed diaper in a trashcan next to the toilet.

“Well… the bomb is off at least,” she said aloud. She shook her head and removed a drain catch from the tub, and then reached up for a spray nozzle. She turned on the tub and ran the water through the sprayer for a moment before beginning to run it over the top of my body. “Yuck…” she said.

“I agree,” I told her tersely, watching the water run brown down the tub drain.

She sprayed me down for several minutes before setting the sprayer down and noticing her nightgown. “Oh, guess I didn’t get out of this without my own mess, huh?”

I shook my head, “I’m surprised you still have it,” shot out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

I watched her face then as tears streamed down. “Ho…” she stopped with her voice catching, “How about we use Mommy’s tub to finish cleaning us up?”

I looked at her curiously, but shrugged. She wrapped a towel around me and carried me in a cradle position back to her room and her massive bathroom. She had an inset large bathtub that she began filling. I watched as she threw in some bubble bath, and then a fizzing bath bomb ball. She let it fill to my standing shoulder height for some reason before pulling the dirty nightgown off, then her panties and bra. I almost commented on her wet panties, but decided not to.

Clearly, she had been using her toy when she went to bed!

I stood in the water after she sat me down, and soon was sitting in her lap as she scrubbed every inch of my body with a flowery smelling body soap that I knew was her normal soap. When she was sure she had me clean, she had me stand while she did the same, before pulling me sideways on her bare lap.

She looked really confused, and I wondered which part of the evening was confusing to her. I finally asked, “What?”

She sighed, “You know I love dressing you up… Playing with your hair, or watching Dani play with your hair earlier, just makes me feel… good. I always wanted to do that with you, but didn’t want to frighten you, or have my mom find out and force us…”

I shrugged, “I can’t say that I’m surprised… I always wondered.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”



“I loved you, and in addition to all of the good things emotionally about our relationship, I liked the sex.”

She jolted and shifted uncomfortably, but said, “I did too…” She sighed, “I tried to go out with some guys… Danica and some friends set me up with tons of blind dates… but I just couldn’t get close to them. Not after…”

I nodded, “I probably would have been the same if it hadn’t been for Beth.”

“What exactly happened?” She asked.

I motioned around the room and pointed to my ears, she shook her head, “There’s a reason I said I wanted to give you your bath in my bathroom. I sweep it for bugs twice a day. My bedroom has a camera and an audio bug, but my mom didn’t think my bathroom needed one.”

“The other rooms?”

“Every other room has at least an audio one,” she answered. “I’m pretty sure Mindy put them in and checks on them each day.”

“I’m not surprised… she seems to be here just to keep an eye on you?”

“Feels that way, huh?” She poked my exposed belly button and brought some more suds over with her hand to cover our lower areas. It did nothing to hide her naked breasts, but I was slowly becoming desensitized to them after sucking on them multiple times a day… “So, what happened?”

I thought for a second, trying to be careful with my wording in case she was lying. “Well Beth stopped being monitored after two years, and her dad was able to quietly let her start growing up again. They had a procedure done to heal the damage done to her legs and mobility, and even began trying to potty-train her again. The summer we graduated from Emerson I had a party with my grandparents visiting to celebrate, and when they left Beth and her dad came over. I was amazed to see her progress, and she brought me a gift…” I smiled grimly, “It’s something honestly if this ruling sticks, I’d really appreciate if you would help me recover from my dad’s house here.”

“What was it?”

“It was a poem…” I recited her Poem, Inches from memory. “May this be a token and a tether, For our memories of love, in inches.” I was in tears by the end of saying it.

“That’s beautiful,” she said, clearly unsure of what to say. “After… after that?”

“After that with her father’s blessing we hung out most of the summer. By the end we had a plan that they would move away somewhere to get her fully potty-trained and emancipated while I went to Law School.”

“You loved her before me?”

I sighed, “Honestly Addy I didn’t realize I did until the day she came to say goodbye to me. By that point her fate was sealed, and so was mine… or so I thought…?”

She looked at me, “That’s the first time you’ve called me Addy.”

I thought back… Since the day she broke up with me, I really hadn’t thought of her as anything but the cold ‘Addison’ that had signed the text about my stuff being in the mail from her apartment. Even after being a party to this blatantly corrupt Maturosis ruling I had referred to her as that. I’d had to call her mommy to play the part…

“Today was the first time you’ve felt like Addy to me.”

“I’m sorry Cameron,” she told me. “As long as my mom has us over the barrel with this nanite batch I don’t think I can do anything different.”

“I know…”

“Anyway, what happened then?”

I felt a bit self-conscious, but I explained, “Well Beth and I video chatted for an hour most days… sometimes longer if I could spare the time. I was focused on my school work, and she was focused on regaining her freedom. The summer going into my final year at Harlan I was accepted to do a short internship/clerkship with Judge Ruth Jones. I ended up staying at her house that summer since my housing fell through, and she encouraged me to have her and her parents come down since they were close by over in New Albany.”

I smiled and cried at the same time, “She got out of the car and ran to me like some sort of love movie… As I hugged her, she handed me her emancipation order. Before they left to go home that weekend, I got down on one knee and proposed. She said ‘yes’ and we planned to get married that next June after I graduated Law School.”

I saw tears in Addy’s eyes then too, “How did you find out what happened to her?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t. They just disappeared one day. I looked for her and cried for four years practically before her dad walked into our office and I found out the truth about what SafeFoods did to her and her mom through Serendipity.”

“I was still in grad school then, you know that, right?”

I nodded, “I know you were; the problem is I have a feeling that you’re probably still testing products like it as we speak while you’re in charge?”

Her face looked like I had slapped her, and she shook her head, “I haven’t been allowing things like that to get past me.”

“I find it hard to believe it’s stopped…?”

She shrugged, “If it’s still going on, Mom has it going through somewhere else.”

“Do…” I bit my tongue, ‘I shouldn’t be talking to her about this…’


“Do you all have any idea if there’s a cure for what happened to her?”

I watched a few more tears go down her face, and she shook her head, “As far as I can tell the products caused completely permanent damage Cameron. I’m guessing your witness had brain scans… The toxin literally destroyed the cells and synapses in the brain that control memories and motor control. Even if you could get them to regrow, the research showed it would be as basically a brand-new person who wouldn’t ever be able to remember anything from before the repairs.”

I wanted to believe she was lying.

I wanted to believe that if I could just get someone like Amanda or Stacy to program nanites, we could fix her… I’d dreamt of it so often!

But with that statement…

‘She’s not coming back?’ I thought, and began bawling like the baby that her mother wanted me to be.

This was one of the harder chapters for me to write at the time! Sorry for the delay in posting chapters today... got distracted! I'll post again on Wednesday!

Thanks for reading! Please leave me a comment if you're following my tale here!



End Chapter 51

In-Between (Diaper Dimension)

by: Baby Sofia | Complete Story | Last updated Feb 13, 2022


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Late night read

NxK · Jan 31, 2022

I checked before bed to see for an update and didn't see one! I figured you were busy with Life. I woke up to see you updated the story. I can't wait for Wednesday! You're a truly great writer. I'm love with your writing style and the ideas you've written so far. I am going to be sad when this book ends!

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